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posté July 10, 2015, 11:00:16 | #1
What's next ? Ok.

The 100 + revamp happened. I think its safe to say 60(?) maybe 70 % of the community is happy with the change while the 30 - 40 % aren't. I, for once, have nothing to hate on. Why? because all spells basically have the same AP to dmg ratio. There's no way to compare one spell to another spell seein how they all do the same base dmg. Now combat is truely based on Selected spells, and skill. Basically if you ddnt make the right choice for x situation, you are to blame for being in that situation. The devs gave all classes the tools they need to fight/counter/overpower any other class. As i said before its all a choice.

What does this revamp mean?
One class with multiple rolls. Multiple rolls require various gear combos ( cc gear, range, res/tanky gear). Runing is definitely going to become harder. Seeing how clever players will have gear sets for each roll they believe matter the most in their team.

The issues:
1. Runing will be harder, however we wont feel it till later, when we really take advantage of the multi deck system.
2. Gear: Not enought gear variety when secondary dmgs are involved. For example lack of close combat AoE gear

In depth reasoning of gear.

This deserves its own paragraph. I've always had this issue with gear end game gear always makes one class roll stonger than the other. Right now, and please correct me if im wrong, but he strongest gear rn is Long range AoE. I got zero complaints about that, because AoE spells are now 20 % weaker than single target spells. In a 1vs 1 fight a single target dmg class has a 20 % dmg advantage on an AoE class.
What do i mean by an AoE class? Look at panda where maybe 10/15 spells are aoe, or foggers, or even fecas.
To bridge that 20 % gap its only normal that the strongest gear be composed of + AoE gear. I believe they realized juicing gear with AoE alone would be unfair so they split it with long range.

Here's where the issue lies. There is not enough variety with gear. Very little , close combat, AoE gear. There's more single target gear than close combat, AoE, range.

Basically, You can be a single target character in basic gear and still do good dmg, while if you're AoE you'll first need to get end game all legendary gear before you can even catch up to single target dmg. This bring me to the next part resist on those gears are extremely unbalance, imo. Thats due to the lack of variety in gear. Close combat gear has more res, long range has less res. This makes sense. The closer you are the more dmg you will take, the farther you are the less; but because AoE is mostly lumped with long range, and because of that AoE suffers from the same lack of res.


Do you think we need more gear selection ?

off topic: as always i gotta share a panda tweak :p

: if a dev reads this i think flaming burp needs to have a cross AoE !!!

also too lazy to re read yawn kind late.

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posté June 19, 2015, 01:49:47 | #2
I was a lil, or alot tipsy when i typed the original post. Heroes system is divided into two sections. One is called company.

Company is the group part of heroes. It isnt a full account intergration like the Heroes system ( company system + achievement/quest part/craft etc).

Character transfer should be possible with the Ankatractor(?) Easiest way for them to identify and confirm if 6 accounts belong to the same person.

I believe in Azaels book #5 he mentioned they were working on it.

By using the ankatractor + whatever transfer system they have it should be possible.

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posté June 18, 2015, 06:38:24 | #3
Company system They've clearly followed our advice to split the heroes system. Had they done it before we would porb have it released on time. Here's what i got from the comany system. Company = heroes system without the achievements from quest. Basically our accounts are still character focused and not account focused.
for example
Heroes system: If you put a relic together, all your toons( the whole account) gets the relic title.
Company: if you put a relic together only that toon will get the title, but you still get to play with your alts on the same account.

both are great, but i'd rather talk about this now before its too late.

Will they allow us to transfer characters between accounts ? like a 1 time thing. I have 6 accounts and I know that i do not want to lvl from scratch when i go from 6 boxin to 2. Lvlin from 160 - 175 is a fckin pain.

What do yall think ?

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posté June 10, 2015, 00:56:48 | #4

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 06 June 2015 20:08) *
I have to see other classes' summons in order to be able to compare them to the Barrel path-blocking wise, but I can say that the fact that Barrel can be pushed is not relevant with the blocking issue (at least if you are defending the blocking side).

