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posté September 10, 2014, 15:17:50 | #1
Niddhoggy here

This bug has something to do with the server not recongnizing me, I bet it has something to do with that because I can log in other servers of communities that I have access, but I cant log in remingtom which is the server I am used to play.

A simple test that can be done is to check my characters through forum, go to my picture at the left and click on it to see my characters. You can't see ANY, but on every other person on forum you can see their characters. I were always able to see the characters I had before the bug.

The only way to fix that glictch, bug, whatever it is, is at your hands Ankama... I hope you manage to fix that or you lose another customer...


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posté August 17, 2014, 21:16:54 | #2
The post has been updated with changes to the Water Enutrof branch.
(Niddhoggy here)

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #763891  Replies : 10  Views : 3518
posté March 05, 2014, 03:59:18 | #3
I am expecting their level cap has increased lol
Any news on that?

Thread : News  Preview message : #687995  Replies : 69  Views : 8964
posté November 30, 2013, 19:40:23 | #4
EDIT: It's Nidhobbit here XD

Great ideas guys, great ideas! I'll try to join them together to make something clearer!

My opinion on the Water and Fire branch diverges from yours though. They indeed are good, but what I find it wrong, which eventually make the builds boring, is that their spells work too similarly if you understand me. I'll offer some changes to the water branch to make it more versatile.

Cost: depends in which Trap is chosen from the window. They don't cost WP.
+0 to 50% CMC Damage bonus to Traps.

This spell replaces the Shadow Trap. Srams now have a special window just like Gobgobs where the traps are stored. The quantity of traps out in a fight is only limited by Control.
Traps damage is based in the average level of the three highest level spells of the specified branch.
There are 6 Traps in total, 2 traps for each elements.

Water Traps

Poisoned Trap
Costs 3 AP, 1-3 Range. 1 Cell.
Deals 4|30|60 Damage
Applies General Infection +1 to +80
General Infection: deals 4|30|60 damage in the beginning of the turn. Disappears only if no trap (can be any trap) damage is received for a whole turn.

Torpor Trap
Costs 5 AP, 1-3 Range, Cross (5 cells).
Deals 4|50|100 Damage
Increases the AP cost of all spells by 1 (cannot stack)

Air Traps

Tricky Trap
Costs 3 AP, 1-5 Range. Cross (5 cells).
Deals 3|35|70 Damage
Pushes all targets 2 squares

Hinder Trap
Costs 5 AP, 1-3 Range, Cross (5 Cells)
Deals 4|50|100 Damage
Increases the MP cost by 1 (spells and to move, cannot stack)
Stabilizes the target

Fire Traps

Mass Trap
Costs 6 AP, 2-4 Range. Circle
Deals 6|76|150 Damage

Lethal Trap
Costs 6 AP, 1 WP, 1-2 Range. 1 Cell.
Deals 8|125|250 Damage.
Doubles Hemorrhage

Daunting Face
It doesn't make it possible to attack as water and fire while invisible anymore. The spell gives all traps a chance of adding Confusion to the target.
+0 to 60% Chance of applying Confusion (traps only) if the Sram is invisible.
Sram'bush spells do 0(50)% more damage if the Sram is Invisible.
Sram'bush spells push back 1 square if the Sram is Invisible (fear effect).

Edit: all fire and water spells, except the starting ones, are Sram'bush type now. Trauma is Sram'bush.

Sram to the Bone
+0 to +5 Control
+0 to 50 Dodge
If Sram is Invisible: +0 to +50 extra Dodge

Changes to the Water Branch:
The branch gains some ranged attacks, granting some difference between the spells rather than just the effects they cause.

Horror Show
Replaces Sramshackle. This spell creates a ghost image in the cell of the target and pulls it 2 squares towards the Sram. If cast from behind the spell steals 1 MP.
5 AP, 4 to 4 Range (fixed). Linear.
Deals 5|60|118 HP
Pulls 2 Square
Steals 1 MP (120%) Back
Steals 1 MP (60%) Side

Replaces Swindlesram. This spell works in a very funny way. If the Sram attacks the back of the target he gains 1 level of Swindler. Swindler enables the Sram to drag the target 1 square per level (just like K'mir, but restricted to linear, if the Sram gets out of the Linear he loses the state)
2 AP, 1 to 1 Range.
Deals 2|24|46 HP.
Swindler +1 Steals 1|16|28 Dodge (Back)
Swindler +1 (60%) Steals 1|8|14Dodge (Back)
Swindler: enables the sram to Drag the target in a line for a free MP cost, 1 square per level.

No suggestion yet.

Suggestion air branch: Guile could push the target 1 square if the sram is invisible.

No ideas for the fire branch yet.

What do you guys think about it?

