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posté Yesterday - 20:02:48 | #1

Quote (IceeeDz @ 31 March 2015 19:49) *
But here,

Some people might see tri-element classes as more versatile, and want to build their classes around them. Me, I personally think two-element hybrids are the most versatile
You classify classes only by the number of elements and in your explanation above you do the opposite.

So if you wanna argue that your Sram build is more versatile becauce of Rascalry, a ranged and AoE skill, then great. But that's not the problem with general tri-element or duo-element builds.

I didn't classify versatility by the number of elements. I simply pointed out the reason why some people might classify versatility by the number of elements. I see what you mean though, I'll edit the wording to sound more in-line with what I meant to say.

I personally say that the more options you have in a fight to cover the most amounts of situations, the more versatile you are. You have the damage-dealing single-target attacks in fire and water already, why have more damage-dealing single-target attacks in air as well? I decided that I might as well add a ranged attack or an AoE (or both, in Rascalry's case) to have more possibilities in a fight, than yet another DPT move that can be interchanged with any of the other ones I already have.

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posté Yesterday - 17:36:34 | #2
Only because there's no available better options. New Ancients' Dagger is not obtainable ATM, nor is the necklace The Eternal. Even better weapons than Shushus are hard to find, and for my build, these end up being the best available items that we can actually get right now. Who's to say in the next few patches tri-element gear will still be the highest-level and best-statted gear?

Plus, there's no real need for Forceful Blow vs Kleptosram, or Trauma vs Execution. And with all the dodge you'll have, there's also no need to use Wily aggressively to end up behind enemy lines. By being dual, you add a spell that you can't find anywhere else in Sram's repertoire: Rascalry. And if's a good AoE/modifiable range attack to have. It opens a lot more options than Wily and Forceful Blow do in my opinion. And according to my experiences, it really does give you more possibilities in a fight than having two more DPT spells.

Simply having three elements at your disposal doesn't make it more versatile. It does in terms of non-boss enemies having differing resistances, but when you look at players or bosses, the vast majority of them have even resists, and almost all bosses at lv100+ have the exact same resists across all 4 elements. I'd rather sacrifice Forceful Blow/Wily's damage/Trauma, and trade them off for an actual range + AoE move. If a boss is too far to hurt him because on his vulnerable turn he decided to teleport halfway across the map, you can still hit him. If there's a bunch of enemies gathered together (up to 4 at the same time), you can AoE them all with Rascalry for some good damage. If there's an enemy that's about to kill someone, who's JUST out of your reach but is almost dead, Rascalry will save them. Not only that, but as a 4AP spell that gives you 25 Weak Points, using it offensively also builds them up fast; after the two rascalries, two First Bloods will get you 90 Weak Points.

And remember, I said near the start of my guide that it's PvE-centric. For a PvP build, people can always go for Mango's guide and be a copy of everyone else.

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posté Yesterday - 09:15:53 | #3
Actually going for that water Cra build, huh? I can't say it hasn't interested me...

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posté Yesterday - 09:14:45 | #4

Quote (Windexus @ 31 March 2015 03:49) *
So I am looking at Tri and Dual and am wondering if even though Dual will give you higher damage% won't the ability to exploit more elemental weaknesses make Tri the win in damage?
Not always. The fact that there's more higher-level dual-element equipment makes it so that dual can do more damage in the end. Being tri-elemental definitely has advantages, but think about it: all bosses' resists past lv100 are almost always even. Would tri really help you here more than the extra damage you can pack by being dual? If anything, going tri helps in that you have more spells to choose from. But do you really need 3+ damage-dealing spells that have almost the same AP cost (Trauma=4, Forceful Blow=4, Kleptosram=5)?

Of course, some might prefer an air/water Sram over a fire/water one, and I can see why (they use Wily to get behind an enemy, while also dealing damage with that spell). But for my particular playstyle, fire/water works much better.

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posté March 30, 2015, 20:26:07 | #5
Water/Fire is still beast, even at endgame content. I love me some Water/Fire Enis at HC Vertox and above.

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posté March 30, 2015, 18:13:44 | #6
I love how the devs communicate with us now. Such a huge contrast from like, say, 2 years ago.

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posté March 28, 2015, 19:48:48 | #7
As a matter of fact, leveling every profession will benefit you a lot. Not only that, but everyone will be wanting tohire you for your crafting services. A lot of players (myself included) only level a handful of professions. For some of the endgame items in the game the only way to get them is to craft, and all the crafts are lv100. You could make some good money crafting and selling these endgame items, or having people pay you kamas in order for you to craft something for them.

