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posté May 21, 2015, 15:30:02 | #1
That's great, I hope the passives of the classes that haven't got a rework get revised as well, such as sacriers, enutrofs, ecaflips, etc.

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posté March 14, 2015, 11:34:49 | #2
I simply can't understand why they imposed a limitation of 3 per turn on EVERY 3ap spell.
I could understand if it was something broken with huge damage and mp costs, but basic single target spells with nothing to add are being limited, that completely screws you based on the way spell damage works.

It would be perfect if you could choose a single target + an aoe spell from each branch, but your single target spells are limited.
"But hey, you can still finish your combo by using 3ap spell from other branches, ofc the enemy has resistance for that element, but who cares? Akama logic".

Not to mention some terrible status that some spells offer you, blinding arrow offers bonus for single target damage instead of flamboyant, while air and earth spells offer bonuses compatible to the damage they deal, I can't believe that was intended for the sake of "synergy", it seems the person in charge of the revamp simply threw a dice to check which spells would get each buff.

Also, why can't they merge all the buffs into a single one, that would adjust to the type of damage you would be dealing (aoe for fire, single target for wind, -crit res for earth)??
That would simplify everything and offer REAL synergy among all branches.

I have a Cra and an Iop at high level, Iop revamp really satisfied the class needs, but Cra still seems lackluster compared to other revamped classes.

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posté October 25, 2014, 03:13:06 | #3

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 25 October 2014 03:01) *
There's also a x2 multiplier if you are leveling your second highest character that's only active if you're subbed (and a x3 multiplier if it's not your top two highest chars).
Ohhh.. I didn't really think about it.

There is indeed the double exp bonus for same account level difference, but I didn't think they would put that on the premium tab.

That really answers it.

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posté October 25, 2014, 01:57:55 | #4
Is the penalty for f2p players still 30%?? So, I was testing todays and it seems the bonus exp I would be getting from premium is a lot higher than the 30% announced.
Have they further decreased the exp the f2p players get to 50%? Here's an example, in this fight it shows the exp I would get from being premium from more than double of the original. Even without challenge wisdom bonus the difference is the same.

Can someone clarify this?


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posté March 20, 2014, 22:02:53 | #5

Quote (Pimento2 @ 20 March 2014 05:28) *
The short answer is that statting critical hits is generally better than statting chance if you're looking to improve your average heals. The decision isn't a function of anything besides your current water damage + heals and critical hit rate because you don't have to deal with target resistance, backstab, etc. Here's a easy way to think about it: Say you have 150 stat points to spend, you have 600% in total water damage plus heals, your critical hit rate is 30%, and your healing spell heals for a base of 50. The spell will heal for an average per cast of 0.7*50*7 + 0.3*50*1.5*7 = 402.5. If you spend all your points into crits, resulting in 10% more crit, the spell will heal on average 0.7*50*7 + 0.3*50*1.5*7 = 420. If you spend all your points into chance, resulting in 25% more water damage/heals, the spell will heal on average 0.7*50*7.25 + 0.3*50*1.5*7.25 = 416.88.
Loved the math you did there.

But, is that a valid comparison? Since +water damage is fixed, while +crits is still a probability.

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posté March 16, 2014, 20:32:03 | #6

Quote (JerryDB @ 16 March 2014 12:39) *
As my friend loves to tell me at 400% damage/heals stats into crit is then optimal to go for.

Thats what the dev's said so its up to you.

These builds are about crits.

Here my cheap build with crits at level 145. It has a few stat points left which I may put into kit skill.

Here is a slighty higher level build with the kit skill ammy.

Below are some rough ideas on improvements, I have assumed the update on the 18th of March has already taken place. I do not understand enough about the new shsh/tormented equipment to add them in.

Helmet upgrades Tormented Helmet/Wa Wabbit Cwown

Cape if we are going for crits then no better than nerco , as genetically modified trades 2 crits for 10% water/heals.

Necklace I went Amuleto for the kit skill which loves some water damage and resistance.

Belt necro nothing better.

Epaulettes genetically modified (level 153)

Weapons I am sure there are tons of combo, but as an eni I like my plus range so the only thing I may switch to is Scepter of Wage
Thanks for the input, we seem to share the same line of thought.
What are you reseting to on the next reset, full crit?

On a curious side note, the item build you posted is the exact same one I use on my eni, the difference being one of the rings, since I wear Gauntlet instead of 2 Necro Rings.

