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posté August 26, 2015, 13:44:25 | #1

Quote (rurumoj @ 26 August 2015 08:20) *
Hmm I think he may mean that it's doing Fire dmg but basing the %dmg off your water dmg stat.

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posté August 25, 2015, 03:43:55 | #2
Did some tests on fresh beta xelor.

The didlydoo is real.

So the hydrant damage tooltip is not accurate. Real base damage is 4 on lvl 0, 51 at lvl 160 and supposed to be 62,75 at lvl 200. That's about 25% lower then tooltip damage value of 84.

Hydrant's own position is taken into damage calculation, so its modified by melee damage and it backstabs from its own position.

As it does aoe damage its also modified by it.

And here comes the mindfakk. Hydrant's damage does not take into account your fire elemental damage, damage is calculated upon your WATER damage modifier.

So basically mono water geared xelor has 6 spells, 5 of which deal water damage and 1 fire, while mono fire xelor gets only 4 spells.

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posté August 22, 2015, 17:18:26 | #3
In my opinion the best costumes to preserve pristine fogger concept are merkator for tanky\robust look and transparent for squishy/gentle look. Also valkyrie works great for those female-fogger fans, if you match colours well.

Thread : Foggernaut  Preview message : #900757  Replies : 13  Views : 386
posté August 15, 2015, 11:49:57 | #4
The best thing in deck spell system - you don't have to replace anything, you can just add more spells freely, it won't make class op (well, if spells are not op). Anyway, why don't you like Inversion so much?

Thread : Feca  Preview message : #898572  Replies : 4  Views : 351
posté July 18, 2015, 07:07:36 | #5
It's really good to see a productive thread here! So, my thoughts:


Portal charge system is slow enough to limit map control and support role. Don't forget we are also limited by long jump penalty + maximum of four portals on the map. At the same time, portal cost is high enough to interfere in yet mediocre eliotrope damage. 4 ap for portals in first round is a severe penalty for short fights.


Add 2 uses per turn condition to portal spell. Remove charge system. Re-introduce charge system as a new passive, which also reduces cost of portal by 1/2 ap. This will add a possibility to differentiate support eliotrope builds, who will be able to use portals more effectively, from damage builds, who won't suffer damage losses from portal usage.


While the idea of current version of this spell is good, there are some problems. As a PvP portal denier it should be cheap, thus 1 ap cost, but as a PvE burst spell it should deal enough damage to be worth it's slot for long cooldown. The thing is, while damage per ap is tremendous, damage per 3 turns is not good enough to be worth a slot for such situational spell.


Add a usage attribute "consumes all ap up to a _ap limit", correct damage per ap accordingly. This will allow the spell to be a cheap pvp portal denier and worthy pve situational burst at the same time.

Torrential flux.

Current version of this spell is just plain bad. Damage is low, glyph is unstackable, sum of them is not really worth for 1 use per turn. If glyph will be stackable, spell would be overpowered. No suggestions at this point, but something should be done with this spell.

Will add more thoughts later, when I will have them.

Thread : Eliotropes  Preview message : #888103  Replies : 21  Views : 1445
posté July 01, 2015, 15:38:12 | #6

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 01 July 2015 15:02) *

Quote (bobbyboy2 @ 01 July 2015 04:44) *
Tbh the "nerf" to stasis was nessasary, sorry to all you hc stasis foggers but it was extremely strong and BC of that it caused almost all foggers to be stasis. In sure the main idea of the Hp loss for stasis spells was so ppl aren't just spamming them 24/7 to everything. For some reason now that there is more diversity to foggers everyone is butthurt about it...
we are butthurt because stasis was fun.
Stasis was fun and it wasn't overpowered, it was a "mob crushing" element, against bosses (who are equally resisted) competent dd classes easily dished out more damage.

Now we have severely nerfed stasis tree, which somehow got from long range to very melee and completely no use for tri-element gear on whole class.

