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posté Today - 18:41:42 | #1
this is hilarious...

You want to avoid attacking people who you can't beat...

I love it. I wish that adding someone as a friend didn't show the level of the character they were using and only their name...

In this ganking Player killing system masquerading as PvP between "guards and outlaws" (yeah right give me a break) it is the only thing "fair" about it.

If you choose the wrong foe you die. It's poetic justice and all misfortune to those who want an easy kill...

reminiscent of a time some low level PvP jockey attacked my osamodas... ah, good times.... good times.  

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posté Today - 18:32:06 | #2
wait, crafting a transmutation stone doesn't let you choose what elements you want to give to a piece of equipment?

That's terrible design. I'm guessing Azael didn't have a hand in this idea since he hates the random aspect of the game. I thought they were going to give players options and not a re-roll of the same fickle ecaflip system you get when you find a piece of gear.


Watch the Boutique variation give the player the choice of what elements they would like...that's actually good design and will surely make the choice more obvious for some people...

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Quote (yukioe @ 23 September 2014 16:19) *

Quote (Christian-CAO @ 23 September 2014 15:15) *

Its a pve game with pvp aspects may i remind u that ankama plans to make pvp also be hugely important with upcomming gvg and prism control.

so yeah if ya got pvp ranking list and plan to make pvp more important u shud balance game also in pvp or do u disagree ?

also in pve sharpshooter would be kinda neat if ithealed less summon osa is not suposed to be a main healer of the team and when summoner and eni compite with healing something is terribly wrong.

I agree that balance should be considered involving every in game encounter.

We can't only consider one thing over the other, but thinking about balancing the game based off of 1 v 1 player versus player battles is not the way to go about balancing things. The game is unbalanced, and that's a good thing. Classes are unique and while some are better at certain things there are cases where another class can do near everything if situations allow it.

Osa isn't a main healer but an off healer.

Having a class able to do something that another can, to an extent, allows the class in question to be able to be a desirable party member.

The reason why Ankama wants to have so many non eni healer options is, while limited in healing potential they fill the role decently to where it's not always an eni that is the go to must have class to bring with you in every encounter.

You are way higher than me and obviously our experiences in game differ greatly, so I'm not someone to be saying how great it is to have the options of a diverse party. You know way more than I do that if something is too weak it cannot compete.

on the subject of osa summons... I agree. I hate the fact that so many summons with all these special effects and interesting abilities and attacks get spayed and neutered by Ankamas developer team constantly and yet they release new summons with even more "gamebreaking" techniques and abilities in every content update...

I wish they'd balance the summons of old again since they all but destroyed osa summons from 1-35 and dumb-downed all the really interesting ones. Utility was always more fun then big old meat bags with high damages and they got rid of every fun aspect of summons in the past.

So what's so special about the new monsters they introduced after the Boohemoth nerf of 2013 that makes them immune to the same rules of "fair" and "balanced" that the older summons were cruelly judged by?

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Quote (yukioe @ 23 September 2014 12:53) *

Quote (StaticAnomoly @ 23 September 2014 09:42) *
I agree 100% with the OP any class I can't beat, even while I piddle myself to adult entertainment should be nerfed. But to add on to that, I say we nerf the OP's posting rights too!

Next time to try be more constructive. Osa's do not need nerfing, they need love, and from your post, I assume you do too. Ask your Mom or Dad to give you a hug sometime.

Dude.. Have you ever pvpeed a high lv osamodas? They can summon 2 wabbits sharpshooters and they heal insanly much only way to beat summoner osa now days is to go 1st in ini and just nuke the osa down witch most of the classes aren't capable of

The class itself dosent need a nerf but the sharpshooter summon does coz healing 2500-4000 depending if the mob crits or not is just unfair.

and before u say anything else yes most of the self healing classes shud be also balanced.

point of this: most classes need a rebalance its not also balanced than class can nuke some other class in 1st turn :/

I see your point... but I'm going to go ahead and ask a simple question....


Think about the content of the game. PVP plays a part, yes, but the majority of content is most definitely all about monster battles and dungeon diving.

The second something gets flogged for the sake of pvp balance is the second people come crying to the forums because their out of pvp experience is ruined.

So I'll end with this.

If you needed heals and the only thing that could possibly save you from death was a wabbit Shawp much would YOU want them to heal you for?

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posté Today - 14:57:26 | #5

Quote (Noinek @ 23 September 2014 14:50) *
Its telling me: you can choose nation, lvl 18 needed
BrainInaJar means exactly what he first told you in his first response.

You get a nice chunk of exp by visiting nation areas. Combine them together and you could level off of just traveling and seeing the world itself.

