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posté February 26, 2015, 10:00:04 | #1
Multi-Target Lock MultiTarget Lock is possibly the most ignored agility stat in the game. You gain 80 lock per target in cc. Pure lock gives 120

Multilock has the potential to give 320 lock, while lock will stay at a flat 120 throughout the fight.

I think it's a powerful stat, given its + lock potential, but im not sure if it's worth stating.
Right now the only way , i think, to get anywhere close to 900 lock is through multi-target lock. In every possible scenario i can come up with , results in the tank getting wrecked.
With regular mobs in lock any tank could survive, but if you add a dungeons boss in there, everything changes. I keep thinking of the -2500 hit boss can do, outside of their usual combos. There might be something i may have overlooked, but i doubt it.

Also Multi-Target lacks ally support. You only gain the + 80 lock if enemies are in cc. (They should prob edit that for more clarity.) I cant see how having + lock from allies in CC would be game breaking. If anything it would be bad for us, seeing how most mobs and bosses have strong AoEs.

Dyou think multi lock is worth stating ?

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posté February 23, 2015, 10:47:04 | #2
The only reason why PvP isnt that important in game is cause of revamps. Revamps never lead to any balance. When did the first revamps start ? Over 2 years ago. Now they've revamps all the classes and instead of making a global revamp, more like tweaks, to balance out the classes they didnt. Instead they started the revamp all over again.

This is freakin Ouroboros.

They will revamp a class to make it outshine the others, then nerf it, for "balance". Leave those classes strong for a while, as they work on the following classes. The next revamp classes will be even stronger, cause as time passes they will get new ideas, on how x should work. Boom those classes get stronger. Eventually they will get back to your class after 2 years and still say it should get balanced again because they made this x years ago, and its outdated.

With this there's never going to be a real PvP system. Every 2 months or so there will be a new Hax class that you'll have to make. if your class is of an older revamp.

Also... the lvl cap is 170 now but we still dont have lvl 170 pvp gear ... hmmm i wonder why.

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posté February 22, 2015, 18:11:06 | #3
Ok so.... Lock op (only for one class).

Dodge is easier to get. Lock is harder to get.

dodge you just need enough to lose a few ap.

Lock you need ALL the lock in the world. When you get to that point of -4ap - 4mp. you cant lock almost anything in game ( yes there's obvs more to this). All i've done is acknowledge that lock can be worth it, but its up to the individual to determine whether it worth the work or not.

Right now for me its not worth it.

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posté February 21, 2015, 16:37:25 | #4
Nah bro, I've tried everything with lock. Only thing i havent done yet is reach 800. Any lock class i've made / used has been a disappointment .

Robowl has 5 mp when i last ran it. locking him with this system should work. I'm not being stubborn at all. No one has really explained anything here. People like to keep things to themselves, if this is one of the situations im cool with it; but All you guys have said is, yo it works. I could see how it would work with Srambad he has low MP. If you've juiced up lock you can basically confine him into an area. I accepted that, it doesnt make me stubborn at all.

But that's a very specific situation. Over all lock doesnt do shit compared to dodge.

The list of things you can do when you dodge, surpasses the list of things you can do with lock. That's a fact. How well does lock help prevent things( get side/backstab, kite, take advantage of secondary bonuses( range/aoe), avoid flaming (base dmg of the spells that proc it are shit, avoid bound, prevent tp/swap, push, and so on )

Dodge is an evasive maneuver anything that gets you out of lock falls understand.

Lock gets what ? flaming, pull, stabi, -ap/mp, CC dmg
flaming is the easiest thing to avoid, and dodging it is worth losing 4ap/4mp.
Stabi works every other turn. Then there are spells that arent suppose to work under stabi, yet they do.
Pull: its counter is push, tp, actually dodging. Also unlike push, or certain tp move, there's maybe like 1 pull spell ( panda revamp, but range of 3) that actually does dmg.
CC dmg: is only a 2 cell radius.

Every possible thing 'lock' can do 'dodge' has a counter, but 'lock' doesnt have a counter to all dodge maneuvers. I just dont see how you guys see any form of equality here.

Lockers have to pray that players, or mobs to fck up and end turn in CC. Dodger don't have to pray for shit, they just break lock cause they have all the AP/mp in the world to do so.

