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Quote (skatercodyme @ 18 April 2015 07:08) *

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 18 April 2015 07:03) *
come now, Cody, its clear at this point we aren't really equals. know what I mean?
You're right ^.^
I'm a filthy casual, and you so HARDCORE
How can I ever catch up?

Mini and Brain are being too nice. Skatercodyme, shut up. I dont even need to read all posts to figure out how idiotic your stand point view is.

Heroes system is simple. Everyone benefits from it, only socializing/group forming suffers. A dual clienter can now 6 box and a 6 boxer can now, what, 18 box ?
Thats a receipe for UB mass farming; and people wonder why UB gear is bound of equip/ account.

I like to see the Heroes system as the "Follow" button. Everyone can use it, and it makes multiboxers life 10 times easier.

if you have a problem with that rage quit.

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posté April 16, 2015, 00:34:57 | #2
No no dont say "So the BoE drama begins". You should bev complaining about this.

I understood the whole bound to account from the SB set, that makes sense with the upcoming Heroes system. The drops are also understandable. Dont complain about the drops being linked. This is lvl 175 gear. this good will be good in its specification ( AoE, distance, single, etc) till lvl 200. Its UB gear. And we've all dropped enough DP pieces to prob equip on 15 + toons.

BUT THE FCKIN CRAFTS ? Did you see the mats you need for the Dora N.I.O ? The dora Lagoon?

There are so many things wrong with this. What if you want to use the lesser Doras on tank toon, for a lil while. Once you equip that you're fucked; if that character doesnt have the profession to craft the next Dora.

REALLY ?! Drops and tokens i can understand cause it can be farmed, BUT CRAFT?! What are yall smokin? maybe 10 % of the population( actually less) have all their professions lvl'd. You better bring the dofus craft system here, where you can craft through other crafters, or yall are going to encourage crafters to steal from those who cant craft. Really people could just say " Oops i equiped it, too bad"

Weall know this craft system isnt coming soon so why do this ?

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posté April 14, 2015, 19:01:16 | #3

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 14 April 2015 06:28) *

Quote (Beezle3 @ 14 April 2015 06:24) *

Quote (GrandDukeManckins @ 14 April 2015 05:02) *
I think I'll try fire/air. I probably won't need to be full time healer, but I can do it if I need to. Thank you guys!

edit: A little off topic, but last thing:

I'm playing on my old fire/air eni from before (didn't want to get from 1 to 18 again) but I joined Amakna and my friend joined Bonta. Does this matter in any significant way? iirc I can't change nations.

I would advise against going fire/air. Fire/air is great when you already know and master dung mechnics. You usually require less direct heals in those situations. You will quickly realize how squishy fire/air is when it comes to heals.

The best "Healing version" of Eni is Water/fire. You can still do great dmg as fire ( seeing how it has the second strongest 6 ap spell in game), heal through fire marks + perks, and heal with water in any possible situation ( as long as you have the range and WP).
I would advise not listening to bee

He's literally the only water/fire eni in existence and my air/fire eni outheals him in all runs
Lol bro all you said is you heal more than me. My eni is a heal mule, and not fully deck'd out when it comes to gear and i know who's eni you're taling about. Last time i saw that eni, it was fully runed/gear to the T on errythang. Water/fire eni is hands down the best healer, seeing how it can heal from any position, AoE heal, and still do dmg as fire.

I've played with Air/Fire enis in group, when it comes down to freedom of heals they are extremely restricted, but geat when it comes to dmg. The OP says he wants to be a support without losing dmg. I read it as being support before dmg, and water/fire is the bet choice in this situation, especially if he ends up being the only healer in group. Or he can get the best of both worlds and go 3 element, but that wont be till later in game.

@smallz117 summarizes both enis perfectly.

Now about ecaflips.... Ecaflips are greeeaaat healers. That 2 AP spell is ridiculous. There's an Eca on dathura that heals 500 per hit on a 12 ap build that 3000 hp. Really annoying in pvp. I forgot if it requires a hit to heal or not. If it does require a targets on enemy to heal ally, then fck it its only great in pvp.

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posté April 14, 2015, 06:25:12 | #4
grrr... what i said above ^ xD

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posté April 09, 2015, 23:01:27 | #5
All of this wouldnt really be a problem if we knew when or if the heroes system will be released. I get it, bound to account and bond to equip is nothing with the Hero system. With the heros system once you drop the item to just judge who needs what more, and by the time a new alt will need said item , non equiped pieces(the extras) will be on the market.

