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posté March 24, 2015, 05:30:25 | #1

Quote (Gynrei @ 24 March 2015 00:11) *
Tell me how Elio is better than other classes in PvE please.
You asked i answered, partially tho.

Sacs and Elios are both berserkers, but two different types of berserkers. Sacs get that HP buff cause they are mainly close combat; you also cant forget that sacs hit themselves. Elios can become long range dealers through portals... Which is why sacs have an HP passive and elios don't.

If you really think Elios suck you either picked the wrong spells, or picked the wrong build( stats/specialities). Its usually the latter that's the issue.

What can elios do better than other classes ? lets see... they do dmg as they , push, pull, self heal, burst dmg( real easy setup now that portals are 2 ap), and much more. Aside from portals, you dont have to sacrifice any dmg for any of the effect listed above. You just lose WP that you can just as easily get back.

Cracked....oh my lawd. i wish pandas had this. Im pretty sure Exalted buffs its base dmg by 20 % too.

Hmm the best part about elios is ...... i should prob stop here. Running out of Oat meal

Damn this was the best part too...

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posté March 24, 2015, 01:39:52 | #2
Elios dont suck, if you think so then you dont get the whole point of the class. Ill just say it, since yall love to be spoon fed. Elios are like young Sacrieurs. Its a Berserker class. Like sacs the more they get hit , the stronger they get when they pass a certain point.

people are going to argue against. Just look at the WP regen passive. It's a fckin give away. Once you come to terms with that you'll stop complaining about it and think about way to use it to your advantage.

All you guys really want is a " How to Elio guide" because you dont want to sit down and think about all the class has to offer.

Elios are strong, but they are also weak; not because of their build but because of the gear in game. If there were alot of + Berserker on gear. Hint: sike naaaaaah. You would understand how to build a proper PvE elio ...

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posté March 23, 2015, 15:53:21 | #3

Quote (HateSpawn @ 23 March 2015 14:11) *

Quote (Beezle @ 23 March 2015 13:20) *

Iop Final Damage, mind you that we're a close combat class who's only real option is close combat:

+20% max increase (2 WP 2 MP for 2 turn effect 3 turn cooldown)
+20% on the next attack (2 MP / 1 WP, 2x turn maximum, OR from reaching 100 Concentration with max Show Off)
-20% final resist on the target (2 AP 1 WP 3 turn cooldown)
+20% lv 200 power. Hard to get to, hard to keep up. -40% of power's level each turn.
+10% final damage - Jump (4 AP, 2 turn cooldown)

so on one single attack, with the whopping cost of 4 mp 5 wp 6 ap, and building up over time, mind you still ONE attack's worth

is 90% and a 3 turn cooldown on 2 of the things that generate it. Please tell me what the guy who said 130% was smoking, I need some of that.

Cra final damage shit son I'm excited to see how low this is. I'm not going to include things like riddling on destructive arrow since you seemed to have neglected weakpoint nuking on srams every turn:

lol why did I bother

+30% preparation, provided I hit lv 100 Sharpening.
+20% final damage from a passive.

+100% if I spend 15 AP riddling you and then drop a 6 AP 1 WP nuke, and on that nuke I'd get 100% final damage and remove riddling.

If you'd like I can evaluate Sram final damage on it's tactical nukes like Execution and Trauma, or how it's better than Iop due to having a far superior self-sustain spell, or having it's very own anti-shielding poison that kills fecas and pandas alike, or how it's easy access to backstab allows it another sweet sweet +25% final damage, or maybe you'd rather look at the fact that if the sram is ever in grave danger it can pussy out and turn invisible every 2 turns.

It also consistantly regenerates WP, gains from doing so, and can increase the MP of it, it's allies, all while sending out a clone to A) position or single handedly lock down a boss.

*cough* but srams suck compared to iop's go in and tank aspects, or cra's 50% final damage, situationally.

I get what you're saying, but you also need to considered the base dmg each class does. Cras base dmg seems to be on the low end, but getting sharpening arrow is so easy for them. It takes them around 5 hits to get max , prob less. They get that 30 % final dmg every other turn. I get that iops need to be in close combat, but now its od easy for them. It basically impossible to kite an iop. Even if you can kite them for like a turn. They will easily 'catch up' with the dmg they failed to do the previous turn.

