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posté January 17, 2016, 18:52:38 | #1
Of course my comparison isn't reliable or accurate beside those spells I mentioned in it. Eni got spells far more powerful then those, for example 14 ap coney +double refund bomb is aoe healing beast, not to mention other marks. Oh and no sane person will take healing doll spam sadi into dungeon group. While theoretical healing output is great its just not playable. To control 6 inflatables you need 3 overpowered, and even if you don't take into account how to maneuver all of them effectively, they still occupy as much space as magmog.

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posté January 17, 2016, 10:28:15 | #2

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 17 January 2016 02:26) *

Quote (Hearttyace @ 15 January 2016 13:46) *
The guy above me got it right. I've been writing and making some spreadsheets to counter argue this with numbers and facts. But the base line is its not that other classes are bad at the roles, its that feca and eni are just better.

If you needed mobs, the need of tanks and healers become reduced to the point you just run full damage like we used too.

Anyways I'm debating whether to continue, because that post saying asking for additional difficulty is selfish had be wondering if you only thing your opinion matters.
Just curious, did you by chance compare Sadida to Eni yet? I'm curious how those 2 stack up. I haven't actually ran Sadida's numbers, but if there's any class that can heal as well as an Eni I'd imagine it would be Sadida.

Either way, even if you don't finish you should post what you have. If nothing else it'll be a big help for balancing if it makes its way into the Dev team's hands.
Lets assume Sadida's and Eni's healing spells are somewhat equal in healing output (comparing healing word to mudoll, invigorating word to sadida's tear and revitilizing word to rust). In residue we'll have eni got more healing options while sadida has shielding and more buffing/debuffing.

Now lets compare passive effects available to both classes. Sadida has Harmless Toxin (20%), Lone Sadida (32%) and Medicine (30%), which result in +105,92% total healing modifier. Eni has Massacuring Mark or Hygiene (15%), Absorption (-25% to +25%, normally in +15-25%), Medicine (30%) and Mass Aid, which adds 240% aoe damage, but won't be used in our calculations. So from passives Eni has +71,9%-86,8%, which looks lower then Sadida's. But Eni has one more trick down her sleeve - Natural Grace. Its a special in-combat only general buff which increases healing depending on party composition: "Heals increased by 5% per ally in combat". It increases total Eni healing modifier in full party to +114,9%-133,5%.

So equally geared Eni will heal around 10% better then Sadida (+somewhat more from 240 aoe bonus), while having more healing options and better resurrection. On other hand, Sadida has shielding, resist debuffing and mp removal. Also Eni's situational healing increase (Regeneration) is superior to Sadida's (last part of Wild Whispers).

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posté January 15, 2016, 09:33:26 | #3

Quote (Wakfey @ 15 January 2016 07:44) *


My first suggestion is much easier to test and implement than rebalancing specific skills like you suggested.

Yes, I know your first suggestion is really easy to implement. What I'm trying to tell you it wont do any good and only harm. You rant against fecas and enis being best tanks/healers. Then you suggest to lower the need in tanks/healers at all. Will it change anything in fecas or enis being best tanks/healers? No, they still will be best and all other will be even further out of league. So it will turn in one of two possible ways. No other tanking tanking/healing classes could compete with them for suffice result and they won't be the best anymore and will become the one instead. Or the need in tanks/healers will be low enough to skip them entirely and we will be back in square one, running full dd teams, while classes who can only tank/heal (or just can't deal enough damage) will become obsolete.

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posté January 12, 2016, 10:10:38 | #4

Quote (Wakfey @ 11 January 2016 23:01) *

You are simply repeating what Mishna, Reime, Seraeph, and EarthMinion said. They said high level monsters have too much damage, and I already said "I agree. I suggest the developers weaken them so we don't have to rely on Eni and Feca."

You should also learn to proof-read your writing, because your first post contains a double-post and you made a list without bullet points. It was unnecessarily hard to read.
Thank you for pointing me out that double posting, looks like it happened at auto merging first post with reply to your reply to Mishna, at which point I did not naturally check previous post.

The thing is not the monsters doing too much damage, but that they should be doing too much damage for us to even need to have a healer and a tank in party. I, for example, did most of dungeon content in game (when it was highest lvl content available) without having a healer or a tank in party for they were no more of a burden slowing rest down.

I really do enjoy having content which requires different party composition and not 6 damage dealer (or 5 + mover). In my opinion the problem we have currently with feca is not that feca is op (though feca is op due to immunities, but that is not the point) but that all other tanks are lackluster. Feca is the only tank who can do anything beside tanking while tanking (in form of very potent buffs/debuffs). Sacrier's and panda's damage while tanking are negligible in comparison with damage dealers, while sadidas and foggers literally do nothing while tanking only targeting ground or themselves. This makes the situation so sad that next in line of useful to party tanks after feca is kokoloss, accompanied with half dragon osa, followed close by sram with double. They both are not so good tanks as rest of tanking classes, but they at least can do plenty of things while their summons do tanking.

