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posté Yesterday - 14:51:59 | #1

Quote (Hans-Lowell @ 22 May 2015 07:58) *
How are we supposed to make 100 citizen points to vote on next elections when everything remove citizen point?

How new players gonna do anything on the nation while they are the one using the nation area the most?

Your system is so broken.

They won't be able to make 100 citizenship points.
They won't be able to do anything on the nation.
They won't be be able to even benefit from the nation bonus too.. I think.
The guy behind the big chair is a weenie.

The system looks unfavorable but I assure you it is working as intended. Not a good first experience for new players but it shows the adverse affect that the sandbox element has on the player-base.

I like it, but I'm not dealing with that kind of thing at the moment so of course my opinion means nothing. There used to be more crazy people in office but I think they all got booted off the island. They can't all be Emperor Nero and they certainly can't all be Alexander the great. Eventually this individual will either be booted or quit being "that guy" and slip away into the annals of history as a memory and nothing more.

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posté Yesterday - 06:09:54 | #2

Quote (Monsterjellybelly @ 21 May 2015 17:42) *
There's a saying: Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Don't hate the person doing this, but the stupid exploitable system that's implemented. Same thing applies for the easily exploited pvp system and how those players go unpunished.

Yes, the players too are at fault but if you give people opportunities to exploit something like this so easily you have to ask one thing; Is it the player or the people who designed such system(You know who I'm talking about) that needs to do something?

That's not how it works with role-playing features in any game environment.

It is entirely the fault of the individual behind the screen. In life we all have choices, whether you are a decent individual or a filthy troll, the choice is entirely your own to make. You could argue that circumstance based on individual experience influences those personalities but honestly, we all know what pushes peoples buttons and what makes them happy. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that lighting my house on fire will not make be want to shower you with love and affection.... I had a point somewhere in there and lost it mid bad example... anyway, people have choices in the game. The system is the way it is to give a feeling of freedom and choice. Some one chose to be a douche. Is it the games fault that that individual chose to be a douche nozzle? I sincerely hope we aren't excusing that type of behavior because the game gives you the ability to do what you will.

The only exploit here is the janky voting system failing at every turn allowing players to vote for themselves with multiple characters. Everything else is fair game. People can hate the governor all they want, it's entirely his choice to do what he does.
Never did like the saying, hate the game, not the player... It's like blaming the weapon rather than the person wielding it... or blaming video games for a stupid child's behavior.

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posté May 21, 2015, 03:38:48 | #3
Hudski, please calm down... did Neneko eat your first born?


Low level dungeons are fine. There will be a multitude of content to follow throughout this infinite development. I barely even play this game as it is so you can probably tell I don't care what level new content caters to as it releases... that reminds me... I need to log in and say hello to folks.

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posté May 19, 2015, 17:10:12 | #4
Am I the only one who thinks we put too much emphasis on Max level spells?

Having three branches with 3 level 100-110 level spells at level 123 in two branches while having two max level ones in one along with an optional level 100 (99) spell doesn't seem like it'd be so bad. Sure you loose out on damage but your options multiply considerably.... and this is why I can't build a successful character I guess.

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posté May 18, 2015, 16:50:08 | #5

Quote (chichiP @ 18 May 2015 12:44) *
The problem is, ankama has to quit sandbox aspect. well atleast add in some rules which disallow players to troll and disirespect other players hard work. I am asking since years for a new Govenment system since i have been Brakmar Governor for a long period.

Only benefit is that they at least changed the ogrest chaos into no chaos and quit that fixing machines when broken (200 hazel plank and 30? copper + kamas per machine). ALL machines were broken in brakmar! Took them 6 month to remove ogrest chaos. Also they readjusted the mobs who give bonuses in areas.

- 1 Vote per Account and not per IP address, cause if 2 people play from 1 IP can not vote individually.

- Give people more reason to keep up planting: bonus for wakfu increased!!
OR invent gear which can be obtained with x amount of stasis and wakfu points
to give us bonuses for harvesting, planting etc.

