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Quote (kurausu @ 25 May 2015 04:53) *
Sure, using MP. Walking to the target's back like almost all other classes do OR use it one of the many class features that allow you to do it easier, like: MP Loot, Scram, Double.

You're painting the scenario like it's impossible to get to the target's back without Foggy Trap and you and I know that this is untrue.
I'm more thinking along the lines of ways to cover distances besides Wily, not to get to the opponent's back. Also, walking to the enemy's back, whether you use MP Loot or Scram, is still only one option. And how does Double help you get to the opponent's back? Anyway we're steering too far off of what I really care about, which is air traps. I've already learned to deal with not being able to reach my opponent's back by being a Fire/Water Sram, I don't use Wily offensively anyway.

Other classes also have ways of moving around, and none of them require them to waste two slots in order to gain one mobility option. Cras need a beacon to use Beacon Sneakin, but beacons have uses for every branch (2 slots). Pandas need a barrel to teleport, but barrels have uses for every branch(2 slots). Osamodas need their Gobgob to swap around, but Gobgobs are also used for every branch (2 slots). Sram's air traps have the same use as those afore-mentioned classes in that it swaps, but Tricky Blow isn't going to be used by every class regularly like those other examples I mentioned. It's a utility, it's used only if the situation requires it (unless you plan on making it a damage move with the new passive). So why do I have to sacrifice another spell slot to gain access to the air trap?

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Quote (TommyTrouble @ 25 May 2015 04:50) *

Quote (-Revoke @ 23 May 2015 21:49) *
I understand all of those things. You guys aren't thinking outside the box, because up until now you haven't had to. This is another reason I brought up dofus. In dofus, you can't just bring a bunch of high lvls to high lvl content and win using a few of your utility spells to save people on death glyphs, etc... In dofus, the success of the group is based entirely on preparing before the boss and bringing the correct classes who have the correct builds with the correct spells leveled. It's much more organized and challenging than even the highest level content on wakfu. What you're complaining about is not being able to win the same way that you've been winning NOW. Truthfully, I'm excited that most people will die to these high lvl contents because they aren't adapting because those of us who do adapt, drop our mains to bring alts for utility, to bring utility based classes like panda, Eni, and sacrier will dominate the market board once again. It's not about YOUR class being so versatile, it's about your GROUP being versatile and that seems to be what everyone is having a problem grasping. While this concept may be new to wakfu, dofus players know and understand this system well and we don't find this change threatening. I'm just trying to show you that yes, it sucks because Ankama gave far too much freedom out for some time, but completely honest? It led to content coming down to who has the most hp, most damage, and most resist. That's true EVEN MORE SO in the high lvl content. Also, not sure if you guys have noticed, but my sram has 1000 more base hp in beta too, so hp scaling seems to have been improved.
I generally agree with all of this. It will be nice to see things other than just max damage, resist and hp start to matter in battles.
We also cared about initiative, range, and map manipulation.

This game isn't a beat-em-up where everyone runs up to baddies and tries to outdamage them. For example, Sadidas are wanted in late-game content because of their heals, and their seeds can act as obstacles for opponents. They don't care about how much damage they have or how much HP they have. Enis don't care about how much HP they have either, they care about how they support allies.

Obviously HP and resists will always matter because enemies hit hard, so care is required there. But the game isn't just one big gear-check; with proper planning, you can clear content with inferior gear than that of the regular dungeon-clearing groups.

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Quote (kurausu @ 25 May 2015 04:48) *

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 25 May 2015 04:38) *
For a backstab-centric class to depend on the air branch solely for reaching the enemy's backs screams that there's an issue with the class. This isn't apparent with the current system because it gives you the ability to make up for that shortcoming by utilizing lower-leveled spells for the effects, not the damage. The way I see it, it's a situation of "Air branch or GTFO" for the class.

I'm okay with sacrificing one slot Wily and another for Fear. I can deal with that noooo problem. But two for air traps? Why do I have to sacrifice TWO for air traps?
Having Foggy Trap is not mandatory. There is no piece of content that requires it. Between MP Loot, Scram and Wily, Srams already have plenty of mobility.

I don't see that as a problem because I know that it's far too easy for a sram to get backstab.
Yeah, Foggy Traps aren't mandatory, I agree. Neither is loot, neither is hemo. But instead of a 1:1 deal, we have a 2:1 deal; sacrifice two slots to gain one option.

Can you name the ways a Sram can reach an enemy's back without the use of the air branch?

