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posté May 24, 2015, 00:52:48 | #1

Quote (jubeli @ 23 May 2015 23:55) *

Quote (Taku- @ 23 May 2015 20:59) *
It's kind of a joke how they revamped several classes, and then decided to change the spell system by which every class is made, and thereby change all passives and actives of both revamped AND unrevamped classes. And this is AFTER they said they were unlikely to make small changes to classes because it would take too much time and not be worth it.

This is really nice of their part. They realised that revamping all classes will take ages and are making fixes to them. Im really happy they did it.

This 100 + revamp is a clear contradiction to whatever ankamas has been saying about revamps for the past 5 years. They created an illusion of work when it comes to revamps.

I get the feeling they spend 80% of their time brainstorming and 20 % of their time on actual development when it comes to classes. From the programmers side its all about getting this design, and typing in all the information.
That's like 1 or 2 days worth of work ( for 2 classes ). For the animation , i have no idea how that works, if i had to take an educated guess i'd say about 2 weeks, maybe a few days; seeing how only a few animations get added.

back to the point. They could have easily revamped or atleast done these tweaks ages ago, but as Taku clearly stated ankama said " it would take too much time and not be worth it." 3 years of revamp vs 3 month 100 + revamp. Clearly we've been mislead, and now i'd like to see how they are going to deal with this once the 100 + revamp is live.

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posté May 22, 2015, 18:16:48 | #2

Quote (Lukinerx @ 22 May 2015 15:58) *

The characters now earn 10 per POS level instead of POS 5 per level. This change was made to offset the loss of resistance in the force characteristic.
We removed the following characteristics:
Damage to all members (5 / pt) + Resistance in an element (7 / pt).
Hit Points (15 / pt) + Resistance in an element (7 / pt)

.These are replaced by:
Damage to all members (5 / pt).
Single target damage (8 / pt).
Area damage (8 / pt).
Melee Damage (8 / pt).
Ranged damage (8 / pt).
Hit Points (20 / pt)

Lol alot of people thought i was talking shit when i was saying secondary dmg was going to become key in toons dmg.

The loss of resistance is great if you ask me. We are getting more HP; instead of getting 5 hp per lvl we are getting 10. So double our current base hp.

80 % final res on dpt toons was too broken if you ask me. Why? well the expression the best defense is offense applies here. All mainstream dpt ( Iop/Cra) do/reach crazy dmg values. Why should they have the same res as Tanks, who cant do/reach the same values? Well with the double base hp, i doubt much will change in pvp.

For those complaining about res in pvm again. you're getting double your current HP... you wont feel much change from it in dungs. In fact the boss penalties will feel less penalizing .

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posté May 22, 2015, 04:46:32 | #3
For all those who may have lost track here's why this new system is so "limiting"

3 element player have 6 spells to lvl and 5 active to use in fight. That's a total of 11 spells, that they specialize in.

Those 11 spells are mainly used for DMG, or for tank purposes. Now there are the utility spells, the spells that aren't necessarily used for dmg, but are used for their effects ( such as push/ attracting allies); those spells that you use once in a blue moon. As a 3 element character and with the future deck system, there's no room for those utility spells in your deck.

Dual element and single element are less limited than than 3 element. They should have 1-3 slots for utility spells

Now the big issue here is, we are going from accessing 20 spells ( 15 element spells + 5 actives), but specializing in 11; to accessing and specializing in 11 spells at a time. [based on currentl lvl cap and info on screen]

This affects every lvl player.

You can already see how, "limiting" this new system is.

The whole deck Idea works just fine with pvp.... pvm not so much

This post has been edited by Beezle - May 22, 2015, 04:47:41.
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posté May 22, 2015, 02:15:02 | #4
More info:

Not sure if this was mentioned before, but not all classes will be updated for tmrw beta update.

Its confirmed that panda wont be updated.

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posté May 22, 2015, 02:06:44 | #5
You seem to be a sac. Do you see the dmg output difference between you and an Iop ? Iop has a lot more freedom when it comes to spell for dmg and coag. Sacs are limited to the fire branch for dmg, Air, loses dmg because of its mobility effects, earth has no option for dmg. Its full coag.

