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Father Whupper Day
One fine day, Father Whupper chanced upon a problem: if Kwismas was invented to reward good little ...

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posté December 01, 2016, 09:33:32 | #1
I didn't believe my eyes when I saw this message

To me, you have been the face of Wakfu for these last years. Your passion for the lore was just what the game needed and together with the team, you made the beautiful gem of Frigost, something I feared was but a simple remake of Dofus, but instead became a beautiful extension. I had high hopes that with you on the team, the outcome of the rest of the story would have certainly been of high quality.

But the last year(s) it was obvious you ware being derailed and being put on smaller projects not worth of your overarching story. Slowly everything around the main storyline started to crumble and now with no real end (as Ogrest is defeated by someone else) and no real beginning (as Astrub keeps changing more often that chapters are added the the only 'story'line remaining) it feels the world of Wakfu is afloat again, with no real sense or direction.

Thank you for these wonderful years and wonderful stories. I loved to read and play them. Thanks for being in touch with us, replying to our questions and listening to us.

You were a wonderful asset to the Wakfu team. Be safe and hopefully you'll be able to tell great stories again in your new job.

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posté December 01, 2016, 09:23:53 | #2
It's 9:00 am in France, so my guess is their team is just coming in for their morning coffee and will soon start on the problem. I'm guessing by noon, CET, it will be up and running.

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posté November 25, 2016, 20:43:34 | #3
Do we have a rough estimate on how the entire Wakfunding campaign is progressing? I mean, have we reached the goals necessary to fund the rest of the animated series?

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posté November 07, 2016, 14:00:26 | #4
Any idea on the contents? I've seen the Yugo-Ruel-Goultard-strange dark shadow dragon emotes, but any clue on the finishers or costumes or so? Is there any source on this Statis items, for example?

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posté November 04, 2016, 13:22:27 | #5

Quote (dirtylilsecrets @ 15 October 2016 01:43) *
Any Roleplay goingon?

Good question: I love some good roleplaying, but how does one roleplay on a forum? Or do you all just collect players to roleplay in-game?

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posté November 04, 2016, 12:24:36 | #6
It has been mentioned here already, but can we have some glimpse at the future rewards. For example, the non-game rewards will only be visible once the first batch of in-game rewards has already expired. Seems rather unfair, though I love the rewards!

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posté November 04, 2016, 12:19:29 | #7

Quote (riahxoxo @ 03 November 2016 23:55) *
i'll be honest: i only skimmed it because i have a pounding headache right now, but from what i did manage to properly read, it has a good foundation. solid writing, good grammar, decent vocabulary.

maybe it's forums' tendancy to delete line breaks in certain places or a small oversight, but i noticed that you could benefit from maximizing readability. the opening dialogue, for example, lacks line breaks. unless this was intentional, in which case ... continue, i guess.

treating thoughts as dialogue is a slippery slope, but i suppose when the MC are alone, it's okay. personally, i would use italics to indicate a character's thoughts, but every writer is different. another thing, not only for the sake of readability but also to improve the overall flow, perhaps break the paragraphs into smaller ones and vary your transitions. some parts read like a monologue.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to keep that in mind on the next chapter(s) ;-)

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posté November 02, 2016, 16:56:41 | #8
The Facade of Fear The sequel to Orcus ex machina ( Click here ), the story of Hoodfella Ned Marion.

…“We’re almost there”…. …”This is madness!”… ...… …”Bow to me”… …”Fire!”…

“…no. No. NO!!” Ned jumped up, drenched in sweat. He look around in fear, but couldn’t see much of his surroundings at first. He did hear of the sound of slowly running water and patter of little paws. After a little while, he started to discern light and dark and saw the first blurry shapes appear. He seemed to be in some kind of spacious sewer system. “Where am I?” he thought to himself.

A shiver went down his spine. When he heard his own voice echo in his mind, it sounded very alien and weird to him. “Who am I, for that matter?” Every thought that came to him just made him more uneasy. He got up and started almost frantically looking for something recognizable in his direct surroundings. Then he noticed a new and unfamiliar sensation that made his heart stop.

He felt the soft breeze going through the sewer tunnels on his face. Trembling, his hands slowly went to his face and there, he could feel his scarred skin, his lips, his eyelids, his cheekbones, everything. He was bare... He was uncovered! He was maskless!! He could no longer contain himself and let out a feral scream, echoing through the sewers.

A few tunnels farther, Donalangelo, guardian of the Astrub sewers, jumped into battle stance: “What kind of unholy shriek was that? Shreddie and his Grambos, no doubt!” These words had barely passed his lips (or tendrils or whatever he used to talk) when two of the hooded horned minions ran by the Schnek’s hideout, giggling and cackling to themselves. “Right, that’s it,” Donalangelo decided and he grabbed his nun-chuckapi on his way out the door.