Im really just trying to understand how "balanced" these classes will be. Im not trying to waste another 3 years on promised balanced revamps for PvP.

or I could be salty that i have to work harder to bring the best outta my class.... or maybe the things i rely on the most , cc/lock, are all based on shit mechanics.

I've been patient, like alot of y'all, but when i see shit like the mimibots(?) i start to question alot of the devs decisions... Like how is mimibots of any use to us players? The effort put into making those could have been spent on fixing bugs.

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posté March 23, 2015, 13:51:29 | #4
TAKE OUR GUILD POINTS! Ok so my guild's GP are off the roof... we've changed nation god knows how many times. Now we're getting close to 100,000 gp. When are we going to get New Guild bonuses ? We need more dmg... res seems to be perfectly fine. We need more lock, dodge, maybe add some crit hit dmg, or some backstab dmg something!! We need to spend our guild points. TAKE OUR GPs.

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posté March 23, 2015, 13:43:57 | #5
Where was i when this was posted? 3 letters. FOH.

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posté March 23, 2015, 13:20:52 | #6
Eliotropes are crazy strong. They are Kite gods in the right players hands. Got my arse handed to me yesterday.

@ minimikeh: I see your point, but i doubt they really care about their bosses that much. From the day i downed DP to today, i can still make DP pass his turns at will. I reported it... but nothing was done about it.

I got another questions : Why are revamps never really balanced ?

Seriously they are apparently using the sram revamp as the ground work for all future revamps, Panda and elios appear to be excluded. Look at the Cra and iop revamp. You can no longer quite an Iop, you can no longer Lock a Cra. There's no apparent way to take advantage of their weaknesses. PVM is clear, get the best possible gear, fully rune res, and you can do all end game content.

In pvp whats the point of lock and dodge ? The number of evasive moves keep increasing. Using an evasive spell doesnt really cripple anyones combo. You often do more dmg with the evasive spell than without.

Here's what i dont get... and correct me if im wrong. Some of this info was heard and not confirmed.

Iops get up to 20-130 % final dmg( ?)
Cras get from 20- 100% final dmg (?)
Eliotropes get 20 % final dmg?
Pandas get 10 % final dmg. don't mention the 2 spells that give 10 % dmg please. Over all its only 10 %.
Srams get 40-60 % % final dmg?

I can only speak as a panda. The only reason we can keep up with the other classes is only cause of bamboozle. Eliotropes and panda barely get half the % final dmg of the dpt classes. In a hit for hit fight the victory is quite clear.

I guess what im trying to ask is; If sram is the dmg skeleton for all dpt classes, what's the skeleton of support classes, or heal classes ? and how will you make these classes compete with the DPT classes ?

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posté March 23, 2015, 02:00:30 | #7
@braininajar: I just dont get why they put flaming(dmgpart) on range spells. Scalded on a range spell i get it. Flaming toons cant scalded all mobs so they need some support. But LMF has both. When you use it you gain flaming. when you use it on barrel , the barrel itself gets flaming and applies scalded to all toons around it. Now flamingo only stays on the barrel for that 1 turn. Like im trying to understand what makes that so op, that LMF is limited to 3 use per turn, why it only stays on barrelf or 1 turn and so on.
Before when flaming proc'd on start of enemy's turn it made sense, but now that spell's just there for decoration.

About Vertox's TP i dont see how it makes sense to by pass stabilize when the boss can easily swap you into a death tile. really whats the point of stabilizing monsters then :/

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #842392  Replies : 81  Views : 1689
posté March 22, 2015, 01:15:54 | #8
So many questions...for the Game designers 1. I'll start with pandas ... I just dont get the role of Light my fire... Long distance Scalded/flaming spell. Before it has a purpose, you know, to stack scalded/flaming for the huge dmg finale. Now. I don't know what its good for. I spent all night ( more like 2-3 hrs) trying to see if i missed something, but nothing comes to mind.
I thought "hey maybe the barrel and panda scalded scalded stack" you know flaming proc on the panda, and proc from barrel, when the enemy stays in cc" but NO.
Seriously whats the point of putting flaming on the barrel, the barrel doesnt even benefit from the + lock , i'd love to see allies throw the barrel for you. There's no potential dmg when it comes to LMF, the dmg you see is the dmg you do.