To make other tanks viable they have to increase their usefulness in party. For example make sacriers gain berserk damage/melee damage/final damage depending on how much of their shield value was crumbled by monsters last turn. Or make sadida a "tank creator", their shielding spells (when used not on themselves or their dolls) increase targets target's damage and resists by some amount. Power of two players combined in one.

Almost same applies to the healer problem. Eniripsas have both highest healing output and most unrestricted healing spells. While how much raw healing output is required to be a viable healer stays a question for a tiresome research of mob damage output, to truly rival eniripsas other healing classes have to have some unique healing/support perks. And currently they have little to none.

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posté January 11, 2016, 14:23:55 | #5

Quote (Rrae @ 11 January 2016 11:31) *
To start with the comparison you make is mute to the subject at hand, comparing raw damage output to raw healing output on a damage per turn:healing per turn per combatant ratio is a legitimate way to showcase hearings effectiveness in combat. It would actually be the optimal way to showcase a party members effectiveness in the party and is the basis behind healing and dps meters in many games.

Resist is a interdependent factor added in later as the damage/healing done is pre-modifier.

That is why resist is the issue with resist and healing, 80% resist multiplies the effectiveness of healing in combat by a favor of 5.

Its ok to compare raw healing of player to raw healing of another player. Its ok to compare raw healing of player to raw damage of another player in pvp. But you just can't compare pve player healing to pve player damage. If psykoko hits player for 8k out 10k per turn, it doesn't matter if psykoko has 100m health and player do 800k damage to it per turn, the only thing that matter is if the healer can heal up that 8k that psykoko did, because if not it will kill someone next turn. And no, healer healing 7,5k out of 8k that psykoko did isn't 100 time worse then damage dealer who can do 750k to whatever large this example health pool may be.

That is why you can't compare player damage to mobs in pve to player healing to players in pve and expect perfect balance to be present only if those numbers match.

Yes, it does affect pvp a lot. Yes, 50% player resist make first healing equal to damage (heals got half base of damage, remember?) and double as effective till any heal res comes into play on 75% player resist.

But it does not affect didlidoing pve not for one didlidoo.

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posté January 11, 2016, 10:29:25 | #6
Author's problem is he/she compares raw damage output to mobs as their resist grows to raw healing output to players with 0 heal res. That's as useful to actual gameplay as comparing key drop chances to crops plant chances. If you actually want to compare scale of usefulness of healing to scale of raw damage output to mob resists, you have to parameters for healing like that:

Mob actual damage output to normal/tanky geared player of same level (both in raw damage and health percent of player).

Percent of that damage a healer can heal (and knowing percent of target's health you heal up you get heal res growth per turn).

How many turns it gets to kill mob/boss to how many turns you can heal till heal res nullifies all effort (and knowing this you will get that bosses you can't damage every turn stress up healers a lot more then damage dealers).

Without that data you can't even pretend to compare low level damage dealing/healing to high level damage dealing/healing.

Quote (Wakfey @ 11 January 2016 10:29) *

I wrote a reply here. I'm sorry I can't reply to everyone because that would take a while.
Or you can reply in the thread you created and not on imgur and save yourself and us some time. Btw, that reply actually represents that your points are valid and well thought out for pvp (feature, as important in game as sidekicks), not for pve.

And yeah, your suggestion to apply resists' reduction to heal and shields in pvp could really improve overall pvp experience in game. If they can make separate mechanics for pvp and pve, that is.

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posté December 18, 2015, 01:19:28 | #7

Quote (Yunru @ 17 December 2015 23:43) *

Mass charm...well what range class would pull monsters to himself. Only good skill for tanks/melle that lack pull skills (line pandwa).

I don't think you really understand how mass charm works. You choose a non los target in range of the spell and everything in cross of 3 pulls towards it. So you can use it as ranged DD to pull mobs together to aoe them down, you can pull your locker to the mob right before mob's turn. As a healer you can pull your allies closer to each other for aoe healing. Also everyone can use it to save teammates from death cells.

As any mobility spell its situational, but the toolkit of the spell is strong and diverse.

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posté November 27, 2015, 09:18:30 | #8

Quote (shankissimo @ 27 November 2015 08:55) *
You lose either AP or MP by using the HSK endgame. Control is really important for Sadi so Withered is not to be underestimated.
Block runes go in offensive slots btw... at least according to [Dy7].
Yeah, rechecked his french message, you're right. Still its 20 secondary or 30 heals versus 1 block and its still sucks, imo.

About control you still lose 15 resist even if you have that doll out, and do you really need/have time to manage all those dolls as tank sadida? I think it heavily depends on encounter and 15+ more resist is far more universal (of course if you are not really short of control).

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posté November 27, 2015, 08:49:35 | #9

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 26 November 2015 19:18) *
P.S.: Consider investing everything into crit resist in chance, you do not get any secondary benefits from blocking hits anyway (and you can rune block if you got some OP friends to craft you metamorfrags).

No, but you do not exactly need it. Otherwise you can trade Happy Sram for a withered and gain 1ctrl and be able to have 12AP.

