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Spell Balance ?, for anyone wanna make a bit more balance class.
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Spell Balance ? What if we try to balance the spell...?

Let's make your own spell's damage that sound balance in the game.

Each spell you will choose cost of

AP : 0-6
MP : 0-2
WP : 0-2
Min.Range : 0-4
Element : Fire/Air/Water/Earth

Now for the chart I'll say
1AP will equal 15 damage ,
1 MP equal 20 damage and
1 WP equal 25 damage.
and if min range isn't 1, you got 10 damage per Minimum Range.
+5 damage if it's fire element.
now count your

Total Possible damage :

This is sound OP, yet you gotta spend off some of this damage point for other ability in the spell. just like using damage to purchase as Kama.

To increase.....
Max range : 1-8 [Cut down 5 damage per range (from 2 up)]
Improvable Range? : yes/no [Cut down 10 damage if you want it to effected by character's/gears range improvement.]
LoS Requires? : yes/no [Cut down 15 damage if you want it never have LoS]
Point or AoE? : 1-6 [Cut down 5 damage every 1 more square you will improve, eg.-20 damage if it's 5 squares, 1 cell is the original point that not counted as improvement]

not just that... now you will spent damage for spell effect if you want it a bit more interesting.

but first let's see the condition. you have to have certain AP/MP/WP to unlock each effect. (the condition will not cost anything.) well, it's not really sound balance much. OP or not ,just be honest to yourself.
Choose one or two
Condition :
must use at least 3 AP - to unlock Lv3 effect
must use at least 5 AP - to unlock Lv4 effect
must use at least 1 MP - to unlock movement with more than one cells
must use at least 1 WP - to unlock summon
Limit 2 per target : Unlock Lv2 effect with 1-2 AP or to get extra 5 damage
Limit 1 per target : Unlock Lv3 effect with 1-2 AP or to get extra 15 damage
Limit 2 per turn : Unlock Lv3 effect with 1-2 AP or to get extra 10 damage
Limit 1 per turn : Unlock Lv4 effect with 2-4 AP or to get extra 20 damage
must be in certain effect : Unlock LV 4 effect
must use on certain thing : Unlock LV 3 effect
must do at start of turn : Unlock LV 5 effect
must not move : Unlock LV 5 effect
must not attack : Unlock LV 5 effect
Other (Request)
Or None

Oh you have seen there is no condition to unlock lv1 effect? yes, you can put the effect in right awaywithout unlocking.

Ok!, Once you choose your condition. now you can choose effect of the spell as you want. Keep in mind you better exchange damage for the effect just like you exchange for range. nothing free.

Spell effect : have many different levels. I separates them to 5 Levels

Lv1 Effect This effect level will Possibly 'Lengthen, Shorten, or Harden' the fight in basic. *Notice this effect level play with possibility.
eg. Crit/Block/Dodge/Lock/Willpower/Prospecting/Perception /etc
how many ability points you have to spend to get this stat? if 1 damage equal 10 ability points in the game, I hope you know to to weight this stat buff.

Lv2 Effect : This effect level will Always 'Lengthen or Shorten, or Harden ' the fight in basic.
eg. +,- % of resist or damage of each element or all / armor / initiative/ etc
1 damage per 5% resist/damage buff on one element. *4 if it's all element. 5 Armor HP per 1 damage. other is the same as lv 1 effect.

Lv3 Effect : This effect level will Improve game strategy
eg. Movement/+-AP/MP/Range/Zombification/HP Exchange/Unable to move/ Stabilized/ -HP per AP,MP,WP including movement effect.
This is so varies, can you weight the damage out by yourself? you better take out at least 10 damages.
for movement effect, every 1 cell reduce about 5 damage. push/pull/move up/move back

Lv4 Effect : This effect will Possibly disturb game strategy. *Notice this effect level play with possibility.
eg. stun/sleep/crit-fail/skid/ possible to -AP,MP,WP,Range
Take out 1 damage every 2% possible. dont go over 30%

Lv5 Effect : Cheat Code Button
eg. Trans/Future Peace Armor/Lift up/100% stun/ etc
Whatever AP,MP using this spell will reduce all damage to 0. in other word, don't thinking about doing damage while using OP spell.

Side Effect : have you ever want your spell to be awesome? hey you try to stun that guy and you failed, now you stun yourself. The side effect is the same as effect but always negative to user. you can get your spell damage back to use with other better thing. Side effect use same chart as spell effect but return damage 1/3 of what you have to spend on spell effect.(Just reverse it with 1/3 return) Side effect are not necessary to have.

Finally, your customize spell are almost finish. they might leave some wired debuff on you. and now you better recheck your damage.

Total damage : remember how OP your spell damage is? now it's lowered by spell effect, right?

I dont know how Wakfu Team balance the spell. But this is how I balance the spell at about lv 100. I try to make myself for fun. I try to make it sound most balance as much as possible. I you think it's should be change in number somewhere, feel free to talk about it. and If you wanna make yours base on my spell balance, take the form by copying all the bold texts and fill out.


so when we make class, it come to multiply spells, how would you balance the spell?
for me if it's 5 spells... I'll first

Select Range Type :
- CC : all spell never have more than 2 maximum range. all spell ‘all un-improvable range’
- Mid : 2 spells have minimum range at 2 / no spell can be over 5 maximum range from start.
- Range : 2 spells have min range at 2 / other have min range at 3

then in each element that have 5 spells.
must have a spell that use 1-2 AP ,
must have a spell that use 3-4 AP ,
must have a spell that use 5-6 AP.
and last 2 spells can cost any AP from 0-6
My rule ! :3

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