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posté April 18, 2015, 20:25:50 | #1

Quote (Ruukokoko @ 18 April 2015 13:56) *

Quote (kuwaz @ 18 April 2015 02:49) *
BC Statues = Boss is in the three cells between the statues
Reed = Solid tiles that block LOS
Edelweiss = Solid tiles that dont seem to block LOS
Thistle = Starting positions
Nettle = Semi elevated tiles that dont seem to do anything
Dendron = Elevated tiles that give +4 range
Orchid = Death tiles
I like how elevated tiles give +4 range, wish there was a change on all maps where elevated tiles give increased range, that'd be a nice addition
thats like a krosmaster feature. its kinda cute how it's finally shown up in wakfu

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posté April 10, 2015, 20:52:17 | #2

Quote (Kirito-Asuna01 @ 10 April 2015 20:41) *

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 10 April 2015 17:08) *

Quote (Kirito-Asuna01 @ 10 April 2015 16:55) *
give them turkey, change character, log back in same character, now they have the harness
If only !!! But do not work at all. Changed many times, still nothing ...

Edit :

Forget what I said... it does works.
lol see... my only issue is that my main character wont get the achievement til the next patch, which i'm totally fine with since this sorta bug isn't worrisome, but I'd still have to redo the quests. (too bad quest exp doesn't triple/double for alts otherwise it'd be good exp)

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posté April 10, 2015, 14:48:25 | #3

Quote (Wishie @ 10 April 2015 12:13) *
I went browsing on the French forums, and I see that there are lots of players who are blocked by the same problem: Cro-Cave + last Merc quest.

I believe the issue lies in the fact that it is not something every player is suffering from this lock-out. For example, I've seen players who had already gotten the BC Harness today, while there are others like me who have been locked out for more than a week.

The un-reproduce-able problems are usually the ones that take a while to solve. The good news is that from what I saw on the French forum, the Devs know about the issue and is working on a fix.
I'd say if you really want the harness, try doing the achievement on a capable leveled alt (the harness should be accessible thru all characters, no?)

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posté April 09, 2015, 13:55:28 | #4
yea I have multiple achievements that are bugged for the harness.

Same problem with the Cro-cave not being achieved, but also a bug with the mercenary quest where ... "apparently" I've already completed the dungeon to the new mobs prior to doing the dungeon, completed the dungeon to be sure, but the achievement won't activate either way.

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posté April 09, 2015, 13:51:14 | #5

Quote (Cantisque @ 08 April 2015 23:22) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 08 April 2015 23:16) *
The wisdom and prospecting is a gift for activating authenticater ankama isn't taking it away from you for not doing it.

It's still restricting who can participate.
you're not restricted from downloading the client itself and then using the authenticator tho

(albiet a bit redundant to redownload a game you already have)

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posté April 08, 2015, 07:01:21 | #6

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 08 April 2015 04:35) *
maybe the hidden quest ended on sunday
no cus my alts are able to get the quest finished fine. its just my main that has the problem dropping the eggs

UGH man it FINALLY dropped...

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posté April 08, 2015, 04:55:35 | #7

Quote (Zadistforlife @ 08 April 2015 04:38) *
I killed a white wabbit outside of the dungeon and dropped nothing today and so decided to clear the first room of the wabbit dungeon.. BAM basket.

I'm not sure why they changed it, but eh.
yea i ran zombie dungeon to try and zip

sidenote: is there a bug where multimen added dont allow you to drop it?

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posté April 08, 2015, 03:48:45 | #8

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 08 April 2015 03:03) *
white wabbits is what i dropped them on. must be in their "natural habitat" not havenworld.
i've been fighting every mob from wabbit to zombie wabbit, to srambad and xelorium mob. i have yet to drop the egg in a few days

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posté April 08, 2015, 02:46:36 | #9

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 06 April 2015 04:35) *
its in the book. from select mobs +/- 20 levels from your toon. if you are over 165 then it goes to -40.

(it sucks if you are 164 tho.)
I've been fighting mobs and I havent dropped an egg yet on my 170 any tips? lol

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posté March 21, 2015, 00:00:17 | #10

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 20 March 2015 17:49) *

Quote (Sabi @ 20 March 2015 17:27) *
Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing this, I can understand how it can make you worry but we will not make these costumes available for our European and North American servers so you will not be seeing these offered to the community here.
mmmmmmm whatcha sayyyyyy~
I was reading this.... then jaku linked the SNL short

Click here

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posté March 17, 2015, 23:19:11 | #11

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posté March 15, 2015, 12:18:57 | #12

Quote (Boorin @ 15 March 2015 11:35) *
Sadida, because:

-Their summon mechanic isn't really fit this game.
-Sadida's utilities are good but who need them when you can pick dps classes, deal ton of damage to farm faster and easier?
lalalalala sadida revamp lalalaal *snicker* *snort*

but seriously tho, sadida revamp prob wont come til eni revamp since they're both major heal support classes...

chances are it'll just get updated to keep up with the revamps

Honestly imo, the whole seed, cast spell is so repetitive. the dolls die easily in pvp and the fights take forever. However they do fairly well in pvp because they have sustain and like most top pvp classes, can draw out fights.

