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posté Yesterday - 20:17:03 | #1
Ya definitely may re-think this... My rogue has 67% res and one mob took away 3/4 of its hp. I don't think the elio will have a chance now. Back to the drawing board.

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posté Yesterday - 16:06:02 | #2
Rogues shine at higher lvls once you have the ap for appropriate combos. At 10 ap you'll be able to use a double piercing/pulsar and at 12 ap (eventually) you probably will never go back. So long story short - you won't regret it.

I have both a lvl 160 masq and rogue both around 1200 dam in their elements: Masq (water/air) and rogue (earth/air). Overall - I prefer the rogue for any endgame fights.

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posté Yesterday - 15:38:50 | #3
Its a 30% final heal debuff. Basically all heals directed to target is reduced by 30.

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posté Yesterday - 15:27:03 | #4

Quote (Duzy-Sadysta @ 19 December 2014 13:25) *
When i see so said community who think is responsibility for "Everyone" this looks like political who think can care about everything.

And Wakfu is f2p, on international community server - so we are on same cart. And just dont get why fight for changes that will never come. Due noone of you have any physical option to get things changed.

Just an empty ideas. And seems you will never learn about ankama policy, nor use to it by any meaning.

But again, its you who pick way how resolve this issue. Issue with yourself and your approach to game we play now.
We are discussing ideas for respecs -whether you think its pointless or not is irrelevant. Please either provide your idea over this matter or leave.Thank you for your time.

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posté Yesterday - 15:22:28 | #5
I wonder if this is intentional so that non-subbers can't fight xelorium mobs nor do resources from xelorium.

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posté Yesterday - 14:57:51 | #6

Quote (rmw1 @ 19 December 2014 11:49) *

Quote (Homq @ 11 October 2014 13:50) *
Probably because you use multiple accounts instead of interacting and playing with other players. Least that's how I feel. But it's a matter of taste I guess. Good luck to you!

Problem with this game is that the majority of the other players are sitting at level cap, or rushing alts to 160.

9 times out of 10 the other players DO NOT want to help other players out. If you do find a person willing to allow you to level with their alt they will quickly out level you at 3x exp. This means they move to a new area you probably can't go to yet.

Him running multiple accounts isn't sad, the way the vets play is.
What do you propose lvl 160 characters do with brand new players in the game?
Player lvl them instantly to fun content?
Suffer through content they've been through 10,000 times so player experiences the whole game?
Ignore all 160 content to satisfy players wants for content that is worthless to them time-wise?

I don't see how the way vets play is sad at all. Also - 9/10 players do want to help other players out. You see this outside of dungeons all the time - huge vast amounts of players asking to join parties and doing runs (just go to Ambassador Wing). Thing is - the game doesn't really start till lvl 100.

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posté Yesterday - 01:59:18 | #7

Quote (Gelgy @ 18 December 2014 22:36) *
Just consolidating some of the ideas that are in the thread but not necessarily in the OP:
  • It would be nice to have a way to change a pets-mount's specialty (Distance to Precision, for example). Ideally this should be packaged with class changes.
  • There should be a way to reallocate spell experience without requiring a full character respec.
  • There is strong support for more level-based respecs (there is disagreement about the intervals).
  • Remali suggested a system for partial respecs wherein players would earn points with every level.
  • General agreement that Restate of Farmergency should be replaced with something more interesting.
There's also a sentiment that every change should grant a respec to effected classes.

Personally, I think if we could just change our spell levels more easily, it would resolve a lot of unrest regarding respecs for balance changes.
I was going to update it tonight. Christmas parties are very distracting. Thanks for the consolidation!!

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posté Yesterday - 00:42:18 | #8

Quote (kurokat @ 19 December 2014 00:09) *
Ah, always forget about the wondrousness that is Block. With stating that I would also take a shield with high block/res/HP as well. That should alleviate a lot of the, as you say, fluffy part of the class. It's not terribly less damage as well for a whole lot more tankyness as well as more lock.

Such as a Wo Shield at level 150 for:
+198 HP
+40 Lock
+8 Block
+30% Resist (all elements)

Or at a lower level, a Khiel's Aegis at level 100 (relatively cheap to get one):
+120 HP
+20 Lock
+5 Block
+20% Resist (all elements)

With the Rage passive and keeping yourself below the 50% max HP threshold, you can still do a 12ap build without the help of an exotic AP on a relic. This would allow for an Asse Shield relic at level 145:
+1 Range
+371 HP
+15 Initiative
+19 Block
+50% Resist. (all elements)
+15% Resist. (CH)
+15% Resist. to attacks from behind

A great tanking shield no doubt, though you'd be wasting a stat point on it as Elio's don't benefit from +Range. Upside is that the aura is Bubbles and who can argue with that? Other than the wasted +Range, it also does not have any +lock, but the Res, Ini, HP and Block are all amazing. And again, Bubbles.

