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posté May 22, 2016, 20:21:35 | #1

Quote (Heartyace @ 22 May 2016 20:13) *

Quote (Markzs @ 22 May 2016 18:29) *

Quote (Neneko88 @ 22 May 2016 18:01) *
Oh so this topic is a guide about how to do moon island dungeons?
Thank you for changing the topic, I'll rename it

It's about Moon Island Part 2, so I don't see any problem actually.
Roughly a billion times more constructive than original topic.
If you didn't know that feca is the best way to run moon island then you're pretty bad at wakfu
Next time you should make a topic asking about moon strategies since you have no clue how to run the dungeons the easiest/fastest way.

I guess they removed everyone's block list again or that's your alt account so I'll just have to add you to block list again. You bring nothing to the forum, no new ideas or anything that would help the devs improve things. With this topic I'm helping the devs understand who actually liked the content they are making

On the other hand you're just a jerk who tries to use personal insults to act like you're somebody

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posté May 22, 2016, 18:01:31 | #2
Oh so this topic is a guide about how to do moon island dungeons?
Thank you for changing the topic, I'll rename it

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posté May 22, 2016, 17:56:53 | #3
Glad I only subscribed in april for moon island part 2. Every time they give us a bad update I won't buy any boosters or anything from the shop. It's the only way to show them that the way they're doing content is bad. Moon island part 2 isn't that great besides the art

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posté May 21, 2016, 23:29:43 | #4

Quote (Matt5150 @ 21 May 2016 21:49) *
I miss the day/night clock and the start battling pose with weapons.
At first day/night used to last I think it was 30 minutes or 1 hour. Now ankama makes it last like real life so no one ever gets to see night time in wakfu or day time if they can only play at night.

It's sad because day/night adds a lot to the environment

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posté May 21, 2016, 17:45:07 | #5
Of course only the few with 6 alts will be loud and say no. Too bad that's what ankama's designers see. But let's stay with the same people and not bring in new people.

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posté May 21, 2016, 17:38:36 | #6
Unlocking new areas of the nations using kamas gave kamas real importance and it gave people of that nation something to work together for.

What do we work together for at moon island or xelorium? Some weird bosses that stay around for 1 hour and drop some resources that you need a lot of to even be useful :x
Wakfu lost community events like opening new areas or environmental challenges that the government of that nation could buy.......

Imagine if there was a rare sword that you could get from a special challenge in a new area added to bonta..that's really fun because anyone can get it but it takes effort from the community. At the moment there's no reason for anyone to plan things with anyone not in their guild

Wakfu went from being a community game
To being a guild game..
To being a multi account/heroes game..

See how wakfu is failing? If it was a real mmorpg it would actually increase community events and make them really important. Not something you buy once on saturday.

The other problem is that they can't make us unlock new areas on the islands because they can't even make full islands anymore..if they could make a full island and have a little extra area with a rare monster on the other side that would be fun (but it has to be rewarding)

Unlocking new areas for your nation is more special though, belonging to a nation was something really important. Only way to make that important again is to revamp politics and the design of wakfu. Like is it unheard of to add a level 195 area to sufokia? It would make nations more important at least.

They were simple but creative, it's hard to explain but something about wakfu in those times made classes feel unique. Now they have to be a healer/tank/damage. Even if they can be two roles their spells are simplified to be those two roles. Oh you want to be a tank iop/enutrof or whatever then we just give you some weird armor for your earth branches. There is nothing unique about making an iop or sacrier build armor. There was something really unique about sacrier building armor and iop having high health and being supported by an eni. Sacrier's armor was fun but wasn't the best way, you could take an iop and still have them use unique spells without requiring them to "build armor"

I hope I'm describing that right but wakfu before these roles was able to be really creative.
Wakfu really started going bad when their original team left in early 2013 and it's sad ever since then all they do is artificially waste your time in dungeons with alts instead of outside with the community, events, challenges, politics, and even the environment....