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posté February 21, 2015, 13:09:47 | #5
Mango go away. Srambad only has 6 mp. With enough lock you can remove around 3. If you remove 4 you're gucci. Easy pull back. In this situation lock works. cant argue against. Classic robowl has 5 mp too if i recal. But if you look at Vertox who gets up too 8 mp lock is worthless.

Gynrei im looking at lock for what it is. All i got from you is --you dont see how lock works behind the scene.

When locked:

Mobs: can still perform their full combo even after losing 4 ap, Most mobs have 6 mp, still have 2 mp to move, usually have range. Two types of monster AI, agressive, and passive ( run away). Mobs do avoid high lock targets. also mobs have on average 300- 420 dodge, you'll need 800 + lock to remove - 4ap/-4mp

Dungeon boss: The bigger the map the more mp they get. even after removing -4ap from lock, They can still perform their full combos. I dont think bosses use all their AP. Bosses get OD MP removing 4 is nothing to them. Using srambad for example Lockers work great there. bosses with 2 mp are easier to control. How much lock dyou need to achieve that ? 900 +. [ i did mentoin before that its almost impossible to control boss movements with lock] Heck with the new bosses if you lock them you eat hella dmg from collision, or vertox 3rd clock cycle.

Players: - 4ap cost is huge, but you will never ever get enough lock for that without sacrificing hella damage. in term of dmg you take and you ditch out, it cancels out. In terms of mp -4 mp is alot to lose, but the average player has around 250-350 dodge. That requires 600 + lock from another player.

Im certain that no one can argue against. In terms of effectiveness, Dodge is 95 % of effective than lock. The amount of lock a person will put into lock will to achieve full ap/mp lose is not worth that 10 % of the time it works. Every person i've seen with a lock build in the past 3 months are all full dodge now. Everyone on the forums cant lie that they purposely dodge even if they'll lose up to 2 ap. I do it, i see other people do it, if you say you dont. you're a liya.

You cant pick the few situations and say lock is good. I'm done explaining this.

Oh btw... i can proc flaming. I'm a panda. I just toss people in a lil corner, and glue them there. People say its cheap and its starting to feel cheap. If the devs think lock is good they should just give me my dodge scalded. I will enjoy that to the max.

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posté February 21, 2015, 00:24:28 | #6
I swear some of you guys forgot the old system.
With the other system you needed to have 100 lock or dodge above that of you opponent to have 95 % chance to dodge/lock.

Even in that situation locks always been at a disadvantage, thanks to the push/ TP spells. The only bad thing about the old system was the turn skip when you failed to dodge.

Here's what the people who support dodge seem to forget. Using a push pull spell doesnt ruin your base dmg... it only does because you chose to not lvl the spell. with push TP spell not only dyou break lock but you can reposition yourself (or the monster) to do more dmg that you would have done from front. For fcks sake, you ALL know that in your combos you have an escape combo to run and maintain your dmg. You guys act like spending 3 ap ( average) , or 1 wp ( avg) ruins your whole gameplay...

Here's my issue with lock. the - 4 ap is fine, it the - 4 mp limit that ruins it. All cc classes want to keep their enemy's within 2 cell radius. to reach that -4 ap - 4 mp is the hardest damn thing ever. It's even more annoying on dungeon bosses they get up to 8 mp +. You can't even have a strategy anymore in dungeon. It's great that bosses have no reprtitive movements, but damn what do we have in our arsenal to put things in our favor?

Here's how i think lock could work:

1st lock need to have a radius: def more than circle of 2 cells (3)
2nd. the closer you are the more lock you need to get away and the
at 1cell: you need 1.5 - 1.9 times the lock to dodge. -4 ap 4mp( reduction applies) if you have 2.1-2.3 times the lock free dodge.
at 2 cell : you'll need 1.5 or more ( the side odds for current lock) to avoid 1 ap 1 mp. no reductions on dodge cost)
at cell 3: 1.1 times the lock to avoid an extra 1 mp chip.

at 3 and 4 cell if you have 0 mp due to lock TPs back to 1 cell }:^D
ok the last ones a lil far fetched but it would be nice for... flaming :p

something like this... this isnt perfect just non-sesne but lock needs more than just 1 cell limits. Also all pull moves need their range buff'ed peeps can push for 5 cells when some classes can only pull by like 2- 3 cells ( sac excluded)...

yeah at this point idk where im going with this, but dodge has alot more advantages than lock. - 4 ap-4mp just doesnt cut it when classes can get 14 ap or mp in fight..

