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posté January 22, 2015, 08:58:22 | #1

Quote (Gynrei @ 21 January 2015 18:28) *
What Panda scalded problem?

Apart from Enu, panda is the only other class that cant really proc scalded at will( or should i say with ease).... I've had to look at pandas mechanics for hours... to finally figure out a way to make Scalded proc when i need to it (1 vs 1 ), but the set up to do so is insane.... Good luck to all pandas figuring it out...

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posté January 21, 2015, 16:36:21 | #2
Im not falling for our screens mango :p .

Clearly this scalded mechanic works great with iops. Iops can defintely kill off a mob after stackin scalded and proc it. As for panda not so much.

@Micestroff : yeah no Six rose is the spell for pandas... I fought pandas who use lactic acid... and no i out dmg them with just six Rose. Lactic is only good in PvM and even there you can't always use it. Anyways Lactic acid doesnt give flaming stacks so idk why you're even bring that up. Im trying to figure out a solution to my panda scalded problem.

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posté January 21, 2015, 03:51:59 | #3

Quote (Micestorff @ 20 January 2015 23:13) *
Yes the new scalded is really bad if you are playing alone or doing 1 vs 1 (who the fuck cares about pvp anyway ?)

Whoo hold down with the "crappy damage" the new scaled hits like a truck and you dont lose stacks in the first turn.

Also Six Rose was always a crappy damage dealer theres was no reason to level it when Lactic acid scales better and cost the same with range at least now is leveling it increase the scalded stack.
I actually care about pvp even though i have to be my servers villain to fully enjoy it. PvP is the first thing i think of when it comes to making builds. PvM as long as your runed and know mobs mechanics any PvP build will work perfectly. On the other hand a PvM build will not always work build. Also any panda who ddnt lvl Six rose is a noob imo, but thats just me.

Also your blatant support for this system is only base on the fact that this is an mmo which is suppose to be a team game. You're currently supporting a shitty system. What we want is consistency in mechanics. hey if this mechanic had a 50/50 chance i'd be satisfied. When it comes to activating this scalded system its impossible to do so. It come down to this question, why nerf my constant base dmg( six rose) for dmg that i cant even proc by myself ?

You can only make a spell weaker if proc-in the secondary dmg is easy, that makes A LOT of sense but like LMF has no purpose, six rose is dmg useless. All because of what ? team effort ? I would love to see it when they put such conditions on heals. " You can only get heals from eni/sadida/ doll/ pet by being in close combat with the eni/ sadida/ doll/ pet at the start of its turn" If you think that's ridiculous then at least now you understand how ludacris this scalded mechanic is...

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posté January 20, 2015, 21:33:14 | #4
Im just going to say it. This scalded mechanic is shit. I mean its great that we can stack up 500 base dmg, but seriously WTF is the point of doing that is you can't really activate it by yourself.

In a panda point of view:

My main spell Six roses before this stupid change did decent dmg and with the old scalded mechanic its was on par with Iop's Jabs or shaker.

It was nerf'd because of a stupid scalded mechanic. I mean yall can support this mechanic as much as you want but i see it for what it truely is another failure of scalded.

Suuuuure in pvm scalded works great. Reason why :

1. The AI isnt some super computer he plans 15 moves ahead
2. You have allies to put monsters back in lock.

In PvP, which is the only thing i do. There is letterally no fckin way to lock someone unless i fckin go the extra mile and use a fckin combo that i can only use every 3 turns. i cant even synce scalded with this combo for atleast a single guaranteed that i'd get 1 simple flamin dmg turn.

You wanted people to be able to counter Scalded in PvP? People have fckin regen. All scalded really did was basically reduce regens effectiveness. So much fckin shit wasnt take into consideration when they made this fck'ed up mechanic.

Why would you make something that works 60 % of them time in PvM and 1 % of the time in PvP when the old mechanic worked 90 % of the time in pvm and 80% of the time in PvP?

