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posté April 04, 2015, 01:59:08 | #1
Sabi/Picaro or someone, I'm not sure if they know but could you let the Devs know that the Krosmunter with the krosmoboxes removed from the game don't have an option to feed other than the shop kibble as well?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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posté June 07, 2014, 21:00:59 | #2
After looking through various guilds and roaming the forums, Kiwi and I have decided that Ashen Lupus looks fun, and we would like to join. I would shortly like to attempt to contact one of the officers or leaders in game.

Thanks very much for the other offer, and I'd surely like to play in game with Illuminati whenever it's possible, and have a friendly relationship.

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posté June 07, 2014, 02:39:35 | #3
Level 106 and 80, Osa/Eca, Air Dragon/Earth Returning players We are returning to wakfu after about a year, and are looking for a friendly casual social environment that could also help us get our bearings back into the game, as well as group with us so we're not so lonely. If anyone could suggest a guild or offer help that would be greatly appreciated.

Are sidekicks valid replacements for friends now on wakfu?

Thanks, and hope to see you in game.

You can find us ingame as Yum, and Kiwi respectively.

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posté May 09, 2012, 16:40:43 | #4
Basically whoever grinded before the 105 patch to max skills will have a permanent advantage in skill levels and characteristics because of those skill levels. Also hybrid is completely nullified.

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posté May 02, 2012, 08:17:33 | #5
Possibly back in business due to new patch possibly bringing new crafts.

I'm still active and on at a good rate, and willing to craft.

Looking forward to doing business with you all again.

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posté April 16, 2012, 07:18:37 | #6
IGN: Yum

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posté April 14, 2012, 16:32:01 | #7
Personally I find that the game itself is a bit hollow.
However I believe it can grow, and will, as MMO's do starting from it's launch.
A lot of the bugs with achievements have been fixed, and class balance will be implemented next month along with changes in baker and some other professions. Check out the Q & A's on the forums for more details.

As a side note, Sufokia would be happy to have new citizens, and you should come join us!

IGN: Yum
Current Ecologist

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posté April 14, 2012, 03:39:29 | #8
Sounds like a great way to jump-start our economy!
Looking forward to selling and buying for Sufokia.

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posté April 13, 2012, 00:13:08 | #9
I'd like to apply for the position of Ecologist.

I am writing to apply for the Ecologist position advertised as being one of the most difficult positions to fill currently. As requested, I will strive to take care of our current ecosystem in a manner which would keep our clan member bonuses intact, and keep from any resources from going extinct. I have a small seed bank that I have started working on, and with a little direction, I would be able to finish, and keep leveling skills required for this position.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my experience in keeping clan members wishes will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The profession levels I currently have are:

Lumberjack: 77
Trapper: 70
Herbalist: 62
Farming: 67

I'm also a level 82 Close Combat Master, and a level 60 baker.

If chosen for this position, I will keep expanding on my profession levels and my first order of business, and what I'm currently working on, is obtaining 65 farmer, so I am able to harvest and seed all of the currently existing resources.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
IGN: Yum

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posté April 10, 2012, 19:29:10 | #10
Héééé no it is not a troll. Why we chose 11:59 p.m.? Simply because there is no better time than a minute before midnight for exploring the island terrifying! This schedule should be communicated to you on Friday with the rest of the news. This is an oversight on our part, and we present our apologies about it. FYI, the island will be activated without stimulus or patch server. The content will be released in a completely transparent to you. PS. I made ​​a massive shift in invisible for all the answers off topic, especially concerning the respawn Moowolf.

If you would like, or can read french, feel free to visit the french servers, but google translate gave me this. So basically it's going to be out in five or so hours.

(I believe it also releases without down-time which is why server status has nothing)

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posté April 09, 2012, 17:09:36 | #11
Yum's Close Combat Level 80+ Service Currently located in Sufokia.
If you're in a different nation however, I'd prefer you either come to Sufokia or provide my Zaap fees.