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posté February 20, 2015, 23:14:44 | #7
Gynrei. I've thought about it. I really have to think you're just being stubborn af. Because of flaming i've thought of every possible way to lock in the game. The lil ap -mp you remove is worth less.

Using the average of AP removed from lock ( which was 2 ap ) you said thats 2 ap worth of dmg less. I then looked up 2 ap dmg spells, and compared it to all spells that require lock and that have an after turn dmg. WHen you compare the 2 ap dmg the dodge loses he benefits more from losing 2 ap then stayin in cc waiting for the flaming dmg or cataclysm .

At this point you're the one who isnt thinking at all about lock. " If you're foolish enough to spam flaming in a 1v1 with someone that can escape you're doing it wrong."

With someone ? LOL, everyone can escape. What dont you get? No one can get locked in a open field. btw i dont foolishly spam flaming, my main pvp spell procs flaming, so i'd like to use that dmg if im forced to deal with its base dmg nerf.

i really dont know what lock you use, but damn it must be an od glitch. When a boss walks by you, he only loses the -ap-mp ONCE. If he comes back in cc( on the same turn) and walks away he doesnt lose it again.

if you've ever used rebirth you can check mobs AP spell cost. even when my full locker removes 3 ap -3 mp , the mob is still able to do his full combo. They've got range( another enemy of cc lockers)

Lock has no place in pvp or pvm. The only place lock works is in Wa, and Dragon PIg (Atlease it pins down that sucker.)

I like how you ddnt even quote my scalded idea... Let me know if this is op or not. Say i have flaming(500 base) and the only way to proc it is to , break lock, and get back into lock.... if i lose 2 ap 2 mp from it i can do that atleast 3 times. and still have left over AP for dmg. You're prob going to ask me how this is relevant, well flaming requires me to keep/lock the person at 1 cell; it a cc mechanic, its only natural that you get back in cc to proc it if its a dodge mechanic.

So between dodging, and getting back into the 1 cell dmg area ( DODGE) or praying the fool starts his turn in 1 cell area ( LOCK).
which do you think is more op ? Im really just using this to show how much easier it is to dodge than too lock. if you still dont get it so be it... , but im done trying to understand you. im guessing all cc classes are getting some scalded, cataclyms( this is atleast 2 cell radius) mechanic on their revamp, maybe when you're class get lock dmg you'll understand.

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posté February 20, 2015, 05:05:48 | #8

Quote (Gynrei @ 20 February 2015 02:51) *

Dodge will always win over lock, no matter what anyone says. Dodge, gives backstab, breaks from bound, avoids scalded, classes have low cost push tp. Everyones been 10 ap one in their life. You can still do OP dmg after sacrificing 2 ap.

Lock; can prevent backstab; can keep an enemy in CC; help trigger flaming (scalding is activated on spell cast, you can't dodge it). If my lock helps prevent 2ap worth of damage or backstab it's done it's job. If your dodge helps avoid flaming dmg or add backstab damage it's done it's job.

Seems equal to me.

Pushing and other escapes are a different matter and really have nothing to do with lock. If both classes have an escape, neither lock or dodge matters anyway.

1st when i say scalded, im referring to what it was before still getting use to the change.

Let me stop you there, everything you've said about lock is false. In theory its suppose to do so but it doesn't. I've done over 800 pvp fights. lock has never stopped anyone from getting backstab, only scalded ( flaming) does. They fear the dmg so they don't stay in cc. Lock doesn't keep people in CC, the only time it will or does is if you've wasted the mp/ap that only happened in a CC fight iop vs sac for example.

spells that have push or tp have alot to do with lock and dodge. Pushing, tp and dodge are all the best ways to evade people in cc. You could say that tp or pull can help lock but it doesnt. if you want lets compare what 2 ap worth of dmg; at 160 2 ap 1 mp spell( dairy springer) hits 60 base dmg; jabs does what 54 (?) i can easily stack 260 base dmg worth of scalded.

yeah the 60 base dmg you'll do vs the 260 ill do with scalded. in a hit for hit fight you're taking 200 more dmg from me. heck ill even throw in elio cataclyms thats 80 base dmg at start of turn. still 20 base dmg difference . again in a hit for hit fight you'll lose.
You know let me even take a step back form pvp/flaming, and look at dungeons bosses. You can have all the lock you want , even if you were to remove -4 ap - 4mp( which requires 900+ lock btw) that wouldn't put a dent in the bosses combo they have. Lock is worthless compared to dodge.

