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posté April 03, 2016, 08:46:51 | #1
Viper looked at the old bounty hunter with his arms crossed, listening to the man's long proposal. He nodded slightly at some parts, to show he was interested.

Then, Neill offered a hand to him, “What ya say? Viper? Help a fella bounty hunner out? Pardner?”

Viper glanced at Neill's hand, then looked him in the eyes, then nodded, and shook his hand. "Partners....I'll try and keep an eye on him as best I can. As for Celci, I can keep a good eye on her, done it for a while." He paused and looked Neill in the eyes again. "Though I already have a current job with Darci, so that comes first mind you." He gave Neill one last good shake, then let go. "But I'll try my best to manage both." He started walking down the corridor and turned back slightly. "Oh, and I'm holding you to that promise of explaining everything once we're outa here." With that, he continued onwards.

Viper reached the corridor marked with an arrow that Laz and Celci went down and sighed. "This is a total Celci thing to do....get told not to go down the corridor with the arrow because it has death traps, then go down it with a criminal." He lit his hand ablaze with fire and spoke up. "Celci? You there?"  

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posté November 04, 2015, 05:56:16 | #2
Viper nodded at Darci's command to go and find Celci, but before he had even taken two steps, Darci was already on her way after them.

“Alright, let’s move people!”

Viper just shrugged slightly and followed after her, curious as to what these tunnels might hold, especially the traps. "Don't follow the it. It's a clever trick, thats for sure. But also slightly obvious in my opinion, either way, it'll make a good tactical advantage if anyone follows us down here." He looks up at where the fighting was. "If...."

His train of thought was suddenly interrupted by the Cra of the group. “Viper was it? You said, I say, you said earlier yesterday you were a bounty hunner, correct? Mind having us two have a private discussion as members of the same profession?”

Viper turns his head towards Bauwmann as he walked. "Yes, I did. And yes I happen to be a bounty hunter." He pauses for a moment and shrugs. "Eh, why not. So, what might this 'Private discussion be about?" 

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posté May 26, 2015, 01:25:21 | #3
Viper just watches the whole ordeal and watches Laz and Neill go down the hole together, and senses the explosion of pain that was down there. He just sighs and shakes his head. They looks to Darci. "Bodyguarding....for publishing a book? Thought it would be easy, but...Things are never easy these days." He sighs and puts his sword away, then hops down into the tunnels to see Celci go running off to the Xelor. "I've got a bad feeling about that..."

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posté March 12, 2015, 22:49:30 | #4
Viper just looks confused as the door is broken down, then Laz decides to pick a fight with that Iop from earlier. Cards go flying, the table gets flipped over and Darci looks all types of pissed off. Then Celci decided to jump into the fray, and immediately attacks Neill.

"You've got to be kidding me...And the garrison is in trouble as well? Whats next? Dragons attacking the bridge?" Viper slowly stood up and stretched a bit to prepare himself for the large task of getting Celci out of there and calmed down, only to watch as Darci dived into the fight.

“Viper! Help me separate them! Get Lazarus!” She grabbed and dragged Celci out of the fight.

He shrugged and lashed out with his tattoos, wrapping them around the Xelor's body and pulling him over to the other side of the room.

Darci was talking to Celci as Viper looked over the Xelor to make sure he was okay and released the Xelor from the tattoos. There was a sudden whistling sound, and then a thunk next to him. Viper turned to see a crossbow bolt imbedded in the wall, and heard Darci doing dragon magic. "Well...Shit...." He drew his sword and turned to see the doorway blocked by a large amount of Lapis Lazuli and Darci with a sword at the ready. "Just a simple book publishing? Why is it never easy?"

Mister hid in Darci's hair, and Viper made sure Shadow was in his bag, then looked to Lazarus and motioned to the door. "Friends of yours?"

“We need to move..." Darci stated as she stared at the door.

Viper nodded. "Agreed..." He looks to the Iop commander. "Got any escape routes? Or do we just have to jump off the walls and into the ocean?"