Rage: LIKE THE FCKIN POTENTIAL SCALDED DMG ISNT EVEN WORTH IT IN PVP. You cant even based this mechanic on chance, It's straight up a waste of time. You've made 2 branches entirely based on scalded, Seriously you've tried to make it look soo good on panda with fckin flamin stack for 115 fof 4 ap, but its complete shit. Now They've dragg'd Iops in this. Iops cant really complain cause their base dmg ddnt change. Man Give me my fckin old six rose back and keep the scalded dmg if you want. You've been told it was going to be a shit mechanic now i have to deal with this for another what? 3 months?. FOH.

Scalded fix better be on your next hotfix, instead of some "usebug" as you like to call it.

Edit: basically Panda ( fire or earth) is meant to rely on allies to fully use its mechanics ? Do you realize how stupid that is ? I dont see xelors relying on allies to use aging dmg, cras dont rely on allies to use riddling, sadidas fckin poisins . eni's gangrene , osa summons; the list fckin goes on.

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posté January 17, 2015, 20:39:27 | #5
I understand how this new scalded is suppose to work, but lets face it its crap. The ability to lock someone is nearly impossible, so starting your turn next to someone or a monster only happen once in a blue moon. With push, Teleport, Free dodge spells , only sacrieur with cage of blood will benefit from this scalded system.

With this current system im starting to even question why you even nerf'd the base dmg of a spell [Six roses] for "potential" dmg. Clearly the scalded dmg is not worth the loss of reliable base dmg.

The only way this will work is if there are stages to scalded.

Stage 1: activate
Stage 2: cancels free dodge[maybe] and teleport ( like PoL, sram invis, jump or beacon sneak)
Stage 3: consume scalded ( Start over)

Stage 3, being the peak of flaming stacks, is where scalded classes have the most to lose. At least thanks to stage 2 enemies can't sync their invis turn cool down, jump there way out or prime of life there way to safety. When it comes to avoiding Stage 3 its all about dodge vs lock.

We had the perfect scalded the last version where you can stack up to 1000 base dmg and boom. That was perfect. Now you, Ankama, said if i recall 'being able to apply scalded from long distances was not the point of that mechanic' and im jst paraphrasing here.... Why didnt you just do the simplest thing and remove it off all ranged spells? ?

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posté January 03, 2015, 02:39:14 | #6
Yes the current pvp system is broken, but im not with all of these ideas. There's something about random pks that's fun.

My main issue with the current pvp system is seeing low arse lvl players with rank 1 wings or top ranking for the day. The difficulty for a higher lvl player to reach rank 1 is infinitely harder. High lvl players stay closer to dung entrances, Temple is a no pk zone, and low lvl player give us no merit point.

From what i recall there can only be one Rank 1 per server ( per nation?). A lvl 170 player can't make a lvl 80 player ( who's prob Rank 1 by now) lose any merit points, thus dethroning him is impossible. Being rank 1 should be exclusively to high lvl players ( within 20 lvls below the lvl cap). Seriously, would you really want your top ranking player be a lvl 80 player ?

An easy way to remedy this is to make low lvl players ,at a certain rank( 6 for example), lose a huge amount of merit point when attacked by high lvl players. The high lvl players don't need receive merit points in this situation, but this will at least cap low lvl players rank to 6; give them some incentive to lvl up; and leave the top 4 rank spots for High lvl pvp players.

I just think to be Rank 1 of your clan/server you need to have the best gear, the best thought out build and the skills to work around the hax classes or be one of the hax classes. The hax classes will always change with the revamps so there wont always be one class that's always Rank 1.

I jst can't stand seeing a low lvl being rank 1. It just looks stupid.


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posté December 15, 2014, 20:16:32 | #7
First, someone got his feelings hurt cause i said "shut up" Well if i was directly aiming at you i would have said your name. I'm not a puss[ got no time for quotes]. + there are other people that are thinking same thing. You're not the center of the world.

