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posté January 03, 2017, 21:45:01 | #1
I dunno, Blinkyyy, the system is kinda bad actually. Character balance aside and moot, what we have right now is organized chaos, rather than an actually well designed pvp system. Pking with prizes and stalking and skulking around rewarded for what reason again?

However you are right that the focus of pvp needs to be shifted from 1v1 to team pvp.
That involves making it so that team pvp is more rewarding than 1v1.

Not only that but we also have to address the pking situation in the game. I'm for keeping it intact but I also favor not giving people any kind of rewards (pvp based) for conducting in the pking side of pvp.

All rewarded pvp should take place in the arenas.

Any government/ guard v outlaw shenanigans need a separate citizenship point based system rather than the merit and glory orbs of pvp. The rewards and citizenship situation need to be useful for the nation side of the game that needs a desperate rework. All of that is pretty words though.

Anyway, personal disputes and down right petty conflict pking should grant no rewards to anyone regardless of their pvp status.

more on this later..also on my phone.

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posté December 30, 2016, 18:34:42 | #2
oh my god the tears rolling down my face, thanks I needed to see something like this today~ got fired so was feeling down. This made my ffrown pull a full 180 XD

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posté December 24, 2016, 22:03:38 | #3
Still, static summons with roles for osamodas would honestly be the best thing for the class from the developers perspective.

Wouldn't be too bad if they'd let us catch summons to change the appearance of them.

Most summons already only serve one or two roles anyway. It honestly wouldn't be any different from what we already do, with how linear summon progression is now.

Roles aren't bad, Neneko88, only the options given to those roles dictate whether or not the summon is fun to use or not. I still think dolls need to do far more. I still feel like trees and bramble plants need to be a thing...
Hmm... ah brakes done.... brb... merry kwismas BTW '3'

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posté December 24, 2016, 15:51:25 | #4

Quote (Avryn @ 24 December 2016 06:23) *
I've been playing Osa since 2012. I continue to play it through all the changes, but we've moved past what I consider to be my "favorite version". However, I have and always will be opposed to having our summons limited to a tofu and gobball.

The things I've loved from all the various incarnations though;

* Being able to summon 2x very strong pets
* Not having to worry about Control as a stat for summoning pets (read: current version)
* Dragon playstyle being fully separate from Summoning
* Not having to stock pets because they are removed from the Gob when they die
* Having pets that get angry when you get attacked
* Always having direct control over the pets instead of having to depend on Possession (read: current version)


The problem with all versions has been that they try to force Earth to be the "defensive pet buff" type - which is largely useless seeing as how pets only ever take damage as a consequence, and are never really singled out as a tank-substitute. The current version with 1 pet is fine so far I think, but I think pet buffs should have a standard duration of 2 or 3 turns, with options in the passives to make it last 1-2 extra turns. Long fights make me feel like all I do is buff my pet, and never really get to do much damage on my own.
multi summoning is a lost art form....I miss my whirly army Q^Q

I don't wanna deter from the original topic too much by talking about osa this much so I'll keep it short and say that I actually wouldn't mind a set summon situation now.

A few years ago I'd say, no way, let me stay pokeosa please. However as new content gets released and priorities of "progression" take over quality of content (yes monsters you can capture are content) forcing players to choose their summons in a linear way.

Overpowered summons abilities being stripped is the worst way to balance content. Nerfing it would be fine but outright getting rid of it is awful. As they are now, summons with real abilities are rare. it's all about Damage and healing now rather than actual true diversity.

The synergy of multisummoning monster families is gone since we are limited to one at a time now. The class has had its highs and lows with how the developers want the summoning aspect to play in battle. From many to now one, it just isn't the same. Unfair combinations are to blame for that though.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still feel like a large number of monsters still have plenty of uses under late game like the baby crobak from chillberg and its nice utility. However as the game progresses we've seen less and less utility monsters like those being available to capture.

We can all pretend that we have a choice when it comes to our summons, and we do. However, like with the spell deck system, allot of our "choices" are superficial. We don't really have allot of options when you think about it since the changes have always favored what is "efficient". We can bring whatever we want, but why wouldn't you bring the absolute best thing you could?

The days of tricky jank tactics like crobak tornado walls are over (to my dismay). Power and staple support trump the utility that comes with the summons of old (for those that still have their abilities anyway). Much like with classes there is a clearly defined "meta" for our classes summon choices. We can feel unique and quash our own damage potential by doing so. Or we can just do what everyone else is doing and pick what works the best no matter what situation arises, and be boring and predictable with centralized choices that everyone will choose.