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posté March 16, 2014, 08:13:46 | #7

Quote (ThyHolyOverlord @ 16 March 2014 06:37) *
Crit dmg doesn't work so i believe healers are better off with raw dmg. I rather have good hits on average with a great hit when i crit. But then again, i crit way more than the 13% crit that is shown on my statpage.

the thing you mentioned is prob a bug that will get fixed later, they are pretty fast when eni can do more than intended
Sorry, I think you misunderstood something, I never mentioned crit damage.

The main question here is are the benefits of spending points in stating Critical versus stating Chance.

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posté March 16, 2014, 01:52:37 | #8
Chance or Critical Hits for Healing Water Eni? Hey guys, this is something that's been bothering me a lot.

I know for a fact that +raw damage is a must for any damage dealer in the game, and raw damage is way better than crit chance if you have to choose one, but how about eni healings?

I've read some info on french forums, about a dev saying that crit chance surpasses raw damage if the target has 0% resists, which is the case with enis, since they always heal at the full power of their healing on their allies (not counting natural heal resist over time, since it applies to the whole heal).

So there's the dillema, +water damage for enis doesn't seem to pay off as much as with damage dealers, since their targets (allies) already have 0% resists for their spells, on the other hand, critical heals make a lot of difference, I have seen battles been won because the healer got a fortunate critical and made a near death ally go full health again in a crucial moment.

On the Saharash patch, enis will have a free respec and I'm wondering which path should I go, I'm more inclined to go crit over chance, but I would love to see some arguments and brainstorming about the subject, feel free to leave your opinion here, since this could help many other players.

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posté January 09, 2014, 16:30:34 | #9
Hey, my name is Olbohn.
Well, I'm here trying to get a simple explanation, nothing more.

These days I joined the guild, I got in touch with Nokorin and got invited, spent some time in the guild then had to log off, when I returned back online I was removed from guild, tried to get some explanation but didn't have a single word.

So it would be very nice if someone could tell me I was expelled so suddenly, and why the silent treatment.

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posté January 05, 2014, 08:12:27 | #10
Le Bumb.

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posté December 26, 2013, 04:04:18 | #11
Bumping for attention.

We need an answer on this.

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posté December 22, 2013, 07:56:27 | #12
I can confirm this bug.

Got +range gear for Skale and Krobax, and both can't cast spells at the shown full range, I need to get closer to use it on original range.

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posté December 13, 2013, 11:42:13 | #13

Quote (Starbux @ 13 December 2013 10:13) *
It's too bad that they keep trying to prolong game play and fights with artificial mechanics. I really want to enjoy Wakfu like I use to but the last two months of my sub consisted of me logging on killing some groups of Lenalds and realizing an hour has gone by followed by me wondering what I am doing with my life and logging off.

The new dungeons are okay but the mechanics of the enemies to add "pseudo-difficulty" are just really time consuming making it seem like I just wasted my time if nothing is dropped.

Change to solo xp gain was a bad move and forces players with limited time to either group for a couple fights with others (if they can find a group) or buy multiman which is cool but should be an option rather than a requirement for non-crippling xp gain during solo play.

I guess I would be happy and all about Wakfu if I had 4+ hours to play a day though.
Are you sure you are playing the right game?

MMO's in general require a massive investment in grind at the latest levels, either be about equipment or about levels. I see people getting frustrated about not being able to do the very high end stuff, but they are meant to take effort, otherwise it would be just like wakfu was 12~18 months ago, where everyone got level 100, finished all the stuff, then there was nothing else to do and they would leave game after getting tired of pvp.

For people with limited time, I don't think the end content of Wakfu is the option, there are some other "casual" options, like mobas (League of Legends, Dota), as well as single player games (both console and pc versions of it).

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posté November 15, 2013, 12:07:58 | #14

Quote (Sabi @ 14 November 2013 04:20) *
Thank you for your feedback, it is being shared with the team.

As this is more of a class change suggestion than a bug itself I will move it to the Osamoda Class forum.
I think there's some misunderstanding here, this is not a class suggestion, it is a bug with the spell Weakening Command.

I'm sorry if my initial post isn't clear enough, since english is not my native language, but it is intended to show that the spell is bugged, since it is applying the debuff to the gobgob itself (as I believe, that wasn't meant to be in the original concept).

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posté November 13, 2013, 15:56:41 | #15
Bumping for solution.

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posté December 29, 2012, 23:59:13 | #16
WTB Ivory Epaulettes Buying Ivory Epaulettes.
PM: Vouivre, Olbohn or Pokiehl

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posté September 07, 2012, 13:53:17 | #17
Is Powerful Shooting still bugged? Topic.

Is it still bugged or they have fixed it already?

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