As for the dmg dealer part: REASON WHY IT IS SO RELEVANT: is because the devs themselves explained this several months back. They defined what dmg dealers are , i.e having more considreably more % dmg than non dpt classes. So yes, the info was relevant when talking about dpt classes vs support; i wasnt just pulling ish out of my arse.

Also the dmg panda does now isnt that huge. IF people are trying to talk about scalded dmg think again. it definitely takes more turns than 2-3 turns to do 2k-3k dmg with scalded alone. And if you're counting the burst dmg [regular dmg + scalded] only, you're forgetting about the previous turn where the panda probably did less than 1.5 k dmg ( assuming they only used LMF).

Now here's WHY panda is so important when we talk about scalded. IT'S BECAUSE OF THE PANDA REVAMP THAT SCALDED GOT CHANGED. Nuff said.

I just see this scalded mechanic as a op Destructive, only because of the aoe on death. As far as i know people aren't really complaining about destruct. Don't see why people would complain about scalded now.


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posté December 15, 2014, 05:06:28 | #8
Hey, its the forgotten Bee~
Crawling out of the shadows after a long break.
I've had the chance to try out this new panda.

First, It's good to be back. "Finally, The [Beezneez] has come back, to the [Fo~rums]" [ No one cares] (/)/ \__/ .... ok.

The scalded nerf is indeed sad, but i'd like to remind everyone(especially the devs) that this mechanic of scalded( buildin up dmg then burst) has been planned in pandas revamp since Grou's panda revamp. He was going to use dizzy consumption for burst. They've promoted the idea of delayed burst dmg for pandas.

Just to make my point clear, pandas were the only ones who were suppose to benefit from this mechanic. it was suppose to be the "destructive arrow " for pandas. Enus and sacrieurs gotn lucky ^^.

To shut up the people who say "panda's a support class its not meant to do dmg". A simple comparison will do Sram(DPT) revamp VS Panda(Support) revamp. All you need to do is look at how much %final dmg sram gets ( around 30 % without stats maybe more) and panda ( 10 % without stats). For those looking at pandas spells and saying the are getting another 10 % from barrel that's only true for lactic acid; for bliss, however, it's just a way to avoid putting two base dmgs on description ( with barrel and without).

Now back to scalded: Did you know?
- crit hit dmg and backstab does not affect its dmg ?
- to stack scalded the base dmg you do is ridiculously low; at 160 with LMF 135 base; sure with more ap you can do more dmg, but keep in mind the average base dmg is close to 300. more dpts get up to 400
- No addtional side dmg or backstab dmg
-takes 6-8 turns with LMF; way longer with six roses(pvp : any class would have killed you or would have enough HP to survive; pvm: really not that usefull, actually works like destruct arrow)

The only acceptable nerf would be the AoE of scalded...I like it, but i've never really had the chance to enjoy it. It's kinda like eni's massacuring mark; you only really use it for the heals, rarely for the dmg.

Anyones who's fought me knows im not a LMF( or should i say ranged scald user), but the ability to stack scalded is actually needed for pandas. It's an extremely useful tool again those classes with absurd Coag ( sacrieur and fecas).

/Panda Part over skip if you wish

Someone said something about Osas, Osa needed this nerf. I'm not one to accept nerfs cause i use every class but in PvP Osas were simply broken. First its the numbers game 3 vs 1 from the first turn cycle. You have to either kill pets or osa. Hit osa they heal back to full hp, kill summons they res, some reflect so killing both is a guaranteed - 20 % ( ?) of their total hp.
If you think Osa's shouldnt be nerf'd do this. Go dragon or not, the point is you can use your summons, and fight another summon Osa. Let me know how many fights you win. you will quickly realize why people support this nerf. Even with this nerf tho Osa's are still going to be broken

BGB (Bad Guy Bee)

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posté May 28, 2014, 11:36:57 | #9
I'm glad to see that the community , or atleast a few people, care about the mods feeling and position in his game. Let me be the [Removed], and say this. I don't believe a word any mods, especially Sabi, say.

