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posté June 30, 2015, 16:27:23 | #1
that's really lovely +_+

also wth with the red smileys x_x

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posté June 30, 2015, 08:29:58 | #2
welp. dis thread.

Quote (Arkolak @ 29 June 2015 21:38) *
I heard the owl city one is the person who won last year, and they may have picked one from each server, we were nox

grats btw!

yes and no? I won second place with five other friends at the time, using my eni account. (for 2014 Gobbstock)

I entered this 2015 Gobbstock contest with my pandawa and five other guildmates. ^^


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Reason for edit : added years to lessen confusion derp x_x
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posté June 29, 2015, 13:36:42 | #3

Quote (Lukinerx @ 29 June 2015 10:01) *

Quote (Major-Caligari @ 28 June 2015 23:10) *
one for each nation.

this game me an idea

why not give that emote as a prize of making every merc quest in nation? I know we are getting this odd power ranger costume for that but it would make sense if we have 4 umbrella emotes for 4 nations.

you forgot about Astrub merc tho. It gives a costume too.

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posté June 28, 2015, 12:20:06 | #4
aaa that's so cozy sweet and lovely ; o ; *approves* 

Thread : Fan art  Preview message : #880537  Replies : 11  Views : 362
posté June 24, 2015, 03:59:37 | #5
Damn, that fogger is s rad. Great job there  

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posté June 24, 2015, 00:45:33 | #6
Server: Remington Server

Band name: Robowl City
Dungeon: Ow El Dungeon

Band Members:
  • Aeni - Sufokian Vibes
  • Mawzy - Lead Vocalist
  • Teeta - Brakmarian Bass
  • Tirra - Brakmarian Guitar
  • Wishie - Brakmarian Drums
  • Xiao Long Bao - Sufokian Ocarina

* * * unedited and w/ name version can be found at the end of this post * * *

Robowl City

The Robowl City started out as a one-man band, conceptualized by Marzy, the Wayward Traveller, during his unproductive years.
Upon his visit in Amakna, he met Wishie, the current governor of the nation, and also a fellow musician, with whom he felt comfortable starting the band out with.

One by one, they recruited the rest of the gang - consisting of fellow musicians, experts in their chosen instruments.
Their music is one of a kind - strongly influenced by their respective Archive Owl mentors.

Traveling through all corners of the World of Twelve, the Robowl City shares their slice of life experiences
- happiness, sadness, love, hate, hunger, constipation, and pain - through their songs and music.

(Singles CD Cover)

New Hit Single 'HOOT HOOT (What does Robowl Say?)' by the Robowl City
now available on i-tunes CLICK TO LISTEN / DOWNLOAD

‘Hoot Hoot (What does Robowl Say?)’ by Robowl City - Lyrics

Ponk goes Poink, Sug goes Mush, Whisp go Shhh and Hag goes Crush
Yech goes woo, Onist is broke, Vampy says such funny jokes
Vert goes tickkkkk and Wa goes WAAAAAA and the Lenald goes LOL LOL LOL

But there’s one sound that no one knows ..
What does Robowl say?

(Concert Ticket)

Don't Miss the Biggest Concert of the Century
Reserve your concert tickets now!!

Who are the Robowl City?

Aeni - Princess Aeni of Hue - Sufokian Vibes
From across the ocean, in a distant land called the Kingdom of Hue, Princess Aeni the Eniripsa lived and breathed Robowl lore preached by Master Pigmy. Little by little, she grew a tremendous distaste for the monotonous life in court. Aeni decided to abandon it all in search for knowledge and adventure. As a result, she was disowned by her royal father to pursue her one true passion - music.

Her travels brought her to Turfo Canyon where she was taught by Larsenus Wallace, master in the art of Sufokian Vibes. Aeni's clarity and precision in music brought her many fans from far and wide to hear her concerts. Upon hearing she was recruited for Robowl City, Aeni decided this was her chance to fulfill her dreams.

Mawzy - The Wayward Traveller - Lead Vocalist (Band Leader)
Mawzy, the wayward traveller, sailed around the World of Twelve in the search for companions. Originally wishing to create a guild in Brakmar, he was eventually captured by a band of Riktus thieves. In order to stay alive, Mawzy became a singer to entertain the sellswords, and it was then he discovered his talent.