Tweaking sacs spells is necessary to make them more viable in dungs.

Quote (SacridTaco @ 22 May 2015 02:05) *

Quote (Gelgy @ 22 May 2015 01:52) *

Quote (Heartyace @ 22 May 2015 01:37) *

Quote (SacridTaco @ 22 May 2015 01:27) *
It simply doesn't matter if we can deal with it. It's the fact that we don't have to.
Those of you saying "this'll let you optimize and specialize your build". Guess what. You can do that now without restricting anything.
If someone breaks your car window, sure, you can duck tape some plastic on there and deal with it. But should you want to? No. Broken is broken no matter if it's tolerable or not.
He gets it.
No he doesn't.

No seriously, that's not the point at all. Yeah, you can build an Air/Earth Sacrier that's completely specialized in mobile tanking, but if something isn't generally useful in the vast majority of battles, you won't bother with it. This new system will let you have a deck with those situational spells for the battles where they're most useful, and maybe even swap to Fire when you need to be more damage oriented. This isn't replacing one build with a single more limited build.

I'm not trying to say this system's not potentially flawed. I'm just as concerned about low-level builds being overly restricted, or builds for ultimate bosses being a pain as anybody else. But if we're going to criticize it, we absolutely need to remember that you're not stuck with a single static deck for a single character. If swapping decks isn't easy, or if the decks aren't sufficient for level-appropriate content, then it's a problem. And that's stuff we'll have to try out on Friday to be sure about.

If we can't save decks and swap them quickly, though, then I'll be ready to grab my torch and pitchfork too.
No. You don't get it. It's impossible to know what you're going to need for a battl. Things are called "situational" for a reason. You may need them, you may not. You don't know until you get into the fight.
Here's an example. Fire Sacrier and a Feca tank are in the same group. Sac is dealing damage and Feca is tanking. Feca dies so now Sac wants to go into defense mode and take a few blows. Guess what. Now you can't do that.
Here's another. Sram doesn't take Fear because there's a Panda. Not his job to move people so why take it? Running HC Vertox and the guy after him is about to be sucked into a lapse barrier. Tough crap, he can't help cause it wasn't his job to move people.
This limits tacticallity of classes no matter how you look at it and being able to swap a build before hand doesn't help anything.
You've got a point. I think Deck swapping should be part of the speed bonus then.

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posté May 22, 2015, 01:56:22 | #6
Okay. I was going to be really upset with this post, but thats no longer the case. Anyone notice how much different Sadidas 'Wild Grass' is ? Its now a 2 ap spell AoE spell. It's safe to assume all the non revamped classes got some spell tweak and base dmg reevaluation.

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posté May 22, 2015, 01:42:09 | #7
idk if anyone ask this question yet, but can we save decks?

I see the deck code and all, but do you really expect us to copy past the code, every time we want to change builds ?
Why not just create a spot to save up to 3 decks ?

.... im glad dual element and single elements benefit from this spell system. Nothings really changed for 3 element its the same 11 spells rn ( 6 spells + 5 actives). Yeah, im aware you can replace that one useless active for a spell, but they are also giving each class a new actives that you'll most likely take over a spell. I know its going to be a choice, but old habits die hard.

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posté May 21, 2015, 10:12:40 | #8
Allow me to share this. There will be no heroes till September. Its a major update and will only be released then.

" La feature Héros est très importante, elle sera donc incluse dans une MàJ. Je ne peux te confirmer laquelle pour l'instant mais quoi qu'il arrive, il n'y aura pas de patch cet été pour mettre en ligne cette fonctionnalité." - Hush

rant : I truely wish they had made heroes as simple as mounts. This is how long we would have waited if we wanted ankama to take their time and release it "right". For all those who supported this concept of giving ankama time to release a proper and more indepth hero system, yall are idiots. Really, i meant this. Had we just asked for heros to work just like Multimen we would have had it by now. Now, till the release of heroes system, the Steal Beak Drops make 0 sense. " bound on account " " bound on equip" Got to go through that bull on 6 accounts instead of 2 ...