Map trekking the world of twelve like a box car hobo with nothing but the rags on his back. (best analogy 10/10)

Any way,visit the nations, each and every one.

Not only will you gain some levels but you will also set your future traveling methods up in advanced and maybe even gain some insight on hidden treasures (emotes) and more importantly decide for yourself, due to your experience travelling the world, which nation you would like to call home without guessing or being unsure.

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posté September 20, 2014, 16:56:21 | #6
Hopefully in the future ankama will return set bonuses as a "bonus" for wearing items related to one another.

I don't mean free Ap or Mp ( with how they want to set a limit to what we can obtain outside of battle it is a must to drop these two) but additional bonuses for wearing a full set like range, control, distance/ close combat/ aoe/single target/ berserk/ back stab damage bonuses (about 10-30% depending on the level/rarity or the group of equipment in question) would be nice.

Also, maybe a look back on some alternate effects as set bonuses like canine dodge being brought back for moowolf or the fire based counter effects of magmog..maybe even give black crow/crowbak set in general the same passive ability of tornado/gale wind wall (the crowbak family spell rebound passive, though a bit over powered though I guess)...

My point is that there is allot of room for creativity when considering special effects on gear. All of which has been removed much to my personal distaste (except for the GlassHalfMp Boot effect boots and the Legano's Ap gamble I think... I haven't checked)

The problem with set bonuses were that they gave powerful stats for free and were a hindrance towards their ideal balance in gear... well change it so that set bonuses don't become something so sinister to your ends as Ap and Mp.

I don't understand why set bonuses needed to be considered while balancing gear...they are after all bonuses for wearing items that relate to one another. I can see why Ap and Mp would be a problem for the developers ( more so AP) but having set bonuses in of itself isn't so much of a bad thing as it could be another step into adding more interesting gear choices for players because while now diversity and optimization is nice....there are no real unique or interesting choices anymore past a few gems like Emiw.

I'd like it if set bonuses were only given for wearing the full set as they are currently for gobball, tofu, and apparently Blibli sets and that rather than overbearing stats like Ap and to a lesser extent Mp we could have a plethora of abilities and alternate damage bonus options in future choices.

Slap a Wp bonus onto that Tsutsu Tsar set once again and we'll have ourselves a good old time.

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posté September 20, 2014, 14:12:06 | #7
Wait, what are you asking?

Well, if you are just trying to complete the quest, then you've already eaten the bwork burger he made out of moblings (which is scary considering moblings are little bworks)

So just go to the chef and he'll make bwork beer for you to give to that purplish pink idiot Bworkfoo.

However, if what you are asking is how you can obtain a recipe for bwork beer to regularly craft it for your self...

You can't. I don't know why they didn't add it into the games list of near useless consumables but there is no such option.

A shame too....lost opportuities all around and any kind of food based craft would have been welcome from that region in the game but I don't think there's anything... unless i'm wrong and just not well versed in the bwork/ wild gobball culinary arts.

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posté September 19, 2014, 19:10:56 | #8

Quote (WNxSidewinder @ 19 September 2014 17:38) *

Here is a snip from my Steam review on Wakfu:

- Community is very cliquey, very hard to just play with others without them trying to recruit you or straight up use you as a loot mule. Which means, they bring you along, but you give them item drops in return to come along. This is probably the worst thing about the Nox (North American) community.

If you're not in a established guild, you're going to have a tough time basically. However, you have friends and experience, you should be fine.

This is true to happen anywhere, not just Nox.

Lumping the community into one big category and labeling the entire server based off of one or two bad experiences is in no way an efficient way to even begin to make a review on anything.

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posté September 18, 2014, 22:59:48 | #9
not my place to say this but what those two did to our dear OP...

was great.

The PvP system we have isn't some honor bound tournament fight.

It's a fight to the death that can occur at anytime.

How victory is achieved isn't an issue unless bugs are involved.

If you want fair 1v1 fights then you will have to wait for a Colosseum with special brackets where real competition can take palce and not this ruddy ganking system where we reward players for killing each other upon sight.

Pking is fine (subjective, don't kill me) but PvP is something that should be treated different from that.

Currently the only difference between pking and pvp is that on one hand you kill anything you want fro no real reason other than ego/enjoyment/being a prick etc, while on the other you only kill someone when it will be a benefit to you in the rankings and allow you to get special gear and keep the gear as you continue to use overpowering methods to win your battles. (if you do it the "fair" way)

If you can't tell, I don't like the current limited pvp system and am on edge to wait on the expansion of it.

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posté September 17, 2014, 06:10:32 | #10



maybe the single tear from this native american can bring a little peace and thoughtfulness to this endeavor...


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posté September 16, 2014, 20:48:07 | #11
Hey~ Kiku, Pickles

I hear you and I feel you but you both need to shut the fuck up.

