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posté December 14, 2016, 18:55:57 | #1

Quote (robertjuhzz @ 14 December 2016 04:32) *
Lot's of items vanished from my inventory and/or changed to blue chests with glossy powder, whats that about?
All your keys turned to powder. No more keys in the game.

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posté December 13, 2016, 17:38:36 | #2

samesies. I should always check forum bugs before I do anything :/

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posté December 13, 2016, 13:34:22 | #3

Quote (Flatops @ 12 December 2016 16:30) *
Normal modes will take on the Hardcore mode gameplay, but with the characteristics of normal monsters.

Certain Hardcore gameplays have been simplified, such as that of "Xelorium - Present".
Does this mean the death clock will be in normal xelor past? And the flooding death tiles in Sugnuf? Because as much fun as those are, they requires a lot of coordination for an average team...

I know at level 128 I would have died to HC sugnuf, hands down.

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posté November 10, 2016, 04:41:00 | #4

Quote (RaderElcaroman @ 09 November 2016 10:49) *

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posté November 01, 2016, 00:28:52 | #5
came here to brag... but actually just got jealous. Nevertheless, about a month and a half ago, this made me happy. 

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posté September 16, 2016, 16:25:21 | #6
Creature mode would be awesome.

Personally, I'd like an option to zoom out farther. It sucks trying to fight steel beak when he is too far away to even see on your screen. If you run a cra, or other long-long-ranged character (eni maybe), you're familiar with that kind of problem.

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posté September 14, 2016, 05:22:04 | #7

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 31 August 2016 03:25) *

Quote (-BlaK @ 25 August 2016 22:37) *

Quote (ByAllMeans @ 25 August 2016 03:14) *
bronze tokens plz plz plz plz plz
Like this gentleman said.
Please. Bronze, Silver and Gold tokens! Those were fun!
we really miss tokens. please bring them back  

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posté August 14, 2016, 00:57:11 | #8
masq set tbh

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posté June 28, 2016, 13:48:20 | #9
Creating hordes doesn't cost much time or energy, either (think Shhudoku, where the guy is just a recolored flag bearer). I'd love to see that added to higher-level material.

Of course, I'm still waiting for the day they bring Bronze Tokens back :'''''(

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posté June 20, 2016, 00:44:35 | #10
Yep same here. One account affected, others fine. Infinite spinning wheel after server select. What's going on?

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posté April 27, 2016, 05:34:23 | #11
The very very very last thing Pandas need is another WP-draining spell. Milking It is decent damage now in a really nice AoE. If anything, I'd like to see the barrel damage bonus a little higher and maybe "per barrel in the AoE" instead of capping at one (although that would hardly ever make a difference; it would just be a novelty). In a perfect world, Milking It wouldn't damage allies (but I know that's asking too much...).

I certainly wouldn't mind having the ability to make more barrels, but I kind of like not worrying about control, and I can see how even better kiting might be seen as OP.

I agree about Refreshment. Pandas have some nice passives, but that isn't one of them.

I'd personally like some kind of damage bonus for Bubble Trouble when targeting the barrel (and likewise Light My Fire). Both of those spells seem kind of underwhelming, but almost every panda build is forced into taking one or the other just to add the 3ap spell slot. I'm not sure what I'd change, though. Maybe change the Flaming state on LMF — it just doesn't fit with the long-range fire play style much, and if you're a tank build, Six Roses is just better.

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posté April 21, 2016, 18:41:48 | #12
"Pure AoE" is a tough build. I have some AoE damage on Panda and Cra, and Osa is pretty close to pure. Of course, there are lots of classes with decent AoE spells. But almost every class would be better off with boosting melee or ranged damage (and you can still use mostly AoE spells, you just won't be totally nerfed single-target damage).

I'd say Osa is probably the best for pure-AoE, not because of their damage, per se, but because their spells don't hurt allies. Otherwise, when there's an ally in your become useless.

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posté March 19, 2016, 23:17:36 | #13
I'm guessing this is something of the DDOS attacks mentioned in the community letter. I've got terrible lag on my account as well — I'm just hoping it's gone by next week when spring break starts.

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posté March 19, 2016, 22:11:17 | #14
Neat idea, but heals are already significantly OP compared to damage (see various discussions on this topic).

That said, I love the "epic consumable" idea. I'd definitely be cool with adding some things like that.

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #950253  Replies : 3  Views : 325
posté December 26, 2015, 20:36:02 | #15
wait wait — Iop buffs for free? Do you mean the 2mp2wp spell?