But right now you guys are asking for too much. When the time comes for us to crush these Linked on equip UB items, that are fully runed by then, you cant expect these items to give the same amount of runes as the other legendary drops from regular dungeons. I know this gear should be good till lvl 200 but still ...

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posté April 09, 2015, 05:38:18 | #6

Quote (Redjoe @ 09 April 2015 03:00) *

Quote (Beezle @ 08 April 2015 23:38) *
anyone actually know the stats of the gear ? fr fr these images of the gear has been out for weeks now... Where are the guys that figure out the stats before anyone else?
Hush posted them here : Click here After the MIB flash
You already shared the emblem stats ... im talking about the gear. I want to know what gear i need/ dont neeed, nahmean ?

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posté April 08, 2015, 23:38:30 | #7
anyone actually know the stats of the gear ? fr fr these images of the gear has been out for weeks now... Where are the guys that figure out the stats before anyone else?

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posté April 08, 2015, 21:13:03 | #8
Im guessing you want them to remove the link so you can swap the gear inbetween toons right ?
Im sure that will get fix with the hero system if all the rumors ( character transfer, and etc); but once you're done with the transformed gear what are you going to do with it if its unlinked ? sell it ? crush it ?

for example, Who will want to buy tofu epps ( appearance ) thoughts ( stats ) if its not apart of the whole set ? The whole idea of linking it to your account, it's because its a very 'personal choice' type of change that little to no one is going to want.

I like the aura achievement idea tho.

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posté April 08, 2015, 20:48:25 | #9
hmm i could have expressed myself better in the OP. all im sayin is. I would buy these mimis if i could change the aura of my relic... i really dont give a fck about gear appearence change. Im actually mad they thought this was worth implementing in game.

The revamp idea is to actually STOP this whole gear appearance change, and turn it into a relic Aura change. For example, having a Soul Eater with a Nettlz aura. Or having a Bygone with a GKC aura.

I should have made that clear off the rip. That was my mistake.

@Celio: -throws a book- come at me with something relevant.

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posté April 08, 2015, 19:54:56 | #10
MIMISYMBICS [ Revamp Idea] This is probably the worse idea Ankamas has ever had. What do these do ? They change the appearance of specific gear and links them to your account... This will probably work with the upcoming heros system, but its still shit seeing how each item will be linked. im sure alot of us want to sell our gear when we out lvl them.

Well i really just thought about this, but i bet quite a few would like this idea.

We have relics, with various Auras, and we have non aura relics. If the mimisymbics can change the appearance of gear, why not have them change the aura or add an aura to non aura relics.

I know for a fact that i will never change the appearance of my gear. Why ?
1.Because its a stupid idea. I want to show off my freaking gear. I don't need to hide it from anyone,
2. mimisymbics can easily be replaced by costumes.
3. you can simply wear x gear for its appearance, during your free time.
4. utter waste of money

Relics aura are cool and all, but not everyone love them. The best Aura imo is the nettlz aura. I wish i had a combination of that + soul eaters aura. Some type of Dark lightning aura; damn that would be so cool. The Fanatic Aura ( red nettlz like aura) is one of my favorite aura.

I know there's a pvp aura that's like nettlz, but it doesnt look refined like the relic aura.

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posté April 04, 2015, 00:46:55 | #11
Gynrei you just lost another half star. I said with 1500 % you will complete most dungs with ease. Never said you couldnt beat it without. Stop making it seem like im telling everyone you MUST be 1500. Hey i can give you a screen of my panda i barely have 1000 % elemental dmg and i still run Vertox. I've just seen how much easier is it to clear mobs and wreck boss with 1500 % dmg. If you dont want to have it that is your choice.

Reason why it wouldnt make sense to allows the other to be adjustable is because that determines a build. Block build versus Crit build. Major stats determing if you're 12 ap, 11 or 10. The reason why i think we should be able to adjust our gen dmg is because it res is more volatile.. Once you drop a piece of gear that you need you will equip it. You most likely wont horde it till you get all the gear you want to then restat. Really dude ... dont speak as ankama advocate ... would you want to have 2 high res and 2 low res or would you want to have someone balanced res.