Fate was never a straight path for this young Iop, however, as he was soon shipped off to Bonta. His happy-go-lucky attitude took him through the Thicket of Yurbut, where he received a vision of a calming wind blowing through a field of gold. He later realized this was sent to him from Master Bossowl, someone who has watched over him since the beginning of his adventure. Since then, Mawzy decided to follow his destiny and reside at last in Amakna, where he formed the team of Robowl City.

Teeta - Tee-Teetacious D - Brakmarian Bass
Born and raised by the lava pools at Sidimote Moors, Teeta developed her strength and resistance. This young Sacrier, however, has always had a soft side for music. Enticed by the musical rhythm of the Double Bass, Teeta's dream was to tour the world for fame, gold and that (b)ass.

One day, as she was walking around Bontarian Outpost, Teeta found a broken and unused Brakmarian Bass lying on the sidewalk. With the help of Master Hoot, an adept instrumentalist of our time, Teeta was able to fix and tune the bass to play beautiful and rich music. Teeta then began her career playing minor roles in small gigs across towns until she was picked up by Robowl City for her unwavering tenacity and her strength to haul the band luggage.

Tirra - The Time Traveler's Mistress - Brakmarian Guitar
One would never believe Tirra, a Xelor with extraordinary powers, was an orphan who grew up in the streets of Brakmar. Her history created an unbreakable link between herself and all the Brakmarian clan members, who were as much family and kin to her as any other. The most important of all was Master Barney, who taught her the secret to true happiness: jamming with a Brakmarian Guitar. It was around this time when she first became Master Barney's scribe, learning all she could. Tirra's knowledge and curiosity for the world was insatiable.

As much as she loved her Brakmarian brethrens, she knew that her true destination lies within the secret surrounding Robowl's crypt, the ultimate mystery for the time traveler. With Robowl City, she had found just the right vehicle to accomplish her goals and nurture her musical nature. Her life's goal was to find the answer to the ancient and ageless question: What does the owl say?

Wishie - Wisharia of Robobabes - Brakmarian Drums
There once was a tale of a young Eniripsa who grew up within the magical labyrinth of Ow El Dungeon. Well, as it was, the stories were true in this particular case. As a wee babe, Wishie the Eniripsa met a strange accident and was lost through the confines of time and space itself. Found and raised by Robowl, she grew up to become his apprentice, learning all she could about the history of the World of Twelve through his eyes.

However, the question that she had often asked herself was never answered. Where did she come from? As thanks for faithfully serving him all these years, he at last told her the true destination of her birth: Amakna, before departing in a wisp of smoke. After Robowl's disappearance, Wishie traveled through a hidden portal and ended in Amakna, where she developed a taste for Brakmarian Drums and then eventually became governor. Upon finding a band of friends also interested in Robowl's legacy, she quickly became a member and was convinced that Robowl City was the right place to be.

Xiao Long Bao - Qing Dao - Sufokian Ocarina
Raised by the nation owls and the Sufokian sea breeze, Xiao Long Bao harbors a special love for her Ocarina, a gift from Master Screech, her personal sensei and friend. During her apprenticeship, she honed her skills using the delicate instrument entertaining fellow owls and the Masters alike.

Upon graduation, Xiao Long Bao returned to her hometown in Terrana Dune to work in a local bar, playing her Ocarina for tips to feed her and her bamboo milk fixation. The first thing after enlisting into Robowl City, she immediately purchased a life-time supply of her favorite drink. Content with the world, Xiao Long Bao decided to travel the lands with the band in order to pay homage to her special owl heritage.

Credits (Forum Names)

Costumes & Make-up: Aeni - aelees

Song & Lyrics: Mawzy - marzklboi1

Manpower: Teeta - vodcanbis84820

Choreographer: Tirra - anka453x

Write-ups & Song Lyrics: Wishie - wishie

Camera man: Xiao Long Bao - ichiechiechie

Sponsored by Ankama

(Unedited Version)

(W/ Names)

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posté June 22, 2015, 06:02:03 | #7

Quote (Flatops @ 22 June 2015 05:33) *
Hi Ichie,

You and your band should take a selfie inside the dungeon.

\m/ Bwork n' roll! \m/

Was having ideas of using a certain dungeon entrance, but I wasn't sure if it was going to be counted.

