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posté April 25, 2016, 01:45:03 | #1

Quote (EarthyMadness @ 25 April 2016 00:42) *
That said, if anyone knows more/better Nox eni's, go ahead.
I'd be very surprised if there was anyone who fits the description better than Alpha Peacock (regardless of whether we're talking about PvP or PvE).

She's the only eni I know of that has consistently kicked everyone's ass in PvP over the years, and has managed to find ways to work around every single change or nerf to the class that has ever occurred from the launch of the game in 2012 until now.

As an aside, she was also the first 12ap eni on Nox, and pretty much popularized 12ap builds on this server. I wouldn't expect newer players to know any of the history of our server though. =p

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posté March 10, 2016, 06:47:21 | #2

Quote (Sabi @ 10 March 2016 02:56) *
Hi everyone,

Thank you for sharing this with us, we will check with the team on the availability of the extra character slots via the in-game store and will keep you informed on any new information.

Just to be clear, it used to be on the character select screen; not in the in-game store.

See here:

In fact, I think you're the one who posted this image on the forums long ago, Sabi. =p

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posté March 09, 2016, 07:05:59 | #3
In-game character slot purchase not possible? Is it only possible to buy character slots on the website now?

I don't see the 'locked' slots in-game anymore on my character select screen; is this normal or is it a bug?

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posté April 01, 2015, 18:07:33 | #4


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posté April 01, 2015, 17:59:33 | #5
didney worl ?

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posté March 27, 2015, 05:58:12 | #6
OpenGL 2 is actually from 2004. I believe Doom3 was the first game to use it back then.

If anyone is interested in some context as to why issues like this occur, the reason is because Microsoft has been trying to kill OpenGL for decades since they want developers to use Direct3D (part of DirectX) in order to lock-in those developers onto the Windows platform, so that porting to Linux and Mac (or even game consoles) becomes expensive. Microsoft does not ship up-to-date OpenGL drivers, only Direct3D drivers, which means that for any OpenGL games that use newer features, they will require the user to update their drivers manually; this is true for any game using OpenGL for the most part, which many indie games do. It will likely also be true for OpenGL's successor, "Vulkan", which I'm sure Microsoft will also oppose.

Microsoft's attitude is that if enough users have bad experiences, then developers will feel bullied into switching to proprietary Windows-only APIs (Application Programming Interface; it's what OpenGL and Direct3D are).

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posté February 18, 2015, 17:19:36 | #7

Quote (Cantisque @ 18 February 2015 14:00) *
It should be linked while the effect is active, with the option to remove the effect and get your equip back (with the appearance equip destroyed perhaps?)
I don't think they should destroy the original; I know it seems like a fair tradeoff at first, but imagine destroying a dragonpig set, which still has a decent resale value (740,000 kamas per piece or so). It seems clear that Mimisymbics are going to be a cash shop consumable item, in which case we're already going to be paying real money for this stuff; it's ridiculous to have to pay even one single kama in lost value, when you're already paying cash for the ability to skin your items.

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 18 February 2015 16:36) *

Quote (azalyn @ 17 February 2015 22:42) *
The original source item used for the skin remains unlinked, interestingly enough.
nope, both become linked.
Okay, wait a second, I just logged in and tested again, and I found out what's happening. The items get linked upon skinning, but if I relog (just switching characters works), both the appearance item and the skinned item are unlinked. So the "linking" only lasts until you relog. The client must not be syncing the item state with the server, or perhaps the server hasn't been updated with the rules that the items should be linked.

One of the rare cases where we can actually genuinely say that it's NOT a bug, it's a feature, and not be sarcastic. XD

In any case, if Ankama expects us to spend real cash on this stuff, they had better change their minds on this, and make both items unlinked (the skinned item can remain linked until you remove the skin, but it should never remain linked after you remove it).

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posté February 17, 2015, 22:42:39 | #8

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 17 February 2015 22:05) *
well its useful on linked items purchased from the machines.

it also destroys the resale value of the appearance item, currently.
I mentioned the items purchased from machines. I'm not sure what you mean by "the appearance item"; the produced cosmetic item with the blue star obviously is linked, I didn't expect anything else. What's really bad is that even after you remove the skin, it's still linked. =\

The original source item used for the skin remains unlinked, interestingly enough.

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posté February 17, 2015, 21:50:40 | #9

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 17 February 2015 21:34) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 17 February 2015 20:35) *
So if i change appearance of the item, it become linked, but if i remove that appearance to default one... it will remain linked even if it wasn't before? I can't access beta so asking if someone could test it.
tested and yes it remains linked (balls)
I went and tested myself just to see, and I can confirm this. So basically, Mimisymbics as currently implemented are completely useless because it destroys the resale value of your item, so you can't just un-skin and then sell the item later. Who is going to be stupid enough to do this except for low value items? The only viable option might be to get the gear with dungeon tokens so that it's already linked in the first place but that's less than ideal.

