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posté Yesterday - 20:49:33 | #1
depends on what you mean by best....

Best in damage? Utility? ....cost and quality?

saying a spell is definitively the "best" in the game, without actual context, is silly and kind of too vague a statement.

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posté Yesterday - 20:44:47 | #2

Quote (MyWifeLeftMe @ 30 September 2016 14:12) *
Good job being so negative on the front page comments so we can show all the new NYCC players that we're a terribly entitled community~

well it's not like this promotion isn't "nice".

Stuff is always nice and all, but new stuff is always more appreciated than recycled "limited" stuff.

As far as cosmetics go it's usually almost always prioritized like this
  1. Costumes
  2. Emotes
  3. Pet stuff
costumes are always more appreciated than the other two options, then it trickles down to emotes and then finally to petstuff, though, costumes for pets and mounts still fall into the category of Costumes and in the subcategory of petstuff. Still, costumes are way more marketable than anything else they could ever present to the community since they have the most resale value and have actual economic presence in-game unlike our other options. As always, new is always better.
Anyway~ it's a decent promo, but I can see why people brush it off with crass comments about the company.


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      posté Yesterday - 03:21:19 | #3

      Quote (Neneko88 @ 29 September 2016 22:56) *

      Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 29 September 2016 21:40) *
      I still don;'t understand why ankama decided to make every class able to make portals with this emote. Like, how on earth we are even doing them if we are not eliotropes. The failed ankama decisions... this emote should be exlusive for eliotrope class.

      Nothing about wakfu makes sense anymore. Soon every class can summon a gob gob.

      don't let everybody summon Gob Gob D:

      Only Osamodas is allowed to have something so cute and USELESS

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      posté September 25, 2016, 17:25:06 | #4
      They could add things like real tails and awesome ponytails without trying to stick so much to the template they use for toons If they really wanted to... but they won't because that takes time and effort. And we all know how much they hate doing things that require that, jokes but not really.

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      posté September 25, 2016, 03:07:55 | #5

      Quote (SSBKewkky @ 25 September 2016 00:09) *
      Male Srams look lame.

      That's, uhh, all I wanted to say really
      you're not wrong.

      They could have pushed their face/skull designs to be more...not dumb looking, but it's whatever.

      I mean if they really couldn't think of a way to diversify skull designs for human skulls...they could have gone totally animal instead.

      I want a cow skull sram or a raven skull sram or just a demon skull I don't care. They could go Candy skull dia de los muertos style for the hell of it. Even Jack skellington stitch face if they wanted to keep the skeleton theme alive.

      or maybe just ones with hoods like from dofus.

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      posté September 24, 2016, 03:38:09 | #6
      I can agree here with the op.

      Honestly it also speaks a nit about how clothing works in rel life. Options are there but true variety is severely lacking when it comes to clothing for men in comparison to clothing for women.

      Though I'm pretty sure that's more or less because society is predominantly male oriented so things are the way they are because a bunch of men decided it would be the way it is.

      Though to stop myself from rambling too deep into this I'll cut off there.

      Honestly we all need more clothing and hair options apart from costumes. This is something the team can chew on once they get the game completely back on track and extra quality of life stuff like this can be touched on in detail later on.

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      posté September 20, 2016, 15:51:11 | #7
      Excessive pking problem.... the whole pvp system is just pking.

      Want to split it and properly divide the Pkers from the Sportsmen?

      • Make it so that in order to get merit, you must fight in the arena. The ecaflip arena exists for a reason. This will do two things

        1. Makes the ecaflip areas the "hotspot" Ankama wanted it to be.
        2. Place the pvp scene in a focused area, making the community more organised and unified.
      Wars and guards versus outlaws should be handled on a different level. One that involves citizenship points. However that should be handled by a separate and currently nonexistent system. The Government and Nation systems are still waiting for that revamp. Citizenship points as they are currently, are useless and need a use.

      Now outside of those situations, all that is left are petty disputes and Player killing.

      I am an advocate for keeping the open pvp system. It's one of the key features in the game that allow for another level of interaction between players.

      While it can be and has been abused maliciously, I feel that it should stay in place. It makes the game that much more complex when people can actually put emotion into what they are doing.

      Nothing else in the game can grab a player emotionally. Only other players can do that. However happiness is fleeting and actual "enjoyment" gets lost after a while when your in game experience hits a certain point. It mostly ends up kind of numb.

      Now, im not saying that you cant love the game and enjoy your time with others here. When you have great friends, it is so wonderful to be able to enjoy their company. Those emotions are between one another and the community consensus can agree that it's the best highlight of the game.

      However, controversy and adversity is another highlight in the games community that allows for players to express those emotions tied to it as well.

