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posté Today - 01:41:53 | #1
The temptation was too great. Here's a smoother gif of the aura:

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posté Yesterday - 17:56:47 | #2
So if we want mines to increase damage instead of resistance, our drhellzerker form is gonna cost 2mp. And it's a minimum range of 2 for moving a mine. Ugh. All the other nerfs, ugh again.

Ember is no longer 2ap :c was a good spell to go with meteor.

It seems like enutroph blessing items are going to become unobtainable, so might want to stock pile those crystals and diamonds.

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posté Yesterday - 17:16:11 | #3
Is it possible to have this count by getting 2 30 day booster packs?

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posté May 21, 2015, 22:31:30 | #4

Quote (Sabi @ 21 May 2015 20:27) *

Quote (Xzi0n @ 21 May 2015 16:23) *
I have 2 questions for the Devs:

1.) Are we going to lose the extra +dmg from leveling spells because we can now max all spells? So we already get a dmg nerf on top on nerfing the utility?

2.) Do you now intent to UNBUG the beta server? A lot of people cant connect to it even with subs. There was no response at all to even try to fix these bugs. So can everyone test it? Or you will ignore the minority again like always that cant play even when the faults is clearly on your side?
  1. There will be no loss, but a gain in damage.
  2. We are looking into these issues and we are surely not ignoring anyone reporting these to us.
When support closes your support ticket and tells you that they can only offer limited support with players experiencing issues with the Beta Server, it feels like being ignored.

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posté May 21, 2015, 16:51:00 | #5
I think the transformation items are neat.

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posté May 21, 2015, 03:22:45 | #6
I'm an air/water eni. I admit that I use air spells far more often than I do my water spells, but I still use it, and I like my spell choices (I have fort word and invig word lvl'd). I use rebirth marks too because massacuring mark passive and rebirth is just so good.

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posté May 20, 2015, 06:12:19 | #7
Still think it costs too much for the consequences it causes.

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posté May 19, 2015, 18:29:50 | #8
Eni with all spells evenly lvl'd but limiting yourself to just using Renewing Word and Fear Flask. (Unnatural Remedies last specialty lvl'd and Master Propagator 2nd last specialty lvl'd)
edit: Forgot that doing that would naturally make them higher lvl'd so I guess max those two spells and evenly distrubute the rest of the spells on respecs

Ability points:
Intelligence section - have each one maxed in order from bottom to top
Strength section - have points split between all damage & water resistance and water Resistance and HP then do the same for earth once those are maxed.
Agility section - Half points in beserk dodge half in multi-target lock
Chance Section - each one evenly distributed except none in critical hits (if the Eni is not wearing gear or wearing gear without any or almost no critical hits then all into critical damage)
Major Section - Wakfu Points first, then Control & Damage, then Kit Skill, and then Reduction

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posté May 19, 2015, 17:43:15 | #9

Quote (Sabi @ 16 May 2015 05:36) *
and it only worked for the NA Community as it was used for the conventions in the USA.
Actually, it didn't work for the NA Community either.

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posté May 17, 2015, 22:30:58 | #10

Quote (KrizzLaKrizz @ 17 May 2015 21:49) *

Quote (Aacher @ 17 May 2015 20:56) *

Quote (KrizzLaKrizz @ 17 May 2015 20:41) *
well this remind me with someone called sabotage in the beta
but how come he stole the kama from the treasury.. just how...
I don't think it's possible to remove the kamas- he probably just spent them all, sadly.
Poor Brakmar.

but the screenies show us how much kama's brakmar has spend..
and how much taxe's collected so.. how..
As stated earlier in this thread, Brakmar would have to own Calamar's territory (you can fight Cap'n Calamari to possess the land) and then nation funds can be transferred into that territory (Nation funds are easily transferred to any of the other territories at any time). Then another nation can capture Calamar and transfer the funds that were put into that territory into one of their other territories.

I don't know whether the money was transferred out of Calamar or not, but this is what must have happened.