EDIT: Swindler must have a maximum level of 3 to prevent abuse XD

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Thread : Sram  Preview message : #644107  Replies : 18  Views : 2215
posté November 29, 2013, 22:51:13 | #5
Shadow doesn't get any damage bonus or resist per level, I suppose that's a bug otherwise they are going to be far far weaker than any player and not just 'weaker'. If that's the case, Ankama should rethink about adding to them at least 1% damage bonus per level and 0.5% resistances.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #643793  Replies : 19  Views : 4997
posté November 06, 2013, 00:49:10 | #6
I modified the main topic.


  • Dolls are summoned directly.
  • Addition of Plants to diversify the Sadida builds.
  • Change to Doll Characteristics.
  • Change to Bramble Scramble
  • Change to Doll Sacrifice.
  • New Spell (replaces Doll Link): Vine Grasp, passive spell in synergy with plants.
  • Tree: has a control effect on all plants in map, gives Growth levels to them.

Please, give a feedback.


Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #629745  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté November 03, 2013, 18:31:17 | #7

Exactly, Xelors don't need Sinistros to fight, their specialties are not all oriented to the use of Sinistros. Neither Osamodas have all their spells oriented to summons.

Dolls are extremely troublesome in certain fights and having all spells oriented to dolls will simply force all builds to use dolls all the time, when they should be used in the right occasion.

In Dofus the main source of damage of all builds came from the Sadida himself, Dolls only acted a supporters or with sabotaging. The only damage doll we had was the Sacrificial Doll.

The problem in Wakfu arrived when they brought damage dolls, that made the whole class more difficult to balance and brought Sadidas that are addicted to Dolls. I am not against the idea of damaging dolls though, but great part of the damage should came from the Sadida. Dolls are weak creatures that should annoy, block, take AP and buff allies.

However, I have to agree that this is another game and the gameplay should be different, but not necessarily all oriented to Dolls.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #628219  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté November 03, 2013, 03:28:48 | #8
Kurokat is right, that's what I meant, sorry If I looked a bit subjective.

I had an idea to make it easier to summon dolls, an optional idea to the one I put up there.

I mean, you keep the costs of summoning dolls as they are now (pretty high). However, every doll would have an aura that would activate any doll seed put beside them and automatically transform them into the same type of doll.

What do you guys think about it?

That would be a nice way to keep summoning dolls for just 2 AP 1 WP...

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #628025  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté November 03, 2013, 00:48:25 | #9

Firstly, this Earthquake's idea is similar to the one Grou suggested, but actually it seems a bit more polished. Let me see if I understood, Earthquake has 0 range and an area of effect around yourself. When you cast it, all enemies inside the aoe get hurt and all dolls will server as secondary epicenters? That sounds interesting.

Now, let's go to the damage and effects, I'll try to add something to this idea

Range: 0
Area of Effect: size 3, circular
Damage: 25 at 100 and 50 at 200 would be good enough for 2 MP cost wouldn't it?
Secondary Earthquake's: size 2, circular, 20 at 100 and 40 at 200 maybe?
Cast limit: 1 per turn

Now, about making dolls seeds have charges, I haven't thought about it, it's actually a very good idea. I'd love to see that.

Also, I agree with Kikuihimonji about the limit on Doll Seed, I think it shouldn't be changed actually.

About the fact of making Dolls weaker because of Doll Link, I quite don't agree with that. I mean, dolls are already weak right now (I never use them against lenalds, for example, it's waste of AP points). I currently developed a new build, one that can use both dolls and fight alone. I'm reaching the conclusion that it is very effective being able to choose whenever you want to use dolls and whenever you want to fight alone, since sometimes I feel like using dolls but in some fights they are just going to be troublesome and block line of sight, slow down fight and do stupid moves ( I usually avoid using them when we have good damage dealers, for example).

I think Lone Sadi should be kept, but it should be changed somehow to make it good for both dolls and solo builds, maybe it should give a damage buff to the Sadida whenever a doll dies (and keep the current effect).

About the spell slot that would appear if we joined Voodoll and Doll Seed, I'd like to see a non oriented doll spell, as Sadidas already have too many doll oriented skills. They need something that helps both sides.  

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #627965  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 31, 2013, 00:02:43 | #10

I think I tabbed the wrong button in the calculator, you're right, that's 316.6%

I see the Sacrificial Doll as an optional spell that could be used in some situations, but not all situations. In Dofus, the Sacrificial Doll is a great spell, the Sadida can summon just one per turn but they don't cost much and do some nice damage (except they don't have area of effect).

The spell wouldn't be overpowered because it deals considerable lower damage than if the Sadida had chosen to summon a Greedy, because it lasts more than one turn. Casting spells directly would be also be better than just casting Sacri doll for damage.

