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Almanax 131 Octolliard
Al Howin's Day
The Al Howin festivities get their name from a Dofus-Era farmer. To create a buzz for the annual ...

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WTS List
posté February 09, 2014, 22:11:53 | #1
WTS List Hi Folks, I am selling the following:

Grou's Axe - 800kk
Magmog Set - 1.3mk
Phosphorescent Set - 120kk
Phosphorescent Headgear - 20kk

Leave a post on here or in my ankabox or catch me in game.

IGN: Bard the Bowman

Eccentric Moogrr * Member Since 2010-11-29
posté February 09, 2014, 23:21:40 | #2
I won't buy anything, I just like your name lol