2.This brings me to my next question.... Why, oh,why dyou make mechanics that are uselesss against bosses ?

Ill start with scalded. Lol. in vertox even after the flaming target is "on time" Vertox will take 0 dmg.
Next spell Poison Arrow, such a great pvp spells, but a shit boss spell.

I guess the main issue here are the boss immunities. I think a spell like poison arrow should still work once the dmg is done. Its not going to be an abuse if the spell you designed actually worked the way it was described. After all the trouble you go through to activate the spell i think Cras deserve that.

3. Why have bosses/mobs ignore stabilize ?
I spend my Dev-given Wrightfu-point to stabilize myself, and your mobs ( Wabbit gwards" can still toss me, Vertox Can still swap me, and im sure there're more mobs out there. Shout out to Sacrieurs too

4.Why has locking monster become a team effort, while dodging remains the easiest thing to do?

I get the way dodging is going. Every class after iop/cra revamp will need around 4 ap minimum, seems like a fair assumption. So you will decide to juice up on dodge or chose what you want to lose more 4 ap or 4 ap with -4mp. Locks still at a disadvantage... i get it ok.. once you burn or lose x amounts of ap/mp you can no longer move thats what true locking is, and thats where the problem with lock starts. EVERY thing in game moves first before. Now our friends the iops only need 8 AP to do our average dmg. A SIP iop doesnt even need to break lock he will keep his 4 ap and knows he will still out dmg you in a hit for hit fight. I really think lock should remove more MP. Like cap it at -4 ap, but increase the mp loss to . Ill gladly try to get 2.5 times the lock of any monster to get that. Lock has no many disadvantages. its ridiculous, we get a 1k-4k dmg penalty for locking mobs. Lockers need more.

5. i dont know about the other classes, but why doesnt the AoE description still fit the actually spell AoE? All the Devs did was remove the size dscription. Explosive flask AoE with barrel still doesnt match. I STILL believe those were suppose to be the true AoE sizes of the spells, but someone got lazy.

6. Why are the orange drop so hard to drop nowadays ?

A legendary is a legendary its suppose to be somewhat hard to drop. I'll accept that and farm tokens for them, but the ORange (mysticial?) drops ? They are the gear WE need for runes. This needs to stop Asap. The price of runing is aleeady increase exponentially, i dont see why the runes should be harder to get. If you have concerns about the market, then make some of the orange item drop HC exclusive.

Im sure there're a people out there with alot more question.

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posté March 12, 2015, 07:54:16 | #9
Phase 1 seems like a major pain in the ass, apart from that it doesnt seem that hard...  

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #837820  Replies : 35  Views : 1390
posté March 10, 2015, 13:05:53 | #10
TBh i dont really care about this account like Wakfu. I'm just upset they used that as an excuse to not release heros in a MM like manner; which i believe was nearly complete. I was really looking forward to use my toons to runs dungs and nothing else. Going from 6 boxing to dual boxing is what my pc and Tablet need.

Heros 2.0 could be released 2 years from now i really wouldnt care. Yeah the overall idea is really nice, but lets face it. Its real selling point is the possibility run dungs with less idiots.
Im pretty sure no one can deny this; you've died in a relatively easy dung cause of some random idiot who thought he was Leeroy Jenkins.

sidetracked: Well i know i say this and it sounds like im going to be part of those who dual box their way through the rest of the game, when heroes gets released. However, I like to play with idiots. There's are no idiots in my guild... except one ( shoutout to noobdel, you know you da homie #roastedliveonforums), who's always on clock(death tile) duty in Vertox and gets us killed. Yet, these are the moments we laugh about later.

Here's how i see it and this is what gets me mad at ankama. You have MMs, it could have easily been modified for a Hero 1.0 version. Thats one way to see it. Then you look at the beta version, from what i've seen, it only needed a few tweak for dung use, yet they wanted to add all the extra. That's cool, but you could have added that extra stuff later. Finally, this is how im going to feel when heros is released ' Oh hotfix already ?", " oh ? people duping gear through heros glitch ?", "hmmm so they deactiving heroes to fix things " ( lil UB touch).