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posté March 28, 2015, 19:41:57 | #8

Quote (-Celio- @ 28 March 2015 14:54) *

Quote (Nissemean @ 28 March 2015 13:52) *
Except if you know english, you you can communicate with people in most parts of the world.
with most other languages you cant.

with spanish you can
No you can't. I've traveled to over 15 different countries around the world due to my job, and while all of them speak english, barely any of them speak spanish (Philippines was the only one that I remember).

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posté March 28, 2015, 00:55:28 | #9

Quote (Aquallia @ 27 March 2015 02:19) *
Later nearing season 1 end, the parts with the puppets (Nox's memories?) made me question what did he want to go back in time 200 years for? Seemed like he was a father trying to go back and have a do over at saving his children based on the puppet show scenes.
That's a pretty good guess, for not having seen the special.

Thread : The Animated Series  Preview message : #844129  Replies : 4  Views : 144
posté March 27, 2015, 16:40:58 | #10
For a second there I thought it was the secret that I know of.

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posté March 27, 2015, 06:08:07 | #11
Fire branch revolves around a type of poison (Hemorrhage, can do up to 200 fire-based damage per turn).

Water branch revolves around a "loot system" (certain attacks give you a 'voucher' for a buff, either MP, damage or dodge. You can save them until you need them, at which point you can either use the buffs on yourself at no AP cost, or use them to debuff the enemy at a cost of 2AP).

Air branch revolves around positioning and backstabs (Fear can push enemies up to 4 cells away from you, Wily teleports you across an eemy or an obstacle, Tricky Blow pushes you away from enemies).

Each branch has a nuke as well, which revolve around a system called "Weak Points". Every attack you make generates a buff called Weak Points, and once you amass enough of these, you can use them on whatever elemental nuke you'd like. Water's nuke requires 50 stacks of Weak Points, Air's nuke requires 75, and Fire's nuke requires 100. Each nuke, once you have the required weak points, does increased damage and regenerates 1WP (with the exception of Water, which also heals you as well).

Srams also have 3 traps: Laceration (gives the enemy Hemorrhage stacks, the fire-type poison), Foggy (place two of these on the field no more than 6 cells apart, and once anyone steps on it [enemy, ally or yourself], they're teleported to the other one), and I forgot what the water one was called (removes 2AP from the enemy). You can set as many traps on the field as you want as long as you have enough control to place them (with the exception of Air Traps, which I believe are a maximum of 2 on the field), and enemies will not be able to see the traps while allies will..

They can also go invisible as well as make allies and enemies invisible, until they cause damage to an enemy or a turn passes. They can also summon a 'Double', which has 4 unique spells and can serve as a disposable tank and a locker (they do a good job at being disposable tanks).

That's pretty much about it. They're one of the best classes in the game, both PvP and PvE.

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posté March 25, 2015, 16:07:43 | #12
Doesn't Amara need salvation from the grips of inactivity as well?

Good to see servers are merging! Too bad Nox will never merge anywhere or with anyone, sigh. Forever alone with NA.

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posté March 23, 2015, 22:17:21 | #13

Quote (Matt5150 @ 23 March 2015 14:36) *
100'000gp is not that much

BTW yes, we need something new
Nox's top guilds all have around 100,000 GP at lv10, with all the guild bonuses. How can you tell me it's not that much? There is not one single guild over 150,000 in Nox.

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posté March 23, 2015, 13:58:19 | #14
Have the riktus of the appropriate color stand next to its barrel, then hit the barrel a few times. I personally just used a ranged AoE on the barrels and the Riktus to make it faster. They'll die from the barrel explosion.

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posté March 23, 2015, 06:12:47 | #15

Quote (Rokutaa @ 23 March 2015 04:39) *

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 23 March 2015 03:16) *

Quote (-Celio- @ 23 March 2015 02:23) *
That was not dofus and wakfu merging together, it was just eliotropes time traveling (And nox ragingin his grave since now everybody can time travel)
(Also, Nox raging even more since his past now includes hundreds of wakfu-filled Eliotropes to hunt for, instead of just Yugo, who was protected by like 5 strong people).
Eliotropes are different then Eliatropes for lore reason.

Read the character quote when you make them, note the o and the a in the names.

(right click, and click on "Open image in new tab")

Uhh... What exactly did you want to tell me?