What does it really tell you ? First im going to quote mango, more like parapharse .' Crits are so high that you can consider crit hit dmg as a viable dmg source' He says it in his stream. There's really nothing misleading here. ... You're either too _____ ( feel in the blank) to understand or you're purposely acting clueless.

cause i dont see how having 1500 % dmg ( through gear and stats) will in anyway affect your AP/MP combo, you base dmg or your cool down. We ddnt even talk about spells. This is all gear, and the Force aptitude and passive dmg. you think people will just get the 1500 % dmg start the fight , do nothing and hope to win ?

Yo do you.

Quote (Gynrei @ 04 April 2015 00:36) *

Quote (Heartyace @ 04 April 2015 00:11) *
To make it clear, he did say to clear end game content with ease.

But yeah. Fact is if you want to clear wakfu you only really need high damage and high resist. Very occasionally you'll need extra utility at these points. Now arguably I'm thinking very simply. But Wakfus a simple game, that comes down to simple things(Damage and Resist). There aren't many status effects that are relevent in boss rooms(Which is the only real hard part of wakfu), most things in the game are limited to just playing towards the mechanics of the dungeon.

So to say all you need is "xxx damage" to clear the game with ease is obvious. But we could argue that's the case in every game. If I was to argue anything about Wakfu, we need more stats and more tactical elements to create a more healthy content.

He did say to clear it with ease. I say you can clear it with ease without those numbers. It's more about your strategy and choices instead of your dmg%. If you make the wrong choices all the res in the world will not save you from death tiles. I don't even stat res on my Sadi because i do not need it. 50% res is plenty when you're not being hit and have 9k hp to play with. 10k if i want my dolls to have even more bite.

You can't really say Wakfu combat is easy except for the bosses. The bosses are why players spam dungeons. For the drops and tokens. Those bosses are a larger part of the game than trash mobs. We even have UBs with no trash mobs because it's more fun.

How many players across all servers are beating HC Robowl or even HC Vertox. I know plenty of people with top level gear unable to beat Robowl. Many of them aren't even beating Vertox with any frequency. So you can't say the game is all about dmg and res. The best gear in the game isn't helping many players beat that content.

Many players get deterred from Wakfu because of how complicated it is. Some of us may find the concepts easy to grasp and manipulate but many others do not. It makes me sad every time i hear people say how easy the game is if they only had the right gear. It diminishes other players accomplishments.
What are you even saying ? Who said the game was easy ? I swear you play a different tune every time you reply. .... wait is this about the but cheek comment from that other post ? Cause i know you be spreading em for ankama.

Lol. Im just going to have some fun now. I did what i came here to do; make people aware of something i failed to see from the start. Do what you will with this knowledge and dont listen to gynrei.. he works for ankama, on the low low.

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posté April 03, 2015, 23:13:21 | #12

Quote (Nerd-Tease @ 03 April 2015 22:56) *
you said nothing about it being cra specific here, but if you want to talk class specific, sure cras can do it
Follow the timeline. Cras can make it, therefore that statement true.

The fact that you even pull that off means you're mad that i proved you wrong and backed up my statement. Petty.

buuut i mean... we can look as pandas if you want ? apply the same build you just made + 80 % dmg ( aoe + distance) + 40 from mount. Brings them close to 1883 %... ill add something we both forgot... guild dmg bonus + 20 %. Thats 1903 % dmg. withint the 1900 % < 2000 % . There you have its no longer just Cra specific.

Quote (Nerd-Tease @ 03 April 2015 22:56) *

Quote (Beezle @ 03 April 2015 18:04) *

EDIT: you can only count crit damage the percentage that is your crit rate, unless you are critting 100% of the time, you cant count 100% of that damage
That's why i said "dmg potential".... Please stop.

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posté April 03, 2015, 22:39:05 | #13

Quote (Nerd-Tease @ 03 April 2015 21:52) *
If we assume optimal gear for damage, full runing, and are ok with 12/5 (some people prefer 12/6), and only care about 2 elements the best possible (for a ranged character with both single target and AoE damage available), statting AP, MP, Range

1185% Damage (2 elements, some of which is from 3 element gear, some from stats)
60% crit rate (including statting 20 crits)
142% long range damage
110% crit damage (gear only, if statted crit damage this is increased to 278)
20% single target damage
65% area damage
~100% damage in 2 elements (spell masteries)

This amounts to:
1185 + .6* 278 + 142 + .5 * (20 + 65) +100

or roughly 1743% damage

This goes down significantly going for a 3 element build or adding a 6th mp, and the OPs claim of close to 2000% effective damages is absurd.

