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posté Yesterday - 06:24:09 | #1
Osa sub is Foggernaut.

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posté Yesterday - 06:23:29 | #2
Sadida =/= Lumberjack.

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posté Yesterday - 00:25:30 | #3

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 16 April 2015 03:58) *
Welcome Flipflops

I legit just tried to say flatops on skype to Hudski like 7 times and gave up and eventually said flipflops

I give up

Welcome, Fatflaps.

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posté April 14, 2015, 17:48:37 | #4

Quote (Nombre-Original @ 14 April 2015 17:34) *
Exalted State: Now reduces your resist by 50 instead of increasing the damage you take by 10% final damage.

This sounds like the same clarification they did with the Pandawa's Worn Out state, just to put that out there before people call this a buff to the class.

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posté April 14, 2015, 03:22:09 | #5

Quote (Madd1 @ 14 April 2015 01:55) *
If I recall, a moowolf down was lvl 40 instantly from the quest. I assume this is part of the reasoning.

They could lower the cap to 70s, I think the boss is beatable in that range.

I'm talking about more than one run per week, not removing the level restriction on these UB's. Sorry for the confusion.

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posté April 13, 2015, 22:09:03 | #6
In practice, the most convenient method for both the buyer and the seller wins full stop. In this case, that's the Marketboard. If Haven Bags are ever improved to the point that they massively overshadow the Marketboard, people would only use Haven Bags. No, they are not the same thing, but they accomplish the same goal and the only one that will get the majority of use is the most elegant solution to the player's problem of "How do I sell this item?".

If you had to choose between an apple that is ripe and ready to eat at this moment, or an apple that WILL be ripe and ready to eat - but you don't know when - you are likely going to want to eat the apple that's ready to eat already. That is what happens when you have two different ways to eat an apple, but one is clearly the easier and faster option.

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posté April 13, 2015, 22:03:06 | #7

Quote (-Celio- @ 12 April 2015 19:45) *
Outleveled pieces? well then don't do it.

I don't see how will be just better to get overlevel people farming the UB to sell the set in the market.

besides that, you are overestimating the speed of some people to lvl up, i know a guy that just conects one day of the week to do UB.

Okay, let's take this bit by bit.

If people are outleveling the equipment they get out of an ultimate boss by completing the ultimate boss in order to get the equipment, this is a dramatic failure of the role of the boss. You cannot tell me that it's ideal that people opt not to do them due to the fact that they would be a colossal waste of time.

Overleveled people already farm the UB and have been for a year. They're able to sell the set now, and have had a lot more time to farm these sets, and these sets are purchased because people are not doing the Ultimate Bosses, because it takes them so long to get the sets that they outlevel them before they get them. So instead, they purchase the sets from overleveled players. If you are truly so concerned about legitimate low level groups running UB's, why are you also (in the same post) arguing that they DON'T do them because the gear acquisition can't keep up with their leveling speed?

You also cannot tell me that the ideal is players from level 85 to 115 logging in once per week just to clear Ultimate Bosses and then not play any more than that for an entire 7 day period.

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posté April 13, 2015, 21:54:49 | #8

Quote (-Celio- @ 13 April 2015 21:50) *
But that is the inconvenient of not using the market, if you want infinite time and decide to place to sell it, you get the disadvantage of no one seeing it.

if were that easy to sell stuf in heaven bags, what will be the point of the market?

You seem to have a habit of conflating game flaws with game balance.

Haven Bags and The Marketboard are essentially two different means to the same end, and it is a detriment to the both of them that they fail to interact. This is not a balancing feature, it is a straight up flaw with both systems that they do not collaborate for the mutual benefit the way they used to.

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posté April 12, 2015, 14:06:47 | #9
Just for clarity's sake, I'm not talking about rebalancing the UB's in any way at all. Just unlocking the weekly limit.

Gelgy suggested a daily limit instead and I like that idea. Essentially the point is to loosen the time gate so that people can get in, get their gear and get moving on quicker so the lower level portion of the game is more streamlined.

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posté April 11, 2015, 15:50:40 | #10
Time to unlock Moowolf, Black Crow, Magmog? I'm kind of thinking about how, Moowolf, Black Crow and Magmog are level 95, 105 and 115 respectively.

The current level cap is 170.

It might be time to consider unlocking them and opening them up to just being farmed as many times per week as desired so that people can get in, get their gear and get back to catching up with the people who are 60 levels ahead of them in the same way the Shushu bosses function.

I'm just trying to think about what the benefit is of leaving them restricted to one win per week is at this stage of the game and really struggling to find a reason that's actually beneficial to Wakfu as a game and to the Wakfu playerbase, especially characters that are actually around that level.