      I praise wakfu for allowing players to experience a multitude of emotions as they interact with one another on a daily basis. Only allowing players to feel "happy" is nice, but sometimes more bitter experiences are needed for those other more sweet moments to really be valued.

      Without the more "malicious" tools at players fingertips, we'd probably see allot more instances of account theft and system abuse. Giving the trolls something to play with in the game may keep those cases to a minimum... but that's just me grasping at straws.

      Honestly, the abuse of the open pvp system has caused far too many casualties. As a result, players get frustrated and choose to leave rather than try. In an age where giving up and choosing the path of least resistance is prominent, it is usually the first choice players make.

      Couple that with the disatisfactory state of the game for some, and we have an ever dwindling population for the community, at least on international servers. No one wants anyone else to pack up and leave sooner than expected, so I can see why people want the open pvp system abolished.

      I talk too much.

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      Reason for edit : typos...typos everywhere o-o
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      posté September 15, 2016, 11:05:16 | #8

      Quote (SSBKewkky @ 15 September 2016 01:28) *
      Rancid and putrid are flavors. The fact that they're flavors shouldn't be an argument for them to stick around. The goal here is to throw away all the bad flavors and leave in the good ones. Sounds to me like you enjoy angering people, which just so you know, is not what keeps people's interest in any MMO ever.

      The thread is about unfair PKing, sure, but this discussion is still in topic. We're pointing out why the fact that a game allows players to be assholes and sour others' gameplay experience should be kept in the game, should be changed, or shoudl the players constantly ruining others' game experience be sanctioned for it.

      If I could change something regarding PvP, it would be that there's certain content in the game that you're allowed to participate in/receive benefits from, but only if you have your wings up. This would include nation bonuses, an area's clan member bonuses, the ability to vote during elections and be selected for a government position, and the ability to duel. However, if you have wings down, you cannot be attacked no matter what happens.

      I'd also change some of the governor's laws, as well as add some new ones. One that I would add would allow the governor to limit entry to sewers/caves and other lawless areas in the nations to only guards, and those who don't have their wings up would become outlaws for doing so. This gives the governor the tools to combat botters, but also to keep citizens away from areas where trouble would regularly happen.

      In order for a proper government system to work however, the Jail system would need to be overhauled as well. The bigger a crime spree, the more kamas you have to pay to "serve your sentence" lawfully by going to your nation's jail and paying for damages. If you get caught by a guard as an outlaw in your own nation, you get sent to jail. If you escape from jail, you're not allowed to interact with any of your nation's zaaps, dragosteeds or resources until your jail timer has counted down. If you get caught as an outlaw in another nation by a guard from said nation, you lose your ability to travel to that nation at all, even by using the boat, until a timer goes down to zero (which would correlate to the size of your crime spree).

      There's ways of making the game better, Christian-CAO. There's no need to keep a system that only brings out the worst in people. You may enjoy reading about it, but what if I was the one PKing you whenever I saw you, but never actually hunted you down (which would mean by the TOS that I'm not harassing you)? Maybe I'm roleplaying an evil character and you seem like a good guy to me, so from the get-go we're mortal enemies, and me being lv200 I would have no issues destroying you every encounter. Does that really sound like fun?
      Putrid and rancid are indeed flavors for sure, but I wouldn't be so quick to just toss out bad tastes when describing the open world pvp system. It's a "necessary" tool. I can't think of a better way for players to deal with one another on their own terms that covers all options entirely like this. Having the option to be a jerk is just that, an option, one out of many. People don't have to utilize it the way they have been but considering that talking, and mediation and compromise are also options...violence is always a neat option to have. Tossing away all "bad flavors" and leaving only good ones works when everything is utilized as intended. However, the tools or rather in this case spices, presented to us; don't have flavors until we put them to use. Depending on how it's used and how much is used, any flavor can end up tasting putrid.

      Off the tongue train for a second, I don't like angering people. I just like people, all types. The more passionate the person the more drawn i am to them. Just like in here I love how much you guys love the game and want what's best for it. However, I'm one of those lame-o-s who thinks that conflict can be a positive experience and serve as another medium for the community to actively interact with one another. I'm not saying that I 100% approve of pking. I don't pk people. However, I can see why people who do it. You all do too, but rather than mark them as selfish individuals (which I mean, most are if not selfish) I consider them active members of the community trying to interact with other players and get them connected into their activity. Does it work? Nope. Will it ever? Probably not. Does it get people to band together and form a hate group for your kind? Yes, yes it does. Mission accomplished? Mission accomplished. Trade bridge battles in 5th bond and whole guilds being created and joining together to fight against a common enemy. Massive outcries from the server when markets go haywire due to corrupt government shenanigans. Wars fought over the dumbest of personal disputes. You remember those times, and I'm sure you also remember how the community would act back then due to it. We'd piss and moan about it, while those with the ability to make things happen made things...happen. I'm not pro making people miserable, but I am most certainly not against letting people attack people at the drop of a hat either. No one except a jerk/ roleplayer who's too far gone does this kind of thing. Most people talk things out. Most folks actively seek for the difficult path called compromise and empathy. It's a very small amount of people who actively make it their business to pull people into their pace. Those individuals who excessively use the tools given to us irresponsibly are to be punished for sure. However, tossing aside those tools just simply for existing just doesn't speak to me the same way it may to you.