My point is, that at some point, if you really need to sacrifice a doll or transform a seed into a Sacrificial doll, you'll just have to use 1 or 2 AP, considering the fact that you already have the doll seed or the one doll in the map. That's pretty good and it brings a lot more than just summoning seeds and transforming them into explosives, that brings strategy, since in the right time you can summon a Sacri doll for just one AP.

Ah and yes, Doll Seeds in my suggestion are invulnerable, they can only be affected by Sic'em More, Dolly Sacrifice and the three basic spells. It's meant to make it possible to set doll seeds in map strategically for future moves, got it? ^^

Edit: and yes! I'm open to suggestions


I know what you are talking, the only problem is that the old doll link (which was nice) wasn't overpowered back then because our dolls were too weak. Now that they are stronger, I think it's difficult to add such a nice spell, that's why I decided to remove it.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #626633  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 30, 2013, 19:27:19 | #11
Yeah it is!
Well Haka, Xelors can't heal, gain resistances and cast voodoll ^^ I think it's pretty good for a Sadi, plus that's only Woodland Stench's damage, it's possible to cast one more spell. With the change to Poisoned Wind that would make it quite strong if MP is used, it'd be the perfect combination with Stench.

[NEW]: I did lots of modifications in the main post

  • Sacrificial Doll can only be summoned upon using Doll Sacrifice on a Doll Seed.
  • Sacrificial Dolls have the average of air, water and earth mastery as fire mastery.
  • Dolls gain special abilities when Nettled: Greedy -> Can attack more than one Target, Inflatable -> reduces critical hit of enemies in contact, Maddoll -> can cause disoriented, Lethargic -> Can cause confusion, Ultra Powerful -> can cast all air sadida spells, Block-> gains 50 Block, Sacrificial -> applies burning.
  • Doll Link is removed and replaced by Still Life (revive spell to ally and Sadida).
  • Explodoll now deals or heals 40 damage at level 20 (buffed).
  • Now to summon a secondary doll you have to cast the same spell used to summon the primary grade doll (check main post for more information).

That's it for now, Earthquake is still confusing me U_U'

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #626527  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 28, 2013, 23:46:17 | #12

She was a Lone Sadi build. Could do 1k damage with two Stench crits (and that happened often). Poisoned Wind did some damage too. She could heal a lot with Muddoll

It's quite difficult to be a doll sadi, specially air, these days because of the high ap cost to summon UP's

Edit: she had 10 ap and 5 MP

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #625563  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 28, 2013, 21:29:54 | #13
Sorry Kikui, but I always find your replies a little threatening, I just don't care much. But anyways, sorry if I let you enraged like that, it's just that insolent is a great spell to be added to the sadida and voodoll wouldn't be just removed. It's just being moved.
Adding the withdraw effect to an elemental spell can be done, but it'd make it overpowered as I find this ability really powerful.

By the way, I edited everything in the main topic. I decided to not touch the air branch much as during the last days I teamed with level 13x air sadida and she was awesome.

Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #625513  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 28, 2013, 19:43:49 | #14

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 28 October 2013 17:21) *
The doll spell has bad design. what exactly changes with each level of the spell?
If it have 5 AP cost (then 3) and 1 range (3 at max) then it covers changes on 4 levels only, wich means the remaining distribution points invested in this spell won't change anything. Kinda dissapointing.
It is not about making sense only, it's about improving our gameplay and this would enable us to have a better control over the Voodoll. Plus, I don't really see it as a weird or uncommon. Voodoo is a doll, the doll itself has nothing to do to it's linked soul, but when you add, for example, a hair of the same person to that doll, it should start working as a Voodoo. I'd simply work like that, the difference is that you just need to link the soul to the doll with a magic spell, and this is a fantasy game. Copy-pasting real world stuff into Wakfu would make this game poorly made. Who said dolls are supposed to sprout of seeds? If Ankama wanted to create something that makes sense I'd see Sadidas summoning inanimate dolls that can be animated with elemental spells, and not seeds. I'd see monsters reproducing in the ecosystem and not people actually planting them. Also, there is a limit of one doll out in battle, you just have to change it's linked target whenever you want to.About the Cost, I did a mistake, it was supposed to start at 6 AP and have 4 range at max level. At max level it loses line of sight requirement. And it costs 2 AP at max level, since I also forgot to post about how the AP refund works.
  • Level 1: 6 AP, 1 Range
  • Level 2: 6 AP, 2 Range
  • Level 3: 5 AP, 2 Rang
  • Level 4: 5 AP, 3 Range
  • Level 5: 4 AP, 3 Range
  • Level 6: 3 AP, 3 Range
  • Level 7: 3 AP, 4 Range
  • Level 8: 2 AP, 4 Range
  • Level 9: 2 AP, 4 Range, NoLoS

Summoning Voodoll that has no link with anyone still seems weird to me. I don't that thing should ever exist.