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posté January 30, 2015, 00:17:16 | #5
Viper looked around carefully, he pushed his hoodlum hood back and went to get some tea as well. He pored himself a cup after darci and took a seat. "I'm good on the game, I'll just sit back and watch. I don't have the greatest luck in cards." He took a seat and sipped at his tea. "Well...this is interesting, we were going to just come here and get the book publishing taking care of. But now we're here with a Xelor criminal under charges of human experimentation, thats an interesting turn, I might want to write Alex, tell her we'll be a bit longer."

Viper quickly reached into his havenbag and pulled out a pencil and paper. He thought for a bit as the others played cards, and started to write.

Dear Alex,
I'm writing to you so you don't worry, Darci and I got caught up in a few things so we'll probably be back little later than we expected. I'd say a day or two later, I'm not permitted to explain why, but I wouldn't worry to much everything's okay now. Oh, and if you're wondering where on earth Celicux is...she's with us. Turns out she's been follow us since we left. So don't worry about her either. I love you and I hope you're doing well, I miss you a lot.

Love, Viper.

Viper looked up to see the game still going and gently folded the letter, and put the letter in an envelope. One it was sealed he put it in his pocket, hopefully once they were free to go he could make a stop by a mailbox. He hoped he could go home soon, Alex was kinda sick when he left. Maybe he was just worrying to much, but then again he usually did. He shrugged, and went back to sipping tea, and watching the game unfold.

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posté December 20, 2014, 06:37:26 | #6
Viper was looking around arms way as they crossed the bridge into the area. The last time he was here was for a sword, he still had said sword. In fact it was right next to him on his saddle. It was also during a small war between Bonta and Sufokia, so he had to make a rather quick exit. "Ahhhh that was fun once people figured out I was from Sufokia."

"SCUM!" Then a Splat, and a very long line of curses.

Viper turned to see what was going on behind him. And sees the side of Lazarus' mask covered in api juice, Viper scowled slightly. "People sometimes." He looked to the Eca. "Time to dismount." He grabbed his sword and pulled on his hoodlum hood. "Just keep walking with my Drago, I'll be right back." With that he hops off and runs over to Lazarus' Drago. He starts walking next to the drago and nodded to Lazarus. "You're human too." With that he lets his tattoos form around his hand, ready to knock away anymore incoming projectiles.

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posté December 14, 2014, 01:17:08 | #7
"Thanks...Viper, was it? Thanks for the ride. The Cra said we're headed to Arms Way...I suppose something to do with that Xelor over there?"

Viper smiled. "Yeah, I'm Viper. And yeah, well thats what the Cra is up to. Darci and I are going there for something else. But as for the Xelor, he's being taken to prison. Short and simple. Once we are in Arms way, I'm sure you can head off on your own." He turned and smiled at the Ecaflip. "And we'll be there in no time, so sit back relax, and enjoy the ride." With that he rode on with the group.

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posté November 30, 2014, 05:19:30 | #8
Viper looked at Celcieux as she replied, he put Shadow in his arms and held him close, making sure he couldn't get away and eat the fish he made.

“I am not a child, Viper-!… You just up and left without telling me where the hell you were going, without even a thought of, ‘Oh, we’re going on a quest, maybe we should tell our friend Celci where we’re going and if she wants to come!’ What was I supposed to do at that point? How was I supposed to know you two weren’t in trouble or going to need help? Do you know how far I’ve walked following you two?? … well, I mean, it wasn’t really that long, I’ve walked farther… but that’s not the point!” Celci dangerously swung her sword around as she spread out her arms. “And I’m glad I did…” She turned to Darci “…what’s that Cra’s deal anyway? What’s he threatening you with if you leave??” She stabbed her sword into the ground.

Viper sighed and went to explain things to her when Darci spoke up, she picked up Mister and petted him. “First off, I don’t wish to talk about what caused me to act like I did.” She told Viper quietly, addressing him first. “Also… I refuse to apologize for what I did… perhaps for slapping the man I will, but not my words."

Viper smiled. "I'm definately not asking you to apologize for your words, what you said was the right thing." He pulls back his Hoodlum hood and put Shadow on his shoulder. "And I know you have a rough past and I am in no way going to ask you to explain that. You just need to hold your anger next time, talk to him first...and then slap him if he continues being an ass about it."