Well i hope they get it right on the first try. I dunno if ill be able to tolerate them hotfixes without Mea culpas

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posté March 06, 2015, 04:50:40 | #11

Quote (Gynrei @ 05 March 2015 23:51) *

Quote (Beezle @ 05 March 2015 23:26) *

I don't get it. The tone of your posts indicate otherwise. You say in your OP the Devs meant flaming to be useless and how the Panda revamp was half-assed. To me, that implies you have issues with said mechanics. I assume you'd like to see them changed whether you ask for them or not. So if you do not want improvements and you use it in combat how is it useless?

You say you want flaming spells to do decent dmg but do you realize how strong that would be? My Panda is built around Six Roses so please don't tell me what i do or do not care about. For 4ap i inflict 52dmg + 145 flaming. Next turn i inflict a further 145 flaming. 4ap spent to cause 342dmg while most of that is an AoE and can also be turned into 3 different elemental types with one equip change.

You're right... it needs to deal more dmg. /sarcasm

Well then i really just wanted to keep this to myself, but yu're seriously starting to piss me off gynrei. I like how people will nit pick what help their argument. When i know im wrong or i know someone says something that is right i always acknowledge it.

Here's how i proc my 500 base dmg flaming in PVP. I toss someone in a corner, you know the old panda trick with barrel, put myself in cc and leave a barrel behind me. In addition to all that i have to stabilize the target, myself of the barrel based on the class. Now ill let you do the math on how much AP/WP is spent on doing that. I dont care how much you think you know about wakfu, but potential dmg is always worse than direct dmg. [ great now people will use this info against me in pvp]

The easiest way to proc scalded and ive said it is to have two pandas in group. Now im going to take a step back, and im making it clear now , i dont give a fck what anyways says, cause if you say otherwise you're a moron. Scalded was revamped at that specific moment for panda, before revamp pandas didnt have scalded anymore. Now all the other classes had scalded and they couldnt just remove that on those classes and they were clearly too lazy to make a specific mechanic for pandas. Pandas werent meant to have sucha mechanic , Look at grous panda revamp the fckin dizzy consumption spell , destruct arrow like mechanic, which was weirdly the same as scalded V1 ( after panda revamp); stack scalded and do all you can to proc it for a final burt dmg. I know fuckin panda. I've been following this since day 1.

Flaming is useless, the reason im saying it is because they made it such and important mechanic on pandas. For fck sake two elemental branches stack scaled. TWO FCKin Branches. Enu online fire, sac only fire, iop only fire, but now they have air help in applying scalded.

I have pointed out all thats wrong with the current flaming. I havent seen you even touch the list i put up as a response to louch. Cause no matter what people say, its true.

We've had this dodge lock argument on other forums post. And i said what if scalded was to be proc'd on breaking lock and going back into cc( the opposite of how it is now). i really got no response for that. Cause anyone with a brain would understand in this situation that dodge clearly had and unfair advantage over lock.

Just keep pulling out number bro. I tell this to all those who talk to me about build; the numbers are great to know how much dmg you can do, but what matter is how often you can pull that dmg out.

Now for those who say its a "TEAM" mechanic... -face palm- If it doesnt cost you 2 ap to push or position you're wasting precious ap. Each class can do close to 400 base dmg on their strongest combot. 400 base dmg that you can focus on a monster weak to your element. Or break that combo for scalded. So are so many things that can go wrong in this situation. The true reward in this situation is getting that monster to die, then AoE explode, but but here's the fcked up part. Ok you've got 3 mobs on you, one get hit by scalded and dies, blows up for kills the other mob. If that AoE scalded kills the mobs the chain of explosion stops. yes that mob will not do an AoE scalded. How do i know this ? i fought an osa. One of his pets died it kill the other with the AoE, the chain was suppose to continue it was suppose to be my victory ... then nothing. The explosion chain stopped. In pvm this happens alot. You will waste endless AP to get a monster to die by scalded then scalded gets blocked, and the monster lives. All that AP could be used for aoe set up, or to actually kill a monster. oo even better, you push mob to flaming target, forgot to check init order and they just break lock, great.

