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posté August 30, 2014, 16:02:57 | #1
not only that but I wouldn't' be complaining about it since the classes that do benefit from subjective stats like control
need those points to even get the most out of certain class mechanics and skills.

I assume you are asking this because of how gear is weighted and having control on gear that you own that you don't
need are points technically out the window
that you could have had going into something else...

I for one would love it if control were left off of gear and made addable via smith magic.

We have the control cap anyway so no control higher than the cap would count so adding it to smith magic seems totally fair in my opinion.

However, forcing every control centered class into smith magic isn't the way to go about things now is it?

So having it on gear is just something you'll have to deal with... I'd still like to have both options.

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posté August 30, 2014, 15:57:47 | #2
people group up for that quest?

I was under the impression that it is all kinds of glitchy and nearly unplayable under certain conditions because it is meant to be a solo thing and gets funky with multiple folks.

Like when I already did it and went to help a friend do it with a few others and some one else (who beat it already) found the staff pieces and started the boss fight and then the person we were helping didn't get the quest finished to continue so they had to go and do it over again...

the glitches stop at the temple part though, as I helped another person do that half just fine... looks like you'll have to do it again.

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posté August 30, 2014, 15:47:09 | #3

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posté August 28, 2014, 21:35:07 | #4
Question: "hey should I join Nox?"

Usually the first response to said Question: "Nah it's dead/ really empty there, go anywhere else but there
(except amara but no one talks about amara...because amara.)"

--side rant--

I am all for big signs in the sky telling people to join the Nox server. Stop telling people nox is a dead mans paradise and let our population grow.

The last thing I want though is a game full of unhealthy habits like the power-leveling of brand spanking new people for absolutely no reason other than there being a dire lack of low to mid level players floating around.

You can do that to your alts, you can do that to your friends alts, you can do it to those who ask, but for new people who just come in... let them wander a little.

Suffer how I have suffered.

Seriously, what was the appeal of the game in the beginning because I doubt anyone here can tell me anything other than, it was fresh and everyone was on equal terms then and there were more folks so it was bearable and enjoyable.
It was "new" and you enjoyed wandering and seeing all there was to see available to you. Emotes, secrets, lore, the works...

I'm going to get off my soapbox now because what matters most to people is being able to play with other players.

So if everyone and their mother is level 100+ and doing content that pertains to that range then I guess I'd want to get there the fastest way possible too. Except I'm lame... so there's that

--end of side rant--

Back on topic though, yeah the Nox population has seen some new faces and some old returning ones and I couldn't be happier really.
I only hope the server continues to grow at a steady pace without overwhelming anything.

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posté August 26, 2014, 15:04:32 | #5

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 26 August 2014 14:11) *

Quote (Otakum @ 26 August 2014 01:28) *
I mean, It's nothing from the video itself, since it's mostly dramatization, but there's something the narator says, something that just kinda shows a blatant lie

"Always striving for excellence, Our personnel will bend over backwards to provide you with unrivaled service."

Click here

So, uh, where's my "Unrivaled service" on that ticket I submitted like 3 days ago over a simple payment issue?
They said unrivaled service, they never said if it was positive or negative.


Oh god, Rizzy with the quickness, this made my morning (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥ 

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posté August 25, 2014, 17:37:47 | #6
actually osamodas lost their control speed bonus and it is now +50% CMC...still summon based but yeah no longer control

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posté August 25, 2014, 17:28:48 | #7
I wish there was a customization list of maybe 3-5 different speed bonuses that our characters can pick out of all the bonuses available ( and new ones~) and attach to our character.

When the speed bonus pops up it'll be 1 out of the 3-5 you selected.

I say 3-5 because I think that the bonuses should have weights to them similar to gear if ap, wp, and even mp bonuses were a thing.
This way we can have a bit of diversity with those bonuses and keep things a bit fair to prevent stupid combinations of powerful speed bonuses.

Like, say you want an Ap, wp, mp speed bonus...well with their weights (2 points maybe) you could only have two of those coupled with another lesser speed bonus like a bonus to aoe damage/ range or something.
keep in mind that they should cycle randomly but when one comes up it will not come up again until the other bonuses cycle through as well and starts over at random again.

