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posté October 30, 2014, 05:07:02 | #1

Quote (thisishooks @ 30 October 2014 04:00) *
Once upon a time; there was a horrible system in place that would make many a people quit. If you died in PVP, you would be able to get attacked immediately; and then not be able to do what you wanted.

In the absolute worst case scenario; you would be able to camp the spawn point; meaning there was absolutely no escape other than to log off from the game world. You could not do anything; you were trapped by someone; literally unable to play the game you were paying money for.

As you can imagine; this was a terrible system. So, our benevolent lords in Ankama took notice and changed the system. From now on; you could get attacked all the same, but you would have immunity! Now, once you get killed, you can run past your aggressors who would be powerless to do harm to you! Griefing was no longer a problem in the World of Twelve.

Still, however, exists these weak willed mongrels who come to the world crying that killing each other is too much. It's bullying. It's wrong. The system before was much worse and much more unforgiving, and now you come here today weeping like a spoiled child that you got pushed into the dirt, and you're upset about it. You have all the power in the world to avoid it, and yet you don't, and you COMPLAIN. You COMPLAIN about being killed in a game where open world PVP is a feature; a selling point to many gamers who enjoy this style of play.

How dare you come here with your carebear crap. If you don't want to die, run. If you are being repeatedly aggressed, put down your wings so you can't be touched due to the immunity. There is aboslutely no reason for any whining in this game due to player killing. If you don't like it, get out, or get good.
The good old days... any way, I agree with your post... but, people with their wings off can still be attacked by people with their wings on and are unable to retaliate unless they themselves turn on their wings. I could have sworn the op said at one point they had their wings off the whole time but now I look like a phony because I can't find it anywhere right now~... oh wait there it is

my wings aren't up, at all. That is why I am saying

anyway, like I said before, there's nothing inherently "wrong" with player killing... however the pvp system we have now is better than before...that doesn't mean it's a good pvp system. Only thing they did was give people an incentive to participate in an activity that was once only territory for people who really had their role-playing ideals decided and went for the "bad guy" route. Now there is purpose and meaning to pking....but don't call it pvp. It's like my new catch phrase for these topics... it's just pking with prizes. When we get some structure and order for this system, then maybe we can call it actual pvp. If there was an option to tap out I would be hitting that mat every time~

Op, this game is not dot Hack so thank the stars in heaven that dying in the game doesn't make you die for real. It's no big deal at the end of the day, just keep your chin up and roll with the punches...or take in plan B and befriend your foes... just saying~

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posté October 29, 2014, 23:06:33 | #2

Quote (Agosta @ 29 October 2014 22:38) *
Openly being able to PK someone has always been a glaring flaw in this game. The only people who do it are those that attack people that they know they can beat, and if they can't they either gank or call in backup afterwards.

It's not so much a flaw as it is one of the many freedoms offered up in the game.

If people want to be douches they can be douches.

I don't support pking but I don't hate it at all. There is honestly nothing "wrong" with allowing people to kill each other in a game like this. However wakfu steps it up further by allowing you to kill anyone almost anywhere at any time that you wish.

However, the new pvp system strips the other side of the spectrum's freedom by only allowing people with their flags up to actively kill other players.

And that's all the pvp system has done.... not entirely true, it has done one other thing.

It allows people to not be a douchebag all the time and gives them something to strive for that actually has weight, an activity outside the usual grind and's another way to spend your time in wakfu. Honestly it's better than before but I still wish they'd let everyone attack one another freely again and let those who wish to pvp, do so.

Getting rid of the open world assault that we have here may seem like a great way to prevent disputes but we are all human, we know it doesn't work that way.

I still feel like official pvp should have some form of structure...what we have now is nothing more than pking with prizes.

That is not real pvp in my opinion.

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posté October 29, 2014, 21:34:17 | #3
always around when there is someone advocating that the new pvp system is stupid~

It's dumb.

If you don't have your flag on you can't attack people?

But people with their flag on can attack people who don't have their flag up?

Doesn't make sense.

Since a player with their flag up doesn't gain merit from fighting some one with their wings down, why let them attack them at all, right?

An "easy" or rather "sensible" way to make pvp "better" is to let everyone attack anyone so long as the character is pvp ready (when they hit level 38)

However people should only be able to get pvp points for merit if they have their wings on and are fighting other players who also have their wings on.

Gee makes sense if it's like this right?

