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Next generation Fight System: Next Update hi,

Here is a new discussion with the next Patch, because they are already talking about

DY7: I understand that players could find it underpowered right now because of the importance of the damage, but it will decrease with the next patch.

So we guess , at the next patch all the resist will be turned into final resist, which will reduce our damage actually a little. But our characteristic will play an importanter role, like Cra will get 1% Distance damage bonus for each lv and 1 AOE damage bonus too. This made the cra extremly powerful when he attacks a target far from her, and that is how it make the game play better.

Otherwise, an idea is about combat bonus: Will we get some bonus damage with a faster play of game, It means normally we think and then cause the magic, it took nearly 20 seconds, But for a better player who think faster and play faster, He can finish the process in 5 second, then his character will get the 'Booster' influence in battle which is 'Combo!' and it increase the damage because 'The mobs does not even have time to defence before the storm like attack!'



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Quote (Brokonaut @ 22 July 2014 23:32) *
Do you really need your hand held though? Some players in Nox cleared it today and they are certainly not full-runed, nor do I believe they brought an Ecaflip with them to rely on such luck.

I explained every single mechanic in that thread as well as the solution to harm him. If you can't kill him at that point, the problem is with you, not the content.

Not to mention, they are apparently shutting him down soon due to some AI issues causing him to not act properly (hint: that means get your Epic AP ring while you can).

• Mango
No , I am saying about the first dungeon of shushu.

As we know we have to pass the first dungeon and then get to the second, which is impossible for some teams

(People were used to use Lock mechanic to bug the first shushu boss and win, now did you see from lv 145 to lv 155 the boss get more than 150% more damage and resist but we stays nearly the same set..)

Your Example is powerlesss, they are professional players with more than 6 hours a day (mostly work loser and students), they represent 1% of all players just like you.

They win, they always win but it has nothing to do with the most others.

Things are still sold as 99999999 kamas pro or even worse, and those people you dont know have never never win one fight in shushu dungeons.

Old Version Boss lv 145

new version boss lv 140 only

new Boss lv 155

Now you see, the new Boss is much more powerful than the old one. we were lv 140 and we face the boss with 435 resist, now we are lv 155 then we face the boss with 547 resist. How funny? Did anyone got 110 damage more from the srambad? How? All the legendare items + atribution points+runes?
I dont think so, and how about your resist buff and HP buff?

1. They won the boss at lv 140 and with even some bug.

2, Now with better set most of us cannnot defeat it at lv 155.

3. you can give boss some buff, but not that huge

4, you can give the other boss some buff, but not shushu because we have to defeat boss 1 to get to boss 2, as far as I know, 97% players in Amara havent defeat the first boss yet

5, If you made the change like this, it is like you gave the chance to let those luckers to pass the dungeon in the past .

And now you buff the boss, make the rest of players suffers. THOSE LUCKERS ARE THE ONLY ONE WHICH HAVE ACCESS TO BOSS 2 , and their past experience is full of BUG and a weaker Boss.

Tell Every one, is it a game of balanced society? Is this game still fair? Or it is just bloody hell.

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Shushu dimension: You failed the players again hi,

Shushu dungeon in shushu Island has always been the hardst dungeon and a bunch of secret mechanics are inside, Is it really design for those 5% Elite players? Other 95% players will find these dungeon little hard because of:

1, Design Base is the Mob will stay the same LV with players, but indeed when we get lv 155, we wear still lv 127 dragon pig set and our damage and resist didnt grow so fast like the mobs. So it is again for the full-runed lv 155 players.

2, One mechanic is, in shushu dungeon 1 you have got AOE to overcome the damage from mobs and do damage to the mobs. The thing is, the AOE magic of most classes are weak and now most of us got only 11 ap, since most AOE Magic is 6 AP cost, so it makes the dungeon harder.
But if we dont have the nice AOE like Fire Panda, what are we gonna to do?
Buy 2 restart roll for this dungeon? Be fire to farm it, and after that back to my lovely water panda?
Shushu Dungeon: Eni/No Aoe classe unfriendly

Not again this kind of bad play: Ankama release some hard dungeons , Then we got stuck over there, only a few classes with the full runed Set will get through it. Other people are just doing dungeons under their lv 10-20 or even more. And ankama buff us with some kind of Set change or damage bonus from dragon turky, this makes the game play extremly long and most of us didnt enjoy too much about the new dungeon.


