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posté Yesterday - 17:48:46 | #1
they really should bring those into circulation... make them easier to obtain I mean. Hell, it's plain dumb that some of the stuff in question is only obtainable through an enutrofs pouch. If that's the case then they should occur more frequently... 10% chance normally would be great... 40% with a big pouch would be even better.

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posté Yesterday - 14:59:16 | #2

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 31 July 2015 14:35) *
Fights between 2 tanks is like fight of 2 rocks. One cant break the other and vice versa.

is like fight of 2 rocks. One cant break the other and vice versa

2 rocks

One cant break the other

B-but...a rock can break a rock...

well I've contributed everything I could to this discussion...

good day

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posté July 29, 2015, 23:57:37 | #3

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 29 July 2015 10:39) *
What about rose monster?
I heard it doesnt apply lead legs when its captured.
The devs did this to stop players from using low level summons. It was this weird and foolish obsession they had with the "sense of progression" nonsense that turned allot of fun content into useless or erased content.

For example early summon effects and effects on gear and unique gear properties. Now everything is homogenized but easier for the devs to control.

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posté July 29, 2015, 23:47:34 | #4

Quote (MereBytes @ 29 July 2015 21:20) *
100 million is easy to get even with legit means. Or 10 persons give 10 millions for HW.
Not that hard.
No one said anything about it being hard. Nothing Is hard. Everything takes time. Any player could gain that amount of kamas, it's true.

However it varies from player to player in how long it takes to achieve those gains. It's all about time.

Casually chiming in for barely an hour each day shows slow returns, as it should. Coming in moderately every time and being proactive in your game play can get you far.

You get what you put into the game. How you manage your time and resources will effect how rich you are in this game.... in any game.

Take me for example. I Am dirt poor but that's because I squandered my resources and just don't have the time to play, or rather I haven't made the time to play.

Either way it takes time to get a haven world if you are just chiming into the fray with a fresh yet stable guild. You won't see a haven world coming under your belt any time soon.

It's best to band together with another guild and share a world if at all possible.

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posté July 29, 2015, 21:12:04 | #5
Not every guild will get a haven world. Not every guild even needs a haven world.

Besides the buffs to character stats, what do have guilds even do for a player?

It's a community effort and a "fun" project for people who like to farm and one heck of a creative outlet that is for sure.

However, it's a ton of effort and under the wrong hands it can cause allot of unneeded stress and strife amongst members.

Hell, getting the kama to pay for one alone is a huge guild effort and can cause the same amount of internal conflict.

It's not something for those who are half hearted about it. The fact that there are old ones up for auction now is proof enough.

Shoot, if it wasn't for the fact that I still play this game, my guilds haven world would be up for auction too.

It's a big responsibility and the leader of a guild with a haven world has to take the reigns and direct the guild in a new way once they get into building up the guild and haven world. Not everybody wants to deal with tossing kama and materials into an invisible hole in the wall that magically converts raw materials and kama into buildings and buffs.

Prices the way they are in Remington really sucks but there is little that can be done about it...

guilds will just have to unify and pool their Kamas in an alliance and use the haven world's togethet... like the developers originally intended.

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posté July 29, 2015, 15:21:53 | #6
I'd love nothing more than to see new costumes show up...

Too bad the marketing team is so money hungry that they make purchasing new costumes a punishment in the form of a gamble.

Flatops, if you can relay something to them just let them know that their first mystery box for costumes was the best one because it was not only priced nicely to entice a purchase but it was also full of NEW and sought after costumes. The newer boxes recently have been full of some nice but also pitfall costumes.

PS. let them know that linked costumes do not belong in a mystery box, it makes the odds of people purchasing them even less likely, but some tools may still buy them out of gamblers spirit (500 fails and 1 success is still a success attitude...which isn't a bad attitude honestly)

I really appreciate it, thank you

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posté July 28, 2015, 23:34:50 | #7
I did say "most" summons are squishy didn't I?

Also, you can complain about culler all you want.

If some one wants a tofu to have 1500 hp and instead 300, I don't see why you'd care at all.

Remember, Roku's idea is for "Low Level" summons having the same Hp.

It's a scaling system where a summon would gain hp based on its level in comparison to the osamodas summoning it.

Nothing wrong with that at all since summons closer to the level of the osa would gain next to nothing in terms of Hp.

If people like certain lower leveled summons and can find a use for them in their game-play for their enjoyment, why fight it by complaining about the high level summons that are "overpowered" along with the osa's mechanics?

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posté July 28, 2015, 03:12:51 | #8

Quote (kristinleo @ 27 July 2015 23:13) *
People are crying for nerf about the live osa. and u want more buff.. Do u even know how the abuse with chief crobak. if it gets bonus hp gg immortal osa
I hope you realize that you come off as silly.

What rokugatsu is implying will change osa game play only esthetically. It just makes all summons have a viable pool of hp.

That being said please remember that hp means next to nothing if their resists are dirt. Summons... most summons are very~ frail and squishy.

