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Over-complicated skills & over-specialization., The need for more spell exp or customization options.
posté May 30, 2011, 03:23:57 | #1
Over-complicated skills & over-specialization. Hi there, I've been a long time follower of Wakfu ever since the first open beta and was very excited about coming back to it once more. Only, now I'm not.

I believe the developers are over-thinking things too much, they seem to have had no defined path from the beginning and over the years have become increasingly lost as they come up with new idea after new idea and then scrap thewhole thing whenever they get bored of their past ideas and think of something new. Now, I'm not saying thats an entirely bad thing as some of these ideas seem to be taking shape but there are certain areas where things are best left simple. I am of course speaking about skills.

I think Dofus & Wakfu are great games because they are unique. They combine the personalization (& addictive levelling system) of an mmorpg and the strategy of board games such as chess or stratego to make something I've come to love. Wakfu towered above Dofus for me when I first tested it mainly for the ease of skill customization but now that Wakfu has come around again I find myself greatly disappointed and tempted to abandon it in favour of dofus v2.

The current skills have been made to be entirely unique which is good in a way but has ruined customization options & hampered the gameplay somewhat. Every line has become entirely dedicated to a certain function that you can only realistically choose one element without crippling your character, not only that but the support spells also seem to be crafted so that you are forced to choose specific ones depending on your element rather than having the freedom to customize. Some of them may aswell have been put in their corresponding elements.

We either need to gain more spell exp so we can train more spells effectively or have more variety in the spells we can cast and the tools at our disposal. Nobody wants to play a single piece in a game of chess with only one function.

In my ideal version of the game we would gain 10 spells per element much like the ecaflips earth tree but each one entirely free to pick from. Perhaps 5 specialized spells such as ecaflips fleas or enutrofs mines and 5 more generic spells for each element. I would just be happy to have the same level of customization open to me as in previous versions though.

Heres to hoping im not the only one who feels this way and that the devs catch wind of this.
Misfitz (first wisdom xelor on rushu)

posté May 30, 2011, 16:35:46 | #2
You might be right that it is very slow, but look at bright sides. You don't have low level characters with high performance spells.

I also think that you can't have everything... not at level 40. It might be possible at level 200, but not 40 and less.

Think another option that ankama developers were thinking very long about skills power and counted exp well that you can have every spell at level 100 on your character level 200. (best option in my opinion).