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posté November 25, 2014, 12:59:33 | #1
I don't understand all the crying. This is a good addition. They won't get all their money from just cosmetic items, I don't know why you guys are so opposed to Ankama making reasonable services for large sums of money (large enough to deter abusers, but low enough for people who REALLY want the service). Your desires of what you want Ankama to be will not really help the company make more money and grow bigger.

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posté November 25, 2014, 12:22:15 | #2

Quote (xNitsugas @ 25 November 2014 11:04) *

I really hope they bring the dmg costumes and weapon boxes over to Nox. Would make my life a lot easier and I think Ankama really deserves the extra money for making this awesome game F2P.

*prays for the goodies to come to his server*
I hope they don't, for the good of everyone else in the game. I think the happiness of everyone should outshine your desires for one of these terrible items.

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posté September 29, 2014, 14:41:06 | #3
I didn't do the Ugly dungeon until I had done Vamp, so when I went to Vamp when it was first released, heard the badass tune he has, and how crazy the fight was (I think he was glitched at some point, I remember him with 25ap and 10+ MP, and it was SO RIDICULOUS! And then his Cling got us all by surprise and he almost one-turned the entire party... Wow I had so much fun back then), I got soooo excited. That was probably when it became one of my favorite tunes.

My favorite is the Amakna battle tune. The main menu theme is also fantastic, but that one is my fave so far.

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posté August 03, 2014, 02:16:56 | #4

Quote (tigerstricker @ 02 August 2014 15:24) *
Ah okay, I'll have to go look at Mango's overview later then. Thanks for the insight Kat, I'll go with the cards, since I'd much rather have a non-linear weapon for times when I just can't get beside something.
Just in case you haven't found it: Click here

They're looking really really good now. The Sram revamp v1.0 looked good only for water, but now all of them look great. They seem to have a huge amount of gameplay options, and that can only be good! I am actually very excited to try out my new Sram once the revamp comes around, and I'm planning on staying Fire/Water as well. Expect a guide once I learn enough about it after it comes out to the official servers (in other words, at least 6 months from now, heh)..

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posté August 01, 2014, 02:45:40 | #5
Zwombbit, Ponktius, Wa Wabbit are also air/fire. Ponktius is also really good, and cheapish (minus the belt).

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posté August 01, 2014, 02:42:35 | #6
I thought you quit (again), Skull?

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posté June 29, 2014, 10:07:24 | #7
I don't think it will be possible. You can't go to a different server, setup a good character with a good amount of items from there, then transfer to an inferior server. It could potentially disrupt the economy by introducing items that did not exist in it, as well as question servers and rule-enforcement by you disregarding the instructions on playing in the server you 'belong' to, and instead making it in a more accessible one then transferring to one that isn't.

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posté June 14, 2014, 20:56:32 | #8

Quote (FajneCycki @ 14 June 2014 20:05) *

Quote (Elithril @ 14 June 2014 19:05) *
I would be interested in the green rarity gear which wasn't posted yet. Could anyone show us which dropable green gear is upcoming?

(I hope for water-fire. Although it's bad enough most of the Wobot boss fire water gear is just green rarity and because of that, not competitive.)
I've just checked and... it looks like there's no green gear at all in the Divine Dimensions, only a bunch of green items from the new mid-lvl content. As for water/fire gear it's not that bad, there's Enutrosor Set:

+1 AP
+97 HP
+2% Critical Hits
+30% Damage
+30% Damage
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+14% Resist.

+128 HP
+2% Critical Hits
+38% Damage
+38% Damage
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+12% Resist.
+1 Control
+20 Initiative
+25 Dodge

+1 MP
+130 HP
+25 Dodge
+6 Block
+3% Critical Hits
+38% Damage
+38% Damage
+18% Resist.

+119 HP
+2% Critical Hits
+38% Damage
+38% Damage
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+14% Resist.
+14 Initiative
+23 Dodge
+1 Lvl. to spells
+1 Lvl. to spells

And these craftable boots:

+1 MP
+144 HP
+25 Initiative
+20 Dodge
+3% Critical Hits
+31% Damage
+31% Damage
+15% Backstab Damage
+20% Resist.

Although the shoes are high as HELL in level. Guess I'll need an amuleto for them, or skip them altogether just to get the neck... But then again the shoes are pretty sick, and worth the sacrifice of wearing an Amuleto... Also there's a severe lack of ini in this gear, but the dodge is looking good... I'll have to think of what I want to do.

