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posté December 16, 2014, 11:20:58 | #1
Yeah, I'm sincerely hoping you're right. I'd really like to get rid of the (now useless) panda scalded spells.

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posté August 24, 2014, 18:00:48 | #2
I like enu, because it's so casual. Most of the other classes are intense and serious.... but with enu it's like "I'm so badass I'll just stand over here and toss a coin, idgaf."

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posté July 01, 2014, 00:29:33 | #3
On the contrary, your team completely lacks map manipulation (one pushback skill useable only in dragon form, one difficult-to-use delayed pushback, trank's meager attraction, no swap), so I'd say Krobax is a very good choice. His spells are low-cost, decent damage/ap, and don't hurt allies, so you can push/pull/swap both teams. His WP teleport is also fantastic, despite consuming his WP pretty fast.

I leveled a Skale to ~120, and found it utterly useless. The +2 ap and access to unbewitchment is nice, but his damage output is terrible, his WP are used up rapidly and with little benefit, and he is helpless when locked.

Shadow is more useful than AK, at least at higher levels; his dpt can be pretty excellent (level 120 shadow with ~40% crits ends up doing >1500 dmg with double AoE, and almost that much damage to single targets on off-turns). As mentioned above, though, he's HUGE and it can be really hard to target things behind him (you can target portraits in the timeline though).

Proto is interesting, and he can be fun, but he's more of a tank and less of a damage dealer, and Trank usually surpasses him in tanking ability. Additionally, I find the 1ap switch ability, which toggles fire/earth damage and spell effects, to be very limiting at 1 cast per turn (I am spoiled by Krobax's 0ap 4-cast limit). If you want a flexible tank/damage/support character, though, he's not bad.

I find that earth osas' healing is pretty excellent, and you'll have the ability to shield Trank or another character with your gobgob as well. I've done fairly high level dungeons relying solely on an earth/gobgob osa for healing and shields. That said, Lumino is nice, but his sole purpose is healing (he'll never surpass an eni, but he is great in most easier fights). So if you want to dedicate a slot on your team to a healer, go for it.

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posté July 01, 2014, 00:16:09 | #4
A change to resistance will make the benefit analysis of damage-stats vs crits much simpler. I approve.

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posté June 19, 2014, 17:56:07 | #5
Dodge fail problem Character name: Gandalf the Gey
Date and time: 18/6/2014, 6:30 pm eastern US
Map: Celestial strich dungeon
Server: Nox

Bug description: Striches sometimes dodge failed a character, but still moved to the end of their movement range (away from the character). e.g. a strich standing next to Trank might attack, then run 10 spaces away, and then show the dodge failure animation / debuff symbol (despite having only contacted Trank). The character locking the strich still received the corresponding +3ap buff, and sometimes unrelated characters also received the locked-a-strich buff (characters that were not adjacent to any striches and had not been part of the dodge roll).

The phenomenon is not limited to striches — it occurred in vampyro dungeon as well — but it is most easily observed in the strich or celestial strich dungeon, because there is such an obvious mechanism to show if you locked one (the buff that you earn for locking a strich).

Reproducibility process: repeated dodge/lock attempts. It seems to occur only on AI (not player characters), and I am unclear as to what makes it happen (sometimes they get locked as normal).

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posté June 19, 2014, 10:51:14 | #6
This sounds nice, but don't you think 20% or 10% reduction per doll is a bit much? Some classes have the ability to reduce damages by 20% (Sram, Panda - both of which are random), and some classes have a boost to HP (Iop, Sacrier, Eni), but no class reduces damages by more than 20%. If anything, perhaps 5% final per doll (not compound, as you have, but 5% total, so with 6 dolls you would have 30% reduction [perhaps cap this at 20% as well]) would be reasonable. Otherwise, with 3 dolls out you are taking less damage than any other class (save possibly feca), and with 6 (even with 10% reduction only) you are taking 50% final damage reduction. Combined with shields, Sadidas would be far better even than fecas at tanking damage.