- Allow us to place guards which can be bought from nation funds. (a good use for funds)
They can attack people who come and steal our plants and trees.

- Give us a better punishment system and track down system for outlaws.

- Limit the Funds that are spend per week, to avoid spending funds without a reason.

Thanks Awiti
I love all your ideas...except the first.

They shouldn't slap such restraints on those in office. Why have a governor at all and not just an npc king if we can't have some one who does things the way they want?

I LOVE that there have been awesome, crappy, and down right dastardly "leaders" over the years.

Making it so no one can be a dirty rat bastard in office is boring. Why be a governor if you can't do what you want in office?

The scandalous and disrespectful people who come into term bring in a cloud of negativity and through that negativity they give people a common enemy and thus brings the community closer together.... in theory anyway.

The game needs villains. Plain and simple.

Orgrest Chaos was a good idea but the implementation was trash. Orgrest is a victim of circumstance and is as much a villain as a soulless coney is.

People behind the screen have been and always will be the best/worst villains worthy of the title since the games open beta.

No amount of game development or creativity on the wakfu teams part could make an enemy more sinister than a human being.

Do I like constant wars in game ( over the most petty things) or watching the hard work of friends and myself being spat on and run through the mud? Not really, no.

However, it added something to the game that you can't experience normally behind the safeguards created by game developers these days to retain players from fear of things going under due to the actions of toxic players.

The sandbox aspect needs to stay and the bit of freedom governors have to run a country how they see fit should always be available as an option.

Seldom few choose to be a piece of human waste while in office. For those that do, I salute you. Putting your name on the line like that is really bold if not stupid.

Alt voting definitely needs to stop, though with that gone, the threat of a jerk in office goes down the toilet. The only reason why these villainous governors exist is because of alt voting. With restraints on the vote system they'd be shutdown long before they became a real nuisance.... so I'm conflicted. I like having a jerk up in there every now and then...but I also want the political system of the game to be open and fair for everyone... but you can't have both...  

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posté May 15, 2015, 14:42:35 | #6

Quote (Lukinerx @ 15 May 2015 14:32) *

Quote (Christian-CAO @ 15 May 2015 13:53) *
I don't care about water festival costume anymore anyway, since this new wakfu team has something against crossdressing and won't let male characters wear the new female costumes or female characters wear the new male costumes.

are you even aware that water festival costume look different on male and female character? it don't make males wear bikini (it would look stupid like half of the old costumes that makes males look like they have cleavage) >.>

Did you read my post~? If not, do it again. Clearly I know that the new costumes (counting water festival) flip the design based on the sex of the character wearing it.

I like options, I'm sure you do too. We could have had TWO costumes right there but instead it's forced to be ONE.

The more masculine water festival costume looks great! The feminine version looks so lovely! Why can't we have both instead of being forced to wear only one?

Either way it's nothing we have to worry about~ since it's an Asian server exclusive and nobody else will have it ever.


I didn't mean to turn this necro post into my soapbox for how I feel about the oppressive sex split costumes. However It should be known that all the split costumes are two costumes in one where one can't ever have the other; when they could just be two costumes available to everyone regardless of their sex. More costumes more fun.

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Reason for edit : added more~
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posté May 15, 2015, 13:53:18 | #7

Quote (XxMiraiKuriyamaxX @ 15 May 2015 12:57) *
I know this post has been a long time but is'nt there like an event or quest (rarely) where we can obtain costume we want or a lower price for waterfest costume in wakfu, not on ogrines shop.

Join the Asian server and buy one there.
Stay there.
Everybody wins.

No that's mean of me, but could you imagine.

Seriously though, you should really not necro a post about a topic that people clearly are salty about (memememeeee~)
Water festival costume is exclusive to wakfu asia so any where else isn't getting it anytime soon....or ever. Never~!

