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posté September 29, 2014, 22:09:55 | #1
It'd be criminal to not love/ like the Wild Estate quests Underground Brakmarian (?) camp ruin/ flashback theme you hear while making the Scepter of Arrrrrrrgh.

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posté September 27, 2014, 20:20:25 | #2

Quote (Imhotek @ 27 September 2014 08:53) *

Quote (Quiggler @ 27 September 2014 04:38) *
I have been wandering around Nox with my lvl 80-90 (been leveling) Ecaflip and trying to find some PvP action. I have a pretty good success rate, but there are a few things I would like to suggest about the PvP system.
  1. Remove the ability to see the level of a flagged enemy via contact list, this is a cheesy way to pick fights.
  2. Add a color coded highlight to the enemy (levels open for input)
    1. GREEN = Your level + 10
    2. YELLOW = Your level + 20
    3. RED = Your level +21 or more.
  3. Show if an enemy who is in a fight in PvE is flagged for PvP.
  4. Create a cooldown period between PvP fights AND PvE fights.
  5. PvP fights should start with all combatants at full health.
  6. Allow a way to start a fight with an enemy who is using the terrain and camera view, to prevent clicking on them.

Just a few suggestions I have. I also would like to see some way to encourage people to fight outside of the gates, dragos, and dungeons.

We should be able to identify people's levels before attacking them. I'm 160, I don't enjoy wasting time on a lvl 80 toon.

Nah, I'd much rather prefer an anonymous option since you are spending your time killing people you shouldn't get to pick and choose who you fight based on their level but rather their rank or how much merit you would gain form attacking them.... or nothing at all... pking is pking no matter the reason. I don't care if you don't get merit at the end of a fight that you start and neither should you...

if you consider fighting lvl 80 players a waste of your time when it takes a single turn to down them for you then I don't know what to tell you... Also, where would you be selecting PvP fights where level 80 toons would be?

I'll tell you where... you're fishing for easy fights against slightly lower players because you need points. Kill every thing without bias and you'll never have a problem...unless you run into something you can't beat...or a group of somethings... then good.

There is no real ranking or bracket system in the PvP system other than a list that says who has the most points... and that's the problem. They centered it around guard/nation/ outlaws to try and kill two birds with one stone but what they have created is a shallow band-aid of a pvp system.

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posté September 27, 2014, 20:11:15 | #3
... you don't know where the sewer entrance is...but you fought the nanny Larve and died?

Well anyway.

Go to asturb and go near pappy Pal.

From there there is a statue of Brutus the Mayor of Asturb or whatever. look at the stars leading to a door/gate like thing bellow that near there ... it should be around.... I don't know why you couldn't ask around you as I am sure there are other folks in asturb who can help.

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posté September 27, 2014, 17:25:12 | #4
That was most definitely not a "White-Bear-Thing" but just an enutrof not and osamodas.

The enutrof can become a "white-bear-thing" also known as a drhellzerker which is just the enutrof fused with his pet mole creature known as a drheller.

Level difference and gear means allot in most scenarios. However you still had the advantage in numbers but drhellzerkers gain so much damage from just moving around, and your low resistances couldn't stand up to his raw damage. Also, the enutrof in question may have also had his revive passive as well..just in case. You could have won but honestly he resists both of your raw damages except for air so you wouldn't be hitting him as hard as he could be hitting you with his mp power spikes.

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posté September 27, 2014, 16:12:43 | #5
So all the boutique bought decorations and other things within the haven world would just disappear.... right?

Seriously there's no real way to even do this without a bloody mess being made, when it comes to this...

adding new havens isn't the wisest choice either since the world would be cluttered up....

Kind of wish the mines had some havens though.... that'd be interesting....oooo and wakfu. stasis sources should have some too... maybe allot and expand the areas to nation sized levels... put nice things in there since ti's a nice place... those areas were my haven before haven worlds were even a thing.

But yeah, unused havens collecting dust is a shame... I should probably try to do something with the one my guild has since I doubt any of my guildmates besides the vice captain even care to do anything with it. He does all that work by himself and could probably use some help... self induced guilt trip~

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posté September 27, 2014, 15:59:51 | #6

Quote (mapleshifter @ 27 September 2014 13:37) *

Quote (picklesaregood @ 27 September 2014 00:51) *
damage wise.. feca/cra/eca is not very impressive early on

rogue should've have done the trick though, so prob cause u bad
don't call a new player bad , when you're a nub yourself.

d-did you just call pickles a nub? *dies*

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posté September 26, 2014, 01:40:25 | #7
The nerf you are hoping for will either never be... or will become a thing in a class revamp in the future. Give it time.