No offence to Sabi, but from what i understand she is jst a community manager. She's basically our babysitter. Her job is to make sure her 'children'( the players) remain content.

"What is more important for you, your game, or your customers? [Removed]

Ankama right now doesn't give two lil [Removed] about its customers. Games been out for 3 years. It sister/brother dofus has been out for what 10 years. Dofus has a whole bunch of sweet features, one of them being item/ character restauration. The code is there its available. The language in coding wakfu and dofus might be different, but its a simple matter of copy pasting, and polishing. Look at all the content that has been released, and remember all the bugs. and look at this list think about what ankama fixes first and when they do it.

1. Dungeon boss bugs vs Character bugs
2. Multiman vs everything
3. Class revamp vs Content release
4. Class nerf cause of a revamp( example being lock/dodge system)
5. Item loss ( they will fix the bug, but almost never give you compensation for being a victim)
6. Mobs buffs vs character buffs( mobs get all the OP stuff, just look at gm, and we get nerfs)

Side note[: Damn look at GM. The mobs can do it all; ap, mp chip, blind, zombi, instant kill, heal, poison , res. the ridic thing is the AP cost for all this.]

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of these issues should have been fixed decades ago. IF customers were really the main priority things like item/ character restoration would have been available by now. You got people losing relics, freaking relics, even after sending logs and providing undeniable proof they will prob never get it back; or they will get it back when the relic is worth 2 pennies.

If you haven't all noticed, Ankama, well the Wakfu team is stalling. Since November 2013 things have been slow they've been taking long ass breaks. Sure we got a dung and an island, but what happened to the 100+ revamp that was initially suppose to happen in the first quarter of 2014. I know one fool is going to say 'yeah it got moved to july [or some other month]', but check this. IF you still dont believe me look at the New insignia they released. Got sub for 3 months to get it. Boom trapped for another 3 months.

That WIP devblog gave rogues a lil revamp/rebalancing/fix; call it what you want, but isnt such changes suppose to happen during that 100 + revamp? why not wait then? why touch rogues now ? Im not raging about potential rogue nerf. Im raging about the fact that they have time to touch rogues when they are suppose to bring the grou's axe plague during the 100 + revamp. So what? they are going to balance rogue out again during that 100 + revamp? Sounds a little counterintuitive.

Bottom line its 100% obvs that they care more about the game in every aspect. It works like a freakin casino. The house always wins. We lose our money to subs, ogrine, and trade bugs( = time).
At this point i think its safe to assume that the wakfu teams size reduced over winter break which would explain why content release is so slow.
Not that important: [If you're still wondering why you're playing this game its for very simple reasons. Its cheap, you've got nothing better to do during your free time, and this is pretty much like a social media; you get all he the bad and good ( drama and a good laugh) things in life right at your desk.]

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posté May 26, 2014, 23:38:29 | #10
Asse shield : 3 mil
Celestial Bearbarian Amulet : 3-5 mil
Dark Vlad's Epaulettes : 25-30 mil
Gelano : 1-2 mil
Harry boots : 15-19 mil
Meridia Insignia : 4 mil
Nettlez : 13-17 mil
Otomai's Disciple Armor : 2.5 - 3 Mil
Powerful Dazzling Belt : 13 mil
Solomonk :
10-15 Mil

My price range might seem low for most, but still ,for some relics, what people are paying for is the aura and a few more crits. You could argue that the unique stats ( AP/ MP/ Range) make a huge difference, but i dont think that difference is worth 8mil +. Well its a "relic" so its def worth millions.

Edit : [Dathura] 

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #736575  Replies : 26  Views : 1308
posté May 08, 2014, 04:57:28 | #11
@Minimikeh: Glad i moved over. Everyone in Elysium's awesome
@Elinarch : Agreed.

@Ichie: True def could have worded it better, but this is how one of my so called "friend" made it seem like when i swapped servers. The others were cool about it, but this particular one caused so much drama over me leaving that it def felt like that person wanted me to stay at all cost; or was mad at himself/herself for not doing the same and was casting all they anger/frustration on someone(i.e me).