I must say i am very disappointed in Ankama. They've made all the wrong decisions this year. First, was introducing the idea of 4 major update per year. That clearly didn't work last year, idk why they thought it would work this year.
Next stopping the revamps. You touched up all the classes, and one of the classes got changes that are " very close to a revamp", why not just take that step to revamping them. Its possible, you just have to give the developers the design.
Heroes, making it bigger than it had to be. Heroes was a great idea. 6 boxing with 2 boxer, you already have it with MM. How hard is it to adapt our own characters. All that extra stuff could have been released later.
The last 5-6 months: iop/cra revamp steal beak; and now our major update is themed of Forfut. Forfut. Forfut, really ? You skipped the PvP arena , the lvl 100 + for forfut.

:/ Heroes System was going to open so many doors for wakfu, but now those doors are going to open later... 3months later. Lets see who sticks around that long.

Man idk.. only reason im still playing it cause i lost a bet on the Mayweather vs pacquiao

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posté May 02, 2015, 23:17:18 | #9

Quote (Hearttyace @ 02 May 2015 22:15) *

Quote (Beezle @ 02 May 2015 14:11) *

Pretty sure it's just a niche for damage dealers of a sort. The WP I speak of. As if they didn't get WP from just attacking it'd be a very clunky mechanic. But it could also be that as we said before, Class revamps are getting better with each revamp(Although they could just tweak the new classes).

But again, Class revamps started in September with the stat revamp. The WP regen is a small part of what they're doing to classes now (For example Iop and Srams final damage can calculate up to 600% flat damage, The amount of sustain a character has, the ease of resource chipping, etc)

I thought so too, but Sram who are dmg dealers have that conditional WP regen. Pandas followed through with this WP regen system, then elios just came out of nowhere.

Idk if you realized but you get a reward for WP regen. Srams get additional base dmg, panda is gain/removal of resist, Iops/ cras is final dmg. The reward is the "niche" , the method to get the reward not so much. Well I wont know for sure till the eni/sadida revamp happens. If eni/sadida get natural regen, then thats the new standard, and sram/panda are due for a revamp a coupe years from now.

The stat revamp was really to make mob stat balancing easier. In the old system i believe they wanted to cap % dmg at 1000 %, but that made it harder for them in the res/hp area of mobs. Also Azael noticed we like to see/do big dmg values so that's was another reason. It was more for the players satisfaction and game development, than class focused.

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posté May 02, 2015, 14:11:29 | #10
Right now our only hope is the 100+ revamp. We should get more spells to lvl and this will greatly reduce the limitations certain classes have; it will possibly open up more dmg combo.

IF they add more passive/actives like they wanted to do last year. This will give more tools to non revamped classes. It will give the newly revamped classes more tools too, but at least the non revamped classes will have a few tools that follow the current passive/active standards.

If i were to say where the new revamps starts, I'd say its start from Iop and Cra; you could argue eliotropes too.

My reason for saying that is the WP regen. its more about 'how its done' vs being able to WP regen. A few people have said it start from sram, but i dont agree. There are classes that have what i call conditional WP regen, and the other who have natural regen.

What's the difference? Natural WP regen is seamless, like Iops, Cras and Eliotropes. There's no real effort to regen. It a question of when is my WP going to regen. You can pretty much burn WP without fear of running out of it.

Conditional WP regen, is like Panda Dizzy consumption for WP or having to drop barrel before the merry cycle starts over; Masqurador 's charade ( crit hit, dodge, and kill monster); or srams weak point consumption. Here, it's more about looking at stats in fight to make sure you dont waste WP regen. idk if this makes sense, but in fight it becomes a question of 'when should i' get my WP back. Like you actually have to control stat consumption, as in putting in work for that WP.

I am now aware that this doesnt apply as much to masq, but the conditions arent 100 %. As in a masq will not always crit, there wont always be mobs to dodge ( especially when boss is alone), and they do have great burst them but they wont always kill nearly enough mobs to get their wp back to max. Vs looking at Cras, each hit helps toward WP regen; the more you hit the faster it stacks.

