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posté September 04, 2016, 00:48:16 | #1

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Eniripsa - Alpha Peacock

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posté June 30, 2015, 03:30:57 | #2
the main problem with Hammel mark is, it doesnt flow well with really any eni build.

I understand that it's really strong, hell, it has really freaking strong scaling on it when used right, the main problem is, though, at what point in my playstyle with any eni build will it flow well with the other spells I'll use?

Healer Eni? Definitely wont use flaming stacks
Damage Eni? It's not the most reliable option, plus the other damage spells would warrant more wanted focus
Buff/Debuff Eni? You could use it, but there are just more spells that fit the overall desire of most builds

I even run around with a tank that uses Flaming, but I still wouldnt intend on using it with him. It's just an awkward spell that doesnt flow well imo.

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posté June 30, 2015, 00:11:01 | #3

Quote (Barlin @ 29 June 2015 23:50) *
Why don't you guys just delete Eniripsas from the game?
Whatever you do ankama, dont listening to him, I love my more powerful heals now, along with the increased bulkiness/survivability of the Eni.
Slightly nerfed damage, but stronger debuffing, the overall value is better, I like it.

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posté May 25, 2014, 00:52:00 | #4
Be a decent person, dont party with people who arent decent people

I did it guys, I solved all the world's problems.

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posté May 15, 2014, 00:18:23 | #5

Quote (Celay01 @ 14 May 2014 19:20) *

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Quote (aidanjk @ 14 May 2014 00:01) *
Did someone ask for hell? Not only where there like 14 coneys, but I accidentally triggered 'the squits' and THEY KEPT ON INFECTING EACH OTHER AND US WITH IT.

ooooh a screenshoot from when ankama kinda cared about the game, good old times... now the game is about to die
Really, game was more enjoyable 2 years ago...
They added many things in 2 years, but forgot something to add: "Fun"

I am not even talking about how much fun they removed also...
I think your time reference is a bit off. I dont think there was even half of the game two years ago as there is now...Not only were Mobile Arenas and Token Systems not out yet, but I don't think we even had Wagner Castle yet...but my memory could be a bit off on that last part.

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posté May 14, 2014, 00:01:13 | #6
Did someone ask for hell? Not only where there like 14 coneys, but I accidentally triggered 'the squits' and THEY KEPT ON INFECTING EACH OTHER AND US WITH IT.


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posté May 06, 2014, 12:32:27 | #7
Oh, thanks for sharing these, they are pretty cool. Nice to have everything together to see and make it easier to compare and contrast.

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posté May 06, 2014, 11:31:06 | #8
It's been three whole days without any real notice of an idea of rollback, nor a warning of the possible circumstances of playing at the moment and whether or not that could be a waste of time for the player.

A rollback under these circumstances would be a huge problem.

But then, what other alternatives are there? That Ankama can effectively pull off? It's impractical to pick and choose everyone who was unfortunate, but you cant really give compensation to everyone without either being too little for those who were unfortunate or being too much for those who didnt lose anything.

The best idea to solve this would be for a thread to appear, and for those who lost items to post in it(maybe even saying the time it disappeared to help ankama out and make it easier to do). I don't know what Ankama can do with it, but if they happen to be able to use the info and check to see what might have been lost, we might be able to get that to work, although it would require a lot of hard work on Ankama's part.

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posté May 06, 2014, 08:35:44 | #9
I mean seriously, how can you not allow either gender to wear something. Besides, everyone knows the Flamboyant Insig looks best on male enis, so who knows what other costumes will look so great on other 'unintended' characters.

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posté May 03, 2014, 12:43:52 | #10
Srams look very mechanically interesting. Seems that if you play utilizing spells and specialties in odd and interesting ways, you can have some fun. Like Crossing Shadows to move back away from a target after hitting them, or using First Blood to keep yourself of teleporting back to the spot you used Crossing Shadows.

I really love the loot system on the Water Branch. Also good to see they made sure that water srams couldnt unfairly spam buffs/debuffs with their Doubles.

Air branch looks like fun harassment, until you look at Trauma and it scares the crap out of you just how much potential that one spell has. Takes a bit to reach the full damage potential, but the AoE is really nice.

Would like to see a bit more range or AoE throughout the class, though.

I would REALLY love to make a Water/Air Sram with this and see how much fun I can have.

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posté May 01, 2014, 13:00:01 | #11

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posté April 23, 2014, 07:36:11 | #12
It was a mechanic intentionally designed to keep fire enis from super farming mobs back in the day. Because if the eni could 1-hit the mosnters, it could one turn everything. It also probably had to do with the fact that someone could cast the spell as only a finisher move and get a 'free kill' off the spell.

Whether or not they intended to keep this mechanic after the eni revamp, I can't remember, but I think I remember them saying so in one of the devblogs.

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posté April 16, 2014, 19:56:56 | #13
B-e-a-utiful Sacrier, love it so much

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posté April 13, 2014, 22:35:48 | #14

Quote (saphiLC2 @ 13 April 2014 20:57) *

Quote (Sabi @ 12 April 2014 07:39) *
Awww that made my day to know that you guys are happy to get your hands on the Black Wabbit Costume as it is finally here!
Lol, are you pretending to be blind or what thread did you read? most, if not all but the 2 posts you quoted, are complains... and if you check the other communities, you will see the same kind of complains being made.

Anyways... way to lose money ankama. (well, not losing, but not making as much money as u could have done)
You would make better points if you understood what you were saying, saphil. You might have to re-read through the thread and Sabi's post.

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posté April 09, 2014, 21:41:05 | #15
You haave to use the spell given to you on the three tiles around you that match the different tiles around the black bow meow. It doesnt matter the order you attack them, just as long as you get all three on the same turn.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #713705  Replies : 6  Views : 835
posté April 09, 2014, 08:49:30 | #16

Quote (Uiasdnmb @ 08 April 2014 23:46) *
Because they have negative stats (block and dodge) that damage dealers don't give damn about, but still increase overall damage budget of the item.
Scepter of Wage reduces resists, and not everyone wants to use that because everyone needs resist (this and above 1 handers are fat as hell and 2 handers just fall way behind them).

They should just make new weapon:
+2 AP
+1 RA
+90% all damage
+6% crit chance
+20% crit dmg
+40% backstab dmg
-200 block
-200 dodge
-200 lock
-200 perception

And everyone would be using it.
Never saw anything more boring in my entire life. Doesnt even help optimize a lot of builds, its just a straight damage dealing weapon for "in case of being a bad player, use this to feel better about yourself but still be bad".

Also would be funny if there was such a thing as negative block.

Also, laughing at the fact that you think damage dealers dont care about dodge, not only is there the whole Masq thing, but I also know a handful of people who use their dodge to not have to worry about spending too much AP/MP/WP dodging locks.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #713529  Replies : 30  Views : 2357
posté April 08, 2014, 15:11:39 | #17
I don't remember the rune revamp saying anywhere that they plan on removing exotic runes. Also, I still have my exotic runes on some of my old gear, so they haven't gotten rid of exotic runes. Perhaps it was a visual bug? Hopeful the runes didnt just disappear.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #713151  Replies : 2  Views : 408
posté April 07, 2014, 20:52:04 | #18
I often just try to provocate all the big guys over to my feca, and while he can't lock them, as long as everyone stays 4+ range away from the closest one, they wont try to run after them. Their AI is pretty simple to work around the fact that they seem to have a 100% dodge chance, at least against my 500 lock feca. They'll just stay glued to my feca as if it was locking them all the time.

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