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posté September 09, 2016, 18:54:05 | #1
I only asked how to report people correctly. If you did nothing to be reported, then don't worry. I didn't say who it was because that would be name sharing, which is against the rules of the forum.

I am not maddness, nor are we married.

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posté September 07, 2016, 00:50:57 | #2

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 27 August 2016 07:29) *
The moderators have already responded that Ankama will not tolerate disruptive behavior, the problem is players do not know how to report them and PvPers keep saying that Ankama do not care (to dissuade victims from reporting).
Click here

Printscreen multiple attack (with /time and /whois -insert harasser's name-), and report them as disruptive behavior at Ankama Support or to moderators.
Do not edit the printscreen.
For multiple harassment, make sure you show that there are more than 1 attack with close time interval.
It would be best if you can printscreen foul language or admission to harassing in the chat so talk to them and ask them why they are attacking you?

Quoted from MOD [Sabi] Click here

Thank you for reporting such in-game situation directly to us but we do recommend to make use of our support team or sending us Ankabox (your CMs) messages, as names of other players are not to be used on the forums for reporting them.

Thank you for posting this. My guild is getting camped, griefed*, and harassed at our own Haven World lately. I've been collecting screens, but I forgot the who is command. Can you link me to where you got this information, or alternatively could a CM point me to info about the proper way to report? We've had enough of this.

Quote (ShadowFacts @ 29 August 2016 00:56) *
Interesting thread..
Personally, if you don't like being PK'd.. try going afk and make the experience as miserable for the PKers as possible.
Though I haven't experienced a PKer in years, if someone had attacked me, back then, while I was trying to dosomething. I'd suicide and comeback to what I was doing.. and if that player came back for 2nds, I'd then proceed to log into a bunch of my alt accounts, party up and afk, when they attacked me again.
Basically walking away from the PC and watching a movie or something.
IE: If they were going to waste my time, I was going to waste theirs. ;3
Some of my friends on Nox, that use to get attacked back then, when they were mining, would take it astep further and toggle their internet connection, thus causing during each players turn, dragging out thefight even more.
Just some food for thought ^-^

This is good, the internet bit even more so. Immune/shield character, then go get a snack :p

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posté July 16, 2016, 00:21:22 | #3
Oh woooow, this sucks, but thank you for the information. I can't possibly remember all of that QQ

I'm searching my machine for screen shots that I *might* have.

Trying to remember here:

Chest one: Currently greyed out- empty
Use to have: maxed makabow (discontinued item), I had a large stack of runes from moon/shushus, no idea how many, guessing 20+ of each orange, and gold, levels 16 and 18, it's like 6 months worth since I haven't updated my gear in a while. I had a mix of low level gear for mimi items, can't remember what.

Chest two: Currently locked- empty
Use to have: a TON of special boss mats from Wabbit Island dungeons for decos, an extra wabbit costume (the quest one)

Chest three: Currently locked- empty
Use to have: stacks of materials for mining, tailor, and other professions, as well as special resources from enu, past/present (like special fish and plants for chef crafts)

Chest four: Currently locked- empty
Use to have: No idea, probably more materials

Chest five and six: Currently locked- empty
Use to have: Lots of decos. Most of them were boss minis that aren't such a big loss (I can get them again on alts), but some were discontinued older items. I also had one of the new kerab cat pets stored in there, and I think some other low level pets (really not sure what QQ).

Chest seven: Chest slots correct, not sure on contents
Use to have: This was my powder chest, stocks from about a year. There is a large chunk of powder and one rune, but I remember this chest being more full (as my account chest and inventory are brimming, I had very little room). *I think the butterfly auras (x2) were in here before.

I'll send my ticket tonight, I'm giving myself a little more time to remember. Also to note, all my Ikiakits except for the last chest have poofed.

*Edit, oooou I remember, I had butterfly aura x2, because the aura was broken so the price went down on the market and I stocked them for when it's fixed again.

Ticket #1684956 

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posté July 15, 2016, 00:15:29 | #4
Haven Bag Chest Bug My Haven Bag chests are all messed up, they are either locked or missing items, and I had everything unlocked and stocked to the brim before the update.

Is there going to be a global patch for this or do I need to send a ticket for an individual fix?

I don't remember all the things I had inside, but it was a lot of things, especially concerned about discontinued decos and a mass of runes/powder. If I need to send a ticket, do I need to say what was lost, or can the bug team go back into my character's history in the game?

Thank you for any additional info.

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posté April 12, 2016, 17:03:55 | #5
90+ days left, poof!

Thread : 1.46 Bug Reports  Preview message : #954782  Replies : 152  Views : 1444
posté April 12, 2016, 16:53:04 | #6

For everyone who was headed to Moon, same thing. The vines are also in french, but that's not really a big deal. Please fix everyone's missing boosters!!

