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Sulpa Venneir and Mei de Prac ran for their lives through the dark hallways of the Rogue hideout with the bullets of their pursuers ricocheting off the walls around them. “We can’t keep outrunning them,” the Pandawa bounty hunter yelled at Sulpa. “Just a little more!” the agent replied, “We’re almost at the exit!” “And then what? We’ll be sitting ducks out in the open!”

“That depends!” Sulpa shouted back. “Depends?! On what?” Sulpa stopped as they reached the entrance to the lair: “Depends if your ability to cause collateral damage is still up to par.” Mei looked at the rather tiny entrance between the rocks and immediately knew what to do: “Right. Leave that to me.” She took her bamboo barrel from her back, made sure the cork was secure and then started to shake it violently.

“Anytime you’re ready,” Sulpa said slightly uneasy as he saw the torches of the approaching bandits light up the cave walls. “Don’t rush me,” Mei de Prac scolded, but before Sulpa could reply, she yanked off the large cork of her barrel, causing the bamboo milk to spout out in a frothy fountain. Before the milk could actually hit the rock formation, Mei struck a match and used it to light up the bamboo milk.

This turned the white fountain into a fiery red explosion which blasted the boulders above the entrance into pieces. The entire structure caved in and came crashing down right in front of the approaching mob. “That’s my girl,” Sulpa said with a smile as the dust cleared and the voices from inside the collapsed cave were only a whisper. “But it won’t hold them long,” Mei said matter-of-factly. “They have explosives too, you know.”

“Yes, but now we have a head start. And the Zaap is not that far from here.” As an unwanted reply, the first muffled explosions sounded from within the cave. “Right then,” Mei said as she refilled her barrel with one of her flasks, “Let’s not burn any more daylight then.” She slung the barrel back over her shoulder and followed her Ecaflip companion into the bushes.

They ran for some time and only held their first, necessary break when they were certain the Rogues had lost their tracks. “Ok,” Mei said slightly gasping, “Now tell me how you got involved in all this. The last time I saw you, you were in the mines beneath Bonta and now you’re here, rescuing me like the true hero that you claim to be.”

“You saw me in the mines?” The Ecaflip stared at her in disbelief. “You were there too?” “No, the Mask had a Shushu possessed mirror that can show you any part of the world you desire to see.” “So, the Bellaphones weren’t lying after all,” Sulpa mused to himself. “Bellaphones? I knew you were a ladies’ man, Agent Venneir, but those monsters are dangerous.”

“Dangerous as they may be, it’s thanks to them I was able to find both the hideout and you. I was actually here on a mission to question Jaffacrack. Finding you really was Ecaflip’s work.” “Don’t give him too much credit, Mister Pussycat,” a seductive voice sounded from the tall grass. “Luck had nothing to do with this. You did exactly as you were told to do.”

Mei and Sulpa took a battle stance as three Bellaphones revealed themselves, all looking stunningly beautiful. “Except for one thing,” the middle one continued, “You didn’t deliver the mirror to us.” “You can get it yourself,” Sulpa countered, “If you can wrest him from the Shushus’ claws.” The Bellaphones smiled maliciously as several clicks sounded from grass around them.

“Oh, no, no, no. You don’t understand. We never do anything ourselves. We let the men do our dirty work.” Sulpa and Mei looked around and saw how several Rogues emerged from the grass, their guns trained on the duo. Mei grabbed her barrel again and aimed it at the three slimy witches: “Well, then it’s time we show you what emancipation means, ladies!”

The Bellaphone leader glared at the Pandawa girl. “Oh really? Let’s see if you’re still so emancipated when you’re on your own, my dear.” She turned her attention towards Sulpa and changed her tone to sultry sweet: “Don’t you agree, Mister Pussycat?” She put her hand to her lips and blew a kiss towards Sulpa Venneir. The kiss formed a swirl of pink smoke that evaporated on Sulpa’s face.

“Ha!” Mei scoffed, “It will take more than your charms to sway this top agent, witch!” The Bellaphones smiled mockingly: “No man can resist us, honey, not even super spy Sulpa Venneir.” Mei de Prac noticed from the corner of her eye that Sulpa had indeed dropped his battle stance and had a vacant look in his eyes. “Sulpa, snap out of it! Don’t let these…”

But before she could finish her sentence, Sulpa grabbed her by her jugular. Mei could almost feel his nails bore in her skin as he stared at her with a blank expression. “No,” she gasped, “can’t let it end this way.” The Bellaphones laughed in unison: “Oh, but this isn’t the end, sweetie. It’s just the beginning. Now, Mister Pussycat, make her suffer.”

“You can wait here, Master Joris. Mister Leeks will join you in a moment.” The Sufokian aide opened the door to a brightly lit room filled with a large, wooden table surrounded by matching chairs. Both the room and the furniture were adorned with Sufokian flags, banners, pillows and linen. The baby blue, white and purple colors brightened the already light room and gave it the typical tropical atmosphere that dominated the islands of Sufokia.

It was only when he headed for the table that he noticed what made the room so bright: an entire wall was missing and replaced by a wooden balustrade. “Also typical Sufokian,” Joris thought to himself. He walked to the railing and took in the sights. The warm breeze touched his face and the sun reflected on the large parts of still submersed Sufokia.

The palm trees rocked gently on the beaches and here and there people were lying under them, fishing the shallow waters or simply enjoying the weather. Closer to the palace Joris saw how two crews of Sufokian soldiers were hard at work uncovering parts of the structure still buried beneath the white sand.