See, this is what happens when summons stopped being interesting creatures with unique attributes and get devolved into giant damage cattle with hunks of meaty Hp and resistances only....

is what I'd like to say but somehow allot of new creatures these days break all of the old "balance" rules that our summons have been balanced(nerfed) bye in the past...

We get unique abilities and power now for new summons all of the sudden... Which for me is a complaint because there's a whole generation of old low level summons that were canned(neutered/spayed) because of some worthless "law of progression" balancing to keep players from using things that were low level after they long since reached a point where they should give them up simply because they were deemed too useful.

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posté September 24, 2014, 21:33:18 | #8
b-but pickles... what if you suck? I mean, I suck big donkeykong baby makers and have been playing this game just as long as you have and have not and probably will ever be "good" at the game to the point where I'd consider quitting.

Does this mean that only people who are good at the game will quit when they have nothing left to do?

Not trying to make an argument, just saying that people who are under the curve (like me~) may probably never understand the mentality of quitting when there's nothing left for you to gain in a game/ this social relationship called wakfu.

They'll quit when it stops being fun.

That's what this is about for both sides of this argument. Like Anon and you are saying, content shouldn't be too hard or too easy. Fun is subjective towards the person and everyone likes seeing improvement and time well spent. How you value your time is important but people seem to have devalued their time playing as they raise their expectations towards their aspirations. Needing top level gear to play top level content has never been true at all, ever, if you were good at the game. *I'm not good at the game so that's why I don't participate in top level content* it had less to do about gear and more about a players ability to perform in the content. Though gear was still a factor that plays a huge role in survival and success in encounters. Now we have buffs across the board, large pools or Hp and resists, high damage, and gear that mitigates that damage and enhances our natural power even more.... not only that but then there are no more prospecting locks and we get token machines and a good chunk of tokens from each run... to top that out the token machines have pretty much every piece of gear ever in them along with relics...

It's too much it really is, when you look at it, they are all positive changes but really there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing being bad.

Or maybe i'm just dumb...yeah, that's probably it.

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posté September 24, 2014, 21:15:00 | #9

Quote (Noinek @ 24 September 2014 20:57) *
Today: 107 osa killed 135 sacrier. Nerf this !

Don't Nerf this, I support this fully and would love to meet the young master in question... clearly he is doing something right... either that or his opponent wasn't geared well or built crazy awful. Plus I mean, the osa's summons would have to be a mid range of 105 and lower meaning he probably slapped him in the face with Wild Warchiefs... if not, then he has Jellies as an option and whispers (though they don't really shine out of a whisper only group. Looking at it this way.... yeah what ever he did was clearly working for him, kudos to that Whip.

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posté September 24, 2014, 19:41:56 | #10

Quote (AnonymousXeroxGuy @ 24 September 2014 19:07) *

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 24 September 2014 18:59) *
Wow, odd idea of quitting after you make progress with stuff. Kinda misses the point, IMO. Once you've got that progress, it's the perfect time to go challenge yourself with the Hardcore dungeons, try new tactics, tweak your build, mage stuff up, prepare for next update,
If you haven't realised by now, no one wants to hassle with HC bs unless there is a great reward.

In the past the reward was relic pieces and epics ( or what now is epics)

You think the average player will give a rats __ about going through the hassle of grinding through HC when theyve already completed their build?

What is there to grind hc for ? For the drops? Firstly In a month or two epic wont be worth jack, seccondly who wants to buy anything when you can easily run a few dungeons for a free version of the item you are trying to sell.

Be more realistic.

I think you mean "Be more pessimistic"

I mean what did they think they were going to do once they got the set they were looking for? Do people just up and quit once they've finally gotten what they were trying to get? If so... Why were they trying to get that gear in the first place?

Why do any of us do anything? Why play a game? It will not give you food...or provide you with shelter?

I'm sitting down playing a computer game. You're sitting down playing a computer game. Ankama developers are making a computer game.

What Ankama is doing isn't important.

What your'e doing isn't important.

What I'm doing isn't important.

Be more existentially nihilistic

...okay joking aside...

Just wait it out

seriously, If things go sour it's nothing that can't be altered and changed.

