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Quote (Brokonaut @ 02 September 2014 00:56) *
The timer remains 30 seconds. They had to use the 60 second timer though in order to not break the game since it's not fully programmed correctly yet on the Beta build.

• Mango
Eugh... can they at least work at getting us 40 seconds? XD I mean, I play a xelor and I can't even think about using distortion with 20 ap because there's so much to cast that 30 seconds is cutting it more often than not.

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I don't see the big deal with the change regardless.... fecas will have amazingly buffed resistances after patch. ALSO, thanks to Mango showing off how overpowered fecas were in dungeons, like 2 manning black wabbit or 3 manning wa (totally obscene btw), it makes partying at on-level dungeons reasonable for people instead of everyone making a feca and just lowballing other classes

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Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 31 August 2014 03:52) *

Quote (picklesaregood @ 31 August 2014 03:37) *
think about it, 2 weeks to get a hardest item in the game

how long will you play this game for? another month cause you will have all the gear you possibly need and nothing else you would want
People have plenty of goals other than having the best gear possible. Crafting, economy, pvp, haven worlds etc. That doesnt all end just because you have a relic on one of your characters - as theres always that option too - more characters. The solution to keeping people in the game is not too make everything tediously grindy

I agree with being able to turn the relic aura on and off, there are some I simply dont like and others that I feel override your character. But I know that unless I were to drop it from the boss I'd rely on linked tokens to get my relic and there are some auras I'd like to have, but then again I do think tradeable relics need some sort of additional value over linked relics. Ultimately I wouldnt mind because I like the accessibility offered by the linked fragments, so I could give up the aura on actually having a relic :x
This whole process is about making harder things more accessible to newer players as well as any future players. It's also noted in the Beta server that harvesting times are changed, for example: cutting down a tree takes "3sec" from it's before time "10sec".

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Quote (Reg3e @ 31 August 2014 03:46) *

Quote (Meowsa @ 31 August 2014 02:52) *

Quote (Reg3e @ 31 August 2014 02:46) *
I on the other hand disagree,

being a player who doesn't multibox and only rely on MM, I've spent a lot of time farming fragments in hopes to craft the relic & having the AURA of my dream. Hard work = Reward, Now that's a rewarding outcome.

If you expect to receive the same kind of reward without even putting as much effort, are you being just selfish to the 99% of existing relic users who spent long hours to achieve what you can now achieve with just 1/10 of the time they originally spent?

At least be grateful you can even get a relic with such ease
I suppose it's all a matter of whether you have relics/frags yet or not. People who have them will not want this, and think it's unfair. People who don't have them will think it's unfair for them not to have auras. (In general.) We've all got a bias. Sometimes it's hard to look at things from the other side.

I myself CAN'T put in the time to get a normal relic. I would if I could. Makes me sad that because I can't put 12+ hours a day into the game, I have to always settle for second best.

I know auras are just a visual effect and have no effect on how they function, but I just don't think that there should be such a clear and flashy sign saying "I'm better than you because I 6-box 12 hours a day, or sold a few hundred dollars in cash-shop items to buy this off of someone else."


Well it IS a mmoRPG (Role Play). Much similar to real life, work hard and spend more time, you'll be rewarded. You can't expect to receive a bonus salary when you didn't work extra compared to those who worked overtime.

The real question is, are you willing to spend more time
Thats such a joke. ANYONE (with enough wherewithal) can get a relic. I mean if you spent 1min everyday for a year you can get a meridia @.@. Newer relics might be a more hasslesome effort, but you if you bought a frag every 1 or 2 days it should take about a couple months. If you don't see frags on market, ask someone you trust to buy frags for you and pay them back. It just takes a little effort and patience if you want a relic

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Quote (Nox16 @ 31 August 2014 03:11) *
I don't think they should even be linked to begin with. What is wrong with more relics entering the economy.... the rich won't hold a monopoly / the value of items they have will lessen to a degree. I still think they should give the aura/ achievement... ive made my thoughts on this issue pretty clear in a number of threads.
NOT LINKED!? are you kidding??? Not only will you have an overabundance of relics entering the economy but you would give RMTers FREEEE REIGN!!! Do you WANT to see new players starting out with a relic before you just because they spent 100dollars?? .....uhh I for one don't.