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posté Today - 04:40:56 | #4

Quote (NotAnotherFlibble @ 25 May 2015 04:26) *

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 25 May 2015 04:09) *
[…] and how each will need to compliment each other in order to work. […]
I'm not convinced that compliments are useful in planning the fight. Perhaps you meant complement? (Otherwise, no argument with what you wrote from me.)
Obviously telling a Sac that his tanking is wonderful will raise his final resists. What game have you been playing? (yeah I fixed that mistake, heh).

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posté Today - 04:38:12 | #5
For a backstab-centric class to depend on the air branch solely for reaching the enemy's backs screams that there's an issue with the class. This isn't apparent with the current system because it gives you the ability to make up for that shortcoming by utilizing lower-leveled spells for the effects, not the damage. The way I see it, it's a situation of "Air branch or GTFO" for the class.

I'm okay with sacrificing one slot Wily and another for Fear. I can deal with that noooo problem. But two for air traps? Why do I have to sacrifice TWO for air traps?

EDIT: And all of this stems from the 11-slot limitation (12 slots at lv180 kind of alleviates this, but limitations still suck a lot). Increased spell exp cap makes everything better, but then limitations overshadow the good in my eyes.

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posté Today - 04:26:42 | #6

Quote (Koopa-King @ 25 May 2015 04:02) *
Thats the price you have to pay when you go Fire/Water you lose AIR spells its as easy as it is. Thats the whole part of the deck building aspect, when you dont take it you will not have it. You need to sacrifice something for it. In your chase of Fire/Water you need to sacrifice spots of your fire/water attacks.

Your answer is basically telling me "You dislike mono Fire, mono Water, and Fire/Water because it has no mobility? Go make an Iop then, which has mobility in every branch". Why does a class have to revolve around a single branch so strongly, that anyone without that branch is terrible? As it is now, Tri is still better than Fire/Water, but that hybrid combination still does things a Tri can't do, and Tri still does things Fire/Water can't do. It's good, it's tactical, and both have their uses within a party.

For WP reg just use your next turn with max weakness stacks for high dmg and wp reg or just use other combos with a finisher.
You cant use swindle+tricky combo all the time you have to adapt. It is just a pure dmg combo, no wp reg and so on.

Considering you spend a lot of WP as a Sram, if you have the option to regenerate WP or not regenerate WP, I think you would probably want to regenerate WP. To me, Swindlex3 +Tricky sounds like a gimmick that you'll pull once a fight, maybe two times if lucky. Still, not everyone wants to use Tricky Blow offensively, some people just want the trap. Level 0 or level 200 Tricky Blow doesn't affect the trap whatsoever, so why do we have to limit ourselves further by choosing a spell that we have no plans for using except in certain situations? You're telling me that if I want air traps, I'd better be prepared to want to also use Swindlex3 +Tricky.

I dont know if someone will build a water/air sram, but will he then complain he cant use hemo traps because he hasnt the Bleed Dry spell and cant stack hemo while not having the actual spell? Its okay that he needs to sacrifice two spots that way?
Uhh... No one really cares for fire traps, to be honest. They're okay-ish to have, but don't really serve any outstanding purpose like air traps do. Same can be said about water traps. Anyway, Hemorrhage is a fire sram-exclusive thing. Fire/Air Srams never complain about not being able to use loot, nor do Water/Air Srams complain about never being able to use Hemo.

Every Sram ever uses the mobility and map manipulation that comes from the air branch though. A Sram without Wily is just stupid. A Sram without Fear is just stupid. And to a lesser degree (but important nonetheless), a Sram without air traps in endgame content is just simply disappointing.

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posté Today - 04:09:04 | #7

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 25 May 2015 03:51) *

Quote (Vestigo @ 25 May 2015 02:25) *
Limiting spell number to a deck limits choices and options during a fight, that in turns limits strategy. Only strategical choice we're gaining is how we will LIMIT ourselves for the fight ahead, gimp in other term.
It limits Tactics.

It creates new strategic choices.