The two Grambos were almost back at their hideout when Donalangelo caught up with them. He remained in the shadows and saw how they had stopped running and were seemingly squabbling about something. Then he noticed the white mask one of them was holding. “What kind of artifact is this?” he thought to himself. “Still, if Shreddie wants it, it can be no good.”

The vigilante got ready to strike when one of the little demons decided to end the argument by donning the mask. The moment the white mask touched his face, it seemed as if he was electrocuted by it, making him jump up and shake violently. But that passed rather quickly as the symbol in the center started to glow: the Grambo instantly froze and just stood there, transfixed and rigid.

"What's this? A new mind?" Dramak the Second suddenly sat upright in his throne at the center of his hideout. "And it has gotten hold of my mask. But this one is a cruder one.... certainly not human." The masked villain chuckled. "But all the better. This little pebble of a brain will be no match for my power! He will bring my main star straight back to me."

He raised both his hands and spoke into the great hall that was his haven bag: "Listen to me, puppet, and listen well. I am your new Master. You will obey my every command." Back in the sewers, the masked Grambo muttered: " obey." Dramak's voice boomed in his head: "You will come to me. Let nothing stand in your way of following my instructions." The demon stretched out both his arms in front of him and slowly started to wobble away from the hideout.

His partner grabbed him by the arm: "Hey, where do you think you're going?" But without ever turning around, the entranced Grambo just swung his arm and hurled his companion into the wall. About two feet deep into the wall. "What kind of witchcraft is this?" Donalangelo thought. “Better not rush into this or I’ll end up a wall flower myself.” And he slid back into the shadows.

On the other end of the sewer maze, Ned Marion was running around like a possessed madman. Every turn he took, every thought he thought was like a new sting of a whip to keep him going. At this point, he was so far gone that he wasn’t even minding his surrounding anymore: he knocked over piles of garbage and stepped on the scurrying rats without stopping. All the way, maniacally mumbling a simple mantra: “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think”

So it was no surprise that the unmasked masqueraider was caught completely by surprise by the bolas that suddenly wrapped themselves around his feet, causing him to crash head first into the shallow sewage. Before he could get up, two hooded men jumped him and tied his hands behind his back before pulling him out of the water. Ned squirmed and flailed helplessly as two more hooded figures appeared from the shadows.

“This is definitely his puppet,” one of the figures spoke in a distinct female voice, “but he’s no longer in possession of our quarry. Ask him!” “It’s no use,” one of the others said, “he won’t even listen. He’s completely lost it.” “I’ll fix that,” the woman spoke again and she raised her hand. On the back of her hand, a red symbol glowed and small sparks appeared. She aimed her hand at the soaked Ned Marion and for a moment, Ned jerked uncontrollably as small bolts danced over his body.

Then all fell quiet. “Miss Platina,” the woman said, “do we have one of those mask copies with us? Maybe that will calm him down.” One of the hooded companions pulled an odd looking coward’s mask out of her satchel and placed it on their temporary stunned prey. Ned felt a calm coming over him as his face was once again covered up. “Hello, Ned,” a voice resounded in his head, “you have been gone for too long.”

“Where… where am I?” Ned said after a long silence. The hooded woman stood next to him: “in the sewers of Astrub.” “Astrub?! How in Sadida’s name did I get over here?” “That’s what I would like to know,” the woman said while two of her companions untied Ned Marion’s legs and lifted him up. “We had a hard time tracking you, ‘Hoodfella’.” Ned seemed to be pondering this name as he tried to grasp the entire situation: “…I was on Mount Zinit… wasn’t I?”

Before any of his assailants could answer his question, another hooded figure came rushing down the corridor: “Miss Cygnus, we have found it!” The woman immediately turned her attention to the messenger: “Where is it then?” “We don’t have it yet, Miss. It has found another host… and it is on its way to him!” “What?! He’s here too? Why wasn’t I informed of this? Everyone, move out! We must intercept it before he gets his hands on it!”

In the blink of an eye, the entire party darted into the sewer tunnels, leaving Ned Marion alone and confused again. “Now what do we do?” he said to himself. “I still don’t feel complete.” “Follow that woman. She holds more answers than she let on.” Following his own advice, Ned head off in the same direction as the hooded band. While he ran, he felt his body and mind getting reacquainted with the magic that was coursing through the mask.

In the meanwhile the mysterious Miss Cygnus and her companions were racing through the shallow sewage of Astrub. Only when the tunnel passed into a large room did they halt for the first time. It was the central hub of the entire sewage system, with a huge hole in the middle surrounded by railings in which all gutters and pipes coming from the tunnels discharged their sewage. On a wooden platform on the other side of the hole, the mutated Schnek Donalangelo greeted them.