If you really want to proc scalded with ease you need a mule tosser ( panda) + a flaming toon.
The best combo is dual panda trust me. 8 ap for 2000 ( 500 x 4) base dmg and you have ap to spare perfection.

Oo and before i forget Six roses... just dont ... six roses is good cause of flaming ?
man foh. No point in taking that into account if you cant even proc that dmg 50 % of the time by yourself. In a hit for hit fight... six roses is the weakest spell in game dmg potential can be huge, but if that never procs can you really take that into account ?

i swear this takes me back to fecas dmg glyphs. i wonder if people still use those...

Man i fckin raged, and i know there are hella mistakes in there. Dont have time to go through this.

feel free to nitpick from whatever i said. As of right now you're no longer worth my time.

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posté March 05, 2015, 23:26:45 | #12

Quote (Gynrei @ 05 March 2015 12:53) *
Stop trying to proc Flaming in 1v1 PvP.

Stop asking for Flaming to be easy to proc as well.

Look ive said this to you before i can proc scalded when i want in pvp. I never said in my post they should make it easier to proc. I simply explain to lore why i see it as a useless mechanic. I dont think i ask for any improvements here.
Now if i were to ask for an improvement i'd ask for scalded to have a "ring" aoe of 2. and if it procs at aoe 2 it does half the base dmg you've would have done if the person was at 1 cell. This could bring more purpose to lock/mpchip imo.

See i wouldn't complain much if the flaming spells did decent dmg, but yall dont care about the fact that a 4 ap spell does 42 base dmg at 160+. As long as you hit harder for the same AP and can easily avoid its potential dmg, you dont care what happens to this mechanic.

Anyways this whole post was really about the AoE size not flaming

@ micestroff: milking it is AoE 2 so is milk wave. You dont count the target cell you count the red cells around.

@Dy7: ok... i mean alot of the description made alot more sense as it is now. For example, explosive flask. For second AoE you use 2 ap ( or 1 for barrel) to carry then use the spell for 6 ap ( or 5 with barrel). The range gets nerf'd down to 4, and does the same dmg as milking it on barrel. If the second AoE was ring aoe of 2 it would work perfectly with milking it, for optimal aoe dmg output. Im sure the devs followed the panda revamp plan to the T, descriptions wise , but forgot to follow through with the spells, and now its just easier to edit the description than the spells.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #835937  Replies : 24  Views : 1345
posté March 05, 2015, 11:07:33 | #13
@lorechief : When you'll lvl a panda you'll understand. Its nearly impossible to proc flaming by yourself. It procs at the start of your flaming toon ( Panda), in order for the enemy to take the dmg they must also have scalded on them at the start of your turn, and they have to be in CC with your flaming toon. Apart from Sacs, with cage of blood. all flaming toons cant proc flaming at will or with consistency. Obvs the dev didnt 'say' anything but they made it clear through their design that its a useless mechanic. in PvP your chances of activating flaming is close to 0. In pvm unless you have two pandas in your group you will most likely never have a chance to proc it.

Reasons why:
1. way to many evasive maneuvers (mostly pvp)
2 .monster AI ,even with close combat ones, will always move if they have the mp
3. the max mp you can chip from lock is 4 mp, average mp is 6
4. flaming toon cant get push/pull out of cc.
5. enemy has to be at 1 cell of your flaming toon. Of the toon dies by (only) scalded then an AoE scalded of 2 cell , suppose to be 3 by description, from that mob ( not panda) with hit all enemies around.

GL trying to proc it, by yourself.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #835767  Replies : 24  Views : 1345
posté March 05, 2015, 06:30:30 | #14
Panda revamp fix anytime soon ? No no this isnt your usual revamp rant. I'd like to understand how this is possible.

Here are spells that every panda is familiar with.

Explosive flask : AoE size :1

Dairy springer: Aoe cell size 1:

Milking it : size 2

All great spells, the aoe description is on point.... now look at these spells

Lets see Explosive flask second aoe

Yeah it says size 2, but this is a damn lie. It's still size 1.

Milk wave : Hit on barrel AoE size 3

Current AoE size 2: For its cost, 1 upt (use per turn) and reduced base dmg size 3 makes alot more sense.