Main noteworthy update if anything, needs to be for air branch because its sooooo buggy

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posté March 15, 2015, 08:46:20 | #13

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 15 March 2015 06:52) *

Quote (Tzooon @ 15 March 2015 06:39) *
Click here

This is the best info I can find for it.
It wasn't an exact quote from hush it's from a person who attended a random Q and A and was relaying information from said Q and A they even specifically said to take the information lightly

Click here
oh god... if eca is next in revamp, imma get a buncha "i told you so"s from Viktor....

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posté March 15, 2015, 08:41:22 | #14

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 15 March 2015 01:38) *
Every bad thing ive said about Ankama recently because holy shit

First I see this

An awesome crow themed harness for my drago that isn't gonna be in the cash shop?????

and then I see this

4 smithhammers for an achievement??? Ankama isn't as greedy as I thought please let this be a trend from now on smith hammers and transmutes in achievements are a massive step in the right direction for me

Looks like i'll be subbing on the 17th after all mask buffs plus an awesome bird update for a bird nerd to enjoy? Can't wait Ankama I have to admit A+ good job
inb4 the quests are obscene and no one does them....

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posté March 15, 2015, 08:37:54 | #15
actually now that this topic is brought up, has anyone noticed if wisdom is affecting prospecting or drop rates in general?
I mean... i'll do the almanax buff, get wisdom and have fairly decent drops with it on, after the 2hrs end I get a lil shafted...

(I haven't done a lot of testing to verify this idea tho)

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posté March 15, 2015, 08:33:29 | #16

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 13 March 2015 09:17) *
What i don't understand is that we get rewarded (with merit/orbs) for PK (player killing) instead of actual PvP (healthy challange of 2 or more players who want to test eachothers skills in fight).

The merit/orbs should be gained only from some kind of Colloseum that first need to be implemented in game. Such colloseum should have its own requirements and mechanics to avoid abuse (with for example access allowed only by players of lvl 100 as minimum, since low lvl pvp shouldn't be taken seriously, and pking low lvls shouldn't be rewarded either). There could be also a limit to 3 fights per day there to avoid system abuse. The maps could be also randomized (with different effects in cells).
Another suggestion is to make there be some kind of tournment that happends only in weekends or that only 6 vs 6 pvp will count for merit/orb gain.

The pvp gear should also be something each player can get, not something exlusive to top pvp'ers (to not make them even easier to win next fights vs others). People should have their own personal "ranking" or rather achievements that would reward them with PvP stuff.
I wish Ankama could clarify the difference with duels and pk because before pvp was just a friendly duel... now its reverted to pk with benefits... can't they just classify pvp in terms of both friendly dueling and pk instead?

I mean, its hard enough finding ways to earn merit when:

-people with their flags up are fairly hard to find (at least at higher levels -not to metioned the balancing issues at endgame)

-identifying people in your level range is difficult unless you add them to your (already full) friends list to determine their level

-and honestly there's no reason to aggro people without their flags up.... I mean, not to sound evil or anything lol, but shouldn't a villain be able to get something for killing a nation's citizens? (within fairness ofc)

Also... the whole vigilante aspect of the game is kinda moot because the role of the villain isn't clearly defined (and when people achieve the outlaw state, its on accident and they WANT to be killed). I'll assume the role of the villains will be more apparent when GvG and NvN comes out but as of now there are no goals or achievements that make people WANT to become criminals

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posté March 07, 2015, 03:25:16 | #17

Quote (Tyr4el @ 07 March 2015 03:22) *
Are Heroes coming out in the next update?
Heroes are tba... that means it wont be out til next year.... prob

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posté March 06, 2015, 04:45:49 | #18

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 05 March 2015 00:43) *
when level cap is 200 there will still be gear 201-210 otherwise why would anyone need kit?
that's assuming Wakfu will stop at lvl 200.... oooH~~~~~

(I've heard wakfu might go to 300, but no definite sources)

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posté February 27, 2015, 02:26:03 | #19

Quote (Marblekin @ 25 February 2015 20:29) *
The scary part about this bug is that you only notice it if you trade high quantity/expensive items like relics.
I don't know if this is the same casenario, but there's a lot of instances where trading items have visual glitched where items may or may not be visible and if you relog, it should fix that particular problem

I assume your friend traded items between an alt and the trade bugged out causing the item to not be visual in their inventory.

occasionally people with full inventories miss it and override the item slot with another item. if you relog after you've overwritten the item, then it's lost, but if you make room for it, i've seen items recover.

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posté February 27, 2015, 02:16:07 | #20
Good Luck to your future endeavors Troyle!! o7

Definitely a sad moment for Wakfu, ESPECIALLY on it's birthday anniversary.

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