What did we get? Pretty solid earth tree, almost no complains in this department. And darn idiotic fire tree. My complains about fire tree: Overheating is complete buldidliduit - for example you cast flambe 4 times. You get +0 final dmg on first cast, +3 on second, +6 on third and +9 on fourth. For a whooping 4,5 average final damage per cast. Also after wasting 12 ap on 4 cats you get +1 range which you can't use and will be lost on next turn. There is no possible way to use 2 range or to get 20 final damage, even if there is whole team buffing your ap. In additional fire, as the ranged tree, deals some minor dmg in melee around you for some really unknown reasons. And at the same time the only pure fire passive we get cripples all melee damage for 20%, making it/whole fire tree unusable with both other trees. For the icing dmg per ap for fire tree is 23/21/23/wp spell/21. Yes, this damage for linear uncastable in melee spells.

Active specialties are dreadful, except blockade, which will be nerfed anyway. Passives are so bad, that stuff like Inhalation and Evasion start to look really attractive though you don't need them at all.

Also now we don't have any fire related active special spell. Old fogginator used to try to boost whole 3 branches, now it works only with stasis. We got 2 neutral/earth specialties - blockade and flux, 2 neutral/stasis - microbot and cybot (you can use it for crap some positioning at least) and 2 full stasis - fogginator and motherfogger (although it relays 1 earth and 1 fire spells, you can't seriously claim it multi-elemental).

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Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #881294  Replies : 301  Views : 9092
posté May 29, 2015, 19:00:13 | #7
Swears and curses. Swears and curses. It's all I've got after today's beta update. No constructive critique for now, just swears and curses.

So, ok. I will try really hard to be constructive about all this didlydooing didlydoo from last patch.

1. So Torrential Flux got cheaper and its cast limit gone. Should be great, eh? But when you look at corrected damage you just cannot notice that it got down from 124 (20,(6) per ap/mp) for basic attack + 87 (14,5 per ap/mp) for delayed glyph to 84 (16,8 per ap/mp) for basic attack + 42 (8,4 per ap/mp) for delayed glyph. Also glyphs from multiple attacks do not stack, so you get 16,8 damage ratio spell for second and third casts making it literally THE WORST damage spell in whole didlydoo game.

2. Oh, the joy! Quake state from Cataclysm spell do stack now. But it's got separated from main damage effect. So if almost no-one used the spell for target + delayed damage, what are the chances that it will be used for separated effects with less total damage? At least allow us to stack quake on allies, or better yet get rid off of target damage at all for quake stacking on everything.

3. The Barrier + Transitoire combo. First of all, it makes completely no sense to have damage and glyph areas separated. Animation-wise it's even worse. It didn't make Barrier heavy ranged aoe nuke, if you compare it to Tempest, ranged Barrier had lower damage ratio and could even cripple itself with its own glyph if used unwise. Also as its glyph could count for map control tool, I think movement point was well placed on the spell.

4. Incandescence. Well, many eliotropes have counted on it as a damage increase specialty, how inconvenient it wasn't. I like new current design of spell, but I think it should be separated in two spells: one spammable situational portal nuke and another cooldowned pvp portal denier, something like taking damage per cell crossed by portal jump.

In conclusion. If you want to lower damage ratios for eliotropes to a support-grade class, I think you should provide eliotropes with more active ways to support their teammates. Portals are great, but with only them and few pushing spells eliotropes cannot provide team with support level of pandawa, sadida or sacrier.

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Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #867943  Replies : 84  Views : 4717
posté May 28, 2015, 14:31:44 | #8

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 28 May 2015 14:02) *

Quote (Blasting-Veles @ 28 May 2015 12:57) *
2) It has to completely ineffective while having dolls at field, to not ruin the balance and be unusable in doll builds.
How about no? Passives should not work against other specialities. Does cra have dmg decrease with beacons close? NO. Does Feca get dmg penalty from using glyphs? NO. Or maybe rogue bombs are making rogue weaker? NO. Oh wait so osamodas is weaker with summons? NO it isn't (it just doesnt get 1ap 1mp bonus from dragon mode, but its not huge loss that you want to bring to sadida).

