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posté August 27, 2015, 06:22:04 | #1
While I love the game, I do find myself logging in less and less these days... I just haven't made the time to play.

Even when I do log in, I usually just end up chatting with some friends, doing the Almanax, and then log out.

It's just too late in the evening/ early morning by the time I log in after work and even on days off I don't make the time to play any games at all.

Still, I love the game despite having to deal with everyone else's issues with it; to the point of most of my friends and guild-mates quit.

There's allot the game has to offer players and it was an enjoyable ride though rather bumpy up to this point.

Maybe I'll get back into the spirit of actually playing again...maybe I'll just fall back into this odd routine of logging in and logging out in under an hour each night.

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posté August 25, 2015, 09:05:18 | #2
Unlike sadida, osamodas have no way to shield or heal itself outside a few summons that can heal. All the summons that could shield the osa are unable to do so.

Either way, any class whose mechanics involve bringing in a "helper" to fight with them will always have the advantage in 1v1 pvp matches.

It doesn't help that the inner workings of those summons increase their survival naturally and on top of that, the summoner of that summon can aide in their survival even more.

It was always known that summoner classes , sadida especially, would be difficult to balance. Some one already said it but there needs to be a middle ground somewhere...though you can't please everybody.

When dolls were squishier than a greedoblip, the players who wanted some kind of increase in their survival asked for thus. Ankama has now given dolls a bit of stability. However everyone else feels it is too much...and it pretty much is. However, where do you go from there?

Before the revamp, sadida had to spend heavy resources to summon dolls that would barely last a single turn. Now they don't have to spend resources continuously every turn because they essentially have two turns in one with the ultra powerful being in charge of summoning. So now they don't need to even worry about the costs since there are none, past the ultra powerfuls own resources.

Is the problem that dolls are too overbearing and last too long on the battle field?

Is it that sadida have limitless utilities at their disposal to aide in supporting their tiny army?

Are the dolls doing too much damage?

Looking at things in the way of a summoner class player myself... Most classes don't have multiple turns where they can do damage. However summoner classes do. Every summon on the field that can attack, will attack if able. In sadidas case, that's potentially 5 attacks every turn that a player is surrounded by greedies and is poked by the sadida. Four of those attacks cost the sadida literally nothing. It is free damage. Before, there was always a cost to the dolls since they always had a wp cost attached to them. Now it's all left to the ultra powerful and costs the sadida nothing but time.

There are allot of ways to make the class more engaging for sure. I recall some older ideas of plenty of players like kiku for instance who wanted to flesh out some of sadidas more naturalistic qualities by tying in those subtle elements of nature in ways that make positioning and placement important. Different states and different effects when certain spells are cast on dolls or even empty tiles on the battle field. It's a class that revolves around nature, forests, spiritual enlightenment and voodoo. The sky is the limit in the levels of creativity that the developers can flesh out if they ever decide to rewrite the classes core mechanics.

As sadida are now, it looks like it's a doll spam fest but as blaza said, there are plenty of different builds that classes can utilize. Sadida don't even need their dolls to be strong in pvp but why wouldn't they use their dolls if it makes their likelyhood of winning in combat skyrocket?

There are many ways to build a character, however, utility classes like osamodas and sadida have very support oriented branches and can find that their other mechanics bring out their fullest potential by being utilized along side the standard seemingly "broken" builds. There's no reason why players wouldn't use the tools given to them by the developers, so it's up to the developers to adjust what's wrong/ broken/ unfair currently.

