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posté June 22, 2016, 19:42:59 | #1

Quote (Sillie @ 22 June 2016 05:13) *
I wonder if it's possible to do the same with the snowman consumable thingy...
Imagine turning all NPC into snowman!

I'm sorry statue

So koko bombs are filled with so much Wakfu that they can briefly gift sentience to inanimate objects???  

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posté June 21, 2016, 13:52:29 | #2

Quote (Markzs @ 21 June 2016 11:44) *
Osamodas since Spell Decks update:
Summon's Damage: 100% -> 80%
Crobak Chief: nerfed
Standard Whisperer: nerfed
Bwork's Spell: nerfed (fixed)
Wabbit Shootew: nerfed

Surely those were fair changes, but c'mon Ankama. stahp nerfing osa
Don't you dare touching Psykokos and Whip spell.
Crobak Chief with lead legs crits for sure is a fair nerf

What was fair about Wabbit Shootew's two to one use per turn aoe explosion nerf? He literally just gets replaced by new koko monsters anyway :I

Standards nerf is no different either. Old summons get replaced by new even more broken summons because "progression" works that way. If people complain about the early summons abilities then surely people will complain about new ones.

There are way more heal/damage summons than there are technical ones in newer options though. I miss technical abilities.

Those abilities are what makes Summon Osamodas fun.

Ankama needs to stop taking away all our toys  

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posté June 20, 2016, 16:50:46 | #3

Quote (ISoulKillerI @ 20 June 2016 16:34) *

Quote (arcanvs99 @ 20 June 2016 16:22) *

Quote (healermaster @ 20 June 2016 07:21) *

Quote (arcanvs99 @ 19 June 2016 20:41) *

Quote (Xillor-The-Shadow @ 19 June 2016 19:51) *
I'm not sure where this insane idea that pvp doesn't matter came from.
It doesn't though

It matters. 1v1 is the main source for merit and orbs.
And merit and orbs are important because?
I personally don't even care about them but you know costume insanity is still a thing people farm orbs to get that costumes

it'd have to be that way though since nothing else of worth is available to use orbs on.

Everything else is pvp based equipment, so it's not like it'd matter anywhere else.

Costumes are the only way to go bro.

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posté June 20, 2016, 14:33:51 | #4

Quote (xXx-sarah-xXx @ 18 June 2016 02:20) *

edit: you ungrateful weebs dont get fan art

Liked the art you posted :c

it's a shame you removed it

From what I could see, only one person (arcanvs99~) left an insulting remark about it though...

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posté June 20, 2016, 14:20:10 | #5

Quote (Madd1 @ 20 June 2016 09:16) *
The term 'multiboxing' is actually much older. It references using two (or more) physical computers (or boxes) in the olden days, to play a game on two (or more) accounts. My first experience with it dates back to Diablo 2 in the year 2000, and the top USWest ranked player, Nabnim abusing a duo-box Necro/Barb combo to keep his Necromancer at the top of the ladder.

In Wakfu/Dofus, multiboxing just means using multiple accounts. People have made up lots of reasons for this to make sense, despite the origins being very different from running multiple clients on a single machine. Realistically, though, multi-box only makes sense in the original context of multiple physical machines.

well if you take the term "BOX" and think of the games WINDOW instead...

being a rectangle and all~ four corners and is box like in a way

it's not as far-fetched to use the term "multi-box" for what it used to be to what it is when used here in wakfu and dofus

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posté June 18, 2016, 19:34:23 | #6
too bad they can't just let players go to the nations jail or even the outposts garrison, to turn yourself in to the npc guard stationed there.

With that you can pay a fine in kama (bribe~ so fun) or just go to do your time in jail without having to waste your time and effort looking for a player guard so you can get killed for no real reason what so ever.

such a simple option to implement in the game and it is entirely fair too.

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posté June 16, 2016, 18:08:24 | #7

Quote (iaian14 @ 16 June 2016 04:45) *
1. Sidekick update
- most of them are useless right now
- they are also extremely hard to level up

2. Haven bag update
- mailbox
- more gathering resources in haven bag (needed for fish, ores, and animals)
- more space (maybe share all heroes haven bag in one)
- some way to improve planting success in planting spaces

3. Stop pvp in Kelba. It's bad for business

I agree with everything except your number 3.

It's a market, yeah sure but don't ruin the flow. If only haven world markets weren't connected to Kelba, the Nation markets wouldn't have to suffer so much.

Kelba needs more people attacking folks at the market...I'd even love it if the Black Crow would randomly have a period of time where he'd aggro people in the area every now and then. Especially if clan member satisfaction is at max... world bosses were fun.

tangent aside, People should still be able to do pvp in Kelba. Go sell and buy elsewhere if you can't protect yourself or have some one protect you.