With static summons we'll loose the game within a game aspect of pokeosa but also gain stability in our class and finally achieve a balance that the class has never had before. Fusing with those 3 (preferably 4 to even out the elements) summons with symbiosa would be ideal.

The three (or four) roles of the static summons would be damageXdebuffer/ tankXsupport/ healerXsupport/ positionerXdebuffer.

Someone had the idea of keeping our ability to catch summons of any kind but it would be superficial and only for appearance because then we would have the option to put those creatures into one of the roles of the static summons. When we capture creatures most of their abilities are stripped and nerfed anyway (prechillberg sans boohemoth).

I'd also welcome a change like this since, it brings out the best form of balance they could finally achieve for our class and make it easier to balance entirely for the development team while also finally allowing us to technically catch everything in this game since capturing the monsters would now just be to give your static summon a new skin rather than an overpowered creature. Ever wanted to snatch up The Golden Scaraboss but missed out on being able to do so in the open beta days?

Well now you can, only it isn't really him but it sure looks like him. Being able to capture the likeness of creatures is what I would love to see honestly. Summon roles past special utility summons like chillbergs crobar and whisper standard will always center around damage, tank, healer, and support anyway. So why not just cut out the stuff that they'll balance out with each patch anyway?

It's a change I'd like to see implemented, but only if they make those 3 (preferably 4) summons abilities and attacks interesting. With the change I'd honestly think that merging with them wouldn't be necessary and we could keep our current dragonosa. Gobgob needs a change for the better (I'll spare that for another day to keep things short) and allowing us to summon 2 summons at a time ( a throwback to our god Osamodas and his two dragons) wouldn't be too much to ask for since the devs could potentially finally balance us properly. However, forcing us to having one out at a time wouldn't be too bad if they would be pretty good/ fun to use.

tldr;? -------------------

This is the SHORT version of what I originally had in mind. It's summarized with a tiny bit of fluff for context.

However I'll shorten it even more.

Static summons could be great but only if they let us:

Alter the appearance of our summons by allowing us to go out and capture any and all monsters including bosses who would serve as the skins of those summons.

Make sure that they don't give static summons the Doll treatment and make them singular and boring (it works for dolls because they are dolls and not living creatures and there can be allot of them)... Make them actually interesting.

if they allow the cosmetic option I suggested and keep the gameplay with them interesting rather than linear it would be fine to have static summons.If they allow the cosmetic option I suggested and keep the gameplay with them interesting rather than linear it would be fine to have static summons.

This is just an opinion though so yeah... thread derailed? nah, most will ignore this long strip of nonsense.

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posté December 23, 2016, 15:08:20 | #5
thank you so much for the gift ^ 3'

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posté December 14, 2016, 10:57:27 | #6
this game is actually pretty addicting ... needs more music variety in terms of intensity but the time really does fly when you're playing. By the by... Xelor is busted :T That craps not fair though his archetypes cards have higher costs than most.

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posté December 11, 2016, 17:57:00 | #7
embellishment! what time is it where you are? I'm sure it's not as empty as all that but honestly if you're anywhere but hotspot areas in the game, you won't see much people anyway. he world is large but the playerbase is small.

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posté November 24, 2016, 21:46:07 | #8
farewell ... thanks for always being as open as possible and vocal in our community. You'll be missed ^v^

Best wishes in the next project  

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posté November 09, 2016, 22:01:08 | #9

Quote (RainyNight @ 09 November 2016 21:05) *
ugh.. god dammit, why people are always complaining? if you dont like the finishers, dont fucking use them. if you dont like the game because you lose stats/ability because you dont wanna use it, leave the game. if you prefer standing in your room doing nothing cos everything has flaws like this, go do it. "reality sucks. thats why I dont interact with it. everything has flaws." this whole attitude is so stupid it would be awesome actually, if it happened somewhere else than in our world... or what am I not understanding here?
To be honest you seem upset for no real reason.

The topic evolved passed simple critique and became constructive and plenty of good ideas popped up from it.

Class finishers for instance are a good idea. The idea of finishers are conceptually awesome. However the current finishers are tag in attacks, that while they are animated wonderfully, they lack engagement by the player using them since it's an attack from another character besides your own.

They brought up good points for the team to look at ad they continue to flesh out the idea of finishers.