So to restate some things

  • Sadidas damage output in a fight doesn't match up with their costs. It's completely topsy~turvey from how it used to be. I admit that I enjoy it but anyone can see how it looks from the other side of the fence.
  • Sadidas survival is their strength. Which makes sense. However, dolls are dolls and shouldn't have such a long lasting presence in the battlefield. To make up for the fact that they were too costly, the ultra powerful now summons them, however their defensive stats are a bit too high and don't add up with being as bulky as they are.
  • Coupled with their slight bulk is an aoe damage resistance that snuffs out a large chunk of potential damage. While fair to give dolls a way to stop them from being wiped out completely if too close together, it is too much when coupled with the sadidas defensive options and the dolls natural bulk. The dolls aren't all too bulky but the reality is that they are bulky enough to not survive. Every time a doll takes a hit is a time where the sadida is not taking damage. If an enemy isn't taking damage then they won't be defeated any time soon.
  • Sadidas heal for too much while being able to heal themselves and summon inflatable dolls as nurses as well. Couple that with a high survival build with a massive pool of health points and substantial resistances, shields, hp armor, and bramble armor.... well damn, if you can get around that wall, teach me how to do it pretty please?
  • Sadidas role as a support class certainly shines in this revamp, but their damage output also peaks here too. Even crazier is that the two can be done in tandem to an extent and it's really effective... focusing on surviving alone and getting in a bit of damage and inflicting a few states here and there while managing their resources and keeping the opponent at bay all whilst surveying the battlefield mid-range as their dolls take hits, deal damage, and hinder movement... A class that can outlive the rest is certainly almost always going to win in a battle.
There's more to it than that, and I'm no expert. The only thing I excel at is being a scrub. My sadida build is bad and my tactics are heavily flawed and reeks of ineptitude. The more experienced sadida players know how to really make their class shine and wouldn't want this class to fall short becuase of slight alterations here and there. The little changes can add up in a big way when dealing with summons, by allot. However, everyone can see that there are allot of issues here when it comes to post spelldeck Sadida.

This incarnation of the class is by far the most... user friendly (?) the class has ever been. It's more or less everything the class was,in the past, minus the costs. Which means allot, since the costs of micromanaging dolls in combat were the only real issue that the class had.

It was it isn't. Like I said before, there needs to be a middle ground in costs somewhere here to make it a little bit more fair for others... both players and the monsters you torture with the incredibly drawn out battles that are forced to take place sometim-mmmmost times.... but how, I wonder?

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posté August 24, 2015, 17:20:56 | #3

Quote (Fleisch @ 24 August 2015 12:09) *
Don't forget the people who merely have PvP on to kill Eco-Terrorists or people who accidentaly became criminal and want to be killed.

Just reintroduce an actually working guard system and make it separate from pvp.

I like this idea. It makes sense.

Taking it a step further would be to remove the silly restrictions built around pvp.... and prop it up with a bunch of convoluted and new silly restrictions.

Get rid of that nation alignment with guild nonsense. That's an unnecessary hindrance for pvp participation, for one thing.

Not having wings up shouldn't stop a person from attacking some one. That's just dumb. Wanting to kill some one for whatever reason you feel like should be brought back to the game. Players can do this now but only if their wings are up and they can attack whomever they wish regardless of if their wings are up; which, again, is dumb. Just drop the restrictions on targeting and let it be a free for all like before. Leave the pvp wings for people who want to actually gain something other than smug satisfaction.

All that having wings up should do, is allow players to gain merit upon defeating an opponent.

Speaking of which, I feel as though merit is just an odd concept with how it's obtained.

You gain merit by jumping people in the middle of nowhere, with no witnesses... Why? How is that any different from a bandit?

Pvp needs official areas to be legitimate and we have one place now in astrub where a battle for merit can actually make sense...if they add a little npc referee then that'd be great too.

We now have that Ecaflip arena area where people could fight official matches in an organised setting.

If folks want to fight in the nations then the developers can just re-purpose the unused trool arenas as pvp arenas.

If people need to fight anywhere they want without having to go to an arena then they need to go up to an opponent and issue a challenge to them with a new duel option. The party has to have consent when it comes to participating in pvp. This should be an available option no matter where you are.

As it is, putting your wings up just means you sign a consent form that acknowledges your agreement with being killed by anyone and everyone who also has their wings up any moment anywhere. You are awarded merit based around how many people you successfully killed who are around your own level who also have their wings up. You then spend that merit on prizes. Seems legit... no really it makes sense with what they have presented.

However, its too scummy the way pvp is initiated. Not everyone is a perfect gentleman and allow for the other party to have consent when it comes to pvp. Pvp the way it is now is just pking with prizes.

Forcing for there to be actual consent for an official pvp match to take place where merit can then be awarded would be great. Even better if giving up didn't cause a player to just up and die in an official pvp match.

There are plenty of problems with this idea since players can just refuse to engage in combat out there in the roads. However, with a forced change focusing on new arena areas, players are more or less in a situation where it's best to go to arenas to gain merit rather than try and duke it out in the open with consent rules.