Im really trying to understand why you think lock is just as good, but when you compare the pros and cons of dodge and lock. Dodge wins every single time. If i could use dodge to proc my scalded, i fckin would. Think about it, for each successful re-entry into lock flaming procs - 500 base dmg each time. I wish i could

You really cant say they are equally as good. You can't.

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posté February 20, 2015, 00:17:35 | #9

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 19 February 2015 21:58) *

Quote (Beezle @ 19 February 2015 07:32) *

This is actually the reason why Dodge need more value then now, so that people would prefer to dodge over doing dmg+push wich right now seems to be the best option. Not to mention that even with equal Dodge to Lock, the dodger will still get penalty from moving, wich is unfair as it invested as much point in dodge as locker in lock stat.

Quote (Beezle @ 19 February 2015 07:32) *

Stabilization is broken. Some spells cannot make you jump, but they can still let you teleport. The game seems to make those 2 things different, despite looking the same. I was surprised when stabilized masqueraider could still do some jumps. So... blame the bug (p.s. light speed cost more and sacriers have no WP refund, so don't complain that much about it).

Quote (Beezle @ 19 February 2015 07:32) *

And many people see elios as rushed/unfinished class that need its own revamp yet to come (thx pandas).

Quote (Beezle @ 19 February 2015 07:32) *

Oh but... they were nerfed right? xD They still op, ikr.

Ok i had to type this twice .. :@ so ill keep it short. Dodge will always win over lock, no matter what anyone says. Dodge, gives backstab, breaks from bound, avoids scalded, classes have low cost push tp. Everyones been 10 ap one in their life. You can still do OP dmg after sacrificing 2 ap.
What does lock have? ( on average) you can only remove 2 ap 2mp, some can stabi, but only every other turn.

Ether has a 3 turn cool down on targets, no excuse for sac lightspeed that can be cast any time ( after 25 angrr). im not spending all my ap to proc max scalded to have a sac just lightspeed out, you know.

Srams had 2 months worth of work put into them. Elios weren't even planned like that. They just rushed panda cause of elio, and because they had made a promise to release elio they did whatever in that lil time frame.

Lol yeah summons osas too strong... 3 vs 1 all the time

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #831930  Replies : 53  Views : 1655
posté February 19, 2015, 11:22:41 | #10

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 19 February 2015 08:17) *
Shut up. Summon Osas need a major series of buffs. As it is now, an Osamodas is faced with several unappealing options. The only current spot of sunshine is that the summon from Present Xelorium is capable of locking Wa.

Great. 1 Summon, at or near level cap, is useful in a dungeon nearly 30 levels below the cap. It's something nice, but that's all it is. Nice.
Well i should have been more specific. Nerf summons osa's in PvP. I say this with certainty, and experience( from loss), Summons Osas are PvP gods. Summons Osa have the numbers advantage 3 vs 1. That's op given the fact that pets can lock block LoS, and help kite.
Secondly the base dmg boost is ridiculous. 3 ap 1 wp buffs your dmg by (on average) 200 base dmg for the whole fight, per pet. That's an additional 400 base dmg for 6 ap 2 wp.

You heal from pets death. Pets heal you.
They rez, they reflect 500 base dmg each ( thats a guaranteed lose of 1000 hp if one chooses to kill pets) . They rez so thats 2000 ( if both pets res). You have 5 pets ( if non rez) thats 2500 HP in addition to the pets dmg and yours. If they all res that's 5000 HP + pet+ your dmg.

Rez alone is OP yeah its 20 % but still the amount of AP you waste on pets... make them better than Coag in these situations.

A fully res runed Osa will prob never lose a pvp fight.

Now PvM i have a summon osa in my team... I love summons osas in dungs they do work. Now i know boss mechanics make them useless, but their job is to clear the adds not destroy the boss. Now if you think you're osa is useless... you've got to hit the books and work on your respec.

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 19 February 2015 10:03) *
I do agree with you on the part about bosses ignoring bound and other mechanics/states. I do agree also on the lock part, now literally everything escapes your tank for almost free in pvm and it should be worse in pvp.