On the one hand Joris found it recommendable that the Sufokians wanted to preserve and restore their original culture by reusing the old buildings and constructions buried years ago by the Great Cataclysm, but on the other hand he couldn’t help but suspect them of laziness. Why else would they rather reuse the already existing, yet seriously damaged infrastructure without so much as fixing or replacing it?

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a soft but warm voice sounded from the room’s entrance. “It sure is, Mister Leeks,” Joris acknowledged as he turned around to face his host. “I’m not as acquainted with Sufokia as I am with the other nations because of its only recent resurfacing, but I would love to explore these expanding lands as soon as I find the opportunity.”

“Yet for the moment politics are keeping you busy,” the Sufokian historian read between the lines. Joris remained silent, but studied Wicky Leeks for a moment. He immediately noticed more resemblances with the Foggernauts than with the current Sufokian house. His robes dark blue, adorned with gold and copper, gave it a much darker tone than the more care-free colors of the Sufokian flag.

The man himself wasn’t as old as one would stereotypically expect from a librarian and historian: he was mid-thirties, pale complexion -certainly compared to the sun tanned Sufokians- and white blonde hair. Joris suspected him of wearing some kind of armor suit beneath his clothes as his hands were covered with metal gloves and some tubes were protruding from under his garments.

“I’m sorry, that was rude of me.” He gestured to one of the chairs: “Please, be seated. It’s not every day I get to meet such a surface dwelling celebrity.” “Yes, but you are a hard to find man as well, Mister Leeks. I know of many scientists and adventurers who would love to talk to you about the sunken city of Sufokia.”

This remark seemed to annoy him ever so slightly: “Yes, but my Masters have requested not to unveil too much at once. They believe the World of Twelve is not ready yet for such knowledge.” “Indeed we were not. That technomagical invasion caught us quite off guard. We had never seen such technology before. Quite destructive.”

“Yes, a most unfortunate event. I hope you will forgive us one day for this mishap.” “I think the Nations will be much more reassured if they knew what else was waiting for them in the depths of the oceans.” A knocking on the door seemed to interrupt their conversation, but Wicky Leeks continued as he opened the door, revealing a Sufokian aide bringing them some refreshments.

“Now, now, Master Joris, you make it sound as we have an entire war machine waiting for you at the bottom of the ocean. I assure you, it is quite the opposite: the prototypes stole most of our technology to make their move. We were left quite helpless down there.” He took one of the cups on the tray that was left on the table and offered the other to the Bontarian representative.

Joris nodded in gratitude as he accepted the cup: “Then why won’t you let anyone accompany you back to your city? The other nations are very willing to help a nation in need.” Wicky grimaced as he sat back down: “That is where our King’s pride comes in. Our city is still much in ruin after decennia of civil war. It would be a disgrace to our proud heritage and history to receive guests now.”

Joris took a sip and nodded in understanding. “Very well. But then at least allow me to ask some questions about these new technomagical forms and the power that drives them.” Wicky Leeks walked silently over to the balustrade, obviously pondering Master Joris’ question. He stared out over the sea for a while before he continued.

“Yes, about that: your letter spoke of Stasis smuggling and crime syndicates. Those are hard accusations coming from ‘friendly nations willing to lend a hand’.” "They weren't certainly intended that way, Mister Leeks. We have no inclination to believe that the sunken city of Sufokia is in any way involved in this network. But since you are the only ones who can actually put the Stasili to good use, you might be able to help our inquiries along."

Joris explained himself: "Before you came, we never even knew of the existence of this strange ore or its uses in technological advancements." Wicky Leeks stared into his cup as he gently swirled his drink. "Yes, of course. But you must realize that it took our people generations to discover the purple gem's usefulness. It is not unthinkable that someone topside could have done the same."

Joris joined him by the balcony. "No, not impossible, but you must admit: very unlikely. Isn't there any possibility that some technology of yours has reached the surface before you have? Maybe by trade or by accident?" The Sufokian historian looked down to meet Joris' gaze: "I can assure you, there has been no trade whatsoever with the world above."

"If our technology should have left our city, it was through clandestine channels, as contact with the surface dwellers is strictly forbidden." "Yes, by order of the King, I suppose?" Joris added. "Indeed. Our royalty still harbors deep shame for how our fair city has gone downhill these last generations. Although we have peace now, His Majesty is still not inclined to let his 'altered' subjects leave the city."

Joris noticed the librarian was very uneasy at the subject, but he wasn't about to let this opportunity slip away: "Yet you speak of decennia of civil war and unrest, with your city becoming a battle ground. Even now this peace you mention is but a fragile one. How can you maintain your city and be sure nothing left the city without you knowing? You must have been unaware of the technomagicals' doing all these years?"

"Very simple, Master Joris," Wicky said with restored confidence, "the royal house of Sufokia maintained control of the navy. The largest part of the fleet remained under their control and was used to prevent any attempts to escape the city." "It truly must have been a war of attrition," Joris said in a far-off voice. "I can understand why his Majesty would like to bury these pages of sunken Sufokia's history."

"Yes," sighed Wicky Leeks, "And just now, when all things had finally started to settle down, the incident with the prototypes reopened all kinds of old wounds. Even worse, this time we've dragged the entire World of Twelve into our petty little conflict. This too is the punishment for thinking we were greater than the Gods and could create life ourselves."

