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posté Today - 08:49:54 | #1

Quote (chaoticevil @ 28 August 2016 08:42) *
All I see is a bunch of tears

Aww, boo hoo, someone hurt your fragile ego and *gasp* your character died, not you, your pixel died and....

Wait, what is this?

OMG, my character is alive again!? I must be immortal!

Shut up, take your losses and move on. Entitled little twats.
Would be fine if it happened once or twice. But from what I can see, it happens all the time, every day. Not only that, but it happens in the highest level area in the game, where literally all the high level content is. The complaints aren't baseless.

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posté Today - 07:32:40 | #2

Quote (deadcafe @ 28 August 2016 07:29) *
There are extenuating circumstances which I'll let Hate explain but I think it's clear that the fog had highest dpt potential.
I'd like to know what those are. Glad you guys made the comparison though, all this talk about Cras being the best DPT made me rethink my stance on Foggers being the strongest.

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posté Today - 07:23:04 | #3
Remember this lv200 race event? Good times... Did you guys know the french had a pretty cool event during the lv200 race? Apparently their CMs decided to make an 8-boss fight and see if the lv200 and his team could win.

Meanwhile, every other server had...? Yep, nothing at all from our CMs.

Thanks for taking good care of us, community managers. Sigh... Literally all you guys do is moderate the forums, and translate stuff AFTER us players translate them. We can't even mail anything to you through Ankamail because you have your settings set to "receive messages only from friends". How about actually doing something to make the game a more fun place to be? I'm sure you guys have game master characters, and permission to create server-wide events to keep the community interested and entertained. The french CM's rewards are also exponentially better than "fairy works", which is the only thing I've ever seen you guys hand out. Not only does it feel like you guys are doing the bare minimum required to keep your jobs, but it's starting to feel like you guys don't really care that the majority of the players are bored out of their minds. You guys are NOT managing the community properly at all.

Did you guys know that the french servers are having an Inter-Server 6v6 Tournament? I bet you don't because you guys are terrible at doing your jobs. Guess what: we have two english-primary servers too, Nox and Remington! We may not have as many people, but we can even run a 3v3 tournament! Guess how many events have happened in either of them? None. Not a single one. And you call yourselves "community managers"... Where's the part where you manage the communities again? The community TRIES to do this event themselves, but there's only so much we can do to convince others to participate, and only so much we can give out in prizes without suffering setbacks due to giving away our own riches to the victors.

Just writing all this boils my blood. How can you guys even pretend everything's fine? And the worst part of it is that there's players who love apologizing for the CM's for WHATEVER reason, and proceed to dehumanize those who point out the truth.

Seriously... This game is never going to get better. Never. Ever.

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posté Today - 07:09:59 | #4

Quote (rustandi @ 28 August 2016 06:38) *
for best range DPT fogger still the best..
Not so sure about that. I need to see both the best foggers and cras from each server comparing dic--err, DPTs.

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posté Today - 04:05:03 | #5

Quote (69EliteNatt69 @ 28 August 2016 00:54) *
I wonder how summon work
Can I summon Ocushu at lvl 20 but adjustable Ocushu to lvl 20 instead without re-capture

From what we can see in beta, yes you're able to. It's got lower stats of course, but the base damages and effects are still the same.

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posté Yesterday - 23:21:27 | #6
They could just make it so that:

* If you initiate a fight with Heroes, only the initiating character shows up (1v1).
* If the opponent has an ally/hero join them during the positioning phase, one of your heroes appears to keep the fight even (2v2).
* If the opponent has a second ally/hero join during the positioning phase, your second hero appears to keep the fight even (3v3).

If the opponent has heroes in his party already when you attack him, then your heroes join your fight like normal to keep it even.

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posté Yesterday - 23:09:30 | #7

Quote (1vent @ 27 August 2016 19:56) *
Overall, I love Wakfu. Great designs, with obviously much thought put into them, interesting locales, and music that is perfect, without getting monotonous. I spend far too much time there, when I should be recording audio tracks, taking out the trash, or doing other personal or family chores.

I do have a gripe, though -- centered around the World Market. In the past, I was able to purchase items,such as capes and helmets, with few issues. Now, however, I repeatedly run into qualifications that you need the full set and/or runes.

In the past week, I've spent some 4,000 kamas, only to have to sell the items to recoup my costs, as they aren't loadable of themselves.

It might also be nice to have a feature that advises that you need additional items in order to use items.

Just a suggestion.
The only equips with armor set bonuses are the Gobbal Set and Tofu Set, as well as their variations (which stop at around lv40). Once past those sets, no other armor sets in the game have set bonuses. At the higher levels, everyone mixes and matches items to get the most out of each equip.

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posté Yesterday - 23:06:52 | #8

Quote (SpiritualEnigma @ 27 August 2016 21:11) *
What? Highest range class = most safe. 2nd highest ranged DPT, easy to gear because 100% crit hit chance, little to no setup required for high dmg. Ranged pushes, blinding, mp chip, multiple escapes... no iop does not give it competition and definitely not sram. o.o
You said DPT, but then you mention all these other support things. Isn't DPT "Damage Per Turn"?