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posté April 12, 2016, 15:17:13 | #7

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #954689  Replies : 86  Views : 2324
posté March 21, 2016, 22:47:47 | #8
I love when they theme the dragos to the area, looks nice!

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posté March 19, 2016, 21:54:20 | #9
Very bad lag today, also for my friends and guild mates. It's disconnecting me nearly every turn! I'm currently stuck in a fight unable to do anything. It's unplayable :/

(Nox server)

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posté March 19, 2016, 20:04:52 | #10
Can't group hero I have many days left on my hero slot (1) but I can't add any heroes or sidekicks!

I tried relogging, adding from different characters, but it won't add to group.

Has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it? My hero sub time is burning unused now

Edit: Encountered another player with this issue. If you relog multiple times it should work again.

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posté March 18, 2016, 05:08:00 | #11

Quote (Rrae @ 18 March 2016 04:59) *
Around 50 people where trapped on the platform after BBC opened it.
Cue 50 forum ragers.
But seriously, very sad. Today is holiday, work tomorrow, Wakfu was the fun for the night! If it's not up by day change, could we get an alma token? I didn't get to get mine today before the crash

Edit: Back up, thanks for being relatively speedy!

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posté March 12, 2016, 21:02:15 | #12
Hey Vis!!!

Madd and I had taken a lot of time off from the game, Madd got a new job and we moved and all this real life stuff really got in the way. A lot of people in our guild stopped playing the game... Plesa, Ash, Sef, Sky, Tiene, and Drool all stopped I hear Drool has come back, (and if you see this, we got your gear dude).

We will be playing now that we are settled. We're mostly on in the evenings/weekends. We'll be trying to get some new players to join us, and we each got a hero, and beb can still fill. So we can still run most the things!!

I hope to see you on


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posté March 08, 2016, 20:20:25 | #13
Wabbit Pompom Tails Got any Wabbit Pompom tails laying around?

I'll buy them up, 10,000 kama a piece.

PM Juniiper

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posté March 06, 2016, 23:20:44 | #14
Fashion Contest: Open to all! [3/12 8-10PM EST] Don't miss our Fashion Contest this coming Saturday evening, following Mina's event at the Amaknian Outpost hosted by Ashen Lepus!

Anyone from any nation is welcome to participate. Ashen Lepus members will be judging (and disqualified from competing), and giving out costume prizes to the winners after judging.

The categories and prizes are:

Funniest: Kralaman and Jester
Sexiest: Black Wabbit and Valkyrie
Most Unique: Shak Shaka and Passenthru
Most Epic: Justice League and Justice Butcher
Best Disguise: Masqueraider and Mummy Nova
Most Fearsome: Tormentor and Fanatic
Amaknian Pride: Amaknian Pirate (Only an Amaknian can win this category).

Rules and Tips:

-We will start at around 9PM EST after Mina's Hit on Ritt event (Hit on Ritt starts at 8PM EST). That is 6PM and 5PM server time, respectively.
-Everyone who wants to participate please line up on the runway for the category called. Give the judges a few moments and we will move on to the next category. Winners will be announced at the very end.
-You may enter all categories but you may only win one category (no alts please).
-You may wear the same outfit, or different outfits for each category.
-Though you may still win wearing a costume, outfits that are crafted from gear will win a lot more points for creativity.
-Accessorize your pet to complete your look.
-Be confident, everyone is beautiful!

Good luck! Hope to see you there. ~Juni

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posté August 09, 2015, 16:36:22 | #15

Quote (hemyani @ 09 August 2015 05:53) *

1. But but... what about all the hard work I did to get blablabla amount of Kamas!? Where is justice?
  • Kamas has no value now, your long hours, days (*cough* years even) of playing Wakfu went directly down the drain. Deal with it.

What about Haven Worlds? The costs of land and buildings are at fixed kama prices. They would have to remove kama cost and raise RP. Last I heard Ankama had no more Haven World team. What about items from Guild Desk? What about cost to change nations? Zapp fees? All this stuff would have to be reworked, and with Ankama's speed, I think we'd never see new content again.

Quote (Juubkatt @ 09 August 2015 09:57) *
How come the Kamas can't be tracked? the kamas deleted ..and the ppl banned? ..small offence - temp ban.. more kamas - longer ban... clear duping suspisions - perma ban if they can't make a clear case about that they really are innocent..

