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St. Ballotwine's Day
St. Ballotwine's Day supposedly came about when Otomai created a special box of chocolates for a...

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Fire Sacrier Abil/Specials, Need help in building sacrier
posté February 20, 2014, 01:43:41 | #1
Fire Sacrier Abil/Specials Hello guys. I just started to play again and i am a fire sac lvl 47 actually... and i'm not sure about my points in abilities and special abilities. I know i need a lot HP and maybe trying to use angrrr... Can someone tell me where can i put all my abilities points till this lvl and also in special abilites. Btw, what should i MAX, next, on special abilites + where to put next points on Abilities...

I wait your answers, thank you.