His idea would just allow a summon to survive a hit or two before being tossed in the grave.

I would love it if a summon could benefit from the osa's resists a little... but that's just something to think about... take it with a grain of sand and understand that summons being overpowered is not as important as diversity amongst osa's.

As it stands most osamodas whips use the same summons for the most part based on the linear progression of the game... rather dull since there are plenty of creatures to capture but only a few are viable at certain levels.

Roku's idea will create a huge amount of diverse choices that odamodas whips can use to recreate the summon osa's game play and strategies with early summons under their belts.

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posté July 26, 2015, 05:27:55 | #9
allot of restrictions in place, in the event, to prevent jank simple strategies that work.

Somewhat legitimate honestly. At least it'll be entertaining to watch... we can spectate right? I haven't bothered but I heard you can't...which is weird.

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posté July 26, 2015, 02:08:41 | #10

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 26 July 2015 01:07) *

Quote (Forunia @ 26 July 2015 01:06) *
I don't know about anyone else but I feel this issue is ruining the game.

Hooks is back.

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posté July 25, 2015, 21:50:44 | #11
It'd only take you a minute... maybe less, to find out this info for yourself.

But I'll let you know that it is, indeed, free.

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posté July 23, 2015, 06:46:16 | #12
"merit" is a bad system in the first place with how it is one should gain merit for jumping people in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Who's passing out "merit" like it's pennies from heaven just because you beat up some poor goon while their pants were down (wings were up)?

The new ecaflip arena should be the only places where you should be able to get merit. Organized pvp is a great thing.

What we have currently is nothing but a prize system with limitations on who can attack whom. Nothing else.

If you want to attack some one you need to slap a pare of gaudy wings around your name. I miss the old system so much it pains me.

We can have both, it wouldn't change a thing. Except prizes now though for people who actually care about the abysmal "pvp" system that's in place.

Just wait for the government revamp...once nations get fleshed out you can except there to be some real interactions among players. The past interactions were petty but at least they had more to them than whatever ...this is currently.

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posté July 21, 2015, 16:30:58 | #13

wishing you many more in the future too~

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posté July 18, 2015, 03:36:26 | #14
Mascot costume shouldn't even be in promotions like mystery boxes anyway. Anything linked should always be a stand alone item.

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posté July 17, 2015, 14:20:55 | #15

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 17 July 2015 10:05) *

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 17 July 2015 00:03) *

Quote (Lukinerx @ 16 July 2015 22:05) *

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 16 July 2015 18:02) *
they need to be bigger.

Ankama isn't adding more HW hubs to new area cause they would make server load problems so this way lots of guilds are fucked up and have no chance for their HW and you guys wanna make current HW bigger?

no chance.
At least 2/3 larger, yes. Double the size would be acceptable, too. It'd be good experience for their programmers to make it stable, as well.
They really don't need to be bigger. I'm in a guild with a fully expanded HW and there's more than enough room if you budget the space well.

Unless you have every pointless 18x18 building you should have more than enough for whatever you need.

but is it aesthetically pleasing to look at? I'm sure that it is visually appealing since you have to deal with the space you are given in a way that you decide, but with such limited space, it'll no doubt be more compact than you would have liked it to be. Especially considering all the things you can add in a place that is called Haven "World". Implying an expansive and ever developing space... I'd rather we have skin options and themes for the worlds skies and grounds myself though....and music options too. So many great tracks in the game and it'd be nice to customize a haven world in more ways then just placing things on the ground.

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posté July 17, 2015, 14:09:07 | #16

Quote (-Celio- @ 11 July 2015 16:40) *
So, i just did nations chapter 1.

huh, a dragon? I mean i doubt it, but sounds fun enough for me, i just need to wait 2-3 months more. ()

Ah, btw, i have another character that i want a sidekick insead of the evil power rangers.

Freaking badass desing, but i have to get the "exactly the same characters 5 times"

Giant Granbo!  

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posté July 17, 2015, 05:23:52 | #17
good luck and allot of wasted hard earned money... or dofus shenanigans, but who goes through the trouble these days?

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posté July 16, 2015, 18:38:06 | #18
wouldn't be so bad if the other costumes in it weren't crappy~ With a chance to get some that you can't even sell or trade to boot...

Thread : News  Preview message : #887622  Replies : 79  Views : 1942
posté July 16, 2015, 16:22:22 | #19
the first mystery box they ever made was great because it had a bunch of new costumes in it and mostly every costume inside was really nice and worth the buy as well because the price was fair too.

We need more boxes like the first, where there is actually decent things inside it.

This box is full of old and sub-par costumes with one actual gem in there.

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posté July 16, 2015, 13:23:33 | #20

Quote (BlackMagus @ 07 July 2015 14:29) *
The scrub - been playing for years and is still bad

Frantically waving hands in the air with a look of shame on his face~

that's me alright, nail on the head...or coffin, your choice.

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