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posté August 21, 2015, 21:27:44 | #1
What ardlz said, idk why they invest in shitty branches rather then focus on their main games. Their main shit is broken yet they bother adding new departments for apps lel.

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posté August 20, 2015, 22:18:20 | #2
Alpha is indeed annoying... she replied to almost everyone who had a negative opinion about the system with own opinions. Pretty much a hypocrite.
If I had 2 bullets and I was in a room with Alpha and Sabotage, I'd shoot Alpha twice. Kappa

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posté August 19, 2015, 02:49:40 | #3

Quote (AlphaWarrior @ 19 August 2015 02:14) *
This system was in place? Sidekicks? Ha. Makes you wonder why it's taking Ankama so long to make this hero system now, if it already existed for so long... there's a reason. It's not even remotely the same thing.
It's pretty much the same system, yes. I think they just came up with this "add chars" idea for more money-milk intentions. Also, it takes Ankama months to fix a single bug, took them years to add 3 character slots? I don't see your point. Doing stuff takes time.

Look into something called 'bandwidth', look into something called 'storage' and find out how much these things cost.
^-- Just kek, obviously you are the one that needs to get educated. You are also on false assumption, I never said the new system doesn't take up server resources yet you talk like you are the GDM at Ankama. I was co-host for rge before all the private reopening thing, different platform but I do know how data management works and it's not really that big of a deal. Also that game is more resource heavy than Wakfu yet 3 individuals still managed to run it, and the game is still up and running with thousands of players.

Not sure what type or how many sql is Ankama running but they always had storage problems. They even admitted that they don't do deposit logs to HWs because it uses a large amount of data. But they still have their dead servers so I don't really think resource management is their excuse to tax the upcoming content. LOL.
Did they tax new content btw? HW's / new instances? I don't think they did.

I really hope they add a sub option to GvG (if it ever comes out) and every single "new boss" to help them make up for the used storage.
Fanboy all you want, their market management was always bad. (Oh and the game never worked properly, not 1 patch) Kappa

PS: Oh also, this type of system was discussed back in the alpha days. "Allow people to add members from the same account", suggestions they declined back then. Their monetary situation seems bad so I guess they just do everything now and tax it ~o.o~

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posté August 19, 2015, 01:31:06 | #4

Ankama has thought this out for a long time, weighed the options, and they're not stupid. They're doing it this way for a reason. Call them greedy any time they ask for money, but if they don't get money you don't get a game. Want a game? Then be more supportive.
They just keep adding fail systems with fail marketing. Everything is overpriced because the community is niche and their "items" are mostly trash.
They could be well off if they added 1-2 new costumes each month and make it a dress-up/mount market system because costumes sell like hotcakes. But their art team consist of 1 member who lost his left hand apparently so costumes only happen on rare occasions.

Managing an MMORPG has substantial monthly costs to Ankama. One time payments don't work well with MMORPGs because you pay once, but Ankama has to keep paying every month.
More nonsense. This quote gave me cancer. Maybe they should do a 30 day rental on mounts and costumes as well because one time payments don't work well.

Furthermore, this will load the server more for all those single account players who will now have multiple. They'll take more resources from the server, and raise costs for Ankama. And you think they shouldn't pay more for that? No, in your opinion, only Ankama should.
You guessed right, more nonsense. This system was already in place years ago... what are you even saying?

Neneko is that you being all stupid again?

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posté August 18, 2015, 22:31:18 | #5

Quote (UnndeadHiro @ 18 August 2015 22:16) *
The people saying ur gonna leave, just stop you know you aren't gonna leave and if you do you'll get bored and come back. Stop whining about having to pay for a service. Just don't go eat out as much it's not that hard to scrounge up the money for this game. Stop acting like your from a third world country. I'm hearing a bunch of brats complain about price. They put a lot of work into this, WoW asks for subs and expansion buys. This doesn't ask u to buy expansions. It gives us them for free. Stop complaining and support a game that you know damn well you love,
It's because players like you, the majority of games have a fail marketing system, aka the less the players care and are satisfied with current shitty systems, the less the company cares.
If players would actually stop paying and playing for crappy service, game companies would actually start trying to make good games again.
I stopped playing Wakfu 1 year back btw, and it's probably the best choice I ever did. My server was full of dupers and as it seems, they're still going strong. Not to mention with the constant buggs and their fail marketing I had to put up with. Better games out there boyz, I'm here only for the comments.