Either way you jst cant hate someone for going to a better place.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #728733  Replies : 76  Views : 2623
posté May 08, 2014, 04:37:04 | #12
Regardless of how close you are with people on your server, if you feel like you have to swap server; you gotta swap. People could swap server because one server is more peaceful than another, or there is a better population. If you friends from your previous server hate you for it, then they weren't really (good) friends. You cant hate someone for trying to enjoy the game better. Hating someone for leaving you behind is jst ridic, especially when you get to the point where you ask yourself " should i swap or stay". If you chose to stay. That's on you. You can't be mad at anyone at that point. Would you let your friend be bored, be miserable, play by himself, or stare at his screen, just because you don't want them to swap servers? That's jst being mean for no good reason.

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posté April 04, 2014, 03:04:38 | #13
Water/fire hands down.
Note: my eni is 12 ap so all this info is based on a 12 ap build.

In terms of heals, Water/fire does the most heals. Even more than pure water. What puts water fire on top of water/air is marks effects and massacuring mark. First you want to look at the one spell that makes water/fire worth it, refund mark. Refund mark, before the fecas pheles buff, was the strongest 6 ap single target spell in the game. Upon killing the monsters marked with a refund you get your ap used back. This is also the best heal move you've got. Instead of using fort to fully heal an ally within LoS, you could use refund. On the respect dummy with +1000 heal i crit healed for 1.7, still had 4 ap left would heal again with sadist mark or use psykosis flask to switch back to water heals.

Massacuring mark was nerfed on the eni revamp, but its still pretty freakin good. Killin a marked lvl 145 monster next to an ally will give that ally a base heal of 116 ( affected by the eni's %fire dmg and + heals). My water/fire eni has 567 % fire dmg and + 56 heals, but i heal through mark 800 + a pop and each time a marked monster gets kill i get +20 % fire dmg . When a marked lvl 145 monster dies next to its own ally, that ally will suffer -116 base dmg ( only affected by eni's % fire dmg). The dmg part of the mark doesnt happen that often but i still see the mark hitting for like 360 on mobs with decent fire resist.
Massacuring mark makes spells like rebirth mark pretty fckin OP. Finishing off a lvl 145 spells with a 2 ap spells, doing 116 base dmg/heal to whoever is around, marking another monster and use that rebirthed monster for more base dmg; its seems like a lot just for 2 ap.

While if you look at water/air, you've got two spells that cost a WP. Fortify and Lethargy both are very good spells. You've got to build up propagator to use the effect. And i dont recall this clearly, so correct me if im wrong, but you also dont keep the + % air dmg forever. I think its reset when it reaches max. Air's got good dpt, but i think its better as a single element; or with fire that way you can switch element based on monsters resists.

Here's one thing i can say for sure, getting +3 range for water/fire or water/air is complicated. Unless you get the celestial bearbarian ammy, you will struggle with getting that +3 range. You will either want to get tijeebon + dagger ( which is only better for heals) or scepter of wage ( which is best for dmg and heal, but you'll lose + resist.). If you're still thinking about makawand so be it, but the whole purpose of going water/fire, or water air is to be able to do some dmg when needed.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #711261  Replies : 1  Views : 10
posté March 29, 2014, 11:10:21 | #14
Glyph feca
I am definitely not one that is willing to share his builds with other, but i feel like i must give some hope back to fecas. After doing some serious tests on the beta server i learned the true dpt potential of a feca. At 145, as long as you have a difference of 600 % dmg between fecas dmg ( cmc included) and the monsters res, you should be able to 500 - 600 with one flaming carpet crit glyph. On the beta server i was doing 600 + on the dummy with around 630+ % fire dmg. Now the 600+ dmg was done with only one glyph. now imagine it with 2 glyphs, thats 1200 to all the monster you can fit in it. Now imagine having 4 glyphs, that's 2400 to all the mobs you can fit in the glyph. Cert you gotta crit and take into account block, but you can still do some serious dmg on an AoE lvl. Also a normal flaming carpet glyph with 600% dmg difference should do around 400 so thats still 800 with two glyph and 1600 with 4 .