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posté June 16, 2016, 18:02:31 | #8
just a hard period in the games lifespan.

A long period and it'll be like this until next year, and even then, no one knows what's up for next year.

So don't be surprised.

What time do you usually log in? and what server? Those can play a pretty steep role in your interpretation of the state of the games population.

They won't close wakfu unless someone really screws up.

Sure the game has issues and core mechanics need to be revisited and remastered/ created but as far as content updates go, it's to be expected that they'd be slower now.

In the past there was no where to go but up as far as content being added goes, they could have spread it out longer a bit more and kept things flowing in certain level ranges to keep things from getting ... though, once you hit the top, there is no where else to go.

The feeling of "progression" entirely disappears and along with that goes your motivation to continue, especially if there is no "reason" to... so people at cap can drift and wait for something new to pop up...which won't be showing up any time soon.

Everyone else is either just going with the flow of their grind routines or trying to have fun in their own ways.

Development team has been changed too many times and I believe some one else in another thread brought up the fact that the team is severely lacking a sense of "direction" for what they want wakfu to actually be.

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posté June 15, 2016, 21:38:52 | #9

Quote (aka42 @ 15 June 2016 20:05) *

Quote (Juubkatt @ 15 June 2016 08:31) *

Quote (EarthyMadness @ 14 June 2016 05:20) *
Does someone have any screenshots of Paste's bag of dicks? (Nox server)
I actually do...... looooooool

Paste's bag! - I take no responsebility for this!

It's a masterpiece!

yup it sure is

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posté June 14, 2016, 15:33:12 | #10

Quote (XHakenX @ 14 June 2016 15:15) *
i liked the game when 1 kama actually meant something. I'd have to get 10 iron ores to make that measly 1 kama to go buy a bread ~yummy! or maybe 10x wheaty bread

exactly! kama needs to matter again

but in order for that to happen, the ways of obtaining kama need to be brought back down to just two

    minting- mine stuff, you all already know. Nodes and darkness
    selling- market shenanigans and providing services to other players for a price

those alone are enough

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    posté June 14, 2016, 14:13:10 | #11
    enjoy the new population I guess...

    By wipe, do you mean a complete reset where even our levels scale back down to zero and our inventories get wiped? (besides the cosmetics and account based things )

    I'd be fine with it, but tons would be upset more than likely...of course it's easier to let go of stuff when you don't have much compared to if you have allot. I'm a scrub, so of course I wouldn't be bothered by it. Better players may not like it though.

    However, kama drops need to go away forever, to make things healthy again. Like kamas from Ultimate bosses or treasure chests and quest completions anymore unless a player filled a chest with kamas and buried it somewhere.

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    posté June 14, 2016, 14:05:23 | #12

    Quote (Sting-Shotter @ 14 June 2016 11:14) *

    Quote (Sabi @ 14 June 2016 07:19) *

    Quote (Sting-Shotter @ 13 June 2016 23:56) *
    i mean.. why? its not like they give 2 craps about our ideas and no suggestion what so ever got used in like the time span of wakfu being alive.... so why is it here?

    The suggestion forum/section is actually an important source of ideas and feedback for us and was created for that purpose.

    We may not mark or reply to all the threads there but we do have a look at it, and it actually has been compiled not long ago and shared with the team.

    We might at time have news threads focused on a particular subject on the website, but the suggestion forum actually gives us a bank of suggestions to be able to utilize as it should be, so please never hesitate to make use of it, as you never know if you might be the next one to inspire a new feature or point out something else that may need improvement for the good of the whole Community.
    stop lying to yourself and please just admit that you guys diddlydoo up big time...

    What is wrong with you?

    Leave Sabi alone.

    Just think of the suggestion section as a theory and idea dump where players can drop off their thoughts.

    It's nice to dump your ideas and thoughts somewhere, you know? It's kind of therapeutic too. If they use an idea from the section or get inspired by something left there then great! If not, oh well, no harm no foul.

    Just having a think tank of sorts full of different ideas, views and opinions is well enough.

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    posté June 14, 2016, 13:48:43 | #13
    The old Library of my enutrof, Argus Saffi Espen

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    posté June 14, 2016, 13:46:28 | #14
    Remington and Desolate aren't two terms that go together unless the word "isn't" is between them.

    What time do you log in?

    Time zone is always a factor

    either way, give the game a shot again...I can't speak for Remington though, but from what I understand, the population is better than my servers. So try it out.