This is just for basic player versus player rules in a duel setting and doesn't even touch on anything related to guild versus guild (which isn't a thing yet officially but people have made it a thing in the past, oh the fun of yesteryear) and Nation versus Nation (which isn't a thing anymore until the devs make it worth peoples time and takes allot to role-play that much to want to do it now).

All of these are different animals entirely even though they are all player versus player interactions.

Duels, Guild skirmishes(a rose by any other name) and Nation wars.

It escalates from personal battles to heavy meaningful ones that tie in more than just the individual. You can't just slap merit on everything as a reward for things past Duels.

Maybe you can sneak it into guild skirmishes with an additional reward but not for nation wars.

There needs to be more purpose involved in those wars then just gaining merit. People fighting wars for shallow reasons is nothing new, but I can't wait to see what they do for that and guild versus guild interactions. However, it should be noted that there shouldn't be a need for consent when it comes to Nation wars... it's war after all so my seemingly "good sportsman" ideal for duels wouldn't fit in a setting like war.

The guard system is not really "perfect". It can be improved most definitely. Though my problems with it has more to do with why becoming a guard would be favorable. Making it so that only guards can participate in Nation wars is one way for doing it. However being guard should have nothing to do with guild versus guild interactions.

Am I just making things unnecessarily complicated? Probably, but as far as personal battles in the form of duels goes, I feel that these different kinds of restrictions and rules will make it the individual player versus player environment more welcoming. Not to mention "fair".

Now then, for the topic, I agree with blazakkhakabow that class balance should be tackled before matchmaking. How the classes should be balanced around this is another discussion. Since classes have archetypes attached to them it should be almost obvious that no matter how close a classes level is, there will/should be classes that would out damage others.

When it comes down to osamodas, in a 1v1 setting, it's just a numbers game. it's essentially one versus two except the second

  • comes back to life
  • can return to battle once killed
  • get swapped out with another
  • hits like a truck or carries a utility so crippling to the opposition that it can be seen as unfair.
A Summon is strong because it has to be. If it was too weak it'd be useless. If you couldn't un-summon it and then re-summon it then un-summoning it would hold no meaning at all. All in al the developers are dropping the pokeosa entirely and creating something more akin to their dofus incarnation with set summons

When that happens, It's doubtful that it will affect osamodas standing in one versus one pvp. As it will still be one versus two in every case of a fight against the osamodas...providing that they continue the limitation of one summon out at a time for the osamodas.

Which would be silly because they limited the number of summons an osa could have out at once because of the imbalances of having the combinations of strong creatures at their disposal in droves. So now we have one.

With more balanced and set summons, which all have archetypes associated with them coming "soon" I don't see why an osa couldn't summon more than one...depending on their strength of course...I'm fine with only being able to summon one but who knows what they'll do.

Sadida is entirely a numbers game as well. However the sadida have something that osamodas don't. Survival is on their side.

An Osamodas cannot heal or shield themselves at all (gobgob is absolute trash and will be scrapped, supposedly) while a Sadida can.

Not only that, but a Sadida has the number game down to a science in comparison to the osamodas. A battlefield flooded with stitch moppets while the "mother brain" of the gang is a buff little Brussels sprout with massive Hp and is nurtured with love and care by the sadida controlling it.

Once allowed to set up, and they will if they are good, a sadida is a monster of a challenge in pvp. The dolls have aoe resistance so hitting all of them at once, while a good idea, has diminished returns. The Osamodas could double whip Ultra powerful and kill it immediately, provided that it isn't bramble armored, but what about anyone else? Good luck to them is all I can say... even then, with good resource management a sadida would be fine in an osa match up. There's more than one way to play a class, this is true for sadida as well as osamodas.

Well either way sadida will get a revamp eventually...or did theirs technically come with the spell deck update? I don't remember, I'll have to look it up.

I've rambled on about almost nothing, and forgot what I was talking about...



Shame on you, you bastard, go back and read it dammit.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #901279  Replies : 82  Views : 2089
posté August 24, 2015, 08:39:32 | #4
the osamodas revamp is coming.. "soon" and will address peoples issues with summons in general involving that class pvp wise.

So no need to worry there. There are big changes coming for the osamodas whips... just grin and bear what you deal with in 1v1 pvp for now.

The sadida have yet to actually have their real revamp so you'll have to sit and wait till that's announced. Continue to advocate what you'd like to see in terms of sadida game-play and balance issues that they have currently.


