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posté Yesterday - 04:48:44 | #1
well that's just wrong, i deactivated my wings without any trouble on several chars - for some reason i became outlaw in amakna after revamp, so i had to activate pvp and get PKd; that's like half a year ago. maybe more.
the second time was a week or two ago, when i accidentally overplanted crops at sofukia.
activated wings, fished for pvp at boat, got killed, deactivated. 0 merit.

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posté Yesterday - 00:46:21 | #2

Quote (HerrManifestum @ 02 August 2015 23:13) *
Sadly, Yunru is speaking the truth. And I got surprised the guild in question I know fairly well, a friend of mine is there and I did trust him and part of their members. But I don't see A WAY for a guild to gather 565m kamas. I mean, it must impossible, but look at amount. What a shame. I don't even feel like playing it for a while because I am disappointed. Really disappointed. What a shame.
And yes it's true, no photoshop.
well i can imagine. i somehow managed to get to 60mK recently, imagine a guild with at least 10 of such active dungeon farmers/market junkies and that would sum up to a total of around this amount.

but i can hardly imagine that these players would really want to spend all their savings on a heaven world that will require about 100mK more to actually level it up and build everything.

on a related note, i was PMed by a random person if i had any lvl3 guilds without HWs in order to buy them from me and play some HW biddings.
wakfu is a weird place now. i guess i'll just keep leveling professions for now. then overactive kids will be overoccupied with school and wakfu will be a calm place to exist again.

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Reason for edit : i accidentally a whole word.
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posté Yesterday - 00:34:56 | #3

but that would mean that a large portion of the money went to other players as well.
not as much profit as the duper achieved though.
think of it this way: half of those items were going to be bought anyway, random people didn't get free kamas, they actually sold expensive gear, yes - to a duper, but why would it matter to the seller? duper probably just deleted all the items he bought anyway.
the only person that made profit out of nothing in this situation is the duper because he had a bunch of overpriced stuff positioned among all the other things he bought with his kamaduping alt.

just brainstorming out of boredom here, probably there's an even smarter evil move covering under all this mess.
or probably some people really just like to watch the world burn. must be in their 14-17s, been there myself, can believe.

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posté Yesterday - 00:21:50 | #4

Quote (phoenixcrow @ 03 August 2015 00:10) *
@khackt: you seem to not understand. He bought ALL items above 1mk. By ANY player. That makes your theory kinda invalid, as he spead the Kamas out to pretty much anyone that was lucky? enough to be above 1mk with their stuff. If he wanted to just launder Kamas, he could have done that quietly with overprices stuff that doesn't even show up for most, as it will by default only show cheapest options.
exactly my point. he bought ALL items above 1mK to cover his doings. one of the sellers was his real account and he spread the kamas because if he would've only bought from himself then it would be basically as bold as just trading duped kamas from singleuse account to real one. too obvious and stupid, right?

so he spreaded some free kamas to people that were hoping to sell their stuff anyway, so what? it's duped kamas, made out of thin air, can be reduped to same amount again, the goal is achieved, footprints covered, perfect crime!

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posté Yesterday - 00:08:11 | #5
let's play guess;
i am guessing that this is a money-washing job.
situation like someone got dirty duped money on their throwaway account, then they add silly items for incredible price to the market on their legit accounts and buy it all with the throwaway account.

then, of course, they buy more random stuff so that it would be harder to backtrack which of the sellers was the dupers real account.

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posté August 02, 2015, 05:24:24 | #6
yep, no issues so far.

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posté July 30, 2015, 14:35:21 | #7
one billion damage original stream:
Click here

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posté July 30, 2015, 05:27:07 | #8
oh we had this ability to put gear on hotbar, yeah.
then in 2013 ankama decided to forbid putting anything on hotbar except foods and emotes.

go figure.

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posté July 30, 2015, 05:07:12 | #9

Quote (Lawquex @ 29 July 2015 12:38) *

On a side-note: Srams were able to steal other peoples' kamas in a duel with a skill. Certainly something that gave the game identity ("Srams steal your stuff, never duel a Sram unless you know him" etc.).

and don't forget that enutrofs could pouch your gear in PVP.

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posté July 30, 2015, 00:57:24 | #10

this is nice, since i vaulted all them rune powders from all the accounts to take it all out on crafting character in order to craft some shushu weapons for a friend, but it had to bug out exactly at this point.

edit: nvm i fixed it.

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posté July 26, 2015, 22:35:18 | #11

Quote (Yunru @ 24 July 2015 11:34) *
I would prefer if they made the area so no kamaspamers could reach it with lvl 1 characters.

And also boats connected to kamasellers cant reach other nations to spam.
ankma pls.

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posté July 23, 2015, 14:16:16 | #12
weird and broken right now (at least before this hotfix), but you still can have some fun. with superconeys, with hammle mark stacking flaming on anything more than any other class rn, or the same hammle redirecting damage around target.

aand that's about it, nothing more to classify as "fun" there anymore.

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posté July 21, 2015, 12:25:13 | #13
just came to say that sinistros do get affected with +distance damage and +final damage.

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posté July 20, 2015, 21:11:56 | #14

Quote (NotAnotherFlibble @ 20 July 2015 16:59) *
Are you sure that you didn't mean the 23st?

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posté July 20, 2015, 21:10:18 | #15

Quote (Cairen @ 20 July 2015 20:08) *

Quote (khackt @ 20 July 2015 17:48) *

wow to even say it to your face like that
'sorry you haven't paid to get in, so wait like a pleb'
to be fair i am subbed. and still got this lovely notification.

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posté July 20, 2015, 21:00:49 | #16
yeah, that bunny died 3 times in a row that fight until i switched the mark.
so much fun.

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posté July 20, 2015, 17:48:32 | #17


Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #888941  Replies : 22  Views : 826
posté July 13, 2015, 21:34:50 | #18
so it basically is a hat and a squirrels' ass at the same time.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #886546  Replies : 7  Views : 695
posté July 13, 2015, 19:58:54 | #19
I think, we deserve to know by now. Okay it's been years, and we still have no clue or a certain agreement on what the Trapper profession icon supposed to be representing.

we've had several different versions so far: some see a poorly drawn seed bag, some see a fur hat, some see bread or a steak with grill stains (with dressing?), some even see a squirrels' ass...

but what does it really mean?

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posté July 10, 2015, 21:45:32 | #20
idunno, i played for two days and it felt like all i'm dropping is candy.
probably should open a candy shop.

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