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posté June 25, 2015, 17:21:43 | #1

Quote (clarkw77 @ 25 June 2015 17:14) *
Now - my final defense is that Wakfu is the CHEAPEST sub of any mmo I've ever played (may not be the cheapest out there - but definitely on the short list). Even with Heroes, as long as you're paying less than three boosters a month it's less than a normal mmo and less than it would be now.

Until support is better (personally waiting on a horrible glitch to be fixed for weeks now), people can actually buy subs (payment options have been broken for how long?), and the bugs aren't game breaking (dupes, missing items, etc). I believe the cheap price should stay where it's at.

I was looking forward to heroes, but I'm not going to pass much judgement until all the information is out (pricing please!). I really hope it is affordable, but I won't be heart broken if I can't use the new system. I have plenty of fun with my subbed main and my unsubbed derpy alt... I really wish support would get back to me though ._.

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posté June 24, 2015, 16:13:52 | #2
Won't a dev or a mod please help me? I followed all the directions to report this. I've been a loyal customer for years. It took me years to get all my harvest professions to 100, it is really a huge accomplishment for nothing. If you look at my screen shot... if someone could log me to tick off the quests. You can clearly see all my harvest professions at 100, you can look through my inventory and my chests, the seal is linked and I never received it, you can see that I am not lying about this!

This is really disheartening, it was YEARS of work little by little. I also had plans for once I got it, to finish up my chef (on XP weekend but that ship has sailed...), to help my bf finish his crafts, to farm RP for the guild, to make a huge stack of decos I've been saving for months. If not for guild, I would not want to play at all anymore, I was looking forward to doing all of these things while patiently waiting for spell revamp QQ I'm max level, I have all my gears, there really isn't much for me to do, then this!!

Please don't forget me, this is really a big deal to me QQ Please help, please? QQ

*I was also told about some bug where people got their professions to 101 accidentally, and a dev or mod had to go on and delete their XP. That would work for this fix too, cause if a little of my XP was deleted in all the professions that did not tick, I could make up a craft in each, re-tick them, and get the seal!

My quests got all reset when I had farmer, herbalist, lumber jack, and trapper maxed, so I lost those quest stars with the reset (see screen shot in original post). After it reset I maxed miner and fisher, so you can see, I have those two stars, and all 6 harvest professions at 100, but the game is only reading the two professions I maxed after the reset.

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posté June 17, 2015, 23:14:36 | #3
Adding ticket number here in case support thread isn't viewed anymore or any other reasoning, just so the info is here as well.

Ticket # 1383577

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #876862  Replies : 8  Views : 443
posté June 17, 2015, 23:13:09 | #4
Ticket # 1383577
Date submitted: 6/17/2015
Type: Achievement reset bug

Finished all my gathering to 100 over the xp weekend just to find that my achievements had reset and some of my professions are not ticked as being 100. I have an SS of the achievements not ticked next to my prof interface showing all gathering at 100 in the bug section, just posting here to see if this gets dealt with quicker.



Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #876860  Replies : 610  Views : 25143
posté June 14, 2015, 17:40:18 | #5

Quote (Taloz @ 14 June 2015 06:28) *
go to astub and speak to the npc with coresponding profession to obtain your seal

That would be the craft seals for crafting professions, my harvest profession achievement has bugged, no NPCs give you them.

Added a screen to the original post.

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posté June 14, 2015, 05:15:47 | #6
I got 100 in every harvest prof, but NO SEAL, HELP! I am soooooooooo sad, please help me!

I got the quest reset bug a while ago (lost my otomai progress on the last step and had to do it all over again, support did nothing for me then...). Now, I finally get all my harvesting professions to 100, but since it reset, all the professions I got previously are now not ticked off. It is impossible for me to get the seal, I tried doing lvl 100 crafts to try and tick it, nothing. I'm stuck. 100 in every single profession, only miner and fisher count as ticked.

I tried to sign up to support, but just like last time, it brings me to an OOPS page, I can not even send a ticket.

PLEASE HELP, I put so much work into my Otomai, lost it. The harvesting seal is too much work to do over on another character. I have put so much work and time into this!!!

Character name: Juniiper
Date and time: Original reset bug ???, finished harvest professions 6/14/15 at around 9-10pm EST.
Map: n/a
Server: NOX

Bug description: ^
Reproducibility process: ?