However i just got an idea that could actually work well for your suggestion.

Doll Seed:
Cast on empty cell: place seed
Cast on doll: turn doll to seed
Cast on enemy or ally: apply Voodoo Curse
If one of the targets has Voodoo Curse:
Cast on empty cell: summon Voodoll linked to target with Voodoo Curse.
Max 1 Voodoo Curse at time.

With that change there will be no "not activated voodolls" walking around. It will also let us target 5 cells away in one direction and place voodoll far away, 5 cells to the other direction (example in wich Doll Seed has range 1~5).

While we are at range: your spells have no information about minimal range, wich seems that they have to be pointed at exactly the range you have mentioned. Unless they all have range 1+....

The 0-4-6 Range is even more confusing on Multiple Bramble
When spells have specific range limitation it is posted like Multiple Bramble. All other spells have range starting from 1, brambles start from 0, I didn't post any information about that because it's quite obvious, since they apply brambly armor. The same goes for water spell that can be cast on yourself. Multiple Bramble has 4-6 Range but it can be used on yourself to do damage to targets around you and gain levels of Brambly Armor.
From what i see you are also removing the ability for more then 1 type of spell to activate the seed. What would that mean if i cast the others spells on the seed then? Does it mean we will sdennly have several spells that can make sacrificial dolls? It's awkawrd if you ask me, making Sadida able to more likely to make dolls that KO self instead of dolls that remain on the field.
I haven't posted any information about dolls yet, hang on don't be so anxious. The other spells won't have any effects when aimed on a Doll Seed, they'll just kill it and only enemies can activate Sacrificial Dolls. I am thinking about adding a direct way of activating them but I am still working on that.
The insolent Bramble you've mentioned doesn't seem to be implemented by Ankama as they don't want to let us heal endlessly. Still with the effects it gives i would call it as a trash spell that i would never level.
Then you clearly don't know how useful a spell like that would be in the game. I wasn't even going to add any secondary effect, as I consider it already extremely useful. But it'd bring problems when leveling it, the same problems you pointed in my Doll Seed.Now, let's think together, the spell's range cannot be boosted and it is linear. Meaning that if you want to have more range, you need to level it. Secondly, it doesn't require line of sight, and that means that increasing it's range should be really useful. Now let's think about it's effectiveness. The Insolent Bramble can lift up the effects of allies and enemies, which will bring a unique advantage to the Sadida Class. Eniripsas can do it, yes they can, but it's limited to 1 per turn and it requires line of sight. This spell would become one of the Sadida's trademark, if you really think that it's useless, let's talk a bit more about what it can do:
  • Remove Stun without line of sight requirement
  • Remove Brambly Armor from other Sadidas in PvP
  • Remove Feca Shields
  • Remove Power State of Iops
  • Remove AP loss
  • Remove MP loss
  • Remove Range loss
  • Remove Damage bonus gained by monsters
Because of that, i'm even going to change the spell and make it more balanced. Because since it can give back any AP lost, I think it should cost AP too. I'll work on that and change the information in the main topic. About the Healing Resistance, if Ankama really doesn't want it to be added. I'd just replace it by a minor healing bonus, just that, because the unbewitchment effect is already a good reason to make that spell really useful.I'm also thinking about making it increase the number of turns of KO'd allies before they vanish, so Sadidas can act as supporters to Eniripsas in long and difficult battles.You clearly do not understand how this spell would be so useful in past level 100 content. I understand the concern about merging 2 spells into 1, but to do that you need the reason: another spell that would either be needed or that would improve Sadida gameplay. Merging Voodoll spell with other one just to get this "curing" effect seems like wrong way to do things. I'd rather keep the Voodoll as seperate spell and would gladly level it at need instead of having spell that i wouldn't even bother leveling.

If you really need to add "curing" spell to Sadida, that would remove negative states, then how about making Bramble Armor withdrawn those effects in same time as it's applied? Or make Vaporize with this ability, afterall all you did to vaporize was changing its cost, wich still would sound like a waste of spell exp when we control the doll. I've other suggestion about Vaproize myself, that despite being still a "loss to exp" while we control the doll during pve, it was at least giving more and more MP to dolls, wich was worth leveling as higher level meant more MP per single cast. You should consider the factor of "it need to be worth leveling" in your suggestions. And as for active/passive specialities, the spell should be also "worth leveling for all type of elements" if possible. Considering only healing branch can heal, that speciality wouldn't be that much of a help for other braches.