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posté Yesterday - 23:05:31 | #9

Quote (Chloe-la-guerisseuse @ 27 August 2016 18:02) *
I do not understand that hate when someone is simply trying to help the community.
Don't let people get to you. There's plenty of people here who are hypocrites. For example, Sting-Shotter keeps posting suggestions in General Discussion and tries to defend himself every time he does (1, 2, 3).

It makes me happy seeing others do good things for the community when the vast majority of the players either don't do anything or trash the game/forums. Please, keep up the good work! If there's anything you need but you and your guildmates can't seem to get the info/pictures/whatever, don't hesitate to ask.

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posté Yesterday - 15:26:14 | #10

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 27 August 2016 12:26) *
Lul, in reality 1v1 has really fair balance. Sure, some classes might hold minimal advantage over others, but there are really only a few classes that have enough advantage to have guaranteed wins over even a single other class.

Only the tank classes might be considered unbeatable by some other class.

So yeah you are wrong mister Blaze.
*cough Sadida is unbeatable by every class cough*

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posté Yesterday - 09:09:09 | #11
Funny how Sabi still hasn't enabled receipt of ankaboxes, and the fact that people have to send CMs friend requests in order to actually mail them deters a ton of people from reading their messages.

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posté Yesterday - 07:09:09 | #12

Quote (Gelgy @ 27 August 2016 03:33) *
But this is a level 195 shield made from the Sitton Defense, using black monkey hairs and stuff from Sham Moon. I expect an item that expensive to make to be a bit more than just a quirky novelty akin to Golden Belt.
Apparently the recipe got changed to only require the Wind Shield now.

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posté Yesterday - 01:09:35 | #13
Besides this off-topic stuff going on...

Rogue is better than Zobal for PvE. Think about Kannivore's boss fight... WHo do you think will have less trouble hurting the boss with maximum damage output, the class that'll stay right next to the boss where the boss can kill him, or the class that'll attack from far away and won't get hurt by the boss at all?

Of course, without knowing how the new UB fight is going to be until the patch in october, I can't be 100% on how things will change.

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posté August 26, 2016, 23:01:03 | #14

Quote (taniaramirez @ 26 August 2016 22:56) *
Give mortals weapons and sit to watch how they kill each other.....
(A joke from the gods)

You can't expect to implement a PvP system which allows people to kill each other under all circumstances and then punish them to do so.

All the angry guys, let me ask you something. What did you expect form an MMO? No competitive gameplay? No player vs player? Or that the PvP feature is optional?

Then ASK Ankama to dissable Aggro button for non winged players.

Have fun, is a game and people are supposed to fight each other.

TO THE CREATOR OF THE POST: You guys did made a good KILL. Who is complaining about our deads?
You need to stop spamming threads.

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posté August 26, 2016, 23:00:01 | #15

Quote (taniaramirez @ 26 August 2016 22:55) *
Then ASK Ankama to dissable Aggro button for non winged players.
That's exactly what they did. Ankama disabled the Aggro button for non-winged players, now non-winged players can't press the Aggro button (but they can still be aggro'd by winged players).

Spoiler: (highlight to show)
I know what you were saying though, I just wanted to point it out is all

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posté August 26, 2016, 22:51:45 | #16
PKers aren't scripted, Yunru. They still get satisfaction out of this.

Thread : 1.47 Bug Reports  Preview message : #977179  Replies : 2  Views : 54
posté August 26, 2016, 15:03:49 | #17
Tank sacs also want crit, though. The -10% crits doesn't do almost every class any favors.

Only build I can see not caring about crits is ranged Sram, and they lose out on so much damage by swapping to a shield whose range can't even be used for traps.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #977119  Replies : 95  Views : 3605
posté August 26, 2016, 08:46:33 | #18
From what I could figure out, it happens when you use a Teleport Of Scriptures, or the Ecaflipus teleporting item.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #977094  Replies : 3  Views : 105
posté August 26, 2016, 05:50:46 | #19
And what if you never find anyone around your level, and instead only lv190+ people come to defend the nation no matter how long you play and how much you ecoterrorize? Think about it.

Say a month looking for PvP is the most you can take until you get bored of no one fighting you.

Now say for a whole month looking for PvP all you get are lv190-200 people fighting you. You make no orb progess whatsoever. The time is the same, the progress towards your goal is the same. Do you really think that continuing will get you what you want? Quick answer: no. All you'll gain is vilification.

Don't know what gives you the idea that people have lv140-150 characters just laying around, waiting for someone who wants to farm merit. Or that lv140-150 people would go fight an ecoterrorist that has a chance of being lv190+ and in BBC. It's not like the equips are even worth it anymore, Moon Island items have way more stats, just less HP and only in PvP. The only reliable way of farming all the orbs you want is by cheating, which Ankama is okay with (judging by the leaderboards in Nox).

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posté August 26, 2016, 05:30:16 | #20
Chances are that you'd get ganked, just saying. Looking for lv140ish people by messing with bonuses that also affects lv200 people is bound to get you the type of PvP you don't want. And it'll lower your merit.

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