And I think it's ridiculous that people are complaining over a title and aura of a relic. You want it so bad? Just farm frags! Go work hard and then get the aura that you worked hard for. It's the same way it is now, if you don't wanna work hard for a relic aura and title, then just wait to get it through the machine.

Quit being babies!

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posté July 04, 2014, 11:34:31 | #6
wow... that's kinda depressing... And here I thought Nox had it bad. XD

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Quote (Kouromaro @ 04 July 2014 11:03) *
To be honest with you, no offense but I find this a little overreacting. I had felt the same when people complain about relic drop rate a while ago (before the drop bug we just had). If I recalled correctly the topic of complaints was Solomonk frags. The topic died down, because that was not a problem, just purely bad luck.

Please remember that the item drops you are talking about are rare. The chance that you are unlucky and could not drop them even with 7 runs are significantly high. It is like an Enu fail to pouch even after 4 Rascalry casts.

Having said that, I know why you feel like things could be off, we did suffer something of the sort recently after all. To address that, I find a good way to check if things are ok is to run Riktus dun a few times. It is a quick dun that have bazillions of drops. If there is anything abnormal with drop mechanics you will see it clearly.
Sigh.... I guess I can understand how this might seem like an overreaction, but I think I probably need to clarify myself.

I run Wa dungeon at least 4-7 times with my GM daily ...DAILY!(minus weekends) We've been doing this for around the past 2 months? That being the case, we ran the time the drop rolls were bugged and noticed we weren't receiving a lot of key materials and we received mostly green "Mythic" drops and rarely an orange drop (in this case we recieved one after 5runs) and very few boss mats.

I regularly gear myself in pp gear and cover up boss fights with fizz so i can get roughly over 100 pp. We also run with an Enutrof and most of the characters running have close to 100 pp as well.

Well, today we activated the guild pp, essentially it gives 40 pp for 6 hrs. I even had a 40 pp buff for 2 of those hours and i generally get a drop something when I have max pp (we take around 50 minutes per run so that's pretty much 2 runs) Our drops seemed irregular compared to most of our runs WITHOUT guild bonus. And the fact that a 2nd maintenance occurred is suspicious. (Nox here, so I can't argue for other servers like Remmington or Dathura)

Again, if this was just a coincidence, fine, however, i'd rather NOT waste my time running a dungeon during a bug and it's more beneficial to discuss now and see if there is in FACT a bug rather than sitting and waiting for developers to say there was a bug.

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PP Broken again? so... I ran Wa dungeon all day with my GM and barely received any drops... We'd at least drop 1 an orange piece of the set after 7 runs but ...nope. (we literaly ran 6-7 runs today and we'd have better luck with drops than we did today)

We recently had an unannounced maintenance again and it seemed like it bugged drop rolls. So like before I wonder if a similar problem is happening or not. Anyone notice a difference in drops or could this just be coincidence?

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Quote (Bulbasheep @ 28 June 2014 13:08) *

Quote (LingBreit77 @ 28 June 2014 13:05) *

Sabi just to make things clear are the Rewards based on the time i was subbed or on the Time my Sub is still running?
Would i Have to Sub for 1 Jear to get the big pack if i have 1 Month of Sub time remaining wehen the change comes?
and How much exactly would 1 jear of Boost in the new system cost?

Quote (Sabi @ 28 June 2014 03:30) *
In order to better help understand how the Veteran system works, lets look at those reward packs as reward levels.

  • Incarnam Pack: Level 1
  • Astrub pack: Level 2
  • Pandora Pack: level 3
  • Inglorium Pack: Level 4
  • Zinit Pack: Level 5

Your subscription total time is what will determine which level you will achieve based on the subscription accumulated days.