The truth is that games do this all the time ...and it's pointless to bring that up ...but it's kinda tirering as a player that listens to 'dont abuse this temporary bug' /'we will be banning ppl that abuse the loot in this dungeon while its broken' but you can make milions while spending 2hours a day in there'
and then finally after bug is fix you hear 'we will not ban annyone cause it would effect too many innocent ppl' ...excuse me?! ..and then later it gets put in ingame-money-boxes that will give you a title or a gem or what ever that gives you 100+ to all or some stats ..
perfection - don't listen = great rewards

What I'm really worried about, with people calling for these big sweeping bans, what about the people who didn't purposefully take advantage? What about the people who had all their nice pricey stuff listed before the abusers hit, they had no idea, why should they be banned? Players who used kelba, who sold alllll their expensive gear now that many more players have kamas, are they also in the wrong? Players who went about their business anyway and kept listing at reasonable prices, but due to the traffic sold everything they had, them?. Where would the line be drawn? How would Ankama separate what was accident/timing and what was intentional?

Also, Ankama never told anyone to stop listing items, players did. How can anyone (but the initial abusers) get banned? It isn't against ToS, Anakma didn't tell people not to use markets. This is a really sticky situation, but the fault lies on the initial abusers, and before it's your everyday's nub's fault, I'd look at Ankama for not securing the exploit and also for no direction. I would be livid if players got banned for simply using the market or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ankama never said STOP USING THE MARKETS, how can anyone be banned for using an in-game feature?

Edit: I'd like to add, about checking players logs. They would have to check every single player who has been online in the past week (because obviously they could tell, 10m for shushu emblem= legit, 10m for piwi feather= wtf) but, no one is going to report themselves if they took advantage. The dupper case a month ago was a bit different since it was just a handful of accounts to track which were easily reported off market, but this would be thousands of times the scope of it o.o;;

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posté August 08, 2015, 19:57:28 | #16
I posted about this in bugs a little while ago. Apparently it's been an issue for a little while now, see here and here.

I did find a way to get ogrines/subscribe;

Quote (cbunny @ 06 August 2015 16:09) *
I found a way to get ogrines, though quite tedious. You can buy a CVS card online with your paypal, then use the digital CVS card (code) to buy ogrines. I was under the impression that I needed to buy it at the store (we don't have one), but duh, the wonders of the internet. The transaction took a bit of time though.

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posté August 08, 2015, 18:37:49 | #17
Well scratch that then n.n;;

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posté August 08, 2015, 18:31:17 | #18

Quote (Mox-Jackal @ 08 August 2015 18:10) *
any players with more than 10 mill kamas, would cap at 10 mill
capping all players kama max at 9,999,999 kamas

Actually, I think thats a really good idea, even if it's just a fix for now. The kama cap could raise with new content. I would suggest a higher cap though... I know of several plays who had more than this before the markets went all nuts. Between 50m and 1b seems more fair to me... cheer ring on Nox was at 16-20m before the markets went all nutty, a lot of players have this kind of money honestly.

Haven World banks would be a huge concern for a lot of these suggestions. Our guild has over 10m saved, by honest means, and it's been sitting there for months. If Ankama wiped or capped players kamas, wouldn't this be a loop hole? I would be very upset if we lost these kamas, they were banked for Haven World constructions months ago.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #896205  Replies : 518  Views : 16496
posté August 08, 2015, 08:06:20 | #19
To add another suggestion, in conjunction with other measures...

How about adding a new kama minting recipe for a lot more kamas and higher level ores? If the markets on all servers are really inflated, this can help players re-regulate the market on their terms, which the market was meant to do.

Something similar was done with special fish n.n

This was inspired by (Mina I think) in gov' chat about how real governments can just mint more money to match inflation, combined with the fact that minting is in the game and it use to be more of an important feature.

It won't fix things, but it might help, especially with the older player base who has stood by and watched this happen (while some not participating themselves) in the free for all.

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posté August 07, 2015, 18:58:13 | #20

Quote (SSBKewkky @ 07 August 2015 03:32) *

Quote (Markzs @ 07 August 2015 02:40) *
People who tried to take advantage from the situation are no worse than those people who messed with the market. If they are also banned, they shouldn't complain.
I agree wholeheartedly. The rules should be enforced to their fullest extent, even if we lose a decent amount of players. Giving second-hand abusers a slap on the wrist does not make the game's moderation team look like they're taking this seriously. Every person who tried to take advantage of this situation should be banned for, at the very least, a week.

I don't like what is going on anymore than you do, but exactly how could Ankama ban the people listing things on the market for obscenely high prices? It isn't against the ToS in anyway. They haven't duped, or exploited a glitch directly. Any other player is free to under cut them and list things for a reasonable price.

I am 100% for banning the people who caused the initial issue, but I feel the anger is really misplaced. Once the offenders are banned, and they figure out how this happened, the markets will re-regulate themselves.

Some people got away with a ton of kamas, so what? You can token anything in the game now besides materials. And after this blows over the materials aren't going to stay at this insane rate, I'm positive of it. Everyone I know at endgame has been sitting on piles of useless kamas that were gotten with honest means for months now. I don't think this market upset is going to "break the game" in any long term manner.

I really do hope the culprits are found and banned though, the drama alone is nauseating.

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