Screenshots: As you can see... 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, NO RING D:


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posté May 31, 2015, 13:54:24 | #7
Since everyone is mad recruiting it appears, here's a bump.

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #869133  Replies : 9  Views : 890
posté May 30, 2015, 14:31:37 | #8
Placeholder/ some info I guess heh, plan to attend, but still working out details of which char is coming with me.

Maddness- 175 Sac
Team mate- 140-150 most likely sadi, feca, or eca because alts guildies run, but could be something else

Team name: TBD

Edit: Did not realize GF was logged in on my comp lol, excuse the post from wrong account. Info still stands though

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posté May 14, 2015, 17:13:52 | #9
If it helps the team prioritize any better, these would be the worst bugs and glitches that make gameplay less enjoyable (imo):

-If you DC and reconnect during a fight, your class spells reset to 0. If you are doing an HC run, it can throw the fight.

-The name tag sticking. If you hover over another character it will stop, but it eats time away from your turn, and can cut it short if a lot of casting/maneuvering needs to be done.

-Apparently if you kenko someone while the fight is still going on the monsters can turn invisible. This situation doesn't happen often, but when it does, it severely limits your play.

-The wiped account chests are in a class of their own that needs to be addressed, but ghosting items have also been a bug for far too long.

-Steeds running too fast causing bad lag or resetting the map and setting you further back. This really irks me. I paid for the speedier mount, but the speed it goes causes the game to freak out (compared to my alt with a derpy drago it never happens with). Side note, there use to be an AWESOME bug where you could transform into a cat and zip around on the speedy mount. Ofc ankama fixes the funny and harmless bug QQ

-Quests resetting. This happened to me a few times, once making me lose my Otomai progress. I would really hate for this to happen to anyone else. On the bright side, more free stuff, but there are also a lot of set backs/annoyance to this happening.

-Overall the lag is quite bad, especially at alma. I see often that players need to reset their client in as little as one run.

I know the team must be busy working hard, but please address some of the bugs and glitches!

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posté May 11, 2015, 22:50:27 | #10
This has happened in my guild as well. Please take note that the person it happened to, their account chest was also cleared. Take everything important out like powders, frags, mass craft stacks, etc.

You can put them in the inventory of alt characters (beware of that account chest). I didn't have much room myself, I stacked all my powder into one class and kept the x1s in the chest (cause oh well if I lose just a few). Your deco items can be placed around the haven bag rather than in the chest, they should remain untouched if you get bugged.

One other thing I heard was to avoid it, do not log out of the game while in your haven bag. I can't confirm this, but I'm doing it anyway.

@enniee: Try relogging! Items will go ghost in my inventory frequently, relogging fixes it. Don't scare us QQ

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posté January 24, 2015, 22:06:02 | #11
Reset, Respec, Reset Errm, my quests and achievements keep getting reset. This is twice now since the update. It gives me a new respec, it allows me to get craft seals again, allows me to do all deco/achievement quests again, it resets Otomai (thank goodness not working on it), it reticks all the xp from areas.

It does give me a lot of things, but it erased my hard earned progress and I lost a pvp due to not noticing the respec. Frankly, it is kind of annoying, and I don't feel right getting special items twice/thrice (that is extra fragments and such too I could do). Am I not suppose to tick them again? I don't remember all of what I had done.

What to do?

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posté January 24, 2015, 21:38:34 | #12

Quote (lyricalglitchen @ 24 January 2015 12:30) *
Girls with HW"s? what the fk does that have to do with anything, that aside....

The main problem is population, very few guilds dont have an issue either keeping members or at least keeping thier active lvl member # up. Simply becasue of ppl taking breaks and then theres many who put a character in all the active guilds, dont participate much and pretty much use guilds for bonuses and dungeons run listings. Cant really fault them for using guilds in this manner, but unless a guild has a good core, its hard to get all the bonuses or add things for the HW and more often than not 90% of it ends up being the guild leader alone. Which guild leaders tend to either burn out, get frustrated or end up just not caring. Not all of course but the guilds that fair better have 5 or so active members carrying the guild in what needs to be done not only the leader. Then there is the issue of having a high lvl guild, that you wont leave even though its dead, it gets to the point that you can only rebuild it so many times, before you say fk it, you struggle to recruit ppl and more often they dont stay and its a vicious cycle. Right now im on a break due to being frustrated with it though so...this post is a bit jaded due to that