Whether the decrease in Tactics for the expansion of strategy is worth it though is another question. (One that's largely based on personal preference).
Actually, you could argue that it also limits strategic planning. Basically, a strategy is comprised of different tactics. By limiting the tactics a unit is allowed to perform, you're shortening the list of options for your strategic planning. You're basically turning Wakfu into a game of chess, where each class will be treated like a single piece instead of several. This can be seen as cutting back a three-dimensional approach to strategy into two-dimensional; when before you could choose six dynamic pieces of this evolution of Chess to better fit the situations you might encounter (as the mastermind that you are), now you have to deal with six static pieces performing static roles, and how each will need to complement each other in order to work. Using Sram as an example, would you rather have a normal DPT on your party, or would you want a map-manipulating mediocre DPT instead? (then again, you could also argue that the air branch is getting a buff, but that's more because of the increased spell cap, and not because of the spell deck's limitations)

In a sense you have more strategy, in that now you all have to talk before fights to make sure that you understand each other's build, so that situations where others expect you to help them but you fail to do so because you didn't choose the option beforehand happens (example: you notice a boss is about to push you into a death glyph, but the eni forgot to equip Transcendence), don't happen. In another sense you have less strategy, because now you have six characters with specialized roles in the middle of a fight, and if one of those pieces is knocked off it'll be far harder to manage than now.

If the argument was simply that you have "new" strategic choices and not "more" strategic choices, then that's a terrible argument to make.

Differences and relationship between Strategy and Tactics
Confusion between Strategy and Tactics
Strategy versus Tactics, from Wikipedia

What would you consider a better strategical position: having six people that can do two different tasks each? Or having six people that can do one task each?

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posté Today - 03:41:10 | #8

Quote (Koopa-King @ 25 May 2015 03:14) *
How can you compare two things that are completely different? Can you compare how much an apple is a tomato?
Well you can but that will not change much on the fact that an apple isnt a tomato.
The change that is going to happen is so big you cant really compare live with beta. Because it differs just too much.
Already the fact that we get a new dmg stat "increases dmg done" changes the way we do dmg by a huge margin
because its multiplicative with final dmg.

If you can't compare a two things within the same game, what CAN you compare? This is more like comparing red apples to green apples, if anything. A tomato is a completely different fruit, ergo, a completely different game. Everything else in Wakfu will be the same, the only things touched in this game are character's spells and the spell system. Mobs still have the same tactics, we still equip helmets, ecas and fecas are still different classes... Wakfu will still be Wakfu, before and after the update (albeit, I will like Wakfu a lot less).

Nobody uses Tricky Blow on live because the dmg isnt really worth it/great and also with the limited in element spell
choice there is no point in getting it. But now with the new passiv it gets a massiv dmg boost and you also get foggy
traps with it so its killing two birds with one stone. When there is no changes i dont see how someone will not take it.

Fire/Water, mono Fire, and mono Water don't want it, but they still want to use air traps. That's two slots that they have to sacrifice in order to be able to teleport. One would expect having to sacrifice one slot, and that's understandable (within the margins of this new system), but two?

Also, people who like regenerating WP (pretty much every Sram ever) will rather have a normal finisher. You need WP to summon doubles, use your loot, go invisible, use Scram to increase MP... No WP means you're a worse version of an Iop. If anything, that seems like a combo only trap-based Srams would want, since Swindlesram and Tricky Blow both produce trap states... And maybe not even trap-based Srams, because they'd rather play using the traps than running up to opponents and slapping them in the face.

Actually... I think the final damage buff from the passive would work better with Fear, as a matter of fact. That feels like it synergizes better. Swindlesram x3 for lock/dodge loot, use the loot on the enemy to reduce its dodge, then push it (with increased damages to Fear due to the passive) into an ally with flaming, or a lot of lock. I think that sounds way better!

You will just take 3 air spells: Fear for the push, Wily for the tp, and Tricky Blow for the dmg. There is almost no point
to take any other air spell because Tricky Blow with stacks outclasses them by a lot. You do good dmg while getting
the stacks and the Tricky Blow after is so much dmg for just the 3ap cost. The only thing you lose is your air aoe with
Forceful Blow but you cant have all the things.

But what if you're Fire/Air? Are you then forbidden from using air traps unless you sacrirfice two slots? Why must the water trap spell AND the air trap spell go hand-in-hand like that? Where does that leave builds that don't use either water OR air offensively?

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Quote (Testimony @ 25 May 2015 02:16) *
You already had progression issues in terms of experiencing a character wtf are you people talking about.
Some classes didn't come "online" until level 20 if not level 60 because just having a specialty didn't mean anything, it had to be leveled.

I mean look at The Air Masqueraider for instance.
Classic Mask wants not only levels, it wants crit rate, and crit rate sub 100 is poor.

Only deal is now you don't level passives, or choose which passive you need to level and then go farm mats or buy a scroll to change your passives, you just slot them between combat ezpz.
There's a lot of 'deals' with this upcoming revamp.

