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posté Yesterday - 20:05:32 | #1
It base on how much HP missing not damage received.

at 10% regen, 70 HP with max 100HP = missing 30 HP = heal 3 HP

at 10% regen, 70 HP but max 200HP = missing 130 HP = heal 13 HP

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posté October 23, 2014, 00:06:38 | #2
Regeneration is better in end game. life steal is not as good end game unless you can always do AoE. And it's so so in early game.

respec it out at level 80 for more HP% which make stronger regeneration.

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posté October 21, 2014, 19:08:59 | #3
Trool warrior spike + legano. 50% 10AP or 12AP

not real 12 AP build but it's can make you get to 12

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posté October 20, 2014, 18:59:27 | #4

Quote (OhNoitsIchie @ 20 October 2014 18:47) *

Quote (Ippy @ 20 October 2014 18:40) *

Quote (Senka @ 20 October 2014 18:20) *
We can get it, through the French shop.

+1 For thread! Bought through French
screenies! im curious what it looks like in actual.

and thanks for the info =) glad to know its not region locked.

I bought it, here's pic for your decision.

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posté October 18, 2014, 23:06:51 | #5
Least wanted
Splash of Milk : is double 'Milky Breath' and it's AoE on barrel is not so great. so no.
Milking Wave : use WP and I'd prefer to use WP for hop and bamboozle.
Light my fire : the limited one per target make it worthless + it got kicked from my wanted rank since Bubble trouble can do a lot more fancy thing at same cost.
Pandawhack : Merry is not reliable for tank, too less resist at first. end up getting drunk at last
Bash Barrel : Merry is not reliable for tank, too less lock at first. end up getting drunk at last

Want but end up didnt get it
Flaming Burp : Critical is good , really good! But with line and small AoE, there are other spell that can do better.
Milking it : Really great AoE but it take away dizzy state. have fixed extra damage no matter what level it is. (only matter with dizzy level) Compares to explosive flask that can do extra damage that have more base damage every level. Only if Im not a tri panda I'd pick this.

Not leveled used spell
Triple Whammy : always use to get away from lock together with friends.(tip tip ^^) but dont need any level.
Milky Breath : I have it level at low level, just emergency dizzy stack spell when I'm out of MP.

Currently using :
Explosive flask : Best damage fire spell ever if boost with water. Compare to Milking it , it can keep going because it doesnt kill dizzy.
Dairy Springer : Close combat version of Explosive flask but get you to backstab. backstab build panda would love it.
Milk Fountain : Water cra spell..... AoE and no friendly fire
Bubble Trouble : Great AoE spell and best filler
Lactic Acid : extra damage just like explosive flask but depend on merry instead of dizzy. Same reason as why i pick Explosive flask.
Blisskrieg : Great damage and another way to get backstab for panda. Only do it on Earth panda mode.

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posté October 18, 2014, 22:27:36 | #6
I'll answer from how i build panda.

1. What pandawa specialties should I level up and max first? what would be the next? maybe a priority list of the specialties needed for a fire/water build?

Max Karchamrak
Max Barrel
Max Hop
level 1 Incandescent Milk (for the effect.)
Bottomless Barrel (around 10 or until you satisfied)
Max Milky Instinct
Max Bamboozle(start maxing when you have 11AP or you will end up use hop more than this)
go back to Max Bottomless Barrel
go back to Max Incandescent Milk

Ether and Aggressive barrel is not recommend if you ask me. but I do like Ether... sadly it use too much AP and WP

2. in the int stats tab, should i max resistance first then dump the rest in +%hp? or should i do something else?

Go for damage-res of any choice. HP-res is not worth.

3. what other stats should i be focusing and prioritizing on as a fire/water pandawa?

a lot of people have problem in Agility. everything is good but also not effect much in the game play.
I recommend dodge and lock if you have no idea, it make enemy lost AP when move. and lower ap lost when you move when locked. gears give better.

everybody put their point in initiative and you might even end up last even though you put point initiative very high. so it will be useless. but it wont if you have someone to play often and you want to go first, or last.

4. what spells should i use and focus on if i want to be an efficient combatant that fights at close to mid range? not sure yet if i wanna do a lot of close combat though.

You can only max 5 spells as duo element.

these four spells are highly recommended for every water-fire panda.
Water : Bubble Trouble , Milk Fountain
Fire : Explosive Flask, Dairy Springer

Fifth spell is your choice : Other spell that recommended are 'Flaming burp','Milking it','Light my fire','Milky Breath'

However, you dont have enough 'MP' for Bubble trouble at low level, use 'Milky Breath' instead in water branch. and respec at level 80 to transfer experience to bubble trouble.

Milking it also recommend for training but it's not doing as good damage as explosive flask. + it's mid range.

5. miscellaneous and additional information that might be important to know would also be appreciated.

1 If you can throw barrel to make water AoE of at least 2 monsters. it's always worth.

2 Hop and hold barrel and bamboozle are 3 ways to get merry. Dont forget to keep your merry up or let it go at level 20 if you know you cant keep it till the fight end.