As for Tree, do you really consider 8 HP per MP consumed a fair cost to effect? The spells that cost 1MP usually deal 15~20 base dmg (with exceptions like Explodoll wich has it higher because its random). If i would agree for that spell to heal 8 per MP then i could as well make all Sadida spells halved in dmg they do.
It increases resistances and stabilizes you. The healing is just to make it not too underpowered. It's a nice and great spell, making it heal more would make it overpowered.
A cone of 6 you suggest for Earthquake is crazy, and pointless with the last cell doing so pathetically low dmg, you could as well make it cone of 3 or 4. I still don't like this suggestion. Its like weaker version of Foggernaut's Flamethrower with more reduced range. I wouldn't change the shape of aoe of Earthquake. It should be circle zone with quakes emerging from the center. Aftrall Earthquake is that kind of natural disaster that has epicenter of effect.

If you are open to suggestions about Earthquake, then you can look at the suggestion i've made in other topic. Kurokat already approved it. The point of Earthquake IS to hit randomly. Removing this aspect of Earthquake is like removing this spell completly. The Sadida shakes the ground to make Earthquake appear but it has no control of where it will hit - thats kind of the spell it is. It has nothing to do with Ecaflip's random dmg values and is not related to crits. Don't think every luck based mechanic is for ecaflips either, or else only Ecaflips should have lock/dodge mechanic. Belive it or not but as long as Earthquake would always hit ANYTHING it would be reliable spell of Sadida, though situational.
I'll never like the Earthquake's randomness, but well, some people like it then I'll try to do something to keep it's randomness.
As for explodoll i see it as if you gave up of trying to make it better then it is. Because currently the 20 dmg/heal is what Explodoll is doing (though you need 200 lvl for that). All you did was making us not wait for it to have full potential, but players were asking for Sadida to be stronger, the higher the level it will get. The point is to make Explodoll start with some decent fixed base that increase at least by 1 with every Explodoll level. It can still get additional dmg/heal increase with Sadida level.
Explodoll should be good with that amount of damage and healing, plus I added a chance of making the killed doll a Sacrificial Doll that will significantly make any enemy avoid killing our dolls (in pvp). In PvM it'd be just nice.
And even if you would want to make the dmg set in stone for every level, i would have to say that 20 is way too low. It's less then average 2 AP dmg and happen only in contact with doll. It would remain as not worth leveling if you will leave it with that low number. Then again making it higher for low level would make it overpowered at early levels. Wich is why it require both: fixed dmg/heal per level of the spell (+1 per Explodoll level) AND more dmg/heal the higher the level Sadida have. Thats' actually what i have suggested in my topic already, because i realised that.

Also there's something not clear: you allow madoll to be made with Wild Grass, yet you removed wild grass from your suggestion and made Aggresive Bramble instead.
That was a typo, I changed the name because Wild Grass makes no sense to me if Sadidas currently summon Brambles. I gave the Bramble spell icon because I deleted bramble, and the look of Wild Grass icon is really flat, like you like to say.
... Oh wait no, you just named it Bramble Scramble and gave it Bramble spell icon.... still its not the same.

I also don't want to see sadida elemental spells with WP cost in them. Thats the beautiful aspect of this class. Don't ruin it.

Your Bramble Scramble suggestion is actually interesting, though it seems that its nothing else but Manifold Bramble with smaller range and aoe. What a waste of spell... to have both doing the same with just different size/range.... It is also confusing with the cross of 1 aoe and effect on voodoll - what if i target cell in contact with Voodoll? Will it keep its effect or will it turn into effect cast on voodoll, or half this half that? That will be also troublesome to program.
You seem to have something with similar effects, I see no problem in adding another area of effect spell. Cra's have 3 area of effect spells, Rogues have Bombs with similar AoE patterns, Foggernauts have lots of area of effect spells. Why Sadida can't have it? Why not add to them the ability of taking MP from more than just one enemy?I'd not be trouble some, when aimed at voodoll, the spell would simply lose it's area of effect and work like it works now.

Appearently i think i should stop giving you advices here as it will only make your suggestion look exactly like mine.
That's being selfish, we have to work together to bring up ideas and not criticize the idea of others endlessly to make ours 'shine'. I found your Poisoned idea nice, and as long as we reinforce it (if we ever motivate Grou to do something), he'll take a look at the patterns.
EDIT: ok final advice: The dmg cannot be 1/10/20. If it started with 1 then and is 10 at level 100 then at level 200 it will be "10+(10-1)" wich means 19, not 20. Thats with Poisoned Wind as example, but other spells need reevaluation too.I really don't care much about that, I don't do much math about the minimum and maximum values because if Ankama ever see our posts, they'll take into account the idea around a spell, and not the damage of the spell itself. They calculate it automatically based in range, cost and other effects. I try to get close to that calculus, but not necessarily right at that calculus.Thanks for the feedback.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #625469  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 28, 2013, 16:22:34 | #15
I did some modification based in your feedback Kikui plus I've changed how the spells are displayed, to make it easier and faster to edit them.