Next up is Barrelhop

This says size 2 on the screen, but its actually size one like explosive flask

and finally Flaming.

no big issues with the first effect of flaming. Devs made it clear that flaming is meant to be useless, but when it procs and the enemy dies the AoE is actually size 2 instead of size 3, like on the screen.

People might say these are typos, but its been like this since the panda revamp; except for flaming that got recently changed. Flaming just makes this whole spells description worse. It was changed about a month ago, and it still doesn't do as the description says. Knowing ankama they will just edit the description instead of fixing the spells to the original design. If im wrong this just shows, again , how half-assed the panda revamp was done.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #835729  Replies : 24  Views : 1345
posté March 04, 2015, 08:52:34 | #15

Quote (skatercodyme @ 04 March 2015 06:25) *

Young bol over here's prob one of the first to merit farm.

I think regardless of your lvl, if you have the same rank, you should get merit points. Eventually each rank will have a lvl group.

The lvls would, possibly, spread out like this:
Rank 10 : lvl 0 -80
Rank 9 : Lvl: 80-100
Rank 8: Lvl: 100 - 120
Rank 7 : Lvl: 120- 140
Rank 6: Lvl :140 - 160
Rank 5:160-180
Rank 4: 180-200
at rank 3-1[the ranks that really matter]: to reach this you need to get cap merit points and defeat a upper rank(3-1) pvp player.

The merit point system would stay the same, but by allowing high lvl to get merit point from low lvl will end low lvl rank 1 players. if a low lvl wants to reach rank 1 he will have no choice but to go through game content lvl up, gear up like the rest of us did.

Im aware that, from the start, alot of people may be able to abuse the system even more at first , but eventually , especially at higher ranks, the ranks should fix themselves.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #835461  Replies : 52  Views : 1882
posté February 26, 2015, 10:00:04 | #16
Multi-Target Lock MultiTarget Lock is possibly the most ignored agility stat in the game. You gain 80 lock per target in cc. Pure lock gives 120

Multilock has the potential to give 320 lock, while lock will stay at a flat 120 throughout the fight.

I think it's a powerful stat, given its + lock potential, but im not sure if it's worth stating.
Right now the only way , i think, to get anywhere close to 900 lock is through multi-target lock. In every possible scenario i can come up with , results in the tank getting wrecked.
With regular mobs in lock any tank could survive, but if you add a dungeons boss in there, everything changes. I keep thinking of the -2500 hit boss can do, outside of their usual combos. There might be something i may have overlooked, but i doubt it.

Also Multi-Target lacks ally support. You only gain the + 80 lock if enemies are in cc. (They should prob edit that for more clarity.) I cant see how having + lock from allies in CC would be game breaking. If anything it would be bad for us, seeing how most mobs and bosses have strong AoEs.

Dyou think multi lock is worth stating ?

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #833850  Replies : 2  Views : 319
posté February 23, 2015, 10:47:04 | #17
The only reason why PvP isnt that important in game is cause of revamps. Revamps never lead to any balance. When did the first revamps start ? Over 2 years ago. Now they've revamps all the classes and instead of making a global revamp, more like tweaks, to balance out the classes they didnt. Instead they started the revamp all over again.

This is freakin Ouroboros.

They will revamp a class to make it outshine the others, then nerf it, for "balance". Leave those classes strong for a while, as they work on the following classes. The next revamp classes will be even stronger, cause as time passes they will get new ideas, on how x should work. Boom those classes get stronger. Eventually they will get back to your class after 2 years and still say it should get balanced again because they made this x years ago, and its outdated.

With this there's never going to be a real PvP system. Every 2 months or so there will be a new Hax class that you'll have to make. if your class is of an older revamp.

Also... the lvl cap is 170 now but we still dont have lvl 170 pvp gear ... hmmm i wonder why.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #832861  Replies : 69  Views : 1997
posté February 22, 2015, 18:11:06 | #18
Ok so.... Lock op (only for one class).

Dodge is easier to get. Lock is harder to get.

dodge you just need enough to lose a few ap.

