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posté September 09, 2014, 02:59:19 | #1
you already ruined feca now you want to ruin sram when will the stupidity stop

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posté February 11, 2014, 20:19:33 | #2
so you give them same skills/spells as sac and iop and call it good no
feca is not just a shield they have offense THEY SUMMON FKN SHU SHU thats pretty offensive

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posté February 11, 2014, 19:45:56 | #3
Feca was supposed to be offense/support and all they did was nuke every spell we have but one and make it so we can sit around and get hit all day just like a earth sac oh and we can now lock oooooh amazing a class that was orignally offense/support is now support/useless

Since the first revamp on feca all that has been done is constant nuke check every update and you will see our spells drop more and more damage our passive skills get mroe and more useless I want my fkn money back for wasting 3 years of my life and hard earned cash.

I wont settle for nothing less then my refund or another of my characters given levels to match what you stole from me. Since your obviously not smart enough to make feca a proper offense/support

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posté February 11, 2014, 18:55:23 | #4
Yea thanks for ruining feca the only class that was worth my time and wasted over hundreds of dollars cause you all felt like ruining the only class i play.So thanks for makign me hate the game and never want to play it again if I could sue for all my money you just made me waist beleive me I would.

I want my money back for the years I have spent on this game you just took away/

I dont know who thouht it would be genious to turn the only even class into a second earth sac/

Seriously what is the fkn point of all the lock we have now when you take away our resistances and resist aura

If you refuse to give me my money back then make one of my other charafters level match my feca since you spent so much time prison raping it.

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posté January 18, 2014, 01:18:29 | #5
Shuushorian The Gate Keeper

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posté December 23, 2013, 01:55:32 | #6
Really feca is supposed to rival damage soem other claases when he has one damage buff skill and one damage based spell even decided to nuke down the only other damage spell a feca possibly had man i begged for yall not to ruin my only class i likled thanks for the fail.

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posté November 24, 2013, 10:55:11 | #7
Seriously, Are you serious. Ever time you change feca they get worse and you make them practically freakin useless for anything but a support. Thank you anakma for screwing the only class i ever had a passion for thank you.

First yall nuke feca damage by over 100 points then you remeove the onyl fire armor he had worth it then you nuke reflect now you going to nuke every spell damage amnd every usefull affect we fkn have.

For the love of freakin feca do something right for a change and atleast give us some dfreakin damage back seeing as you making every spell gay.

Also since ive been here since beta and you continue to screw me over why cant i have a compensation for this stupid update seeing as now im have to start over with a new class cause you wont stop nuking this one.

If anyone took time to realize fecas are as much guardians as a iop just dont carry around a sword to fall prey too.

Quote (Sabi @ 07 August 2013 23:29) *
Hi everyone,

The revamp of the Feca is still scheduled for January 2014, we will get back to you with a devblog as we have done for the Xelor and the Eniripsa, late 2013 - early 2014, to ensure that the proposed changes will go in the desired direction.

In the meantime, nothing more is planned for the Feca before its revamp (excluding bug fixes of course).

Indeed, Grou is aware of the AP / MP glyphs nerf but he must stick to the schedule and concentrate on each scheduled revamp, patch after patch.

Because of the Feca revamp arriving last, he might not be able to focus on it as much now, due to the risk of detriment to the other planned revamps.

I hope this gives you some insights as to where the Feca revamp sits right now.

In short, Feca gets shafted we wont concentrate on fixing it and oh yea you wont get to get a upgrade for another year! lets keep pushing feca back and making it more weak comeone ankama sure you dont wanna make them lose hp every turn automatically?

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posté October 16, 2013, 19:22:07 | #8
Ive been playing feca for a long time now and all I have seen period is from damage being halved from being level with iop then shield damage halves the already half damage then yall remove pheles armor being able to use on self to hit enemies. then nuke damage again, Followed by making more shields useless.

As a survivor of all the incompetent changes to feca all i ask just once all i ask. Can we stop ruining feca please i beg of wakfu and dofus or any diety you want stop ruining feca. we are inches away from being a completely useless class now aside from a meat shield thats what a sac is for.

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posté August 08, 2013, 19:33:34 | #9
umm yea we bid but when people can bid while tombstones or even in fights its kind of hard

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posté August 08, 2013, 05:09:48 | #10
Haven World glitch bidding Ok yea we got a problem here wakfu, Ive lost more then one haven world now because of people being able to bid as tombstones and in combat.
cheating me out of haven worlds. This is not cool or fair how are we suppose to get haven worlds when the same people just make more guilds and buy them for themselves. Your whole this is fair crap is flawed.

Now ive been cheated out of what 5 different haven worlds because of glitches or bugs like if your all not willing to fix those bugs can we atleast get our haven world we got cheated out of this time..

Mourning wood world.

Bad Company, CrownedKlown.

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posté July 27, 2013, 02:49:44 | #11
whats the amara server

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posté July 19, 2013, 05:17:02 | #12
"Rumor has it that this rare ring can only be made by lavishing many jellie's in love,
Then compacting them all down into a single gem using a munster crusher."

Crowned Klown*

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posté February 29, 2012, 21:17:47 | #13
The fangs dripping red,
The boowolf filled with dread.
Alas another dead.

Gathering his hair,
Leaving no source I would spare.
Another job in care.

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