If you use Wakfu elements right and take into account runes, you will realize that is possible to reach 800+ % cmc dmg ( 610+% from gear/stats + 90 from inversion + 100 cmc from gear). At this point you'll be dropping flaming carpet glyphs to kill of the clusterfuck of monsters. And if you dont need to drop glyphs anymore you'll still have 700% dmg to do single hits.
Please note: that all that has been said above is all based on he assumption that there is a difference of 600% cmcdmg. Obvs if there isnt you will be hitting more or less based on the monsters res.

Overall opinion on fire feca spells

Fire feca is actually a pretty good dpt, the only problems im facing is init and gear, but then again my feca is water/fire and water/fire gear has kinda crappy init.
Flaming carpet has one base dmg less than Osa's whip. Its no LoS and minus the fact that osa can gear up with backstab gear you can already guess how much dmg flaming carpet can do, and its no LoS. Natural attack hits pretty hard just as hard as flaming carpet, only issue with it is it's range. Volcano isnt bad but its armor is the only good thing about it ; you can give your whole team +50 %- 75 % more dmg. Meteorite shower is ass imo, but if you want crit and lose block, lvl it. Pheles got super buff'd its now the best 6 ap spell in terms of single target dmg with 540 % dmg difference you should be doing 1.7 + crits.
Pheles glyph is ass. Here;s how it works: say you can fit 4 monster in the glyph, i know thats pretty squeeshy. It only really does OP dmg on the slowest monster. meaning the last guy to leave the glyph will get hit by X amount of people who started in it. So one pheles glyph can potentially hit the last target 5 times, the one before him 4, kinda like a countdown hit, but you'll most likely ever see such a set up once in a blue moon.

Thread : Feca  Preview message : #708129  Replies : 9  Views : 814
posté March 27, 2014, 17:35:18 | #15
All i can see is people gearin their enis to be heal dummies. -20% resist is nothing. Before the Rogmourne and hushed sceptors people have been wearing Grou's Axe(-25%res) like it was nothing. Anyways, im focusing more on the heal branch(water) and how the sceptor works in dual element ( water/fire, Water/air).

If you're going Water/fire or Water/air you are doing that for one reason. You want your eni to be a Healer/DPT, and the weapon you use is based on what you want more. All i am sayin, and it seems like it isnt getting throught peeps thick skulls, is if you want to be a support DPT. You still want to have high % dmg since + heal does not improve your eni's dmg. The sceptor of Wage give you more % dmg and more heals.

Anyways I know some people on the forums are thick in the head so i might need to have you think a lil bit more. After you get a stable strat for any dung, how often does your eni have to heal ? There are times where you dont have to even heal anyone . Oh, and since Wa's been mentioned , my eni only ever gets hit by Wa's wrath, and guess who lived and didnt have to heal itself every turn? Yes, good job, my eni.

When you get to that point where you can run a dung and barely suffer any dmg, it makes the enis job boring. All the eni can do at that point is switch to dmg mode but then you got shit % dmg; the you wonder how your + heals are going to help. So yea if the sceptor allows an eni to get 600-650 % dmg with very lil +heals(40-80),but can still hit/heal as much( actually more) as a water eni that has 550% dmg with a shit load of + heal( 150 ish) and +20 % more resist; I'd pick the scepter of Wage any day.

And if its not sinkin in let me say this. Healer enis are suppose to be like cras ,at the back and barely taking any dmg. If you're playing your eni like an iop then wear that tij Scepter of Wage is a perfectly good range weapon for water( is better wit Tij + rotten dagger), water/fire/ and water/air.

Anyways y'all can enjoy your makawand+ dagger or Tij + daggers, while i make an OP Water/fire eni.
Sceptor ftw !