Edit: and about another 100% in 2 elements from spell masteries...

Mind you i said "I suspect cras in fight can reach 1900 < 2000 %" you def get more than 100 % dmg as dual element. you get 119 % ( with 3 spells) and 110 % (2 max'ed spells)

Look at passives.

+ 40 % area dmg ( + 50 % from flamboyant)= 90 %
+ 40 crit hit dmg [ + 60 when he uses 6 mp] = 100 % crit hit dmg
riddled = - 50 % crit hit res.

Which i consider like 50 % more crit hit dmg. This coule be calculated differently but ill need a dev to confirm .

adds up to 240 % + the 1743 % dmg you calculated ...

hmmmm thats 1983 %.... yup its absurd.. wait take 10 % crit hit dmg off beause its a 5 mp build so 1973 % dmg.

dmg 1: last time i checked 1972% < 2000%.
dmg 2: if you dont want to count riddled's effect as dmg 1922% < 2000 %.

WAIT... you know what else is missing ? a mount + 40 % dmg in long distance or AoE. Take your pick.

dmg 1 : totals to 2013%
dmg 2: totals to 1962%

actually remove 20 % from these values... you can't have single target and AoE dmg together. its one or the other.

I maybe an asshole, but im not feeding yall crap theories. Why dyou need that much dmg? Its simple. From enurado to xelor present. them bosses get fucked up immunities , Its all about doing as much dmg as possible when you get the chance.

BUT get all this dmg you fck up your res... :Q i dont want to have to respect every time i change one piece of gear.

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posté April 03, 2015, 20:46:05 | #14

Quote (Madd1 @ 03 April 2015 20:21) *
Explain your math on damage %ages. Even if I add my secondaries and bonus damage I'm not over 1500-1600% by much and you will have a really hard time gearing better than I am now unless you can easily farm Bygone hands.

I don't follow.
It all comes down to your build and gear. Right now, there's 3 types of build.
1. single target, close combat
2. single target, distance
3. distance, AoE.

i haven't noticed any close combat AoE gear yet.

What i used to do, what just get the best dmg slot gear and let all my secondary stats spread around my stat board. If you focus on the secondary stat that fit your spells you can reach 1500%. With the current gear, + bygone, (distance + AoE) you can reach 1700- 1800( fully runed).I suspect cras in fight can reach 1900 < 2000 %.

My friend has an iop with 1300 % dmg ( he has lucloack), with 200 close combat dmg, 180 ( this i dont recall its either 120 or 180 ) single target dmg. just with close combat dmg alone he has 1500 % dmg. since target gets him to 1620 or 1680. im not sure if he's fully runed, but even if he was he would cap at 1520( or 1580). No bygone.

You ever wonder why your elemental dmg ddnt seem to increase by much in the last 30 to 40 lvls ? Thats because the rest of our dmg needs to come through gear combination with secondary stats. This is where my whole issue with res comes, cause you will change all that gear for dmg and have fck'd up resists.

Edit: Single target, Distance: the gear is kinda gimp. It needs bygone to reach 1500 with secondary stats.

Quote (-Celio- @ 03 April 2015 20:21) *

Quote (kurausu @ 03 April 2015 20:12) *
He's talking about outside mobs planted on haven world.

Yeah, that, thanks kurausu for the help.

if you excuse me, i need to report him for insulting me.

Quote (Madd1 @ 03 April 2015 20:21) *
Explain your math on damage %ages. Even if I add my secondaries and bonus damage I'm not over 1500-1600% by much and you will have a really hard time gearing better than I am now unless you can easily farm Bygone hands.

I don't follow.

maybe is wearing bygone hands in every single slot, even in the boots.

Pleasssse do report. make sure you copy paste word for word... hmmm im looking and all i see is gtfo ( get the fck out) and " -throws a book-". Now if throwing a book is an insult these days... allow me to - throws a library-.

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Reason for edit : Single/Distance
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posté April 03, 2015, 19:51:21 | #15
oh boi.... A fully optimized player will have around 1800 %. 1500 % is obtainable... With 1500 % you're guaranteed to hit on average 2400- 3500 hp on 50 % res non crit. All you need is 280 base dmg... every class can deal that much dmg. mobs HP goes from 7000 - 12000. Around 3- 4 turn clycle to kill a mobs, less if you crit.... getting 1500 is standard if you want to deal decent dmg in dung end game. If you cant reach that. You need to work on your builds or gear ...

