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posté April 04, 2015, 02:16:19 | #1
Krosmaster? The arena tables in brak have disappeared and after opening a krosbox in my inventory I can now only trash it?

What happened to krosmaster?

And what happened to my figure collection in wakfu...can't interact with the box in haven bag.

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posté April 03, 2015, 22:46:55 | #2
Thanks Sabi.

For me bug was intermittent, had multiple chars who couldn't access guild bank. Relogged, problem was still present, then waited 10 minutes re-logged again and kamas were on a char that had tried to withdraw them earlier.

As of now, bank seems ok.

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posté April 03, 2015, 14:10:57 | #3
The UB's are time locked to prevent people from farming them relentlessly and destroying the economy on those items...given the current level cap this is not a huge issue for current UB's, but this does lend a level of specialty for gear coming from newer content.

The purpose of multiple tries is to help people practice the boss. Many people used to simply avoid the content back when the level cap was 110, because the once a week thing was too slow for many people to pick things up.

Those of you complaining should realize the UB implementation now is a HUGE improvement from its original implementation.

Originally Moo was a random 48-72 hour spawn and you had to camp the area to get a hope of even fighting him. PK central.

Not to mention that in order to fight UB's you used to have to complete a mini-quest EVERY week rather than just walking in.

So stop whining.

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posté April 03, 2015, 02:32:23 | #4
Get an Aesof mace...Its just better.

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posté April 02, 2015, 21:09:19 | #5
An all dodge enu build is good for pve, but won't really cut it in pvp too many inherent bonuses on the lock classes so you won't be able to dodge freely when zerked.

Since we are so outmechanic-ed in pvp I'd say go for it.

The only real brain twister for your choice would be the purge/tax debacle.
If you are confident in your team play to get LOS then tax will offer superior damage esp at the 12ap level. If you are going with some weird 11ap build b/c you plan on zerking, then tax is def a good choice (an 11ap build using X2rasc and tax + something else meteor/ember gets higher single target damage than a 12ap build with rasc and purge)

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posté April 02, 2015, 18:17:17 | #6
GUILD BANK KAMA BUG. My guild bank will not accept deposits or withdrawals. This is reminiscent of the haven world bug from quite a while ago.

Please release all my kama.

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #846396  Replies : 12  Views : 903
posté April 02, 2015, 14:45:31 | #7
Consistent Performance Degradation after Battle Loss Anytime I lose a fight my clients fail miserably. On a win, the client chugs along just fine, but on a loss it is faster to force the client to quit and restart than to wait for the client to resolve the loss.

This is linked to the memory leak problems which have plagued the game since the change to Java 6.

Please fix your code base, this is miserable.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #846319  Replies : 0  Views : 145
posté April 01, 2015, 13:42:19 | #8
Victus Shell's healing abilities will outstrip most other considerations in almost any fight lasting more than 4-5're talking about +4% total health any turn you are below 50% and 8% total health when below 25%.
so say you fight someone who can do 20% of your health on a "normal" turn.

Turn 1 no effect.
Turn 2 60 + 2 = 62% health.
Turn 3 42 + 4 = 46% health
Turn 4 26% + 4% = 30% health.
Turn 5 10% + 8% = 8% health.
Turn 6.

So in this instance without other healing,Victus shell buys you one game turn. In addition, that sneaks you in to the second turn bonus (and ignores the possibility of taking the shield which would make you last longer by probably one turn.)

If you also stat regen, I'm thinking you'll score 2 extra turns to punish your opponent with healing stats.

(IF you are playing someone who can efficiently make you incurable (earth sac...looking at you then these heals get nerfed to heck)

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Thread : Foggernaut  Preview message : #845764  Replies : 5  Views : 1221
posté March 30, 2015, 22:59:43 | #9
All the runes are on the drop table. I think the base runes come from the booster pack drop.

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #844940  Replies : 2  Views : 269
posté March 30, 2015, 22:56:07 | #10
To one way of thinking resistance has perfectly level returns, but it yields those returns with diminishing effects.

As an option for a character

Final damage will always make you hit 10% harder than you would have hit before.

Final resist will always make you 10% tougher (in the sense of raw damage that must be produced to kill you) than you were before.

Because the elemental damage stats are so inflated through the most recent updates, resistance tends to have a much bigger in game effect than damage.

Either point is a clear improvement, but for normal characters the resistance will provide a higher efficiency for in game effects.

Let me explain with an example.

Let's consider 2 characters, who have not gone overboard with twinked/runed gear:

Assume we have a spell with 100 base damage.

Character 1: Elemental damage = 1000%, base resistance = 50%

Character 2: Elemental damage = 800%, base resistance = 60%.

Let's further assume both characters have 5000hp.

If Character 1 attacks Character 2. Their 100base damage spell will do: 660hp
If Character 1 attacks Character 2 with final damage their spell will do: 726hp.
If Character 1 attacks Character 2 with final resist their spell will do: 594hp.

If Character 2 attacks Character 1. Their base damage spell will do: 450hp
If Character 2 attacks Character 1 with final damage their spell will do: 495hp
If Character 2 attacks Character 1 with final res. their spell will do: 405hp.