It is surprising that this discussion has taken approx 5 pages :I
No you're just a fuckin idiot. There is no barrel blocking if there's no 1 exit tiles. If you still cant realize that this problem is map related problem and not panda related; you're a fck tard.

Go run vertox, right. Look at that map, last time i checked it had zero '1 exit cells'. If that was a pvp map no panda would be able to barrel block you. If they had to block you they've need two barrels, that first requires timing( 3 turn set up). secondly once both barrels are set you can either push either barrel or TP out. Panda can only stabilize one barrel at a time, yeah, secondly stabilizing the barrel witll heal you; even if the panda were to stabilize you too, there's still one that can be pushed.

I keep feeding this troll cause i believe even a less fortunate person who was born with brain deficiency would get the message by now.



this problem existed since Yetchi'wawa Dungeon . Ankama fixed the map.

I get that its sometimes hard for some to read lowercase letters, so i caps'd it, made it bold, and even underlined it. If you still dont get it. I pity you.

Panda DECK....

I forgot to check, but this is kinda important.... does cyanosis hit allies ?

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posté June 09, 2015, 18:47:11 | #5
Must point out that the feca descriptions are a bit confusion, or just doesnt work right.

Flaming Carpet

Flaming carpet glpyh is suppose to stay for 3 turns, when i read 3 turns i understand that it will hit 3 times the target.

that's how i understand it, without the passive:
Cast end turn, trigger, + 1 turn, end turn, trigger, + 2 turns, end turn trigger, + 3rd turn disappear.

But now in game, without the passive, at + 2 turn it disappears

Then there's that other passive that says the feca can have 2 flaming carpet glyphs ? i dont get it. does it work ? Resilience its called i think.


also Fecabo says - barrier instead of + barrier.
And i think that would be something interesting. Pretty much have that spell remove the coag( base dmg) off other enemies.

also on a crit ( through description) it hits allies too.

Edit: Feca's starting to feel a lil bit like earth rogue tbh. I can see Cras dismantle Fecas from afar. Maybe one good range spell ( like the old/current avalanche would be nice

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posté June 08, 2015, 21:03:22 | #6
thanks for the correction. Ill let that roll :p

@Karrd: see that chart you just made is accurate for the current Cra, iop, and feca, but its not ,to some extent, on the beta server.

Fecas got a lot of AoE Spells now. It's no longer a single target class.

Nothing negative about the stats, just trying to show that there's some conflict between both.

There are 3 types of dmgs, why 3 ? Because those are the 3 dmgs you literally have control over, they are less situational than close combat and long range.

AoE: + close combat, or long distance: its your choice to use AoE spells, only issue is hitting allies, but not so much anymore
single: + cose combat, or long distance: only risk is a misclick. its a personal choice to use these spells.
general: + Aoe, + single , + long +, cc: all around just less dmg

There are some fights where you need to be AoE, there are others where you need/want to be single, and there are others where you need to be both.

If they want us to have multiple roles with decks they are forcing everyone to go full gen dmg, really whats the point of specializing. General dmg toons, all they need to do is swap gears, then swap spells to actually specialize. Someone who specialized doesnt have that luxury , why? because stat-wise they got 60 % ( if you do half gen half spez) or 120% ( double spez) more dmg ?

60-120 % dmg = hold the same value as flexibility ?

If gen dmg is clearly the only choice why even add AoE/ ST/ LR/CC

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posté June 08, 2015, 16:28:24 | #7
gelgy pretty much talked about all the things that trouble me when i think about the new force aptitude.

The whole idea of decks is to be able to change rolls at anytime, but force ( when/if ) you specialize limits your characters versatility. Im really starting to think Force should have some link to the deck system.

Im panda so ill explain what i mean. 70 % of pandas spells are AoE. AoE seems like the natural choice. Then im torn between long distance or close combat. If i want to assume the roll of a dpt i need long rang. If i want to tank i need close combat, the second issue with close combat, the remaining 30 % of my spells are mostly close combat and all single target.