You cannot have max-tier resits and 12AP anyway. You must use either Accounts key or an Asse Shield to achieve top amounts of resist, both of them eat an AP, and so does Happy Sram Kimono.
You would lose 30 resists on happy-withered switch and even more on exotic ap relic. Imo, as a sadida, if you want 12 ap you can get motivation passive, as it doesn't interfere with both healing and shielding. Also I treat happy sram as a mp loss and not ap.

P.S. As far as I remember you can rune block only in resist slots, and 10 resist is 10x better then 1 block.

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posté October 18, 2015, 15:23:15 | #10
Loading stucks after password input.


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posté October 18, 2015, 04:51:20 | #11
That's... actually pretty refreshing point of view, thanks Blazak. Never thought of losing APs on epic/relics for range to regain them with chest piece/global passive. Though sacrier can't be a good positioner and a good tank at the same time, due how crucial carrier passive is.

Anyway, you are right, I don't want to be a tank+ positioner, I want to be DD+positioner. Don't look at my earth tree as coagulation stacker, treat it as self harmless fire branch. Yes, I use lonesadida and do know what moon gear are, the thing is I'm not sure how good single target can be if I prefer to aoe with tempest if its plausible.

Does it make any sense to go for range damage and be mono air? I'm not so sure of it, though there is no great distinction between highest and lowest resist on moon mobs.

What are comfort resists/health for melee characters (iop/sram/fire sacrier) to survive the fray of koko and cannibal dungeons? Or does it depend on having a really good healer (we have a masq as the only healer in our party)?

Oh, and by the way, how do people treat Bygone Hand? Does it provide enough damage to outweight the loss of exotic stats that cripple final build?

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posté October 18, 2015, 01:38:25 | #12
In need of a gear-wise advice Hello there my fellow bloody brothers and sanguine sisters.

I'm currently playing as agile air/earth damage dealer and positioner.
Here is my deck:

I like my deck as it is. Its versatile, great for ranged damage and map control, and with a smasher passive, I believe, earth can kick far more then fire (flaming is too unreliable).

However, there is a problem. I can't reliably pick a second damage stat. I use both ranged and melee and while spells tend to be more single targetish I just can't miss an opportunity to strike with tempest's sweet aoe or use lightning speed. Also, colonnades are great and only earth ranged spell.

In additional, with the release of new moon content, I find myself using earth less and less. Its just too dangerous to be near those psykokos and cannibals. So while it looks like I should have more resists, new gear offers less then old pieces.

And after all it looks like I start to fall off in damage terms, to a level of a greedy enu, in which I'm no really fond of.

So help me my brothers and sisters. Should I refine my deck to be more optimal for secondary damage? Should I just recklessly gear on into moon island pieces, hoping higher health will compensate resistance loss? Or are we on a weaker side, never to catch up dragon osa's and rogue's damage?

I will take any advices, but would prefer specific examples in gear or spell.

Here are my current stats and gear:

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posté October 15, 2015, 21:56:16 | #13
Sparkle Step Mina and all other characters on the same account on remington.

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posté October 13, 2015, 15:05:42 | #14
The worst kind of compensation you can imagine. No global restat for ruined characters (its more then just few points, its a ruined respec for everyone who gained 80). No extended trial for heroes. No dungeon tokens compensation. No guild progress compensation. Compensation for exp that wasn't even rolled back. And at last no vanity stuff (costume/decor/emote) as a token of excuse.

Ankama, you treat your customers like a dirt.

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posté September 08, 2015, 13:29:40 | #15
Xelor's Hydrand damage scaling is incorrect Character name: Every character
Date and time: Every time
Map: Everywhere
Server: Remington, Bwork(O_o)

Bug description: Xelor's Hyrdrand's tooltip states it's damage of 4-84 (4+0,4per lvl), but effectively works of 4-63 (4+0,295per lvl). Also it's damage scales from xelor's water damage and not fire.
Reproducibility process: It applies every time and its easy to calculate in restat room switching gear on and off.


As you can see comparing this two screenshots above, increasing water damage while keeping fire on the same level increases hydrand's damage. Also you can see that going from zero water damage to 100 doubles hydrand's damage. That means 55 (4+(0,295*175)) is base damage damage for lvl 175, and not 74 (4+(0,4*175)) as implies the tooltip.

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posté August 26, 2015, 13:44:25 | #16

Quote (rurumoj @ 26 August 2015 08:20) *
Hmm I think he may mean that it's doing Fire dmg but basing the %dmg off your water dmg stat.

Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #901882  Replies : 14  Views : 2297
posté August 25, 2015, 03:43:55 | #17
Did some tests on fresh beta xelor.

The didlydoo is real.

So the hydrant damage tooltip is not accurate. Real base damage is 4 on lvl 0, 51 at lvl 160 and supposed to be 62,75 at lvl 200. That's about 25% lower then tooltip damage value of 84.

Hydrant's own position is taken into damage calculation, so its modified by melee damage and it backstabs from its own position.

As it does aoe damage its also modified by it.

And here comes the mindfakk. Hydrant's damage does not take into account your fire elemental damage, damage is calculated upon your WATER damage modifier.

So basically mono water geared xelor has 6 spells, 5 of which deal water damage and 1 fire, while mono fire xelor gets only 4 spells.

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