It doesn't stop bullying and if anything probably encourages it even more since it'll be back to the free reign kind of thing and if you don't care about gaining anything from killing other people and just feel like being the lord of all douchebags you can still go around doing that... but it's sensible

Now to the op...

Hiring protectors and mercenaries to do your work for you has always been an option but people aren't made of money and everyone's time is precious.... so you can't really expect die hard role-players to go around killing people for a measly amount of kama...

Ankama's wakfu devs aren't moderators and we have no in game moderators either (do we?). Sabi is great, but she can't be around when it's just convenient for you; sadly.

The "official" thing you can do is take snap shots and player names and submit them to a moderators ankabox so that they can decide on what sanctions to do...

You and I both know that there's no way in hell that's a good idea because just like in real life.... snitches get stitches. Police can't protect you forever despite their best "efforts" and witness protection does more harm than good as you let an individual terrorize your life and force you to uproot it completely, always living in fear... it's the same.

You may strike them in the foot... but they'll only come back later and when they do, don't expect them not to go for your head.

Having other people fight your battles or sicking moderators on them...doesn't do you any favors and only makes them actually dislike you rather than just pick on you.... and you don't want that...unless you do... but then you'd be weird.

Your "best" bet is to just accept this as them being complete asses and do your best to live with it... they'll get bored eventually...probably.

Option two is to befriend your bullies, I love this option honestly and it could prove to be the most effective, though more difficult and arduous, solution to your problem.

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posté October 29, 2014, 16:26:34 | #4
I've been playing for a while now I guess~

I'm one of those "lazier" players who just goes at a snails pace so please understand me when I say I was dirt poor then and I am dirt poor now since it's not so much about the game as it is about me and even I feel that the game is way too easy right about now. Not for me personally since I'm a gimpy punk but anyone looking in from the outside comparing the past with the present can see this. A blind two legged horse can see that things are too easy right now.

Did we need a fix on the drop system? hell yeah.

Did we get a "fix" on the drop system? not really, this is more or less a superficial bandage until they actually put some effort into it. It's too easy now. Can't wait for the crafting revamp honestly...

Did we want tokens back in the game? We missed them, we really did. That feeling of earning something after a dungeon run just for going on the dungeon run was always nice... but now they just shove them up your ass on the way out and if you're running on booster time you better lube up ahead of time just in case. Too many tokens for one run.

I appreciate the boosts but the reason the token system was so appealing was because gear wasn't falling from the sky like water and going into a run dropping absolutely nothing was disheartening. Now you tossed Prospecting lock out the window and opened the floodgates of the lord of loot enutrof and he's being overly familiar honestly and needs to chill out. On top of that we get an abundant amount of tokens form our runs and almost every piece of gear is in those machines?

I'd prefer one or the other honestly... but one thing is for sure. Relics had no place in those things and there is no way to justify them being in there.

The first relic system was equivalent to winning the lottery, and honestly I am so raggedy that I didn't even care about their existence and still don't (and still am kind of raggedy imo). The second relic system was more based on conviction even though the rates were considered "low" for fragments. The only problem about that system that I saw was... it was heavily based on community effort. An entire guild banning together to get one person a relic! yeah that seems like a great idea... yeah, no one else thought that was hilariously awkward and a little bit... insane, but me, right? Well now even I'm dropping fragments (passing those things around like it's cheese samples cause I will have none of that) and finding things too odd.

With the characteristic and stat changes in the September update, all my own hard work to get to a point where I felt like I was actually finally getting somewhere before that melted away as I find myself grossly saturated with superficial big numbers for stats by my standards (just a hint those standards aren't too high). And gear drops so frequently now I feel even smaller than I really am compared to before.

My friends gave me a stepping stone so I could build some kind of foundation to finally going into level 110 content in the form of a single weapon and as soon as I create that foundation (as shaky and unstable as it may have been) September rolls around and all that work amounts to about 30 minutes of game play by the low standards that are set now. I was a solo'er by circumstance before but then became one by choice. There was never a moment where I couldn't play with friends since I have so many great buddies. Except that when I come on most of them are asleep~ I was able to participate in a magmog run for the first time yesterday... I felt happy to be a part of it so I guess I'm a little bit happy that my stats are actually in at least a mediocre look right now. It's just that, I've scrapped and scrounged up and received so much kindness form others in the past to get to the (though small) place that I was before patch.... after patch... everything flows like water...