      Ideally for me wings only have their place in the Nation as well. Tied to pvp content: guards and in relation to that wars. It's your nations colors and of course they'll be used in "honor". However wings or no wings, players shoudl still be able to fight amongst themselves. Where they fight should dictate whether or not they receive any kind of benefit from pvp. Out in the open? if your wings aren't up and your not in a war/ fighting an actual outlaw you don't get anything for killing someone. However, duke it out in ecaflipasdadapulis and you get merit. Fight outlaws outside of that and gain cp and merit. Pking should get players nothing, since the act in of itself isn't for any real profit. This way, everyone who wants to do pvp will be in one place, giving them a far more unified and structured community. It also separates the sportsmen from the scum. I lost my train of thought somewhere and ended up talking about something entirely off topic.

      I know there are plenty of ways to make the game better, but the open part of the pvp system in place is honestly one of those "key features" that ties things together. Sure certain people abuse it, maliciously in fact, but that doesn't mean it should be thrown away and be branded as bad. Conflicts based around pking have driven away many of my friends and both of my family members from this game and time and time again I see more and more players coming and going for many different reasons. However, there are still victims of excessive pking who leave and who have left that I'm sure you and many others know about. Everybody has been hunted down before. I'm sure you've been on a kos list as well. I've been killed plenty enough to know when and where I should be and shouldn't be and what time of day. You know what happened the last time I got pked? I came out of the situation with a few new acquaintances and dedarm. I can either choose to be upset, choose to roll with it, or choose to enjoy the attention for that brief moment. Most just get upset. You gave out an example for the extreme, and yes I've already enjoyed that little experience for a brief moment in time, but that was more of a location thing rather than a personal thing. However, if you were a roleplayer and a good one at that, I would most certainly enjoy the interaction. If you hadn't noticed, there's nothing to do but grind current;y and with so little roleplaying going on that actual passes as roleplaying, I'd have to take what I can get. It's the best part of the game. I love it when other people enjoy playing this game. Roleplayers enjoy the game on an entirely different level from the average player. It's not the destination but the journey for them. I love it. You do that and I guarantee you'd make me happy, but mostly because I always love making new friends. You'd just happen to end up being a friend who happens to kill me on a regular basis. Now, killing other people constantly around me wouldn't be too nice since then they'd be upset, but I digress, I'd be a happy camper. Those aren't just petty words, these are facts. My toons range from 110-150, I've got nothing but time on my hands and I'm not in any rush, I've been playing since late 2011 into early 2012 and am only still at this level range. I didn't get to level 100 until late 2013. I am a super casual, but hard core roleplayer who enjoys helping folks and making friends, believe me when I say that I'm far too lazy to get upset in this game.

      This isn't about me though, I'm masochistic anyway. This is about the health of the games community. So back to that... Is it really that bad? I mean, I'm all for keeping things peaceful, but the old joys of being killed while mining in the dark or getting too close to someones wheat patch will be gone forever. And I don't really want to live in a world where a crazy farmer can't kill trespassers. Well anyway, I guess I am pretty selfish when it comes to this topic. Maybe it is time to let go. no one is really using the system to its full potential anymore... at least there are still evil governors somewhere out there willing to rile things up instead. I'm still a advocate for confrontation, but I guess it's time to squash this one.

      Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 15 September 2016 07:56) *
      And what will you gain from all that? What will you gain from all the time that you waste PKing random without wings?

      A game with open PvP is a game that is anti-PvMers. It shouts "PvMers KEEP OUT!". How many PvM players do you think stayed?

      I used to think I will play Wakfu when I get a new computer, guess what, I already have a new computer... But seeing that the game is open world PvP, I'd rather not waste my time. And day by day, more and more PvMers are leaving... Goodluck to the Wakfu community, but the future is dark, and pretty soon there will only be a few players staying, not because of all the bugs, or the lack of contents, but because they can't PvM in peace.
      A game with open PvP is a game with options.

      a game with many different ways to enjoy yourself.

      a game where players don't just have to think about their inner circle but their community as a whole

      A game where players have to worry about where they are and what time of day it is.