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    posté June 13, 2016, 19:19:24 | #15

    Quote (hardcoregrandpa @ 13 June 2016 18:45) *
    Game is dead!
    diddlydoo femaler fogger & Incarnam revamp!
    PVP and politics revamp will save this game!
    The Game isn't dead. It's obvious they are still working on things so don't go ham

    One thing at a time

    Looking at their goals for the rest of the year, they won't even be touching Nation revamps including interactions between one another, pvp, politics, or guard vs outlaw

    Those take too much time and we can only hope that at least ONE of those things gets attention next year

    Nothing to really look forward to for the rest of this year past the now delayed level scaling system they are cooking up...better delayed than a buggy mess...

    In the time it'll take for the actual "meat" of the game to be worked on, they could code an entire new wakfu because it'll take literal years.... like I mean it. Four years to a Decade to cover Class Balance and reworks (osa rings a bell)/PvP(NvN,GvO,GvG)/Politics/Nation revamps (remember that ancient topic?)/Crafting and Professions system/Ecosystem/ and last but not least, the re-envisioning of Wakfu and Stasis' roles in the game and the dynamics of how we as players can influence the world.

    That's a crap ton of work that no one should expect to be covered in any short amount of time. Just PvP alone and the entire balance and situations and instances tied to it would take more than Half a Year for the current dev team to get it done if they wanted to present a complete and finished mechanic. not half done and in progress, I mean, complete and ready to go, fully tested and functional.

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    Reason for edit : Foul language
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    posté June 13, 2016, 14:54:53 | #16
    you didn't do anything wrong

    Enutrof's transformation just bugs out most mp/ap related challenges that's all

    There's no real plans to fix the glitch anymore since they've tried fixing it plenty of times already but can't get it to work correctly

    Okay, just kidding, they want to fix it...just... "soon"

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    posté June 12, 2016, 20:52:51 | #17

    Quote (-Synapse @ 11 June 2016 21:04) *
    jesus christ it cost me $65 in ogrines to get a cra emote.

    ME: "You have a Serious problem and I really think you need to re-evaluate some of your spending decisions" ಠ_ಠ

    YOU: "? No. I have a cra emote." (• ε •)

    ME: .... ಠ╭╮ಠ

    YOU: (• ε •)

    seriously though, congratulations

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    posté June 12, 2016, 04:28:03 | #18

    Quote (Taku- @ 12 June 2016 04:20) *
    This game took literally **years** to get to the original level cap planned for at the launch of the game. The level cap finally being made accessible isn't the issue. General lack of content updates, appropriate bug fixes and revamping of existing content in ways people didn't really like is the major issue.

    They've revamped classes SEVERAL times and every time it's a year long+ endeavor, basically it's been a constant issue for them that takes time away from other projects. They are constantly reevaluating itemization and modifying gear properties because they realize they don't want all-element gear, then they don't want all-resist gear, they don't want set bonuses, they add runes and then they don't want people to rune a certain way, they have different rune shapes and then change what stats you can get per rune, they add mythic items and relics and then start linking things, they modify XP rates and never seem to know how they even want drop rates and prospecting to work, etc..

    They don't have any sense of direction. At the best of times it's 'let's do a lot of random stuff' and at the worst it's 'we're going on vacation for a month, and when we get back we'll spend the next month fixing all the bugs people found the month we were gone, and maybe by the start of the third month we'll figure out what we want to do next'.
    got me there! maybe I'm just too slow '3'

    revamping classes is a never ending thing, they'll always need tweaks but they haven't even finished a good chunk of them yet...there are still plenty more of those to go too... can't wait

    Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #967610  Replies : 29  Views : 884
    posté June 12, 2016, 04:18:10 | #19

    Quote (Taku- @ 12 June 2016 00:41) *
    Boats don't work.

    Why not? is that a bug, that seems weird.. am I just crazy and spewing nonsense?...yep... that's usually what happens

    Or do you mean during wars?

    Yep you're right. During War boats don't work

    I was thinking more about Riktus but brought up wars for some reason... However Riktus can go to any nation they want using their boat still can't they? I was able to, but I guess that's because there are no wars right now?

    They just need to get rid of those limitations...there's no real reason to have them anyway. Even with a proper Nation vs Nation mechanic, Just make players of opposing nations take a penalty shot to their cp each time they group with a player from an "enemy" nation. Simple, makes sense, enough grouping makes them outlaws, blah blah blah, no harm no foul.

    The worlds a small place. Entire limitations should just be tossed till they can actually give people something to play with.

    I am still wrong though, so you caught me with my pants down. Was I just imagining a system that made sense? I honestly thought the boats worked during why fight at an island...conquest sure, but islands only?

    I distinctly remember people killing each other at fifth bond at war time way back when...are wars not fought in nations anymore? I remember having to hide in brakmars mourning wood fire pits to escape bontarian invaders way back when... meh...defeated again~

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