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posté December 15, 2014, 10:23:07 | #1
fast fix help for now is joining any Non-Bonta guild and it will force you to turn pvp off.
It is possibly a bug. But I have never get this problem before either.

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posté December 13, 2014, 18:08:08 | #2
I guess you change to any other nation first and then do another guard quest but talk to riktus in the cage instead.

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posté December 13, 2014, 08:43:34 | #3
little fix : 'less than level 18' or 'no nation'

It will not be possible to aggress players of level 18 and under in Astrub.
Does it really extend 1 hour each bidding? when I was bidding it only extend 5 mins each time.

I'll be there to see the chaos.

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posté December 08, 2014, 02:05:26 | #4
I wanna promote this thread. You can read all of PvP feedbacks. And hopefully, mango will collect our feed back to developer team.

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posté December 07, 2014, 00:58:48 | #5
@island2 , mindwarper

-Range nerfed-
It's only milk fountain that got 1 range lower but other spell got 1 range buff. and milk wave cannot get range modified. I assume the one that you are saying that they got less range is only milk fountain which is the only spell that got reduced range. I got + 10 range on Milky fountain both now and beta because beta have+ 1 range on sober state. I end up have the same range as I have currently most of the time. so, Im very confused when you two say the range got nerfed.

Barrel can now be summon to block on where you usually cant summon with any other mechanic. which for monster's AI. they will just use detour rather than hit them. which is good. imo. In pvp, not many people want to waste AP to attack it. unless it's in AoE or panda is out of range.

-Map manipulation ability-

Yeah, sram push can push longer than panda's throw but sram's push need los. cannot throw over things. it's different purpose. I'd like it if Karchamrak range is farther. and Eliotrop's portal can provide better transportation than Fogger's rail without charge atm. maybe they have charge on portal soon. who know. I acknowledged that panda map manipulation ability got nerfed. Exchange with becoming more damage and got new heal ability.


Panda is amazing compare to the old one and other old classes.... Comparing with Eliotrop,Sram??? ... different story.

Eliotrop beating panda on kiting ability,survival ability. Sram double could compete with panda's map manipulation skill. At least panda can hit far than both classes and still good damage. good AoE. got awesome heal.

Panda and Sac used to be only 2 classes that are most effective on map manipulation. now we got a lot more. I honestly feel a bit bitter since panda got too many competitors class now and they are actually better too.

conclusion. imo, beta panda are amazing. but Im sad panda is not superior nor only class with kiting/map control anymore.

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posté November 30, 2014, 21:08:09 | #6
There will be more threads to be sticky from time to time and taken out or moved to where it should be when it become unpopular or outdated.

If you think it's in right section, maybe just keep the topic in this section but dont have to be sticky.

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posté November 30, 2014, 05:13:31 | #7
Well, if that how it balance out. I think that's almost final change now. Losing a bit of map controlling but become great tank and support. imo, Im not really like that they make panda more tank but less free on map control just because many other classes can tank and support already. (shortly "Oh,great! another tank class!" ...jk. ) Somehow I feel like I have been playing the classes wrong way. like feca I was playing because of fire glyph but they revamp to be real tank now, turn out pure fire glyph is not fun in PvE anymore. Now if I only play panda just because they can move things around, I start to feel that I have been playing it wrong again.

Anyway, ignore that. Since they can still work but not as cool as old one. I'll get used to it soon when they come out. Just hope that panda's new great support abilities are not getting nerfed later on.

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posté November 29, 2014, 03:16:44 | #8


1) How do you feel about the current state of solo PvP balance right now? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being content with current balance, 1 being unhappy). If possible, explain your sentiments.
If we are talking about PvP with flag on, People choose not to fight if they know they will lost. Merit system punishment is really harsh for whoever want to be gain even with trying to get rank 9. This end up less people accepting the fight challenge and either start to gang up later after got attacked.