I can agree to have dmg % increased per Control bonus in equipement, but i disagree to make us loose dmg when we summon dolls. Like i said its like making Cra have less dmg with beacons, wich is stupid idea.

I dont want my heals or shields to be weakend only because i had to use 1 or 2 dolls for tactical purpose. Heck i dont even want to loose dmg if i made blocker dolls only to keep one of the monsters away from ally. Why i would get penalty to my dmg from that? Does panda get penalty when it block something with barrels? No! It is even adviced to do that for Milkin It to do more dmg. It is same for the dolls and Earthquake spell and i wish there were more spells that give us more dmg the more dolls we have, not the opposite. Dolls are meant to be your improvement, not your penalty. We shouldn't think about removing all dolls suddenly because we'd need to waste 2ap per doll to do that and most likely wasting whole turn of dmg due to how low our Dolly Sacrifice range is in beta.

Think again!
Lone sadida passive concept is not of a general boost passive but a build defining choice. In new deck system all of passives are not mandatory but variables. For a two-edged passives check heightened vision and tir critique on cra. From your example pull the only thing would be correct about osa, and not a common osa, but a dragon one, who definitely gets a stat and damage boost from denying his summon capabilities (though not enough one, tbh). There are enough general passives that can boost your damage or healing capabilities (speaking of healing, you can't judge sadida's numbers without seeing eni's changes). If you would like massive unbalanced game-breaking buffs, you can always play some one person hacked/cheat ridden games.

As a general reminder: we can't really compare sadida's power to those classes who haven't appeared on beta yet. Also any judging of sadida's power should include having dolls on her side.

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Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #867425  Replies : 1032  Views : 21698
posté May 28, 2015, 12:57:18 | #9
Lone Sadida Sugestion
As we can clearly see now, all sadida spell numbers are balanced around having some dolls dealing damage/healing (every element got at least 1 doll). What it means for lone sadida passive to be desirable in such circumstances:
1) It has to be powerful enough to increase spell damage/healing to be competitive without dolls.
2) It has to completely ineffective while having dolls at field, to not ruin the balance and be unusable in doll builds.
3) It should make sense in build with other sadida-only passives (which are doll centered mostly).
4) With spell deck motto in mind (You can change your deck whenever you want) it should work well with gear choices of doll-builded sadida (control, I'm looking at you).
5) It should work in fast-paced fights, not in 3-10 turns. Most fights don't even last 10 turns.

So my suggestion is:

Lone Sadida - Increases final damage/healing by 3 (level 0)/5 (level 1) per control point. Decreases final damage by 9 (level 0)/ 15(level 1) per sadida's summon on the field.

This will make control points and control increasing talents useful in doll undesirable fights, won't allow to abuse far standing Ultra-powerful for increased damage (while allowing to have 1-2 dolls for utility without serous drawbacks), will work in every fight (even 1 turn one) and is powerful enough to allow to play without dolls and don't be very under-performing.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #867402  Replies : 1032  Views : 21698
posté May 23, 2015, 01:55:16 | #10

Quote (Dy7 @ 23 May 2015 01:33) *

Quote (Blasting-Veles @ 22 May 2015 23:32) *
5. Resilience and Transitoire are gorgeous, but their backstab/frontstab does not work or described in riddles.

Their backstab / frontstab bonus work but I think I misdescribed.

Resilience passive : you need to ends your turn in the back of your opponent
Transitoire passive : you need to be in the line in front of your ally

Is that clearer ?
Thanks for clarifying!
My fault, resilience didn't work in training room, but works perfect outside. Guess Mr. Punchies are backless.