Like, you get your ap speed bonus and won't get it again till you get your aoe damage bonus and mp bonus.

They are in no select order mind you.

So anyway special bonuses like Ap, Mp, and Wp cost 2 points

While any other speed bonus only costs 1 point. So essentially you can have 3-5 speed bonuses depending on your choices.

Also, I'd like for it to be different depending on if you are in a group or not since everyone's speed bonuses tie into a pool.

It cycles at random between your 3-5 bonuses choosing one if you are in a group like I stated before.

However, solo against normal monsters we should have our entire 3-5 selections of speed bonuses to choose from rather than cycling it at random.
However like the cycling variation, You cannot use the same speed bonus again until you've chosen all of them once and it resets.

Variation and utility bonuses costing 1 point while special bonuses (ap,wp,mp) costing 2 points allows a player to choose a bonus based on their play style or class needs.

With a player choosing the option of 4-5 bonuses they get more diversity so they have a bonus that can pertain to greater situations and enjoy a spring of variety...

however a player with 3 bonuses while having less variety, can cycle through their bonuses faster to use their more powerful speed bonuses more often.

Rather than every class having a default bonus that honestly may do nothing for the player at that given moment...

this is kinda cluttered and I feel like I'm repeating myself allot kinda~

Also penalty speed bonuses should be done away with..why were those even there? That's not how a "bonus" works...
( ̄◇ ̄; )

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posté August 25, 2014, 16:59:03 | #8
I'm pretty sure no one has any problems with more haven worlds being added into the game...
I only wish there was an area similar to the wakfu and stasis areas where the haven worlds could be found rather than cluttering the map with them.
Some place outside the map of the game like a teleporter that sends us to an island or an alternate server where there are nothing but haven worlds like a dimension x type of thing...
wow that sounds way more cluttered then what we have now actually... but in a sense kind of like how krosmasters works in the game room you know opening up an instance of that game...
let haven worlds be an alternate game that reflects on this one so that it doesn't take up too much space on the servers if that's what Ankama is worried about...

you know what, lemme start over~

More haven worlds should be added.

Guilds with haven worlds shouldn't loose their haven worlds that they earned just because they aren't using them to their fullest potential.

I for one was against the guild I am in getting a haven world because the leader is an off and on type of guy and I am a lazy Lazy Frey who understands that it takes soooo~ much hard work and dedication to maintaining and upgrading a haven world and the Kamas... jeez the kamas... I hate earning kama in this game only because I failed to bother working on professions like mining past level 30 or obtaining any harvesting boosting equipment that are essential to obtaining the amount of ores needed to even make mining worth doing for kama gains and honestly I didn't think that our guild could even handle having one...

Yet my guild leader pops in one day when haven worlds are announced as a thing and decides he wants one and suddenly we're jumping through hoops and aligning with other guilds and defending areas and attacking other players during auction times... nabbed a haven world for a very low price honestly because we kept the opposition busy~

Now the haven world just kinda sits there, we use it every now and then, upgrade things when we can or want to... but honestly it isn't a driving force for my gameplay like it was meant to be.

Haven worlds are needy. You focus on it and everything you do revolves around upgrading it till you can't or don't have anything worth building. Leveling up your guild to advance into the haven world system and doing everything you can to get guild points.

It's a kama/time sink and I didn't want anything to do with it...

at the end of the day you could just do what you normally do and just treat haven worlds as a side thing like profession leveling.

I'm sure I wouldn't have a problem with haven worlds at all since all I do is kill stuff, that can get me guild points and I can always just put looted resources into the haven chest and not have it be the center of my game-play like I first initially thought people would treat it as.

It's hard work only when you make it out to be hard work... playing the game and not focusing on progressing it quickly and just doing things for it on the side when you have time, that's how I treat my guilds haven world. Don't want to loose it now, so let's add more haven worlds.


oo~ idea, our guild banks... every guilds bank is linked to the same bank areas...why not toss that alternate haven world game idea onto those banks? little icon to log you into that and, this sounds dumb when I read it back to myself ( ̄◇ ̄; )

-- Frey Haakon Erich

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posté August 25, 2014, 07:23:00 | #9

Quote (kurokat @ 25 August 2014 06:07) *
After the update, the highest kit skill on gear is +2. Many more items have Kit Skill now (mainly +1's) to facilitate, but there will be no "Kit Skill" items like the Whispery Ring or Amuleto.