- Kat
Second-handwise I'm going to try to get both Dimensional Shield and Breath of Life (dagger) depending on situations. My main hand will be Glaivus. I just have an overall feeling that it will not work as well as I hope.


+250 HP +30 Lock +10 Block +30 Resist.

Breath of Life

+70 HP +30 Lock +30 Dodge +3% Critical Hits +65% damage for 3 random elements +30% Critical Hit Damage

+1 AP +105 HP +50 Lock +3% Critical Hits +70% damage for 3 random elements +30% Close Combat Damage +14 Resist.

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posté December 18, 2014, 22:19:52 | #9
My end-game build:

Ardent Aegis
Deafening Target

Torrential Flux
Ethereal Blast

- 30% HP / 10 Res
- 10/10/10/10
- Full Lock
- 20 Block / 19 Berserk
- 1 ap / 1 mp / 10% final Res / 10% final dam (175)

As you can see - my goal is delayed damage/close combat-esque fighting. I'm just worried that the class will not hold up at all in higher end content due to how strong the enemies are and how fluffy the class is/can be.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811535  Replies : 22  Views : 830
posté December 18, 2014, 22:14:32 | #10

Quote (Niddhoggy @ 18 December 2014 22:06) *
  1. Remove all beacons
  2. Change Unbeacon into Beacon, this skill summons a beacon that reacts to elemental attacks cast by the Cra. Fire: -0.6 HP per AP used to activate per level of the Cra, same area of effect as now. Earth: -0.5 HP per AP used to activate per level of the Cra, -1 MP loss in the area of efect. Air: 0.4 HP per AP used to activate per level of the Cra, same effects as now. Water: -0.5 HP per AP used to activate per level of the Cra, -1 AP loss in the area of effect**.
  3. Fire Beacon becomes Oil Arrow: applies Oil state that makes the enemy explode upon receiving fire damage in a circle area of effect. The spell does not do damage, it just applies the state. The explosion is fire based.
  4. Earth Beacon becomes Foot Binder: applies Stabilized to target and deals earth damage, has a cooldown of 2 or 3 turns.
  5. Air Beacon becomes Whirlwind Arrow: applies Whirlwind to a target, makes the target move 1 square away from the Cra per level of whirlwind at the end of it's turn (max level of 3).

  1. Lashing Arrow now removes 1 MP 2x (50% +0.25% per level), adjustments to damage must be done. (The spell costs 2 MP and 1 AP and removes 2 MP).
  2. Riddling Arrow now removes Hyperaction.
  3. Long Distance Combat changes into Mystical Archery: costs 0 AP, 1 WP at level 9. Transforms ever Earth spell into Water and change their effects. +100% Water Damage Bonus at level 9. Lashing Arrow becomes Frozen Arrow (water damage AP loss - Example). Destructive Arrow becomes Atonement Arrow (high water based shot that can be cast in close range). Riddling Arrow becomes Slow Down Arrow (removes Hypermovement). Piercing Arrow becomes Enchanted Arrow (the arrow sticks to the ground and creates a healing aura - must be cast on empty square). Foot Binder becomes Absorptive Arrow that greatly steals HP).
  4. There must be a passive mastery that converts a % of the earth mastery into water mastery.

These are some random ideas that could be used to make cras better xD
Kinda like the gob gob.. I like it.

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posté December 18, 2014, 22:11:49 | #11

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 18 December 2014 21:38) *
Imo berserk is a risky type of figher who want to get stronger without bothering to suffer to do so. That being said lack of resist/hp bonus seems ok and the earth spells are used in similar way to sacrier's fire spells - to lower your hp (but instead of self dmg you rely on dmg done to you only). The sacrier however is more of a tank, while elio only need someone locked or in close combat to suffer, for the sake to get hp below 50%. After that you can use clash or heal up with hiding - its up to you.

The hp bonus passive could even be not welcome for me, as it would always recover my hp when i start fight, while i may want to keep it low and kite enemies while having less then half hp all the time. The resist bonus could make eliotrope not bother much aboud Exalted final resist loss (or loss of resist from teleportation). If you want to play on low hp and still tank the dmg, then you should use Feca or other made-to tank classes. Lock is not only for tanking - if you have high lock and use cataclysm then your enemies will either suffer the doubled dmg or will have to loose AP/MP to dodge away. In same time if you use cataclysm you may force (in pvp) players to move away from you, wich can help you to move to portal and kite them.

Again its a berserk class and berserks from my experience in other games are not sturdy.
It is indeed a berserk classed I recognize this. The tank isn't quite the right word I want... Hopefully I can explain it.

Earth Elio's seem to have been made for a Massive damage - CC locking role.