“You mustn’t focus on the mistakes of the past, my friend,” Joris comforted him, “We must look to the future. If your people want any chance at reintegration, we must clear Sufokia’s name as soon as possible, starting by unraveling this Stasili mystery. Can I count on your cooperation?” Wicky smiled thinly: “Of course, Master Joris. We will do whatever we can to bring forth the real culprits of these crimes.”

Egol and Sekito looked at each other with a defeated look as their disabled escape pod was brought back to the docking bay from which they had escaped almost an hour ago. “So what do we do now?” Sekito asked as their Steamflex escorts steered them towards the entrance. “They won’t be fooled twice.” “No,” Egol admitted, “it will be a miracle if we get out of here again.”

“Maybe we need to make our own miracles,” Sekito mused as he pulled out his wand. He flicked it once and a cute Coney appeared on the floor in between them. “What are you going to do?” Egol asked, “Drown them in Wodents?” “No, but together with Platine, she might be able to do something to spring us.” “Remember, Platine can’t go where there are magic jammers.”

“Let’s worry about the details later, ok?” Sekito said slightly annoyed as the pod breached the surface of the docking hangar. “All right, Conny, you and Platine hide in the back and make sure you’re not found, ok?” The little rabbit-like creature squeaked enthusiastically, bouncing up and down before it hid in the back of the pod, followed by Platine in Tofu-form.

“I hope we’re not making a big mistake,” Egol mumbled just before the hatch of their pod was ripped open by one of the Steamflexes. The two were hardly able to move before a squad of the familiar masked sailors poured into the tiny pod and pulled them out. They were groped, cuffed and pushed on their knees in the middle of the docking bay.

As they looked up, they saw a very irritated Captain Mofette looming over them, visibly containing the rage boiling inside of her. “Who is she?” Egol whispered. “She’s the captain accusing you of sabotage,” Sekito whispered back. “Silence!” Frida barked out. “I’ll show you the price of humiliating the Sufokian Navy! When I’m done with you, you’ll wish my Steamflexes had sunk your little boat back there on the bottom of the ocean!”

To enforce her words, she grabbed both men by their collars as one of the men suddenly shouted: “Admiral on deck!” The soldiers stood to attention as Admiral Belvu entered the docking bay, his gaze fixed on Frida Mofette and her two prisoners. The Captain unhanded them and saluted her superior as he approached her in utter silence.

“What is the meaning of this, Captain?” the Admiral growled between his teeth. “It is strictly forbidden to bring any outsiders to the city!” “My primary orders were to preserve Stasili and to return with a new load of the ore, Sir. I could not risk my vessel and crew becoming stranded in the middle of the ocean because of a lack of fuel.”

The Admiral was only inches away from her face, seething with anger. The Captain on the other hand had become icy calm and stared straight at him. “I just about had it with your insubordination, Missy! If you think you can get away with this just because daddy is a general, you’ve got another think coming. I’ll have you court-martialed for this!”

Frida pointed at Egol Rho: “This Xelor is suspected of blowing up the entire supply of Stasili we were ordered to pick up and to intentionally sabotage our trading network. I had time nor resources to question him on the scene so I made a judgment call and brought him back with us. He probably won’t leave this city alive anyway.”

Sekito and Egol gulped in unison as Omar Belvu’s gaze jumped from them to the Captain and back. “Then you should have made the call back there and executed him on the spot. Now our entire city is compromised.” Frida snorted: “It’s been compromised ever since you launched that invasion force…” “You mind your tongue, Captain!” the Admiral bellowed, but Frida just finished her sentence: “…, Sir.”

The Admiral seemed like he wasn’t about to let that comment slip, but then decided that there were too many bystanders to let this escalate any further. He signaled the sailors behind Sekito and Egol: “Take them to the holding cells.” The men were about to act on the order when Captain Mofette stepped in: “I would suggest taking them to our high-security prison, Sir.”

The Admiral glared at her, but calmed down soon as she explained about their earlier prison break: “Really now? Almost escaped the great Captain Mofette’s grasp?” He looked back at the prisoners: “You two must be real menaces to manage such feat.” He allowed himself a slight smirk as he changed his orders: “Very well, take them to maximum security prison. I will deal with them later.”

The Admiral and the Captain continued their conversation quietly as Egol and Sekito were carried off by the masked guards. “This doesn’t look good,” Egol sighed as they entered the long hallways of Sufokia. “For a moment there I thought they were going to kill each other,” Sekito commented. “No talking,” the soldier ordered and the two friends shut up as they were shoved and pushed deeper into the underwater city.

On the Mourning Wood plains, Mei de Prac was struggling to break free from the entranced Sulpa Venneir’s grip. She grabbed his arm as he lifted her into the air. “Sulpa, you can’t do this! Think of your mission! The fate of the entire world is at risk.” This only made the Bellaphones laugh even louder: “Aren’t they cute when they squirm?” “Yes, pleading like a little girl.” “Not so tough now, are we, panda bear?”

Mei wanted to rip their slimy hearts out when she suddenly heard a faint whisper: “Get ready.” She looked back into Sulpa’s vacant expression and saw how he winked at her. She nodded softly as she felt her feet touch the ground again. Then Sulpa let go of her throat and with a powerful tug, launched her at the three Bellaphones.

The slimy monster girls were caught off guard as the Pandawa warrior crashed into them, knocking all three of them to the ground. In the meantime Sulpa launched several playing cards towards the Rogues. Most of them exploded into a pile of the familiar green goo, leaving only the real one standing, entranced and disoriented. Sulpa quickly dispatched of him with a volley of dice to the forehead.