I haven't earned a damn thing since the September patch. It's all being spooned fed to me honestly. Just because I was in a dungeon run, doesn't mean I should automatically get what I wanted.

Just because I feel weak, doesn't mean I deserve to be strong "naturally" based on my level and not on my gear choices. It's all still based on gear set up and spell levels but our base stats got a huge boost and makes me feel uneasy about the direction of such a heavily damage based game.

Anyway, short version. I don't think it's a good thing that the game got easier even though easy is subjective and depends on the person it is most definitely too easy and needs to be scaled down about 2.5 notches and relics need to be removed form the token machines and to top it off for the drop system... it really needs to be worked on so it can be something respectable and for that matter, the crafting revamp needs to be worth while honestly... we need incentive to actually level those crafting professions other than getting to level 100 to craft level 100+ things. There should be incentive to do it throughout your progression in that profession... would love to be able to reforge gear to make them stronger or add things to them too... but that's for another topic, right now the game is too "easy" and needs to find a middle ground that is not only acceptable but respectable.

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posté October 29, 2014, 15:32:36 | #5
*goes on forum and sees this crap again*


They learned absolutely nothing....NOTHING!?

from last year? All the complaints boiled down to the same bull crap being rehashed because this was something that really wasn't on their minds at all since there are so many more important things to focus on and they never, not once went into improving the old formula of a crappy halloween event.

I'm not even a little bit upset since I've gotten what I wanted last year, though a new monster hunter costume would be pretty nice, just saying.

Think about this... last year, we had less people playing the game and asturb was still full of people fondling every challenge monster that crawled out of the filthy anus that is an ankama seasonal event. Now Asturb is ten times fuller and they still bind the creatures in the event to the damn place? The first halloween event ever was no sunday brunch but the challenge monsters spawned in the nations too and alleviated allot of the bull-crap that was to follow compared to the year after...

Last year was the worst... and now it's going to be even worse unless people group up for once! Even then the event is so lame since you only get points for the gobballs and ghouls you kill.... unless I am wrong about that, in which case I will shut up right now. If some one could tell me that everybody in a group gets points for the kills then it's not that bad and it'll just take allot of cooperation among the people... allot of cooperation.

Maybe that's why they made the event so awful like it is? Maybe... Maybe, It's all about giving people a terrible experience and bringing us closer together as we support one another through the storm of garbage that is the Al Howin event... this, is the true meaning of al howin! It only looks like a trick but it is really a sweet heartfelt treat.

--edit to add--

It's not that bad honestly. I'd prefer they work on the decembers stuff entirely anyway, y'know. The best gift for kwismas they could give us is a great update and we don't need filler seasons like october getting in the way... what happens in November again?

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posté October 29, 2014, 00:54:45 | #6
female foggernauts... all they needed to do was slap the female animations on the male sprite and call it a day honestly. Doesn't even need to sound different. Foggernauts need more options in general for their customizations since there isn't an ounce of organic compounds on them and imagination was the only limitation. Compete armor alterations and different heads and everything...

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posté October 28, 2014, 17:30:38 | #7
you really missed out on a nice opportunity to make some kama~ You could have charged admission or open a them park, yes?

Passing a guild off with a haven world to a random stranger would have been nice but now... all those wasted kamas~ it'd sure suck if some one came back to find that their haven was gone~

their loss though.

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posté October 28, 2014, 17:24:49 | #8
I always wanted there to be a real feeling of growth while leveling harvesting professions. Y'know, like being able to gather faster and acquire more harvested materials for lower level materials when you hit milestones in the harvest of your choice.

looking back now honestly, what I wanted was for us to acquire a harvesting tool every time we hit a milestone while leveling a profession. level 25/55/85 in a harvesting profession would net us a gathering tool (bronze 25/ silver 55/ gold 85). I say those levels because that's when you need a harvesting boost the most honestly. Too early and it'd just be way too easy but too late and it could mean nothing since you'd be far to close to finishing your profession then so it'd get done but it'd be short lived. Even though it's still a terribly drawn out time to get to level 100 when you hit a certain point in some harvesting

When you hit a milestone mark a clan member in charge of that profession could give you a harvesting tool designated for that as congratulations for the hard work and dedication and time spent leveling up.

Things like this shouldn't be some random world drop off of animated floating Halloween props.

