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posté November 19, 2014, 20:26:24 | #1
I was trying to check out in beta but seem like new hero system create some bugs that I cant test panda until now. Has been 3 days...

I just want to check if panda really have to play with barrel all the time as other people said. Thought I could just use 10 dizzy stack to get WP and play without getting drunk. it's just a no AP and no -Final damage. And want to know the new about barrel hop condition.

Anyway, no feedback or opinion for now.

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posté November 19, 2014, 07:34:15 | #2
I do agree with Whiterummy and ByAllMeans' idea. An alternative way to trigger drunk/merry circle instead of barrel. Comparing to old panda that they can keep merry up without holding barrel by old barrel hop and old bamboozle. So this should follow with new panda too.

But how I think it should be trigger for next turn... if panda do it this turn ,they will got the state they desire on next turn. Just like holding barrel. They actually have to start the full circle imo. So no need for 2 spells... just one spell that force panda into merry state and let it run Merry-Drunk-Sober circle. which is not involve barrel....

btw, Any new on barrelhop's alternative condition?

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posté November 19, 2014, 00:32:23 | #3
Im trying to find the way to look up all current party made in there. seem like it's not work that way.

Still confused on how to use it. It doesnt even show party leader's name untill I click private chat.

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posté November 19, 2014, 00:24:22 | #4
Actual problem is that runed gear and non-runed gear fall in same category when selling. By default market will only shown the cheapest of same kind of gear to costumer unless they unchecked that show only cheapest price option.

So the buyers originally only seen the lowest price and cannot compare between any same kind of gear. This also happen with the different element but same gear too.

Secondly,Fully runed gears indeed cheaper and better option with comepare with normal gear that planned for rune in the future. However , everyone has been level very fast. if it's not end game gear. it is not worth to have full runed gear to wear for a few days before they have to move on next gear. They are just gonna compare with price instead of long term use.

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posté November 19, 2014, 00:10:04 | #5
About Heroes and respec dojo :

Character will also log in at the place where you summon hero to fight if log on them after. This including respec dojo and all high level area content.

after have heroes in party, fighting in respec dojo seem to be impossible... (or Im just lag?) It will still be same result when kick them off party.

talking with dojo master while heroes are in party to reset spell seem to effect heroes too when log on them.

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posté November 13, 2014, 00:03:25 | #6

Quote (Gelgy @ 12 November 2014 23:44) *
I've not been playing actively for long, and this is my first forum post, so sorry if I'm mistaken or out of line.

If the scalded mechanics as-is are too unreliable, rather than a complete overhaul wouldn't the simplest solution be to try one of the following?:

A: Extend the Scalded state's duration by 1 turn (So until activated it lasts 1 full turn from last application like Hemorrhage). This would depend on how Scalded works under the hood, I'm assuming there's a "remove on activation" effect. If it's only removed by the end of its duration, and checks for activation either every turn, or only at the end of its duration this would have pretty terrible results.

B: Extend the Flaming state's duration by 1 turn. Not especially useful on its own, but it would give players a second chance to activate Scalding without having to reapply Flaming as well.

C: Allow the Panda to apply the Flaming state to allies and/or barrels with some of their spells. Would obviously work best in a team, but it would make the Panda less reliant on Enutrof & Iops, or entering melee themselves to get full damage out of their fire spells.

I can't say much on the Panda's current state or the revamp, just thinking about potentially easier solutions to some of the complaints brought up in this thread. For all I know, the revamped Panda could be fine without any further changes.
I like B and C together

Panda building up scaled and then make someone or himself get flaming state. specially the tanker or close combat people. if they are not in close combat with any scaled monster, panda can throw them next to it! Ally bomb!

C could be add as another effect in Ether or Happy hour.

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posté November 11, 2014, 19:12:48 | #7
I have the idea that xelor should be able to use 1WP to make one ally go after xelor instantly for the whole fight. Condition is... limited one use per turn. Xelor instantly lost turn. Can only use at start of turn like Fusillade/Eni self trans.

shortly, interfering turn order in fight should be work of xelor.