Mei in the meanwhile was subduing the Bellaphones with some well-aimed punches. The slimy monsters tried to fight back but were no match for the Pandawa’s brute strength. And when Sulpa joined Mei’s side, they screamed out of frustration: “Curse you, you hairy worms! We rule these plains! We will never be defeated by the likes of you!”

The three white-skinned women let out a deafening scream, making Sulpa and Mei cover their ears in pain. “Damn you slimy serpents,” Mei swore under her breath as she grabbed hold of her barrel. She winced in pain as the sound waves pounded her eardrums, but endured long enough to swing her bamboo barrel as a club and knock the three Bellaphones over.

“Right,” Sulpa said, his ears still ringing, “Time to shut you up for good.” “We’re not defeated yet, alley cat!” one of the creatures hissed, followed by a sound that can only be described as the popping of a series of huge warts. “I think she may be right, Sulpa,” Mei said as all around them newly born Bellaphones and slimy clones of their previous victims rose from the grass.

The original Bellaphones laughed triumphantly as the green-white slime army surrounded the furry duo. “You will pay for that humiliation, you sewer rats! No one messes with the beautiful Bellaphones and lives to tell the tale. Now, my pretties, feast your claws on these wretched beings! Tear them to sunder for…”

Before the Bellaphone could finish her sentence, it was drowned out by the sound of several combined explosions filling the field around them. The Bellaphones and clones around them were being blasted to slimy bits by these sudden explosions. The original trio stared in disbelief: “What? No! How can this be?”

“Up there!” Mei shouted, pointing at a squad of flying Dragoturkeys filling the skies above them. “It’s the Mask of Shushu’s gang,” Sulpa added. “Great, so they’ve got an entire air force,” Mei mumbled sarcastically. “This is your doing,” the Bellaphones shrieked hysterically. “You’ve lead them here. You’ve ruined everything. You...”

But before she could finish, one of the Rogues’ bombs hit the ground right in between them, engulfing the sinister trio in its blast. “That shut them up,” Mei remarked. “And gave us a window of opportunity,” Sulpa added, “Time to get out of here.” “We’ll never survive this bombardment. We need to get higher up.” She grabbed Sulpa by the wrist. “Your time to fly, pretty boy.”

The Ecaflip caught on to her intentions and took a running start as Mei de Prac launched him into the air. He knew of the Pandawa warriors’ strength, but was always amazed at their incredible throwing skills. Like a cannonball Sulpa soared towards the closest Dragoturkey and its two Rogue riders.

One of them noticed the approaching Ecaflip and tried to shoot him out of the sky, but Sulpa beat him to it. He launched a couple of dice at the Rogue, quickly knocking him off the flying beast. The remaining bandit tried to steer his mount away, but was too late. Sulpa flipped over just in time to hit him full-on with his foot, dispatching him with one powerful blow.

He buried his claws in the saddle to secure his grip as the scared Dragoturkey started flapping around aimlessly. He tried to get on the saddle as quickly as he could, because several of the surrounding Rogues had noticed their comrades’ unwilling descent and were moving in to intercept him. They started firing at the panicked mount, causing it to move even more erratically.

On the ground Mei de Prac was doing her best to supply cover fire with spurts of bamboo milk, but she had a hard time trying to evade the still incoming bombs lobbed down by the flying Rogues. One of them landed too close and knocked the Pandawa of her feet. She rolled clear of the blast, but was unable to fend off the next barrage of bombs heading her way.

Luckily by that time Sulpa had gained control of the flying reptile and dove in just in time to snatch her up, clearing the blast zone before all hell broke loose. “You okay?” he called to her. “Just barely,” she said as she climbed up the Dragoturkey, “but let me drive. You have card tricks to perform.”

The two switched places and while Mei spurred their steed to climb to new heights, Sulpa started to fling his cards and dice at their pursuers. “Over there,” Sulpa shouted over the howling winds, “we can take the Zaap at Weapons Bridge!” “I think they figured as much.” Sulpa looked down as saw how several Rogues were already surrounding the portal with explosives.

“Okay, bad idea. Any alternatives?” “Let me worry about our destination,” Mei commanded, “You do something about that rain of bullets!” “Right,” Sulpa said, “Leave them to me!” But when he turned around, he was just in time to see a grappling claw heading for them at high speed. He managed to block it before it could get hold of their Dragoturkey, but got grabbed himself in the process.

“Not good,” he uttered before he was yanked out of the saddle again. Mei grumbled as she glanced over her shoulder and saw the Ecaflip swinging towards the flying mob: “What are you playing at, Venneir?” On the other end of the cable carrying Sulpa Venneir the Rogues Bonde and Clynie noticed their unwanted catch: “Looks like we got a live one, Clynie!” “But it’s just a small Bow Meow Fish, not worth the effort. Throw it back, Bonde.”

“My pleasure,” Bonde grinned and with a click reopened the claw holding Sulpa by the arm. Luckily he got hold of the cable and quickly started climbing upwards as the nearest Rogues started to concentrate their firepower on him instead of Mei. “Bloody cat won’t let go,” Clynie swore as Sulpa began swinging from side to side to avoid the shots, rocking their Dragoturkey in the process. “Cut him loose!”

The felons were too preoccupied with cutting Bonde’s cable to notice how Mei had made a 180 degree turn and was now heading straight for them. “Just unhook your launcher from the harness!” Clynie shouted. “Are you mad?” Bonde retorted, “And loose a perfectly good cable shooter?” “I’ll steal you a new one, you daft fool!” “Look out!”