      A game full of conflict which breeds controversy and petty drama.

      a game with those things sounds like something is always happening somewhere and there are many different things happening. From growing crops to fighting amazing bosses. Selling goods and being a merchant. From enforcing the laws to protecting what is yours. Giving evertone the opportunity to make a multitude of choices with little to no limitations on what kind of route you can go, even bringing in a forbidden option that people can't do in reality without severe consequences...and that is...murder.

      PvM is great, it's the meat of the game. Have you ever had meat without spices before? Not too great, I've gotta say. A little bland y'know? We get features that need tweaking like the nations, government, crafting and pvp. the depth of that last feature in particular is all kinds of fun. You get duels for merit, guards vs outlaws, nation wars and of course pking. So many things to do I can see why you all wouldn't mind seeing pking getting tossed out.

      You should come and play the game regardless of pkers.

      Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 15 September 2016 07:56) *
      because they can't PvM in peace.

      It really is a shame that they can't. Less than a hand full of players are keeping the majority of the server from interacting with content of their level? Seems a little exaggerated but you aren't wrong. People have quit over being attacked too many times. I personally blame the players who left of their own volition, the pking players for taking things too far, and myself for liking open pvp too much.

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      posté September 14, 2016, 07:31:38 | #9

      Quote (SSBKewkky @ 13 September 2016 02:04) *

      Quote (Crimson-Cowboy @ 12 September 2016 02:40) *
      they should make the old barrel guy capturable by osamodas
      Why would they make people capturable? Osamodas doesn't capture people, they capture animals/monsters.
      srambad monsters? Aren't they citizens of...sorts?....are chaffers people? at one point maybe?

      Kinda want to be a puddly slave owner though...

      Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #979305  Replies : 31  Views : 1520
      posté September 14, 2016, 07:09:02 | #10

      Quote (exchangeAcct @ 13 September 2016 00:47) *
      There's a reason there's plenty of online games that don't have open PvP/PK, most people don't like it. Companies know how crowded the online gaming market is, so they know they need to try to appeal to players as best they can to turn a profit. Look at Black Desert, originally it was labeled as this hardcore PvP game, but back during the Korean betas they realized their market didn't want that, so they restricted that aspect of the game some. Space based online games are getting more cluttered now after there being so few, for so long. Not long ago Star Conflict converted almost all their open space zones from open PvP, to protected zones so only those that flagged themselves for PvP, could fight others in almost all zones, as people had been complaining about getting ganked in open space for so long.

      The one thing Wakfu really has going for it is how few turn based strategy online games there are. Outside of browser, and mobile ones, I can only think of three, Dofus (which is at least semi-broswer based, so almost doesn't even qualify), Wakfu, and Atlantica Online. If there were more, they'd have to fight harder to keep their players happy, and playing. With so few, they feel can ignore things like this.

      The fact most of those trying to defend this system are resorting to snide, insulting type comments just shows what sort of effect this sort of thing has on the player base, and the kind of people it attracts. Most don't want to deal with such people, it's also why I've long said that the worst part of PvP in online games, are the PvPers themselves. You guys in effect are only working to help prove the point myself, and others are trying to make as to why this needs to change, so by all means, continue to act as you have been, just don't be surprised if Ankama finally wises up, and changes this system.
      The Black Dessert thing is a classic "selling out" scenario, but who can blame them for wanting to feed their families.

      Wakfu and Dofus both certainly are in their own league when it comes to this genre of game.

      It's ultimately up to Ankama in the end. Everything in game is subject to change, so I wouldn't be surprised if open pvp goes, or anything for that matter. The thing is, it doesn't have to be seen as a bad thing, it's just being perceived as one to the majority of players. I still think the system is great, it just needs some tweaking.... or people need to be a bit more considerate...

      Quote (SSBKewkky @ 14 September 2016 07:05) *
      Not sure what makes you guys think forcing people into content they don't want to participate is fair. As long as wings are up everything's fine, but there's a reason why wings are down.

      Would you be happy if you're walking around minding your own business and all of a sudden you're in a normal Enu dungeon fight with a random person?

      If you guys think being randomly traded by beggars is frustrating, then understand that being randomly fought by people is even moreso due to the fact that now you just got kicked back to the nearest Phoenix for no reason.
      who said anything about fair?

      It's not.

      Never has been, never will be.

      That negative interaction between parties is a part of the games flavor. Everyone here has been attacked at some point.

      Flags up so it's okay is a lame concept that I don't want to get into too much but to shorten that up- "All fights for merit should be in the arenas, no ifs ands or buts. They should re-purpose mobile arenas and turn them into nation pvp arenas if people don't want to fight in ecaflippityfloptopus. Any fights happening outside those areas should be considered just petty disputes (farmer guarding crops) or pking." That's how I feel about pvp mechanics.