Overall , for any kind of pvp. there is imbalance in some class. Imbalance in my definition mean that some classes cannot beat more than 6 of 15 classes. And some classes can beat more than 10 out of 15 classes. To visualize it, A class as Rock type Class that cannot beat Scissors type Classes..... And normal lost to all Paper type classes


2) How do you feel about the current state of team PvP balance right now? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being content with current balance, 1 being unhappy). If possible, explain your sentiments.
well, I could make it up to 2v2 or 3v3 but party up more than that doesnt worth effort of time anymore. I will take hours to finish a fight unless one of the player in the party screwed up. Not to mention merit/orb reward is not significantly a lot more than normal 1v1,2v2.
I cannot give much feed back on this since most of the time I found the big fight is when people try to do ganging rather than equal fight.

3) Do you think steps are being made to improve what currently is set in place? Disregard the Merit system. Strictly balance discussion.
I cant say yet. since a lot of other classes are going get revamped. We might end up stay in the same place with same problem. Maybe revamp all 3 classes together and release in the same time would be good. so you can make sure the 3 classes weighting each other.... If one of this class turn out to be OP. at least one of two of other class will be able to beat. or at least one class that the class can beat it if turn out to be under power class.

4) Starting in September, the meta of PvP shifted from burst damage to sustain/bruisers. Do you think this shift was a positive or a negative change for the PvP scene?
Positive... but Giving out a lot of escaping tool to many class right now making Lock/Dodge system not really work well in PvP anymore.
Burst damage come with higher initiative. going first always have more advantage. Maybe adding some mechanic that make going last or after could mean advantage to them.. Like most card game where first turn have different rule than second or later turns. Or chest game that they cant burst damage/destroy other right away but try to position and read other mind for first 2 turns.

5) What is the current state of PvP on your server right now? Are PvPers active? Do people ever want to team fight?

On Nox server, Im not a full time PvPer. however, I can say it's not active. I have seen only the old faces or the lower level who ask to get kill to get rid of outlaw. Or those people who would log off instantly when meet up. I know some want to team fight. But not oftens.


6) Are you interested in PvP in MMORPGs general? If not, is there something that's putting you off about it right now in Wakfu? If you are, what is something you want to see done to improve Wakfu's PvP scene (other than balance)?
Im a bit interest in PvP. However, I end up prefer fighting with people I know they are fun to fight with. I like the fight that end up almost win or almost lost. I dont really like 100% win fight or 100% lost fight. specially the raging fight. I feel like putting off and go back to full PvE when i meet up people who doesnt like to play fair. but then I stay for a bit longer to give more shot of it and hope to meet up a lot more good people again. Usually the reward make me give a try. There are nice people to fight with. But there are always someone who want to ruin it.

Main problem always be lacking of people to play with. It is the same problem as getting party for running dungeon. If party search system can include "looking for a fight" party then that will be good.
Reward for PvP is really tempting but to realize it's almost impossible unless I keep choosing only a fight that I can win only. Some people doesn't let you get the merit from the fair fight. I'm always disappointed every time someone start a fight and it turn out to be ganging. I was thinking merit system as to show who's best fighter but not anymore once I try joining in PvP community. The system doesn't determined who has better build, better gear or better in fight strategy. Just whose who know when to run and choose only 100% win fight.


7) If a global PvP league was created with unique non-stat prizes, would you be interested in representing your server or signing a team up for it?
Maybe. depend on what time it happening... I prefer to run a dungeon. but if this happen when Im not busy.... sure. (Classic PvE player lol)

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posté November 29, 2014, 01:33:49 | #9
I wishing for green or red color but they doesnt have that color... 2 blues and 2 purple-ish.

but I do like dark purple one.

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posté November 28, 2014, 23:32:02 | #10
Some minor changes that I notice.