I just don't like how Earthquake has always worked, I tried doing some modification that makes it reliable, but I am still not satisfied with it. I'd rather see it replaced by something else.

Brambly Armor of Insolent is replaced by Healing Resistance loss.

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Thread : Sadida  Preview message : #625367  Replies : 25  Views : 3117
posté October 28, 2013, 05:11:38 | #16
Sadida Modification and Thought [Another View] Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce some ideas I had while chatting with concerned Sadida players in this forum.

Doll, 6(3) AP, 1 WP, 1 to 1(5) Range (Fixed). Loses LoS at level 9. 2 per turn.

This spell now has a Doll Window similar to the Summon Window of Osamodas with 10 types of Dolls that can be summoned. It directly summons a Doll in the field. The characteristics of each doll are listed in the end of this topic. The characteristics rise the higher the level of this spell but I am posting their characteristics at level 9 as a matter of convenience.
This change is intendeed to make Dolls easier to summon and prevent some abuses that are giving Sadidas the title of bug exploiter or cheap fighter. It also brings a big versatility to the class and through this simple spell all issues related to the AP cost of dolls would disappear from the game.
You may like the Doll Seed mechanism, but what would you do to have a wider range of dolls that could be summoned to help you in a fight? What would you do to finally have all problems solved? Actually I think that this is the most simple way to do this. Voodoll also can be summoned directly and it casts a spell that redirects the next 6 hits received to a specific target.

  • The Inflatable
  • The Fighter
  • The Ultra Powerful
  • The Maddoll
  • The Lethargic
  • The Block
  • The Sacrificial Doll
  • The Fool Lover (name by Kikuihimonji)
  • The Swindling
  • The Voodoll

Sic'em More, 3(1) AP, 1 to 1(6) Ra, doesn't require line of sight at level 9.

This spell trigger special effects on each doll, increases their damage and MP.

  • Doll: Nettled +1(10)

Dolly Sacrifice, 3(2) AP, 1 to 1(5) RA
It removes a doll from the fight but restores some HP. Despite of the water branch being the healing branch, other branches can still use this spell to recover HP.
  • Removes doll from the map.
  • Heals 0(50) HP (chromatic)

Tree, 5(0) AP, 1 WP
There' no need to change much that spell, I basically made it fixed the amount of health healed. It now controls all plants present in the map and buff them.
  • Heals 1(8) HP per MP consumed (Chromatic)
  • +0.5% Resistance per Sadida Level
  • Stabilized
  • Plants: Growth +1(10)
  • Growth: +3 Range at level 10, +5% Damage per level. (Poison Powder and Healing Call becomes boostable)

Magic Seed: 6(2) AP, 1 to 1 (4) Range.
This spell replaces Voodoll. It creates static plants in the map when aimed with elemental spells, the plants will take a important roles to any Sadida Build. Though, the Lone Sadi build may have a higher advantage on casting them because they are not dolls!

  • Earth: Carnivore Bramble
  • Water: Healing Branch
  • Air: Poison Blossom
  • Fire: burns the seed and kills it.
Information on plants are in the end of this post.

Explodoll: damage and healing increased and fixed at all levels.
  • -0(40) HP (square) - Enemy [Chromatic]
  • +0(40) HP (square) - Ally [Chromatic]
  • Cannot be triggered with Dolly Sacrifice
  • Sacrificial Doll can't trigger the effect when they cast Sacrifice.

Green Guard
Nettle only triggers through enemy damage and not anymore with friendly fire.
Passively increases the damage done by Plants, increases their resistances.
  • +0(40)% Resistance
  • +0(50)% Damage
  • +0(50)% Healing

Vine Grasp
This spell will give the chance of applying secondary effects to enemies/allies that are close to a Plant when they are attacked by the Sadida by an elemental spell matching the element of the Plant. The effect is triggered anywhere in a range of 3 to the plant. The type of the effect triggered is based in the Plant type and in the spell cast (it must match the plant's element).

The effect can trigger up to two times per plant.
0(60)% Chance of
The MP loss effect can be combined with Multiple Bramble to reduce the MP of multiple enemies!
  • Earth: -1 MP (100%) (enemy), +10 Levels of Brambly Armor (ally)
  • Air: Intoxicated +20 (enemy)
  • Water: +1 AP (ally), -1 AP (enemy) (100%)

For example, you have a Poison Blossom close to an enemy and you attack it with Woodland Stench, there will be 60% chance of applying extra 20 levels of Intoxicated to it.

For example, you heal an ally and there are two Healing Branches close to it, the ally has 60% chance of gaining 1 AP two times.

For example, you cast bramble on an enemy close to a Carnivore Bramble, the enemy loses 1 MP from bramble's effect and has 60% chance of losing an additional MP.