Alternatively, you could have something like a sram or panda, where there is a 20% chance that damage would be entirely redirected to one of your dolls.

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posté June 17, 2014, 10:31:18 | #7
Alternatively you could have Lone Sadida work where it's reduced by say 30% for each doll you have out. So with 1 doll, you can get 120% dmg (and maybe +120% hp to the dolls?), 2 dolls, 90%, etc. So you could play for strong single dolls or weaker armies.

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posté June 17, 2014, 10:24:38 | #8
What if there were a passive that made individual dolls get stronger the longer they were in play? maybe a %dmg increase and a %hp increase per turn? That would make healing your dolls more important, and might make things more interesting?

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posté April 19, 2014, 05:33:28 | #9
Infernal is good if you can train with someone. You won't end up with the highest %dmg, but the +wisdom is nice. You can combine it with divine tofu set for +2 ap total bonus, and a bit more wisdom. With that you'll be reasonably effective and have some leveling speed to boot.

Vampiro is ok until you can get to lenald or some new cactus items for a real water/fire set. Combined with amuleto for a bit of kit skill, you can have ~450% dmg in both elements by level 120.

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posté January 17, 2014, 13:52:17 | #10
For a while I felt like Mini was being selfish by keeping his position semi-permanently. But after dealing with government issues in other nations, I've changed my opinion. Mini is always governor because he does a good job, unlike most others. People recognize that. And now so do I.

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posté April 05, 2013, 00:02:48 | #11
That's news to me about the equipment drops...mind linking me to info regarding that? I'd be curious to learn the mechanics behind it.

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posté April 03, 2013, 21:17:18 | #12
No, that's not how statistics work. if you have a 5% chance of dropping something from each monster, then that's 95% chance of dropping nothing. That means the chance of getting NO wings is (.95*.95*.95*.95) = .95^4 = 81.45%, which leaves you with about 18.5% chance of getting at least one.

Also, except for maybe speeding things up, grinding on monsters solo doesn't help. Each person has a separate prospecting roll. There's no "stealing" of drops, or anything like that.

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posté April 02, 2013, 17:13:41 | #13

Quote (deuxmaquina @ 29 March 2013 06:57) *
Actually, I would gladly have the Enutrof's Blessing stop dropping things out of the blue, but instead
improve the drop rate of items.

Based on the Encyclopedia, PP is just an unlock.
For some items, you need to reach certain value of PP, to then
go with some low chance of a drop.

An example was yesterday Almanax of getting 2 Borbat wings.

Borbat wings, does not need a minimal PP to unlock their chance of dropping. (that is just 1%)
We had a max group of 6 players.

Even with my Enu with 174 PP equipment, and bagging the bats, plus trying to max the 100 PP at fight.
After 2 hours, we only got 1 ring, 1 fork, and only 1 Borbat wing.

Enutorf's Blessing would be useful if, lets say when maxed, it would increase the chance of dropping by x9.

In the case of of the Borbat wing, then it would be 9% instead of 1%.

That is exactly what prospecting does. If you have +175 prospecting, then borbat wings are 2.75% chance to drop. What you are asking for is a passive that gives +800 prospecting. The answer is no.

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posté February 18, 2013, 05:00:48 | #14
Cooperative crafting This has likely been mentioned before. Nevertheless, it seems worth reiterating, since I haven't seen anything about it in the year's calendar.

I was a fan of Dofus almost since its beginning (I participated in beta, years ago). One of the absolute best updates was the inclusion of a cooperative crafting interface whereby a crafter could invite a customer to his workbench, and create an item. The benefit was that the customer didn't have to fear his materials being stolen, and the crafter could see his payment upfront.

Wakfu lacks an interface like this.

It's a huge risk, especially later in the game, to spend hours of time and/or thousands of kamas collecting materials, only to entrust a stranger with the craft itself. (Yes, the connections made in guilds do help, and it's sometimes possible to find someone trustworthy to craft for you — but for those of us with fewer profession-oriented friends, there aren't many options beyond leveling the profession necessary).

And let's be honest, very few people have time to level *every crafting profession in the game*.

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