      Open pvp that allows for pking and flagged pvp that allows for warranted combat with prizes to take place needs to be split. When a war happens, it should probably be under its own jurisdiction akin to Guard versus Outlaw. Nation rewards or cp and merit.

      But this topic is about the threat of pking and its effect on the games health as a whole. I can see where you guys are coming from but ultimately, just punishing a player for their actions when things go too far is more desirable here than completely eliminating the open pvp system.

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      posté September 14, 2016, 06:45:42 | #11

      Quote (exchangeAcct @ 12 September 2016 23:25) *

      Quote (Christian-CAO @ 12 September 2016 05:00) *

      Those that like it, can leave themselves flagged for PvP/PK. Those that don't like it, can disable the PvP/PK flag. Everyone gets the experience they want, without people being able to impede the ability of others to play. The only ones that lose out, are those that are looking to impede the ability of others to play, which would be harassment, and is against the rules.

      The game itself should enforce the community rules we're suppose to be following, not provide ways to break them. I remember back in the first closed beta they let you plant pretty much anywhere, as a result some planted high level trees so as to prevent others from being able to get into various areas. People complained, then Ankama quickly put in a patch that added tiles you couldn't plant on so as to prevent that. What people have been asking for all these years regarding PKing is the same sort of thing, a system to keep the worst of the community from being able to harm the rest of the community.

      A game that revolves around players driving everything, needs players in it. Having a system that drives players away, hurts the game. The game is so empty now compare to what it used to be. You'd also find that most people are not into such a Neanderthal level of "conflict resolution" as Christian-CAO described, so by pushing the worst a community has to offer on to others, you'll just end up with an empty game. An empty game means not much money is being spent. Not much money leads to the eventual shut down of the game, is that what you want? Now if you're the type that likes this sort of system, then I guess you likely don't really care either way, as those that like such a thing come off as exceedingly selfish, only interested in their own "enjoyment," even at the expense of the enjoyment of others. If the game gets shut down, they'll just move to the next game that lets them troll other players. Personally, I'd like to see this game stick around.
      The main appeal of the system is the fact that you can interact with others against their will. That's actually the best part. It's not about letting everyone get the experience that they want, but rather players giving each other the experience that they would like other players to experience.

      Getting attacked by NPC monsters needs to come back,too, honestly. Dhrellers should be pissed when you enter their territory. Shoot, we all should have been getting jumped and mugged in srambad since day one of its iteration. However things like that get changed or not implemented because the team didn't want to drive players one goes into mines anymore anyways thanks to the silly kamas from heaven idea they came up with so I doubt anyone has even seen a drheller that wasn't in that dungeon. Wow I'm off topic, but anyways, yeah it's not ideal for players to be taken out of their desired comfort zone but it shouldn't be taken out as a possibility.

      How players interact with one another should have many different layers. Players impeding on one another is actually a design aspect that most mmo developers don't even want to touch because they want profit. It's a bold move to utilize such a system and to keep it in place despite the controversy it advocates in hand with simply existing. It's something we don't see often enough honestly. I'm more in favor of creative aspects over market aspects when it comes to games. The more developers worry about "revenue" the less I tend to see actual unique game design. So many games follow set formulas and design choices because they bring in money and are "popular". If it works it works right? But with that we end up seeing so many of the same old games being created but with different coats of paint on them rather tan actual diversity. Mobile gaming is the epitome of rehashed concepts. It's all homogenized standard design. I like seeing developers take risks, and there are fewer things riskier than allowing for players to interact with one another in real time in the way that this game does...more extreme is when dying actually has consequences, a looting system, and character/ item destruction upon a death.

      So looking at that, this style of conflict is something superficial since it doesn't really keep a player from experiencing the game. It's just shoehorning an entirely different part of the game into their game experience that most players don't want to be a part of. Does that make it a bad thing? It's a minor tick, and if done properly could actually be fun. It's all in how a player perceives their situation when they do get attacked. How players react to one another.

      People will always choose one or two easy options when dealing with adversity in this game...most of the time it involves them leaving a game...other times it involves them just dealing with it in a way that fits with their own personal ideal. How someone reacts to these types of situations speaks allot about their threshold for people. Giving up or trying to make things work. So many different ways to go, there's really no right or wrong here in how you react. Some bite back, others make friends. Some roll with the punches, while other vent in a different way. They can choose to ignore it, but it doesn't really go away, so it will eventually get to them and other options open up for them to act. Especially when a pker makes themselves a little too obnoxious.

      It's totally not meant to be a player killers happiness above other players. However, the interaction is meant to work two ways. If one side shuts off the other it's just a single player interaction. Too many Player killers don't talk to their targets. However you can argue that that's only because most targets either walk away from the computer once assaulted or just suicide right away.