For one, you'll start with 4 slots for your spells AND active specialties combined. You unlock an additional one at levels 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 140, 160, 180. Can you imagine yourself playing with 4 spells and actives TOTAL until level 20? or 5 TOTAL until level 40? Hell I'm at lv175 and I still feel the limitations at my level as a Sram.

For another, while passives level automatically, you'll be limited on which you are able to use. As it is now, a player can level whichever passive they feel they'll need the most in whatever order they want, to whatever level they desire, as long as it helps them play the game in a satisfactory manner. After the revamp, you'll start with ZERO passive specialty slots until level 10, then gain additional slots at levels 30, 50, 100, 150, and 200. So basically you canNOT have any passives until level 10, limited to only a single passive until level 30, so on and so forth. If anything, this limits people's ability to customize their own builds. While now they could level whatever passives they desired in whatever order they wanted, or if they preferred leveling passived before leveling certain actives (due to their actives not being worthwhile unless X passive was at a certain level), or if they'd rather not use the actives because they don't have enough AP to work them into their builds yet, after the atch they will be forced to "deal with it" for the arbitrary feeling of "diversity".

A reason why this current system is so good is because it allows for both specialization AND a jack-of-all-trades build (yes, even being able to do everything, but worse than specialized builds, is still considered a build). Say we had 15 passives in the game under the current system. If someone wanted to be a jack-of-all-trades and level them equally, they'd be allowed to do so, but of course this wouldn't be beneficial since most passives wouldn't even be able to provide the required bonuses for the class to work. But hey, the option's there for those who desire the ability to do whatever they want with their character. It's customization! Everyone loves having a lot of customization in a game. Under the new system though, this is absolutely impossible. You're forced to specialize. You can't build your character the way you want to, the new system is designed to pigeonhole you into making a specialized build. There's less possibilities for customization in the game.

You'll see guides popping up with "optimum decks" for certain content. This doesn't mean that there's more "customization" in the game. These guides will basically tell you what combination of spells you'll need for each dungeon. You'll be forced to specialize if you want to be wanted in the dungeons, no one has time to invite a trap-based Sram to Xelorium Past (HC and normal) who's going to be doing 0 damage to the boss, for example. Right now you can take your trap-based Sram to these dungeons and switch on-the-fly in the middle of a fight once you notice your traps will no longer be useful because all the normal monsters are dead, and the boss is immune to damage done outside your turn. You'll see players asking others "send a double to the corner of the map to take the 5k hit", and you won't have the double because it doesn't fit with your trap-based Sram gameplay. You're pigeon-holed into playing in a way you don't like playing during an entire fight because of the system.

I can't stop pointing it out... Right now, using Srams as an example, you can be PvP-based, PvE close-ranged DPT, PvE medium-ranged DPT, a map manipulator, or a less-effective jack-of-all-trades. With this upcoming revamp, you scrap the jack-of-all-trades and dumb down the rest of the builds into only being able to use a maximum number of spells per fight.

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posté Today - 02:22:08 | #10
Try gobballs around nations, if you can get to them (don't remember if you can). Otherwise, the best way is to just kill some cats around Astrub. Try doing the Grandmeow dungeon otherwise!

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posté Today - 01:56:22 | #11
VoidSettler's good post only add to my feelings of dislike for this upcoming system. Why did Ankama want to revamp the spell system again? Was it the only way to fix (what wasn't broken with) the game? Weren't there other, better alternatives?

I honestly think adding an extra spell tree to classes, or simply adding more active and passive specialties, would've improved the diversity of the game's build choices. I still don't know why we couldn't just make the game more tactical, instead of more restricted.

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posté Today - 01:53:10 | #12

Quote (Airael @ 25 May 2015 01:39) *
I don't think I like the sound of this... I liked being able to use all my spells depneding on what's happening, now I won't have acess to all of them?
Yep, that is exactly right. Out of all your 20+ spells and active specialties, you'll only be able to use 11 of them (or 12 if you're lv180, but right now level cap is lv175 so it doesn't count).

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posté Today - 00:46:03 | #13

Quote (Pantamime @ 25 May 2015 00:31) *
Imagine FFT where every enemy Black Mage you fought got a certain distance from you and casted Fire. Where the hell are the tactics needed? That's what Wakfu is like right now. FFT worked so well becasue even though you can see what class they are, you weren't sure of which spells or skills they knew and/or would use at any given time.