“He is on his way here! A small Grambo wearing an odd white mask. But be careful, he has far more power than his stature would make you believe!” He had hardly finished his sentence when the little demon appeared in one of the tunnel openings. “There he is!” the female leader shouted, “Stop him at all costs, but keep your distance. The mask is extremely unstable and could go off at any time. Bombard him from afar and incapacitate him.”

The hooded men and women fanned out over the great hall and started to launch all kind of elemental attacks at the mindless Grambo. A large salvo of fireballs, chunks of rocks, water drops and blades of pure wind rained down on the masked demon, exploding in a huge cloud of dust and rubble. The sheer power of the attacks shook the entire scene, but when the cloud cleared up, the little horned crony was still standing there, seemingly unscathed by their attacks.

“By the gods,” Miss Cygnus swore, “the mask’s protective barrier is too strong. Everyone, prepare for a combined Twilight Beam!” Her entire company started to focus, giving off a soft glow as they prepared to strike once more. But before they could actually attack, the Grambo was suddenly pulled off the ground as by invisible strings. About the same time, on the other side of the pit, one of the cloaked company was heard: “What the h...aaaAAAAHH!!”

Screaming the man plunged head first into the dark sinkhole. His leader was dumb-struck by this turn of events until she saw the two sniggering Goblins behind the railing. By now everyone in the room turned around to witness how behind the Goblins Dramak the Second theatrically entered the scene, accompanied by his Enutrof in Goblin guise and several other real Goblins, each carrying a lifeless puppet about their size.

After a few overdramatic gestures, Dramak’s voice boomed through the great hall: “Lay down your weapons, puny fools! Your little magic tricks are no match for the magnificent mind of Dramak the Schemer!” A few of the hooded heroes were seemingly impressed with this threat as they slowly started to put down their weapons. At about the same time, Ned Marion entered from one of the other tunnels and was visually stunned by the commanding voice of the villain.

But the woman in charge was clearly not impressed. She threw back her hood, revealing her pale complexion and long blonde hairs that were held back by a strange kind of headband with two large ears: “I don’t think so, Heinz Drosselschmutz! This is as far as you go!” The sound of that name obviously triggered something with the masked madman as he instantly dropped his pose and stormed to the railing: “That name no longer exists! I am Dramak, the most brilliant schemer and soon-to-be ruler of the World of Twelve!”

As he looked at the blonde woman, he recomposed himself: “Well, well, if it isn’t Emma Cygnus, the ugly duckling of the Academy and her pack of quacks. Are you still trying to catch me?” Emma ignored his insults: “And we will not stop until you return that what you stole from the University. You had no right to take it, no matter how disillusioned you were.” “Disillusioned?” Dramak scoffed, “those musty third grade teachers mocked me and my illustrious ideas, just because they were intimidated by my brilliant brain!”

“That mask is rightfully mine and I will use it to show all of those molded bookworms at the Academy what Dramak the Schemer is truly capable off!” “You are not him, Drosselschmutz, and you will never be. It is time you let go of this delusion of grandeur. Return to the University, with the mask, and maybe we can strike you a deal. The chancellor might be willing to pardon you for your… misguided actions.”

Dramak laughed: “By the time I’m done with him, he will be begging me to take his position! That is, if I don’t decide to sink that entire eyesore of a floating preschool beneath the Ogre’s waves!” By now the masked Grambo was floating slowly towards the wannabe villain, right over the sinkhole, out of reach of the Huppermages. Emma noticed this and in the blink of an eye lobbed a fireball and a ball of water at Drosselschmutz.

The two attacks hit their mark without fault, but just like on the Grambo they had little effect. “You silly schoolgirl! You should have learned by now that Dramak the Magnificent cannot be harmed by your mere magic tricks. I am the greatest mind of our times. Nothing can touch me!” He stretched out his arms to let out another villainous laughter when his barrier was suddenly breached by an arrow of light, hitting him right in the chest.

The attack knocked the wind out of Dramak, dropping him to his knees. Now Emma smirked: “And you should have remembered what you learnt at the Academy: the power of light is nothing like the other elements.” The unexpected breach of his barrier made Dramak lose control of the floating demon and before he could do anything about it, the Grambo plummeted stoically down the dark sinkhole, out of reach of both parties.