I really think you cant have decks if you cant modify force

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posté June 06, 2015, 17:15:06 | #8
Fecas got a passive called Motivation. That gives 1 AP. There's an extra AP. Im guessin xelor will get that too seeing how it give +x% for removing AP/MP

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #872347  Replies : 25  Views : 1799
posté June 06, 2015, 17:12:57 | #9
See for cra longdistance is a no brainer but what about the secondary stat ? AoE, single target or general dmg.

The question is " do you think 120 % dmg is really worth specializing over the versatility of general dmg?

[i say 120 for when you complete both condition.]

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #872346  Replies : 24  Views : 1348
posté June 06, 2015, 10:46:59 | #10
Yes 40 points = 200 % gen
20 = 160 any secondary effect.

The purpose of stating the secondary stats is to lvl 2 of them to benefit from 320 % dmg when you fufill both conditions( Aoe + long range, single target+close range, singletarget + longrange.

when you fail one condition you drop back down to 160.

An example for panda, looking at the current incadescent milk AoE+ long distance were the choses secondary stats associated with the class.

With the new gear its becoming quite clear that specializing is the only way to push your dmg further. On one of my previous thread i proved that it was possible to reach 2000 % dmg ( elemental + secondary + crit hit dmg),not sure if its possible with current passive changes.

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posté June 06, 2015, 10:13:08 | #11
Specializing vs General build This is a topic discussion about the "Force" aptitude in relation to the class revamps.

Im basing all my comment on 40 force points. Just to make things easier for me, and hopefully easier for others to understand.

40 force points gets you:

General dmg : 200 %
Single: 160
AoE: 160
Close combat: 160
long range: 160

So specializing in two dmg give you a total of 320 % dmg vs 200% general dmg.

I cant make up my mind yet as to which is a better option.

Ill start with general dmg:
- Lower dmg than specializing
- allows you to specialize through gear ( so you can be AoE, ST, cc, LR)
- easier to calculate dmg on poison spells, or other dmg spells.

Specializing :
- You pick the two stats that are easiest to achieve for your class. So you get 120 % more dmg
-when you dont fulfill one condition you lose 40% when you compare it to general dmg.
- certain spells benefit more from secondary spell, for example , feca glyphs if i recall uses secondary stats as a dmg boost.
-harder to make various types(support, dpt, heal) of decks

Which do you think is better? and do you think ankama made it easier to specialize in secondary stats?

I'd have to go on beta and check, but i hope ankama, when making these revamps, made it so that each class can specialize. I think The force Aptitude shouldn't be static and should actually work hand in hand with decks.

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posté June 06, 2015, 09:56:00 | #12

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 05 June 2015 05:45) *
Ye the tactics on how should this be done definitely do not belong in this thread, I will have a few more words about Karchamrak / Barrel though.
You are correct, I am asking for Karchamrak to be limited, but I'm not saying that Barrel shouldn't be limited since it already has attraction and it can be moved to block path just like other stationary summons.

Anyway, enough about this, pretty sure people already got my message.
Im not trying to have you rant again, so im not going to call you stupid, but Karchamrak already has a counter. Pandas cannot carry a stabilize character. Its toss range is within any jump range spell. Karch isnt as op as you think and had it been so op it would have been nerf'd ages ago. You need to step the fck back man. Its main purpose really is to mp chip. When you carry someone and they drop down they lose an MP when you toss someone they needto use 3 mp to get back to you. There's nothing wrong with Karch. The ability to lock people is a MAP issue. if there are no single cells in maps there's no locking people in corners. IF you can't get that through your thick skull. You are a lost case. You're arent even having a discussion here. Once everyone here made you realize the true purpose of the barrel you just moved onto the next connection being locked and that Karch. Do you see us complaining about invisibility ? fear ? double? hemo? no those are all your class specialties. If i must say... and i hope this shuts you up for good. Fear is a different form of karchamrak. Your double is another form of pandas barrel. SO yes YOU CAN LOCK PEOPLE TOO. (edit) MAN I FORGOT YALL HAVE A TP TRAP. Your fckin issue is with maps. Fckin maps. Now I getting sick and tired of seeing you here complaining about something your class can do to. At this point you're either mad your class cant do it better, or mad you just suck.

