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WAKFU July Update & Open Beta FAQ 08 July 2014, 22:01 By : [Sabi]

The Open Beta is here! Please make sure to check our FAQ page to keep yourself updated and find the answers to your questions: Click here.

For the account migration form for the Dathura International players to keep playing on Dathura: Click here.

The July Update is here! And here are the quick links to keep you informed:

Complete changelog of the update: Click here.
Server status during the update: Click here.
Bug Report Forum: Click here.

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Challenges & Politics
Discuss challenges and talk about politics (governors, clan masters, campaigns, etc.)
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Combat Strategy
Share tips and discuss different strategies...
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Discuss crafting & harvesting.
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The Ecosystem
Share your thoughts on Wakfu's ecosystem.
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Other Features
Discuss other features of the game.
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On : [Questions] Marketplace
By : semcorda
Write your own guides or try to find one that could help you improve your knowledge about WAKFU.
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On : Long Distance Guide
By : Element
Discuss and suggest additions and improvements to the game.
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On : Class Buffs
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Haven Worlds
Discuss about the Haven Worlds feature, share tips and screenshots…
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On : Haven World Sales?
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