“No!” Emma swore as the mask and its wearer disappeared out of sight. “Miss Platina, take half the squad and head down there to retrieve it! We’ll deal with Drosselschmutz!” Dramak pushed away Gobvious, who was helping him up, and raised his hands once more, causing each of the lifeless puppets carried by the Goblins to spring to life: “You’re going nowhere, my dear! We’ve got you outnumbered”

In a blink of an eye, the puppets were pulled up to the ceiling by Dramak’s invisible strings and planted back down all around the room, effectively blocking every exit. The Huppermages weren’t taken aback by this move and immediately started the counter-attack. Soon the entire room was filled with men and women wrestling with wooden puppets and Goblins. Dramak the Second overlooked the scene for a few moments when he noticed Ned standing in one of the pipes.

“Ned,” the Masqueraider said to himself in his head, “this is not the place we want to be right now. Get out of here before you get involved.” “But the woman could help me collect my thoughts.” “Nonsense,” a third voice boomed in, “don’t just stand there. Head to the lower levels and collect me that mask!” “What the…” he stammered out loud, but before he could collect his thoughts, his body was already moving back into the sewers.

Back on the platform, Dramak turned towards the dressed-up Enutrof: “Minion, head down to the lower sewers as well. Should my puppet have second thoughts, make sure his doubts don’t get in the way of my mask’s return to me.” For a moment Gobvious seemed to ponder this vague command, but his body knew better and headed out in the same direction as Ned.

In the meantime, the Puppet Master had returned his attention towards the battle in front of him, especially Emma Cygnus, who had just overpowered one of his marionettes and decapitated it. “Ha ha ha, your efforts are futile, my little schoolgirl! My strings reach further and deeper into the World of Twelve than you can imagine. You’re all but small parts in my overarching plot. Soon the mask will be mine again and you’ll be at my fingertips.”

Emma blocked an incoming attack of one of the Goblins with a shield of light as she looked around the sinkhole to assess the situation. All Huppermages were still interlocked in combat, so whoever Drosselschmutz was sending, there was none of them that could intercept them. Unless… Before her assailants realized what was going on, Miss Cyngus darted toward the central hole and in one fluent motion, jumped over the railing, into the blackness of the lower sewers…

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posté April 01, 2016, 12:08:21 | #9
I said it before: Ankama has its best ideas when joking around... I still remember the 'child making' april fools' joke of many a year ago. That would have been so much fun

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posté February 26, 2016, 17:04:21 | #10
Ticket #1528091
Bug report : stuck in a mission
Launched 27/12/2015

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #945994  Replies : 782  Views : 43644
posté February 26, 2016, 17:00:31 | #11
Of course, a few hours after I purchased my ogrines... But hey, that's the roll of the dice and Ecaflip never was my friend.
What are those two emotes (totemization and anniversary super emote)? Haven't seen those before...

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posté February 17, 2016, 16:59:38 | #12

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 17 February 2016 13:01) *
You know what would be interesting for pets?
Class pets: just like there are emblems and haven bag kits for certain classes only, we could have each class have its own pet.

An example could be madoll doll as pet for Sadida - would be cute to make the doll follow sadida outside fight. It could give control bonus, but it would be weird if other classes could make animated doll follow them, hence why the idea to make it possible only for sadida class to use such pet. For enutrof it could be small drheller following them, for osamodas a gobgob, etc. Think about it, Ankama.


I'd love this idea! Xelors could have a Sinistro pet, Huppermages a little ball of light,...

Friendrakes and Bowmeows and such would be difficult as they already exist, of course...

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posté February 06, 2016, 08:08:49 | #13
I thought from now on boxes would be permanent in shop?

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posté January 19, 2016, 07:39:48 | #14
Source : Click here

So it seems... the Ecaflip brothers' role certainly has been growing these last years. When Kerubim first came out, I hardly heard about it. Now it's hard not to know these tomcats as they are just about everywhere in time and space

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posté January 16, 2016, 22:29:57 | #15
Has anyone seen the Dofus movie yet? What happened to Joris?  

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posté January 10, 2016, 15:01:07 | #16
On An esthetic note: I am quite disappointed the Huppermage costume differentiates between male and female. For the first time since long I was planning on making a female char, but I was hoping to give her that cool hood... Not a duplicate of the ears she already has... :-(

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posté January 09, 2016, 20:40:32 | #17

Quote (DanishVet @ 09 January 2016 19:47) *
I have bought it, but not active.
Same here

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posté January 06, 2016, 22:29:37 | #18
Will this pack contain booster time too, because mine is almost expired...

Thread : News  Preview message : #936148  Replies : 70  Views : 5300
posté January 06, 2016, 17:14:05 | #19
Can we have a sneak peak at this 'pack'? Will it contain booster time, because mine is running out and I don't want to renew it if I can get it in this pack, which I am interested in

Thread : News  Preview message : #936075  Replies : 70  Views : 5300
posté December 25, 2015, 00:29:47 | #20
Thank you for this wonderful gift on the final day! And a devious way to promote your movie too but I'm a very happy Joris wannabep

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