However, about the panda revamp.. I dunno. Depends on the personal playstyle and content you prefer to run, I guess. This revamp literally revived my forever-130-ish panda and now she's 169, I'm taking her somewhere almost every day and really enjoying this char. Maybe it's because I picked water as a main branch. Fire and earth look really unappealing and situational tbh. I might agree that revamp was rather a disappointment to people who don't adapt. My panda was earth for ages, but I got over it, switched to water and never ever regretted then.
Don't get me wrong, I love my panda. I'm 3 element ( ish) and i have so much fun in PvP. My victories arent base on my dmg, its all gameplay and how i use my mechanics.

But, when i look at the iop revamp, i see a lot of new states, even srams got alot of new states. Pandas still have dizzy, merry, worn out, things that were here before. All they did was improve merry and worn out, and nerf dizzy. Earth Panda gives the same secondary stats as the old panda, Fire has not improved( we lost alot of secondary stat), Water is great no complaints there.

When you compare the changes done to iops ,sram , and cra to pandas, it just feels like little work was done on pandas. Here's why i say that, iops jab combo allows them to do an aoe of around 110 base dmg( mostly speculation have not tested it yet). I havent added up the dmg, but i bet it pushes iops base dmg past 400.

See panda was suppose to get similar dmg through scalded ( grous panda had a dizzy consumption mechanic for burst dmg) and now we're given this mechanic as thou its actually worth while. Then again , it could just be me not liking how they're trying to force scalded as a dmg option for pandas...

@gyrei: i think every class has a really tough time with summons osas. I've beat osas my lvl, but trust me on this i've had to somehow make scalded work. Without the 500 base dmg on scalded hitting every other turn, there's no way i would be able to match my regular dmg with sharpshooters heals.

Here's what really bothers me about osas. I've been ganked before. It was a team of two 125 osas, and a sram 130. Im lvl 164. In theory it should be an easy win, but they had victus pets. Killing a victus pet in cc is a guaranteed 1000k dmg on yourself ( 500 from reflect 500 from death explosion) imagine 4 victus on the field ( boom 4000k). I'm not proud to admit this but i lost that fight. Way too much dmg was being reflected. I did fight them again, and won.
I've done countless practice fights with my buddy Nif ( summons osa) and so far i havent had a single legit victory. I'm trying to be Rank 1, ranking 1 of my server, but its gonna be kinda sad when summons osas from other nations will farm me for their rank 1 wings.

If i had to propose a pvp rule for osas: Osa should only be able to summon 2 pets per fight or summons 1 family of pet per fight. idk if you've ever fought a summons osa with 2 sharpshooters, but killing them is close to impossible. + 1 pet per additional enemies.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #831736  Replies : 53  Views : 1655
posté February 19, 2015, 07:32:18 | #11
Let's be real I'll start with heroes. I havent fully tested it yet, but the only reason why its not released it beause they wanted to do some extra with it. I would have been completely satisfied with just using my toons for dungeons. The hero system seemed straight forward. Pick your main use alts for dungeons , none of that Politics bs or pvp ( that isnt even a key feature yet).

Next, are boss mechanics. Some of them conflict with character mechanics. Vertox, or whatever his name is, can teleport/swap even when bound. I was sure there was an immunity list for the mechanics they deemed would be an abuse, but c'mon bound is every other turn. I really dont see what excuse a dev will be able to provide for that, i mean, you can no longer lock anything. This bring me to lock.

Lock needs to weight more than dodge. Dodge has the advantage in every way possible. You can have 1000 lock and it will be worthless than having 1000 dodge. There are more ways to avoid lock than to prevent dodge. The list of evasive maneuvers are extensive. They fall under 3 categories , teleport, push ( speed bonus), free dodge ( prime of life, invis, drip armor), and basic dodging. All lock has is stabilized, speed bouns, or the - mp - ap. For those who don't know, the amount of AP/mp loss is also based on side and back, meaning its harder to lock from sides and back... :/

Let's be real here... only idiots dont check how much ap mp they would lose in both pvp and pvm. its just cheaper to use an evasive maneuvers than break lock. seriously whats 2ap ( cheapest dodge move) vs -4 ap - 4 mp dodge. Yeah people will say you can stabilize...

Stabilize, I hate this. I'm a panda, and i use ether in pvp. It cost me 2 ap 1 wp... I spend 2 ap 1 wp for a sacrier to use lightspeed to break lock, or and iop to use super iop punch, which are all movement spells that should even work. I bet there are more spells out there that avoid ether... Yeah i should report these things, but whats the point ? It's not on ankama's priority list.