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Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #865152  Replies : 84  Views : 4717
posté May 23, 2015, 01:10:01 | #11

Quote (Thannas @ 23 May 2015 00:22) *
Portal Celeste: 3 ap to boost portal spells by 25% (2nd rank) for 2 turns. Though the damage boost doesn't seem to be working right now, thats actually not bad at all. I kinda love it.

Effervescent is nice that it gives you 12% final damage simply when you use exaltation. This could mean going into our out of exalted state. Basically 12% on calm turns (woot).

Exaltation + Portal Celeste effervesscence + rampage... = Really strong elio. I'm not complaining for possible nuke builds.
It's not like you just use Pulsation on yourself and get a portal damage boost. You have also to throw 2 portals around yourself in such way they won't be useful at all as spell extenders. And it also basically wastes 2 portal charges. Try it out in a real PvE fight - you will see how awkward it is.

I'm not saying effervescence isn't nice (but it really could be nicer), I'm saying exaltation is plain bad without it. Exaltation on it's own is basically a switch in mechanic without any real gain (50 res for 20 final damage and -50 res) and with a whooping 1 ap cost that ruins spell sequences. Its not any good on it's own without effervescence and I find it bad you can't gain benefits from a special action spell without spending slot on the passive.

Exaltation (1 ap) + portal celeste (2 portals + pulsation = 7 ap) = 8 ap for 45% damage increase (only through portals). Not a hell of a burst, if you ask me. Also, spawning portals near you to cast pulsation on yourself almost guarantees they won't be useful at striking far away targets and in middle range if a spell can reach enemy without a portal - it will, negating any would be bonuses from portal celeste.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #865123  Replies : 84  Views : 4717
posté May 22, 2015, 23:32:10 | #12
1. I really like new passive for Cataclysm, but as quake now has 500 level gauge, shouldn't it stack from multiple casts? It would really make my day.

2. Exaltation looks really bad now. To use it effectively you have to invest into Effervescence passive, which also doesn't provide anything special. You can take Exaltation + Effervescence for 1 passive and one active slot and gain up to 32 final damage and -50 resists, or you can take Rampage passive for only 1 passive slot and gain 20 final damage and +50 resist (from permanent calm state). Yes, you would lose flexibility of calm/exalted, but you can easily pack your deck with spells which aren't affected. In total - generic passive looks way better then class specific mechanic of passive + active spells.

3. Portail Céleste is a really nice idea, but hard to implement in battle. In most cases when you are able to target yourself from portal you gain no range bonus from such portal placement and also lose 3 ap to cast Pulsation (thank you for no damage on yourself). Overall looks to complicated or not enough rewarding.

4. Disciple des éléments is a very neat idea for generic passive, not eliotrope special. While it doesn't match elios very well, it surely can spice up many other tribrid classes.

5. Resilience and Transitoire are gorgeous, but their backstab/frontstab does not work or described in riddles.

6. Barrier. Since new Transitoire passive and since Barrier does not hit allies anyway can we have it damage area match glyph area? Or at least change in fight preview area to exclude center cell.

7. All in all I do enjoy what I see in eliotrope deck revamp, especially a way to diverse ranged builds from melee, like Sublimation/Resilience. For future passives I'd like to see some improvements for map manipulation builds, like something for easier/cheaper portal management (no more portal charges/less ap cost for portals, non cumulative) and some more ways to push from portals or better pull.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #865062  Replies : 84  Views : 4717
posté January 24, 2015, 16:21:35 | #13

Quote (3xited @ 23 January 2015 19:17) *

  • Adding hidden combos.
  • Adding flying text when doing Combos.

I've found an "Ultimate combo(insert a lot of "o" here)", but I can't figure out what it does except animation.

Can we have an effect list (not how to do them) for hidden combos to distinguish bugged ones from working?