I really don't know where you see an abuse.. its not like your dmg in one element increases if you pick all fire res over all earth res..
Being able to adjust Force is just to fix your res. Even if someone pour their res into one or two elements the other 2/3 will be low as fck. Mobs dont just hit in two elements dude.

" as far as elemental resist go i'm in favor of players having uneven resist" Ok first. The res will not be even. They will be close. i have 74 % res, 73 % res in 2 elment, 72 % element in the last. If i had not spent my precious time trying to balance them ... i would be at 80 % + in two and around 60 % in the other . So yeah even if they give us the chance to balance it out it will still be uneven.

Man just... sit down and think sometimes. I just asked for two little feature that make our stat life easier. real time update on dmg and res, when we respec, this way you dont have to do extra work when stating force; and to be able to redistribute force points... All you gain from that is being able to balance your res... the dmg or HP you get is the same regardless.

Quote (-Celio- @ 03 April 2015 19:30) *
i can clear lvl 160 content and in not even lvl 140... 700% damage no reliq, like it was THAT hard.
you talking about HC or normal ? How long does it take you to run it ? You being leeched ? and just how much easier would it be if you had 1500 % dmg ? - throws a book-

If you're talking about the outside mobs. gtfo. if you're talking about dungs... especially srambad ... if you're not even lvl 140 how the fck are you running this dung, when the recommended lvl is 142 ?

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posté April 03, 2015, 18:04:03 | #16
Stats revamp [ A must] I'm a little unsure if i picked the right title for this forums post, but im sure it caught a few peeps interest.

We had an aptitude revamp which is great. the Stats themselves don't need a revamp. I just think we need to get to freedom to relocated stats , especially in the " Force section".

He's the issue i encountered. I recently decided to go dual element for an obvious reason that is dmg. If you want to clear endgame content with ease you need at least 1500 % dmg.

[ Quick stop] Alot of morons are going to tell me its impossible to get 1500 % dmg. Visually,its not, but yes it is possible to achieve 1500 % dmg. I am no genius but it did take me a while to see how far our dmg potential reaches ( really close to 1900- 2000 % dmg)[ /end]

Now I went from 3 element + all res gear, to dual element gear with 2-3 elemental resist. As you can imagine my res was all over the place. For example, my res would go form 68 % all to 72 % fire, 70 % earth 54 % water, and 52 % air. Yes we could fix this with a quick respec, but i dont think that is fair to anyone. I'd have to respec every other day with whatever new gear i equip, but i cant due to the respect cooldowns.

I think the Force part should be adjustable, We should be able to take out points in all dmg fire and earth res ( using the exmaple above) to balance out the other too resists.

Really the only kind of "Abuse" i can see happening if having people fit their resist to tank boss dmg better. Thats a huge risk , seeing how adds hit in all elments, and well im pretty sure bosses hit in more than 2 elements.

Also it would be nice to get real time feedback when we select Force stats. I feel stupid adding up number on my calculator trying to balance my res out, when i should be able to see how selecting that stat will after my over all stat Before i confirm it.

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posté April 01, 2015, 19:17:24 | #17

Quote (Gynrei @ 01 April 2015 18:14) *
Iop is largely a single target dps monster. Panda is an AoE dps, support class, and healer. I'm glad Iops stomp Pandas in 1v1. Don't change a thing Ankama.

I'll keep bringing my Panda to dungeons over Iop if that makes you feel any better.
oh boi... Gynrei.. lets not....

lol Fck it .

What ? single target dps ? Fire branch has AoE, earth Branch has AoE, AIR branch has AoE. All great dmg spells with some nice ass effect. Please, sit yo ass back down before i ruin any credibility you have on this forums... Each time you say something on forums you keep losing half a gold star... right now all i see is one gold star. Cherish it.
And no Iops dont stomp pandas in 1vs1 pvp, not anymore. They have the upper hand, when it comes to dmg ,true, but it really comes down to gear. I'm not going in details; noob pandas can figure it out on their own. and... 'arch' i dont get it why are you bringing pvm into a pvp post ? if you're satisfied with fighting artificial intelligence instead of actual intelligence be my guest. Some people are actually trying to figure out way to defeat the new God class.