- Scalded : is now stacking up like old panda's dizzy. It will stay as long as you keep adding up every turn.
- Milky instinct : wakfu return doesnt need to be in merry state anymore.
- Master of Merriment : at max level, gaining +2 wakfu instead of 1 when finish merriment circle.

idk what else but this is good new for my panda build.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #802325  Replies : 630  Views : 19318
posté November 26, 2014, 20:11:59 | #11
Just make every spells have PvE and PvP effect. Then nerf or buff as you guys wish. At least we will see less PvE players endlessly arguing with PvP players.

Thread : Osamodas  Preview message : #801367  Replies : 92  Views : 3138
posté November 26, 2014, 07:59:20 | #12

Quote (Zygarde @ 26 November 2014 07:50) *
Looking at the French version of that page, it's mostly just a copy/paste of the Dofus rules page.

Or maybe they're trying to tell us that there aren't any rules on Nox and Remington, and we're free to do whatever we want in-game without punishment. Break ALL the things!
Thank you. But I dont trust this google translate. So it's same rule in Dofus then.

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posté November 26, 2014, 07:02:19 | #13
Game's rules? Hey guys, Game rules Link is not working for me. Where can i read game rule?

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posté November 25, 2014, 21:52:33 | #14
My suggestions after playing beta panda.

Scalded-Flaming Mechanic
- Light my fire's barrel AoE become same AoE as Bubble trouble's Barrel AoE (same AP cost.. this would make sense?) 3*3 AoE effect instead of small cross. Because it is 4 cells AoE but in real fight, it usually got 2 targets. And it's rare and not worth to play combo with barrel. (Make barrel combo a lot more attractive.)

- Make Flaming state trigger Scalded when position 1-2 cells close. not just in contact. It is still considered as Close Combat. Giving more possible for scaled to activate.

- Fix scalded to stay 2 turns as you have been planning and let it stack and stay another 2 turns if putting more scaled on it. This mean it will possible to stack up to level 1000, right?

Wakfu Regeneration Mechanic
- Consume 15 Dizzy passive dont requires to be in 'Merry' state. Since the +WP that play around Merriment already have on other passive. Giving some panda non-merriment build.

- Adding Alternative way to keep merriment circle than holding barrel. Using Barrelhop may let panda become 'level 2 Merry' state next turn if panda already have level 1 Merry state on this turn. same goes with Hangover.
(If it's none-earth panda try to get drunk atm, they have to spend 2AP extra every turn if they want to keep merry going.)

Map control ability
- Explosive flask have 4AP damage while when throw , using 6 AP .. could add about 10% more damage on it to make the spell more attractive. Otherwise, why don't just throw ally somewhere safe and then use the spell. There are other fire spell that are more efficient than Explosive flask. The spell shouldn't restrict in line when not holding anything. Keep in mind if it's all good and useful, but people can still only choose 4-6 spells. This will let panda have a lot more build to use.

- Karchamrak : As ever request, make it cost 1 AP throw or not. Cost another 1 AP when throw. return 1 AP if throw Barrel. Cost 1 more AP on Explosive flask/Milky Breath/Lactic Acid spell when use while holding something that are not barrel. This will give the same effect when use but will reduce AP cost when panda want to holding something on them before end turn.

- Barrelhop : As ever request, If there are 2 barrels on the arena. Limit 1 per turn. otherwise, no limit. I have PvE perspective. Be able to save other while can save self is what panda usually be currently.

Playing with barrel mechanic
- I do like Niddhogy's Idea. I do want 2-3 spells on fire and another 2-3 on water can be used while carrying barrel beside Explosive flask or milky breath.


My Feedback after testing panda

Decent Fire spells: Dairy Springer/ Milking it

My underrate Fire spells :
Flaming Burp is likely to be use but never been leveled. just for returning Wakfu. Line attack is limited.

Explosive flask might be interesting at first but then realize later that it's too limit to use and it doesn't giving any extra bonus when play with mechanic.

Light my Fire seem to work but Scalding mechanic is not seem to finished.