Your message is clear, you got beat you're salty about that. Man you could have complained about every other OP shit like fecas armor reduction, and Osas 3vs 1 tactic. Those were ( look fecas revamp) fckin op shit; shit that we as opponent literally had 0 control over... holy shit you're a numbskull.... I'm done.

*mumble* made me go back to my highschool cursing days, who the fck says "numbskull"*mumbles*

Panda deck :

@strawberrbug: + 1 i really hope the devs glance over your suggestion.

Quote (ozing @ 04 June 2015 21:53) *

Quote (Beezle @ 04 June 2015 21:13) *
Cyanosis is ok. It will prob reset once it reaches max when they polish all passives, but you need to know that 60 % of panda spell do 20 % less dmg than most dpt classes. Those spells are AoE spells, most of your AoE spells apply dizzy. The way i look at it, cyanosis, is a way for AoE/dizzy pandas to brigde that 20 % dmg gap between this support class and a dpt class.

im not sram but clearly you get get alot more % final dmg than pandas too; that are a lot easier to achieve. So that 20 % gap is far greater of the rip, prob around 30-40 %.

again i see nothing wrong with cyanosis.

Quote (ozing @ 04 June 2015 21:53) *
So u want panda to do same dps like dd class great. god bless youThe damage is way too mch go see in beta how people abuse it with flamming burf
You completely misunderstood me. Cyanosis is the catch up dmg of panda. I clearly said the dmg gap without any buffs between panda and srams are of 20 %. Thats what cyanosis seems to cover. Flaming can easily be avoided. its not worth mentioning till we( and i mean we as a community ) see lock anything more than it actually is. Now if Cyanosis is there to cover that 20 % gap, know that it doesnt actually cover all 20 % maybe 10 %. When you add all + final dmg from effects, srams are 10 time easier to apply than pandas, and because of that you will still and always do more dmg than pandas. which is why i said the dmg gap between pandas and sram is of 30 - 40 %, and that probably with cyanosis included. So in a hit for hit fight, srams will always win.

If you still dont get it, ill simplify it. Because we are pandas and 60-70 % of our spels are AoE we generally hit 20 % LESS dmg than every other class. Why because thats the new AoE rules, AoE will hit 80 % less than any single target spell. So you need to understand that our dmg starting point is at 80 % then goes up with passives, while yours is at 100 % then goes up with passives. ALL ( and this is my belief ) cyanosis does is bridge that 80 % to 100 % dmg cap, not completely but partially. really go look at panda base dmg and maybe you'll understand why such a passive is needed.

On another side of the die(dice), we lose an incredibly strong heal spell. I forsee alot of pandas killing their allies instead of healing them.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #872251  Replies : 324  Views : 7489
posté June 06, 2015, 08:48:17 | #13
They've clearly guided fecas ( through passive) towards being tanky. Its literally all about block, when it comes to tanking the more hits( blocks) you take the more final dmg you get. Its clear. its also broken. + 30 % final dmg for the turn.( if i recall properly) is crazy.

Through feca they've brought more values to lock; smart player will learn how to abuse the hell out of flaming glyph.

All fecas support are through actives... And you guys need to know Fecas roll. Fecas roll is to be a Tank. First and foremost its a tank. Support comes second. Its got resist its got tank, its got lock. ITs doing its job. Its support for allies are through its actives. It gives AP, has 2 different type of immunities. Through spells it has 2 direct support spells the Coag orb and the glyph. Thats more than enough. idk what other form of support the old ( current feca) has that the new feca doesnt fulfill.

Making most of their spells dmg spells is all that is left for feca. In fact their base dmg is considerably lower than pandas from what i've seen, and thats prob due to "Eye for Eye". Anyways fecas support goes beyond its active. It has - res, - block, and - crits, - final dmg, - mp. all which actually have a great impact in pvm and pvp.

Fecas gameplay is essentially the same. It can do everthing it does now but its application of said things are just different. They are actually effortless and requires less spam of GoA.


