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Almanax 11 Flovor
The Flovor Bawl
The Flovor Bawl both ushers in the month of Flovor and commemorates the coming of the goddess ...

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Pheles Harmor help!
Lazy Bow Meow * Member Since 2013-11-26
posté November 27, 2013, 23:14:09 | #1
Pheles Harmor help! I just start play the game and i love feca. Try feca fire and i cant make Pheles Harmor work. How does this spell work? Any advice? Many thank. 

Mister Winter Fashion Victim 2012 * Member Since 2012-12-16
posté November 28, 2013, 00:16:25 | #2
It's currently broken/bugged and there is no way to use it to actually harm enemies. You can only use it in a way that harms yourself or allies.

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