But then again it could be the whole Support, DPT, and healer WP regen methods.
I was going to be 100 % sure about the revamp cycle once i saw the eni/sadida revamp. If they had a natural WP regen, then i'd know iop and cra started a new revamp cycle. If they had a different WP regen, i'd say support, dpt and healers get different regen methods. if not it would boil down to natural WP regen vs Conditional WP regen.

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posté April 30, 2015, 19:24:45 | #11

Quote (RyF @ 30 April 2015 09:39) *

Quote (Beezle @ 30 April 2015 06:45) *
Ankama already made a storyline for Astrub. What they could do/should have done is make a story line for each nation( will aslo work with politics revamp) . You know kind of take them through all the dungeons in said nation. Storylines like srambad and enurado . it would have that be a mandatory thing for all those who make a character through the tutorial. Once they are done with the Nation story line there quest could be to ,idk, make friends and get stronger to then face the Ogrest. Basically what we're doing rn.

Hello Beezle (and others) !

Did you actually READ Aza's blog that everyone is quoting, referencing and translating? We ARE working on that.
And if you have problems getting a good translation from Aza's french blog, you could juste read this :
read me please =^__^= followed by read me too ! c'mon :-P

I hope this clears things up a bit for you, concerning low level retention, storyline, whatever.

Have a good day and cheer up !


I had no idea you shared your thought on the general lore thread. I will start following that from now on. I do hope you guys achieve a system where you don't need to push back on anymore content, where you'll be able to release it and easily modify it if you dont like the results. I speak for myself when i say this, but i see a lot more hard work and determination from your part when release content and fix it later, than flat out postponing it. But that's just me.

Thanks for the response.

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posté April 30, 2015, 06:45:00 | #12
Like i said said i was just remember that off the top of my mind. Prob read the book a few days ago. I see what you're saying Madd. I ddnt think about it like that. I do want more people to join the game, but when i start a new game.. i dont really thinking about the low lvl content. I just try to rush as fast as possible to the max lvl.

Ankama already made a storyline for Astrub. What they could do/should have done is make a story line for each nation( will aslo work with politics revamp) . You know kind of take them through all the dungeons in said nation. Storylines like srambad and enurado . it would have that be a mandatory thing for all those who make a character through the tutorial. Once they are done with the Nation story line there quest could be to ,idk, make friends and get stronger to then face the Ogrest. Basically what we're doing rn.

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posté April 30, 2015, 05:23:27 | #13
What is the future of Wakfu ? I've got to say in the past 3 year, this is the time of the year i hate the most. Wakfu always gets slow around this time of year. I know people have work/school around this time, but is that a reason for the diminished. A year ago we had new content every month, a new island every 3 months, and a weekly update of what to expect in the upcoming update. I dont know if things have really changed.

A lot of you have read Azaels book, so you kind of know what to expect in the next major update.

Now will you just be satisfied with Heroes being the Major update?

Don't get me wrong the heroes update is huuge, and its a great idea, but then what ?
If character transfer is ready. You will go from 6 boxing to two bozing, but you'll basically pick up from where you left off. SB might still be the last endgame content.

The lvl 100 + revamp

Now we've already got some information on this. First there will be a spell lvl decap, so we should be able to lvl more spells. I'm guessing its going to be 10spells/ 15 vs the 6 from 3 element, 4-5 from dual, and 4 from 1 element [ allmax ]. The main things we looked forward too when this was announced about a year ago, was new actives/passives. It wasnt confirmed yet, but this would make things a lot better for non revamped classes. Again, what will max lvl people have to do.

Wild estate :

Im just writting this of the top of my head, so i might be remembering this wrong, but this is the next island they are going to work on. I will be pissed its a repeat of kelba. Ya we got a new UB, but the dung was for low lvls. Tbh, and it might be selfish of my part, but every content that should be released at this point should be for high lvl players. 'You don't know what its like to be low lvl' or ' you forgot'. They revamped astrub for the new players and there's a dungeon/ mobs for every lvl. New players get to test out the game once they like it,it becomes a speed lvling game. Every new player wants to join the mainstream fun, end game content.