The fights here are stale, and that's why it feels like a grind. It is also why people don't stick with the game. It isn't as engaging as it should be tactically, and it also lacks the social media aspect that other games which aren't very engaging mentally or aren't challenging use to keep players
In a sense, FFT is actually just like that. Playing a game from start to finish, you could do the exact same moves every single playthrough and arrive at the same exact point every time (unless you were in fights where enemies started in random spots).

The difference between an MMO and an offline single-player game is that online, you don't progress in the game after every fight. You're expected to re-do the fights over and over again, it's a time-sink after all. How many times have we run HC Sram, HC Enu, HC Vertox, etc? Meanwhile, in an offline single-player game like FFT, you do a major fight once, and then they never let you do it again (unless you restart the whole game). They don't want to throw the same figth at you over and over again, every enemy HAS to be different. Not to mention that the gameplay and systems are different from Wakfu; in FFT, you can teach a single class all the spells it can learn, then use whichever spell you want at whatever point in the fight that you desire. In Wakfu, while it is that way right now, we're about to have an update that will make it so that we have to "equip" our spells before we can even use them in a fight. It's actually going to feel even less like FFT now (Heroes was a step in the proper direction to turning this into a true tactics game. Making a party of 3 characters and synergizing spells between them absolutely adds tactical depth AND solves the issue of not finding enough people to do dungeons)..

That's why it feels different in FFT when compared to Wakfu. And why it'll feel even more different once this update hits the live servers (unless we supply the devs with proper feedback and make it less of a choke-hold for certain classes).

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posté Today - 00:34:00 | #14

Quote (SupersunZeratul @ 25 May 2015 00:25) *
Yeah, read that as if you were to respec at level 200 or when you hit level 200 from exp with no spell exp waste you should be able to cap 10 spells, but from there they won't cap your spells anymore and if you continue grinding you'll eventually be able to max all your spells.
So if when we respec at lv200 we receive only enough experience to max up to 10 spells to max... Say some level 200 with all maxed spells wants to respec to change his characteristics. If respecs let you only max 10 spells, will he have to re-level his remaining 5? You'd assume that respecs hand you the max amount of spell exp you're supposed to have at that level.

I'm probably reaching now, this isn't even a completely sensible argument to make, lol. I just like arguing... And also I believe we really won't be able to max all 15 spells. All signs point to the contrary (minus Sabi's post).

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posté Yesterday - 23:55:26 | #15

Quote (Pantamime @ 24 May 2015 23:36) *
If on a great chance, you are giving mob families decks to choose from at a fight start then, disregard what I said. But I am guessing, that you have only done it for players - seeing as how not even all the classes are ready to test with this new system.

Mobs usually only have 3-4 spells anyway. Only a select few have 5+ spells, and those belong to the boss/UB category (and it's only some of them too, not all of them). I don't see why they would overhaul the entire game so monsters would also have to fall in line with the new spell system.

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posté Yesterday - 23:52:02 | #16
If you add in the 3x multiplier from having two higher leveled characters in the same account (with a booster), and also add in having 100+ wisdom (which multiplies gained exp by 2), you can get a lot of exp that way. You basically multiply gained exp by 6. In this way, while you may only gain 4m exp, he'll be gaining 24m (4m x 6 = 24m).

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posté Yesterday - 22:33:09 | #17
That would just make things worse. From here til whenever lv200 is released, people who look forward to having all spells maxed won't be able to do so. And Dy7 still specified that at lv200 youll only be able to have 10 spells maxed.

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posté Yesterday - 22:01:53 | #18

Quote (saphiLC @ 24 May 2015 21:49) *
did they remove their cling?
Their cling only activates now if they die while on a mine.

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posté Yesterday - 21:36:48 | #19
Sabi isn't a dev though, she only reiterates what she was told the last time she spoke with the devs. Plus, Dy7's post is two days after Sabi's post. And Dy7 is the one working on the system, not Sabi.

I'm lv175, level cap. Went to beta and used a respec scroll to make sure all my spell exp was maxed out for its level (only had about 9 spells maxed, and then some spell exp sprinkled here and there, just like Dy7 said). Went outside and fought whatever I could find that wasn't bugged (fought some tofus and gobbals, solo'd the entire Stalagmotel dungeon twice, etc), and couldn't get a single spell exp. You'd think that for something most people look forward to, they'd let us test it in beta OR announce that it wasn't implemented yet.

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posté Yesterday - 21:11:29 | #20
Well, I suppose each major change to the game DOES benefit some and hinder others... But it still sucks for those that get hindered.

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