Shots fired all around. Keep it civil dammit. No need to call anyone a no lifer Kiku, and Pickles, turn it down a notch because that last statement was too personal although it was made in retaliation.

For the record, yes this is me TELLING you BOTH what to do. You both can castrate me after but silence isn't golden.

Any way...

On topic, the token system is "nice"

However, it affects the demand in the market a bit too much since gear is so accessible now that no one really needs to buy it unless it is really, really good stuff. Low level things at 125 and lower won't really be worth much anymore.

I'm more or less saddened by certain insignia going into the token system since dropping those rare gems was great and selling them for top dollar when they were very much fashionable ones was also very lucrative for allot of people.

I say this allot but If getting the best gear is what people aim for when playing the game then people need to reevaluate why they came and stayed with wakfu to begin with.

When you started out you didn't have nice things and yet you climbed your way up scratching and scraping for whatever gear you could somehow acquire.

So now, allot has changed and gear is easily accessible...okay sweet.

Oh, leveling up is easier now too?... okay.

We are stronger now and have a greater sense of progression... honestly I love the feeling of seeing my character actually gain something from leveling up. The "depth" is good... however the options are too universal and straight forward for allot of what we were given.

Limitations, breed Creativity.

We have all the points in the world to build something great but it all is so heavy and clumped together and generalized that you could barely call a build dynamic anymore or even interesting. Only gear and the classes passives will differentiate a players stats from one another.

Back to tokens... I like them, but I don't like them. I only see tokens as a band-aid till the TRUE craft revamp comes to fruition. Should tokens be removed when all gear is craft-able with exceptions towards relics and specialized world drops? No, however I think that the gear obtainable within the token machines should be balanced again.

Putting the boss set in there is fine but keep imperial/celestial/ whatever super nice options available out of the machines and leave them for a craftsmen to create with special boss materials.

Crafting is a part of wakfu that needs to be just as important if not more important to the game as war and pvp and guilds interaction with one another.

I'm no craftsmen, I don't have a single crafting profession past level 24 on any character. I see crafting as the market staple and looted gear as something to be valued.

So putting a middle range of equipment in token machines that are decent and substantial during a characters progression through content is fine.

Placing crafted gear on the next level of value is a must. I feel that gear crafted needs to be specialized and hold far more stats pertaining to that of distance/aoe/single target/range damages and also hold special effects like older more special gear used to have. I also would love it is crafted gear was able to further be customized pass runes. Small upgrades and reforging a weapon or armor to give it an extra boost, essentially increasing the level of that item to make the points fair and balanced.

Then there are special world drops/ epic/ relics ... they should be hard to obtain and I'd even go further to say that they should hold stats or effects (not auras though that is also a plus) that token based relics do not have. I know that it's not a popular idea but making UB, epics(non token machine), and relics(non token machine) different in many ways and if not better than token acquired ones.

I really don't see a future in the game if things get too easy but on the road to 200 (and beyond, who can say) content will come, new challenges are sure to arise, and not only that...

Our developers are listening to your feedback. They are alive! Everything is subject to change and will always do so when in season. However long it takes for one person to be satisfied with a change will in turn cause someone else to become dissatisfied. Just watching this game develop from beta makes me wish I was there for the alpha just to really see how far things have stretched and changed.

Pvp is a shaky joke though. That's a goal that will never end either... to have to continuously battle for the right to wear your gear...on the daily...never slipping up...

it's a level cap players field and not some place that low leveled people can hope to enter into.
The only way to really flesh out what we currently call a pvp system would be to separate the rankings into level based tiers...meaning you could only end up fighting people who are 3-5 levels over or under you.

Anyway, you two try not to get this thread closed please? Personal insults or jeering generalized statements about your player base is just lame and demeans us all.

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posté September 16, 2014, 17:19:57 | #12
That's one thing I never understood about this game...

old war system:

War is declared....okay.

Not allowed to go to the enemies nation... wait, what?

How are wars fought if you can't go to the enemies nation?

new pvp system:

Why can't some one with their pvp flags on go to another nation?

Why can't we go around killing people in other countries?

Now a bit off topic:

Is PvP set only to the islands?

Are clans men only supposed to be killing their fellow clansmen?

That's all I see in the nations are brakmarians killing brakmarians, bontarians killing bontarians and etc

I thought this was a pvp system being implemented...not a PK v PK system.

Contests of strength and cunning don't always have to end with people being slaughtered left and right...

What ever happened to a gentleman's bout?

I feel like the surrender button should be renamed Suicide

because you surrendering a battle against a player and then dying kind of implies you killed yourself.

The game needs a runaway feature and or REAL surrender button...