Please say what you want, but dont post the video or tactic with Luck and bunch of best sets. Some people are wearing magmog set and beat magmog, this kind of video is nonesense and do no help for the most players.

I am quite sad to see a bunch of players around lv 140 still hunting wild mobs, because of the difficulty of get a team and also the hardcore of dungeon.

@ Can ankama really think about the compatibility of dungeons? Like single target magic will recover more HP than the AOE magic, then we got a overall balance for keeping every classes one set in every dungeon or most of them.

And the Lv of mobs come up with the lv of players is really a bad idea! We got nothing when we get one lv, only the Set matters. But, actually we are lacking a bunch of set and our damage and resist grows so slow in this year.

We know, some people are totally agreed with the Hardcore Tendency of wakfu.
I am not the hardest players, but I still paid more than 5 hours one day here.
We are worried about the feeling of most players inside the game, wether they like your requirement or not. Keep Balance, Keep the low range players also get some benefit from your new dungeon.
Then this game will not just stay like zombie, Getting Set Farming Dungeons day and night.


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Quest Help hi,

Already 93 try dragonturkey quest, and I cannot beat it.

Anyother way to get the pet and ride on it? The quest is too hard for me maybe another 900 times I wont even get close to that fast horse..

Get only 4 MP in battle, and he has 7..

Is there any bugs or should I buy the Booster and get one more MP in battle or what?


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posté Yesterday - 13:55:26 | #5
Melee damage? hi,

Questions about the Mounts>

1, what is melee damage?

2, does the range Area magic from cra count as Range damage Or Area damage?

3, Does the damage bonus give Eni any kind of more treatment?

4,Can the mount from shop be traded?

5, Can the mount be crashed into rune?

6. Can we exchange the mount,which comes from the Quest?

Congratulations to Newbee, the winner of the highest Bonus 7 million dollar in online games competition!


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posté July 16, 2014, 22:57:22 | #6
Crazy Calculation: Chapter 2 the 2nd Wak-fun destroyer hi,

I Ensure you that the low drop rate of normal dungeon is not the terriblest thing, even conque the hardcore dungeon is not a thing compare to this:


Preis of The Laughing Scythe in Aerafal: 2 Million kamas, now interesting things come,

Preis of lv 150 green rune: 50000 kamas

One lv 165 weapon need at least 24 Hammer + 12 Green rune+6 Orange rune+ 9 Yellow Rune = 24 Hammer+ 60 lv 170 green runes
= 24 Hammer+240 lv 150 green runes
= 19200 OG+ 12 000 000 Kamas

One Weapon, will take you so much OG and kamas. Is it only related to the low drop rate? as we know, the high lv mobs drop already no green Set..

We know, it is some kind of end game weapon, but really? Actually it is a 'Must':

1, The design of set is based on Hardcore dungeons: Which is 'possible' for most players

2, The Design is based on full runed characters, If anyone can win the Srambad HC dungeon without Full Attack Rune please Post it.

So we have to get the rune, we have to get the 12 000 000 kamas + 20000 OG for just ONE WEAPON!!



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posté July 16, 2014, 12:55:06 | #7
I think it is like playing wakfu, we enjoyed the process of watch and not care too much which is the champion, champion changes every now and then, buf the fun of football is just as real as wakfu

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posté July 14, 2014, 21:49:26 | #8
Yr right

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posté July 14, 2014, 21:49:09 | #9
So less people are playing

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posté July 14, 2014, 17:12:15 | #10
Vote for dungeons! Your Feeling is important to us! Hi


- - -: Way too easy, dummi's dungeon (5 min)
- - : Easy, First time with only a little problem (15 min)
- : I think, any team is capable of doing this! (30 min)
+ : It is funny and with a little surprising in each fight. (45 min)
++ : It take much longer than we have expected, but we managed to do it at last. (60 min)
+++: It is hard, and we tried many times at last we found something. It is long and hard.(70 min)
++++: Only with characters full of runes, or even very specific classe can overcome otherwise it is nightmare (80min)
+++++: GG, I will never go there anymore because they left me absolutly no Hope
0: Never been or dont even want to be there

List of Dungeons^ ^:

Celestial Strichery
Whispering King
Mussly Hamman
Dancehall Arena
Jelly Key
Horned Glacier
Yech Ti Wawa
Black wabbit
Infected Wabbit
Castuc Hard
Blackspore Hard
Srambad Hard

One example of answers from me:

Vampire +
Celestial Strichery ++
Whispering King ++
Mussly Hamman - -
Dancehall Arena -
Jelly King ++
Horned Glacier ++
Yech Ti Wawa ++
Ambassador ++
Harebourg ++
Black wabbit ++
Wabbit +++
Infected Wabbit ++
Lenald ++
Wobotic +++
Castuc -
Castuc Hard +++++
Blackspore +
Blackspore Hard +++++
Srambad +
Srambad Hard +++++
Shushu ++++
Shushu Hard 0

% Hope this can help ankama make clear what they are doing


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posté July 14, 2014, 15:58:56 | #11
Short discussion Hi,

Due to the good drop only drop in hardcore dungeons, so actually the normal dungeon is nothing.

You must defeat the hardcore dungeons, or you will be left behind at first and further you cannot even win the normal mob and we have to quite.

But hardcore dungeons are mostly depended in Bugs, Click here like in this video, people use Feca to do such kind of things to keep boss lock there and do nothing.

Anybody want to lv one new Feca? No it is a casual game we only play 20 minutes today mostly. And what are we going to do? First of all the first posted tactic video is a Bait. People put this on video because ankama is gonna to change it soon, just like the old times with 6 Enis for magmog.

But where is the real tactic? You know the famous players are not going to tell us, and we don’t have time to find it, so keep farming Solomonk with your lv 155 chars or just give up?

Maybe one day ankama will make some more variables for hardcore dungeon, but now if we gave up in hardcore then wakfu is given up. We must play harder and harder (pay more time and money), like ankama told us!

For a loyal player like you, we don’t want to use the Bug-tactic or anything looks that kind of strange. We want to win the game like germany with real thing.

1, are we really going to use the rune system to win?
A player full of runes will cost like 20 million kamas and 200 runes with the same number of hammers. To get these things you need at least 6 Months with 10 hours to play each day.
So I would not prefer runes, because I think it is super expensive and when you finished your runes, the game is already moved on to next version: ALL you have done is vanished and you have to go for another 6 months.

2, I think, we must have at least 75% runes to win the dungeon but how about the real tactic?
Does the boss has any secret and we can use it? You know we cannot take a Feca, a Xelor and one Rogue in each fight, they are way too strong than other classes.

Imagine that you are taking 3 Sadidas, 1 Eni and 2 Panda in hardcore dungeons, God cannot even win with these weak classed.
So the hardcore dungeon need specific classes, and should we lv one and forget about other 75% classes?

3, Sudden death, Stun. Too much disable skills from the Mobs, we usually find us empty of AP or MP or Reach or what in one battle, and no Magic can move these Influences away. But we don’t have the powerful Influence for Mobs' AP or MP.
It is always like so and keep going one? and the lv 200 dungeons we are left only with 1 AP and 1 MP and a lot of debuffs?

Is there a Resist for debuffs? I found it make most classes useless and too tired to play wakfu. (If we farm the hardcore mod, after the dungeon we really want to change to some easier and enjoyable games) Not like wakfu, doing Mathematic games each dungeon run.

4. We understand that Ankama want to keep us playing, so the released dungeons are hard and after some months more Buff for players are coming and maybe in one day each player can win hardcore dungeons easier or they will also be revamp.

But actually how consider the players, I want to use this place to do a little Survey (I have got a lof of body problems now, but still I am not good at wakfu and keep working on it each day with more than 8 hours):

Question a, How much normal dungeons do you run every week? How long does each take?

Question b, how much hardcore dungeons do you run each week? How long does each take?

Question c: Have you investigated in your runes? How much? And Satisfied? Or have any further plan?

Question d: Do you enjoy the hardcore dungeons? And will you introduce it to your friends?

Question e: The most popular dungeon in your mind? And in your guild?

Question f: are you satisfied with your drop in dungeons, and the price of set in market?

Question g: How much time do you investigate in wakfu? And what do you get from this game? Does it worth?

Thanks, we all hope wakfu to be a better game but actually it is better for company and professional players only or all of us?

(Don’t tell us to go to mine and get every set without months in dungeons, most people went into the mine and they disappear from wakfu ..)


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posté July 13, 2014, 10:06:18 | #12
You wanna get rich? Join Amara! Hi,

Here are the great Amara International Recuiting Plan, and I hope everyone get it clear that why you are joining wakfu and why you should choose Amara.

1, For one international player like you, learning some german is never a bad thing.