The Pvp System is not broken.

It's just bad.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #901168  Replies : 82  Views : 2089
posté August 22, 2015, 13:48:28 | #5

Quote (treevamp1 @ 22 August 2015 01:34) *
I like the "last logged" idea, as long as it's only viewable by guild leadership. I think if it was posted to all members all the time, people might dislike the lack of privacy.

Alternatively, guild leaders could receive a report once a week. This would protect even more privacy. Like, I don't really care to know who's on at what time on what day; I just need to know if they've done anything this month.

People will just need to get over the lack of privacy honestly.

"Oh no! Everyone knows that I don't log in for months/years!" or "Oh no! Everyone knows I log in too much~!"

Who cares?

I'm sure that there are those types of people, but thank goodness they're rare. Also:

they are hardly ever on, so they wouldn't know you saw their log in date info in the first place.

It's a good thing. Privacy with info like this is a none issue.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #900728  Replies : 12  Views : 587
posté August 20, 2015, 18:34:45 | #6
i'm all for a buff but not in stats by much... I'd love for there to be new abilities and attacks for our enemies in general. New mob mechanics and effects... Of course, I do mean in the early levels. Most things past 100 haven solid things going for them and present their own unique challenge for players to defeat... Of course a high majority of those unique factors are bullcrap shenanigans like what lenalds can do or zwombits... damn those zwombits to hell.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #900219  Replies : 55  Views : 1855
posté August 20, 2015, 16:12:24 | #7
I'm a little upset that it's not as definitive as I'd like it,... but I am pleased


Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #900169  Replies : 85  Views : 3229
posté August 19, 2015, 22:53:43 | #8
I just don't understand why they decided to completely eradicate gobgob. They didn't have to touch it at all. Gobgob osa build was a supportive one.

The only thing having old gobgob now could do is increase the survival of an osamodas ever so slightly.

Maybe that's just it.

They don't want an osa to be harder to kill, since we have all these new defensive stats and options, so making us unable to heal or shield ourselves was the only way.

In my opinion gobgob should be re-purposed.

A different kind of supporter, one who can make use of the fact that osamodas is an animal tamer class first and a damage dealing weird nonsense dragon second. The god osamodas can turn into a giant squid, but I don't see us having that ability now do we? What reason is there for allowing us to transform into dragons other than the cool factor and having dragons being tied close to osamodas since they are his favorite pets?

Rant and rambling aside gob-gob is the being who holds the souls of creatures is it not? So why not let gobgob venture further down its roll as the tool we use to tame wild beasts?

A monster for instance under the gob-up effect (since the spell has been re-purposed to summon and catch) can be turned to the your side of the battle field if gobgob uses a hypnotic spell on them. Success would be based on the osamodas whips' level of course... maybe even factor in control for the equation. Since gob-up uses wakfu points it seems entirely fair to allow it to place the effected creature under control. It's also limited to creatures that the osamodas can normally capture which makes it terrible and impractical for most dungeon instances int he game...

Y'know looking back I must be on dope to even make this suggestion... never mind.

Looking at all the defensive stats we get now I can see why they did what they did to gobgob.

They need to re-design him to be useful....

Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #899954  Replies : 7  Views : 787
posté August 19, 2015, 22:01:48 | #9
reminds me of hardman...or diveman from the rockman franchise....

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #899927  Replies : 28  Views : 1542
posté August 18, 2015, 15:13:11 | #10

Quote (CheckThisOrLife @ 18 August 2015 13:54) *
i cant wait to join :3!! btw is it limited to wakfu characters?? or is dofus also allowed? :3
The theme is Summer time in the world of twelve

SO thazt means anything goes so long as it's in the universe ankama created and follows a summer theme~ 

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #899351  Replies : 76  Views : 2664
posté August 16, 2015, 21:58:59 | #11

Quote (ennieeee @ 16 August 2015 17:47) *
I mean, obviously it would be a totally different game. We're so used to having all these levels that it would be weird if it were condensed into 80 levels, but look at other MMOs with less levels and still lots of content + charted play time. Levels are just numbers. The content has to justify those numbers.

Exactly how I feel as well.

When 200 rolls around the corner will they increase the level cap past 200, or will we just get tons of level 200 content each update?