Just tip of the iceberg was shown with what we have currently ♡

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posté November 02, 2016, 06:21:37 | #10
hopefully your case could be settled by someone competent...but support has never really been a shining example of efficiency.

It's sad to see another supporter go... they could easily un-ban you but we all know how inept they are at doing things that any human would do when they've wronged someone.

At least apologize, Flatops... It's the least you could do... It's not your fault that things ended up this way, but still.

Trying to personally push his case would be nice too. I mean, we all know how little power you community managers have when it comes down to important stuff like this, but to say that it's completely out of your hands without even trying to see how far you can effect the situation by speaking with someone with actual authority is just an excuse.

you'll be missed, but if one day you are able to access your account and play again, I look forward to it. I hope you can.

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posté October 31, 2016, 02:21:20 | #11

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 31 October 2016 01:35) *

Quote (KKthulhu @ 30 October 2016 21:53) *
Whether that's flaunting your achievements, pking your enemies, or if your boasting in politics. The community keeps the game alive for you.
If this are the reasons players stay on Wakfu then I can see why the community is dying, those reasons are selfish and only serves to please themselves and not to please others.

Think of the greater good instead of your self interest. Do not ask what the community can do to make you happy, instead you should think what you can do to make the community happy. The community should not keep the game alive for you. You should keep the game alive for the community.

Just imagine if you are a new player and the moment you step into the game you intermingle with old players who flaunt their achievements, PK you or boast of their politics. Would you stay? What is there that will make new players stay? Your post highlights why new players don't stay.
I think you missed something there.
what KKthulhu means is that the "Community keeps the game alive for you". You can't just choose a single portion of someones post and not consider the rest of their statement silly.

Here: Quote
Without community willing to help them, these new players cannot gain new information and learn about the game that they are interested in. And if the community dies down because it's lost players and no new fresh faces have come into the field, then the game dies for many of the veteran players.

That's the nice chunk you missed that supported the rest of KKthulu's post.

Anyway, an active community is what keeps the game alive. and that's true. You're correct that everyone doing their part will positively impact the server as a whole. however, don't make the mistake of assuming people do these things from the goodness of their hearts or for something as pointless as the "greater good".

If a players gameplay experience will be 100% better by actively making the community a better place for other people and in turn for themselves, then of course people would do something for the community since it would directly affect them as well.

Selfish motives that benefit others are seen as unselfish. Even though people do nice things for others for their own merit and wants rather than just for being "nice". Take me for instance. I help folks all the time but not because I am selfless, but because seeing other people achieve something brings me great joy. However I don't seem to think much of my own achievements at all and they mean next to nothing to me. I get employee of the month = "meh". A co-worker gets it and I'm flapping around acting like a dummy all proud of them and's weird. Enough about that though, it doesn't matter.

Point is ... yeah we all need to make this server thrive. Ankama devs aren't playing this game with the community, we are. So we can't really think much of their lack of efforts to make things livable anymore if we aren't going to put in extra effort. Though others can chime in and ask "why should we?" and I ask why not? Got nothing better to do than log in and complain at alma or the forums? Might as well help someone and put that energy into enriching someones gameplay so that they can enrich yours as well.

Not directed at you but at people being negative to this topic just to be contrary for being contraries sake.

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posté October 20, 2016, 20:32:46 | #12
Yay! Something for me to throw my food money at!!
Eating is for squares anyway

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posté October 17, 2016, 18:51:13 | #13

Quote (Neneko88 @ 17 October 2016 17:18) *
But most people don't like pvp

Most people play for fun. If dungeons were fun you wouldn't hear people complaining that they're at level 200. It's because dungeons are not fun that people complain.

After level 200 there's still runes, epics, relics and crafting level 170+ equips

So there's still a lot to do after level 200

Wakfu has and will never have pvp rules that make sense. Wakfu pvp is griefing and nothing more. It has no real rules and people just run back 2 seconds after they die (and I don't think ankam is smart enough to change that)
of course there's lots to do, but once they are done they are done. Leveling spells is also on that list of things to do at cap.

People do play for fun...I assume everyone here is here because the game is fun for them, or was and are hopeful for a revival in the near future.

People like pvp for fun too...some like to pk for fun as well. Giving players the tools to interact with one another in many different ways is this games highest charm.

Best way to keep everything but standardize combat between those who want to fight fair and differentiate them from those who want to be a jerk would be to split pvp as open (pking,wars,guard vs outlaw) and structured (arena combat, duels).