I don't care about water festival costume anymore anyway, since this new wakfu team has something against crossdressing and won't let male characters wear the new female costumes or female characters wear the new male costumes.
Every thing is made to flip flop based on the sex of the character these days... lame lamer lamest~  

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Reason for edit : 80% of my post was eaten~?
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posté May 14, 2015, 14:56:00 | #8
There really isn't anything "wrong" with power-leveling in all honesty.

Shoot, some people are just plain bad at the game without even being power leveled once (my osa and pandawa wave their hands in the air frantically, I suck at character builds so hard~). You can't really learn your class if you spent your time punching lower level and near level solo monsters to level alone, because all you'll learn is JANK and how to cheese monsters and kite ( which I guess is kind of learning certain class aspects).

How you learn a class doesn't really come with your interactions with mid level content because monster encounters across the board don't teach you anything in the early levels, post Jelly Island because it is then that you realize that you are dust in the wind from 80 and onwards. Anyone can power level and then go and learn their class eventually. The growth is different for sure, but no one "plays" this game without doing things on their own every now and then. It's just not plausible to assume that all someone does is get leveled by people all the time.

Hence the importance of group interactions. Early level class synergy is a beautiful thing to see but when you don't put in any true effort at all into finding people to play with you turn to power leveling. Learning by example and asking questions is a fantastic way to learn. Looking at the synergy between classes at higher levels and being inquisitive to people about their builds and asking for advice are all legitimate ways to learn how to play the game (things I don't do because I suck~). If someone is willing to let your level 30 or whatever character tag along in some higher level fiddle-faddle then they most assuredly will aide you in learning more about the game as they whisk you through content on their coattails.

Now the other side, how is that a "healthy" game experience? Who plays a game or even considers playing a game where all they would do to progress is level up by sitting in a corner and skipping their turn maybe whiff a spell for a second every now and then? That's not fun. Not even a little bit. There are always exceptions. Looking into the "bigger" picture of future endeavors with those same people who you are trying to catch up with and yearning to join them in content... there's nothing wrong with wanting to play with the friends that you've made. If there is a level difference then I suppose that the most logical thing to do would be to shorten it as soon as possible. That's where power leveling at fresh starts.

However there are plenty of people who make alternate characters and new accounts. Why would anyone want to do go through the pain of slowly leveling up all over again (which isn't so bad these days in comparison to the past) for every character they make. They'll obviously power level their characters since they've seen the content already. This honestly has nothing to do with those seasoned players since we should be looking at new players here, truly new.

New players have a multitude of tools available to them (once they buy a booster anyway....OH) to level up faster than anyone did back at launch (except maybe the challenge locking thing...miss weaving between those by area). Quests a plenty giving butt-loads of experience and new experience curves are already a plus. Then there's that boosted experience for characters lower than your highest leveled one ( It worked magic for my other toons~ really did help allot. Never would have leveled up like that solo without it). It's totally plausible to level up without being power leveled... but like I said it's about interaction and effort. People need to actually put work into getting people to play with. Finding a friend is tough at first but once you do... well, you both might just be terrible together. But at least then you're not alone! Makes that grind a little less heavy on the heart. Middle level content is actually pretty enjoyable with a group of good buddies. But as I said, the problem is finding good buddies... there needs to be a party finder in the game or something.... you know...a working one (?).

Ankama doesn't hate power leveling (the game would be dead without it unless we never had a choice in having more than one character on an account). However their Wakfu team knows exactly why it's not good to allow new players to skip through the content of their game that they made and developed. Why would any game designer want to see their work just sit there collecting dust never being touched. If it wasn't for the Otomai quests... wow... how sad. Now more than ever though, they may not want power leveling to be a thing at all... why buy wisdom flasks or a booster if your buddies can just put you on their shoulders and carry your butt across every island in the game. I guess to level even faster but honestly you really don't need it.

Well either way, they may not like power leveling but they can see where it is "necessary" (people make alts and lots of them) and where it shouldn't be applied (dungeons got those level blocks and new player really should play this game without being carried at least until level 60 where all the content is a bunch of nonsensical dungeons in every nation and sadida kingdom) and even the middle ground ( people want to catch up to their friends faster).