If the games level cap was 80 and all the Content scales back accordingly we would see the game flourish with content in the future when level 200 rolls around. What I mean is, level 175 content would be level 80.

With how quickly wakfu's level cap rises to 200 in comparison to how do us did... I can't seem to shake how it feels like wakfu has been rushing to its death...

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #898960  Replies : 42  Views : 1433
posté August 15, 2015, 22:15:37 | #12

Quote (Ennjeidp @ 15 August 2015 21:13) *
Conversely, it would have been simpler to have a completely separate "costume" slot (one for each equipment) like they did for GC or RO. The slots would be the same as your standard equip gear minus the costume slot, (which will be replaced by a slot for auras). You can add other slots like slots for wings, above the head (like halos or horns, etc) and Ankama could sell costume bits, and allow players to customize as they liked.

Those are all better options and Ankama can outsource the art assets to someplace else, they take minimal programming and you can use existing statless items and flag them as 'vanity' items.

It's true that those are better options in comparison to Mimisymbics in terms of being enjoyable.

However, it seems the marketing team felt those ideas aren't profitable enough; seeing as those ideas are the very same ideas pitched to them before the game went free to play.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #898686  Replies : 22  Views : 872
posté August 15, 2015, 19:44:32 | #13
A non-consumable mimisym wouldn't work at all.

That is exactly why the very existence of the mimisymbic is bad.

No one asked for it to be the way it is.

They created it, the way it is, to make profit and attempt to please their player base at the same time. Which is impossible for the mimisymbic.

People can complain about whatever they feel like complaining about.

Runes are an etirely different kettle of fish in comparison to the mimisymbic. Mimisymbics don't have to work the way they do.

The only thing mimi's have to do to be more enjoyable is:

  1. Unlink the piece of gear whose appearance is being changed when the mimisymbic is removed.
  2. When the mimisymbic is removed, rather than destroying the mimi upon removal, it continues to exist and is allowed to be linked to another piece of gear.
  3. Though unnecessary, allow mimi's to be tradeable when they take the appearance of an item.
  4. Mimisymbics that have taken on the appearance of another item can't take on the appease of a new item.
These changes would make the mimisymbic more enjoyable.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #898636  Replies : 22  Views : 872
posté August 15, 2015, 14:21:59 | #14

Quote (Ennjeidp @ 15 August 2015 08:24) *
First off:

I don't know of any other games where the transmog isn't consumable or a service (by which you pay an NPC to transmog it for you). Now, you can argue that WoW's transmog uses ingame currency instead of moonbucks, but WoW is a subscription service.

The whole, you can't trade this Transmog'd thing deal is a market issue. Nobody wants to buy a much less valuable xelor drop that looks like a GKC. Item trading in Wakfu is essentially still icon based (insead of list based). Hell, even WoW's transmog's, when transferred revert to their original forms when moved in between characters.

As it stands, vanity gear and pets are the only means by which Ankama seem to be making any money in a free to play game so the pricing will be higher, and the service won't be for everyone but it still gets used so clearly there's a market there. At least criticize it for something it's genuinely terrible at like there's no way to unsym it (revert it back to the way it was, tradable and in its original condition) or the above mentioned trade restrictions (which is still debatable).

In my opinion, none of that even matters. Everyone knows about transmog services in other games so this style of service is nothing new to most folks.

Long before this game went free to play, and players felt like their voices had an ounce of worth, tons people advocated the idea of being able to create your own costume from the gear available in the game.

Lots of ideas were tossed at the Wakfu team but it wasn't until after the game finally went free to play that the far off ideal that players had yearned for was presented to them in the form of mimisymbics...

The mimisymbic was made to slate players appetites for customization while also focusing heavily on monetary gain.

  1. It's a pricey service that you can only use once per item.
  2. It links your gear upon use, so even if you undo the mimisymbic on your gear you can't trade them.
  3. The mimisymbic is destroyed once it is removed from your gear so you can't transfer the look to a new piece of gear at all.
These are the main issues with mimisymbics. This games level cap is 200.... we are at the 175 mark right now, I believe (correct me if I am wrong).

Gear will continue to get better and better, as it should.
However, your custom look must change every time you make progress in the game.
Meaning you have to repurchase mimisymbics again and again if you want to look different while you play the game without swapping back to outdated gear.

