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posté November 26, 2013, 21:32:26 | #21
Personally I think I have a fairly unique way of being a criminal and taking care of the ecosystem at the same time.

I clear an area after around 1am (insomnia, blessing and a curse) and then when people start getting online again I replant it. Since I have a smaller chance of getting CP back for planting I keep my outlaw status.

The only problem is that sometime people who are way higher lvl than me get on late at night and they see me clearing an area down to nothing, they assume I am being a jerk and just attack me without even asking if I was going to replant!

Granted I understand their position, I brought Jumpin Jungle in Sufokia down from 700 trees to less then 15 single handedly. Just as I got started replanting the whole thing I got attacked, I went back to explain and continue planting and they wouldnt listen, they attacked me again. I try to have my fun and be considerate of others, I pay just as much as anyone to play this game yet I get punished by other players who won't even give me a chance finish.

One guys seriously chased me out of bonta last night and told me he had made a note of my char name and would make me pay if he ever saw me in bonta again. WTF guys! Who is the real d-bag here?

posté November 26, 2013, 21:49:04 | #22
It's actually fun to see how worked up ppl get when you reap everything away.
Then hide and seek when there's several ppl sweeping the area trying to find you.
Also lot's of PvP. Also lowbies that attack you when they see you're an outlaw makes me laugh everytime.

posté January 21, 2015, 12:37:26 | #23
I always gather twigs and seeds for replanting.

I mean, replanting elsewhere of course. I'm going to destroy all the trees and crops in my favorite gathering area beforehand.

In other words...