So Character 1 taking final damage and attacking Character 2 would increase the damage from each hit by 66hp.

Character 1 taking final resist and BEING attacked by character 2 would save 90hp with each hit.

Character 2 taking final damage will increase the damage from each hit by 45hp

and Character 2 taking final resist will save 66hp from each hit.

Now as a second example consider characters who have worked on their gear, lets consider:
Character 1 Damage = 1000%, Resistance = 70%

Character 1 hitting Character 2 still does 660 hp per hit.
If Character 1 takes 10% damage they will still do 726hp per hit.

But now if
Character 2 hits character 1 with this improved res. they will only do: 270hp per hit.
If character 1 gets final resistance then this only drops to: 243hp.

At this comparison level we have:

Final damage inflicts an extra 66 hp per hit.

Whereas final res will only save or absorb: 27hp per hit.

SO...The conclusion is that there is no strictly numerical optimal choice for the build.

The effectiveness of one or the other will depend on what you intend to do.

If you are trying to gank people where your gear (especially resistance) is much higher than your opponent, then final damage will be more efficient.

If you are trying to fight even matches where your damages are comparable, you might find resistance more important.

One important note, the actual effect of resistance and damage buffs will be amplified by crits/backstab/revamped class mechanics so playstyle will also have an impact on efficiency.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #844939  Replies : 32  Views : 1881
posté March 30, 2015, 15:04:03 | #11
The MP thing happens on regular too.

Sometimes he just keeps walking and if you monitor his mp they do not go down as he moves.

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #844811  Replies : 2  Views : 337
posté March 29, 2015, 03:19:43 | #12
This is the way it was before.

What people don't seem to understand is that the resistance scales exponentially. The actual increases in performance (as total hp loss avoided) are logarithmic.

Your first 100 resistance is an honest 20% damage reduction.

Your second 100resistance is a 20% reduction of the damage you would have taken after the first 20% has been removed...which translates to closer 16% of the original damage, which is why in the respec room if you look at your final resist when you have 200 resistance it is 36 across the board.

(.8)^2 = (1-.2)(1-.2) = 1 - 0.4 + 0.04 = .64 = 1 - .36 = 36% final resist.

The final resist major point acted as a 10% reduction in damage beyond what you would have taken anyway. So Ironically, the more resistance you have, the less impact this point would have on your actual in game final resistance, but it would always make you 10% tougher than you would have been otherwise.

The final damage worked similarly, that point granted all else being equal you hit 10% harder than you would have otherwise.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #844420  Replies : 32  Views : 1881
posté March 27, 2015, 21:14:01 | #13
The drop rate is really low, but seems to be working after the stealth update.

If you have decent mining gear and are getting 2 - 4 - 6 pulls, one would expect to mine around 500 before seeing any rares, and with major cat fights you should expect to get more like 750 common ore before seeing the rares.

Getting 1000 before a rare pull is unlucky, but not unreasonable.

Seeing double that without ANY rares is pretty low probability.

If you get fewer rares than you want, but they are dropping, then its probably working ok.

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #844029  Replies : 8  Views : 515
posté March 27, 2015, 21:10:01 | #14
The locks don't exist anymore, but there is a uniform pp cap, at most at the end of each battle your pp is capped at +150pp this includes challenges, candy and equipment stats.

The invisible pp thing is dumb.

If you have 0pp then your drop chances are supposed to line up with the drop probabilities in the encyclopedia.

If you have +100pp then your drop chances are doubled.

Thread : Other Features  Preview message : #844027  Replies : 9  Views : 696
posté March 26, 2015, 21:47:02 | #15

Whatever little stealth update just messed with my updater has apparently fixed the issue. So thank you ankama gremlins!

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Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #843723  Replies : 8  Views : 515
posté March 26, 2015, 16:36:13 | #16
Rare resources. The rare ore Acid Syr.... in srambad does not drop.

I've gone through 400+ nodes and mined 2100+ of the base ore without a single rare pull. I've had approximately 10 encounters with Major cat, and have gotten 5+ rare spawns from various things on another account.

(With this many nodes the probability that they are ALL the regular ore is around 2%)

As was stated in another forum. The rare drop rate is too low. Either allow people to refine base resources into the rare ones at 100 to 1; make the appearance deterministic (i.e. every 100th node of a given resource is guaranteed to be rare) or raise the probabilistic rate to the old 5% we used to see for shiny silver.

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Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #843589  Replies : 8  Views : 515
posté March 26, 2015, 15:32:41 | #17
Thanks Picaro.

Even though I complain, I really appreciate you guys giving us something to compensate, java is a tough platform to make stable.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #843570  Replies : 34  Views : 2653
posté March 26, 2015, 12:42:11 | #18
Enus with +30 levels can do okay if they are superiorly geared and have ini.

Thread : General  Preview message : #843536  Replies : 12  Views : 1109
posté March 26, 2015, 02:49:58 | #19
go to the jonk of your nation. that will allow you to teleport to respec room.

only have 7 days from first login.

He'll get another respec at lvl 80. (that one is only 48hours)

Thread : Iop  Preview message : #843459  Replies : 1  Views : 948