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posté October 28, 2014, 15:11:36 | #9
... you've been here long enough to know that name shaming, no matter how warranted, is against the rules and you yourself could be banned from the forums....

Your message is clear and it is true that something should be done, but I'm pretty sure you are supposed to pm/ankabox a moderator or sabi about things like this. Then you'll need all kinds of images and info and all sorts of silly things so that their "investigation" can go smoothly.

I feel you, but... you guys are doing it wrong.

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posté October 25, 2014, 14:33:32 | #10
I have a lovely little dead wodent in my haven bag somewhere in there with a shneck and about 15 dead gemlins~

I'll revive him and pass him to you next chance I get. Treat him well... or at least better than I did~  

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posté October 17, 2014, 20:10:10 | #11
Osamodas summons aren't even trained or tamed..

They are captured.


Their names are all Tobi and Osamodas are harsh task masters.

Where there's a whip, there's a way and the summons being owned by us doesn't mean that they should be under our control at all times.

It would be nice but honestly, possession should just be removed and replaced with something else and we should have a passive ability to let us take control of our summons.

Like I said in a previous post, whipping creatures in general should give us the chance to control the creatures we strike. Success and turns controlled should be decided by control and the level difference of the osamodas and the creature getting a lashing.

Summons and enemy creatures alike should be whipped into submission and do as they are told.

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posté October 17, 2014, 04:03:18 | #12

Quote (TheMMOR @ 17 October 2014 03:03) *

Quote (samrux2 @ 16 October 2014 20:26) *
I think part of the role of an Osamodas comes from their summons doing whatever they want, behaving the way they would when in the wild state, while in the command of the master. If we get to control every single movement and attack of all summons we have, always, then the Osamodas is not a CREATURE TAMER anymore, but a hive mind.
You are putting WAY too much thought into it.

NOTHING makes any sense in this game anyways xelor used to be a full on ap theft time manipulator in dofus, yet for some reason hes a Full on damage dealer in this game, literally top tier.

Foggernuts in dofus are a completely different class than in wakfu.

Its up to the devs to make the class however they choose. You seriously trying to say that osas being able to control their summons wouldn't fit into the lore just because of a few play on words? Lmao wake up my freind. Do you know how much crap there is in this game that doesnt follow the original lore ?

edit:: By the way, when a animal is deemed as "tamed" That means it is kept under control. If an animal is able to do what ever it wants, it is not considered tamed.

To be fair, the creatures the osamodas commands aren't really tamed at all anyway...just captured and held in a pocket dimension ... and then forced to fight on your behalf.

I would love it if we could actually tame creatures (with our whip like spells having a certain chance to control the target you strike if it doesn't kill them of course and add it to osamodas blessing effects or something) and command them in combat for a brief amount of time...maybe even just one turn to control a wild creature in a fight or forcibly switching an enemy creature to your team. Or how about The amount of turns and how effective the effects would be would be determined by the players level and their control. Wouldn't work on bosses, obviously...

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posté October 16, 2014, 22:50:43 | #13

Quote (samrux2 @ 16 October 2014 20:26) *
I think part of the role of an Osamodas comes from their summons doing whatever they want, behaving the way they would when in the wild state, while in the command of the master. If we get to control every single movement and attack of all summons we have, always, then the Osamodas is not a CREATURE TAMER anymore, but a hive mind.

I actually also like the summons to have their ai and not be under control at all times. However, I disagree with you on the summons acting as they would in the wild part.... Schanker for example is not a creature that goes out of its way to charge at targets 8 cells away form it when there are three other targets 1 cell and 3 cells closer to it. In a fight against one it will go straight for the closest target. Yet summon ai is 10x worse than the normal creature ai.

Why is the ai for our summons and the wild variations of them so different? The only thing that changed for the creatures is their targeting. They should still keep the same attack patterns and act like they normally would. Why did they need to fully alter everything there is about a creature once it became a summon... unless... there are really 2-3 versions of the same creatures all with different variables and ai... bad and terrible ai.

There is no excuse for AI controlled allies in a STRATEGY game

Well except for the luck ( something nice happens for once, like a crit) factor and chance (you risk failure/success) factors. It adds a bit of excitement and flavor right?

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posté October 16, 2014, 05:53:40 | #14
Oh no... not sadida kingdom... Any thing but sadida kingdom!

what ever shall we do if sadida kingdom is treeless? I guess we'll all die now...

oh no...