But yo, do you bro. Live long and prosper, and keep spreading them but cheeks for ankama.

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posté April 01, 2015, 17:46:13 | #18

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 01 April 2015 04:12) *

Quote (Micestorff @ 01 April 2015 03:59) *

Quote (Gynrei @ 01 April 2015 03:11) *
No worries. Next patch everyone will class change to Eni/Sadi. Ankama has their revenue stream all sorted out.

No if they give them panda quality rework...
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the panda rework

The only reason people think it was bad is because "m-muh support class doesn't do as much damage as a sram!"
@Mini: i have to disagree hack. To keep things simple. Pandas are extremely squeeshy. All main spells are AoE, which is cause for reduced base dmg. There's only 1 or 2 single target spells that no one will ever lvl. Only god like spell panda have is bamboozle, yet this god like spell is shit on by all evasive/dodge spells in game.

Pandas strength is being able to take advantage of all weakness in classes build. Now its impossible to actually kite an iop... you break lock they gain mp, you TP they jump or braverystand jump, and they still do well above average base dmg. 4 ap doent put a dent in their dmg output.

Here's what pisses me off the most about Iop and Cra... They all have Ether ( on steroids). Stabalize your enemy , well having control on 'when' to stabilize them, was a panda exclusive move. Now iop Focus, Cras have biting.

rant over .

All those shitting on 1 vs 1 pvp should not even consider talking about 6 vs 6. 1 vs 1 pvp requires knowledge of all the other classes, and of your classes to gain victory. Thats the merit you gain from 1 vs 1 pvp. Its true that due to marketing plot there will never be true balance, but i take pride in kickin a newly revampeds class's ass.

" But 6vs6.." but 6 vs 6 nothing. Its just more fun because its a group thing. If you 6 box dont consider it a 6v6 its still a 1 vs 6. I've seen 6 vs 6 matches, there's no team synergy. It's mostly about doing dmg without hindering your allies. I bet 90 % of the 6v6 fanatics havenj't thought of team compositions and on how to abuse the hell out of class mechanics to quickly turn things to your advantage... 1 vs 1 2 vs 1 , 2 vs 2, and so on its still pvp. In a 6 vs 6, the iop isnt going to be any weaker than it is in 1 vs 1. still going to do the same dmg, still going to tank the same ways, still going to fck your world up.

Bottom line there's no balance in pvp. You either join the Hax class or you work your hardest to optimize your favorite class and hope it can compete. All you can do now is complain and never be heard or listen to those who bend over for ankama, praise them for all the good work they do.

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posté March 24, 2015, 05:30:25 | #19

Quote (Gynrei @ 24 March 2015 00:11) *
Tell me how Elio is better than other classes in PvE please.
You asked i answered, partially tho.

Sacs and Elios are both berserkers, but two different types of berserkers. Sacs get that HP buff cause they are mainly close combat; you also cant forget that sacs hit themselves. Elios can become long range dealers through portals... Which is why sacs have an HP passive and elios don't.

If you really think Elios suck you either picked the wrong spells, or picked the wrong build( stats/specialities). Its usually the latter that's the issue.

What can elios do better than other classes ? lets see... they do dmg as they , push, pull, self heal, burst dmg( real easy setup now that portals are 2 ap), and much more. Aside from portals, you dont have to sacrifice any dmg for any of the effect listed above. You just lose WP that you can just as easily get back.

Cracked....oh my lawd. i wish pandas had this. Im pretty sure Exalted buffs its base dmg by 20 % too.

Hmm the best part about elios is ...... i should prob stop here. Running out of Oat meal

Damn this was the best part too...

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Elios dont suck, if you think so then you dont get the whole point of the class. Ill just say it, since yall love to be spoon fed. Elios are like young Sacrieurs. Its a Berserker class. Like sacs the more they get hit , the stronger they get when they pass a certain point.

people are going to argue against. Just look at the WP regen passive. It's a fckin give away. Once you come to terms with that you'll stop complaining about it and think about way to use it to your advantage.

All you guys really want is a " How to Elio guide" because you dont want to sit down and think about all the class has to offer.

Elios are strong, but they are also weak; not because of their build but because of the gear in game. If there were alot of + Berserker on gear. Hint: sike naaaaaah. You would understand how to build a proper PvE elio ...

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