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posté March 23, 2015, 06:08:23 | #16
You now have to hold shift and press an arrow key to change where you're facing. This is due to the upcoming running feature, where you can run by pressing the arrow keys instead of having to click everywhere.

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posté March 23, 2015, 05:09:56 | #17

Quote (Lauraxlovexx @ 23 March 2015 03:57) *
Thank you so much! Will be following this guide

Also, when you say 'Other spells that you will be using, but leaving at lv1:' how is this possible when, when you use them they lvl? lol just confused with that xD

Once you're lv170, if you decide to do the respec quest or buy a respec scroll, you'll be able to decrease the fire/water spells to lv1. Not the air ones though, you're right, heh. Let me change that real quick...

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posté March 23, 2015, 03:16:08 | #18

Quote (-Celio- @ 23 March 2015 02:23) *
That was not dofus and wakfu merging together, it was just eliotropes time traveling (And nox ragingin his grave since now everybody can time travel)
(Also, Nox raging even more since his past now includes hundreds of wakfu-filled Eliotropes to hunt for, instead of just Yugo, who was protected by like 5 strong people).

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posté March 23, 2015, 03:01:34 | #19
[Guide] Kewkky's New Fire/Water Sram Guide Sorry for the lack of pictures! This is my second draft, and the one I decided to post here, so bear with me. I'll add some in due time as I clean this up more and make it look more professional.

PART 1 -- Introduction
PART 2 -- Characteristics and Specialties
PART 3 -- Spells
PART 4 -- Equips
PART 5 -- Tips and Tricks

PART 1 -- Introduction:

Hey all! I'm Kewkky, a lv170 Sram main who's been with the class since before the game launched, back in Beta days. A little about me, as a player and a person: I made a Fire/Water Sram guide a while before the revamp came around to help people out, seeing as I liked my build and I saw a lot of Srams struggling for help. The guide did indeed help quite a number of people (which made me happy), but once the revamp happened, it immediately became outdated. I wasn't able to update the guide to better match it because I'm in the military and it happened while I was in the middle of a deployment, and when I came back I was overwhelmed by how changed the class was. It took me a good while to learn the ropes again, and I feel like I can now say that I'm used to the class, although I'm still trying to get better tactics-wise (I don't feel like I have mastered split-second decision-making with the new Sram yet).

Srams as they are now are very strong. PvE and PvP, they excel in both; but whether or not they are the overall best is up for discussion. Suffice it to say that if you chose to make a Sram, you chose a good class and you won't be disappointed once you hit the higher levels.

Before we continue, I'd like to link Mango's Tri-build Sram guide, as it is a good alternative to this one. Some people might see tri-element Srams as more versatile, and want to build their classes around them. Me, I personally think two-element Srams, particularly Fire/Water, are the most versatile; which is why I made my own build and fine-tuned it until I ended up with something I like a lot (although I may change a thing here or there at times as I play more; one never stops learning after all!). While the tri-build Sram might have more elements at his disposal, a Fire/Water Sram has something they don't: A ranged AoE that can open up more options in a fight, instead of just another damage-dealing single-target close-ranged attack.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that whether you want to be PvE or PvP, there's not much difference in builds, although those small differences will definitely change the way you play. I am 100% a PvE guy, as the PvP scene does not interest me and I gain nothing from being a participant, so my guide will be designed according to my own personal build. Sorry to the people who want to do PvP, as it's just my personal opinion that stops me from writing two guides, but that's just how I feel about it. I simply dislike the PvP system and the PvP scene in this game.

PART 2 -- Characteristics and Specialties:

I'll try and keep it simple. In order of priority:


Intelligence: Resistances +10, Regeneration +5, the rest in %HP. At lv170 you should have 28 in %HP.
Strength: Keep your Damages and Resistances evened out. At lv170, you should have two 11 and two 10 (no preference over who gets the 11s and who gets the 10s).
Agility: Dump everything in "Dodge and Lock"! At lv170 you should have 42.
Chance: Critical Hits +20, Block +20, the rest into Critical Damage. Alternatively, you can bypass Block and just dump everything into Critical Damage, depending on how much of a glass cannon you want to be (although we already have plenty of damage, but not enough survival options, so I recommend going for Block).
Major: +1 AP at lv25, +1 MP at lv75, +10% Final Damages at lv170.


