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Captain Chafer's Panty Party
Captain Chafer's Panty Party has always been quite a curious event. Founded in honour of the well-...

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posté November 28, 2013, 17:27:44 | #1

Quote (Shaleigh1 @ 28 November 2013 17:08) *
Increases your chances for loot. Yep, p2w. Called it.

Quote (Dranmarth @ 28 November 2013 17:15) *
Except that they are letting subs test them for free each week, oh and the knight which you get from a quest, not P2W

Agreed, still no pay2win yet. Every player has the ability to take two sidekicks for free at all times, the Knight and the rotational Multiman, so there are no looting woes for anybody.

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