Even the Arachnee is droping a bit of Kit Skill from +5 to +4. So it will be the highest Kit Skill item in the game, but it does require you to use half a years worth of Almokens to get, which also cuts you short of getting a Meridia on that specific character (well, a half a year set back).

At the moment, where gear is more important than levels, it isn't necessarily abusable, but part of the game. After the September Revamp they are making leveling up a larger part of the game and gear at each level can be used by anyone with the new element rolling system. So people won't be needing Kit Skill because of the only gear with your element combinations being available every 15-20 levels.

- Kat

I'm gonna be sad if and or when the update happens and I can't wear my gear~ o(≧∇≦o)

kinda need that 20 kitskill ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

guess it's time to put on my try hard pants and actually focus on leveling up for once 눈_눈 

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posté August 25, 2014, 03:27:01 | #10
Kitskill saved my osamodas' life... so I am one who believes that kitskill is a fantastic thing.

I don't get gear drops, I rarely obtain well off kamas. Only by doing quest lines and getting the treasures around the world of twelve was I able to obtain a small fortune.

With the changes to free to play the market took a plunge in prices and I wen ton a shopping spree.

Planning out the next thirty levels as my Osamodas was level 114 when he went on said shopping. He obtained kitskill by stating it and a whisper ring giving him 20 bonus levels to work with gear that he normally couldn't wear.

Keep in mind that my osa was terribly under-geared up until that point and I rarely level since I really can't compete with targets of my range effectively enough. So buying near future gear really did help me out. Being able to wear said gear now is also great.

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posté August 23, 2014, 15:33:22 | #11
it's the beak man. You just equip the little tofu to your fist and punch people with it~ (◎ヮ◎) 

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posté August 23, 2014, 15:02:13 | #12
I'd rather see + control and maybe distance/close-combat damage bonuses attached to it...

though a resist bonus focused pet that isn't a pain to obtain would be neat...

I think another pet would suit the role better for the sake of ...making sense?
Wodent's couldn't protect themselves let alone you Rizzy (ノ>▽<。)ノ

I say giving the resists to a pet like that oddball dog (mans best friend can play a guardian role pretty well in my opinion~)

could make a bit more sense than giving it to the wodent.

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posté August 22, 2014, 20:13:40 | #13

Theres no secret, all I did was simply commit to doing the profession for 9 hours.

you do realize not giving out details is the same as not posting at all right?

Why bother posting a response if you aren't going to go into depth about what you did.

No one makes money by just "doing" professions. They have to SELL their goods. Selling isn't a part of professions, it is just something you can do with items/ goods in your inventory.

Now to the Op, you don't simply "commit to doing a profession" to gain kamas. AnonXeroxGuy is correct in stating that you should work on professions since it will make you kama on the side if you sell your crafts such as the bread you are currently creating. Bread sells very well but always remember to be sensible about prices... keep in mind that if you're making bread your consumers can most assuredly make their own or just buy it cheap form some one else.

I will tell you right now, that my logic is flawed. I am the LAST person to be telling anyone how to gain kamas in this game. Been here from the start and don't have a kama to my name. The kamas start to role in as you progress through the story, especially when you get through quest lines... but that's not something that should pertain to your interests yet and is just something to keep in mind.

Sell items you craft and find from loot form monsters. Someone else should really be filling you in here since i'm incompetent.

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posté August 16, 2014, 16:44:28 | #14
I love you guys (ゝ。∂)


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posté August 16, 2014, 01:02:08 | #15

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 16 August 2014 00:52) *
Buy one in person? Do you even know what you're talking about or do you just open your mouth and let noises come out.

You ordered the magazines online which by the way while we got to purchase the magazine and get it INSTANTLY in english with the item that came with it in our boutique the french did not have that option you'd have to wait for it to come to your house in the mail.

Which like I said NA could still do and I did multiple times on nox.

So as I was saying since you clearly have no idea what you're talking about these items were not french exclusive they did not shut you out from activating the code because of your server. If you went out of your way to purchase the code (which is no different then spending money to get silver dynast or the bilby costume etc.) then you would get a rare costume.