I think I'm done... no wait! nope. Yeah I'm done. Shutting up~

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posté May 12, 2015, 13:43:40 | #9
lost a good chunk o' my buddies early launch... does that count? New friends are fantastic though  

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posté May 12, 2015, 13:41:44 | #10
The slow road is soloing single or double enemies that are near or a little bit stronger than you. Depending on your class that can be difficult but plausible especially if you are a ranged fighter.

If you want to level faster you'll need comrades. You know, buddies to play with and go through content with and the like. The grind doesn't change but it opens new options for you with dungeons and larger group fights. The experience in the dungeons is great and you'll find yourself getting far more out of them than any kind of fight on the outside. Gear drops are more dependable, experience is nice, it's a more interesting setting in comparison.

However if you are looking to level fast then you're looking for a way to skip out on a plethora of content and get to the "juicy" stuff. So I guess power leveling is the option for the fast lane.

Find some one who is willing to let you tag along in areas that you'd normally never find yourself even thinking of going at the current level you are at and kill stuff while you kind of sit in a corner and read a book or stare at the wall or, I don't know what people do when they get power leveled but I doubt it's ever any fun to sit back and do nothing for hours.

However it is interesting to see how classes play out in higher levels, though it's more about the monster interaction than that since the only thing different between levels is available AP and damage. The obvious full skill set is there but you know what your spells are at level five-ish so there are no real surprises if you read them... though there are exceptions and seeing seasoned people play can be "fun"... Rambling~

Waaay off topic.... but yeah you could just join a guild and be mostly ignored by the core members and hope that there are others in the same boat as you in there and you could organize a group with them.

I know the tone of my response may seem "negative" but I assure you it is...n't (?)

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posté May 12, 2015, 04:37:01 | #11

Quote (xCATZILAx @ 12 May 2015 02:31) *
Some dude just posted like 6 lucloaks, 6 gkc, tons of soul eaters, the second someone buys it he reposts again... like... seriously? wtf is taking so long for ankama to do something?

yet another reason why this damn game is dead. down the toilet. thanks for playing.

oh by the way DD got out of jail recently and this new duper started spamming the market with relics... coincidence ????


When have they ever dealt with dupers or bugs in general (when it's not abusing a boss mechanic 'dpig says hello') in a timely fashion?

I mean..the bug that causes it changes with the tides right?

I mean it can't be the same method every time right?... right?

Well either way the first instance of the bugs abuse met with very little to no action being taken up to the point that by the time anything was to be done the damage was way past done and deeply rooted.

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posté May 11, 2015, 14:18:51 | #12

Quote (Grandork @ 11 May 2015 14:06) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 11 May 2015 10:23) *

Dude, for the love of all that is holy. It's LOSE, 1 O, not 2. I don't even know why in the last 5 years people started typing Loose, seems like people just get dumber as time goes on -.-

Oh, you~! Yer the Best Grandork. Never change

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posté May 01, 2015, 23:36:00 | #13

Quote (JohnyWes @ 01 May 2015 21:52) *
Is it still possible to drop wakfu frost?
Click here
I killed him a lot of times and I droped a shield, helmet, tofutint and even some cool seed for herbalist, but I still can't get frost...
What server are you on? If you are on Nox I'll give you one for free  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #857675  Replies : 11  Views : 698
posté May 01, 2015, 23:34:50 | #14

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 01 May 2015 22:17) *
Summon Naming!
Three cheers for Tommy~ bring it back we know you have the skill to pull it off~

For that matter, Make more summons alternate their color schemes based off of the osamodas whips the summons! Even the blackest of shushu should turn as pink as my osamodas whips' hair!!