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posté May 21, 2016, 03:25:00 | #7
ankama: let's add 2 more dungeons (4 total dungeons) so that the grind isn't boring

the 4 dungeons are exactly the same, put a feca in front of the boss for 30 turns

By the way if all classes had the same role you could have more creativity. At the moment since enurado (at the recommended level) the easiest/best way is to put a feca in front of everything.
This only happens because they want roles (with 17 classes there's only like 2 real tanks)

Would be better if wakfu was how it was before they added Grou, all classes were damage classes with different support so a dungeon like vamp you could finish it around the same time with any class. So much creativity there compared to place a feca like we do now

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posté May 21, 2016, 02:02:46 | #8
Thank you Shadow, it's amazing how we went from wakfu being simple (and fun) to grindy and boring 

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posté May 21, 2016, 01:56:50 | #9
Do you like moon island part 2? I like the art

hate everything else
I think we need to open ankama's eyes the designers are not doing a good job 

This is when wakfu was fun, when every class was the same role and healing/tanking was only a class "thing" but not something to design dungeons around

Click here

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posté May 20, 2016, 02:19:34 | #10
Paying ankama to remove bugs in may and no new content in june is dumb I agree with kewkky
They think moon island is great but it's not, equips are not that great and getting them isn't great either. I wish they would release the data because I don't think anyone's really trying or even attempting moon island much

Wakfu used to be great when anyone could run the new content. It's really sad that they keep listening to the few who are still around instead of seeing what worked for wakfu in 2011/2012

Level adjust could be great but the new content is what really matters and it needs to be great for everyone. Not forcing you or your friends to level heroes for extra roles.

wakfu used to be better..

Click here

wakfu is just changing too slowly and when we get new content it's nothing new, just another half island with dungeons that are easy for feca but still take too long 

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posté May 20, 2016, 01:44:00 | #11
Duper who made a lot of people quit wakfu?
Let's ruin the nox server even more we'll look more like amara than aerafal

To everyone that respects the old nox server they should respect what SE-Derek wanted before he left. He wanted ankama in france to add hooks to the permanent banned list and to keep him there. I hope you all respect SE Derek the best community manager we ever had

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posté May 18, 2016, 22:19:28 | #12
Before spell deck it was always the same 2 spells because they had to balance all the spells together..Now we can specialize 1 spell. Like if I want to specialize earthquake I choose actives/passives that help earthquake. Before they had to make earthquake weak because we had too many things that could make it overpowered.

I wish we could do the same for things like strength agility chance..

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posté May 18, 2016, 22:02:23 | #13

Quote (Quinn101 @ 18 May 2016 04:30) *
Do you think it was?
I mean in a fighting game the more options you have for combos the funnier a game is.
Ex: fighting game 1
Controls: punch/forward/back
Block options: up
Fighting game 2
Block options: up/down

I understand why passives are limited because if they werent itd be pretty damn hard to balance but only because of how strong certain ones are right now.

But at the moment all limiting options in combat seems to do is reduce options and in a way fun. (fighting game 2 would be more fun right?) it increases Repitition (repeating if i spelled that wrong i know i can google but im on a phone)

From a game perspective
Reducing repitition= good
Increasing repition= bad
Im sure we can all agree on that.

I see it this way. ex:
With deck system: im in this situation so i can do this or this.
Without the deck system :im in this situation so i can do this or this or this.
We still have ap so its not like its broken.

So what do you think? Good or bad idea?
And why if you could.

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posté May 18, 2016, 19:42:47 | #14
Unless you run with a lot of alts making kamas in wakfu is hard. Would be nice if the designers added new kama minting recipes.

Unless they do that it won't stop new people from buying with real money from other people/websites.

Making kamas by selling equips is possible but complicated. It's a lot of time and luck (prospecting)

Wakfu's market was great when we could actually mint kamas. Everybody had a chance.

