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posté July 16, 2014, 17:08:59 | #1

Quote (JerryDB @ 13 July 2014 23:05) *
Oi oi, I am back perhaps to stay who knows? (I don't).

I thought I would take this opportunity to review and reflect on the character of JerryDB and to give you all wall of text.

History time (don't roll your eyes!)
Three months after the launch of Wakfu I decided the population of Remington was so bad I would actually do something about as opposed to moaning and rage quitting which I fully emphasize with.

So I did a few things. The main thing being help people level pretty much non-stop for about 9 months even though I got the maximum level 2 months after the game came out. I also made a guild alliance solely devoted to recruitment and teaming up between the guilds. At its peak it had 23 guilds.

As Wakfu suffered from a serious lack of content I ran +50 events which varied greatly if you are interested to read more click here and work you way to the older posts. The event I am most famous for is the Nun dungeon event at this time the dungeon could be opened for the whole server for 10 minutes. Out of the players gathered I would make random teams this was real community building and tons of fun.

That was the first year of Wakfu I did some other stuff but I wont go on forever.

The second year of Wakfu I was more humble (tried to be) I had a lot less free time so I mostly played with my guild/ friends/ former guild alliance members I helped out on other people events mainly filming and posting on youtube and I wrote tons of player guide and made a few videos.

The main one being the way I went about things some even called me a pompous ass. Unlike most players who help others I decided to make it more fun by have a competition with myself and everyone else. Such as boasting I have a massive guild alliance, about how many events I had run and all manner of things. I did this for several reason but the main one was encourage others who would no doubt do a better job that me anyway so JerryDB ran a bunch of events I(random player) can easily equal if not better that. I was also looking for a rival or multiple rivals in growing the community or helping people in general but people who help others tend to be more humble.

I am in no way better than any other person on this planet however in terms of trying to doing some community building I think it is safe to say I have set a high standard.

Getting hated on!
I am pretty fair person and always give credit when it is due. In all honesty I am not sure why some players hate on me I find it rather amusing. Lets hate on player who is trying to do the most for the communities of Wakfu – yeah “he just isn’t doing enough”, “he doesn't put enough time into it”. Your right I hate him as well. Btw I didn't make this up these are some of the things people have told me.

My counter to be hated on is what have you done? the reply I usually get to this is crying like a baby “why should I have to contribute to this game and the community?”.

Perhaps some of the criticisms are perfectly valid and constructive however this is style in which bring me enjoyment (remember we are playing a game) am I willing to reduce my enjoyment to become more effective? Nope. You could always show me how its done rather that trying to improve my methods then its a win win for everyone (possibly).

Many will tell you I have ego problems as in an overinflated ego when in reality of the opposite is true as in the real Jerry not the JerryDB character.

What was the point in this post?
  • Give you a insight into JerryDB and hopefully clear up some misunderstandings.
  • The original JerryDB character is being revived and you needed to be informed.
  • JerryDB is joining the Nox server which is long overdue.
  • I am opening a Nox & Remington team speak server for everyone to use we can't expect Ankama to do it.
  • I am going to run events on Nox and Rem like people have been asking me for ages.
  • I am going to do more Wakfu videos and my youtube show I feel sorry for the world.
  • Please feel free to comment.

JerryDB aka JerryDaBogywogyman
I played this game for two years and I can assure you that I never saw you doing anything but talking,

you have no ego problems you have that problem yea that problem which is called give me some attention guys.

I never saw your alliance practically, you did some events which other helped you with and never gave them the credit , I did trash you a lot and agro you many times because you kept running for 2 years wearing Starry set!

The alliance is not about asking others for their drops mate !

Which Ego are you talking about ?

which helps you did playing Remington?

you are just someone used to play for 2 months and then quit the rest.

Be more mature and stp acting like you are cool because you make *cool *looks bad now .

you are more like a lost dog or something you have no ego or even same shame to worry about.


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posté June 24, 2014, 12:22:20 | #2

Quote (dlexus009 @ 24 June 2014 08:23) *

After the patch no one get the 12 Mod, otherwise the 0.1% super rich players. But how to be 12 AP in dungeon, you must take one Xelor.

Someone posted the video, which includes the Xelor, Feca, Masker and Eni. Xelor and Feca is the key of this video and they won wa wabbit just with 4 man. Not because of the Set is too strong, it is because Xelor is too strong now. If with Xelor, anyone can be 12 AP in dungeon.

1. Suggestes Change: Limiting the Xelor ablity of transfer his MP to AP for teammate, make it 2 MP for 1 AP is reasonable and 1MP for 1 AP is insane for this version.

Yes, Masker and Feca is also very Strong, but only Xelor is the key for this version, who make everyone with 1 added AP with just a little MP.

2. Otherwise, ankama will see all the dungeon full of xelor.

Which is unreasonable and we will all call it gg and afk, If with one Xelor they can beat the hardcore dungeon with just 4 man and you call it still one hardcore game? Nerf their Build and Set, too geek!


