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Fire-Earth Panda
posté August 07, 2013, 14:29:11 | #1
Fire-Earth Panda They are great. That is all.

Grizzled Dandelion * Member Since 2012-02-18
posté August 07, 2013, 14:51:04 | #2
They see me trollin,

posté August 07, 2013, 15:12:43 | #3
I was really hoping this was a discussion about Panda's in some meaningful way. I've been wrestling with a way to make a Fire/Earth hybrid but that bloody barrel needing to be carried just makes it a nightmare.

Lazy Bow Meow * Member Since 2013-04-21
posté August 07, 2013, 22:14:57 | #4
Well, let's start the discussion, then.

I have tinkered a bit with Fire/Earth, but the main idea I always used was to Dairy Springer behind them, drop barrel, pick it up, and start Pandawhacking / Barrel Bashing / w/e. Generally, Dairy Springer into a cluster of enemies and then using Barrel Bash is a good way to start winning, but you need some okay resists.

Most of my combinations usually involve Dairy Springer for Backstab or getting into a group of enemies. Sadly, having to pay 3 AP just to hold a new barrel at max levels of Barrel and Karchamrak is really limiting.

Really hoping that the rework allows Pandas greater flexibility in putting the barrel in their hands and out of their hands when needed. Either that, or some way to just circumvent the entire barrel-carrying earth branch thing... I'd like to keep the Barrel, though. Always felt it was a worthwhile mechanic- just needs more flexibility for combos other than hopping everywhere.

posté August 28, 2013, 05:46:41 | #5
On my fire/earth panda I lvled

Explosive flask+flaming burp

and i leveled blitz + bash barrel for earth spells.

Basically im able to adjust which spell I use depending on the resistance of the target and I have the access to the insane CC range earth element has as well as the somewhat decent mid-long range damage fire has.

Oh and not to mention a dope aoe.

posté August 28, 2013, 16:00:39 | #6
I took a slight different route. Im not looking to combo earth and fire spells too much because the barrel gets in the way, but i use the different trees on different mobs. Fire is the weaker of the two trees in my set up. I am using a 10/5 build but 10/6 is easy with all the new gear

I just use this to take on mobs that are weak to fire or strong to earth
I start every turn (besides first) carrying the barrel then i Throw/Springer x2/ pick up. I loose some base damage here with using the 2 ap for pickup/throw but it helps build merry with no WP cost to get to 11ap were i can add in LMF then 12 when i can Springer x3 and keep building merry with barrel hop.

I also always carry the barrel at the end of the turn because then i can for from doing fire one turn to earth the other without loosing ap in my combo.

A lot more straight forward Bliss/Bash my heart out unless i need resists then i sacrifice dmg to pandawack.

I havent really thought the combos through other than one I've started to like a lot, throw barrel 1 space behind enemy springer for backstab then pick up barrel and bliss for oodles of dmg.

Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2012-01-26
posté August 30, 2013, 17:55:22 | #7
Sounds very good and has some synergy, but I still beat you with my pure build

- Stylia

posté September 01, 2013, 23:41:33 | #8
Oh no doubt i just like being able to attack in two elements