Lv1 > 21 = Sramystic to lv20
Lv22 > 39 = Scram to lv9
Lv40 > 59 = Sram Reflex to lv20
Lv60 > 68 = Stabber to lv6
Lv69 > 88 = Sram To The Bone to lv20
Lv89 > 108 = Sramulous to lv20
Lv109 > 126 = Invisibility to lv9
Lv127 > 144 = Double to lv9
Lv145 > 162 = Shadow Trap to lv9
Lv163 > 170 = Shadow Master to lv8 (not enough points to max)

Scram: The main reason you'd want to level this one so early is because at the lower levels, you're limited in how much MP you have. Sure it may cost 2AP to use it without Sram Reflex maxed, but at this level you should have 7AP, which is enough to Scram and attack.

Double: Why level it so late? Well, there's not really much need for a double on the lower-level content. You get more out of your AP and WP before these levels by NOT using your Double. The main reason it exists is pretty much to lock and tank enemies anyway, and at those levels, you shouldn't be the one doing that. Leave that to the Fecas, Sacriers and Iops.

Shadow Trap: You won't be using this move ALL the time, but its main purpose is so you can use the air trap to teleport yourself, allies, or enemies around when necessary. It helps a lot when endgame, but you won't see much use for it before then.

Shadow Master: While we do get a lot of final damage and backstab from this passive, that is literally all it does. The final damage only occurs when you go invisible, which costs 2WP. The backstab will only come into play when you get behind an enemy, which by being Fire/Water and not Air, will not always be in your best interest to do so (your Wily will not be doing any damage, which is one of the reasons why all the Air Srams level it; they get behind the enemies and damage it with Wily, then damage it some more with Forceful Blow or Trauma [which has 10% final damage increase when attacking from behind]). It should max at lv182, whenever we get that high of a level.

Part 3 -- Spells:

So now that we talked about characteristics and specialties, it's time to talk about spells. The bolded ones are the ones you'll want to max to level 170 The others, not so much:

Fire: Bled Dry (lv170) = It may not stack up Hemorrhage stacks as fast as Torment (which some people will question. Torment is better for PvP while this one is better for PvE), but the non-adjustable range helps to get that one target that is just out of reach and about to die. Not to mention it's a low AP cost spell that you can fit into your turns. The low amount of Hemo it stacks is still enough to count as an extra attack on the enemy, while still keeping you at a safe distance where you can run from your enemies if necessary.

Fire: Execution (lv170) = Following my build, you'll find yourself with 100 weak points many times, and nothing to use it on due to you playing smartly, or bosses not presenting the right opportunity for you to attack them (past lv100, lots of bosses start getting immunity to damage under certain conditions, and past lv120 bosses start getting vulnerable to damage under certain conditions. Until you're able to attack bosses, you'll be spending a lot of downtime without a target). Hell, some bosses only give you a single chance at an attack before you're forced to retreat (Vertox in Past Xelorium, Solkrupt in Srambad, among others). During these times, it's nice to have a good nuke at your disposal. With a 12AP build, due to its 6AP cost, you can either use another execution afterwards, or you can use the remaining AP to retreat or help your allies prepare their turns to attack. The move only truly shines once enemies go below 35% damage, where Execution gains a 10% final damage bonus no matter where you hit them from. A well-planned Execution can do an enormous amount of damage for the low cost of 6AP, and it's not hard to set up either..

Water: Kleptosram (lv170) = A Sram's strongest non-finisher, this move is essential for various reasons. It has very high base damage, stacks 20 weak points (25 with Sram Reflex maxed), and gives you MP loot, which is basically a free Scram after attacking. You'll be using this move a lot, even against enemies with 60% resists to water (of course, if they're weak to fire you'll be using Bled Dry and Execution). An easy combo once you have 12 AP is Klepto + Klepto + Theft on yourself + Bloody Ripoff, which will end up doing massive damage, healing you, restoring 1WP as well as leaving you with plenty of MP to run away with.

Water: Rascalry (lv169) = Another great move to have in your arsenal! Rascalry is a Sram's ranged attack, and while not as strong as a Cra's arrows or a Panda's barrel shenanigans, it adds a lot of options to your turn. Want to stay safe, conserve WP but still do damage? Is your target around the corner out of your reach, even with MP loot and Scram? Are there a ton of enemies huddled together nearby? Rascalry comes in handy a lot, and I can't see myself ever giving this move up. Not to mention that its range is modifiable, so you can extend your range further (I myself sit at +2 range, and that's enough for me; any more than that and my damage output will start taking a hit).