Thanks so much for clarifying this, Flatops~

Thread : News  Preview message : #878424  Replies : 45  Views : 2156
posté June 21, 2015, 16:24:35 | #8
A question to Sabi / Flatops;

does the screenshot have to be specifically taken INSIDE one of the chosen dungeon's rooms? or it can be at the Entrance of the Dungeon as well?

Thanks ^^

Thread : News  Preview message : #878246  Replies : 45  Views : 2156
posté June 20, 2015, 10:57:53 | #9

Quote (blazakkhakabow @ 19 June 2015 21:05) *
That would ruin the idea of "Masqueraider Costume" , but i like your idea.
yeah, if only other class emblems had their own equivalent Class costumes without the stats ;_; v

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #877938  Replies : 2  Views : 91
posté June 20, 2015, 09:40:15 | #10

Quote (Fruitybat @ 20 June 2015 08:38) *
wait why are there a bunch of flying bras and panties in that pic?

woah you're right...

I suddenly see Zo's panties 

Thread : News  Preview message : #877920  Replies : 45  Views : 2156
posté June 19, 2015, 20:43:19 | #11
thanks for the info, Brain. I'm curious as to what the reworked item will be. Hopefully it'll be worth holding on to mine.

a little disappointed tho since I had plans for it + lu on my main.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #877607  Replies : 19  Views : 1156
posté June 19, 2015, 20:23:30 | #12
Allow Mimisymbics on Emblems I just really dig the look of the Pandawa Emblem, but I can't wear it and flaunt it around when I have to fight like I used to before Shu embs were around, for obvious reasons.

;_; v

Thread : Suggestions  Preview message : #877594  Replies : 2  Views : 91
posté June 19, 2015, 18:09:53 | #13
Sometimes cant tell if Yunru is trolling or not.

Also, does anybody know if Bliboy Costume is tradable as well?

Thread : News  Preview message : #877551  Replies : 48  Views : 1352
posté June 19, 2015, 18:02:28 | #14
No more title prizes tho. So.. we'll see I guess xD;;

Thread : News  Preview message : #877546  Replies : 45  Views : 2156
posté June 19, 2015, 16:59:04 | #15
can somebody please confirm if the costume freebies are linked or not?

Would have to know if I have to be specific with which account I'll be subbing to get the costumes ^^

and thank you, Flattops Ankama~


This post has been edited by Ichiechiechie - June 19, 2015, 16:59:41.
Thread : News  Preview message : #877502  Replies : 48  Views : 1352
posté June 19, 2015, 15:49:47 | #16

Quote (BopCaxapa @ 02 June 2015 02:14) *
omg, they're so cute, I totally in love with these calm and light colors QwQ

Aa, you're too kind, Roma > _ < thank you!


small update. just finished work today, so I'll have much more free time = u =
but for now~

here are some silly dumps

A manganized illust of my Feca ; u ; /

and a wip of Tone's comcoms (I can finally work on it ;_; omg) surely to fix it a lot

*flails and leaves*

Thread : Fan art  Preview message : #877481  Replies : 29  Views : 3209
posté June 19, 2015, 15:38:36 | #17
*I know I'm not from nox, but still //stalking because.. tumblr*

gawd this is so adorable D':

*dies of cuteness*

Thread : Events  Preview message : #877479  Replies : 35  Views : 1334
posté June 16, 2015, 17:04:09 | #18
yeh, pretty sure crit damage doesn't affect heals. (unless they recently changed it)

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #876276  Replies : 27  Views : 1371
posté June 16, 2015, 16:57:11 | #19

Quote (Dazzels @ 16 June 2015 14:26) *
lol i think that'd be the slap on the back one, spank is on the booty ;3

But I still have no luck so if anyone finds it, lemme know. I'm still hunting and now paying 1.5mk

My in game name is BaybeeLove

dang, hope id get lucky.. but- from which server do you play on? o.o

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #876275  Replies : 21  Views : 887
posté June 16, 2015, 12:46:51 | #20
+99999 from me :I

idw to spend 47k og just to get my hands on this costume :!

and yes Tart-senpai is right, it would be nice to see new costumes released more frequently.
Ankama would make so much moolah.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #876189  Replies : 18  Views : 827