Vaporize, 1 AP, 1 to 4 RA
It has it's AP cost cut by half, the effects are kept.
  • -1|12|23 HP
  • Doll: Controlled

Sadida's Tear, 5 AP, 1 to 3 RA, doesn't need line of sight
Tear is not changed, it remains with the same damage and mechanisms related to Voodoll. The change fo Sic'em More and the ability to link to another target whenever you want to makes this spell very interesting to have as a Water Sadida.
The display effect should be fixed, currently sometimes it shows 0 damage done (but it still does damage).

Bramble Scramble, 3 AP,1 MP, 0 to 3 RA
The Bramble Scramble (replaces Wild Grass) now has a small area of effect of a cross of size 1 (can hit up to 5 targets). It subtracts the MP of all targets in the area of effect and deals damage. It can add Brambly Armor to more than one target.
  • -4|40|80 HP
  • -1 MP (100%)
  • Cross size 1 (can hit up to 5 targets).
  • +4 to +42 Levels of Brambly Armor to all allies in the area of effect.

Fertilizer, 5 AP, 0 to 3 Range, Linear
The Fertilizer's level of Brambly Armor are increased.
  • -5|-56|-107 HP
  • Steals 1 MP
  • Armor-to-Be +4|+35|+70.

Multiple Bramble, 6 AP, 4 to 6 RA (can be cast from 0 RA), Circle
Manifold Bramble now deals damage to enemies and shields allies.
  • -5|-71|-137 HP
  • Armor-to-Be +1|+10|+20
  • Bed of Spikes (empty area only, circle) -1 MP (100%), refunds 2 AP.

Earthquake: currently working on a suggestion.

Aggressive Bramble, 6 AP, 1 WP, 1 to 2 RA, Linear
With the power of Nature, tha Sadida invokes a living bramble that deals devastating damage to a single target and hiders it. It has the animation of current's bramble critical hit.
  • -8|-90|-172 HP
  • -1 MP (150%)
  • -1 MP (110%)

Poisoned Wind, 2 AP, 1 to 5 Range, 2 per target per turn.
this idea is taken from Kikuihimonji, it only deals damage if any sort of movement is done: moving Spells, MP cost spells, use MP, pushback and MP loss.
  • Applies Poisoned Wind +1|7|15 HP per MP used, square crossed or per MP lost.
  • Deals 1|10|20 Damage
  • Poisoned Wind deal 1 air damage per level and it has 30 levels.

The other air spells have not been changed. Intoxicated has 200 levels and deals 60 damage at level 200 now.

The characteristics of Dolls summoned by Doll spell.

The Fighter
This doll will chase enemies and attack them in close combat. When Nettled, they gain 3 AP and can attack a target twice.

27% of Sadida's HP, 4 MP, 3 AP.
+0.8% Resistance per level.

The Inflatable
This doll will heal an ally in range, spell characteristics have not been changed. When in Nettled, this doll can give +2 MP to an ally in range for 1 AP cost. (enables Dollish Acceleration).

32% of Sadida's HP, 3 MP, 4 AP.
+0.9% Resistance per level.

The Lethargic
Frayed Nerves can be cast on three different targets (still takes 1 AP). Frayed Nerves can cause Confusion if Doll is Nettled (40% chance).

15% of Sadida's HP, 5 MP, 3 AP
+0.5% Resistance per level.

The Ultra-Powerful
The Ultra Powerful gains access to all Sadida air spells when nettled. If not nettled, it uses the memorized spell.

27% of Sadida's HP, 4 MP, 6 AP
+0.8% Resistance per level.

The Maddoll
Irritation can reduce 1 MP from up to 3 targets in a turn. Irritation can apply Disoriented +1 (70%) if doll is Nettled.
15% of Sadida's HP, 5 MP, 3 AP.
+0.5% Resistance per level.

The Block
The Block will gain 50 Block when Nettled (it must last until the beginning of the next Sadida's turn to work).

40% of Sadida's HP, 1 MP, 3 AP.
+2% Resistance per level.

The Sacrificial Doll
This doll deals chromatic damage to an enemy and then dies, it has an square area of effect of 2. The doll will gain damage for every turn it stays alive (passive).
Nettled Sacrificial Dolls gain no special effect.

Base damage of Sacrifice: 10 at level 1, 50 at level 100, 100 at level 200. Square area of effect.
Sacrificial Spirit (Passive): Gains +25 levels of Sacrificial Spirit in the end of the turn. Max level of 100.
Sacrificial Spirit: +1% Damage per level, -1% Resistance per level. If killed, explodes doing 1|50|100 chromatic damage around the doll.
HP of Doll: 17%
MP: 3
AP: 3
Resistances: +0.4% per level.