Water: Bloody Ripoff (lv170) = Our go-to finisher, in most cases. With a low cost of 2AP 1MP and a very high base damage for its cost with weak points, you'll find yourself using it a lot. Sure you can heal with it, but what makes the move so good is how it fits in perfectly in your 12AP build to give you back a WP every turn, no questions asked. Even when no enemies are nearby, you can heal off of barrels, beacons, carrots, piles of bones... It truly is a great move.

Other spells that you will be using, but leaving at the lowest possible level:

First Blood: A low-cost fire spell, the reason this isn't in your repertoire of attacks is due to the MP cost, and the 2-per-turn limit coupled with the low cost overall. It still has its uses however! It's also the best move to build weak points with, and if you're unable to attack anything or have AP+MP left over, every First Blood cast will yield 15 weak points (20 with max Sram Reflex).

Cold Blood: Our fire healing spell, this will consume all the hemo stacks you've built up on enemies with Bled Dry. Good to use in a few occasions, but due to the effect not changing the higher the spell level goes, it could stay at lv1 and still give you optimal healing abilities.

Larceny: Self-explanatory, this will be another of your staple moves. However, you won't be leveling it, since the desired effect is the same throughout all levels. A Kleptosram will give you 1 MP Loot, and while damage and lock/dodge loots' gains may change depending on Larceny's level, MP loot doesn't.

Fear: It's your push spell! You can push a target up to 4 cells away from you, and up to 3 times per turn. An extremely useful air move that you'll want to keep in your shortcuts.

Wily: While not used primarily for offense, it is still a good gap-closer between you and enemies. What would normally take you 6MP to walk around your ally that's 3 cells away from you, will only cost you 3AP 1MP. Also a good escape move, in case you need to create a lot of distance between you and an enemy.

Tricky Blow: Another very handy air spell, this one will knock you away from your target by 2 cells. Sometimes enemies are stabilized, or there are no targets to use Wily on nearby. That's when it comes in handy remembering this move! Costing only 3AP, it will save you when you least expect it. Cast on yourself also lets you place Fog Traps, which let you teleport around the map (as long as the two traps are a max of 6 range away from each other).

NOTE: If you get your hands on a +3 water spell level Shushu emblem before lv170, you'll want to have Rascalry lv170 and Kleptosram lv169; it's the optimum build for damage. Otherwise, stick to Rascalry lv169 and Kleptosram lv170.

Part 4 -- Equips:

Getting equips has never been easier below lv90, which is great for those players that can't get leeched, or refuse to get leeched. I'll list off which item sets would best benefit you:

Lv1-19: Adventure set, and whatever else you can find. Nothing specific at this low of a level.
Lv20-45: Gobball set (the entire set together gives you an extra AP, which you'll love).
Lv30-50: Golden Scara set (dropped by the boss in Brakmar's Scarapit dungeon. Unluckily, there's not many fire/water, random dual-element or general damage equips around these levels, so you'll have to specialize on fire for now if you decide to grab this set).
Lv30-50: Black Zord set (dropped by the boss in Sufokia's Snaptrap dungeon. Unluckily, there's not many fire/water, random dual-element or general damage equips around these levels, so you'll have to specialize on water for now if you decide to grab this set)
Lv40: Keeler Amulet (Obtainable in any of the four nations' lv30 dungeons including Brakmar's Scarapit dungeon, it'll be your first AP amulet).
Lv45-60: Brakmar Riktus set (dropped by Brakmar Riktus in their dungeon located in Brakmar's Gnashville area. In case you decide to go the fire route until better hybrid equips show up).
Lv45-60: Sufokian Riktus set (dropped by Sufokian Riktus in their dungeon located in Sufokia's Steamulating Shore area. In case you decide to go the water route until better hybrid equips show up).
Lv53-65: Imperial Gobball set (dropped by the Gobball boss in the Gobball dungeons across all 4 nations. A lower-level dungeon, this set shouldn't be too hard to drop. It's also obtainable with tokens, if you don't manage to drop them all fast enough).
Lv55-65: Riktus Elite set (Dropped by the Riktus boss in the Riktus Elite dungeon in the bottom of the mines. It can also be obtained in any of the 4 Riktus dungeons, from their token machines).
Lv55-65: Wounded set (Dropped by the boss in the Shark Slipway dungeon on Sufokia's Steamulating Shore. Also obtainable from tokens).
Lv59-75: Ivory Zord set (dropped by the boss in the Snaptrap Dungeon in Sufokia. It can also be obtained from its token machine).
Lv60: Dragolyre or Celestial Brooch (both obtainable from Riktus dungeon machines, as well as the Riktus Elite dungeon under the mines. I recommend getting one of them from the token machines, preferably the Celestial Brooch).
Lv65-80: Infernal set (Dropped by the boss in the Celestial Gobball dungeons, as well as the token machines outside their dungeons).
Lv65-80: Imperial Chafer set (Dropped by the boss in the Morbax Necropolis dungeon in Brakmar, as well as the token machine).
Lv75-90: Hurl set (Dropped by the boss of the Dark Hurl Docks in Calamar Island, as well as the token machine).
Lv80: Metis Amulet (Dropped by the boss of the Undieworld dungeon on Monk Island, as well as the token machine).