About Linear Attack
Flaming burp and Explosive Flask in beta cannot compete with Milking it. While Rouge's Pricing is popular because their other earth spell is either too short range, less damage, doesnt offer extra effect(the - earth resist) or also limited like diagonal attack.

Decent water spells : Milk Fountain / Bubble Trouble / Milk Wave

My underrate Water spells :
Milky Breath : It might be used but not be leveled. Same reason as other linear fire spell. It is actually cost 3AP1MP and at least stay in contact to heal a target. This is going to be as effective as Eca's lick.
Splash of milk : It is interesting spell but Panda mostly do AoE.. this might work on Earth. The spell without barrel is single target. Most panda will try to get AoE spell. Healing is also limited close to barrel.

Decent Earth spells : Pandawhack/ Lactic Acid/ Blisskring

My underrate Earth spells :

Bash Barrel : Might be used for improving Lock, but not leveled either. use same AP/MP as Dairy springer but doesn't gain me any backstab. Lock is not really worth much unless I really focus on locking certain boss.

Triple Whammy : Is going to be used but not leveled for sure.

- Thanks for listening.

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Thread : Feedback  Preview message : #800979  Replies : 26  Views : 3892
posté November 25, 2014, 00:10:30 | #15
Yeah, I dislike Aging's sound. Mummi is not as epic as old one anymore. the other are a lot cooler.

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posté November 19, 2014, 20:26:24 | #16
I was trying to check out in beta but seem like new hero system create some bugs that I cant test panda until now. Has been 3 days...

I just want to check if panda really have to play with barrel all the time as other people said. Thought I could just use 10 dizzy stack to get WP and play without getting drunk. it's just a no AP and no -Final damage. And want to know the new about barrel hop condition.

Anyway, no feedback or opinion for now.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #798529  Replies : 630  Views : 19318
posté November 19, 2014, 07:34:15 | #17
I do agree with Whiterummy and ByAllMeans' idea. An alternative way to trigger drunk/merry circle instead of barrel. Comparing to old panda that they can keep merry up without holding barrel by old barrel hop and old bamboozle. So this should follow with new panda too.

But how I think it should be trigger for next turn... if panda do it this turn ,they will got the state they desire on next turn. Just like holding barrel. They actually have to start the full circle imo. So no need for 2 spells... just one spell that force panda into merry state and let it run Merry-Drunk-Sober circle. which is not involve barrel....

btw, Any new on barrelhop's alternative condition?

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #798258  Replies : 630  Views : 19318
posté November 19, 2014, 00:32:23 | #18
Im trying to find the way to look up all current party made in there. seem like it's not work that way.

Still confused on how to use it. It doesnt even show party leader's name untill I click private chat.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #798123  Replies : 11  Views : 842
posté November 19, 2014, 00:24:22 | #19
Actual problem is that runed gear and non-runed gear fall in same category when selling. By default market will only shown the cheapest of same kind of gear to costumer unless they unchecked that show only cheapest price option.

So the buyers originally only seen the lowest price and cannot compare between any same kind of gear. This also happen with the different element but same gear too.

Secondly,Fully runed gears indeed cheaper and better option with comepare with normal gear that planned for rune in the future. However , everyone has been level very fast. if it's not end game gear. it is not worth to have full runed gear to wear for a few days before they have to move on next gear. They are just gonna compare with price instead of long term use.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #798118  Replies : 3  Views : 362
posté November 19, 2014, 00:10:04 | #20
About Heroes and respec dojo :

Character will also log in at the place where you summon hero to fight if log on them after. This including respec dojo and all high level area content.

after have heroes in party, fighting in respec dojo seem to be impossible... (or Im just lag?) It will still be same result when kick them off party.

talking with dojo master while heroes are in party to reset spell seem to effect heroes too when log on them.

Thread : New Bugs  Preview message : #798112  Replies : 5  Views : 512