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posté August 18, 2015, 22:10:17 | #6
More subz boyz.
Why even use the hero system when you can freely 6 box? lmao

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posté August 18, 2015, 21:59:18 | #7

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posté August 18, 2015, 21:56:41 | #8
Drawing again? ... lame.
Well, Idriu will win obviously, Seguchi is good, but not as good as him. If Idriu still plays...

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posté August 12, 2015, 22:47:58 | #9

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 12 August 2015 20:59) *
Would be nice if Ankama pulled a Final Fantasy 14 and make the game better than ever... They could make this whole fiasco part of the storyline when the game would relaunch by creating an enutrof boss whose spells are reminiscent of all the item duping and kama exploitation. People in FF14:ARR weren't saddened or angry at all when the game relaunched and was better than ever before. SE even made a cool story to go along with the servers shutting down and the game relaunching as if it was storyline-driven and was extremely awesome (and I missed it! I was incredibly impressed by how they did it!). hell, they could even use this opportunity to make the world more akin to that of the anime.
That's true, I mean... Wakfu doesn't really have a "lore" everything is just jammed in here and there, nothing solid. Ankama been flipping tables ever since. They could actually relaunch, but then again, each year there were patches that enabled duping so it could be an endless loophole. Devs are French after all, Asian level dev skills are nothing but a dream boyz.

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posté August 12, 2015, 20:15:14 | #10
Doesn't even matter if they "catch" the guy or not. Duped gear and cash is already out there and still flooding. Fresh alt accounts with millions of kamas wiping the market, how exactly do you ban those?
The servers are fked I tell you. Delete them all, make 1 french , 1 global one and start fresh for the ... 5th time now? lmao.
I'm absolutely amazed on how this game is still somewhat alive and Ankama is getting away w/o law suits.

Welcome to Wakfu 2015, broken than ever.

But here's more Ankama,

Spoiler: (highlight to show)

Dafuq you gonna do about this? ---^
Gold and Accounts just 1 click away... for irl cash ofc.

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posté August 12, 2015, 20:04:12 | #11

Quote (Kennyth @ 12 August 2015 12:32) *
This kills professions
Whaaaat!? Are you saying professions are good now? N***er plz

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posté August 11, 2015, 22:19:48 | #12
So... basically, create a 2nd int server and let Remi die? Implying to wipe the Int server? After what? ~3 years of service? Why? Just because dupes happened or the market got inflated and now you're butthurt jelly sammich because you never got any of that gear? Well, it happened everywhere. Also, dupes happened a few years back, especially the incidents on Nox and Aer.
Dupes also worked throughout these years but only few people used them and restricted them to the clan so it wont be noticed. Also, there's easy kama sellers out there so you can get 10mils of Kamas for what... about 20 bucks?
Just ask

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
, he's been selling for ever, that lil Hungarian prick. Here's his IP devs, ban him

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
Your welcome, I just did you a favor.

1. I'm pretty sure at least 50% of the current players quit if that happens.
2. It's probably the dumbest idea anyone can come up with.

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posté July 23, 2015, 00:28:19 | #13
W8 what... you add people on Skype, they send you dikpics and you just take it like a little bitch? Then you go QQ on the Ankama forums.
Murricah? Is that you?

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posté July 12, 2015, 02:29:05 | #14
Gold sellers again? Really... So I logged on my Remi account and guess what... a gold seller contacts me out of nowhere selling 1 mil / 5$
Really... I thought these guys were dealt with.

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posté July 08, 2015, 18:39:13 | #15
lvl 1 passives don't even work ...

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posté July 08, 2015, 00:31:45 | #16
omg... all my gift rewards became the same exact thing! 10 MEA CULPAS!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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posté June 11, 2015, 20:06:41 | #17
Fat cosplayers incoming...

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posté May 26, 2015, 21:03:28 | #18
10 Year old game boys. Still not working properly. Ankama, just hire some Asian DEVs, and go for the 3rd re-release. Probably 80% of the people here only play because the Artwork and not the mechanics. (I assume)

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posté February 07, 2015, 18:52:47 | #19
Is this a new nation or what?

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posté February 03, 2015, 18:40:46 | #20

Quote (KoenH @ 03 February 2015 10:21) *
This is al nice and all that you make new tings for lvl 160+ characters but between lvl 125 and 140 there isn't much to do. can't you guys develop a lvl 130 or 135 questline? that would be nice to let people enjoy the fun of quests.
I've mentioned this few months back.... ridiculous quest line level gaps. 130-140 feels so... "just grind"
Feels almost like Chef. (Chef has been fixed though)

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