3 Panda a most fun when they throw.... specially throw monster into AoE for your friends. Study every other classes' AoE spells will make you a pro panda. 

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posté October 18, 2014, 21:03:06 | #7
second class in wakfu without fire branch.

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posté October 16, 2014, 22:07:19 | #8
Forum Name: RaZept
Main Server: Nox
In-Game Name(s): Zithia / Nua
Classes Played: Water-fire Panda / Water-Air Eni / Water-fire Feca / Air-fire Osa / Air-fire Xelor
Gathering Professions: All max
Craft Professions: long distance, handyman

Im usually busy in the dungeon, but I'm not too busy to answer any question. I know how to do most of the quests in wakfu, feel free to PM me.

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posté October 13, 2014, 21:51:12 | #9
miner mine faster with lower gathering time+dragoturkey, but number of nodes in each loop are the same. around level 85-89 are slowest level, you will have to wait because there is not enough node to mine, so it's not faster. better do it together with fishing if you dont want to wait.

Avoid monk and Forfut. you got 100% exp for 10 levels. so keep mining the same ores that are easy to mine.

70-80 = Bauxie (Wild Prairie)

75-85 = Titanium (Sadi)

With fisherman 80-90 = Kroomium(Kelba) + picking up feather when waiting for respawn if you are doing fisherman

85-90 = Amethyst(Monk) this place dont have enough node to mine. but cant skip.

90+ = Taroudium (Chillberg)

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posté October 06, 2014, 08:18:18 | #10
There are so many ways to define tank in wakfu. Tank by being high HP, high res. locking(or stealing dodge), shielding, kiting, blocking, using dodge chance(or critical failure), stabilize target and much more.

Feca, Sac, Fogger,Sram's double have self made armors, Fogger have the best self made armor.

Feca, Fogger, Panda,Trunk have + lock passive, Feca have the best + lock passive.

Sac,Sram can steal dodge , Sac can steal most dodge.

Sac,Feca,Enu,Rogue,Sadi can steal MP, Enu can do best job here, but for tank Feca can do best -MP

Sac,Panda,Feca,Sram,Xelor can do map control, Panda use least AP cost to do this job.

Fogger and Sac can take damage for other. Sac can do with more range and more turn but Trunk/Fogger can do without screwing the position.

Feca,Sadi,Osa have shield support, Sadi and Osa have best shield support(right now) rip 100% shiled on feca... only sadi and osa now

Feca and Eni have absolute shield, Feca can do more than one in a fight.

Osa,Sadi,Fogger,Panda,Xelor,Eni,Enu can do blocking(another kind of kite), Fogger do the best job here. then sadi and osa if they can control summon or leave them as seed.

Sac, Fogger, Iop, Eni have HP passive. Sac and Fogger do as best as each other.

Feca is only class that have + resist passive, Panda can get resist in fight too but not recommended.

Feca and Iop Panda are classes that can stabilize target. Feca and Iop can do without any cost.

Panda have 20% dodge, Eca also have Crit fail but close combat only

from reasons above. I like panda the most but not as a tank. I like to control the map. Sac is my favorite as a tank. (same reason as panda's)

@Anony : Fogger is one of real tank class. Panda is indeed off-tank since they use chance to tank. so it's depend on luck(most similar to eca's paw-off.) and cant stay in long fight with turn limited merry. I have been running dp/Flaxhid with Fogger as a tank regularly. He's not even need heal from totem nor extra shield/heal from party(Blockage are very strong). with the right tank build, they are coolest tank. (However, they are not my favorite cuz they cant control the map as panda/sac do. more similar to feca.) I wish I could introduce that tanky fogger to you.  

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posté September 22, 2014, 23:42:38 | #11
Click here

guide section

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posté September 22, 2014, 23:37:43 | #12
Only mod can post the topic there. only seen 1-2 updates per month every time game has updated.

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posté September 22, 2014, 21:07:54 | #13
Is your sram is the one level 63 that show in forum's information? I see him there so he's still here.

Some of people who use steam get forced to play on APAC or German servers for some reason. download normal client instead of steam and play on there.

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posté September 19, 2014, 02:58:04 | #14
Steam Black Crow and Magmog set

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posté September 19, 2014, 01:30:51 | #15
CP is Citizen Points
it mean you have done good to the nation. press 'w' to check the population of monster and keep them within clan member wish. fixing it give +cp, broken it will give you negative.

if your CP go negative, you will become outlaw and other players will keep pk you.

Positive cp is good.

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posté September 17, 2014, 13:59:42 | #16
Nobody ever know where to find Swordfish Trench and it's River Fish Shore is neither. Non-stared resource that are just fairy tale among fisherman. but you know it you have it catch it with Flycatcher bait.

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posté September 17, 2014, 03:52:25 | #17
level 1 work fine. I cant answer the level 2. It only steal more from people who fight in HW. seem not worth so no one upgrade it.

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posté September 14, 2014, 00:46:50 | #18

ืIs it different on yours?

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posté September 11, 2014, 08:59:27 | #19
4 guards in astrub. in mid way between center astrub to nation

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