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posté Today - 13:38:00 | #1
If you want to go water earth:



Nightspade/something else (I use shaker for aoe, but if you want a massive hit shady is nice).

Level other spells for support or branch into fire.

Go 10/6, stat crits, and range and get range gear.

This build gives flexibility water for long range and zerker for shortrange/melee/mop up. You go purge over tax because of the no los requirement. The damage differential isn't noticable until you hit 150+ 3purge approx 1 tax, and 2rasc is better than tax.

-Drhekyll and Hyde

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posté Today - 13:26:12 | #2
Harbingers of Night [Recruitment] You want a guild; I've got a guild.

Drhekyll and Hyde here. Harbingers of Night has guild and crafty bonuses available for anyone who wants to participate or just stopover before finding a 'big guild'.

I have +10% bonuses across the board (all damage, all resist, lock, dodge) and +5pp +5% craft and a pretty well developed Haven world located in Brakmar village. Always willing to help people out who have questions or to participate in dungeon runs etc. Usually play mornings est, earlier than I probably should.

If you are interested in helping out or would like to move your new players group somewhere with a home base pm me.

Drhekyll and Hyde, Drhelsing, Facedancer, Curdle, Armistice, Prior, John Henry, Loa.

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posté July 17, 2014, 16:39:05 | #3
Drop Rate Problems. The item drop table for black wabbits and lenalds appears to be missing. I've been grinding for over 4 hours using 2 enu's at +150% pp after fights and +200-300pp in fights and have not dropped a single item from the drop table of either family. Pre premium user patch i dropped at least 1-2 items (usually green rares) per hour. I am continuing to grind there, but keeping tabs on the fur I collect.

Could the premium "bonus" be bypassing/blocking normal pp?

(Other drop tables appear fine, I've dropped items/frags in srambad without any issues)

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posté May 19, 2014, 14:18:13 | #4
Yeah, blinding dye is easy I just started construction of my Level 2 Lab, so I'll plant a starter patch of blinding dye mats in prep. If I see you on I'll pm you as well.


Sorry I missed your pm today Northern chafers were being mean to me and I wasn't watching my chat. I'll have the blinding dye all set tomorrow (Wed) mid-day-ish so just try to catch me.

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posté May 17, 2014, 14:33:11 | #5

I'd be glad to craft spore boots for you, I'm sure you can harvest the mob mats, the other stuff is pretty simple.

I'm on Drhelsing and Drhekyll And Hyde most of the time now.

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posté May 13, 2014, 21:49:31 | #6
WTS Icecast bone set No fair offer refused.

PM Drhelsing or Drhekyll And Hyde

post here I'll try to get back to you.

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posté April 20, 2014, 13:14:54 | #7
If boss materials needed 200,000,
If no boss materials 100,000 will probably sell.

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posté April 12, 2014, 01:18:19 | #8
The bug acts as follows. Multiple characters enter the saharesh temple while in a group. The item chest opens exactly once, and the first character gets the item. Other characters that interact with the chest get the special item (jumping jack gap thingy) but do not actually get the ability to jump gaps.

So the issue is that the trigger for getting the item probably changes multiple aspects of a character, the inventory aspect is changing, but the change that actually incurs the ability to jump across gaps is not being transmitted. Since the item is registered as 'picked up and can not be dropped/deleted or traded, characters remain bugged since they cannot re-get the item.

A dirty fix, would be to wipe the item on each entry to the temple. This is annoying, but since you've made us re-do EVERY SINGLE FIGHT when we re-enter it doesn't change anything else, but would allow bugged characters to get a working copy of the item.

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posté April 09, 2014, 03:38:01 | #9
I can confirm this is repeatable, same situation; two characters collect jumping jack boots, but only one character gains the ability to use them.

If the temples MUST be completed solo, then they should instance for separate characters. Now that this item is bugged, it does not appear there is any way to correct the problem.

Also the amorphous boss battle is ridiculous. The tentacles are only occasionally directly targetable so single target spells are ineffective. Also the "root" state doesn't add any technical interest for the fight it just makes it annoying.

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posté March 24, 2014, 18:19:34 | #10
The bot fighter is awesome. I love it. Finally a carrot along with the stick!

Getting 40 resources for the interruption of the fight that should take a few seconds is a great idea!

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posté November 25, 2013, 22:16:45 | #11
You are so wrong.

"Perfect" is no longer perfect. They are taking a max +5 damage slot and replacing it with a possible +10 damage slot.

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posté November 23, 2013, 21:50:51 | #12

I haven't been playing at all. I have about a quarter of a mil more resources I'll just give you the next time I'm online. I'll Try to catch you tuesday morning and give you all the resources I've got, for no additional charge.

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posté November 22, 2013, 04:26:44 | #13
WTS LVL 7 GUILD with HAVEN WORLD Guild name is Harbingers of Night. Logo is blue and grey. Haven world is in brakmar village.

HAVEN WORLD has extra land, lvl 1 buildings and 8million resource points in bank.

Guild is level 7 has permanent %5 resistance (all) extra 5% res on fire and air, dodge, ini, +5% crafting, and almost 5000 guild points free to spend.

(Quitting wakfu, so monetizing items and time spent)


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posté November 22, 2013, 02:09:20 | #14
"In return" you make it sound as if the items were getting to keep are something special, when you've invented a system which surpasses them in every aspect.

"In return" I would like my old runed items which were actually tactically interesting (+80%-100% single elemental resistance comes to mind). Let them be exotic. Alternately use the server logs to to grant rune powder proportional to the number of runes players have smashed in an effort to work with the system that you claimed was "The bomb" on release.

I quit.

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posté November 22, 2013, 01:57:29 | #15
I would like to get all of the 400 lvl 8 runes back from when you guys ruined the system the first time. Thanks.

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posté October 30, 2013, 03:16:12 | #16
Earth, Firewall is perfectly viable.

If you use fire walls for environment control and earth for dd, you will do just fine. If you plan on using bombs for direct damage a mono fire build is better since you have to work quickly to make sure you discharge the bombs in ther correct order/time.

Going hybrid will limit your earth spell selection, so if you plan on using piercing shot fusilades, you are basically stuck with pulsar so as not to lose the all mp turn. This means you will only be able to target linearly

Pure earth, or earth-air combos give you more target flexibility.

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posté October 29, 2013, 14:42:48 | #17
Depending on your version of OS X you may need to do system updates as well as wakfu- updates. The current version of the game appears to be persnickety about java versions on Mac.

I had a whole host of problems when changing over to the new updater. Make sure you have at least 10.6.8 and you reinstall and restart after wakfu has been reinstalled.

Your edit can be interpreted as a positive response...or sarcasm since their were no replies before mine. You might try (sarcasm) (/sarcasm) witty comment here tags to help people out.

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posté October 18, 2013, 04:01:57 | #18
Read the updater threads.

You need to uninstall and reinstall with the new updater.

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posté October 16, 2013, 18:06:15 | #19
Earthquake is reliable, you are just using it wrong. (It's most powerful application is not to damage enemies.)

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posté October 16, 2013, 18:02:16 | #20
I bet you are running Mac OSX 10.6.8. If so, follow the directions below:

You need to download the 'new updater' which sabi/troyle linked in one of the update threads. Once you have the new installer remove the old app file and re-install.

This will re-install and get the update correctly installed. Restart after the application is completely installed, and it will probably update again. (Go get a sandwich, as the update process will take 20-30 minutes).

(FYI: The old updater crashes during the installation in OS 10.6.8, but the versioner thinks the code is up to date so you are able to connect even though your code is bworked.)

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