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posté April 27, 2015, 07:59:53 | #15

Branches Tall and Roots Down De~ep
Proudly Wield the Mantle

Bo~n-TA The Pure Divine City
Pinnacle of order, justice and Unity
Bravery, wisdom, and strength we wear
The Standard of Righteousness we Bear

Forests Lush with Greenery
Boasts the most serene scenery
The Grandest hall of Silviculture
Deforestation would be torture

Bo~n-TA our pride and Joy we carry
Much like the Tusks of a Blibli
Armorers` the most skilled at their crafts
Shield our city from all Attacks

Our hearts will sing of our cities graces
Memories of 5th Bond brings smiles to our faces
The Windy Peaks of Kara Blow
A gust of Fortune rains on those bellow

Bo~n-TA!! no other place will do
Cania Plains holds the Justice room
The Knight entrusted with all that is right
Our chest swell with pride underneath his might

Tar~ry a while in the mud
Build your strength cry tears of blood
worry not moskitos have you covered
In the Swamps Crocoburio is a host like no other

Bo~n-TA! The Thicket of Mystery
In this forest holds our deep history
Tending to the Treechnid soil
Populations out of control despite how much we Toil

All there is and all that will ever be
The Archipelago of Bonta is the place for me
No time for folly, let us make haste
In Bonta we prefer a steady pace

Branches Tall and Roots down de~ep
Proudly wield the Mantle


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posté April 27, 2015, 03:04:01 | #16
what server is that? those prices ... my soul weeps~ and I'm not even at a level where I care about that crap. I feel sorry for anyone spending tha...wait screw them if they have the funds to make it a reality more power to them I guess.

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posté April 27, 2015, 03:02:04 | #17

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 27 April 2015 02:37) *
as the level limit increases those of us at the high end are going to lose stuff to put the points into.

so i propose a sweeping change to all active abilities available to each class:

give them a level 10, make it cost 20 points. improve gameplay mechanics for a lot of abilities. make the changes so good that we want to put 20 points into it

in this thread maybe we can offer possible level 10 specialties for the classes we love.

for instance:

phone a friend: make a drheller with better range or mp or damage or whatever, maybe they can swap allies and mobs. make the spell to cast them one more range and noLoS. things like that.

drhellzerker: longer range, nolos.

mine mover: range change from 1-10 to 0-11. (self cast turns the mine you are on gold without moving it)

mass clumsiness: allies: -1 max mp 0% reduce cost (1ap 0mp 1wp?)

prime of life: remove wp cost. Drhelzerker: applies prime of life state.

Active ability mastery does sound nice  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #855871  Replies : 31  Views : 1443
posté April 27, 2015, 02:59:06 | #18

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 27 April 2015 02:24) *

no agro from mobs: makes the world easy to explore without fear of getting jumped by something you can't handle. (this is also pretty unique among mmos)

I still think it was a mistake to take out All the aggro from the game.

Only two creatures ever really attacked players on sight... Drhellers in the deep parts of mines and those creeper peeper Ghouls in the first room (or was it second) of Vampyro dungeon.... okay well then there's actually six if you count every monster in Mount Zinit with the Crablocks, Starfish, Greedo's, Stalags, and shnecks... that's seven... Oh! can't forget Chillberg Pirates so...eight families? In fact they still do attack you~ neat.

well any way, it is nice that monsters don't usually attack players without being initiated first... but having a little bit of variety here and there for encounters is what made this living breathing world feel even more alive.

I'm just saying... Not everything should be happy to see you in its territory~

Apart form that wakfu is a great game visually and there's plenty of nice little Easter eggs throughout the game. The animations are lovely... well some battle ones are hit and miss what with trying to shorten animations for the sake of making it easier to do spells in a turn. Which I am thankful for...

There's actually plenty to enjoy if you just sit back and actually enjoy the things available to you without focusing on everything that you don't like around here.

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posté April 24, 2015, 15:08:46 | #19
just saying.... life happens.

Though it's not the end of the world when the reigns get passed on to another guildmate provided they don't burn the thing to the ground...

Some people are awesome enough to even give back leadership to a returning guildmaster too... not all people... but some

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posté April 24, 2015, 01:05:06 | #20

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 23 April 2015 20:15) *

Quote (Christian-CAO @ 23 April 2015 08:23) *
Companionship... everyone needs that to stick around.
speak for yerself
yer weird though  

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