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #706689  Replies : 51  Views : 2045
posté March 27, 2014, 06:50:08 | #16
I ddnt really bother reading the whole thread cause its pretty obvious that the mallet is better.

Anyways with general dmg affecting heal now, Enis have the ability to be an off-dpt/off-healer. So its up to you to decided whether you want your eni to be more dpt or more heals.

For pure water/heals enis, the mallet + rotten dag provide the most heals, but if you're dual element water/fire or air/water the mallet isnt the best option.

If you're going dual element that means your planning to use your healer ( whichever it may be) as a dpt. For eni's having 6 range on invig/fort is strongly recommended. Scepter of wage is the best weapon in this situation. Now that gen dmg affects heals you dont have to worry about the amount of + heal your healer has. Apart from the Tij mallet and rotten Dag, there is no Tij + dagger combo that will give more dmg+ heals than the Scepter's general dmg. Even fully runed there's no other combo that will give more than the scepter. The only thing you really lose from the Scepter is Init and some resist.

Short version :The scepter will give you more % dmg( and technically 1-3% more heals) when you actually want to do dmg, while the Tij mallet will give you less % dmg more (but more + heals) so you'll be hitting for less.

Using an eni as an example, you will have the choice to get 500 % dmg + 40 heals or 440 % dmg + 100 heals. Seeing how +heal and dmg on relic were the same( 1to 1), both these stat should provide 540 % worth of heals. I had to make this choice for my dual element eni, and im sure anyone who's been in this situation prob did they same, I chose to get 500 % dmg +40 heals so i could do more dmg when needed to while doing the same heals. in this example you're hittin for 60 % more dmg; the scepter the -20 resist wont feel like such a bad idea especially when you can rune 20 % res quite easily.

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Right now the best feca is earth. Get high enough resist, thanks to lock, and high enough % earth dmg ( lets says 500 % to 600 %) you can do any and all content. You just wont get pick'd for content where a rush strat is needed, cause earth fecas dmg was scaled down for the armor.

Water is the best DPS imo. My feca has like 9 range on bubble, 7 with avalanche 7 with steam. Like 2/5 of the spells require no LoS. Cra's 2.0, maybe better cause they got more no LoS spells.

Now fire... fire is crap as a DPT. It's a "staller" DPT and what i mean by staller is that the fire feca DPT game play is " Im going to put an armor on you or a glyph, and you just wait for it to take effect, then you'll see my dmg" In PvP any other class will one turn the feca, in PvM mobs general resist are soo high that you'd be hitting as hard as a water eni... There are so many things wrong with this Fire feca.. i'd rather have the onld glyphs with these new spells.

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Quote (Gynrei @ 06 February 2014 22:42) *
@Merriden: Sorry if that was confusing. I don't believe there is only one correct answer to this situation.

My point was that if you don't balance things around PvE as well it can have a direct impact on PvP. Allowing players to abuse game mechanics to kill faster gives them more kama, levels and items than players who do not abuse them. In other words, Rogues allow you to farm faster and get more loot than players using other classes. And in PvP, gear is important, so better gear and more runes is a tangible advantage of having a Rogue.

I don't want to see classes homogenized. But i don't want to see one class to rule them all either. Those are both extreme cases and unfortunately Rogue fit into the later and needed adjustment.

@Beezle: Luck is irrelevant. If i go by worst case scenario, 40 min rogue run 2 hour non rogue run... this equals 3 times as many runs for the rogue team. 3 times the possible drops. That seems significant to me.

@Toasty: I fail to see how a mob getting hit by storm arrow at max 2 per turn is much different than getting hit by firewall 3 per turn. The potential damage inflicted from firewall is extremely high for the AP invested. Should i compare it to other AoE's in the game?

I'm probably going to antagonize you further but... yes, I can certainly calculate the potential dmg from Punishment and Firewall. Every spell has a very real number cap to it based on your gear and your target. Why should Firewall be different?