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posté November 11, 2014, 06:42:26 | #8

Quote (Agosta @ 11 November 2014 06:31) *
Wakfu regeneration isn't what makes Barrelhop so powerful. Please stop.
I wont stop giving new idea to substitute penalty on the spell I want to keep.... dont worry, the decision is up to developer.

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posté November 11, 2014, 06:22:59 | #9
If you guy come up with other better condition on barrelhop that stop panda from being overpower instead of 1 per turn. Then ankama might let you use hop more than one

If you guys come up with a nerf on wakfu passive that make panda stop getting overpower with unlimited wakfu. Then ankama might let you use hop more freely

Wakfu regeneration passive??? What??? yes.... the real OP is actually these passive...

Current panda is balance class. I dont really hear anyone complain about panda in current state. Everyone play each class for many reasons... and most people play panda because they enjoy map control ability. It's not mean they want panda to be overpower, but want to keep map control ability as panda use to be.

The real problem on new panda seem to be wakfu regeneration ability that will make this hop become overpower. Not to mention new panda have 2 passives to regenerate wakfu. Nerfing wakfu passive is also another option. I'd rather giving up on. If nerfing other way on barrel hop does not work.

The one that give wakfu at start of turn when sober is quite OP imo. the one that regenerate Wakfu when consumes dizzy sound more reasonable.
Also, what do Ankama team think of this wakfu sober passive? are they planning to change later... in which direction?

I honestly dont like the idea of to being able to regenerate wakfu like candies at all.(But i like candies!) wakfu seem to have less meaning...

Just feeding new idea to new way of change...

about Karchamrak.... Im still not finished....
how about make it cost 1 extra AP then use flask/lactic acid/milky breath instead when throw ally?? and let Karchamrak the same as before.
else, I'll be missing holding my ally after finish my combo.

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posté November 10, 2014, 22:03:04 | #10
I have been playing and have this problem for long time. It only happen in Haven bag, Dungeon, Haven world and quest rooms. eg jelly dimension, inside almanax temple. It wont happen in front of almanax or other open place.

This is not disconnect due to inactivity... more like time out.
as long as i move, I'll not get problem.. but if I stop for 30 second or more, it will time out randomly. and of cause, it's not even 30 minute yet.

My client is not steam either, it has been like this since around wabbit patch or older.

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posté November 10, 2014, 21:55:06 | #11
I'll be happy if it's the owl race. I like owl.

Pandora quest leading her to find her kind. Thought the class should be pandora's kind... would be odd if end up having race with different appearance than pandora herself.

But I really like owl..



yes , I like owl.

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posté November 10, 2014, 20:27:28 | #12
I see you point out pvp... but avoiding it isnt only one answer, right?

How about adding condition that if there are more than 1 barrel in the fight, panda can only hop one then. or cost more... or destroy barrel on second hop...or second hop cost 2WP or extra AP/MP.. etc... maybe some better condition that will not make panda overpower instead of limiting 1 per turn. (If someone can come up with better condition, then ankama might consider about it)

iop and sadida can stabilize themselves without cool down.. so I'm thinking if put Ether on panda, it should not have cool down effect either.

or make it pvp/pve seperate.... apply cool down if in PvP/ no cool down in PvE (introducing separate effect mechanic??)

Just some ideas.

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posté November 10, 2014, 09:52:36 | #13
Things I want to change in revamp.... part 2

1 Pandawhack dont comsume dizzy just like before. By making it take away dizzy will only make it broken. You could nerf the spell other way. by limiting only 50 or 100 resist instead. or limit use per turn.

2 Ether dont need to limit one every 3 turns, Just up to panda's wakfu usage, if they cant manage how to use WP, then they cant do it. Ether is not as good as sram's invisible or feca's PA. and 'Iop' can do this same thing every turn. Using on other character (specially in pvp still give 2 turns cool down...(like feca/iop's stabilize glyph))

3 Barrelhop should be able to use more than one per turn. Make it cost 2 Wakfu on second use. and maybe destroy a barrel on second use too. dont give dodge buff, just flaming state is enough.
(I have been asking this because I want to save people's butt when I can save my own after too in PvE. I usually use 2 hops on situation that someone stand in bad spot. or up to 4-5 if I cant get the range or LoS on that person by throwing barrel and hop twice.)