Limiting where ranks and merit are distributed and dictated is a fine start to having a decent ruleset for pvp. It's like a boxing match and a street fight style rule where combat in the arena is rewarded (boxing) and combat anywhere else is just petty stuff/pking (street fight). Wars and guards vs outlaws are the middle ground of the two where something does need to be gained from partaking in the activity. However, merit and glory should be left to normal pvp.

Dropping pvp is nothing more than a quality of life bandage for people who don't want to be forced into engaging in the activity. It adds nothing to their game play other than a sigh of relief.

Dropping pvp means dropping nation relations, wars and guards versus outlaws along with the pking that people don't like.

The real problem here is how small the servers are population wise. The Pking wasn't such a huge deal in open beta since there were so many people playing that the instances were spread around and only really focused on popular zones (still does). However with things being so tight s far as population goes, pking now seems too concentrated, when in fact, people get attacked more because there are only so many people on at a time, and only so many popular zones that players flock to. There isn't enough happening in different areas so the jerks all go to where the people are.

Though the small population can be blamed on a combination of pking and ankamas wakfu teams own lackluster turnout for content over the years. It's hard to get things going when the team is shuffling around so much. Hopefully they are settled now. Creating anything is hard and developing content isn't easy at all. I hope they have a crackerjack team to work with Dy7.

Thread : News  Preview message : #983809  Replies : 54  Views : 1927
posté October 17, 2016, 14:36:05 | #14
.... w-what?

there's no rules against swearing... in-game. Getting by the "censors" in the game is nothing to even care about. Young minds are susceptible, this is true, but public school exists. You'll hear plenty of foul language there.


Oooooh, I feel dumb.
That's a npc character in game? Huh...

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posté October 17, 2016, 14:24:42 | #15

Quote (RikeuM2 @ 14 October 2016 06:37) *
Just drop pvp, it does more harm to this game than good. Just focus on the NICHE that this game was originally based on.

The Niche that this game was originally based on involved players interacting with each other on grand scale. PvP is a part of that. People can play wakfarmville or do dungeons at all times. They not going anywhere. Dropping PvP won't do anything substantial for players in the long run. If people want a shallow experience of dungeons and only dungeons then they can keep doing that.

Once you get all the equipment and items from a dungeon, there would be no reason to ever go back to it ever again. Especially at level cap. Leveling up is a goal with a finite finish-line.

Player generated content, like PvP, is timeless and is what keeps games alive for the long haul.

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posté October 08, 2016, 05:40:54 | #16
You should check the game out a bit more for yourself before deciding whether or not you should put money towards it.

It's a decision only you can decide that is worth it since only you know your own playing habits.

It's worth it to get a booster only if you have "time" to make it truly worth your while.

Getting your moneys worth out of the game can only be done if you manage your time around the game and give yourself ample opportunities to play.

If you have allot on your plate and can only log in for short bursts or every other day/ weekends, then I'd say don't.

However, if you have some free time built up and want to spend it doing something here, then go for it and grab a booster.

Honestly, it's your money and you can do whatever you want.

The game has problems for sure, but the initial charms of the game are still here and it is fun. Just make sure that you have a community of players in your circle to play with and you can enjoy the game to its absolute fullest.

So I guess, play a bit more first and see where you stand and then go ahead and buy a booster to see the difference in returns since that's the only thing a booster does for you.

All of me wishes that they gave additional perks for getting boosters rather than just putting your returns back to the old normal rates before free to play happened.

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posté October 06, 2016, 04:46:03 | #17

Quote (Chloe-la-guerisseuse @ 05 October 2016 15:24) *

Quote (DarkHadoo @ 05 October 2016 13:49) *
You not gonna be trying out any new costume,because they not gonna have nothing new,I can tell you just started playing this game,otherwise you should know that by now.
Sorry, you are wrong. There are indeed new items in the Halloween Croupier : decos and a costume.

You can see some new costumes and emotes here : Click here

PS : Also, the next update is full of new things to enjoy. You should try to learn more about it.

This Looks Amazing~ I want it immediately...I can't wait! I cannot! QvQ

Something wonderful to look forward to this year~

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posté October 02, 2016, 13:04:59 | #18

Quote (Kruzy99 @ 02 October 2016 09:58) *
The Mecha Mummy Palace is part of the 4th chapter of the Nations quest. Similar to the Old Bonta Gobbowl Stadium and Opaket dungeons for the previous chapters.

and here I thought we had finally gotten an additional Halloween themed dungeon for the holiday :c

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