Feca's are getting their glyphs 'nerfed' as well. They will only activate upon the start of the targets turn. Pushing, pulling, or pandas can't activate them multiple times. We don't know how Feca's new glyphs will play out yet. They haven't even been released.

I prefer to think Ankama is trying to stop the game becoming Roguefu. If they left this class as strong as it is more people will play them to compete. Many players bandwagon the strongest classes, this isn't a new theme in MMO's. I don't want to see that happen.

I don't think that's a great analogy. Ankama took away your screw-driver so you didn't poke the other kids eyes out in PvP when they're only allowed to use their bare hands (Forgive me if that was silly)
Look this is probably going to be my last post. It doesnt matter if rogues run content faster. You shouldnt want content to last for 1-2 hours anyways regardless of what class you take. If you like wasting time then go ahead. It's very clear that this nerf or any class nerf isnt deserved but they are players like you that always try to justify why its ok for a class to get nerf'd. The reason for the nerf itself was dumb. AI abuse ? So because ankama doesnt want to work on their own mobs they nerf a class? Then players because they are what ? Envious of the fact that one class is able to do some content fairly easily, hop on ankamas nerf wagon. Oh wait... I remember not to long ago people were saying panda barrel block was op and they were demanding a nerf. If i ask people whether they wanted the nerf for pvp or pvm and they said pvm. I'd say bull shit. The community needs to get their shit together. If you are a support class know that you arent suppose to hit as hard as a DPT class. Dont go crying about it, use the freakin specialities they gave you. If it isnt enough ask for a buff. I know the DPT classes are complaining Iops are still viable in end game content while the best strats are all about kitting and keeping mobs away. You ever wonder how much bread a cra needs ? Cras are maybe the one class that needs what 3 times less bread than any other class , apart from enis i suppose. They get range DPT and they get decent resists. Best of both worlds.

The reason this game is going to shit is because we are content with the crap ankama gives us. idgaf if they are like 7 people developing the game. It's VERY clear how ankama works. They do all their work 3 weeks before the release. The freakin Feca really got revamped a week ago. The changes from the devblog should have just been minor tweaks on the beta forum. We should have been pushing the feca to the limit to find bugs; instead we found work that was barely started. It doesnt take a freakin rocket scientist to realize that nerfs are really ankama being lazy. Then i get on the forum to see people talk about how rogues are whining about a nerf and that they deserve a nerf hammer. I've ask people why do they think rogues deserve a nerf and i got answers like " it's not normal for them to run high lvl content faster than any other class" Here's my answer to that. 130 + mobs get a dmg buff for anyone lower than them, they get ridiculously high resist. Now you are going to tell me that its not normal for a lvl 130 rogue to kill a monster or 2 of the same lvl all because what its end game content? Lets go back abit. A lvl 60 cra fighting moowolf. it will fight moowolf alot easier and faster than an iop or a sac or any other class cause it can kite everything. I bet the community is going to say lvl 60 cras deserve a nerf because its running mobs its lvl a lot easier than any other class. I can go on with a lot more examples, but its pretty clear that demanding/supporting such a nerf form the community is stupid.

Demanding/supporting a nerf comes down to PvP. Its the only acceptable reason for someone to ask for a nerf. It makes player vs player gameplay unfair[ sounds reasonable right?]. I dont see why player would complain about player versus monsters. " Oooooo that guy crit for 2k on a monster, that class needs a nerf. Off to the forums" That basically what the community is saying about any dmg nerf. Oh and if you ddnt know yet... after the sram and panda revamp. EVERY CLASS IS GET REWORKED FOR PVP. So any nerf they do for pvp it should apply to PvM. Man i cant wait to see what the community is going to say if there is a mass nerf for pvp. What's going to be your reason to support all class nerfs? Ankama knows best? I bet they do. - Looks at arena, alkatrool, postponed GvG, PvP, Revamps, Harebourg chapter 2-

-tis my last post. enjoy the perpetual nerf demands/support. When that revamp 2.0 happens beware.

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