      Now on the subject of conflict resolution

      It's an option. Having options are always great. Talking it out and compromising with one another is a totally rational and level headed way to come to an understanding. However, letting that be the only way to settle disputes is a bit bland. We can have wars int he game. The best way to make wars an actual gameplay experience is to have it actively effect everyone as a whole and not just the players participating in war. To have a petty war started over two clashing egos is the best thing in the world to me. To have players actually be able to murder someone over touching a single piece of wheat or a node in the mines is so over the top that it's borderline ridiculous. That over the top overreaction is what makes the option so great. We can do so much with one another despite having no real guidelines or goals in place for us in a game that it is almost debilitating. PvP for instances encourages pking over dueling with honor simply because it's not who you fight but where. Honor can only be met on the battlefield of War and in the arenas in front of officials and the masses. Anywhere else is just petty violence, bandit territory. At least that's the ideal I have for the system. I still love the fact that players can interact with one another 'freely", good and "bad". but I don't want the "bad" aspects to be rewarded like it is with the current pvp system in place.

      You aren't wrong though. For these systems to have value there needs to be players to interact with, and if the actions of other players are driving players away from the game, there is obviously something that needs to change. However, I don't blame the system at all. It's the players decisions and their own choices that they make that impact whether or not someone leaves. I can't make someone leave, they choose to do that since it's one of their many options. Fight, fright, or flight and everything in between and most choose flight. No one tries anymore and it's sad.

      I am all for peaceful negotiations over violence, but I don't want violence put off the table of options. Everyone is selfish to an extent and putting ones ego first is usually what most people do. For instance, other people being happy makes me happy, so by putting others first I am putting myself first. I find people with a more self centered ego very interesting.

      I like the system because it adds a level of depth to how we interact with each other that you normally don't see in games anymore because it's not the most profitable aspect when the casual market is so massive. Money makes the game live longer for sure, and I'm sure we've all had our fair share of friends leave the game because they didn't want to deal with or work around being attacked too many times. There is a limit, and many people have their bars set to low. Players responsibly taking into account other players despite being pkers is important. Paying attention to who you attack and how often you do that is important.

      Remembering to interact and communicate with your target is more important than the attack itself. Players who pk have to have a taste for the theatrical or at the very least have to turn a single player experience into a multiplayer one. Acknowledging that without the target you are nothing is the first step a player killer needs to take. By understanding that key point, they must know that they are creating player driven content the instant they click the attack button. Creating content takes time, effort and work. Fun is in there somewhere but that should just be int he design of the content you create for the other party. I've had instances where higher level pkers in the past would lose on purpose just to really get things going, only to then log their multiboxed party in, "calling for reinforcements".

      I miss players who go that extra step when it comes to interacting with others. It's a shame that, it's a self-destructive system that is doomed to always breed these kinds of reactions but when it really gets put to use it can be a worth while interaction between players. Fighting each other isn't bad.

      Splitting the community apart by segregating pvp from the rest of the game isn't "healthy", but I can agree that letting things stay as they are isn't healthy either. We need a change of some kind but taking pking off the table just doesn't seem to be the best option. Granted its a majority versus minority situation where pkers are the minority and the majority would rather see it go, so in that respect I can see why taking it out wouldn't do anything except please the majority who want it gone. It wouldn't net us anymore players but the odds of someone quitting from being frustrated by other players reduces immensely.

      Quote (RaderElcaroman @ 12 September 2016 23:59) *
      i'm rather impressed about how people try hard at this post D:
      Well it's not so much the topic about moon island pvp harassment. It's just that this thread became a little hub for us to talk about the open pvp system and both sides and the folks in between are sharing their take.

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      did they eat all the mussles???

      If I'm not mistaken, The mussles are the ones who usually over populate gnashville D:

      This is the work of a of group of players obviously though.

      must have been riktus...yes let's blame them. The killed everything except the squidlings and those cephlepods went to town

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      Quote (Gelgy @ 12 September 2016 05:30) *
      Cloudy Cotten and Black Monkey Hairs are both definitely 1 drop per fighter with a 5% drop rate. I've seen them drop for multiple people in a fight too often for them to be otherwise.

      It's just that 5% is awfully low, and recipes ask for an awful lot of it. Think of it this way, depending on your prospecting you have an 87.5% - 95% chance of NOT dropping it. (Which unless my math is wrong comes out to only a 55% chance of seeing one if everyone in the fight has max prospecting)

      This is compounded by Kannilooni being comparable to Ultimate Bosses in terms of the complexity of its mechanics and the length of the fight (it is EASILY the slowest Moon boss). Combine a low 5% drop rate with one of the slowest bosses in the game and that 5% drop rate seems even lower.
      I've been in max enutrof pp groups scouring cloudy for weeks and dropping only 2 in that entire time. That's stupid. Luck shouldn't even be a factor...just make it so we can harvest those resources off the boss with the trapper profession.

