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IMPORTANT INFORMATION 27 June 2016, 12:14 By : [Flatops]

Update 1.47 in the beta server on 24 June! For feedback, post them here

Participate in the Gobbstock Festival contest for a chance at great prizes!

Changes on Ankabox: Warning: in order to counter a recent wave of spam through direct message, we have changed the Ankabox settings. By default, you will now receive messages only from your friend list. If you desire to keep your Ankabox open, please check your profile settings and switch the Ankabox settings to the desired one. Thank you for your understanding.

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Challenges & Politics
Discuss challenges and talk about politics (governors, clan masters, campaigns, etc.)
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Combat Strategy
Share tips and discuss different strategies...
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Discuss crafting & harvesting.
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The Ecosystem
Share your thoughts on Wakfu's ecosystem.
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Other Features
Discuss other features of the game.
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Write your own guides or try to find one that could help you improve your knowledge about WAKFU.
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Discuss and suggest additions and improvements to the game.
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Haven Worlds
Discuss about the Haven Worlds feature, share tips and screenshots…
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By : Yunru
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Heroes System
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On : Do I need a tank in my team?
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