It's a good way to make money, I can see why the marketing team did what they did, but it's still a far cry from what people wanted in terms of customization.

Like I said in my previous post...
I understand that they want long term profits and all that rot but jeepers the boutique started to suck once this game went free to play. This is why we can't have nice things.

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posté August 15, 2015, 13:52:46 | #15

Quote (bluephantom @ 15 August 2015 05:43) *

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 15 August 2015 04:22) *
HW Markets are linked to each other already as well as Kelba. And they dont have tax, if you were to link the Nation Boards to the HW Board there is a question of how tax will be figured out, since Nation Boards do have tax. Also there is no way to tell if you link them that the bug in the Nation Markets then wont start working at HW Markets as well. For these reasons its probably best to leave them as they are. Astrub Market is seprate also but its meant for low lvl items, and HW Markets tend to be used for High lvl items. To me this makes sense tbh to have a market for primarily each type. And the nation markets used to be seperated by each nation, so Amak was only visible in Amak, etc and it led to a mess and a huge monopoly of only using one market, dont need to get back into that
knew you acted retarded ingame but on the forums too ?, might as well blame someone better than you to not look as stupid.

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Reason for edit : ahhhhhh
Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #898580  Replies : 56  Views : 2379
posté August 14, 2015, 02:04:45 | #16
They're still garbage because they were an idea made up by the marketing team.

When have those jokers ever presented the community with something "good"?

I think some one said this before but
"It's like some evil genie or a monkeys paw, it gives what you wish for but in the worst possible way".

I understand that they want long term profits and all that rot but jeepers the boutique started to suck once this game went free to play.

This is why we can't have nice things.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #898268  Replies : 22  Views : 872
posté August 13, 2015, 00:18:40 | #17

Quote (SoullessCode @ 13 August 2015 00:09) *
Isn't there already a Kannibal mask in wakfu? o.O
Yuppers... but nowhere near as cool as what that boss is rocking~ 

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #897804  Replies : 160  Views : 3035
posté August 12, 2015, 21:59:04 | #18

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 12 August 2015 20:59) *
Would be nice if Ankama pulled a Final Fantasy 14 and make the game better than ever... They could make this whole fiasco part of the storyline when the game would relaunch by creating an enutrof boss whose spells are reminiscent of all the item duping and kama exploitation. People in FF14:ARR weren't saddened or angry at all when the game relaunched and was better than ever before. SE even made a cool story to go along with the servers shutting down and the game relaunching as if it was storyline-driven and was extremely awesome (and I missed it! I was incredibly impressed by how they did it!). hell, they could even use this opportunity to make the world more akin to that of the anime.
That sounds fun

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #897735  Replies : 56  Views : 2379
posté August 09, 2015, 05:10:51 | #19
Gob Gob


why did the developers decide to ruin gob gob?

Now I also hear they are going to get rid of the lovely little bugger entirely (minus a few animations).

So I ask.... why?

Yeah the novelty of a self sustaining option wears off when it's lack luster, but to get rid of it entirely... honestly?

That's a really crappy thing to do.

I get it, they didn't want the osamodas whips to have a reliable form of self reliance. Heals and shields easily utilized to the whole team as a bonus with old gob gob along with your own ability to give those exact buffs as well may seem unnecessary and even unbalanced but really? Why not have these things all together regardless?

The osa cannot heal, buff (minus dragon form), or shield themself. Gob gob could remedy this entirely. Keeping it as a build that could work without summons and strictly allows the osa to play the role of a supporter with their own personal support summon that aides in this as well, ie; gobgob,seems like a really nice thing to have.

I just think that having the old gobgob in whatever new revamp they decide for the osamodas, will be a fine add on. Gobgob is not terribly over powered, it serves a niche that osa's won't have unless they fabricate something new in the revamp for them for non summon play, and he gives osa a little something in self reliance and sustain.

Do we need sustain for osamodas? Not really. However, it's just such a shame to see the little guy go the way of the dodo before the developers really even actually tried to make him work. Just when the little guy became kinda sort of useful, he gets the shaft in the spell deck update and now he'll more than likely be erased from relevance entirely.


Give us back our old gobgob. Pretty please with sugar on top?

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drat, you cray cray~

you could throw in some nice things to say every now and then dood '3'

Why is it the only time i ever hear boo from you is from negative posts on the forums?

I miss you Q AQ

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