      Level 100 trapper should be allowed to pick every hair off that monkeys back and shear the celestial gobball stark naked.

      but that'd be too easy. One guaranteed drop per person for something like hair or wool seems fair enough to me.

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      Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #979075  Replies : 13  Views : 498
      posté September 12, 2016, 05:13:02 | #15
      I can understand the design aspect of wanting to keep rare resources rare...but the design aspect of choosing to make a common piece of the enemy that happens to cover their ENTIRE body, rare, is something I'll never understand... that's just stupid design.

      Unless that monkey is bald and beautiful, I refuse to believe that a player shouldn't drop at least one of those stupid tufts of hair from his stupid simian head.

      cloudy cotton i right there with it too.... any piece of a boss should be instantly in the drop table once beaten. It just makes sense. If anything they should start tossing new resources into the mix that would be fit to be rare. Leave boss pieces as common and toss some weird magicstones in there or something instead for the rare drops for craft recipes..

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      Quote (exchangeAcct @ 12 September 2016 02:56) *
      Just going to chime in with my two cents on open PvP. I don't like it, it just tends to be one of those things people use to harass other players in online games, also generally tends to never be fair, as often enough it's high level, or even a group of high level players ganking lone low level players. It's the number one reason I've never really sunk that much time, or money into this game (I first started back during the original closed beta tests years ago), even though other than that, I think it's pretty good, and have seen a number of other people say the same over the years. I really wish open PvP followed a basic flagging system, and had some degree of level restrictions, so if you just want to play without being PKed, you can.

      To those that always say how this is how the game is, and they'll never remove/change it, so if you don't like it, quit, they're wrong. All sorts of other online games have gone back to change things like this, as it is something that many tend to complain about, and leave a game due to. Then look at this game, one common complaint is how often they keep going back to remake things, over, and over again. So why not make this one of those things they change? Leaving something in that is having a negative effect on the player base, and has for many years, doesn't help the game.

      To those that claim it is needed so players can police the actions of other players, that's just crap. Players policing other players never works, ever. Players will almost never be interested in getting all the facts, they'll just act on impulse, or emotion. Here's a Wakfu themed for instance:
      • Player A is chopping down some high level tress, fully intending to replant them later.
      • Player B who has been killing mobs in the area sees there's far less trees now, and without ever talking to player A, concludes player A is some terrible eco-terrorist, so PKs him/her.
      • Even if player A tries explaining things during, or after the fight/assault, player B refuses to believe it.
      • Not wanting to be PKed again, player A does not return.
      • As player B is incapable of dealing with such high level trees, he/she can't replant them, and the area has less trees for later, rather than it being fully replanted.
      • The result of this is not only not good for player A, but for the community on a whole too.
      Even with open PvP, you can't stop players from doing things you don't want them to, all it ends up allowing for is harassment, and other such problems, causing less people to want to play at all.

      I also find that the more hostile a game allows players to be to each other, and tries to put the players against each other, the worse the community will be. While there are some into such conduct, not everyone is, so at least by letting people avoid such drama if they want to, would make for a happier community on a whole.

      true... but open pvp is an awesome concept and I'd hate to see it go, almost as much as I've hated seeing friends quit because of it.

      Honestly, it's here to stay. Not because it's always been like that but because it keeps things interesting. If it wasn't for it, there would be nothing to complain about or be angry about since players would have no tool to interact with each other in a negative way. No way to settle disputes with violence. That's what makes this game kinda fun. You can settle disputes by attacking each other, or just attack others for the heck of it! It's great honestly. Games with pking tools are always interesting to me, and I don't normally pk people at all. In fact I dare say that for a long time and still, I choose to be the biggest care-bear that ever cared to care about caring.

      So because I care so much, I want to them to keep the open player versus player combat system in place. This way I can care about something worth caring about. Because without people complaining or being in distress, who or what would I care about in the game when there would be absolutely zero conflicts? I can't hope that someones real life status is in such dire straights that I'd have to console them to satiate my desire to feel those emotions that make my heart bleed freely like a flowing brook of cherry soda. That would be just no good.

      No, I need people who make others miserable to feed my need to feel. I need someone to kick me into the dirt and crush me between their toes while they go off on a monologue much like this one as they laugh and laugh and laugh at my disputing cries and wavering emotions as I try to understand why I feel this way. Point being, dying in real life blows chunks of awful. However, dying here is no big deal. I can deal with being killed every now and then. I can see why people are upset about how things are handled at Moon island.To be fair though, anyone there should be in a group and should theoretically be able to work against their would-be assailants.... theoretically.