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #823548  Replies : 1624  Views : 83551
posté December 01, 2014, 09:36:43 | #14

Quote (Agosta @ 01 December 2014 08:07) *
There's no reason it needs to be moved to off topic. It just has no place being a sticky.
Exactly. As it's not justified to be sticky, there is also no reason at all for it to not to be in general discussion. Furthermore it even goes contrary to off topic section motto.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #803359  Replies : 38  Views : 2013
posté November 30, 2014, 11:34:46 | #15
So threads like Click here are classified as general discussion, while some nice and cheerful threads like "Wakfu reaction gif thread" are classified as off-topic (official description - Where you can talk about anything but WAKFU!). And for damn sake same people approve those!

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #802977  Replies : 38  Views : 2013
posté October 10, 2014, 02:34:43 | #16

Quote (Shadow-Frost @ 10 October 2014 02:08) *
Couple more tips for Thork and his Regen

His regen stacks up to three times, and is not based off the characters on the field (but it DOES proc once at the start of the turn of every character. In other words - get rid of non-damage summons when killing Thork). It is based off his artifacts which are laid around the battlefield. If you mouse over them, you'll see " Artifact - Thork" These are the ones you want to break to reduce his regeneration rate. I think the lowest you can get it is to 5%, by breaking 2 artifacts? Not entirely sure there, but it's definitely reduced by breaking artifacts.

The artifacts have 100 HP, so they're fairly easy to break - but! An even easier way to break them is to simply end your turn on them. Ending your turn on an artifact will break them instantly.

Good luck and happy Wakfu-ing ^^

Ah, I should mention - enemies ending their turns on artifacts will not break them. An ally has to do it.

Also...Bwork Dungeon has this relaly annoying bug where you are absolutely unable to do anything for a turn. I'm not sure what causes it.
Destroying artifacts by damage does not reduce his buff stack, only ending turn on them and only on green ones. You can completely negate his buff by destroying 3 totems this way. Mobs do destroy artifacts when they end their turns on them. All artifacts in that fight are marked as Thork's, summoned by him, mobs or players on penalty tiles. Please, do some testings or research before posting tips.

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 10 October 2014 02:12) *

Quote (Blasting-Veles @ 10 October 2014 00:09) *
If someone still needs a solution, I found it out.

It's a green artifact (don't confuse it with yellow one). When you (or maybe even bwork, didn't test it) end your turn on top of it (standing on the same cell), Thork loses one stack of wild regeneration. Plain and simple.
Ending turns on these artifacts usually lead to a bug where player cannot do anything during their next turn. I dont know if its fixed, but i am not gonna bother testing it as i have no reason to go to that dungeon anymore.

Yeah, that bug is still there and it's pretty fierce. I ran two times by single character and had to restart client in fight once in first fight and twice in second. Bless Ankama for combat reconnect, but they still need to fix range bug, though.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #786184  Replies : 17  Views : 1651
posté October 10, 2014, 00:09:23 | #17
If someone still needs a solution, I found it out.

It's a green artifact (don't confuse it with yellow one). When you (or maybe even bwork, didn't test it) end your turn on top of it (standing on the same cell), Thork loses one stack of wild regeneration. Plain and simple.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #786131  Replies : 17  Views : 1651
posté November 30, 2013, 22:52:16 | #18
Hello, Jerry. I've started my fogger long ago as fire, then switched to earth, and at last, about a month ago came to stasis. I'm lvl 123 currently. What can I say about stasis? I do enjoy flexibility of motherfogger, cybot and long range. What I don't like is complexity of it. Without motherfogger spells are linear, without cybot there is no aoe, and you have to waste a lot of ap to build both of them. My damage is nothing to be proud of, but its consistent on trash mobs and it makes it useful. Also, as I am not the prime damage dealer, I spared few points to improve my defence capacities through stasis flux and blockades. It allows me to save those meat-bags time to time, when our healer fails. All-in-all I know I'm not needed on UBs, but I find comfort in my utility roles, it would too boring for me to be pure damager.

Thread : Foggernaut  Preview message : #644175  Replies : 5  Views : 1521