I highly doubt that Ankamas Wakfu team would just sit back and watch their player base dwindle as "end game" players quit left and right.

Pretty sure they'd notice a huge pool of folks quitting the game and think about some things and ways to probably "fix" what may be broken.

It's too easy now, yeah, drops are easy... people find the content not as challenging as before.... are people mistaking something hard for something that was originally just time consuming?

This is an MMO and time is really the one factor that is the most important. Making things a little easier to drop would have been fine but they doubled it up with the Token system. Effort is now not wasted but it's a bit over saturated with how much we are rewarded for our time now... what used to take years now takes weeks. I don't power level. It took a year just to get to 85 as a very casual player whom only plays on his off time. Then certain exp changes happen and I suddenly find myself getting better at leveling up.

It's a fun game with friends and taking your mind off of trivial things like "oh I NEED this gear" or "I NEED to get to level X like yesterday" playing the game. Having fun with friends, being stupid and roleplaying there's so much to do outside of just grinding gear to get more gear that I don't even know why folks put so much value to their time spent WORKING in wakfu.... aren't games supposed to be fun. I know different strokes for different folks and stuff and the word "fun" is subjective, but take a moment to remember why you like wakfu (or even Dofus) and why you picked it up and played it and fell in love at first sight and enjoyed yourself as you leveled up to level cap the fresh way. I like to make goals and achieve them, who doesn't like seeing hard work pay off? However, I don't go out of my way to make goals since there's so much to do and so many other people with goals that they want to fulfill and always could use that extra hand.

Wakfu isn't dying, it's changing and it's in the right direction. There needs to be plenty of pruning to make this cherry tree blossom into a game that can moderately please players to an extent but everyone isn't going to be happy. Someone will always find a fault and run with it. Seeing intot he future of a game based on what it is currently like and foreseeing a "trend" of success/failure means nothing when the developers aren't dead or just inactive. This game is in constant development and that is fantastic. I wonder what wakfu would look like years down the road from now.

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posté September 24, 2014, 16:40:36 | #11

Quote (Wavechaser @ 24 September 2014 15:26) *

Quote (AnonymousXeroxGuy @ 24 September 2014 14:08) *

Quote (Asphyxiantologist @ 24 September 2014 12:13) *
I play on Nox
Lol this is your issue.
Go to remmington, 3-5x the ammount of players.

Remmi is populated to the point where you are always forced to compete with other players when harvesting recouces. You might like this or you might not.
is remmington that populated?...damn....makes me wanna play on that why is nox less

Because people come onto Nox and go wtf, there's no one here *flees to Remmington*

Seriously, this (along with allot of past issues and community malarkey) is the only reason why Nox always had a lower population then every other server (except Amara...LOL amara....*cries*)

We have people who get bullied to the extent where social relationships are tattered and they feel the need to leave to start a new.

We have people who flee due to feeling dead inside and wanting a fresh start.

We have people who judge the server based on the few bad apples that are in it and they tell everyone and their mother that it is a terrible place with terrible people and it is the scumbag server....

the list goes on and it all comes down to player experiences over the years that linger and carry over as the days go by and even new people can see the scars left by the impact of many prestigious and well known grievers.

There is NO reason to come to NOX based on all of this... however

I love this little cesspool and wouldn't change it for anything. People who come here and stay are either crazy, brimming with personality, sociopaths who revel in others plight, or lovers of juicy and delicious gossip, and are some of the most well put together folks out of any server because they can take a punch and keep on walking without crying about it. There are plenty of folks who have been destroyed entirely by so called friends and total strangers who backstab and tear down your walls of trust and erase your characters delete your hard sought after items and spit in your face or steal it all and sell it....and spit in your face...and have the nerve to do it again even after you restarted once and tried your best to make ends meet only to have the same evil bastard ruin your Wakfu life even when you thought you were safe...

This is all in the past mind you as there may still be things going on in the shadows and among the more well known folks but it has, for the most part, been rather peaceful for the past six months now.

Nox is without a doubt the server with the most "Personality"... if servers were Wakfu regions... Nox would Be Brakmar...hands down.

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posté September 24, 2014, 16:12:08 | #12
it does state that Any guild member of an opposite nation will not be able to activate PvP.

This rule....

Only applies to YOU.

You are still free and open to be attacked by anyone and everyone else.

It's just that now, you can't retaliate or fight people back or Pk anyone at all.