Like a bowling ball hitting the pins at full speed, Mei’s Dragoturkey rammed the two Rogues full on and knocked them off their ride, leaving Sulpa once again dangling on an uncontrolled mount. The riderless Dragoturkey quickly swooped towards the ground, making the swinging Ecaflip hasten his ascension towards the top of the cable. He got there just before the beast could land and pulled up with all his might.

The flying reptile skimmed the surface as Sulpa tried to steer it in the right direction. Mei brought her Dragoturkey alongside him: “Next time warn me before you pull a stunt like that!” “It’s not like it was intentional,” Sulpa shouted back. “But that is!” Mei yelled as a bomb hit the ground in front of them, forcing them to break formation to avoid the blast.

The Rogues above them had decided that bombs were better suited for hitting low flying targets and had resumed their bombardment of the Morning Woods. But when their quarry reached the edge of the island, their tactic became unusable as the bombs just sunk into the ocean.

“At this rate we’ll never get to Bonta in one piece,” the Pandawa remarked as they zigzagged over the waves to avoid the Rogues barrage of bullets. “Then we’re not going to Bonta,” Sulpa answered. “The closest nation as the Crobak flies is Sufokia and I know of a powerful ally there that will surely help us.”

Mei de Prac raised her eyebrow. “An ally? Between those laid-back fishermen? I hope you know what you’re doing.” Mei wondered out loud, but between dodging bullets and following Sulpa, she had no time to question his decision. She only hoped that Sulpa’s ally would be there and ready to take on a flock of fully armed Rogues.

Conny ventured a soft squeak to Platine as they heard several voices approach their hideout. “Man, the Steamflexes sure did a job on this one.” “Yeah, ripped it clean open.” “Well, not that clean. There’s no way we can fix that.” “Orders from High Command: we can’t waste any resource.” “Ok, I can understand that, but can’t we better dismantle it and reuse the parts?”

“Right, break it up. This is no tea party. Take it to the repair shop and see what you can do. Right now it’s cluttering up my docking bay.” “Yes, Sir,” it sounded in unison. “All right, Telo, suit up.” “Sure thing, boss,” the youngest of the voices answered enthusiastically, followed by hurried footsteps away from the boat.

“You want to use the Stasitech to transport it through the city? Why not just take it outside? It’s much faster and easier.” “And flood the entire interior?” Platine and Conny gulped. “The salt will eat away at the controls and damage them beyond repair.” “Be honest, what else is it good for than melting down for the metal?” “We’ll see, ok?”

The Sinistro and Coney felt the escape pod shake softly as heavy metal footsteps approached the little boat. “Ok junior, nice and easy,” sounded from outside as the pod moaned and creaked as it was pulled out of the water. “Right, let’s go. We’ve got a long walk ahead of us,” one of the voices said when the submersible hung stably above the deck.

As the escape pod slowly left the docking bay, the two summons sneaked to the front viewport to get a better view of their heading. There they saw how the young Telo Maelk controlled a rudimentary technomagical walking armor that was carrying their little boat deeper into the underwater city.

Platine and Conny saw how their transport slowly navigated through several large hallways. All of them were sparsely lit, hardly populated and only here and there decorated with worn flags or posters. Not exactly the picture of a prosperous high-tech city they had expected, but more of a ruin still running on ancient technology.

This picture became complete when Maelk’s ride suddenly shuddered and stopped, much to its escort’s dismay. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” “Not again! Check the fuel tank.” “Nope, still one third full.” “Pull the choke, Telo.” “No use, it’s not budging.” The men sighed and grunted in unison. The Tofu and Coney stared at one another as they heard distant banging and creaking.

“Found it,” one of the older voices sounded before he started swearing. “It’s the Stasiliquefier.” “I’ll run to the shop,” Telo Maelk said, but the old man stopped him: “It’s no use. I know for a fact that we don’t have them anymore. And I have no idea how to fix it either.” The third man sounded as if he was almost panicking: “Oh no. Does this mean we have to get… the Professor?”

“Don’t worry about that,” the older mechanic comforted him, “no one has seen or heard from him in a week.” “Maybe his assistant can help us?” Telo said with an unmistakable glee in his voice. “You still into that flower girl?” the third man joked. “Remember, these Sadida love their plants above all and everyone else.” “None the less,” the eldest interjected, “we need someone with Stasitech knowledge to fix this. All right, you go get her, pup, but be quick about it!”

Platine saw how the boy disappeared into the dark hallway and clicked softly at the Coney. The little summon was genuinely worried that they would never reach Egol and Sekito at this pace. But Conny just shrugged. There wasn’t much they could do about it now and with a little smile she tried to comfort the mechanical bird.

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I didn't believe my eyes when I saw this message

To me, you have been the face of Wakfu for these last years. Your passion for the lore was just what the game needed and together with the team, you made the beautiful gem of Frigost, something I feared was but a simple remake of Dofus, but instead became a beautiful extension. I had high hopes that with you on the team, the outcome of the rest of the story would have certainly been of high quality.

But the last year(s) it was obvious you ware being derailed and being put on smaller projects not worth of your overarching story. Slowly everything around the main storyline started to crumble and now with no real end (as Ogrest is defeated by someone else) and no real beginning (as Astrub keeps changing more often that chapters are added the the only 'story'line remaining) it feels the world of Wakfu is afloat again, with no real sense or direction.