Now sit down because you just got served.

I will sit down

and I won't argue with you anymore but I will still say it was a French exclusive offer

because it was never officially announced once in the english speaking community. Not once. You can peek back into the history of our server and find nothing about a special magazine offer that gave you shakshaka or the unbrella emote.

When we got the other magazine annoucements here on these servers it left out the shakshaka and umbrella emote offer ones and only showed us certain ones.

Even then you could still buy the other magazines with shakshaka and the umbrella.

I can say this because I did buy shakshakas magazine and got nothing from it.

But you are correct, I got served and will sit down.

I am poorly informed...I wonder why... maybe because I wasn't informed of the offer..

because it was not meant for me to see or have anything to do with.

It was only posted on the French server Mikeh. You can't deny that at least.

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posté August 16, 2014, 00:45:54 | #16

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 16 August 2014 00:40) *
First of all every item you just listed shak shaka umbrella emote and fan costume you can/could get on your server.

So it's not server exclusive so throw that out the door right now.

Wild googoo literally just came out for us and you were referring to before the f2p change so throw that out the window as well

You were saying?
I am so glad that those were special offers listed on our community and the French one...

oh wait...they weren't.

Oh that's fine do a little digging and you can buy the mags and get them!

Oh, you would have to go and buy one in person though... yay...

oh wait... the items attached to the magazines were made unavailable shortly after their offers expired...

so you can buy every magazine and get no prize... neat

Wild googoo I will give to you. That was unfair of me. But honestly we'll probably never get it anyway.

When have we ever gotten the same costume offers as you guys anyway? Notice I said offers and not standard boutique stuff.

EDIT ---Again--

I'm not going to argue with you but putting up announcements of special purchases on one server and not the other and expecting players to just fish around your server for those deals isn't the same thing as having a special promotion to get them.

We can get what you have but we would have jump through hoops... set on fire... to get them.

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posté August 16, 2014, 00:13:46 | #17

Quote (Nox16 @ 15 August 2014 23:13) *
dragoone was a special offer deal. The abomination is a halloween event prize from last year.
Not Halloween... it was a Spring has Sprung event prize you silly Nox ☆~(ゝ。∂) 

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posté August 15, 2014, 23:56:02 | #18

When the english community had to pay a subscription just like the french one...

Where were our "special" offers and "exclusive" costumes?

The Uncle Sam costume and worthless TOFU ( Mother of god TOFU) mystery boxes (Freaking TOFU are SOOooo worth it right guys?) don't hold a candle to:

Umbrella emote (Surprise!), Shakshaka, Wild googoo costume, fan costume, and let us not forget the ever pandering spoon feeding your community receives since the developers are right there at your every beck and call with open ears and talkative mouths while every other community gets ONE person a liaison if you will, to try and be the voice of the community as a whole and an ear for ankama who, let's be honest here, really don't care for anyone's opinions past "sovereign" ground. And don't give me that, some of the devs come by with feedback stuff because if it's right here then it's right everywhere. Coming by is great and I love it but how much feedback from our side simply isn't just the same feedback they get at the french community? What mango is doing is also cool stuff that really shows that they do listen when you make it your business to have them hear you.

Where were those special costumes for our servers then? nowhere. Why? Who knows... why not ask Ankama representatives for me you guys? And while you're at it try asking again why every other server (not really every but I mean really) went free to play other than the French server? Because I still don't quite get why the game went free in selective areas and not in all of them.

Exclusive offers are fine but if we are all playing the same game...does content have to differ entirely? Why can't the shop at least be open universally? It only means more money for ankama. Though I guess we can't or shouldn't have the same special price slashing off deals that you guys get, I understand that much...but the content.

was happy paying for this game and paying for others to play as well and I never saw anything set aside especially for us when over the fence all I ever see is your community getting tossed offer after offer and special cosmetics the rest of us simply could not and will not ever have.

Also, Passenthru costume is lame....there I said it...kill me now designer who cried tears of blood making this blue sock with holes cut out of it and tossed on our players head while they wear spandex with goggles, my god it sounds awesome when I describe it like that  

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