... So on and so forth, until...

Helm: Tormented Helmet
Cape: Onist Cloak
Shoulders: Thoughts
Necklace: Wa Wamulet
Rings: Sprecious, Expire Ring
Dagger: Breath Of Life
Weapon: Cartus Shushu
Belt: The tight shadow
Breastplate: Souleater
Shoes: Woboots
Emblem: Shushu Emblem +3 Water
Pet: Moofly (Phoenix as alternative)
Mount: Single-target damage

NOTE: I'll admit that I'm looking for items that are not listed here, but those are harder to get and require too much time invested into Wakfu (almost all of them being from HC Present Xelorium: Bygone Hand, The Eternal, Cheer Ring, New Ancients' Dagger), so my guide covers what should be readily available to everyone. If you decide to also aim for the Present Xelorium items, then replace the items I listed above with the items in the parenthesis within this paragraph, and you have what you need.

The trick is to concentrate on Single-target, Backstab, and Critical Hit damages. Most people would go for Close-Combat, but then your Bled Dry and Rascalry wouldn't benefit from the damage gains.

PART 5 -- Tips and Tricks:

Now that we have the build out of the way, I decided to gather some advice and tips from what I've learned playing this class. I'll list them below; give them a read if you'd like some more useful information! I'll add more as I remember them/find more out, but don't expect them to be added regularly.

* Larceny is a fantastic move for building weak points, and I've never seen any other Srams take advantage of the move. Simply cast it on the ground in front of you and for 2AP, you gain 15 Weak Points. If you ever notice you're out of options but have some AP remaining, cast a spell in order to gain the weak points. You can build 100 Weak Points defensively (when not attacking enemies) in a single turn with the combo First Blood x2 (40 weak points) + Larceny x4 (60 weak points). You can also build 90 Weak Points offensively (and attack enemies while doing so) with Rascalry x2 (50 weak points) + First Blood x2 (40 Weak Points).

* If you're running out of MP and trying to escape far from an enemy, instead of using 2 Kleptosram + Larceny + Scram for 4MP, try this: Kleptosram x1 + Larceny for +1MP, run as far as you can, summon a double behind you, and Tricky Blow off your double for two more spaces. On your Double's turn, push your Sram away twice, then have your double walk towards the enemy to give you some cover; this should get you 7 spaces away from the enemy instead of the 4 that you would've gotten otherwise, and now you have an obstacle to protect you. Alternatively, push once with your Double, then use Chakra and walk towards the enemy for a tanky obstacle.; this'll get you 5 spaces away from the enemy, but now you have a tanky obstacle.

* Past Xelorium dungeon is a challenge for some, and a walk in the part for others. Srams can hit the dial 6 times in a turn if you use Larceny from 2 squares away, instead of Bled Dry for 3, or Rascalry for 2.

* 350 dodge is enough for a Sram to thrive, however any more than that isn't really necessary. There's not many enemies out there that will force you to fear them away. In case you find one and he's got you locked, instead of using Invisibility to boost your dodge, use it on the enemy to make him unable to lock anyone, allowing you and everyone else to walk around him easily. This comes in handy against Cledus'Onist in Enurado, when he steals all your dodge and you don't want to waste precious AP pushing him or yourself away. Just remember where the enemies were standing last so no one has to miss a turns' worth of damage!

* When an enemy is above 35% HP and has the same resists in water and fire, the most effective combo would be Klepto x2 + Bloody Ripoff, a total of 12AP, due to the MP gained; however, if an enemy is below 35%, then Klepto + Execution with 100 weak points, a total of 11AP, is stronger. Not only does the hybrid combo do noticeably more damage than the full water combo, but you also build 1MP with that single Klepto for your Larceny, and have 1AP to spare after the combo for an emergency Scram if necessary.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading my guide, and hopefully it helped some of you. As I said before, I'll keep adding to it and updating it, so expect it to look nicer and more organized later.

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