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posté December 26, 2015, 19:42:31 | #16
Feca is ONLY focused on support — so saying that Masks/Pandas/Iops/etc. get better buffs simply because they cost fewer AP is like saying "Eliotropes are the best healers because if you go through a portal, you get healed for no AP cost while Enis have to spend AP to heal." 

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #934454  Replies : 328  Views : 12292
posté December 26, 2015, 14:41:21 | #17
Let's just go through this list...
Eliotropes - BUFF - Everyone seems to agree here. They're nifty, but they don't excel at anything.

Masquaraiders - nerf? - I'm not sure how I feel here. They do some awesome damage / heals, but in PvM they're so squishy. Maybe the combination of damage/heals/map manip shouldn't all be found in one class.

Sram - FINE - I don't PvP, so I can't comment there. Srams don't bother me in PvM; they're reasonably strong but not better than a CC-only DD should be.

Sadidas - REWORK - I really want to have a Sadi on my team. I really, really do. But I cannot justify bringing a doll summoner to team battles, and Sadis don't have enough passives to make a non-doll build worthwhile. Also, the air branch is super weak (2 viable spells total).

Cras - FINE - Strong ranged damage, some MP-removal, good escape. The definition of a kiter. Not OP or UP

Enis - FINE - I wouldn't mind seeing something interesting happen here. Enis are the best healers, but they're sub-par at everything else. I'd like to see them get a little bit of map control or something. Right now I can't stand playing them.

Sacs - fine? - Honestly, not sure. I like the tradeoff between tank / mobility.

Enus - FINE - Enus have some great occasional ranged burst damage, but it's not as reliable or sustainable as Cras. Also mediocre AoE and small mp-reduction. All this is balanced by terrible map control and amazing drops. And, of course, a single HP-steal passive. The only things I'd ask for are some HP-regen when picking up a pouch, and some buffs on the fire spells (meteor should be 4 casts per target; ember and magma need buffs).

Rogues - can't comment

Iops - FINE - I find them super boring, but they're good at what they do: intense, mostly single-target CC DD. A little tankier than Srams, as it should be.

Ecas - FINE - I might be alone in thinking this. I don't mind Ecas being able to dish out some good heals. It requires sacrifices in the DD department, so I think it's fine. Enis are always going to be better / more reliable (as they should be).

Fecas - REBALANCE - I'm torn here. I like the shields, and I love Leather Plating (seriously the best passive in the game). They're a bit tankier than full-tank Sacs; I'm not sure if that's okay or not.

Foggers - rework? - They have some insane damage, but I feel like the elemental branches are a little lackluster. The lack of map manipulation/heals/etc is also a little iffy.

Xelors - FINE - Strong, versatile, useful on teams. But not gamebreaking either — no one says "wait we can't do the dungeon yet, we need a Xelor".

Osas - FINE - Again, I'm probably one of the few to say this. They're strong but not vital in most PvM. Some of the summons need a little rebalancing, but that's about it. Buffing allies is +++

Pandas - FINE - Pandas, I think, are the perfect example of a balanced class. They excel at map manipulation; do high-tier AoE damage; and mid-tier heals, tanking, and single-target damage. Buffs on allies are minimal, but useful (stabilization!).

That's the model we should be going for in all the classes: one facet of their gameplay top-tier, one high-tier, the rest decent. Sacriers fit this model, as do Osas, Xelors, Cras...

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posté December 24, 2015, 08:41:23 | #18
Yeahhh this really isn't okay. I'm rarely super annoyed by bugs, but this is a bad mistake...

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #933937  Replies : 34  Views : 977
posté December 13, 2015, 22:24:33 | #19
I agree about LMF and Bubble Trouble. Both are pretty underwhelming, and if you're building a fire/water panda you end up taking at least one of them. Adding +3 dizzy stacks wouldn't be game-breaking at all; I think it would be great for making those two slightly more useful.

I don't mind Milk Wave as it is (although "most powerful water spell in the game"? You obviously don't play an enu) . The heal is awesome, and the damage is really nice too. I mostly find myself using it with Preparation on bosses, or occasionally on the barrel when fighting normal mobs.

EDIT: Two other things to mention:

Milk Wave is already a little tricky for a Panda, simply because it's so easy to burn through all your WP. So that reduces the use I get out of it.

I don't see any purpose to the +dodge you get from using Bubble Trouble. And for some reason, the single-target version of BT counts as an AoE spell (it kills voodoll).

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Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #931524  Replies : 9  Views : 653
posté December 08, 2015, 01:21:28 | #20
This could be really exciting news...maybe they're trying to make weapons competitive with spells?

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