This is going to be a huge dealbreaker for Mimisymbics, and if we assume that the consumable item (the mimisymbic itself) is a cash shop item, then Ankama is really screwing themselves out of money here, because I know a lot of people simply will not bother with it if the item becomes permanently linked even if you un-skin it later. Once again Ankama is making us choose between being good at the game (by playing the market, selling old gear and upgrading to new stuff) and aesthetics. Not a fair trade-off, especially for a free2play game, where cosmetics are obviously going to be a huge part of your business model (assuming you want to avoid pay2win business models).

Now the question that remains is will they listen if we complain here on the forums, or do we need to once again cause a ruckus on Steam for them to pay attention?  

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posté January 20, 2015, 18:44:48 | #10

Quote (ThomasterXXL @ 19 January 2015 19:43) *
I'm new here, but I really don't get the skill-system...
It's kind of self-defeating to have a leveling system that is a convoluted point-system requiring cash items/very annoying quests to reallocate every once in a while for maintenance...

[ . . . ]

It's indeed very hard to understand for people who didn't play the game in open beta, or early launch; allow me to explain the history of this.

Originally, you could max all 15 spells; the idea was that your character level didn't really mean anything, and your progression in the game was supposed to be determined by the spell levels themselves (sounds like Skyrim in a way, doesn't it?). There were a few problems with this system however; first of all, the gameplay meta when the game launched, was essentially that you spammed one spell repeatedly, until you reached level cap (100 at the time), and then maxing another spell was very time consuming (some have said it was the same as levelling another character from scratch, but it wasn't quite that bad; it was still very bad though). This problem was compounded by the fact that spell exp gained in battle is divided between all spells used in battle, and in a huge oversight, Ankama made it so that even a maxed (lvl 100) spell, would STILL cause exp to be divided, which meant that you couldn't just use the spell you want to level, and then cast your lvl 100 spell to actually do damage on the next turn; you had to basically just use that low level spell until it was actually capable of doing any damage, which obviously works best if you're being powerlevelled, that way you could cast the spell you want to level, and let someone else do the actual killing.

So, why did they change it? Well, as you can imagine from what I've said above, very few people actually bothered to level all of their alt branch spells because it was the most ridiculous timesink imaginable. There were a handful of people that did it though, and back then, spell levels gave you resist in the element in question, not just damage like now (resist was also absolute back then, which meant you could actually reduce damage taken to like 1 final dmg per hit, rather than only reducing down to base damage), which essentially meant that there were a handful of extremely overpowered individuals running around, who were relatively immune to damage in three elements, and had ridiculous damage from having all spells maxed in their main elemental branch. As you can imagine that was a pretty nasty combination in PvP, higher damage than any other player on average, and higher resist than any other player on average; many people complained and the first "spell revamp" was Ankama's eventual response to these complaints. Originally we could only have 2 maxed spells at level 100 in one elemental branch, and we were supposed to get 4 when lvl 200 would come around (spells only went up to 100 back then, even while the cap was 110 and so on), but then they changed it to be linear like now, where we can have 4 spells for mono element, 5 for hybrid, and 6 for tribrid.

Anyways, that's the history lesson out of the way. So as you can see, the game has changed quite a lot, and the current spell system is really a relic of the past; it basically is the way it is due to it's evolution over time, and I imagine the next spell revamp is aimed precisely at changing this to make it feel more consistent. They originally wanted the game to be different from Dofus (where you apparently stat your spells as if they were specialties, I think), but in the end, Wakfu's spell system pretty much evolved in the same direction; the spell exp system now is more or less just another point-statting system, where the spell exp is your "points" and you just stat them into spells. Personally I'm hoping they get rid of the hybrid/tribrid spell exp bonus and just allow all of us to get like 6 spells or something (I'd love to have 7 or 8 though, to be honest, since I'd like to get 3 spells in two different branches, and then one spell in third branch or something like that).

