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posté August 02, 2014, 02:01:52 | #1

Quote (picklesaregood @ 01 August 2014 23:31) *
that moment when......

nobody cares
Be careful or your post will magically disappear !

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posté July 28, 2014, 11:05:27 | #2
Why was my reply removed with no justification sent to me?

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posté July 26, 2014, 00:24:43 | #3
Chestmaster Achievment impossible to complete Character name: Condestavel
Date and time:
Map: 25/07/2014 22:55 GMT
Server: Remington

Bug description: You cannot complete this achievment because some areas where the chests were hidden were slightly modified to acomodate past patches and changes.

Reproducibility process: Regarding Captains Hake and LeChouque I have wasted 500 shovels in the areas they used to be hidden and as stated by the map riddle. In Hake is the blue Nautilus Macrophalus near the hotsnapper tavern. Did all the tile around it, checked unoficial wiki pointing the exact location and nothing. Same with Lechouque, the area was modified to acomodate one of the new artifact treasures. Did all the tiles in that area with no luck.

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posté July 23, 2014, 03:15:08 | #4

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 23 July 2014 03:07) *
Why don't you ask him yourself?
Why reply a question with a question?

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posté July 22, 2014, 16:15:47 | #5
What about Azael Twin Daggers? Zerous and Tots each have their upgrade, but anakama seemed to forget those who made the azael twin daggers. Its disapointing. probably have to do about lazyness to find a way to merge daggers when they have been runed, but thats no excuse... Others will get their upgrade while we don't.

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posté July 16, 2014, 04:50:13 | #6
Aww JerryDB, so sad you left us!.............. Just kidding I'm not  

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posté June 26, 2014, 20:13:33 | #7
Really? Damn.... Ankama please fix this then!

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posté June 26, 2014, 10:02:38 | #8
Captains treasures quest bug? The quest/achevment captains treasures is impossible to complete atm for the lechouque and hake treasure. Both areas have been changed and now its impossible to get the treasures and finish the quests.... Or am I totally messing up things? The images in the wiki are clearly diferent, and have wasted lke 300 shovels trying to get those 2 last ones.... Ugh so close yet so far.

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posté June 15, 2014, 23:15:23 | #9
France has almost as many chances of winning the world cup as Honduras.

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posté March 30, 2014, 17:20:19 | #10
Captain Haba - I have found the disteliry, the bench, then i go up the first row of stairs. But for the life of me I can't understand the alst clue something spiky in a corner. Please help.

EDIT - Found it.

Hello Drelers, I finally got all the maps, and Im stuck in Lechouque. Ive wasted like 200 shovels and nothing in holey forest. In the wiki, theres a image where the chest is, but the thing is with the new treasures that are was slightly modified!

Also Hake is the same thing....

Can someone help me? Coordinates, or maybe ankama messed up the quest it took me so long to do?

ty in advance.

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posté March 15, 2014, 15:01:19 | #11
I love desert themes, and desert theme music. Loved the one in the video!

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posté March 01, 2014, 21:52:46 | #12
Yes. Since the beginning.

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posté February 27, 2014, 04:06:07 | #13

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posté February 23, 2014, 05:15:55 | #14
WTB Sage Helm PM Condestavel

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posté February 11, 2014, 04:17:39 | #15

Quote (Sargent-Wiggest @ 10 February 2014 20:25) *
You are afraid to fail as a company again, thats why you don't give us the Roadmap anytime soon. Face it
No one likes crybabys. Why so much flame dude? Seriously all that hate inside you must be to overcompensate for something.

Anyways I like the way Ankama said is going, and though have shown little so far we can already see its working. Was a little disappointed by some news of the multimen but they come on top after saying they will drop.

If I have a critic is that they seem to be afraid to implement PvP in the game. Cautious is good, but not overly so.

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posté January 18, 2014, 01:53:20 | #16
Ankama hear our cries: Make Multimen drop as well. From what I've read, you have the audacity to make them cost keys in dungeons while they don't drop, only have 100 PP and probably this is even bugged as they "leave" battle?

Make them drop and they will truly be sidekicks (helpers) or else they are trash. You can't take them into dungeons because they don't drop. You can't do Otomai because they don't drop. Why do you make things only halfway?

Thank you for your time. This next update will be very important for me. I'm with you guys from the begining. I've subbed for 6 months to get Lumino after I got the impression this was the only way to get it given to me by you - and now its judgement time. Don't screw up this time.

A fan.

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posté January 14, 2014, 00:24:40 | #17
That may be a good argument tashiol, but think about it for a second as well, in high level terms what could you do with botting AI? Nothing at all. All thee high lvl instances are to hard and have too many "tricks" the AI would just derp.

Examples of this (and im not even be naming dungeons because of the unique way every boss needs to be dealt - hagen daz, miss freeze, emiw, empelol...) are mobs like lenalds, black wabbits ice chafers ice cracklers and so on.

So bots wouldnt do nothing at all really, unless you want to farm blibli tooths.

My argument is to the OP as well. Multimen having AI would make them useless.

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