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posté November 12, 2016, 23:44:45 | #1

Quote (Merriden @ 11 November 2016 21:38) *
I have no idea what OP is trying to communicate with this thread.
im gonna assume he's not being literal (hopping into a tornado...) and that he's referring to how loud those tornados are....

(has anyone ever been to shhhudoku for the rock dungeon and came out to hear a bajillion tornadoes stuck on the stairs?)

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posté November 12, 2016, 23:35:47 | #2
good luck getting it now that they patched a bug in the quest...
(i'm referring to the achievement for getting past the guards of the airlock without setting them off and without getting any hints)

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posté November 11, 2016, 19:09:59 | #3
They only started giving us "partial" costumes... a great deal of the costumes we have already don't do that, so the majority of us older players actually LIKE the fact that we get to show off gear with a costume.

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posté September 14, 2016, 11:39:29 | #4
(The Tank and Support)

Before I explain anything I will tell you who I am and why my guide is credible...

My in-game name is Soseki and I've been around since 2010 a lil after wakfu's beta concluded. I main a level 200 xelor which supports allies similar to feca in terms of ap but I also have my own level 188 feca as my 2nd character since before the updated feca became popular.

First and foremost, the idea of a feca is to be a tank, support you allies, and to take alot of hits while allowing your glass cannon friends to do the work... that also means you are limited to your damage spells, so keep that in mind when soloing monsters.

I will explain the following:
-Overview of spells
-Spell Decks
-Spells I don't use
-Passives I don't use
-Pros and cons
-Final Words


Fire Spells:
The majority of these spells are mainly suited to pvp, so I'd recommend using very little of these spells if you are doing a dungeon or fighting mobs

Natural attack -3ap (Pvp use mostly)

No line of sight with lots of range, but most useful for flaming state and lock bonus, i'd suggest using this mostly for pvp

Flaming Carpet -4ap (pvp or pvm)

has good aoe damage if you want to go into fire elemental gear,but it will take up a "control" to cast instead of using tonic glyphs and can hurt allies if you have too many out.

Fecastopheles - 5ap 1mp (pvp only)

it pairs well with natural attack because of scalding, but flaming won't damage unless you're always in close combat with lots of lock preferably

Magma - 1ap 1mp (either but mostly pvm)

aside from damaging its most useful for map manipulation; you can pull enemies near you or keep enemies next to you if they move away. (just keep in mind when u swap armors with drip, bubble, orb, fecabo and even meteorite shower

Meteorite Shower -2ap (pvm)

most useful for buffing dmg, but will get rid of any armors

Water Spells:
Most of these spells are useful for pvp or pvm because they supplement your crowd control by increasing range, taking ap...etc

Drip -2ap (either)

casts as an armor to increase armor and barrier, you can also use its high range to attack but its usually used for its defenses.

Avalanche -3ap (either)

creates glyph to take away ap and causes water damage.

Steam -3ap (either)

Steam is similar to magma armor but aside from pulling you can push if you have bubble armor on.

Bubble -2ap 1mp (either)

doesn't damage, mostly support to increase your range or an allies. very useful to increase your range to support.

Crashing wave -6ap 1wp (pvm)

aoe dmg and increase aoe dmg after. useful for teams with lots of aoe dmg

Earth Spells:

The bread and butter of your class in order to tank monsters and to pvp effectively. most spells will help you or allies take less damge and to mitigate enemy damage.

Fecabo -2ap (pvm)

long range earth damage, but mostly useful for increasing range like bubble, but more effective on allies that can heal

Fecablades -3ap (either)

Glyph that does earth damage but more importantly takes a large chunk or mp away from enemies preventing them from moving alot.

Fecammer -5ap (either)

it can supplement fecablades to take away more mp and do damage, but its probably only useful if you really need to take lots of mp away or cant use fecablades because you're using tonic glyph alot.

Orb -3ap 1mp (pvm)

applies lots of armor on you or an ally and partial armor to allies in the aoe. Mostly useful if you have lots of people around the aoe of orb to make the most of it.

Feca Staff -4ap (either)

allows you to decrease enemies damage and gives you flaming state


Personally I'm the type to use multiple decks to prevent being bored but I try to stick to using general builds and mix and change spells on the deck as a I need to.

I personally use this deck as my general deck.
I sometimes swap Feca Staff and Provocation out in place for Meteorite shower or Drip to buff allies

The idea is to keep bosses and mobs in place with spells like Fecablades, and Provocation, as well as as well as have high hp with rock passive and Temporal flux (which is a must for any map manipulating feca with Inversion to pull mobs in while buffing and debuffing, but to also teleport far)

The rest of the spells and passives are for armoring and preventing damages done to the feca to prolong its life in a fight:

Peace armor and immunity to do similar jobs
Carapace for more lock and armor
Leather plating for enemies that try move away from your high lock and reduce their damage
Refection to increase chances of block further reducing damage

This deck in particular is used for Steel Beak mostly to mitigate damage and to keep him stable in one spot while my allies do damage.