Now as i look at the iop and cra revamp, i see how little work was put into pandas(thx elios). People keep saying scalded wasnt revamped cause of pandas thats its its own thing, i say bullshit the other scalded got buffed through pandas revamp.

When i look at iops and cra they got a full/complete revamp. I mean iops have combos now... COMBOS, do double base dmg under the right conditions, scalded and so on, but i get it; Both cra and iop are dpts i cant compare them to a Panda who's more support. Seriously, Pandas revamp was more recycled, and improvements here and there, with a sprinkle of nerfs. Only way my panda will be able to keep up with dmg is through scalded ( i hope it gets a better mechanic)

Scalded... sh*t. Double panda ftw i guess.

Drop rates, are just going to get worse. Here's a theory one of my guildmates shared with me. A relic drop is 0.1 % in theory after 1000 tries you should drop one. He assumes there's an invisible counter, where if none drops in the 999 runs, one relic will technically drop at the 1000s. Here's the fcked up part. the 1000 runs count is server bound not player bound or team bound. So if you run it 999 times some lucky guy on his 1st run ( which is the 1000th of the server) will drop the relics. The idea behind this theory is he's doing all the work for someone else.

Well these are just the few things that bothered me with Wakfu... Wait... no Summons Osas tooo OP nerf nerf nerrrf. Lol


Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #831702  Replies : 53  Views : 1655
posté January 22, 2015, 08:58:22 | #12

Quote (Gynrei @ 21 January 2015 18:28) *
What Panda scalded problem?

Apart from Enu, panda is the only other class that cant really proc scalded at will( or should i say with ease).... I've had to look at pandas mechanics for hours... to finally figure out a way to make Scalded proc when i need to it (1 vs 1 ), but the set up to do so is insane.... Good luck to all pandas figuring it out...

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #822760  Replies : 133  Views : 4530
posté January 21, 2015, 16:36:21 | #13
Im not falling for our screens mango :p .

Clearly this scalded mechanic works great with iops. Iops can defintely kill off a mob after stackin scalded and proc it. As for panda not so much.

@Micestroff : yeah no Six rose is the spell for pandas... I fought pandas who use lactic acid... and no i out dmg them with just six Rose. Lactic is only good in PvM and even there you can't always use it. Anyways Lactic acid doesnt give flaming stacks so idk why you're even bring that up. Im trying to figure out a solution to my panda scalded problem.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #822401  Replies : 133  Views : 4530
posté January 21, 2015, 03:51:59 | #14

Quote (Micestorff @ 20 January 2015 23:13) *
Yes the new scalded is really bad if you are playing alone or doing 1 vs 1 (who the fuck cares about pvp anyway ?)

Whoo hold down with the "crappy damage" the new scaled hits like a truck and you dont lose stacks in the first turn.

Also Six Rose was always a crappy damage dealer theres was no reason to level it when Lactic acid scales better and cost the same with range at least now is leveling it increase the scalded stack.
I actually care about pvp even though i have to be my servers villain to fully enjoy it. PvP is the first thing i think of when it comes to making builds. PvM as long as your runed and know mobs mechanics any PvP build will work perfectly. On the other hand a PvM build will not always work build. Also any panda who ddnt lvl Six rose is a noob imo, but thats just me.

Also your blatant support for this system is only base on the fact that this is an mmo which is suppose to be a team game. You're currently supporting a shitty system. What we want is consistency in mechanics. hey if this mechanic had a 50/50 chance i'd be satisfied. When it comes to activating this scalded system its impossible to do so. It come down to this question, why nerf my constant base dmg( six rose) for dmg that i cant even proc by myself ?

You can only make a spell weaker if proc-in the secondary dmg is easy, that makes A LOT of sense but like LMF has no purpose, six rose is dmg useless. All because of what ? team effort ? I would love to see it when they put such conditions on heals. " You can only get heals from eni/sadida/ doll/ pet by being in close combat with the eni/ sadida/ doll/ pet at the start of its turn" If you think that's ridiculous then at least now you understand how ludacris this scalded mechanic is...

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #822218  Replies : 133  Views : 4530
posté January 20, 2015, 21:33:14 | #15
Im just going to say it. This scalded mechanic is shit. I mean its great that we can stack up 500 base dmg, but seriously WTF is the point of doing that is you can't really activate it by yourself.