The system is stupid actually from that stand point....

Honestly, They should return it to how it was before and just let people Pk whomever they want with no limitations.

However, by turning on PvP they can then earn merit points by facing others with PvP flags on.

If only people with pvp flags on are allowed to attack anybody then we have ourselves a lame mechanic in the game and it needs to change.

Maybe some one wants to kill people without worrying about pvp... maybe.

to add a bit more to the change I'd like... I feel that you should only be able to gain or loose merit points in a Official PvP battle. Meaning both parties have their PvP flags on.

However, You should loose a chunk of merit every time you deactivate pvp and each day that you aren't in PvP mode you should loose a small amount as well. Or however the system works now, I can't tell as I'm on the bottom of the totem poll and don't have to manage my merit to retain PvP gear as I have none.

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posté September 24, 2014, 15:49:58 | #13
Hey there Lee.

First, welcome to the world of twelve. Happy to have a new denizen joining the ranks.

Second! I am sure you were playing the tutorial and noticed a common theme, yes?
The theme is that monsters... I know it's crazy but hear me out here... Monsters are big Pinatas!

Don't laugh or leave just yet because it's true!

You see, creatures here in the world of twelve have evolved over the years to burst to pieces once they've been hit enough times, like a pinata!

However, instead of the delicious sugar candies, it is equipment, resources and Experience that they drop.

Whether it's dungeons or larva in the sewer you can't loose so long as you still put some effort into your kills. The more monster Pinatas you pop open the more experience you can get till you level up and rinse and repeat the cycle!

Your future is in your hands but never forget that there are people all around you, so don't just ask for advice but make some friends!

Go get um Lee!


Ninja'd (lol irony given the lame picture) By two people

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posté September 23, 2014, 18:41:42 | #14
this is hilarious...

You want to avoid attacking people who you can't beat...

I love it. I wish that adding someone as a friend didn't show the level of the character they were using and only their name...

In this ganking Player killing system masquerading as PvP between "guards and outlaws" (yeah right give me a break) it is the only thing "fair" about it.

If you choose the wrong foe you die. It's poetic justice and all misfortune to those who want an easy kill...

reminiscent of a time some low level PvP jockey attacked my osamodas... ah, good times.... good times.  

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posté September 23, 2014, 18:32:06 | #15
wait, crafting a transmutation stone doesn't let you choose what elements you want to give to a piece of equipment?

That's terrible design. I'm guessing Azael didn't have a hand in this idea since he hates the random aspect of the game. I thought they were going to give players options and not a re-roll of the same fickle ecaflip system you get when you find a piece of gear.


Watch the Boutique variation give the player the choice of what elements they would like...that's actually good design and will surely make the choice more obvious for some people...

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posté September 23, 2014, 18:16:36 | #16

Quote (yukioe @ 23 September 2014 16:19) *

Quote (Christian-CAO @ 23 September 2014 15:15) *

Its a pve game with pvp aspects may i remind u that ankama plans to make pvp also be hugely important with upcomming gvg and prism control.

so yeah if ya got pvp ranking list and plan to make pvp more important u shud balance game also in pvp or do u disagree ?

also in pve sharpshooter would be kinda neat if ithealed less summon osa is not suposed to be a main healer of the team and when summoner and eni compite with healing something is terribly wrong.

I agree that balance should be considered involving every in game encounter.

We can't only consider one thing over the other, but thinking about balancing the game based off of 1 v 1 player versus player battles is not the way to go about balancing things. The game is unbalanced, and that's a good thing. Classes are unique and while some are better at certain things there are cases where another class can do near everything if situations allow it.

Osa isn't a main healer but an off healer.

Having a class able to do something that another can, to an extent, allows the class in question to be able to be a desirable party member.

The reason why Ankama wants to have so many non eni healer options is, while limited in healing potential they fill the role decently to where it's not always an eni that is the go to must have class to bring with you in every encounter.

You are way higher than me and obviously our experiences in game differ greatly, so I'm not someone to be saying how great it is to have the options of a diverse party. You know way more than I do that if something is too weak it cannot compete.

on the subject of osa summons... I agree. I hate the fact that so many summons with all these special effects and interesting abilities and attacks get spayed and neutered by Ankamas developer team constantly and yet they release new summons with even more "gamebreaking" techniques and abilities in every content update...