I take Feca Master passive instead of rock in this deck mostly to supplement orb armor and bubble armor to assist the eniripsa in our group and to give me orb armor while I take damage as well as having enough ap to throw out tonic glyphs while in the early phases as well as to use provocation to stablize myself when steel beak lands

You could take inversion as well into this deck, but that tends to make the fight harder but you can also finish the fight faster once you get him low enough. You'd probably replace Drip, just keep in mind your hp


Personally I feel some spells aren't very useful endgame to feca and those would be

Fecabo- useless unless you have a healer but bubble still does it better

Crashing wave- useless unless you have a group that takes advantage of aoe damage buff but meteorite and magma aoe buff overcome the advantages

Fecastopheles- you or your allies need spells that cause flaming to take advantage of scalded and heal reduction is generally good for just pvp.

Natural attack- another pvp oriented spell that mainly is useful in one on one fights

Flaming Carpet- most fecas dont have time to do damage when they're mitigating damage or supporting allies and an only damaging glyph would be better off with a deck using Elementor passive along with Resilience.


Ignoring the generic passives, I dont use...

Elementor- mostly because I dont use glyphs for damaging and you'd need to supplement with Resiliance passive to have enough control for damage glyphs and tonic glyphs

Untouchable - niche passive for destructive teammates (haha) although it is nice to have when you like to surround yourself with lots of enemies or when you're in the front line and people have low mp to hit enemies

Eye for an Eye - mainly a damage passive that goes hand in hand with elementor, can supplement your low damage but too niche and probably used mainly for pvp.


Intelligence - Generally I like to have 10 elemental resistance, 5 armor 5 barrier and dump the rest into hp but you could dump it all into hp as well

Strength - Elemental, Aoe, CC masteries or just dump into HP to supplement intelligence

Agility - Just dump lock or even some into ap/mp removal

Chance - Dump into block and crit hit. You can also consider changing crit hit in for crit resistance

Major points
- AP, MP/dmg, Range/dmg, and elemental resistance. You could also take Control/dmg to use more glyphs or even 10 kit skill for high end gear


You will want to prioritize these stats in this order
and be sure to have at least 12ap and 6mp as a standard.

Most Fecas use Lucloak as a relic so supplemental epics would be Durable shield or Indestructable boots or Happy Sram Breastplate at endgame.


-very useful class
-can sustain in a fight with lots of block and armors
-supports a team very well and always needed for high end dungeoning
-high lock to control monster ai

-weak early game and can't solo a lot of content
-pvp fights take forever
-building gear alone can be taxing because alot of endgame tank gear is expensive and required for dungeoning.


Although I don't main feca, I like the class alot, but I probably wouldn't have gotten as far as I did if I didnt have help.

I'd recommend if you are a new player or if you don't have a guild to find one because leveling alone is very grindy and frustrating. Your class will not shine alone so it's recommended to find friends or if you can't... go get some Multimen or some Heroes HAHA

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posté April 26, 2016, 04:30:49 | #5
Guess my xelor is null and void... seeing as i was the first xelor to get to 200 on nox o3o

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posté February 23, 2016, 05:34:47 | #6

Quote (Sabi @ 23 February 2016 03:12) *
Hi everyone,

We understand that many of you were not able to grab the "Day 22" and therefore have reported it to the team to see which solution we may find to make sure everyone gets to enjoy this event as much as possible.
The advent calendar for us in the States cuts off around 5pm CT

If possible, could the advent calendar be set to work off almanax time? Even starting later would be better than having the day cut in half.

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posté January 25, 2016, 15:25:04 | #7
Shushu Transfiguration and Divination

Learn to transform your shushu and divine your personal shushu weapon. From Goblets to chainsaws, all are possible. Can you find a lil' shushu in you?

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posté January 21, 2016, 15:33:55 | #8

Quote (MrMunchkin1988 @ 21 January 2016 14:50) *
I think in Wakfu PvP is as far as i could see, not very important. I rarely see real PvPers. Its split into groups... here a bit Numbering with only my thoughts and guessings:

40% of Players have ever done PvP in Wakfu
30% of Players had done it because they wanted to harass somebody, no matter if he have done something or not.
5% have done PvP to stop eco-Terrorists
5-10% really like to PvP and search for others who WANT to PvP
90% skill for PvP

not to forget those players who just want the costume and trick the system to get orbs.

So there is a huge difference to my viewings from people who DO PvP and People who skill it like they maybe would do it.....

and i dont get it.... why do this people skilling themselves for something they wouldnt use? its like skilling AOE dmg while just using Single target.... cause i have 3 spells maybe i would use them in a few years!
if they change their mind and want to go up pvp there is an easy way... reskill as soon as they would do PvP. Or use the damn passive.

@ BlackMagus
yeah something like that would be great... maybe just a res bonus when fighting against player characters xD so you have to deal more dmg to oneturn. But i think if someone created something like a Multi PvP league.... maybe ankama itself.... 1 on one would become less important, and also the stat of ini

Honestly I hate how the recent pvp change has created kind of a confusion for pvp and pk...

essentially pvp has become pk and to "duel" we'd have to go to Ecaflipus to have a regular pvp. I think it has to do with how it was described and maybe even some loss in translation.