2, The amara is rising and more and more people are joining, even for the seen of Temple is much better

3, Bothering about somebody catch your challenge monster before you? Dont worry about that Amara and every mobs are free and waiting for you.

4, check the beautiful garten of some guilds, isnt it beautiful? Learn about Art and Design in germany, you are very welcome!

5, And guess what? There is absolute no lag in Amara! the good quality of german Server and I played also wakfu in China,and I can tell you this server is absolutly hot and quick.

6, We have the stable PVP Event and nobody will attack you in mine or somehow.

7, We will give you some Start-up Capital, like getting 20k-100k kamas from me will help you a lot in the early game

8, Since wakfu is free now, Amara is the best server for 6-boxer, or someguy who play 2 accounts or more, nobody is going to stop your farm and get your tree after you plant it!

9, beautiful girls and handsome boys are everywhere, look lussaa and some others it is your best place to get some friendsship or even love!

Welcome to Wakfu! Amara better!


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posté July 12, 2014, 20:43:13 | #13
I would rather ankama develop a methode to make players capable of log in different servers with the same characters, which make the servers international and interesting

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posté July 12, 2014, 08:28:29 | #14
Thanks! Efficient? Hi,

Thanks for the new coming dungeon Tactic, it helps us saving hours to get the secret.

But like the last experiment, 160 runs in one wabbit dungeon to get one relic and it is impossible to get the relic for one normal dungeon with 0.01% droprate.

It will be 0.02% soon, but which kind of way is quicker? Hardcore dungeon for one hour or normal for half hour, has anyone done such kind of experiment.

It matters. If I can translate the tactic to 10 man, you saved us 1000 hours. If I can translate and teach the tactic to 100 man with 600 accounts, you are saving the world! (I know that ankama is not gonna to change the drop rate, but these Tactic-makers are going to give the market more things and hopes)
which is the only thing we can do to this deflation now, and keep up your good work!
You are the angels, but please do not put lucky video here.....
Because if one tactic is useful only because of Luck of some character or whole team, when it goes into Production then disaster..


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posté July 12, 2014, 08:15:30 | #15
Thanks too much for posting your gruppe, maybe a video to guide us how to defeat it is better (En/De)

We will be way too thankful, nice!

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posté July 08, 2014, 15:13:48 | #16
it is not me, and they are who threaten the whole economy with hardcore tactic-Full Bugs

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posté July 08, 2014, 12:56:47 | #17
This is what we are talking about> Disaster of Harcore-dungeon  

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posté July 08, 2014, 09:59:34 | #18
Where is the green Set?? Hi,

The green Set and also the white and gray set seems disappeared already from the development of Ankama.

Saharah Island> nearly no green Set

Shushu Island> no green Set

Srambad> No green Set

Enotroph> Still No Green Set

Can someone explain why is this? at least we need green runes to update our set and now the pulver are almost all orange......

Or they are going to revamp a little the rune system to make the lv 160 rune into 2 lv 150 rune, or one orange rune into 2 green runes..........


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posté July 08, 2014, 07:54:40 | #19
A Choice made under the pressure of Aerafal Hi,

I heard about that the free Mod of wakfu will have the player with full access to all area, but now they are changing into that only the paid players will have the access to the new Map.


Free Players> Access to all Island , Srambad not included
Paid Players> Access to all Island, external exp and drop

From the beginning the free access to all means to promotion for the english server like Reminton and others, but now it seems to be a little neutral.

We guess, it is made under the pressure of Aerafal.

It hat the largst amount of players and if other server goes total free and it might lose more players> Indeed Wakfu Asia is free, but you know it has limitation on dungeon run times and the server is too far which made too much delay or Lag when we are playing. So european players will transfer from Aerafal to Reminton, not to Asia.
And Ankama is pretty No to the VPN, which can accelerate the speed of gaming for a server tausand miles away. So The Free reminton becomes one largst threaten to Aerafal.

I am not talking about a man, who searching for another young lady but still be afraid of the jealousy wife at home>

But First of all I want to say yes to this limited access change because the first Full-access change is a little Fool-access change, which made the Paid players too powerless.

But secondly, We want to say No to the further Nerf of free players. Like the decreasing of drop rate, or others. Not paying a game money is kind of fashion, it is like the man not liking to pay every girl money if they had a pleasure and time.

Dont limite the free player any more otherwise this! The largst reason to stop us buying Subs is we are lacking of free and fresh players.

What Idea do you have? can you feel the pressure of Aerafal and take control of it?


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