The last 25 lvls:

We are basically done with lvling. What do we have left to look forward too? Raids, pvp, and GvG.

Raids sounds fun. They really got to work on gear thought. I think we are seriously lacking in gear variety. This sounds crazy but maybe certain gear should drop in each individual room on top of mob drop gear. I've never understood why gear was so limited, since the aptitude revamp. What do i mean by this? like there's only one AoE and close combat boot in game...well idk about lower lvls,but Passing boots are the only AoE, close combat boots.

PvP should be a lot more interesting with 100+ revamp, especially if they add new passives and actives. Build galore, especially in between same classes.

GvG: This right here can make wakfu a lot more interesting. The only issue with this; there's not enough territories. If it ever gets released, there should achievement guild bonuses. IF you control 5 territories for x amount of time you get an achievement bonus of 10 % general dmg. Some cool bonuses you know. Or you need to control x amount of territories to run specific dungeons.

Well this is how i see wakfu rn. What do yall think about the future of wakfu?

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posté April 25, 2015, 23:27:26 | #14
i guess

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #855538  Replies : 81  Views : 2449
posté April 25, 2015, 23:15:08 | #15
@braininajar: im not mischaracterizing how things went down. I stopped replying to gynrei i while back. IF you were following you know i said this is the last reply ill ever write back to him.That was weeeeeeeks ago Then out of the blue he misquoted me. He's def salty about how things went down before. so allow me - pats himself on the back-

I know i wont get my feelin hurt if there isnt some truth in it. i know i made him look like a dumbass and that got him tight. My own words ' every time you comment you lose half a gold star" thats a roast.

but I could still use a warm wet towel right now :3.

Anyways for all those still wondering there is a way to beat fecas coag... I just need to test it out to be 100 % sure

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posté April 25, 2015, 22:26:09 | #16

Quote (Gynrei @ 25 April 2015 12:30) *

Quote (Beezle @ 24 April 2015 05:08) *
Side stuff :[ im not one to call for changes but when it comes to pvp. I dont think the feca coags should stack the way they do.

I've just come to the conclusion that pandas cant beat tank fecas.

You can't beat Feca. Your conclusion, no Panda can beat Feca. Your solution, nerf Feca.

Quote (Beezle @ 25 April 2015 02:21) *
idg two lil shits about that. If you dont understand what im going through, why dont you lvl a panda and try fighting a feca ? then you'll understand.

You post and if someone disagrees with you it's just curse words and you claim they know nothing.

Quote (Fleisch @ 25 April 2015 01:02) *
Guys this thread is a lost cause, the OP obviously doesn't even want a response to his Title question: how do you kill a feca?

The only reason he made this thread is to find fellow people who share his opinion and whine along with him, thus any try to convince him otherwise will hit rock bottom.

So thats it, there really isn't anything else to say here.

The end

I agree.

I got things to do today so ima keep this 100. Yo nit pick whatever quote you want. Twist it however you want. I dont resort to curse word, when people dont agree with me. I decided to use less. Then people just bring its out of me.

Lol G you can try all you can to make me look bad, but people already know im not a nice person so you can stop trying.

All you fecas are getting defensive because you know that feca's coag is god-like and you dont want to change it, but here's the thing thought. I meant it when i said i dont call for nerf. Somewhere in my responses. I said coag should act differently in PvP. It should not reduce our dmg by 80 % when you already have 80 final resist. Dyou realize that means we only do 4 % of our dmg. If i had to offer a pvp solution i'd say have it work like sacrieurs. Have each coag increase the armor hp pool, and let it shield 50 % of the dmg received. In PvM ill gladly accept this coag system because bosses deal stupid 5000 hp dmg. Thats why i never mentioned PvM.
If you disagree thats fine. Keep being in denial.