In a panda point of view:

My main spell Six roses before this stupid change did decent dmg and with the old scalded mechanic its was on par with Iop's Jabs or shaker.

It was nerf'd because of a stupid scalded mechanic. I mean yall can support this mechanic as much as you want but i see it for what it truely is another failure of scalded.

Suuuuure in pvm scalded works great. Reason why :

1. The AI isnt some super computer he plans 15 moves ahead
2. You have allies to put monsters back in lock.

In PvP, which is the only thing i do. There is letterally no fckin way to lock someone unless i fckin go the extra mile and use a fckin combo that i can only use every 3 turns. i cant even synce scalded with this combo for atleast a single guaranteed that i'd get 1 simple flamin dmg turn.

You wanted people to be able to counter Scalded in PvP? People have fckin regen. All scalded really did was basically reduce regens effectiveness. So much fckin shit wasnt take into consideration when they made this fck'ed up mechanic.

Why would you make something that works 60 % of them time in PvM and 1 % of the time in PvP when the old mechanic worked 90 % of the time in pvm and 80% of the time in PvP?

Rage: LIKE THE FCKIN POTENTIAL SCALDED DMG ISNT EVEN WORTH IT IN PVP. You cant even based this mechanic on chance, It's straight up a waste of time. You've made 2 branches entirely based on scalded, Seriously you've tried to make it look soo good on panda with fckin flamin stack for 115 fof 4 ap, but its complete shit. Now They've dragg'd Iops in this. Iops cant really complain cause their base dmg ddnt change. Man Give me my fckin old six rose back and keep the scalded dmg if you want. You've been told it was going to be a shit mechanic now i have to deal with this for another what? 3 months?. FOH.

Scalded fix better be on your next hotfix, instead of some "usebug" as you like to call it.

Edit: basically Panda ( fire or earth) is meant to rely on allies to fully use its mechanics ? Do you realize how stupid that is ? I dont see xelors relying on allies to use aging dmg, cras dont rely on allies to use riddling, sadidas fckin poisins . eni's gangrene , osa summons; the list fckin goes on.

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I understand how this new scalded is suppose to work, but lets face it its crap. The ability to lock someone is nearly impossible, so starting your turn next to someone or a monster only happen once in a blue moon. With push, Teleport, Free dodge spells , only sacrieur with cage of blood will benefit from this scalded system.

With this current system im starting to even question why you even nerf'd the base dmg of a spell [Six roses] for "potential" dmg. Clearly the scalded dmg is not worth the loss of reliable base dmg.

The only way this will work is if there are stages to scalded.

Stage 1: activate
Stage 2: cancels free dodge[maybe] and teleport ( like PoL, sram invis, jump or beacon sneak)
Stage 3: consume scalded ( Start over)

Stage 3, being the peak of flaming stacks, is where scalded classes have the most to lose. At least thanks to stage 2 enemies can't sync their invis turn cool down, jump there way out or prime of life there way to safety. When it comes to avoiding Stage 3 its all about dodge vs lock.

We had the perfect scalded the last version where you can stack up to 1000 base dmg and boom. That was perfect. Now you, Ankama, said if i recall 'being able to apply scalded from long distances was not the point of that mechanic' and im jst paraphrasing here.... Why didnt you just do the simplest thing and remove it off all ranged spells? ?

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Yes the current pvp system is broken, but im not with all of these ideas. There's something about random pks that's fun.

My main issue with the current pvp system is seeing low arse lvl players with rank 1 wings or top ranking for the day. The difficulty for a higher lvl player to reach rank 1 is infinitely harder. High lvl players stay closer to dung entrances, Temple is a no pk zone, and low lvl player give us no merit point.

From what i recall there can only be one Rank 1 per server ( per nation?). A lvl 170 player can't make a lvl 80 player ( who's prob Rank 1 by now) lose any merit points, thus dethroning him is impossible. Being rank 1 should be exclusively to high lvl players ( within 20 lvls below the lvl cap). Seriously, would you really want your top ranking player be a lvl 80 player ?

An easy way to remedy this is to make low lvl players ,at a certain rank( 6 for example), lose a huge amount of merit point when attacked by high lvl players. The high lvl players don't need receive merit points in this situation, but this will at least cap low lvl players rank to 6; give them some incentive to lvl up; and leave the top 4 rank spots for High lvl pvp players.