CC steal mp
CC + lock
Delayed Damage Cataclysm
-120% res to enemies when adjacent for multiple turns
+WP when attacked

However they are a bit too fluffy to take on this role seriously. My rogue has 67% final res and is easily one shotted at high end content if hp is below half. Hiding seems to be helpful for sustainability... But even that has its faults in that you lose res if you want heals.

Basically - my point is that though the branch seems to focus on the concept of delayed damage and locker/berserker role. It doesn't really feel feasible. I understand that the kite combination works super well in this class. I'm specifically talking about the CC aspect they seem to be encouraging. Its as if they had an incredible idea and haven't quite followed through.

Overall I'm not looking for a "tank" that can take a ton of hits and keep all enemies close by. I just want to see the viability of a CC Eliotrope - which they clearly intended but haven't quite fixed the issues.

(I guess you can compare it to sadi - that they have a lot of good aspects but each area isn't focused enough to make them actually great. Just feels a little... off for certain gameplay)

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #811519  Replies : 3  Views : 181
posté December 18, 2014, 21:53:30 | #12
Overall - I think the below realistic changes would greatly increase the potential of the class while keeping it similar to what it was. Of course - spells should change a bit accordingly.

Beacon - (depends on spell used and can unbeacon)
Sneak Beacon -Barrelhop like escape - (probably a 1 turn cooldown)
Disengage - Make like Bamboozle but has a jump backwards effect + steals 1 mp of attacker.
Bats Eye - Should attack mp, range, and lock. (would make it more viable) (cheaper)
Long Distance - Increase range by 1 + 30 LD dam

Archery - Dodge, + 2 control, +2 charges
Cra Precision - 60 LD Dam, 60 AoE dam
Heightened Vision - Each range = +5CH // + 2 range
Riddling arrow - 3 Riddling per ap shot /
Powerful Shooting - 20% final dam if 7+ tiles away, 10% final dam 4-6 tiles

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Thread : Cra  Preview message : #811484  Replies : 21  Views : 1232
posté December 18, 2014, 08:03:10 | #13

Quote (kurokat @ 18 December 2014 07:25) *
Well, yes, but like with any class, you can change that a bit with equipment. Focusing more on equips with high Res and HP than damage (lock too). This means use a shield, which not many do because of wanting higher damage. It also means to not focus or rely on the berserk mechanic of the Elio's. Using the berserk mechanic only as a last resort when the enemy doesn't leave you alone.

For close range, you don't just have to rely on the Earth spells either. They have Barrier in the water branch and the famous Unleashed Blade in the earth branch. Torrential Flux can also can also be argued that it is meant for a close combat use (because of the boost it gets for locking down an opponent on it).

That's 1 water, 2 air and 3 earth spells. 6 close combat spells.

Elio's also are not any more of a glass cannon than than any other class that doesn't have a shield mechanic. They just seem that way when trying to keep them at low health.

They actually work quite well as Iops in doing close combat and jumping around.

- Kat
CC Classes:

Sac - HP Buff + Shields
Iop - HP Buff + Lock Buff
Sram - Invisi + Epic Lock Mechanics + Self Heals + Double
Panda - CC shield + res buffs
Fogger - Res buff + Shields

Note that nearly all CC classes have specific builds/specialties that focus on the CC aspect of the class. Elio seems to be intended to have CC tankish abilities (as seen by earth spells) and even some air spells. My point is more this aspect of the class seemed to not be thought through all the way.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #811013  Replies : 22  Views : 830
posté December 18, 2014, 06:57:12 | #14

Quote (kurokat @ 18 December 2014 06:44) *
- Kat
I understand how the builds work - the spells CC aspect of 3/5 of the spells don't seem to work well with the class as a whole. CC Berserker who dies super quickly because has next to no res.

Catacylsm encourages you to remain in the fray of battle (not a hit and flight mechanic)
Aegis Ardent encourages you to stay by enemies (lock)
Deafening Target encourages lock mechanic for stealing mp.

Basically all this encourages a build that is not really feasible with the berserker focus of the class (because its super glass cannon-y).

Clash and Hiding are really the "best" earth spells due to this. At least in my opinion. I can see a lot of range builds working incredibly. I just wish the CC build they seem to be capable of was a bit more fleshed out.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #810997  Replies : 22  Views : 830
posté December 18, 2014, 04:08:40 | #15
Earth Eliotrope out of place? Earth Eliotropes seem to focus on delayed damage implemented through keeping enemies close by.

Deafening Target - Takes away MP
Ardent Aegis - Gives lock
Cataclysm - Deals impressive damage (if enemy stays close to Eliotrope)
Hiding - Steals HP
The biggest outlier is Clash - but even that can fit nicely in a damage locker (because of probability of low hp)

These spells seem great - but when you think of the class as a whole - you might ask whats the point? Eliotropes don't have hp buffs, or res buffs, or block buffs, or lock passives or proper shields. They have a res debuff even!