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posté May 10, 2016, 00:01:53 | #15

Quote (Anthonyandrew2 @ 09 May 2016 23:53) *
You guys do know if you do croco boss first, its a lot easier than doing it last... I don't know what you guys are doing in nox... you people are wierd as fk...
If you're one of the few people finishing dungeons in 10 minutes then it tells you that you're abnormal

Most normal people don't finish these dungeons in 10 minutes. Ankama has to start making wakfu for normal people not for the few. It's why wakfu is doing bad, it's slow for MOST people and our time is important to us (maybe not to you).

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posté May 09, 2016, 23:41:27 | #16
I just don't understand why the newest dungeons can't be easier? Is it so much to ask? :x
I want to play for fun not to level 6 alts or depend that guildies leveled a sacrier/feca to run a dungeon

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posté May 09, 2016, 21:45:00 | #17
Please fix the grey transparent costume when we use tree, peace armor, drhellzerker, etc
It's really annoying to pay for a costume and you can't use your spells with them

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posté May 09, 2016, 21:42:51 | #18

Quote (Sabi @ 15 April 2016 10:36) *
Female Foggernaut... on ice

Foggernauts might be closer to machines than anything else, but they still have feelings, you know? Ideas, desires, passions... and a gender! Bet you didn’t know that! That’s because you’ve never seen a female Foggernaut! Solid as a rock! She’ll show you what a bright spark she is! And we’re not just talking artificial intelligence!

[New] Adjustable Level System

So… maybe it’s been an age since you last went to the Gobball Dungeon? And maybe you feel the urge to rerun it but fear there’s nothing to gain from doing so? Take a trip down memory lane and relive your greenhorn days with… the Adjustable Level System! With this system, you can win big!

By returning to old dungeons and (temporarily) reducing the level of your character, you can end up walking away with rewards that fit your true level.

We’ll also be revisiting Incarnam and take the opportunity to visually revamp the ‘beginning of all beginnings.’
Can't wait for level adjust system, july will be great  

Thread : Calendar  Preview message : #962396  Replies : 30  Views : 962
posté May 07, 2016, 04:30:25 | #19

Quote (Rrae @ 07 May 2016 00:55) *

Quote (Neneko88 @ 03 May 2016 17:10) *
The dungeons don't have "a feca" in mind, the dungeon has a group of 4-6 people in mind. Running gob dungeon at level 10 with a group would be fun, specially if you're running it with new people. Not everyone is you

It's the selfish mentality that people like you have where they think everything should be fun for them that's ruining wakfu

I find lower level dungeons (around suggested) level to be REALLY REALLY fun. This is what ankama wants, they want to see people help their level 50 friends run treechnid dungeon together rewarding them and the high levels.

You talk about dungeons like if it isn't koko dungeon with all steles it's not worth running
I bet enurado at its level isn't even fun for you

If that's your mentality you are party of the problem. Ankama can't just make things for people like you, ever think that there are people that play for fun and that not everyone has relics/epics all runed equips and 3 alts?

And you're completely wrong about advertising. Advertising doesn't work anymore

Click here#2420eab15599

Communities is what matters and what your friends think about a product matters 100 times more than any advertising you could make. The wakfu community mostly hates how ankama isn't fixing pking (at least one person per month quits here in the forum because of that), crafting, leveling, etc

It's only this year that they finally are doing changes that some of us wanted (like level adjust system). Before this year they ignored us 100% of the time and only did what they wanted.

Millennials know what we want, advertising isn't the answer.

Your mentality blames the people playing wakfu for not playing together (when they released steam no one really invited more people to guilds for example, they still played with their level 160 friends). Blaming people for not grouping is wrong, You have to give us the tools FIRST so that people feel rewarded (this is what the forbes article talks about). And that's what the level adjust system is, rewarding us for playing lower level dungeons.