Quote (PutThatSwordDown @ 17 May 2015 22:17) *
On screenies you can see how much money every nation has on them right now, not how much they've spent.
They do show how much they've spent.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #862657  Replies : 85  Views : 2173
posté May 16, 2015, 18:16:50 | #11

Quote (NotAnotherFlibble @ 16 May 2015 15:53) *
There is a problem with automatically ending your turn if you have 0AP and 0MP: some classes have spells which may cost only WP or be zero-cost. However, automatically ending your turn if there are no actions which you can take is reasonable.
There is always the action of choosing which direction to face, except when a spell ends your turn.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #862340  Replies : 40  Views : 937
posté May 16, 2015, 06:11:40 | #12
The game has an /afk command (try it, it doesn't say invalid command), but it doesn't seem to have a use at the moment. But if it did work that could probably be used to autoskip your turn when it comes up. There's also a /dnd command that doesn't seem to do anything either.

Quote (SacridTaco @ 16 May 2015 03:45) *
Personally, I'd prefer the timer to just be paused during the duration of animations
I would prefer this. This would solve my enu problem of having to wait out the drhellzerker transformation animation to finish before being able use any spells and then running out of time to cast any because animation took so long and no spells could be queued.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #862209  Replies : 40  Views : 937
posté May 16, 2015, 05:25:17 | #13
Nations funds don't have much use or make much impact normally, but since the funds are seen when a player decides which nation to join, it might steer some players away from picking Brakmar.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #862194  Replies : 85  Views : 2173
posté May 14, 2015, 22:11:59 | #14
Wakfu already has Idols. They're worn in the insignia slot. I got 4 already.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #861804  Replies : 20  Views : 519
posté May 13, 2015, 00:00:11 | #15
That's interesting that it has headphones listed instead of speakers. Afraid I don't have experience with this on a tablet, but I would try to mess with the playback device settings (right click on the volume control to access it) to try to force the headphones to work with speakers. Maybe disable headphones in playback devices.

edit: here's steps someone else took for a similar problem I found through searching

Goto Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound.Goto the Playback tab. Here you should by default see two devices, Speakers/HP and Communications Headphones, if not right click on anywhere on the white area and enable both "Show disabled devices" and "Show disconnected devices".Next right click on the Communications Headphones and select disable.

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Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #861217  Replies : 5  Views : 99
posté May 10, 2015, 21:22:21 | #16
So I hear his music is awesome. Anyone one have a sample of it? I don't think I'll be turning lvl 175 anytime soon.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #860525  Replies : 288  Views : 14818
posté May 10, 2015, 07:44:39 | #17

Quote (Hyoushou @ 10 May 2015 07:40) *
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Xelors (According to lore) might be afflicted with a horrific skin malady that requires needing the wrappings.
I used to think they needed wrappings for some reason until I saw Count Harebourg in the wakfu special episodes. There's a gif here:

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 24 October 2014 08:09) *

Made a gif so I could show everyone how his silly "mask" works I guess harebourg is starlord now

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Reason for edit : linking a post didn't work
Thread : Xelor  Preview message : #860381  Replies : 8  Views : 370
posté May 09, 2015, 19:18:39 | #18
If the encyclopedia doesn't tell how to get it, then there's a good chance that there's no way of obtaining it unless it could be obtained sometime since the official release and bought from someone who obtained it earlier.

There are some items from beta release in the encyclopedia that were never in the official release. If it seems that there is no way to obtain it, and Wakfu-elements says it's from a patch before 1.0 (anything before 1.0 means it was first in before official release) then it probably wasn't available in the official release. Wakfu-elements says this item was first in game from patch .310 btw.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #860240  Replies : 1  Views : 212
posté May 09, 2015, 17:35:45 | #19

Quote (RoboTrigger @ 09 May 2015 15:28) *
Citizenship points are spent on changing laws when you are Governor / Vice Governor.
It costs around 500 per law.
Not per law, but per change of laws at once. And the first change is free. All laws can be changed at once for free. But to change again would be 500cp.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #860220  Replies : 9  Views : 234
posté May 08, 2015, 18:43:18 | #20
Are these changes in the Beta?

Thread : Ecaflip  Preview message : #859899  Replies : 7  Views : 288