The Two flaming glyph passive seems bugg'd

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posté June 05, 2015, 05:24:21 | #14

Quote (Soundtrack8 @ 05 June 2015 03:01) *

Quote (Agosta @ 04 June 2015 23:46) *
8mp and Wakfu has all these tiny maps.

A moment of silence for Enutrofs and Cras.
Yeah honestly, I think it will be hard to mp chip (especially in pvp where it was probably most effective). Gone are the days of mp costs on spells, every class is getting some sort of decent mobility and then hypermovement stacks incredibly fast. Maybe they'll have to rethink how fast hypermovement stacks?

Hyper movement does actually stack as fast as you think. it just requires alot of control.
i really dont want to go into another dodge/lock debat,so ill try to keep this simple. for every mp you chip the enemy gains 20 ( if i recall) hypermovement. At the start of turn for every MP the monster has it reduces the hyper movement by 5 and there's a flat - 10 hypermovement. The KEY to lockin a monster or boss is to have enough lock to remove 4 mp ( 5 on movement) and Bosses usually have 6 mp so you're required to chip 2 mp, to pin a boss. With this the bosses hypermovement increases by 10( or 5 dont remember did the math a long time ago) each turn. With the current version an enu/ sadida would remove that hypermovement. So yeah it increases by 10 ( or 5) it doesnt really stack as fast as you think when you use it the right way.

It would be ridiculous if to get 13 or 14 ap you'd end up with 4/5 mp. Im hoping it will be as it is, where whichever you pick , mobility or action, one will be over the other by 1 value.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #871690  Replies : 25  Views : 1799
posté June 04, 2015, 23:32:44 | #15
14 ap 8 pm [Conditions] Right now you can only get 12/6 or 11/ 7 from gear. I havent seen anyone with 12/7 out of fight yet. IF you can lmk.

Anyways from the 100 + revamp the ap mp cap raises to 14/8.... If we follows the current ratio. There will be two options 14/7 or 13/8. I read that the AP BP should help us achieve 13 ap, but with the current gear that would mean going 13/5.

How will will achieve this 14 ap?

Will they release a non epic/relic + ap + mp bp, 2 ap bp, 2 mp boots, or mp eps?
I heard the Dora N.I.O can be equiped with other relics. IS Dual relics the only way to reach 14 ap ?

How dyou think we will achieve these new AP MP values ?

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posté June 04, 2015, 21:13:38 | #16
Cyanosis is ok. It will prob reset once it reaches max when they polish all passives, but you need to know that 60 % of panda spell do 20 % less dmg than most dpt classes. Those spells are AoE spells, most of your AoE spells apply dizzy. The way i look at it, cyanosis, is a way for AoE/dizzy pandas to brigde that 20 % dmg gap between this support class and a dpt class.

im not sram but clearly you get get alot more % final dmg than pandas too; that are a lot easier to achieve. So that 20 % gap is far greater of the rip, prob around 30-40 %.

again i see nothing wrong with cyanosis.

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posté June 04, 2015, 08:26:33 | #17
Right of the bat, without looking too deep into it bambouteille looks like a shit spell. My reason for saying that: Pandas, because of merry, have this 3 turn cycle to reset its state. You dont always have that "now" factor like when xelor use desync to do extra dmg.

But when you look at it for what it is , a true pvp spell, its a god-tier passive, and probably the main reason why flaming got nerf'd on pandas.

This passive is a double dodge passive, tho. There is a repetition within it. I'd have to do the math but That 300 dodge should be equivalent to losing one extra MP from front if there's initially the same dodge to lock vaue; almost a free dodge. Then there's ether which is a guaranteed free dodge.

Quite sad to see that it favors dodge over lock and not both equally. Yes it give them the same dodge/lock value, but ether tips the scale in favorof dodge. If you ask me, very few pandas will ever use that passive

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #871315  Replies : 324  Views : 7489
posté June 04, 2015, 07:18:14 | #18

Quote (Gelgy @ 04 June 2015 02:51) *
How about I just post a screen shot of the current version of Panda's passives:

Also this is beta, so nothing on it is final.