I hope my wall of text wasn't too annoying to read, and I hope I've shed some light on the spell system's history and the reasoning (or lack thereof) behind it's design. =)

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posté December 24, 2014, 00:26:57 | #11

Quote (De-Tox @ 23 December 2014 23:51) *
Just go to your character selection screen and use the arrows to the side.
Hm, alright, thanks. It's weird that they screwed up the banner though. What's odd is that they did make one that says "3 slots", which I mentioned I saw on beta's login screen, but then they removed that one, so now they have the wrong one. >.>

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posté December 23, 2014, 23:47:45 | #12
TWO character slots?! Not three? Wait a second, it was supposed to be three slots, but the banner advertising this on the login screen says two slots. Is this a mistake on the part of the marketing team, or has Ankama actually lied to the community once again and delivered less than they promised? Can we please have some clarification on this?

I also noticed that on beta server's login screen, there was briefly two banners, one saying three slots, and one saying two.

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posté December 21, 2014, 19:49:34 | #13
With a game like Wakfu, which changes it's character building mechanics every few months, this tool will be obsolete by this time next year unless you, the author continues to update it meticulously with every single change made in the game. With that said, do you have any plans to release the source code under an open source license (perhaps on github?), so that even if you stopped maintaining it, the community could collaborate on improving it and keeping it up to date?

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posté December 02, 2014, 04:46:01 | #14
Hm, yeah, a friend just told me that they've been used for mystery boxes before, but it's a bit confusing on why they let you save them up and stuff. Is there a page on their site that explains it all?

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posté December 02, 2014, 04:19:15 | #15
Ankama did not explain this "token" system at all, what exactly is it for, and is there any value in "saving up" your tokens or something?

Can a mod or something chime in to clear this up? I don't want to use it now and then find out that I should've been saving them or something.

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posté September 06, 2014, 20:41:58 | #16
As someone else mentioned in this thread..

The problem is NOT the timer. The problem is that the animations take too long for some classes.

For example, with air sacriers, it used to be that you had to wait for motion sickness' barf animation cycle to complete, before a teleport would go through, which was pretty messed up for 10ap sickness->assault combos (although few were able to get that build back then).

They changed the way the animations work, so that a sacrier's teleport will be able to 'interrupt' the barf animation.

Another issue is that you cannot target/queue an action until an animation has completed, so if I want to beacon sneak as a cra, I have to wait until the beacon animation completes before clicking the button to sneak, otherwise the map grid will not be updated and won't give me a target to teleport to; and then while I'm sneaking, I have to wait for that animation too before my LoS gets updated (because I may now have LoS to a target that I did not have prior to sneaking).

The map grid should update the very second the spell is queued. There is no reason the game should make you wait all this time for animations. If animations could be interrupted, and if the map targetting grid updated instantly, there would be no need for more than 30 seconds.

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posté June 22, 2014, 03:44:05 | #17
I hope this works out. I know a lot of people that would still be playing today if it wasn't for all the cancerous individuals who cheat.

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posté June 06, 2014, 21:47:45 | #18
Opsayian: Perhaps I didn't express the intent of that sentence correctly. The point isn't how hard the workload actually is. The point is that people complained all the time about mini, and then some of those people got into government, and didn't do anything better. Now people are complaining about bonuses, and supporters (of the outgoing governor) are trying to blame citizens for not doing their part. Remember that it doesn't matter how hard something is, in the end, it's the citizens who vote. If you don't fulfill their expectations, they won't vote for you again. Regardless of whether those expectations are reasonable. I apologize for not making myself clear.

Tulish: At the risk of sounding infantile, we're not the ones who started this. Everyone has personality quirks, and pet peeves that set them apart from others. As long as I've known Mini, she's never backstabbed or betrayed anyone, and anyone who has been nice to her has received only kindness. Of course, if someone starts spreading rumors, and conspiring or trash talking behind Mini's back, that will piss her off and she'll go on a rampage and start blasting people. It takes two to tango, though. Mini may have an ego, but so do her enemies. And all of those disagreements are a result of egos clashing. Again, as I said. Mini is the kind of person that can make friends with someone who's been a hated enemy for years overnight, if approached with friendship, instead of vilification.

As for alt-voting. Every single governor since launch, in every nation, has benefitted from alt-votes. The question is whether there was a higher than average amount of alt-votes. Mini has never really had higher than average votes. Indeed, it would be a trivial matter to regain the statue if we had higher than average alt-votes at our disposal. After all, that's how Death got the statue. They seem to have logged over 100 characters within minutes of the election ending, and changing approval rating in the middle of the night while most people were asleep and couldn't vote negatives. Organizing such a thing without like 20 or so alt accounts is practically impossible. I was online minutes after the election ended.

So please don't throw such accusations without some kind of rational basis. The reason Mini governed for so long is because until recently, Mini had a solid relationship with every single large brakmarian guild, and had friends everywhere. Until some shady people started spreading propaganda and trying to make an enemy out of her.

Those of you who hate Mini are simply being manipulated.

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