When pressing said surrender button your opponent is given the following options:

Allow x player name to leave the battle OR Decline the submission of surrender and continue the fight

Highlighting the runaway feature if it would ever be made, it obviously will take into account the distance from the opponent and the player who wants to runaway to allow a player the option to escape and end the fight.

To prevent real abuse, if a player initiates combat against a target the player who started the battle sequence cannot have the option to runaway... it'll be grayed out.

Also, in PvE I feel that the runaway feature should only be available in non dungeon content. If you are in a dungeon then running away should be impossible.

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posté September 10, 2014, 18:17:25 | #13
Can I just say that even after all of the minitorturerrrrImeangames (which I really liked but I'm an old player)

it is all worth it just to hear the first few sounds that come out of Mammy god, I laughed too much, I cried a little.

She is the best kind of character...

Asutrb in general feels more fleshed out and really is brimming with a personality that it lacked in the past simply because it was far more focused on player content with hardly any npc's...while this still stays true for the most part, Npc's add something to the game that it really didn't have before and I welcome that change. Loving the changes to all of Asturb aesthetically.

The mini game thing is nice...but as you all say, it's not something that should be forced so soon and so frequently. Having a dungeon boss like the Great Wild Gobball (This Boss oh my God I'd rather challenge Dragon pig to a fist fight) which has a mechanic to defeat it rather than brute force can have these mini game traits and really be a nice change of pace from the normal beat-um-ups you deal with early on.

But yeah, tossing them down peoples throats as a way to completely progress through the game wasn't the best thing to do...

But this is all hindsight after dealing with it...on paper, I'd say it had the potential to be fun and engaging..but like most pointed out it missed the mark for new folks coming to a game.

There really should have been more build up involving the combat aspect of the game past the silly 3 rats in a windmill you get to deal with if you don't just attack piwi's and bowmeow... but I guess the incarnum tutorial was supposed to give that fill.

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posté September 10, 2014, 17:54:48 | #14
If you look closely at your screen when you start the pizz'larva minigame, the top right of the screen where your characters state icons are, show you what pizz'larva's to make.

The red icon is redlarvas, green icon is green larvas and the blue icon is blue larvas....

For easy mode it usually asks you to make tomato red/blue larvas and green larvas are almost always cheese. Pay attention to those icons because it could change maybe in the more difficult version.

good luck

EDIT: ALSO, remember to tenderize a larva before garnishing it with cheese or tomato or the garnish won't go on the larva, and also remember that you can't give a pizz'larva more than one garnish.

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posté September 09, 2014, 20:52:17 | #15
remember some folks take time to make time for wakfu when there is a big update like this.

"Oh, huge update on thus date? Schedules a day off from work in advanced, settles all other errand matters and cleaning in anticipation for fun."

and you can't play on the day you specifically scheduled yourself to play...

The moral of this is to always schedule a day off the day after a major game update.... this way you may not be the first to play, but you will most certainly be able to enjoy the game without the major complications of the first day players.

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posté September 09, 2014, 20:39:33 | #16

Why would this be intentional? There is no reason to cap kitskill and toss so much onto gear....

I NEEEEEED my kitskill or else I can't wear ANY of my gear on my osamodas~!!

I need more than ten to wear it dammit!!


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posté September 08, 2014, 23:31:47 | #17
What else was initiative determining besides turn order?  

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posté September 08, 2014, 13:38:14 | #18
Is that so? I was asking Sabi if the option was moved somewhere or if it was removed... if it's there, be a dear and point me in the right direction because I am apparently Blind.

Also, account information sharing is most definitely a thing as I have paid for numerous (12) peoples subscriptions and given orgnies in the past. Not so recently the present, due to me either being blind or the gift option pulling a Houdini every time I look for it during purchases.

There are people in game who have their things taken from them or even characters deleted due to them sharing their accounts information. (probably not for issues relating to this I must admit so that part feels off topic to me as well)

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posté September 08, 2014, 00:55:04 | #19

Quote (viirtua1 @ 08 September 2014 00:21) *
They didn't mess up, your friend wasn't simply thought of when designing the payment system.

Until I get a message from Sabi involving this same topic that I gave to her a little bit ago I wouldn't say they didn't mess up.... but I also wouldn't say that they did mess up.

Gifts being given between players is very much needed or else ankama of the wakfu division is just opening the floodgates for people to get their accounts messed with even more often then usual.

People sharing information with each other to help one another out is a thing that needs to be addressed.

The gift feature helped to alleviate a little bit of the account info sharing that has been going on.

With the gift option down for everything it can only turn out negative.

There are zero to few negative outcomes to letting players gift items or even booster time to other accounts from their account.

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