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posté August 17, 2014, 20:47:55 | #1
Excellent, fast service with fair prices.

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posté July 23, 2014, 15:00:18 | #2
*was too slow*

Generally speaking, water spells will have a chance to deduct AP on Tock turns (combined with Aging, successful AP deduction means more damage dealt), while on Tick turns, they have a chance of buffing AP if cast on allies.

The fire branch also has unique effects during each of the states; on Tick, they will deduct Init. (deals more damage combined with Aging). On Tock turns, their AoE gets modified a little (ie. Hand will rebound, while the other spells will receive a larger AoE).
This doesn't apply to all water/fire spells though, but you can check the description for that.

To get the extra damage from Aging - you'll first have to cast Aging on the target, followed by either water or fire spells. Depending on whether you're under the influence of Tick or Tock.
So to get more damage from the fire spells - on a Tick turn you'd first target something with Aging, followed by ie. Hand.
If you cast Aging on a Tock turn though, then Desynchronization to become under the influence of Tick, your fire spells won't be dealing additional damage.

Aging also has other uses when combined with other spells from the air branch, ie. casting Underhand on ally/enemy, followed by Aging, will push/pull the target.
Temporal Distortion works similarly (unless I'm mistaken, can't really try it right now), it will trigger the effect right after casting Aging, instead of on the following turn.

Hope I didn't miss something, severely distracted, but happy to help with more.

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posté July 16, 2014, 22:35:50 | #3
. .

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posté June 01, 2014, 20:49:57 | #4
*mixing up the first and previous post a bit*
The trio you suggested seems like a nice choice;
An earth Sac (tank) is currently one of the more useful characters in (endgame) dungeons and more of a requirement in some of them. Their damage may be low if you go purely for a tank, but they're definitely a fine addition to teams nonetheless.

As for the healer, Eni is definitely a nice choice, with some hybridization they'll deal nice damage as well. Personally I prefer fire/air in endgame as it can still keep up with heals without spending every single AP, while still dealing damage (though some dungeons will obviously require a second Eniripsa, but that's the case for pure water ones too). Fire/water is starting to become more popular as well, now that there's a larger selection of fire/water gear.
The water branch has very nice heals (and okay damage with Unnatural Remedies);
the fire branch has great damage with addition effects (marks), and with Unnatural Remedies, the fire branch has some nice heals as well, though they're all single-target (Massacuring Mark can however make it slightly more AoE, in a way).
Finally, the air branch is more of a damage'y branch with additional effects triggered by using Unnatural Remedies.
I can't sadly say more about alternative healers as the only healers I've played with, have pretty much always been Enis.

For the DD, since you don't want a purely melee character, Rogues (contributes with very little other than damage) and Xelors (can AP buff, revive and comes with decent map control) can be worth considering. Other fairly popular ones are osas, enus and even cras.
They all have their pros and cons and some may be more useful in groups than others.

For stat points, you'll generally want to go with 1 AP, 1 MP (most will aim for 10/5, 10/6 at early 100s), and for some classes, an extra range is also a very nice choice. After that it's more class dependant, some may benefit from stats like Initiative (Rogues), dodge (Masqs) due to their passives, others from lock/block (tanks), or simply just elemental stats (Cha., Agi. etc.) for additional damage and resistance.

Lastly, since you're wondering about hybrids, the gear you'll want to use should offer damages to both the elements you want to use (or just general damage), making both the elements you use pretty much equally as strong (stat-wise).
Due to the lack of hybrid gear early on, however, it generally won't be worth it until later on (maybe around lv.100ish?).

/wall of text
Off-topic, are you perhaps an old Rosalian? Say, from HK? The name seems familiar.

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posté June 01, 2014, 13:39:06 | #5
...anddd more items were returned here as well. At least the majority of it (only items like bread weren't returned, which I even stated in the ticket I didn't really care for).

I did lose another pet again though (because I had a new one equipped? The pet previously equipped had been moved to my inventory, and the pet slot had been cleared) but I'm thankful most of the items were returned anyhow. The pet wasn't of use any longer anyway.

Thanks Ankama~

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posté May 06, 2014, 11:24:26 | #6
Guesssss I should add this here as well~ #1069849

Vamprada filled with consumables (all 'dem pp candies)/pets/untradeables completely wiped. Or I did get to keep an Arachnomecha (yay?!).

Quote (RoboTrigger @ 06 May 2014 07:45) *
Also this is the 2nd time I've lost Hcitb the tofu!
Sounds like they're bearing a grudge against poor ol' Hcitb. D:

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posté May 05, 2014, 21:06:30 | #7
I, too, lost a bunch of pets (even equipped pet ._.)/consumables/untradeables after trying to fill the HP with bread. Pretty much a whole Vamprada was cleaned. (luckily not as severe as the HB wipe)
Thought it was just some display glitch that a relog would fix but apparently not.

...and here I thought I was going to bother logging more again. D:

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posté April 14, 2014, 12:27:39 | #8
Might as well join in~

All but chef and miner are 100. Those two are too low to even be listed. x_X

Enilicious or Fuscus - Remington.

Also, nice idea~

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