Thank you for these wonderful years and wonderful stories. I loved to read and play them. Thanks for being in touch with us, replying to our questions and listening to us.

You were a wonderful asset to the Wakfu team. Be safe and hopefully you'll be able to tell great stories again in your new job.

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It's 9:00 am in France, so my guess is their team is just coming in for their morning coffee and will soon start on the problem. I'm guessing by noon, CET, it will be up and running.

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Do we have a rough estimate on how the entire Wakfunding campaign is progressing? I mean, have we reached the goals necessary to fund the rest of the animated series?

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Any idea on the contents? I've seen the Yugo-Ruel-Goultard-strange dark shadow dragon emotes, but any clue on the finishers or costumes or so? Is there any source on this Statis items, for example?

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Any Roleplay goingon?

Good question: I love some good roleplaying, but how does one roleplay on a forum? Or do you all just collect players to roleplay in-game?

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It has been mentioned here already, but can we have some glimpse at the future rewards. For example, the non-game rewards will only be visible once the first batch of in-game rewards has already expired. Seems rather unfair, though I love the rewards!

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i'll be honest: i only skimmed it because i have a pounding headache right now, but from what i did manage to properly read, it has a good foundation. solid writing, good grammar, decent vocabulary.

maybe it's forums' tendancy to delete line breaks in certain places or a small oversight, but i noticed that you could benefit from maximizing readability. the opening dialogue, for example, lacks line breaks. unless this was intentional, in which case ... continue, i guess.

treating thoughts as dialogue is a slippery slope, but i suppose when the MC are alone, it's okay. personally, i would use italics to indicate a character's thoughts, but every writer is different. another thing, not only for the sake of readability but also to improve the overall flow, perhaps break the paragraphs into smaller ones and vary your transitions. some parts read like a monologue.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to keep that in mind on the next chapter(s) ;-)

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The Facade of Fear The sequel to Orcus ex machina ( Click here ), the story of Hoodfella Ned Marion.

…“We’re almost there”…. …”This is madness!”… ...… …”Bow to me”… …”Fire!”…

“…no. No. NO!!” Ned jumped up, drenched in sweat. He look around in fear, but couldn’t see much of his surroundings at first. He did hear of the sound of slowly running water and patter of little paws. After a little while, he started to discern light and dark and saw the first blurry shapes appear. He seemed to be in some kind of spacious sewer system. “Where am I?” he thought to himself.

A shiver went down his spine. When he heard his own voice echo in his mind, it sounded very alien and weird to him. “Who am I, for that matter?” Every thought that came to him just made him more uneasy. He got up and started almost frantically looking for something recognizable in his direct surroundings. Then he noticed a new and unfamiliar sensation that made his heart stop.

He felt the soft breeze going through the sewer tunnels on his face. Trembling, his hands slowly went to his face and there, he could feel his scarred skin, his lips, his eyelids, his cheekbones, everything. He was bare... He was uncovered! He was maskless!! He could no longer contain himself and let out a feral scream, echoing through the sewers.

A few tunnels farther, Donalangelo, guardian of the Astrub sewers, jumped into battle stance: “What kind of unholy shriek was that? Shreddie and his Grambos, no doubt!” These words had barely passed his lips (or tendrils or whatever he used to talk) when two of the hooded horned minions ran by the Schnek’s hideout, giggling and cackling to themselves. “Right, that’s it,” Donalangelo decided and he grabbed his nun-chuckapi on his way out the door.

The two Grambos were almost back at their hideout when Donalangelo caught up with them. He remained in the shadows and saw how they had stopped running and were seemingly squabbling about something. Then he noticed the white mask one of them was holding. “What kind of artifact is this?” he thought to himself. “Still, if Shreddie wants it, it can be no good.”

The vigilante got ready to strike when one of the little demons decided to end the argument by donning the mask. The moment the white mask touched his face, it seemed as if he was electrocuted by it, making him jump up and shake violently. But that passed rather quickly as the symbol in the center started to glow: the Grambo instantly froze and just stood there, transfixed and rigid.

"What's this? A new mind?" Dramak the Second suddenly sat upright in his throne at the center of his hideout. "And it has gotten hold of my mask. But this one is a cruder one.... certainly not human." The masked villain chuckled. "But all the better. This little pebble of a brain will be no match for my power! He will bring my main star straight back to me."

He raised both his hands and spoke into the great hall that was his haven bag: "Listen to me, puppet, and listen well. I am your new Master. You will obey my every command." Back in the sewers, the masked Grambo muttered: " obey." Dramak's voice boomed in his head: "You will come to me. Let nothing stand in your way of following my instructions." The demon stretched out both his arms in front of him and slowly started to wobble away from the hideout.

His partner grabbed him by the arm: "Hey, where do you think you're going?" But without ever turning around, the entranced Grambo just swung his arm and hurled his companion into the wall. About two feet deep into the wall. "What kind of witchcraft is this?" Donalangelo thought. “Better not rush into this or I’ll end up a wall flower myself.” And he slid back into the shadows.

On the other end of the sewer maze, Ned Marion was running around like a possessed madman. Every turn he took, every thought he thought was like a new sting of a whip to keep him going. At this point, he was so far gone that he wasn’t even minding his surrounding anymore: he knocked over piles of garbage and stepped on the scurrying rats without stopping. All the way, maniacally mumbling a simple mantra: “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think”

So it was no surprise that the unmasked masqueraider was caught completely by surprise by the bolas that suddenly wrapped themselves around his feet, causing him to crash head first into the shallow sewage. Before he could get up, two hooded men jumped him and tied his hands behind his back before pulling him out of the water. Ned squirmed and flailed helplessly as two more hooded figures appeared from the shadows.