So let's say I was subscribed for 400 days (1 year and 35 days) and have still 30 days of subscription left on the 9th of July, I will then jump straight to level 5 and receive the Zinit pack, while my 30 remaining days of subscription will be converted into Booster Days, in this case giving me +30% XP, +10% Drops, +30% Kamas, XP Bonus reroll and filling up my HP gauge with bread in 1 click.
(quoting to repeat for those that are skimming the post)

essentially if you kept subbing you'll get a veteran reward. This is FREEEEEEEE stuff for subbing continuously.... so can people stop complaining? (at least be constructive)

maybe people don't notice, but this is essentially a reward to those who've subbed and for future players to sub before we go into the next stage of Wakfu that is FREE TO PLAY!!

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posté June 27, 2014, 22:15:47 | #10
I dont think we'll see those pets as "golden" for a while because I have a feeling CMC is about to get another overhaul XD

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posté June 27, 2014, 22:13:29 | #11
Yea... air branched gear has it hard T.T

The majority of the prospecting on gear tends to lean towards fire/water/earth mixes and general damage seems to be the way to go for prospecting on air branced classes, but most of the current gear is fairly outdated.

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posté June 27, 2014, 12:52:27 | #12
Just so you know, I don't run any enutrofs and i'm a single boxer and yet I've been able to get fairly good results with 100pp (not even capped unless challenge is completed)

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posté June 27, 2014, 12:36:42 | #13
the craziest pouch I've ever seen as of late (pre epic) was a woboot .... that was a magical sight

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posté June 27, 2014, 12:29:44 | #14
if you're talking about invalid entries for singular items in specific areas that get rework often, then I can see your point, but as a whole, I don't agree with drop rates being bugged. I can't say much because I ran frizz before fragments.When I did run frizz, it when a certain someone was able to drop a solomonk after 4 tries, while my group which consistently ran frizz over 100 times, never dropped a single solomonk.

(btw that ss was the epitome of crazy "not random" drops. A series of 2 wa crowns back to back, 1 wa wamulet and then THAT! .....Needless to say it was quite a haul, but now i'm bragging XD so forgive me)

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posté June 27, 2014, 12:15:15 | #15

Yup... totally bugged

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posté June 27, 2014, 12:06:58 | #16
You're just silly. ALWAYS (if possible) bring an enutrof to a dungeon. Prospecting has been nerfed/reworked so that more people other than enutrofs are able to get drops. Bringing an enutrof allows for pouching at the very least which is essentially another drop roll. (altho u better make sure ahead of time to settle anything regarding good pouches XD)

Drop rates aren't bugged it's just a matter of RNG ("random number generator" for those that don't know). For anyone who has ever mined, you should notice there's a string of good numbers and then there's a string of bad number... and then u have a regular mish mash of who-knows-what. Now, wearing harvesting gear allows for higher numbers. It's essentially the same with prospecting and drops, people can wear pp gear, but its just a means of getting a likelier chance of dropping items, you can have a string of bad luck with drops, but..... tis the grind, and you must be consistent.

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posté June 26, 2014, 13:00:46 | #17
I'm pretty sure we won't see account transfers for quite a while. The main issue I see would be game balance. With duping and rmt still a pronounced feature on each and every server (Whether we like it or not), people could easily move back and forth selling rare duped gear.

Altho,I have a feeling Ankama may be looking into account transfering. However expect many bugs with it along with changes u may or may not like... most notably... gear becoming account linked (non tradeable dropped gear)

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posté June 23, 2014, 23:02:51 | #18
I made a post about this but I think it was removed >:L

.... i guess putting "spam" in the title accounts it as actual spam

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posté June 20, 2014, 14:04:42 | #19
with all the ecosystem resets... I can't see how or WHY people would get rich off of resource seeds...

(only reason I could think people buy mats is if someone was lazy, didnt level gathering and needed craft materials... or because good resources are sold in bulk for cheap.)

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