For some feedback on the passives:

- The description of this passive is (thankfully) somewhat misleading, since it only buffs the Panda (and allies?).
- I've only tested it against Mr. Punchy though. And Mr. Punchy definitely does not receive the bonus.
- This is actually a really nice passive for water and fire oriented pandas.

I think Buvette AOE needs to be larger. There's been way to many situations were one barrel is left all by itself. If increasing the AoE is too much they should prob do an effect where " if no one is within 2 cells of barrel, the closest ally gets the buvette effect" That way the second barrel that on its lonesome will be of more use.

Flaming: I take back whatever i said about flaming. Its good as it is. The lock bonus could be adjusted for the max amount of flaming one class can get, but that would be taking up alot of precious class revamp time.

Preparation vs Dizzy consumption:

Im having several issues when i create scenarios in my mind. AoE dizzy spells are there to quicky increase dizzy and a great deal of mobs, but i see several problems.

First issue is knowing when someone has max dizzy. Pandas need to get some type off indicator when an enemy reaches max dizzy. This will give pandas some control on when to get preparation. why do pandas need such control? in comparison to Iop, cra, or even enus( a li less enus tho) dizzy consumptions feels like a harder thing to achieve; than using 6 mp, and hitting multiple targets { cra]; or just straight up hitting targets/ doing combo[ iops]; or getting guaranteed % final dmg for applying the "broke state" [enu].

why preparation lvl 60 preparation if we cant reach it ? why only 30 preparation? only under explicit conditions will dizzy consumption ever be better than iops cras natural wp regen. That condition is if Panda is solo and was able to get max dizzy on all mobs in fight and was able to consume the dizzy off each mob one right after the other. The likey hood of that happeneing especially with the lock system is super close to 0 %. In a group fight dizzy monsters can get killed by my allies or self destruct.

I get that with The new poison passive pandas would seek 15 dizzy more, but then again allies killing mobs off,not knowing when we reach cap dizzy ruins pandas chances to benefit from preparation.

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posté June 03, 2015, 18:04:26 | #19

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 03 June 2015 15:11) *

Quote (Beezle @ 03 June 2015 07:20) *
Cyanose: No difference between lvl 0 ad lvl 1.

im sure there's alot of passives like this.
Pretty sure we shouldn't get worked up about this, Cyanose reaches lvl 1 after lvl 180+, probably same with other passives that are like this.

More about blocking, I have noticed Cra can block with their Beacons just like Pandawa can with their Barrels. This would give some justification to Pandawa blocking but i think this shouldn't stay and both Pandawa and Cra have their blocking powers taken from them. Or as I said, give this power to Xelor summons as well, give all other classes a Push AND a no LoS Teleportation. I'm a Sram so I don't suffer a lot from this blocking but there are classes that do suffer, and suffer a lot.
yo get the fck off this thread man; you're so fckin useless. Did i sound worked up? Im pointing out something i noticed about decks(passive if you wannabe specific). Which is the point of this thread.
Whats the point of having lvl 0 and lvl 1 if there's no apparent change. this is a fckin lvl 100 +, 180 + is included revamp.
Your complaints about the barrel and beacon and what not is known. It really isnt an issue. You're just too weak to break it and too stupid to control your opponents movements. Face it you're getting payed by pandas.
Oh oh oh wait! dyou wanna be a dungeon boss and dispell all mechanics tht lock you in? Fucktard.
IF you have a real problem with being locked ask the devs to alter maps. That's where YOUR problem lies, you lil fck boi.

Pandas Deck/spells:

Flaming: why not turn it into a low lvl burning, or explosion.
When burning proc: hits target and its allies within a cross AoE ( 1-1)
OR When explosion proc: give it a hot potato mechanic. If they dont want to suffer the dmg they run to the closes ally and gives them the state.

Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #870972  Replies : 324  Views : 7489
posté June 03, 2015, 07:20:21 | #20
Cyanose: No difference between lvl 0 ad lvl 1.

im sure there's alot of passives like this.

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