Darci then turned to Celci, “Celcieux, I hired Viper to be my body guard in my travels, I didn’t want too many to travel with me. This is why I didn’t ask you to come, but since you are here then you can come since I am sure we can not send you back.”

Viper nodded in agreement. "I'm not sending her back, I'm surprised she got all the way here without getting in trouble or hurt. You're sticking with us, but more importantly...did you make sure to tell someone your were leaving? They're probably worried sick about you, and probably looking for you right now." Viper rubbed the back of his head.

“The Cra said something I took offense to and I..I may have acted a bit rashly. Nor did the Cra threaten us about leaving… At least for now…" She glanced back at Neill, and sighed “before you tell me I shouldn’t have slapped him… I know… That was rash.” She looked at Viper “I’m sorry for dragging you into this…”

Viper held up a hand and shook his head. "It's fine, I wouldn't have come along if I didn't expect some sort of trouble. It's usually how things go with us, always be prepared you know?" he chuckles. "At least you took the precaution to hire me, I'm always free to help out a friend, and the guild always welcomes you in. Especially if you just need a place to crash, either way, it's okay." He puts a hand on her shoulder. "We're almost there too, this'll be over before you know it, then we can head off and get back to our own quest.

Suddenly Neill called out to them. "Alrightty folks, let’s MOVE out! Arms Way is literally right over there, an’ I reckon daylight’s burnin… So get a move on! That includes ya too, Ecaflip!” Neill started heading off on his Dragoturkey, leading Lazarus' along with him, he looked over to the Ecaflip and motioned for him to come over to them. "Well....looks like Neill's eager to get going, we should follow."

He went over to the campfire, checking in his bag to see his cutting board on the doorstep, he puts it in the chest next to the doorway and pulls out his bow and a quiver of arrows. With that Viper picked up his havenbag and put it on his belt. He put the bow and quiver on his Drago's saddle then went back to the fire and picked up the two leftover fish. He held out a fish to Darci as he took a bite from his own fish. "Dunno if you ate breakfast yet, if you haven't eat up, if you have, give it to Cel." he handed Darci the fish and mounted up on his Drago, making sure he wasn't sitting on the cape of his hoodlum outfit. "Hey, Ecaflip, hop on I'll give you a ride." He turned back to Darci. "You don't mind taking Celci do you Darci?"

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posté November 22, 2014, 08:24:00 | #9
Viper was going to calmly take Darci to the side, give her a small talk about how it's probably not a good idea to slap people you met just a day ago. Also next time start with the talk, then if he persists with his insults, you have full permission to slap him. But just as he puts a calm hand on Darci's shoulder, he hears a VERY familiar voice.

“HEY! You let them go RIGHT now OR ELSE!” Viper raised an eyebrow and turned his head. There stood Celcieux, pointing her sword at Neill of all people.

Viper growled. "Cel....What are you doing here? know what don't answer that yet." He turns to Neill, "Excuse me a moment." He gently takes Darci's hand and pulls her away, and grabs Celcieux by her ear. "Come on you two, we need to have a talk..." He pulls them away and into a small clearing in the woods. "Alright, first of all, Darci." He looks at Darci. "What was that about?"

Viper then turned to Celcieux. "And Celcieux....What are you doing all the way out here?! I specifically told you to stay with the guild for training and so you could work."

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posté November 17, 2014, 11:21:47 | #10
Viper certainly wasn't happy with Neill's animal Comment towards Lazarus, sure he was a criminal, but he was still a human being just like Neill, or anyone else in the world. Even more...Viper was fighting the temptation to just facepalm after Neill's terrible joke, "Well....I should just be glad Pixel isn't here....they'd just start bouncing bad jokes off of ea-" It was right at that moment that Viper felt something behind him, something absolutely terrifying. It was a wave of pure anger and rage....that could only be matched to Darci.

Viper didn't even have a chance to turn around as Darci walked up to Neill and slapped him....hard, the crack probably carried for miles.

