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posté September 18, 2016, 18:57:31 | #1

Quote (TheRogueCat @ 18 September 2016 17:09) *
I guess that it is just a "lazy" way to avoid bigger problems. Getting fishes should cause Stasis but, what happens when you fish an underwear? Too much of a worry to implement such a minor important thing. As there is no way to "regenerate nor plant" fishes, there would be no balance with fish Wakfu/Stasis either.

About the underwater adventuring, sounds interesting. Maybe requiring a SCUBA gear equipped in cloak slot? Planting seaweeds? Bringing Dantinea to an underwater dungeon?

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Next area to open in Moon, underwater, on the way? Now, how would that affect to fire attacks? And to player movement (not easy to move while underwater)?
I mean there is tehnically an underwater fight as part of the huppermage school questline and it doesn't affect spells at all, you just need to collect bubbles.
On the other hand elemental area bonuses sound really awesome, earth spells would be better in a forest and fire spells would be worse underwater (and better in brakmar?)

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posté September 15, 2016, 10:51:04 | #2

Quote (Captchphrase @ 13 September 2016 00:30) *
Someday we'll be able to see Zinit again? -____-
I wonder if it will still be about the stalagmotes, the shnecks and the prison?

Also will we ever get any quests where the player has any choice? I mean I heard of railroading, but in every single quest in wakfu, I've never seen anyone give me 2 options in a quest.

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posté September 15, 2016, 10:42:34 | #3
Well the damage usually picks up aroud level 10, but really you only get a good feel for the charqacter when you unlock all the spells at 25.

About the subscription, I suggest you get to level 40-50 first, because subscription just increases your XP and drops, so it doesn't matter much early game. Also you'll be able to try playing with others, before you are sure you want to spend money on it.

Well eniripsas are always welcome in teams, and the water branch is the strongest if you ask me, so good luck and have fun in this silly universe full of puns and people who are constantly whining about when the next update is coming.

And if you ant to try profesions, just go baker, it's the only usefull one.

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posté September 15, 2016, 10:35:18 | #4
Well I don't know about how rare, but Father whupper costume was a pain to obtain, so I'm guessing there isn't that much people who have it?

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posté September 06, 2016, 10:09:28 | #5
I suggest putting a point or two into barrier, but hohnestly just level untill you can oneshot the minions, it's what I did.

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posté August 30, 2016, 23:05:47 | #6
OOh, I'd love if they'd make an emote for each class, that you can only drop with that class.

Cra - Throws a target and shoots it out of the air / shoots an apple off a target.
Ecaflip - Throws cards into the air like confeti / pulls a tarrot card and shows it like the coinflip.
Eniripsa - Draws a glyph into the air with the painbrush / juggle potions
Enutrof - Digs with a shovel to find a coin, puts it into a pocket / plays fetch with a dhreller
Feca - Old fecastopheles under you, period.
Iop - Flails your weapon around / stabs the earth with a sword
Osamodas - Plays with a gobgob / turns into a dragon and hovers
Pandawa - Chugs a barrel / the kanojedo stances
Sacrier - Stabs himself into the hand (old osamoda spell) / summons a tatoo out of his hand and it dances a bit
Sadida - Takes a nap / sits down and a doll runs around him / turns into a tree
Sram - Turns into a shadow than pops out again / turns invisible for a moment, than farts (like the old perception fail)
Xelor - Moves hands around like a clock / summons two hydrants and spins one like a turntable
Rogue - Plays with a bomb and it explodes / juggles a boomerang dagger
Masquerader - Puts on a mask than swaps it with another / blows bubbles with the coward mask
Foggernaut - Figureskates on a rail / ???
Eliotrope - there's already the goball one / opens two portals and uses his hand to pull himself trough the other one
Huppermage - Praise the sun / wait I think they have one already anyway

PS: Also the fight entrance emote, we never see our own entrances

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posté August 26, 2016, 09:24:04 | #7
I always loved Astrub, both for chatting with players, messing around, looking for secrets and emotes and the bow meow-centered atmosphere (even though that guy has been repairing the same roof for a year).
So I'm glad that there will be new stuff to do and explore.

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posté August 26, 2016, 09:16:00 | #8

Quote (Flatops @ 25 August 2016 16:00) *
Because a new, terrifying enemy awaits you: Sham Moon, the new Ultimate Boss! And if he seems a bit of a chatterbox, don't forget that he expresses himself most openly with blows from a hammer!
Kled: I can only express myself trough violence!