“This is definitely his puppet,” one of the figures spoke in a distinct female voice, “but he’s no longer in possession of our quarry. Ask him!” “It’s no use,” one of the others said, “he won’t even listen. He’s completely lost it.” “I’ll fix that,” the woman spoke again and she raised her hand. On the back of her hand, a red symbol glowed and small sparks appeared. She aimed her hand at the soaked Ned Marion and for a moment, Ned jerked uncontrollably as small bolts danced over his body.

Then all fell quiet. “Miss Platina,” the woman said, “do we have one of those mask copies with us? Maybe that will calm him down.” One of the hooded companions pulled an odd looking coward’s mask out of her satchel and placed it on their temporary stunned prey. Ned felt a calm coming over him as his face was once again covered up. “Hello, Ned,” a voice resounded in his head, “you have been gone for too long.”

“Where… where am I?” Ned said after a long silence. The hooded woman stood next to him: “in the sewers of Astrub.” “Astrub?! How in Sadida’s name did I get over here?” “That’s what I would like to know,” the woman said while two of her companions untied Ned Marion’s legs and lifted him up. “We had a hard time tracking you, ‘Hoodfella’.” Ned seemed to be pondering this name as he tried to grasp the entire situation: “…I was on Mount Zinit… wasn’t I?”

Before any of his assailants could answer his question, another hooded figure came rushing down the corridor: “Miss Cygnus, we have found it!” The woman immediately turned her attention to the messenger: “Where is it then?” “We don’t have it yet, Miss. It has found another host… and it is on its way to him!” “What?! He’s here too? Why wasn’t I informed of this? Everyone, move out! We must intercept it before he gets his hands on it!”

In the blink of an eye, the entire party darted into the sewer tunnels, leaving Ned Marion alone and confused again. “Now what do we do?” he said to himself. “I still don’t feel complete.” “Follow that woman. She holds more answers than she let on.” Following his own advice, Ned head off in the same direction as the hooded band. While he ran, he felt his body and mind getting reacquainted with the magic that was coursing through the mask.

In the meanwhile the mysterious Miss Cygnus and her companions were racing through the shallow sewage of Astrub. Only when the tunnel passed into a large room did they halt for the first time. It was the central hub of the entire sewage system, with a huge hole in the middle surrounded by railings in which all gutters and pipes coming from the tunnels discharged their sewage. On a wooden platform on the other side of the hole, the mutated Schnek Donalangelo greeted them.

“He is on his way here! A small Grambo wearing an odd white mask. But be careful, he has far more power than his stature would make you believe!” He had hardly finished his sentence when the little demon appeared in one of the tunnel openings. “There he is!” the female leader shouted, “Stop him at all costs, but keep your distance. The mask is extremely unstable and could go off at any time. Bombard him from afar and incapacitate him.”

The hooded men and women fanned out over the great hall and started to launch all kind of elemental attacks at the mindless Grambo. A large salvo of fireballs, chunks of rocks, water drops and blades of pure wind rained down on the masked demon, exploding in a huge cloud of dust and rubble. The sheer power of the attacks shook the entire scene, but when the cloud cleared up, the little horned crony was still standing there, seemingly unscathed by their attacks.

“By the gods,” Miss Cygnus swore, “the mask’s protective barrier is too strong. Everyone, prepare for a combined Twilight Beam!” Her entire company started to focus, giving off a soft glow as they prepared to strike once more. But before they could actually attack, the Grambo was suddenly pulled off the ground as by invisible strings. About the same time, on the other side of the pit, one of the cloaked company was heard: “What the h...aaaAAAAHH!!”

Screaming the man plunged head first into the dark sinkhole. His leader was dumb-struck by this turn of events until she saw the two sniggering Goblins behind the railing. By now everyone in the room turned around to witness how behind the Goblins Dramak the Second theatrically entered the scene, accompanied by his Enutrof in Goblin guise and several other real Goblins, each carrying a lifeless puppet about their size.

After a few overdramatic gestures, Dramak’s voice boomed through the great hall: “Lay down your weapons, puny fools! Your little magic tricks are no match for the magnificent mind of Dramak the Schemer!” A few of the hooded heroes were seemingly impressed with this threat as they slowly started to put down their weapons. At about the same time, Ned Marion entered from one of the other tunnels and was visually stunned by the commanding voice of the villain.

But the woman in charge was clearly not impressed. She threw back her hood, revealing her pale complexion and long blonde hairs that were held back by a strange kind of headband with two large ears: “I don’t think so, Heinz Drosselschmutz! This is as far as you go!” The sound of that name obviously triggered something with the masked madman as he instantly dropped his pose and stormed to the railing: “That name no longer exists! I am Dramak, the most brilliant schemer and soon-to-be ruler of the World of Twelve!”

As he looked at the blonde woman, he recomposed himself: “Well, well, if it isn’t Emma Cygnus, the ugly duckling of the Academy and her pack of quacks. Are you still trying to catch me?” Emma ignored his insults: “And we will not stop until you return that what you stole from the University. You had no right to take it, no matter how disillusioned you were.” “Disillusioned?” Dramak scoffed, “those musty third grade teachers mocked me and my illustrious ideas, just because they were intimidated by my brilliant brain!”