4 Make Karchamrak cost 1AP as the old one. and then make Explosive flask,Lactic Acid,Milky Breath cost 1 Extra AP if use when holding something that is not barrel.

5 Happy hour adding flaming state to ally (to give more possible to use fire's mechanic)

I'll put more if I have anything I want to change.

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posté November 10, 2014, 09:32:42 | #14
I dont have any problem with panda's damage in revamp. However, I have a bit of problem in tactical use.

In flax fight... no more barrel to stop from push/aoe anymore but using 2AP1WP every 3 turns for stabilized instead....Oh, yeah, I guess, I could work out the other way.

But I dont see why Ether have to have cool down since it's not making character become suddenly OP like invisible or perfect armor.

And I still gonna request more usage per turn on barrelhop....

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posté November 08, 2014, 22:07:35 | #15
to me.... the best to describe each class in wakfu to non-wakfu people is...

feca = magic guardian
Xelor = mage
Iop = knight
enu = rare hunter
sram = assassin
rogue = gunner/bomber
eca = gambler
eni = priest/healer
sadi = support summoner
osa = summoner
panda = martial art fighter
sac = berserker
fogger = mechanic
masq = mask dancer

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Thread : General  Preview message : #794596  Replies : 6  Views : 745
posté November 07, 2014, 19:25:48 | #16
Stasis will make Dragon Pig have the spell that apply 'Critical failure' on target. it's seem like counter spell from osa's crit failure. but it's not.

More detail as I know

Collusion damage = Dragon pig summon totems around target
Push = Dragon pig will push the target.
Backstab = Dragon pig will turn the target around
Pull = Dragon pig will stabilize the target
-AP = Dragon pig will -AP the target
-MP = Dragon pig will -MP the target
-Range = Dragon pig will - range the target
Stasis = Dragon pig apply critical failure on target
Heal = Dragon pig apply Incurable state on target

information down from here is not 100% accurate
Dragon pig can do range AoE around 4*4 cells square wide but minimum at 2 range. (He can use only if he's not in cc) might be triggered by fire

Dragon pig can do Earth wave AoE in line but minimum at 2 range (He can use only if he's not in cc) Might be triggered by earth

Dragon pig can throw target exactly 4 cells away. He cant use the spell if there is something already stay on that exactly 4 cells already. Might be triggered by air

with 300+ Belligerences = Dragon pig can do mirror image attack before ending it's turn. might be triggered by one of element.(water?)

Dragon pig can Leap to other target 10 cells far/no los. If that target have more Belligerence than locker.

Could not find what swap will let Dragon pig do... His spell must be 2 cells range minimum. But we always keep him locked in close combat.

Right now there is some visual bug when swap happen randomly too.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #794150  Replies : 16  Views : 685
posté November 06, 2014, 21:28:25 | #17

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 06 November 2014 21:26) *

Quote (ForCanea @ 06 November 2014 21:23) *
Buuuuut red is the color of blood, and psychopaths QQ
I am a zobal after all

Are you guys not getting the option to?

It should look like this?
Yeah , I see it. new feature?? nice.  

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posté November 06, 2014, 06:32:19 | #18

Quote (Viliax @ 06 November 2014 05:55) *

Quote (RaZept @ 05 November 2014 20:41) *
use at least 7 different kind of spells 'on him' from this following list every round.
Backstab damage

He will have 7+ frenzies and be level 8+ secret pork art.. something. If you do it all, you will put him at 13 frenzies and level 14 art...(that achievement)

ps. he earn new spell reflecting from what spell you put into him too. watch out the push spell.
Umm.. are you sure about backstab? I was thinking it might be Crit..
mhmm... the backstab will allow dragonpig to use the spell that will turn target around and giving him backstab. Oh, and collusion damage too. it's always packed with push. I forgot to put that in the list.

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