Unlike yall, im not a puss. I can't beat Elite fecas, because their coags too strong. So i came online to ask people about it, which none of you will prob ever do.

You know when i cuss, i cuss at people in disdain. Usually, i do so to rattle them and get them to think a lil bit. While i've been back on the forums to talk about things that mattered to me in game, all i did on this forum was create awareness. I talked about lock, scalded, % dmg, Osa ( you brought this up on the other thread( This was before they limited it to one summons per turn, so my complaint was a valid one).

And in every single one of those threads you showed up. I'll say this again. I stopped coming at you on the forum because of Faded. He told me you were smart, so i assumed you where just forum dumb. Then you came at me out of the blue by misquoting me. Obviously you realized how i made you look like such a dumbass on the forums, but let me tell you this. It wasnt me it was you.

Seriously, let me pull out this example: we had a whole argument about Lock and dodge. I was saying lock was shit now, and you were saying it was too strong. At that moment you fcked up. On the old lock version you missed a full turn when you got locked, on this turn you lose 4 ap, but you still get to play. The cost of dodging has greatly changed. It was so bad before that using an evasive maneuver was and is now standard in old players combos. Really all dodgers complained about that 1 in 3 turns when lockers had a chance to actually pin you in one spot. Yet throught all that talk. You failed to see how dodge has an overwhelming advantage on lock; if that doesnt make someone stupid idk what does?

edit : lol Dy7 even confirmed there's a point where you get free dodge. Yet lock doesnt have a point to pin; it requires additional mp chippin to do so. You still think lock is better ? I dont recall if this was your argument or not, but someone mentioned lock not generative hypermovement. if you want to lock( as in pin) someone you still need to mp which generates hypermovement. We can go into a whole discussion about how hypermovement disappear with the remaining mp, but who the fck cares? The argument was flawed as soon as mp chip{ that generated hypermovement) was involved. Do you get why i think you were a dumbass ?

Then you'd argue about scalded/flaming, which faces the exact same issue as lock, and you'd still say its great. Really that was the dumbest shit i've ever heard. Im a panda, atleast iops got a lot of nice things going for them with scalded/flaming. Because the dmg number is big doesnt mean you can necessarily use it. Do you see where im getting at with this? You are a devoted ankama follower. You're gagging on them nuts every time they release something. *cough* you prob even like the whole mimibots idea.

You're a brainless follower who clearly cant think for himself, and thinks he's the shit on the forums because he has 5 gold stars. I know i havent read all your post but the few that i say were all moronic. Now look at how pathetic you're being; misquoting me, picking lines to benefit your argument, clearly you're on a vendetta; all because i roasted your arse on the forums. If half the shit i ddnt say was true you wouldnt be this mad.

I don't care if you're an overgrown man child living in mamas basement, some kids who thinks he's smarter than everyone, or hey a business CEO who tired of fckin his secretary but im done with you. I hold no grudges against you. If you're still but hurt get some ice, i heard it helps.

Farewell Gynrei. For this is the last time i will acknowledge your presences on the forums.

Trust. Im not reading your reply, so don't even bother writing one up.

Moderator should have banned me for all my cuss words by now, but if you're still around please close this thread.

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posté April 25, 2015, 02:21:33 | #17
Im sorry i've got how many threads ? This is my only thread. The other thread is just me expression how much i do not like gynrei. Well you have the right to make assumptions.

I come on this forums to express my thoughts. If people chose to not answer thats still fine by me. Donc make it seem like im trying to rally a bunch of other people. idg two lil shits about that. If you dont understand what im going through, why dont you lvl a panda and try fighting a feca ? then you'll understand. Plus im sure fecas arent a pain to only pandas. the top of the feca list i made was the Coag, and no one , well a few, have talked about it. That must mean people found a way to bust right through it.

If you dont know, you can just ignore.

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posté April 24, 2015, 23:54:14 | #18

Quote (Gynrei @ 24 April 2015 22:32) *

Quote (Beezle @ 24 April 2015 22:05) *

Some balance means every one should be able to hit a threshold of dmg. lets say 300+/- 10 base dmg. Being a dpt means you can go beyond that let say max 400 base dmg. Being a tank should mean you can coag that extra dmg 100 dmg the dpt do. This right here is balance.