Honestly, I really would love to help, but I'm lazy and don't wanna.

It's great to see someone fervent enough to want to actually aid an area where there is literally nothing in it for them.

We need more people like you around in the game since everyone is usually all about "getting theirs first and screw everyone else"

It happens too often in sadida kingdom though so you'll soon find out why no one bothers to replant there.

That's a mid level area where players who are into their professions tend to level lumberjack because it's an area low enough for them to plant in peace without worrying about low levels or high levels bothering them and it happens to have the most tree plots in the game I think. So they can plant and then clear cut after with reckless abandon.

It's a victim-less crime since there is no benefit to keeping sadida kingdom looking nice.

Which Should change in a patch in the future honestly! Sadida kingdom "needs" ( it would be nice honestly) to become a nation in its own right and be under the rule of Sheran Sharm and something akin to Riktus Clan with Badoboss honestly. I'd love to ally my sadida to his motherland...

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posté October 16, 2014, 05:40:57 | #15 how about no?

The problem with the pvp ladder is that everyone has it in their heads that all the fights have to be 1v1 or some nonsense.

They should NEVER balance classes or mechanics over 1v1 pvp affairs... unless it's really broken and could apply everywhere... like certain shields matched with large hp pools and defenses.

You give me an instance in pve where a summon osa is the superior option to other dpt classes and I'll shut up... okay early on I have to admit to the power of the wild warchief but we didn't even have that in the past.

You know what happened the last time they balanced summons based on "unfair" assumptions and scenarios?

All early summons lost most of their quirks and gimmicks, Crowbaks could no longer do the one thing they were useful for and Boohemoth got their balls chopped off.

Now I'll admit that the more recent-ish summon balances were fair like with the whisper island creatures...but no one uses those anymore because they don't have the mechanic that made them actually interesting that they have in the wild... I mean really, what's the point of having one other than the powercreep as you are forced to have one around that level with no other options available to least back then.

Yeah Shushu are the least of your problems if you wanted to talk about unfair...

I am all for a rework of Osamodas summons though. We need allot more "tactical" options then the minority they slap out with the generic brute factory. At the end of the day most of them end up being pure damage with a gimmicky passive that just boosts their damage even more or if you're lucky heals you. I mean those are great to have but why not other options. We get a few gems every now and then but who cares if it doesn't hit hard and it's ability has little to no presence, why use it at all?

There are so many creatures in wakfu and we are only allowed to command so many of them. Even when we get a hold of them they end up being poopy versions of their former selves.

I guess if I was enslaved and forced to fight against my will while living in a demonic starfish gremlins pocket dimension of a GI tract, I'd put up a crappy fight too....fight the power or whatever.

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posté October 12, 2014, 19:31:40 | #16
Riktus Players are allowed to participate in pvp regardless of their guilds Alignment.

This is there for players who want to participate in pvp but who belong to guilds who aren't interested in pvp

This allows players to have fun without being forced to either change nations to match the guild they are in or leave their guild.

I don't see any problems with it.

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posté October 12, 2014, 19:06:36 | #17
.... Who dives so deep into the forum that they find posts this old!?

What are you even doing?

Nope, no, sorry, sorry for acting like that. Continue doing what you like.

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posté October 12, 2014, 05:54:53 | #18
they really should bring back those things... and create more scenarios like it... there was nothing inherently wrong with it...just make it a one time instance to allow you to unlock the dungeon for your character... it was interesting

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posté October 12, 2014, 01:21:20 | #19
We still have it on the home page. Click "friend referral" in the community tab and it'll bring you to the tofukaze that you know and love...probably.

Also, for the censorship of it...First- do you mean you can't name something it? Second- or that when you type it, it censors you?

First instance- lots of ankama/wakfu named things aren't allowed to be used as names. For instance I can't name my pet bowmeow "Mini Ecaflip" because it has ecaflip in the name.

Second instance- because Ankama (wakfu devision) is weird and certain things are censored while others aren't... because Ankama

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posté October 10, 2014, 20:54:17 | #20
If that's the case then you can simply (it's not simple, it takes a long time to get a response and results after processes are done) forward a ticket to transfer the origines to your other account.

I know you can transfer subscription/booster time to other accounts as a friend had accidentally subscribed the wrong account and they transferred the subscription/booster to the right one for them... might work here for your remaining balance of origines....maybe

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