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posté June 14, 2014, 20:43:00 | #9

Quote (kurokat @ 12 June 2014 12:53) *

Quote (loloshua @ 12 June 2014 12:09) *
The water branch and "Loot or Ripoff" doesn't make any sense to me.

Is the water branch going to be like an enu?
Very very different from an enu. A water enu drops pouches for items and is a stationary turret.

Water srams steal a bit differently and can help buff themselves or teammates.

They can steal:
- HP (damages enemies while adding stolen heals to loot)
- Lock (removes enemy lock and places it in the loot)
- Damage (lowers the enemies damage while adding said stolen damage to the loot)
- AP and MP (removed from the enemy to the loot)

This saved up loot can then be used at any time during the Sram's turn. Give it to yourself or to your allies to give them a boost in said areas. This will really make the Sram a team player instead of a simple DPT class.

- Kat
Or you could give the loot to the enemy, and it will act as debuffs and damage instead of buffs and heals. Really, this specialty is fantastic.

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posté June 11, 2014, 10:11:08 | #10

Quote (Celay01 @ 11 June 2014 07:43) *
Maybe i am complaining about many things, this forum is for say what we think about game.
I am saying when i like something too(feca revamp, dodging/locking change, a new decoration)

And forum is not for stalk some people and attack them once a week like some people do.
You are the source of negativity, not me.
Make your posts about constructive criticism and they won't be so negative then.

There is nothing constructive about this:

Quote (Celay01 @ 10 June 2014 12:29) *
"Traps,Sram and Chaos"

You removed traps and now talking about it, so ankama style...
All you're doing is saying "Ankama disappoints again!". Well that sure taught them something! Hopefully now they'll change and learn from their mistakes, am I right?

And to all who keep downvoting when reason speaks... You're all the reason why people like me are not playing the game as much as we used to, or not even at all. I'd much rather abandon this "disappointing" game as Celay01 so eloquently puts it than deal with all this backwards logic. Let's post negative things with no solutions on the boards, hopefully Ankama will understand what we're talking about, eh?

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posté June 11, 2014, 04:43:49 | #11
How about you stop defending the people saying negative things, Neneko? If there's people annoyed at Celay's negativity, and you get all up in arms about their complaints about Celay, why can't you do the same for him complaining about the game in every post?

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posté June 10, 2014, 21:16:29 | #12
I admit that the first thing I thought of when I read the title was "Sram revamp testing time? YES!"... I just made myself sad...

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posté June 10, 2014, 01:59:16 | #13
Wakfu would do better if they changed "free to play" with "unlimited free trial with limits". I do not understand why they're so adamant in leaving it as free to play when it's not doing them any favors, advertisement-wise. It's really really stupid.

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posté June 09, 2014, 21:08:20 | #14
This doesn't really feel like a cause for celebration.

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posté June 09, 2014, 07:32:11 | #15
Control your summons, then.

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posté June 08, 2014, 02:50:35 | #16

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 08 June 2014 01:53) *
Also, for goodness sake, the fact that Goultard ascended isn't a spoiler anymore. There's a lot of other stupid stuff in this thread, but I'm tried of playing the lore police at this point.
Here we have a prime example of an elitistic smartypants. Don't take too many pictures, he may get scared and run away!

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posté June 08, 2014, 01:07:53 | #17
I wonder how that god Sram can go around picking people's pockets... I'm pretty sure I would notice a six-armed skeletal monstrosity next to me if he was trying to pick my pockets. I personally preferred the impish version, although I have to admit that the one I can only see as the real form of Sram is this one:

Obviously it's the second one from the right, on the top row. Then again, it wouldn't be all that surprising if that version of him had always been a running deception he had been having with his followers until he opened his dimension.

Also, one last thing... That female Sram's weapons both have eyes. I don't know what to make of this.

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posté June 07, 2014, 02:22:25 | #18
They may probably do an update once lv200 is here and that expands on the divine dimensions. I mean, meeting (or fighting) the gods at this level (150 is the new cap) would be disappointing.

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posté June 06, 2014, 21:35:18 | #19
I don't know what I can reply to this with. Why not just make this an ankabox message towards them? Seems like a thread about three people total. I don't even know what they fixed for you.

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