@ankama We had already the darf ages of Air Cra 2 years ago, and now the dark age of Xelor is coming if you leave it alone soon they will destroy all the Balance!
I hope you feel better now atdose

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Forza Germany

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posté June 08, 2014, 23:00:46 | #4

Quote (FajneCycki @ 08 June 2014 17:00) *
Well, there's more average players than average Ankama employees assigned for the job. You seem to know very little about game development. They didn't take the numbers out of their ***es :p. Process of making such a game includes lots of calculations and planning. If a player comes to the forum after playing it for few days and writes what his brain managed to produce during 20 seconds and he believes that he knows better, you cannot treat it seriously. Also saying that RNG is completetly random is rather a compliment, isn't it? xD Reaching complete randomness has always been an important thing in IT as you can see here :p
I don't care if its compliment my friend, you said Ankama's Devs are gods and I just hit back that statement, there are a lot of players who are really pro breaking this game apart and they are smarter than the devs, they are speaking about the drop system and am one who doesn't blv there is one.

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posté June 08, 2014, 16:53:34 | #5

Quote (FajneCycki @ 08 June 2014 16:32) *
I think Ankama had a vision for their game, but instead of standing their ground and doing what they originally planned they bended under the community criticism. The community is mostly short-sighted, people don't understand the mechanics of the game, they think only in their own interest. There's no compromise between satisfying everyone and making a good game. Designing the game should stay in hands of professionals, no matter how professional they are, they know more than an average Wakfu player.
*IF* you think you are right and they know better than any average Wakfu player the question is, Why they have a lot of bugs being noticed by the average players as you said?

There is no drop system here, me myself I dropped 4 wa castle helmet, 3 woboots and 2 solomonks

without the need of any enu or eating candy and the highest rate was 70.

It's Completely RANDOM.

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posté June 07, 2014, 21:30:58 | #6
La guilde is and also jabber,

welcome back anyway .

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posté June 06, 2014, 21:33:57 | #7
Thanks sabi and sato. To be fair they did a good job solving my problem and answering the ticket Immediately.


Cloudi with love

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posté May 16, 2014, 19:59:28 | #8

Quote (Rokugatsu @ 16 May 2014 19:53) *
Wow, you 3 are always quoting each other and laughing from each others "jokes", that's getting scary.
Are you even subbed?

Your levels a bit low and you think your opinions do matter about Remington ?

The people are busy farming their items and levels not just sitting here stalking people like yourself.

-cloudi :3

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posté May 11, 2014, 14:47:35 | #9

Quote (MedusaOne @ 11 May 2014 12:04) *
Will we ever get our items back, and will we be getting some compensation?

7 days without playing, servers were close to empty and we don't even know if we will see our pets and items again, knowing ankama.
Sabi were playing around with words and did not want to officially announce this bug because she has orders not to , they don't wanna give the server free subs or compensations.

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posté May 11, 2014, 14:37:28 | #10

Quote (XHakenX @ 10 May 2014 22:06) *

Quote (SingleWhip @ 10 May 2014 21:20) *
thanks! Whip after hearing more about this I started to realize that the buff shouldn't easily go back to bonta for the following reasons:
- Bonta isn't the center of attention anymore other nations are just as populated due to a while after nation outposts where made and the fall of "5th bond avenue"
We are done from the Island , now the other problem is you did Insult me personally there and you need to apologize [text removed]


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posté May 05, 2014, 11:11:20 | #11
Exactly , It happens every time, RYF was answering some silly questions , when I asked him about

fixing some bugs he just ran away , Weak people are everywhere .

The members here asking for answers and none of them is online It's monday and it's funny.

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posté May 03, 2014, 22:26:48 | #12

Quote (androgyous @ 03 May 2014 19:50) *
I think they should release another insignia, but it should have a state that makes it so when you wear it the mods actually respond to your messages and tickets.
omg hhahahhahah.

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posté April 30, 2014, 08:18:59 | #13

Quote (NillaSteph @ 29 April 2014 22:17) *
For those people out there who likes using sidekiickssss,

So, i noticed in the sidekicks menu (pressing K) there is a new sidekick!
I looked through the spells, and i'm guessing she's a little bit like feca trank mix in her earth branch.
The air branch seems to have lots of damage boosts though.

What do u guys thinkkkk?

April 28, 2014, 17:00:00

*Only players having beaten her at conventions or other special events may have her with them immediately! For all the others, they will have to be patient...*

How can you notice something been posted from two days ?

How can I give my thoughts about something I may not have too ?

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posté April 24, 2014, 14:55:04 | #14

Quote (thunder-aniluv @ 24 April 2014 14:46) *
this reconnect issue is so old school !
but well up to now you guys cant even fix this ..
when your on dung and suddenly u dc dont even rely on there reconnect thing

its " USELESS" if you recon your stuck , cant move , cant do anything !!

truth is its waste of time , waste of keys , waste of subs
we are paying for this game and why not fix this one issue that's been
around for long long time !

well im playing as 6 account and this is really bulls#@*t
got no choice but to log out when i dc because your reconnect is useless !
why not copy dofus reconnect ? your can easily recon and get back on fight or get back
to dung ! ok you guys will tell us its not easy ..
but you guys can make new stuff , new map , new dung but cant fix this issue great
Yes , I have the same problem here.

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posté April 20, 2014, 18:03:20 | #15

Quote (senhuan @ 20 April 2014 05:07) *
Hi, I used to play on Remington. I just logged in after a long absence and there doesn't seem to be many people there. Can someone fill me in as to the status of the servers and what's happened to them in terms of population?

Also a while ago I went to the Asia beta Wakfu server and it was chock full of people!

What's happening? It's sort of hard to get back into the game if it's mostly empty apart from a very few die hards that all know one another.

Asia is better go there plz!

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