Advertising doesn't do that and you're only hoping that having advertising for a few weeks gets you a lot of people that want to group with each other (they won't, they're all confused about what wakfu is). The current guilds are a better way to get these people to stay if we invite them to the current community and run adjusted level dungeons that are also good for us.
Where did i mention feca? this has nothing to do with feca. Your damage is just really bad so you clear slowly. Most classes have pretty awesome damage in the mid level ranges everything from cra to iop can one turn caustic monsters if hitting their weak element, faster if your doing heroic so the monsters have lower numbered weak elements. This results in one turn rooms. The same thing applies to AW where one turn rooms are the norm with 99% of groups rather than the exception.

You are the one with a selfish "I'm right" mentality instead of considering a different view point you attacked mine

You seem to think millennials are the target audience for wakfu? i have a shocking surprise for you that the average wakfu player is much older, based upon steam player statistics this game does well with the 22-30 age range with over 80% of steam accounts ever logging onto wakfu registering within this range.(Info on steamstats a site ive been asked not to link mostly because it shows remi/nox's continual player decline) Simply because someone doesn't click a link doesn't mean they don't go there. Steam front page in specific has a excellent track record with boosting sales and player base in games drastically.

Advertising is accounted for a massive number of sales including a forbes article to reply to your forbes link. You seem to be ignorant to the player base wakfu gears twords and how most adds on game sites cant be skipped the same way.
Click here#395025744d82

They aren't doing anything for you, If you believe a forum poster that complains about everything is making a change in ankama you aren't worth any reply ever. Your opinion isnt being polled, none of the dev's read this forum besides the beta forum read by DY7 when a major update hits. The level adjusting system is for a server with a much higher player count than the international servers.

Level scaling isnt some magic thing thats going to bring players into the game, most new players show up through steam. With its ever decreasing player count there less players will see it and the stiffled player count in will continue to slow.

Do you seem to think level scaling will raise player retention to 100% by some witch magic? Or even over the current 20%~ its currently at.

My mentality blames nobody, im telling you that your thoughts on what makes a game successful are very wrong. A better game wont lead to more players - a more engaging game will lead to player retention going up but that isnt what this update is. Daily quests that matter for instance would make players log on daily for instance. This idea neither attracts more players nor does it make players stay in the game for longer.

If you want to be the idiot at 180 advertising for a level 50 dungeon that gives no feasible rewards then go ahead. But do realize the reason you've only ever cleared koko once isnt because of some "Feca in mind" balance, it is because you are authentically bad at this game and only thrive fighting dungeons with the most rudimentary mechanics.

I posted this in the same format you used to show how bolds and calling people out really makes someone look like a prick, see how your post looks now? its exactly like this.
1. Do you know what millennial means? I don't think you do, research it again
Millennials don't care about ads (proved by the forbes article)

You bring up a forbes article that's not talking about milennials. Your article is mostly about the super bowl. Yeah ask ankama to spend millions for super bowl ads

3. Yes they are, the community is what makes a product succeed or fail. There was a time when wakfu was succeeding (beta, open beta, and first year of release). Too bad you weren't around to see it. A community that's willing to ask friends to buy a product and to recommend that product to their friends is more important than any advertising ever is because you trust your friends more than you do any advertising.

4. Level scaling is magic and it will keep people around (an idea I gave to them by the way). You talk about how they don't listen to the community, well this is one (the sadida revamp is another) where they listened specifically to us here. Unlike you I can find the proof of me mentioning this idea 20 times. You can't find 1 link where they say they don't listen to our ideas.

5. I asked for feca to be nerfed, they were nerfed. They clearly listen more to me than they do to you. All you are is a nobody who talks big and whose voice is completely irrelevant here.

While I ask for them to add great things to wakfu all you do is ask them to spend thousands on ads to a game people will quit.

Your value to this community is very very low

You're welcome when they add this and friends will be helping other friends through any dungeon for fun. That's your problem you only see dungeons as easy or hard, you don't know what fun is

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posté May 05, 2016, 16:35:25 | #20

Sometimes I notice that when programmers are fixing bugs the other part of the team isn't doing anything. Can't we have the artists create new hairstyles for the classes? :x

Dofus has so many.....
Specially pandawas need new ones :x

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