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Wakfu reaction GIF thread!
Bellaphone Lover * Member Since 2012-01-19
posté November 23, 2013, 07:16:52 | #121
Edit: My gifs got deleted  

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Scary Polter * Member Since 2011-08-28
posté December 04, 2013, 01:56:36 | #122

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 04 November 2013 03:40) *

Black Wabbit costume thread

You meanie, I gave up on Black Wabbit Costume though. We are not getting any answers within 6 months anyway...

Quote (GeekyMeerkat @ 08 November 2013 00:00) *
When you finally get that drop from a monster that really wasn't that rare of a drop, but still seemed to take forever to actually get:

I laughed a lot on this one, it's been so long that I've watched this Episode and I laughed my ass off back then too. It is a masterpiece I love it. xD

Lazy Bow Meow * Member Since 2012-02-29
posté December 12, 2013, 04:51:28 | #123
Air Iop VS Air Iop

New Update

go to f*ck my friend

Larva dungeon not complete

Iop twink

NEED 10 lvl HERBALISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need MINING skill

Eniripsa Plays

Iop and Eniripsa party

Sram skill

First battle bow meow

my dad playin Wakfu =_=

where I was mistaken?

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Ecstatic Whisperer * Member Since 2012-04-04
posté December 19, 2013, 04:50:00 | #124
Enutrof escapes via "prime of life":

And gets locked again, right after it:


Tofurby on Diet * Member Since 2012-10-15
posté December 19, 2013, 18:16:55 | #125
Even though they're not GIFs:

Running around planting, harvesting, replanting, and killing things for hours on end just to get what you want for your character/professions:

And finishing off a monster with weak hits from my Drheller summon. 

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Soft Crackler * Member Since 2011-06-14
posté December 25, 2013, 19:23:53 | #126
Vampyro :B


Narcissistic Larva * Member Since 2013-06-08
posté December 26, 2013, 22:20:48 | #127
when you start playing a class you never played before

when you see awesome fanart

when you accidentally hit a friend

when your enemy has nearly full HP and you are close to death

when your whole group is afk for a half hour

when you finally got the relic item you always wanted

when you notice, you skilled yourself wrong the whole time

when you get enirased

when you dont have the money for a better set

brb xelor

when you found your personal perfect guild


finding the perfect buddys

your view when you try to protect your field

"you shouldnt skill that way!!!11"




"dont heal the sacrieur!"

trying to be dd when you are an eni

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Lord Madgobb * Member Since 2011-05-25
posté December 31, 2013, 20:16:46 | #128
Tickets from the community (Ankama's office):

Waiting for 2014

When Wakfu will be worth playing (no bugs, proper class revamps):

When Ankama change something that you didn't expected to be changed:

Changing costume before PvP:

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posté January 01, 2014, 21:02:07 | #129
Sadida tears:

Lord Madgobb * Member Since 2012-02-19
posté January 03, 2014, 23:32:49 | #130
mods reading the forums :p

Finishing crafting something thats taken forever to get the stuff for:

Seeing something going down at 5th

me at any event

entering starry/ entering haven world


when someone bothers me when im farming

getting new gear

when im in the government :3c

listening to new peoples problems

Me showing how crazy a mob/mechanic/ or person is

And last but not least high level chef making something

Ancient Eradicator * Member Since 2008-06-09
posté January 04, 2014, 01:14:35 | #131
When Ankama thinks their players are morons and tries to get away with something:

International Community's response when important information on the FR side does not get translated into English:

(It's Ankama, what else would you expect?)

Short Strich * Member Since 2012-06-27
posté January 05, 2014, 00:19:04 | #132
When someone finds an OP build:


Short Strich * Member Since 2012-02-09
posté January 05, 2014, 17:51:12 | #133
General Discussion

People coming near me when I'm gathering mats

Going past people while I'm gathering mats

When you want to play with someone you regularly talk to but you're stuck on separate servers ;;

Lord Madgobb * Member Since 2011-05-25
posté January 06, 2014, 23:30:11 | #134
Worn Out level 100:

New insygnia acquired:

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Ecstatic Whisperer * Member Since 2012-04-04
posté January 09, 2014, 17:34:13 | #135
A sram is being taken to some difficult dungeon/UB.


Lord Madgobb * Member Since 2011-05-25
posté January 18, 2014, 15:00:12 | #136
When troll appear in topic:

Narcissistic Larva * Member Since 2013-06-08
posté January 19, 2014, 02:15:25 | #137
Cra buddy saves the day


the feeling of getting a new costume

getting ready for UBs

Seeing Monks poop for the first time

when you are getting Locked

somebody in the team gets the drop you wanted

"I want to keep it"

crits in pvp all the time

Enemy crits all the time in pvp

"We wont have (your class) in this group."

Being alone in the guildheavenworld

how everybody wishes dragonpig would be

The Wakfu tag on Tumblr

Wilder than Wild Dragoturkey * Member Since 2012-01-11
posté January 19, 2014, 13:51:50 | #138
What every aspect of wakfu turned into.


Dokushuuuuu * Member Since 2008-01-09
posté January 24, 2014, 20:40:31 | #139
Watching someone PvPing:

Featherless Piwi * Member Since 2013-11-12
posté February 10, 2014, 10:20:32 | #140
When my team at disadvantages or losing in dungeon/mobs.

Reacting when destroying the resources (trees, crops, plants)

Preparing to fight against dungeon bosses

How I think Air Iops fights with other classes