Obviously the quest that pops up should be limited but let's forget about that and instead talk about the function, purpose, benefit and detriment of having Moowolf, Black Crow and Magmog as time-gated content at this point in the game's life. 

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posté April 11, 2015, 13:54:26 | #11

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 10 April 2015 22:15) *

Quote (AlisonRobin @ 12 June 2013 03:58) *
console peasants
Can't afford a PC and a console? Or can't see what good games are out/coming out for consoles? What a tunnel-vision'd peasant.

*continues playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, going to Smash tournaments, puts cash aside for FFXV, KH3, Xenoblade Chronicles X, etc*

Slow down or you'll burn yourself with the friction.

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posté April 10, 2015, 12:04:04 | #12
What's with all the necromancy lately

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posté April 10, 2015, 09:49:58 | #13

Quote (-Celio- @ 09 April 2015 12:33) *
wakfu in ps4?

so basically the same game but with less fps?

This post left me short of breath.

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posté April 10, 2015, 09:47:38 | #14

Quote (Nox16 @ 10 April 2015 08:07) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 10 April 2015 07:21) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 10 April 2015 06:27) *

Quote (pabrandon10 @ 10 April 2015 06:25) *

Quote (Nox16 @ 10 April 2015 05:48) *
such shameless self promotion.
I aim to entertain. Nothing wrong with that
never said there was anything wrong with it.
You didn't have to you implied it like you do with ever twitch thread.
you mean one thread the others ive only pointed out the self promotion.

That just sounds like shameless self-promotion to me. "Guys, don't talk about yourselves, talk about me instead. Meeeeeee."

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posté April 10, 2015, 09:46:01 | #15

Quote (Gelgy @ 10 April 2015 01:23) *
I've done it once and skipped it ever since.

Same here. Worth doing once just to experience it, but they made it really sluggish and dull since they "revamped" incarnam. Now instead of being a playground with optional guidance it's guidance with an optional playground :I

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posté April 09, 2015, 18:20:30 | #16

Quote (DemonicWind @ 09 April 2015 18:07) *

Quote (Neneko88 @ 09 April 2015 18:03) *

Quote (DemonicWind @ 09 April 2015 17:57) *
What about the people who accidentally gained those lvls/spells while transferring spell exp? Are they being banned as well?
still confused about 14 lvls extra or 14 Max spells
I read Hush's post just now and I think it's 14 spells at max level o.o
Yeah that's too much and people know they can't have 14 spells maxed..

I was confused because I'm 170 and not sure what the bug really was..
If it is 14 max spells, then that is a huge problem.
But I'm just worried BC when I was fixing my build from one spell to another I do remember having 14 extra lvls in a utility spell but it got fixed afterwards when I changed spells later on. I did not abuse it and I'm assuming a lot of other people where in that predicament and in that case a ban seems harsh.

It's based on severity of abuse, and I'm guessing it starts with "one extra maxed spell" and continues from there.

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posté April 09, 2015, 02:48:02 | #17

Quote (Hudski @ 08 April 2015 18:55) *
To be fair he could have also hacked someone's account 8 months ago and Support only just got around to punishing him for it today. You know how they like to leave people unpunished for years and then suddenly get in a bad mood and punish them.

How on earth did I know that this guy was banned for something else but it took them ages to get around to actually doing it? I've done such a good job that I'm going to take the rest of the day off.

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posté April 09, 2015, 02:46:07 | #18

Quote (LouCypher @ 09 April 2015 00:10) *
Exactly what the post you were questioning was getting at, that respecs could be handled differently and possibly the way it is done now was specifically meant to generate sales. I don't know that I agree it's just to generate sales. Who knows what they were thinking, but the current limitations on respecs can be very frustrating and I don't think there is a valid reason for it.

But it wasn't specifically designed to generate sales! There is no system that allows decisions where players don't want to respec, the system itself is not at fault. It's the fact that the only way to respec is grind for seven centuries or pay. Good fucking grief, stop blaming the wrong thing.

Are you aware that you're accusing the spell leveling system of being a marketing strategy to sell respecs?

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posté April 08, 2015, 23:32:35 | #19
I agree! I've been saying it should be a kama sink for years.

Quote (Gelgy @ 08 April 2015 21:17) *
The issues with the current spell XP system aren't about choices (this spell or another), but about the way spell XP is distributed. It's easy to end up with important spells under-leveled because a player dared to complete quests, or use an un-leveled spell for utility.

In a system where this doesn't happen, players would still want to respec. It's just the way the respec is handled.

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