The entire spell branch seems to encourage a damage/locker approach but the sustainability is just not there. You'll probably be too scared to get below 1/2 hp end game mobs will easily one turn you so berserker passives becomes next to useless. Overall I LOVE the spells and the concept - it just doesn't seem to work with Eliotropes. I personally think this would have been perfect/amazing for Iops or Sacriers though....

What do you guys think? Or am I making a big deal out of nothing?

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #810959  Replies : 22  Views : 830
posté December 18, 2014, 04:01:10 | #16
Earth Elios? Earth Branch seems a bit too out of place for Elio's. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the spells - but the effects + the specialties of the class + the role of the class doesn't seem to add up very well.

Earth Branch spells seem to focus the role of the Eliotrope as a CC/delayed damage Locker/tank. Basically - all the spells seem to be focused around keeping the enemy locked down (through ardent aegis + deafening target) in order to trigger Cataclysm. At low HP - Clash is great damage dealer...

The concept is great... But the specialties don't match well with the class.

1. The class has no res buffs or blocks.

2. The class has no hp buffs - so you are even more fluffy.

3. The class has no lock specialty (it should since earth/air are really CC focused)

I suggest that some of the earth spells obtain additional effects to compensate for earth specced builds to make earth branch more viable. Catacylsm should add Block or increase final res. Ardent Aegis should "deflect" some damage back vs taking the whole hit. These would really add to the earth branch as a whole.

Overall - the spells are brilliant. But it doesn't seem to fit the "glass-cannon" nature of the class, at all. If these spells were on a sac who has specialties to back up these spells it would be a different story. So - I suggest making earth branch more viable for Allotropes somehow.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #810955  Replies : 3  Views : 181
posté December 18, 2014, 02:26:59 | #17

Quote (Gelgy @ 18 December 2014 02:22) *
Scaling respec dungeon + Island sounds like a great idea. As a bonus, it'd be nice to change the training of my dragoturkey or drago-steed as a repeatable quest reward (would help people who use class-change scrolls).

I do like the free respec levels too. Either at the same time as major character points or at the current frequency (major point + 5 levels) would be good (so: 30, 80, 130, 180, 200).

Re-allocating spell experience should be easier than re-allocating abilities & specialties. I don't have any characters at high levels yet, but it sounds like there isn't an easy system to re-allocate spell-xp at higher levels anymore?
Re-alloacting spell xp is a great idea! At lvl cap you are able to change your spell xp at will be "locking" a specific spell. As you fight, spell xp is taken from that spell and moved into the spell you are using. Perhaps that would be a great idea for "respec" island. In which no matter the lvl you can do this with spells! Overall - didn't think of separating spell respecs and overall respecs. Good idea.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #810935  Replies : 50  Views : 899
posté December 18, 2014, 02:02:22 | #18

Quote (Sabi @ 18 December 2014 01:09) *

Quote (MereBytes @ 18 December 2014 00:58) *
I think there should be more free respec's scattered throughout progression. Not just lvl 30 and lvl 80.

I'd love to see respec's at lvl 30 > lvl 80 > lvl 100 > lvl 130 > lvl 160 > lvl 180 > lvl 200

Thank you for that suggestion, if the community would like to actually share ideas on how the restats should operate in the future, please continue to do so, as it would also help us to know what you feel would work better compared to the current system, especially including the fact that we are about to raise the cap level to 165 on the 19th with the opening of Xelorium.
I started a separate thread doing just this. You should stop by and read some ideas - I know I appreciate you popping in on threads (like these). Whether or not something happens in the end - at least it shows we have attention. Thanks for your efforts!

If anyone has suggestions - Hop on by to Respec Ideas - and post your opinions!

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #810924  Replies : 203  Views : 4393
posté December 18, 2014, 01:42:56 | #19

Quote (Duzy-Sadysta @ 18 December 2014 01:38) *
Pay for your mistakes. Literally.
Are you saying...

People should pay for their own mistakes in creating their class or how they want to build it. That there shouldn't be more respecs in the game in order to promote originality? That it should "hurt" in this case your wallet when you do something wrong?

Just clarifying what you want. This thread is ideas concerning how you would like respecs in the future. If you think more respecs is a bad idea please leave a detailed response to your reasoning. I'm hoping this thread does not get de-railed about how things are now - but rather how we want things in the future. If the above is your opinion - it is perfectly valid. I just want clarification and possibly your reasoning.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #810914  Replies : 50  Views : 899
posté December 18, 2014, 01:26:55 | #20
What Wakfu truly needs... Is a lvl 180 Bow Meow Dungeon.

Kitties... As far as the eyes can see.

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