I just think to be Rank 1 of your clan/server you need to have the best gear, the best thought out build and the skills to work around the hax classes or be one of the hax classes. The hax classes will always change with the revamps so there wont always be one class that's always Rank 1.

I jst can't stand seeing a low lvl being rank 1. It just looks stupid.


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First, someone got his feelings hurt cause i said "shut up" Well if i was directly aiming at you i would have said your name. I'm not a puss[ got no time for quotes]. + there are other people that are thinking same thing. You're not the center of the world.

As for the dmg dealer part: REASON WHY IT IS SO RELEVANT: is because the devs themselves explained this several months back. They defined what dmg dealers are , i.e having more considreably more % dmg than non dpt classes. So yes, the info was relevant when talking about dpt classes vs support; i wasnt just pulling ish out of my arse.

Also the dmg panda does now isnt that huge. IF people are trying to talk about scalded dmg think again. it definitely takes more turns than 2-3 turns to do 2k-3k dmg with scalded alone. And if you're counting the burst dmg [regular dmg + scalded] only, you're forgetting about the previous turn where the panda probably did less than 1.5 k dmg ( assuming they only used LMF).

Now here's WHY panda is so important when we talk about scalded. IT'S BECAUSE OF THE PANDA REVAMP THAT SCALDED GOT CHANGED. Nuff said.

I just see this scalded mechanic as a op Destructive, only because of the aoe on death. As far as i know people aren't really complaining about destruct. Don't see why people would complain about scalded now.


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Hey, its the forgotten Bee~
Crawling out of the shadows after a long break.
I've had the chance to try out this new panda.

First, It's good to be back. "Finally, The [Beezneez] has come back, to the [Fo~rums]" [ No one cares] (/)/ \__/ .... ok.

The scalded nerf is indeed sad, but i'd like to remind everyone(especially the devs) that this mechanic of scalded( buildin up dmg then burst) has been planned in pandas revamp since Grou's panda revamp. He was going to use dizzy consumption for burst. They've promoted the idea of delayed burst dmg for pandas.

Just to make my point clear, pandas were the only ones who were suppose to benefit from this mechanic. it was suppose to be the "destructive arrow " for pandas. Enus and sacrieurs gotn lucky ^^.

To shut up the people who say "panda's a support class its not meant to do dmg". A simple comparison will do Sram(DPT) revamp VS Panda(Support) revamp. All you need to do is look at how much %final dmg sram gets ( around 30 % without stats maybe more) and panda ( 10 % without stats). For those looking at pandas spells and saying the are getting another 10 % from barrel that's only true for lactic acid; for bliss, however, it's just a way to avoid putting two base dmgs on description ( with barrel and without).

Now back to scalded: Did you know?
- crit hit dmg and backstab does not affect its dmg ?
- to stack scalded the base dmg you do is ridiculously low; at 160 with LMF 135 base; sure with more ap you can do more dmg, but keep in mind the average base dmg is close to 300. more dpts get up to 400
- No addtional side dmg or backstab dmg
-takes 6-8 turns with LMF; way longer with six roses(pvp : any class would have killed you or would have enough HP to survive; pvm: really not that usefull, actually works like destruct arrow)

The only acceptable nerf would be the AoE of scalded...I like it, but i've never really had the chance to enjoy it. It's kinda like eni's massacuring mark; you only really use it for the heals, rarely for the dmg.

Anyones who's fought me knows im not a LMF( or should i say ranged scald user), but the ability to stack scalded is actually needed for pandas. It's an extremely useful tool again those classes with absurd Coag ( sacrieur and fecas).

/Panda Part over skip if you wish

Someone said something about Osas, Osa needed this nerf. I'm not one to accept nerfs cause i use every class but in PvP Osas were simply broken. First its the numbers game 3 vs 1 from the first turn cycle. You have to either kill pets or osa. Hit osa they heal back to full hp, kill summons they res, some reflect so killing both is a guaranteed - 20 % ( ?) of their total hp.
If you think Osa's shouldnt be nerf'd do this. Go dragon or not, the point is you can use your summons, and fight another summon Osa. Let me know how many fights you win. you will quickly realize why people support this nerf. Even with this nerf tho Osa's are still going to be broken

BGB (Bad Guy Bee)

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