I guess a better way to describe the current situation is pk has become "National PvP" and true pvp can only happen at the arenas (which no one touches cus theres nothing to attract people like a marketboard or a special dungeon or new cool costumes obtainable through events like at trool fair).

and sidenote: we're still missing prims to use, a true Nation versus Nation where people aren't singled out, a guild versus guild, raid dungeon (which hopefully wasnt tossed) and a craft revamp 2years in the waiting. Not to mention I know some people were waiting on the marriage concept to come(not that i'd consider it) and maybe a feature to tell how long someone's been since they logged in so I can kick people out of my guild and friends list.

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posté January 21, 2016, 14:05:55 | #9
I'm a lil confused what this rant is about entirely... it seems like a big ramble on hating the init stat?

I can agree that regarding pvp, init is king. Any good pvper knows to stat and capitalize on init. I'd actually like to see some buff for people who will forsure start 2nd or last (etc)

Dungeoning as of late doesnt show an importance to init order like how early game dungeons required enis and even pandas to have certain initiatives.

Honestly... initiative is probably the least of your worries imo. Resistance is decreasing and plenty of people are staying behind with old gear because of resistances.

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posté January 14, 2016, 20:10:19 | #10
My Fellow Brakmarians,

Denizens of the shadows

It appears some people in our nation and even our neighbors show their ambitions and attempt to overthrow me. So I, your king, come before you this day to reassure you that I am an honorable man worthy of my throne.

This pitch black city of ours, riddled with our foe's blood, is unshakeable and to have outsiders come and think to invade us is inconceivable. In fact, we should conquer them because only the honorable deserve to rule whereas our neighbors are ambitious and I am an honorable man.

We will take the best land for ourselves and should any come to challenge us, they will get a blade to the back by me, because they were ambitious and I am an honorable man.

However if there be any man out there who believes himself to be more honorable than I, let him speak. I will show him proof because in this boowolf eat boowolf world, only one may stand at the top if by any means necessary.

We will march together to improve this nation as black as our souls and spill more blood!

Your King, an honorable man


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posté January 10, 2016, 01:50:19 | #11

Quote (IvanSouza @ 10 January 2016 01:15) *
Lets release something on 9th Jan, for 1 month noone bats an eye it is a Saturday...

Competence, you won´t find here.....
technically it was the 8th when the news first came out... if I remember correctly

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posté December 20, 2015, 04:35:10 | #12
you can use it to make the kwismas log.

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posté December 16, 2015, 05:17:15 | #13
anyone know how to obtain more keys?

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posté December 15, 2015, 03:13:21 | #14
well since the new spell is gonna be op, and since moon island for dofus had the ever popular moon hammer, i have to wonder if the hammer will come back considering these weapon buffs.

I mean one thing is forsure...i know newer players will enjoy using weapons to attack (cus I kinda roll my eyes seeing streamers attempt to use weapons for dmg when realistically they are currently for show)

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posté December 13, 2015, 21:01:19 | #15
Dear Father Kwismas,

This year has been a long one with many ups and downs and with Kwismas drawing near I thought I'd send a letter that might give you incentive to move me closer to the top of your "nice" list

Now let's get down to the point. I've been to your factory and seen the horrors... letting a Grinch in there! The poor Pandawas working in your sweatshop to produce your presents! I even traveled to your house only to be attacked by you and your reindeer; to think I helped you gather your lost clothes only for you to give me booby-trapped presents!

There is rumor that the magical Huppermages are coming to the world of twelve and I would like to see the transition go smoothly. That means they are NOT elves for you to manipulate in your winter wonderland!

I know that you've gone by many other names which I suspect is to hide your dark past. So I think its only fair that you owe me this, lest I spill the beans about your factory which would mean you would need to create another alias.... SANTA JAWS!!!

OH! ...

And if I were a Huppermage, I’d want my title to be… Soseki's Guard, and if my title is selected, I would like Albieroh, Nonje-marche, Streetchamp, Darkmage1, Whitemagicite, Multimediapanda, Feldepard and Nox16 to also receive it.



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posté December 05, 2015, 14:23:47 | #16

Quote (Raziel-Shadower @ 05 December 2015 13:26) *

Quote (xmetx-zero-x @ 05 December 2015 13:13) *

Quote (HateSpawn @ 05 December 2015 03:22) *
5 elements

Fire Water Earth Air Light.
So basicly; the other classes have a disadvantage. GG.
nope. cause u can't make a four build in equip terms
technically you could with pvp gear or using non elemental gear (such as only range dmg or aoe dmg...etc)

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posté December 02, 2015, 03:26:46 | #17
well last year we didnt need all the days

but yea... its still Dec 1st for me but im getting the 2nd question :L guess the advent calendar will be still be buggy as it ever was

I wish they would at least make the questions coincide with almanax in game cus the day extends off the day unlike this advent which starts half a day early

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posté December 02, 2015, 01:30:37 | #18
Can Ankama fix the time for the US players? XD

Not only did the calendar start late but it also ends in the middle of the day for us

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posté November 29, 2015, 15:18:27 | #19
Full Resolution:
100 x 100:


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