The Fool Lover
This doll will link to an enemy for an entire turn. It can move the enemy (just like K'mir) but when the enemy moves the doll moves too. The doll explodes doing air damage to the target if it dies.
3 MP, 3 AP, Dollove: links to the target for an entire turn, 3 AP.
20% of Sadidas HP
0.6% Resistance per level

The Voodoll
This doll will be able to link to an enemy or an ally with the Voodoo spell. This spell will redirect damage to the linked target up to 6 times. The spell can only be cast when the Doll is not linked to a target. The spell has 7 range.

2 MP, 35% of Sadida's HP.
Same resistances as the target.
Doesn't lose HP when damage is redirected.

The Swindling
This doll can remove effects from allies and enemies.
15% of Sadida's HP, 4 MP, 3 AP.
Swindler: removes 1 random effect from the target, costs 3 AP, -10 levels of Hypermovement, -10 Levels of Hyperaction (if nettled). 1-3 range.

Plants are not so special, they have simple attacks but can be very effective if placed wisely in the map. They cost control and don't reduce the level of Lone Sadida.

Healing Branch (image taken from Dofus)
This plant will heal all allies around it by 3|30|60 HP (square area of effect).
Characteristics: 0 MP, 3 AP, 1% Resistance per level, 25% of Sadida's HP.

Carnivore Bramble (it should look similar to Field Dungeon's boss)
This plant will attack any enemy within it's range.
Characteristics: 0 MP, 8 AP, 1% Resistance per level, 35% of Sadida's HP.
Spell: Sylvan Bite, deals 4|40|80 Earth Damage, 4 AP. 1-3 Range, 1 per target per turn. Can hit up to 2 targets.

Poison Blossom (Image taken from Dofus)
This plant could be inspired in that monster, of course without foot and a better blossom look.
This plant adds intoxicated to all enemies around it (circle).
Spell: Poison Powder: +1 to +50 levels of Intoxicated (circle). 1 per turn.
0 MP, 3 AP, 1% Resistance per level. 30% of Sadida's HP.

That's it for now.

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posté October 26, 2013, 04:12:32 | #17
I have many ideas for Sadis but I don't think I should create another topic, there are lots of topics around XD but if you insist, I could think about it

Oh, I forgot they don't take MP anymore :O that's true, you're right!

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posté October 26, 2013, 02:40:06 | #18
Interesting ideas.

I still think Voodoll should be merged with Doll Seed (see my idea in the other topic, I did some changes) though.

About the Earth Branch, I'd love, simply love to see it becoming the best branch in game that can reduce MP. In Dofus Sadidas can prevent enemies from moving with Soothing Bramble (that takes 6 mp) and reduce the MP of several targets in the area of effect of their version of wild grass (-2 MP). Currently the reduction of several points of movement is not very effective in pvm.

About Poisoned Wind, make it deal damage for MP lost too, it'd then be the perfect combination with the Earth Branch and Maddols

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I once had an idea that would make Voodoll simply perfect, but I'm afraid that it would lead it to not be what Ankama wants it to be. But anyways, I'll post it there. It's adapted with some ideas I had in this conversation too.

To summon a Voodoll you have to combine two spells: Doll Seed and Sic'em More

Doll Seed
3 AP, 1 MP
Summons a Doll Seed
1-4 Range
2 per turn

Idea 1#

Sic'em More
Applies Nettled +9
If cast on a Doll Seed: summons a Voodoll, costs 1 WP (additional).
There is a limit of 1 Voodoll out in the battlefield (just like now).

It has 10(50)% of Sadida's HP
It is controlled by the Sadida
3 MP, 6 AP, same resistances as the Sadida.

  • Voodoo: 1-5 Range, links the Voodoll to the Target. All damage and healing received by the Voodoll will be redirected to the linked target. Lasts for one turn. Costs 5 AP.
  • Mass Voodoo: 0 range, links all targets within the area of effect range (square). All damage and healing received to the Voodoll is reduced by 25%.

This way the Voodoll will be useful and have several weakness: The Sadida needs to wait one turn to be able to attack the Voodoll. The Voodoll needs to constantly cast Voodoo to link to a target every turn.
The positive point is that you can switch from enemy to enemy whenever you want to, or simply decide to start healing an ally via Mudooll. Mass Voodoo also is very good as a way to spread the healing to all allies linked, including the Sadida.
The other idea is to summon a Doll Seed in the map and cast Sic'em more on an enemy, this doll seed then becomes a Voodoll linked to this target with the same characteristics of the current Voodoll.

What do you think about it?

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Then make it only possible to Summon Voodolls in linear. Dolls seeds still have no restriction.

Plus there is also the Totem which gives 25% Damage, if that's the case I'd see no problem in doubling it to 50.

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