“That mask is rightfully mine and I will use it to show all of those molded bookworms at the Academy what Dramak the Schemer is truly capable off!” “You are not him, Drosselschmutz, and you will never be. It is time you let go of this delusion of grandeur. Return to the University, with the mask, and maybe we can strike you a deal. The chancellor might be willing to pardon you for your… misguided actions.”

Dramak laughed: “By the time I’m done with him, he will be begging me to take his position! That is, if I don’t decide to sink that entire eyesore of a floating preschool beneath the Ogre’s waves!” By now the masked Grambo was floating slowly towards the wannabe villain, right over the sinkhole, out of reach of the Huppermages. Emma noticed this and in the blink of an eye lobbed a fireball and a ball of water at Drosselschmutz.

The two attacks hit their mark without fault, but just like on the Grambo they had little effect. “You silly schoolgirl! You should have learned by now that Dramak the Magnificent cannot be harmed by your mere magic tricks. I am the greatest mind of our times. Nothing can touch me!” He stretched out his arms to let out another villainous laughter when his barrier was suddenly breached by an arrow of light, hitting him right in the chest.

The attack knocked the wind out of Dramak, dropping him to his knees. Now Emma smirked: “And you should have remembered what you learnt at the Academy: the power of light is nothing like the other elements.” The unexpected breach of his barrier made Dramak lose control of the floating demon and before he could do anything about it, the Grambo plummeted stoically down the dark sinkhole, out of reach of both parties.

“No!” Emma swore as the mask and its wearer disappeared out of sight. “Miss Platina, take half the squad and head down there to retrieve it! We’ll deal with Drosselschmutz!” Dramak pushed away Gobvious, who was helping him up, and raised his hands once more, causing each of the lifeless puppets carried by the Goblins to spring to life: “You’re going nowhere, my dear! We’ve got you outnumbered”

In a blink of an eye, the puppets were pulled up to the ceiling by Dramak’s invisible strings and planted back down all around the room, effectively blocking every exit. The Huppermages weren’t taken aback by this move and immediately started the counter-attack. Soon the entire room was filled with men and women wrestling with wooden puppets and Goblins. Dramak the Second overlooked the scene for a few moments when he noticed Ned standing in one of the pipes.

“Ned,” the Masqueraider said to himself in his head, “this is not the place we want to be right now. Get out of here before you get involved.” “But the woman could help me collect my thoughts.” “Nonsense,” a third voice boomed in, “don’t just stand there. Head to the lower levels and collect me that mask!” “What the…” he stammered out loud, but before he could collect his thoughts, his body was already moving back into the sewers.

Back on the platform, Dramak turned towards the dressed-up Enutrof: “Minion, head down to the lower sewers as well. Should my puppet have second thoughts, make sure his doubts don’t get in the way of my mask’s return to me.” For a moment Gobvious seemed to ponder this vague command, but his body knew better and headed out in the same direction as Ned.

In the meantime, the Puppet Master had returned his attention towards the battle in front of him, especially Emma Cygnus, who had just overpowered one of his marionettes and decapitated it. “Ha ha ha, your efforts are futile, my little schoolgirl! My strings reach further and deeper into the World of Twelve than you can imagine. You’re all but small parts in my overarching plot. Soon the mask will be mine again and you’ll be at my fingertips.”

Emma blocked an incoming attack of one of the Goblins with a shield of light as she looked around the sinkhole to assess the situation. All Huppermages were still interlocked in combat, so whoever Drosselschmutz was sending, there was none of them that could intercept them. Unless… Before her assailants realized what was going on, Miss Cyngus darted toward the central hole and in one fluent motion, jumped over the railing, into the blackness of the lower sewers…

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I said it before: Ankama has its best ideas when joking around... I still remember the 'child making' april fools' joke of many a year ago. That would have been so much fun

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Ticket #1528091
Bug report : stuck in a mission
Launched 27/12/2015

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Of course, a few hours after I purchased my ogrines... But hey, that's the roll of the dice and Ecaflip never was my friend.
What are those two emotes (totemization and anniversary super emote)? Haven't seen those before...

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You know what would be interesting for pets?
Class pets: just like there are emblems and haven bag kits for certain classes only, we could have each class have its own pet.

An example could be madoll doll as pet for Sadida - would be cute to make the doll follow sadida outside fight. It could give control bonus, but it would be weird if other classes could make animated doll follow them, hence why the idea to make it possible only for sadida class to use such pet. For enutrof it could be small drheller following them, for osamodas a gobgob, etc. Think about it, Ankama.


I'd love this idea! Xelors could have a Sinistro pet, Huppermages a little ball of light,...

Friendrakes and Bowmeows and such would be difficult as they already exist, of course...

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I thought from now on boxes would be permanent in shop?

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Source : Click here

So it seems... the Ecaflip brothers' role certainly has been growing these last years. When Kerubim first came out, I hardly heard about it. Now it's hard not to know these tomcats as they are just about everywhere in time and space

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Has anyone seen the Dofus movie yet? What happened to Joris?  

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On An esthetic note: I am quite disappointed the Huppermage costume differentiates between male and female. For the first time since long I was planning on making a female char, but I was hoping to give her that cool hood... Not a duplicate of the ears she already has... :-(

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Quote (DanishVet @ 09 January 2016 19:47) *
I have bought it, but not active.
Same here

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Will this pack contain booster time too, because mine is almost expired...

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Can we have a sneak peak at this 'pack'? Will it contain booster time, because mine is running out and I don't want to renew it if I can get it in this pack, which I am interested in

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