Basically all I ask is that you be polite, and be patient, as I am not always the quickest person, as sometimes I run dungeon runs with my guild, or am fighting mobs, or am in a different nation myself.

Provided that I have the other materials, I am also willing to lend a hand and make up for any mining or lumberjack materials that you are lacking, as long as they are within my level to do so. We can discuss prices on those, depending on what you're lacking.

Level 81 Close Combat
Level 68 Miner
Level 77 Lumberjack
Level 60 Trapper

I'm pretty active on what time periods I'm online, but sometimes I may be online but AFK.
If I don't notice that you have whispered me, I apologize in advance. Sometimes combat gives me tunnel vision and I do not notice.

IGN: Yum

Click Here for a list of craft-able recipes.

I've also had many people asking me how much I charge to craft things.

I am currently completely FREE.
I usually just ask for Zaap fees (Usually one way, as I can just kill myself.)
I can also provide almost unlimited Sticky Straps, and Smelly Ointment!
- Just ask ahead of time.

I'm also mining in some spare time, so I may have the ore for your Crobak daggers!
Since I've recently gotten level 60 trapper, I'm also offering getting the Crow Feathers you need.
Let me know ahead of time.

Currently has 999 x2 Crobak Feathers.

(Not sure about prices, offer me something.)

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Offer me on 999 Hazelnutella Bread?

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posté April 04, 2012, 21:13:59 | #12

The riktus set gives Willpower, but what you're talking about is Wakfu Points.
Completely different things. Willpower is used to prevent mp/ap loss.

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posté March 28, 2012, 23:32:07 | #13
HP recovery rate was nerfed due to the Baking profession having no use.

Thread : The Old Dusty Corner  Preview message : #379916  Replies : 361  Views : 17553
posté March 27, 2012, 13:02:29 | #14
Boowolves are the new pets for us. Level 60 I believe.

Thread : The Old Dusty Corner  Preview message : #379780  Replies : 361  Views : 17553
posté March 24, 2012, 12:27:20 | #15
Bonta is kind of like America.
Brakmar is kind of like Soviet Russia, but cooler.
Amakna is kind of like Canada
Sufokia is supposed to be like Switzerland.

This is just my outlook, if it helps at all.

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posté March 24, 2012, 12:20:33 | #16
It is currently not the best class at the moment due to wasting a turn, and still doing less damage than our summon counterparts.

I'm a little different than you however. (As I am an air dragon) You seem to rely on the +ap +mp and resists as an earth dragon.

With tree set, this resistance stacks. Get yourself a nice resistance weapon (Riktus Flagpole, Persay)
and then you have almost or more than 60% in each element.

I can't fully say this is as good as the other classes, but I'm sure your damage will be pretty high end game. I will say you probably will be dealing less than other classes, due to the fact that none of our support spells help dragon.

Especially cra.

I have seen a good earth osamoda dragon do around 150 twice with a 10 ap build, however.
Easily soloing most groups due to mass aoe, and good resistances. Especially the 5mp mobility.

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posté March 21, 2012, 21:50:14 | #17

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 21 March 2012 21:34) *
I think hinting at a respec, then not delivering it, will be a big hit towards their credibility. Just saying.

But yeah, if anything, it'll happen next week during the patching.

It was never hinted at. They really just said, "We may, or may not".
It really is a difficult decision, because after the respec, most character builds are going to be the "Best Spec". It basically just takes away from the uniqueness of each individual build.

If you levelled to 100 while messing up your build, you probably either rushed through, or you went wisdom, and are crossing your fingers for a respec.

I know quite a few new Pandas, going full wisdom, grinding tsu dungeon/mosquitos.
Since they're getting a completely new rework, it's completely obvious that they're getting a characteristics reset.

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posté March 16, 2012, 21:43:25 | #18

I believe the cookies are 4 clovers, 1 wheat flour, 3 water.
With Baker.



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