Lock you need ALL the lock in the world. When you get to that point of -4ap - 4mp. you cant lock almost anything in game ( yes there's obvs more to this). All i've done is acknowledge that lock can be worth it, but its up to the individual to determine whether it worth the work or not.

Right now for me its not worth it.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #832730  Replies : 75  Views : 2591
posté February 21, 2015, 16:37:25 | #19
Nah bro, I've tried everything with lock. Only thing i havent done yet is reach 800. Any lock class i've made / used has been a disappointment .

Robowl has 5 mp when i last ran it. locking him with this system should work. I'm not being stubborn at all. No one has really explained anything here. People like to keep things to themselves, if this is one of the situations im cool with it; but All you guys have said is, yo it works. I could see how it would work with Srambad he has low MP. If you've juiced up lock you can basically confine him into an area. I accepted that, it doesnt make me stubborn at all.

But that's a very specific situation. Over all lock doesnt do shit compared to dodge.

The list of things you can do when you dodge, surpasses the list of things you can do with lock. That's a fact. How well does lock help prevent things( get side/backstab, kite, take advantage of secondary bonuses( range/aoe), avoid flaming (base dmg of the spells that proc it are shit, avoid bound, prevent tp/swap, push, and so on )

Dodge is an evasive maneuver anything that gets you out of lock falls understand.

Lock gets what ? flaming, pull, stabi, -ap/mp, CC dmg
flaming is the easiest thing to avoid, and dodging it is worth losing 4ap/4mp.
Stabi works every other turn. Then there are spells that arent suppose to work under stabi, yet they do.
Pull: its counter is push, tp, actually dodging. Also unlike push, or certain tp move, there's maybe like 1 pull spell ( panda revamp, but range of 3) that actually does dmg.
CC dmg: is only a 2 cell radius.

Every possible thing 'lock' can do 'dodge' has a counter, but 'lock' doesnt have a counter to all dodge maneuvers. I just dont see how you guys see any form of equality here.

Lockers have to pray that players, or mobs to fck up and end turn in CC. Dodger don't have to pray for shit, they just break lock cause they have all the AP/mp in the world to do so.

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Mango go away. Srambad only has 6 mp. With enough lock you can remove around 3. If you remove 4 you're gucci. Easy pull back. In this situation lock works. cant argue against. Classic robowl has 5 mp too if i recal. But if you look at Vertox who gets up too 8 mp lock is worthless.

Gynrei im looking at lock for what it is. All i got from you is --you dont see how lock works behind the scene.

When locked:

Mobs: can still perform their full combo even after losing 4 ap, Most mobs have 6 mp, still have 2 mp to move, usually have range. Two types of monster AI, agressive, and passive ( run away). Mobs do avoid high lock targets. also mobs have on average 300- 420 dodge, you'll need 800 + lock to remove - 4ap/-4mp

Dungeon boss: The bigger the map the more mp they get. even after removing -4ap from lock, They can still perform their full combos. I dont think bosses use all their AP. Bosses get OD MP removing 4 is nothing to them. Using srambad for example Lockers work great there. bosses with 2 mp are easier to control. How much lock dyou need to achieve that ? 900 +. [ i did mentoin before that its almost impossible to control boss movements with lock] Heck with the new bosses if you lock them you eat hella dmg from collision, or vertox 3rd clock cycle.

Players: - 4ap cost is huge, but you will never ever get enough lock for that without sacrificing hella damage. in term of dmg you take and you ditch out, it cancels out. In terms of mp -4 mp is alot to lose, but the average player has around 250-350 dodge. That requires 600 + lock from another player.

Im certain that no one can argue against. In terms of effectiveness, Dodge is 95 % of effective than lock. The amount of lock a person will put into lock will to achieve full ap/mp lose is not worth that 10 % of the time it works. Every person i've seen with a lock build in the past 3 months are all full dodge now. Everyone on the forums cant lie that they purposely dodge even if they'll lose up to 2 ap. I do it, i see other people do it, if you say you dont. you're a liya.

You cant pick the few situations and say lock is good. I'm done explaining this.

Oh btw... i can proc flaming. I'm a panda. I just toss people in a lil corner, and glue them there. People say its cheap and its starting to feel cheap. If the devs think lock is good they should just give me my dodge scalded. I will enjoy that to the max.

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