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posté August 16, 2016, 23:20:36 | #9
You know what I think would be really nice in wakfu?


I'm serious I've yet to see a single quest where you get to make a single decision yourself.

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posté August 16, 2016, 23:11:15 | #10

Quote (EarthMinion @ 16 August 2016 22:17) *
Absolutely. I have so many good memories. Throwback to rerolling earth ecaflips for days to try and get the skill set you wanted
OMG i totaly forgot about that, also remember the rabies that discounted the whole air tree? Or spells that caused CF on oponents? Or the ecaflip's paw combo in tarot? And the eca bite spell looked so cool.
I missed the old crazy effects, nowdays they are a bit bland.

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posté August 15, 2016, 23:07:44 | #11
Steam achieveents I know they have been broken for "a while", but did anyone say if they are planing to fix it?

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posté August 10, 2016, 20:10:02 | #12
Probably hydrust

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posté August 05, 2016, 21:08:11 | #13

Quote (Gelgy @ 05 August 2016 08:51) *
I'm an oddball: I hope they're debuffers.

I mean, Ouginaks in dofus lore are both symbols of bad luck, and warriors, right? So making Ouginaks tanking capable characters that debuff enemies seems like the best track to me.

If there's anything the Huppermage rollout showed it's that the game already has plenty of primary damage dealers, and however cool the mechanics are, new damage dealers are going to get a pretty lukewarm reception at higher levels since we already have cra, rogues, iops and... etc etc.

I mean, I agree, it'd be nice if the dev team was allowed to focus more on the necessary system fixes & content updates. But at least Ouginaks are a class we've known was missing and have kinda wanted for a while now. I just hope they aren't Yet Another Damage Dealer class in a game aching for more utility toons.
I'd like that, but critical failures on ecafips were apparently among the "too fun to be balanced" mechanics, so they removed them from all spells.
Along with rebirth mark, ecaflip's paw, xelor's clones, osamodas's gobgob, etc.
So I don't think any major debuffs will be the core mechanic of ouguinacs.

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posté August 04, 2016, 10:56:30 | #14
A Xelor with so many different mechanics sounds it would have many good builds, but it doesn't really.

There's the water tree that allows you to give allies AP (or remove from enemies, but noone really does that), or combining it wit hand from fire three for that temporal freezing mechanic (which is really unwieldy on levels under 100, since exactly 2 spells generate it and it disapears on the end of your turn))

There's a fire tree that combined with aging deals massive damage (unlike water aging which is a joke), but that's it.

And then there's an alternative hydrust build, where you summon 3-5 hydrants for hydrantcharges and just spam temporal dust on the enemy team.

There's lots more theoretical builds (like sinistros (who don't even trigger aging), xelor's punishment, the old timekeeper nuke or maybe even clocking off into line of fire for knockback damage, etc.), but they are either way to weak, or don't combo well with anything or don't have good passives, so noone uses them.

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posté July 29, 2016, 20:57:12 | #15

Quote (An0nn @ 29 July 2016 01:17) *
I just got the emotes I need and wanted to try for the costumes right away but I'm still a pretty low level, as I just recently started playing. I know I can beat the lvl30 guy but am not so sure about the lvl60. So my question is: If I start the battle and lose will I be able to try again? Or can each enemy only be summoned by a character one time?
You can have a high level player start the figt and join him, you will both gt the costume

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posté July 24, 2016, 20:36:28 | #16
Whisper bug Occasionally if you whisper a lot (by typing -- before your text) all text said by other players will start to shrink to the point of illegibility, happened twice to me, relogging fixed it.

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posté July 22, 2016, 19:34:38 | #17
MAybe the owner got angry and kicked everyone except you, or maybe they abused a glitch and got banned, or maybe someone told the of a good active guild and they all moved while you were offline.

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posté July 22, 2016, 19:30:50 | #18
I saw that, due to being attacked by capt' on the same plant 3 times.

Though it droped down to 20% the actuall success rate didn't seem to be affected, just the number on the cursor went down.

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posté July 22, 2016, 19:28:50 | #19

Quote (Flatops @ 22 July 2016 08:58) *

Here's my female Fogger.
Is that hair made of stasis or just serependitiously has the same colour?

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posté July 22, 2016, 08:18:11 | #20

Quote (Crimson-Cowboy @ 22 July 2016 05:22) *
doesnt that have a 10 ap limit though or something
Well i did say 10 ap
For 11 you'll need an AP weapon(goultard), cloak(elite riktus, lvl 75) and amulet(any)
For 12 you'll probably need a relic or at least an epic.

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