How do you account for a panda getting a 20% hp coag that blocks 100% of the dmg for attacks within 2 cells? All for 2ap 1wp. How do you balance flaming dmg? Elusive dmg? Not all classes have the same abilities. Once you create this threshold you're asking for then it will become all about who has the best specialties. How will you balance those?

Edit: It's easy to say balance everyones threshold to 400. Because all you have to do is add or subtract some numbers to match up. But how do you balance the ability to toss players vs summon dolls?
We've talked about this before buddy. you walk out of the 2 cell radius we take 100 % of the dmg. Its not that op, to make it fully effectice you need to spend 4 ap 2 wp.. If we had the old lock system yes it would be op but now we dont. oh hey wait you're a feca. i spend 2 ap 1 wp for bamboozle you spend 2 wp to break lock . Is it really still that op ? and here's my favorite part when people say " hey but you made him use 2 ap", but so did I. If im going to take100 % of the dmg i could have use that same 2 ap for 60 base dmg.

Does it really sound like i was offering a solution to wakfu ? I was saying that the type of balance we need to feel. I did say we needed our passive to break the threshold. Isnt that what increase does for iops, sharpening arrow for cra ?

Tossing and dolls ? i not asking for the same class. It seems like its headed the way i want it to, but i cant confirm till i see eni and sadida revamp. I want all classes to do around the same base dmg, but then WP management will decide who wins the fight. when/if you're out of WP who ever manage their WP better will win the hit for hit.

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About flaming carpet, it will only shield if the feca is within 2 cell when you start your turn.

Oh yeah i keep talking to yall like you're my guild mats. I went more pvm to farm dungs for gear, but i made sure the build would still be viable in pvp. i had ether lvled on my other two builds. ill lvl it when i go back to full pvp.

The issue with fecas isnt breaking lock. Its the coag. its not really a 50 % dmg reduction. like i said with all coag its somewhere around 80 % reduction

edit: feca doesnt have WP regen because most of its WP passives dont apply on itself. Actually it does :/ you need wp to move glyph thts an instant regeneration.

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Quote (Gynrei @ 24 April 2015 21:37) *
I agree with Kura but i won't say it as nicely.

Beezle, you're asking for a strategy you can employ against each class so Panda will never lose. How is that balanced? When you say you wreck every other class i assume that means they have no hope of beating you. Panda sounds unbalanced to me. Maybe i should suggest to the devs to nerf panda because clearly they are unbalanced beating all classes but Feca.

You've complained about other matchups as well like Osa's vs Panda. You must have beaten them and moved up the food chain. I wish you all the worst of luck getting Panda more balanced.

Quote (Beezle @ 24 April 2015 18:40) *

Quote (Kararii @ 24 April 2015 18:37) *
Ankama could make PvP completely balanced and equal by making it a pure skill-based game, removing all of the classes and giving everybody the exact same spells, stats, and abilities, but that's just not the kind of game Wakfu is.

See im not talking about that type of balancing. That's no fun.

I'm glad you're not crazy. Your version of balance when Panda can't lose sounds much more reasonable.

Winning a fight means nothing to me if its easy. I actually enjoy losing fights, that how i see my pandas weaknesses. I'm no coward. I agro everyone, every class. My last 3 fights against fecas i lost, but im not going to stop agro'ing feca. When i can find the solution, i come on the forums and ask people about it. The moment you get that im not on the forums to get the devs to make panda the be-all end-all class is the moment you'll stop with those idiotic replies. But hey a fck bois gotta do what a fck bois gotta do right ? so keep up the good work Gynrei.

The first mistake you made, was proving how much of an idiot you actually are.
The second was misquoting me.

I cant wait for the third . You better have a strong will...

anyways HP/ res block > dmg. is what i thought up until 15 mins ago. There's a point where dmg takes over. Since feca have the god coag idk how it will match up against them, but it will blow right through any coag at that point.

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