      Though attacking folks 6v1 isn't really fair. That just insights bullying honestly. That style should be done delicately. In a way that is...hmmm... not douchey. Roleplaying helps. If the badguys aren't playing their roles and are just attacking, then they are having just about as much fun as the person being attacked..meaning, None.

      Active neer-do-wells have to really sell their acts or else they just come off as troubled tweens with nothing better to do. We wouldn't want a misunderstanding here~ They have to be better at being awful people . No Npc boss Ankama can come up with, could effect players emotionally more than the players themselves, and that's where these player killers should shine the most.

      Outside of player interaction, there is no conflict int he game at all, zero. at least none that couldn't be settled with words and calm conversation. But that's boring. We "Need" these pking bastards almost as much as they need us....well to be fair they need us more to contribute to their actions and needs but honestly speaking who wants to go about their day peacefully all the time, running dungeons and doing a story-line where the big baddie is an overgrown baby who just wants to play with his dolly again (if you know what I mean *winkwink nudge nudge* yeah not funny but shut up you get the idea)

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      Quote (SplingSplingSpling @ 06 September 2016 06:49) *

      Quote (Christian-CAO @ 06 September 2016 06:36) *

      Quote (Raker @ 05 September 2016 02:24) *
      I want to give a 30 days booster packs to another account using my ogrines, is possible?
      You can do this only by them sharing their account login info with you.

      I used to do this all the time with buds and subscribe them when needed before free to play was at this level.

      It's risky, but if people care about each other enough it should be fine. No malicious intent involved in genuine gift giving like that.

      Do what you want regardless of what the TOA says. It's to be taken with a grain of salt anyway.
      If you do it, keep it to yourself, though. Don't publicly announce it.

      I've read on the forums that someone got banned because he shared his account with his brother.
      (I think because his name on the bank didn't fit the name on his account? I can't really find the thread anymore, maybe it was removed. ~10 months ago or something.)
      Just remember Ankama being asshats about it.
      true, though the toa restricts the sharing of your own account info, it doesn't really touch too much on being the recipient of that information.

      If things have to be difficult for everyone, because of the system in place, it's fine to go around or disregard the system.

      The rules are simply there for the players protection (and to reduce headaches on Ankamas side). Ankama isn't responsible for what happens to players accounts due to the actions of another player. So sanctions for sharing should "never" result in a ban as it is just one player putting themselves into a situation where fraud is always a factor.

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      Quote (Raker @ 05 September 2016 02:24) *
      I want to give a 30 days booster packs to another account using my ogrines, is possible?
      You can do this only by them sharing their account login info with you.

      I used to do this all the time with buds and subscribe them when needed before free to play was at this level.

      It's risky, but if people care about each other enough it should be fine. No malicious intent involved in genuine gift giving like that.

      Do what you want regardless of what the TOA says. It's to be taken with a grain of salt anyway.

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      Quote (HateSpawn @ 29 August 2016 02:18) *Quote (renphi @ 29 August 2016 02:14) *, ya goose.

      well I've added everything I could contribute to this conversation.

      This post has been edited by Christian-CAO - October 01, 2016, 09:01:14.
      Reason for edit : yung goose
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      Guys this is a nice thread. No need to get it closed with personal verbal attacks.

      Pkers will pk. Nothing "right" about it. However since death has no consequence, there is nothing "wrong" about it either.

      Yes it involves people forcing you to involuntarily involve you into a part of gameplay that you'd probably like to avoid, but it is their form of enjoyment that they get from playing the game.

      I think empathy is something important to have. Yeah no one should prioritize their enjoyment over other people's but honestly that's just the human thing to do. We do what makes us happy, regardless of others happiness.

      If others being happy makes me happy then It's a win win, however there's no way to make two parties happy when their interests don't click and clash.

      Compromise would be impossible in this situation without one side giving in and doing the unthinkable.

      Roll with it.

      Pkers jumped you? Roll with it. Make some new friends. Getting attacked could be a part of your daily routine in the game. I used to attack people with an extremely low leveled panda for the hell of it. Being theatrical and all that. Campy and cheesy, the works. Yes it interrupted their time briefly, but I'll be damned if it wasn't going to at least make them smirk a little.

      Unless your Pkers in Remington are just silent killers, then I can see why that was no fun for anyone. No one should be a quiet killer in the gane. There's no fun in that for t g e killer and it only makes the attacker feel like another number on your daily quota.


      Pkers, you need to put in the extra effort to make this as fun as possible for you. The only way to do that is to make it feel "personal". Call your victims names, lame ones, make empty comments about their characters appearance. Pull them into your experience, make them an active participant. Attacking is a start, interacting during the attack I'm what will define the experience for both parties....

      also, play around a little

      You don't care if you win or lose anyway, so flubbing the victory every now and then is fine. Claim that you'll have your revenge and scamper off defeated back to your lair ot whatever

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