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12 AP Fire Sacrier options.
posté March 24, 2014, 13:41:15 | #1
12 AP Fire Sacrier options. Welp, I was so sure of myself before I actually got 12 AP, and now that I'm on my way to it I'm feeling iffy.

Basically, Fire spells have always been something I could argue about for days. The short version is, I think Blood Rush is really shitty damage. Since we're speaking on a 12 AP basis, Burning Blood becomes an option, since you can use it twice.

Burning Blood (level 145): 93 Damage + 60 scalding (60 damage at the start of the target's turn) in a cross AoE. On a crit, it's 137 base with 90 scalding.

2 Burning Bloods total 306 damage, in a cross AoE, if you count the effect.

Blood Rush (level 145): 72 damage. On a crit, 103 damage.

4 Blood Rushes total 288 damage, on one target.

Upsides to Burning Blood:
-Better Single target damage
-Scalding stacks with other classes
-You get that cool flaming effect on you
-Probably more interesting than Blood Rush

Downsides to BB:
-dem allies
-dat transpo
-dat cost (lose 1 AP lose half your base damage)
-Not hybrid friendly
-Possibility of you not being next to the target at the start of their turn (losing 120-180 base)

Upsides to Blood Rush:
-Doesn't hit allies
-Works well with Transposition
-More opportunities to crit
-Cheaper, easier to finish a weak enemy

opinions are all welcome. I'm probably going to try Burning Blood for a month or something regardless.

posté March 24, 2014, 16:16:31 | #2
I've always wondered but I suspect the downsides will be pretty hampering, though it depends on group comp. If you're a dps/support (in that you're transpoing and potentially putting sacrifice on more squishy teammates, like an eni or enu), the scalding effect might happen only rarely, in which case it isn't worth it.

But if you're more the central DPS group member and you might even have people helping you get 2-3 people adjacent (even if it's just not getting in the way of attraction), it could be amazing. I think it's just a matter of who you run with that will make the difference there. And of course while soloing, it will be dope as you have most monsters running right up to you to get aoe'd.

Ecstatic Whisperer * Member Since 2012-02-20
posté March 24, 2014, 19:29:48 | #3
Sounds like you already know burning blood isnt worth it. You get 18 more base damage yeah, but you lose all flexibility for your turn. Not to mention many enemies like pushing you now its pretty lame that its an after affect. You also dont know if its actually going to kill them as well which can get messy. ALSO if you want to BTF + Punish you are only getting one burning blood in which will give you only 9 extra base. HINT: YOU STILL WANT TO PUNISH.

And finally the real kicker is that its the shittiest AOE shape in the game!

posté March 25, 2014, 00:03:51 | #4
Fury, Punish, BR, BR always seemed best to me. You can also Punish, BR and CoB with 12AP or trans, attract, Fury, Punish, BR for a semi cheap backhit. 12AP is awesome if you can keep your dmg up.

BB can be ok in PvE but just not really worth it at this point. The bonus dmg should proc at the end of our turn instead of beginning of target's turn. That'd mess up stacking scalding with multiple players but as is it'd still be an improvement. The AoE needs to at least have corners filled in or something. It really sucks.

posté March 26, 2014, 06:52:03 | #5
I'd agree if not for the fact that Sacriers have something that makes the AoE formidible.


right now I've just respecced to hybrid with 10/7. When I get GM Eps and Woboots I'll go for 12 AP and let you know what I think of blood rush and burning blood. I think that as it is it's worth at least trying out.

posté March 26, 2014, 22:30:38 | #6
I'm glad someone else besides me likes BB

Though I only experienced 12/6 with a xelor, just to be able to attract 3x and BB 2x is incredible.

Featherless Piwi * Member Since 2014-03-15
posté April 06, 2014, 21:29:21 | #7
What kind of item did you guys get 12ap? Did you guys pump 2 ap?

Ecstatic Whisperer * Member Since 2012-02-20
posté April 07, 2014, 13:57:29 | #8

Quote (AfroSlayer @ 06 April 2014 21:29) *
What kind of item did you guys get 12ap? Did you guys pump 2 ap?
I have the relic belt and the woboots.

posté April 09, 2014, 14:14:23 | #9

Quote (IYesWayI @ 07 April 2014 13:57) *

Quote (AfroSlayer @ 06 April 2014 21:29) *
What kind of item did you guys get 12ap? Did you guys pump 2 ap?
I have the relic belt and the woboots.
I've got borrowed Woboots, working on my own pair and some Genetically Modified Epaulettes. 10-11 AP right now, I'll stick with the 11 when I get some runes into the boots. I have 1 AP statted, and I think Yesway does too.

Edit a day later - And I have a Gelano now, so I'm 12/7 woo.

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