I wish they'd balance the summons of old again since they all but destroyed osa summons from 1-35 and dumb-downed all the really interesting ones. Utility was always more fun then big old meat bags with high damages and they got rid of every fun aspect of summons in the past.

So what's so special about the new monsters they introduced after the Boohemoth nerf of 2013 that makes them immune to the same rules of "fair" and "balanced" that the older summons were cruelly judged by?

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posté September 23, 2014, 15:15:25 | #17

Quote (yukioe @ 23 September 2014 12:53) *

Quote (StaticAnomoly @ 23 September 2014 09:42) *
I agree 100% with the OP any class I can't beat, even while I piddle myself to adult entertainment should be nerfed. But to add on to that, I say we nerf the OP's posting rights too!

Next time to try be more constructive. Osa's do not need nerfing, they need love, and from your post, I assume you do too. Ask your Mom or Dad to give you a hug sometime.

Dude.. Have you ever pvpeed a high lv osamodas? They can summon 2 wabbits sharpshooters and they heal insanly much only way to beat summoner osa now days is to go 1st in ini and just nuke the osa down witch most of the classes aren't capable of

The class itself dosent need a nerf but the sharpshooter summon does coz healing 2500-4000 depending if the mob crits or not is just unfair.

and before u say anything else yes most of the self healing classes shud be also balanced.

point of this: most classes need a rebalance its not also balanced than class can nuke some other class in 1st turn :/

I see your point... but I'm going to go ahead and ask a simple question....


Think about the content of the game. PVP plays a part, yes, but the majority of content is most definitely all about monster battles and dungeon diving.

The second something gets flogged for the sake of pvp balance is the second people come crying to the forums because their out of pvp experience is ruined.

So I'll end with this.

If you needed heals and the only thing that could possibly save you from death was a wabbit Shawp much would YOU want them to heal you for?

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posté September 23, 2014, 14:57:26 | #18

Quote (Noinek @ 23 September 2014 14:50) *
Its telling me: you can choose nation, lvl 18 needed
BrainInaJar means exactly what he first told you in his first response.

You get a nice chunk of exp by visiting nation areas. Combine them together and you could level off of just traveling and seeing the world itself.

Map trekking the world of twelve like a box car hobo with nothing but the rags on his back. (best analogy 10/10)

Any way,visit the nations, each and every one.

Not only will you gain some levels but you will also set your future traveling methods up in advanced and maybe even gain some insight on hidden treasures (emotes) and more importantly decide for yourself, due to your experience travelling the world, which nation you would like to call home without guessing or being unsure.

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posté September 20, 2014, 16:56:21 | #19
Hopefully in the future ankama will return set bonuses as a "bonus" for wearing items related to one another.

I don't mean free Ap or Mp ( with how they want to set a limit to what we can obtain outside of battle it is a must to drop these two) but additional bonuses for wearing a full set like range, control, distance/ close combat/ aoe/single target/ berserk/ back stab damage bonuses (about 10-30% depending on the level/rarity or the group of equipment in question) would be nice.

Also, maybe a look back on some alternate effects as set bonuses like canine dodge being brought back for moowolf or the fire based counter effects of magmog..maybe even give black crow/crowbak set in general the same passive ability of tornado/gale wind wall (the crowbak family spell rebound passive, though a bit over powered though I guess)...

My point is that there is allot of room for creativity when considering special effects on gear. All of which has been removed much to my personal distaste (except for the GlassHalfMp Boot effect boots and the Legano's Ap gamble I think... I haven't checked)

The problem with set bonuses were that they gave powerful stats for free and were a hindrance towards their ideal balance in gear... well change it so that set bonuses don't become something so sinister to your ends as Ap and Mp.

I don't understand why set bonuses needed to be considered while balancing gear...they are after all bonuses for wearing items that relate to one another. I can see why Ap and Mp would be a problem for the developers ( more so AP) but having set bonuses in of itself isn't so much of a bad thing as it could be another step into adding more interesting gear choices for players because while now diversity and optimization is nice....there are no real unique or interesting choices anymore past a few gems like Emiw.

I'd like it if set bonuses were only given for wearing the full set as they are currently for gobball, tofu, and apparently Blibli sets and that rather than overbearing stats like Ap and to a lesser extent Mp we could have a plethora of abilities and alternate damage bonus options in future choices.

Slap a Wp bonus onto that Tsutsu Tsar set once again and we'll have ourselves a good old time.

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