Adding to that, Haven Worlds are a LOT of work. My boyfriend and I team up to get a lot of it done, and even after that there is still so much to get done. The Haven World really progresses when multiple people chip in. I host guild events with prizes to help raise funds, and you also just have to encourage people and do your best to stay positive.
And breaks do happen. Our guild has had a few times in the past with slow activity, but there has been a few people who are always willing to put the work in to keep it going (thank you guys!). If a guild does die off, it always has the possibility of bouncing back as long as you're willing to put the effort in. Don't discount those sleepy guilds, personally I admire when they pick themselves back up! (I've seen it happen with a few on Nox).

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posté January 07, 2015, 15:13:19 | #13
Sending Love and Sympathy If you heard the news, there was a terrible tragedy in France today.

I know Wakfu isn't the place for serious matters like this, but I'm thinking of all our French friends and the people we admire so much who make this game that we enjoy and the distress they must feel right now in their home country.

I wish to send my condolences, love, and support. It's so horrible, I don't know how to express my sympathies fully.

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posté November 11, 2014, 22:17:27 | #14

Quote (SY-kun @ 11 November 2014 18:52) *
I feel that the Current haven world system is Ridiculous and Outdated. I play on the Nox Server, (Witch apparently most players on these forums refer to as if it was a bad taste in there mouth.) and I've Never seen a person using a haven world.

I find that Most are Empty and Barren, and the few that have a couple of homes on them are abandoned. I Never see the guilds who supposedly use them, use them.
Woah there, not true!
Ashen Lepus' Haven World is on Nox at the south of Wabbit Island. Our guild uses and updates our HW often. We're quite proud of how much we've advanced it.
I don't know everyone's location off the top of my head but I know for a fact other active guilds on Nox use and love their haven worlds. Rare Hunters and Lovelace have large evolved HWs that they use. Craftsmen and Tranquility's HW's I've also seen and know they use them. Spanish Inquisition I know uses theirs for mob farming. Weegee I know is working on updating theirs. I forget the guild, but the one on Monk Island has their Riktus dungeon open for public use. There are a handful more that I've seen and the people who work on them take a lot of pride in it (they are a lot of work!).

I agree though about inactive guilds and haven worlds. There really should be inactivity timers for members in guilds, for guilds themselves, and for undeveloped Haven Worlds to go back on market.

Edit: Check out that Nox HW thread, some kind player has listed all the Haven World's by advancement, it paints a pretty clear picture of who uses theirs n.n

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posté November 08, 2014, 13:25:08 | #15
WTT Blueprints I'm looking for 2x Blueprint for Small Bontarian House.

I have 1x Amaknian, 1x Sufokian Blueprint to trade.

PM: Juniiper or Maddness on Nox.

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #794464  Replies : 0  Views : 164
posté November 08, 2014, 13:10:32 | #16
House Skins I picked up one of each of the house skins a while ago. Did you know they work on the Wooden houses? I didn't! I had traded off Brakmar before I got to test it, but it was just a solid black if anyone is curious.

I wanted to share their appearance here incase anyone is interested in what they look like

Straw House: No Skin, Wooden House: No Skin

Straw House: Bonta, Wooden House: Amakna

Straw House: Amakna, Wooden House: Sufokia

Straw House: Sufokia, Wooden House: Bonta

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posté October 23, 2014, 21:03:11 | #17

Quote (Senka @ 20 October 2014 21:34) *

Quote (Sabi @ 16 October 2014 18:31) *

Quote (FeldePard @ 13 October 2014 05:47) *
Is there an ETA on the exact date/time for the Al Howin event? Some of us have class stuff and holiday stuff going on, so I'd like to be able to get a better estimation on this event??

We are working on sharing the information as soon as ready but we understand the need to plan as it is a special period for us all and we may have extra festivities, hehe.

Two more patchdays to go and then Halloween is over.

Seriously, where is it?  

Thread : Changelogs  Preview message : #789746  Replies : 109  Views : 10883
posté August 19, 2014, 21:06:14 | #18
I'll be there
Sounds like a lot of fun. I can moderate or play, whatever is needed more of.
Also let me know if you want me to block off areas/doors with decos.

Thread : Events  Preview message : #764523  Replies : 5  Views : 878