“How… fucking… dare you…How dare you call a captive man an animal! Even animals should not be mocked or treated that way! You have no fucking right to do or say those things to another human being!” Darci hissed as she yelled at the Cra, Viper let her do her thing though, he completely agreed with what Darci was saying.....and with the amount of anger Darci had....he didn't want to get in the way.

"The Thorns can probably feel that all the way back in the old temple..."
Viper smirked a little under his hood, he was on Darci's side in this matter.

“You call him an animal again… I can’t be held responsible for what I will do to you” Darci clenched her fists and glared at Neill.

At this point Viper took a few steps forward and stood next to Darci. "She has a point, he's a human being, and he deserves to be treated right, as do all people." Viper motioned to Laz. "Yes, he may have done some bad things in his life, but that does not give you a right to treat him like that."

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posté November 07, 2014, 00:57:07 | #11
Viper had watched everything carefully overnight, Lazarus was a ball of rage. Most of which Viper guessed most of which was directed at Neill and Maurice, this morning however, he woke up to his Bow Meow, Shadow. Who was currently sitting on his head.

"Shadow..." He yawned groggily. "Can you please not do that...." He picked up the bow meow and placed him in his lap. "Oh you're fast asleep, you lazy lump..." He chuckled at the exact moment Lazarus started yelling.

"Don't drop stuff on me, Bauwmann!" Viper saw him pocket some jerky bits.

"Huh....must be hungry...welp, I'll make some food then." He hopped into his haven bag and looked around to see what he had. "Lets see here...." he opened up his icebox and looked around. "Fish....Fish....Gobball meat....and fish. Well, Fish it is!" he grabbed four fishes and got some skewers. "Lets see now....some Hazel oil....some Verbal salt, a bit of onion, Oh! I'll take those herbs too, and a few spices." He gathered up his ingredients and stepped out of his bag, only to be met with begging Cat eyes. "Shadow.......We meet again!" He chuckled. "Don't worry I'll share some of mine with you." Shadow Meowed and purred in response.

Viper walked over and put the four fish down on a cutting board next to the remains of last nights fire, along with everything else he brought out. He rolled up his sleeve and stuck his hand deep within the remaining wood and charcoal, and set his hand ablaze with some fire magic. Soon he had a nice hot fire going. He happily cleaned and skewered the fish and rested them against the campfire so they were hovering above the flames nicely roasting. He poured some oil on each side of each one, then covered them in a bit of salt and herbs. He let them cook nicely for a few minutes, then turned them, and let them cook for a bit more. And of course he had to keep Shadow from running off with all four and eating them.

Viper looked towards the city occasionally to see if Darci was making her way back, one time while doing this he felt something familiar behind him, he looked...but saw nothing, he could have sworn he sensed someone who he had used a life transfer on....but he didn't really see anyone, and he could just be misreading was hard to tell with all the anger steaming off of Lazarus. "Hopefully this will calm him down" Viper chopped up some onion, sprinkled it on the fish and stood up with two skewers in hand....and Shadow wrapped up in a tattoo.

Shadow meowed angrily against this.

Viper just looked at him. "I do not trust with two fish behind my back. It's only for a second so just hang on." He walked over to Lazarus and Neill held out a skewered fish to each of them, Neill would have to come down out of his perch of course. "Morning, here's some breakfast if you want it, careful though, it's a bit hot."

He heard someone walking and turned to look, then smiled. "Morning Darci!"

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posté October 10, 2014, 08:25:55 | #12
"Hear that, Carthac? He likes to scare people. He's a real boogeyman, heheheh!"

Viper laughed at the Shushu's response, "Oh yeah, definately! Hahahaha." He chuckled a little more as Lazarus refused to respond. Maurice seemed annoyed with this and went back to talking to Viper.

"Well, you seemed crazy before, anyway..."

Viper just shrugged. "Yeah, I get that a lot."

Laz finally spoke up again in what seemed like a slight rage, "Ignore the parasite- it's just happy it's got new victims to torment."

"Awww! Don't you want to play any more, Carthac? Hur hur hur!" The shushu laughed as Laz gripped his saddle more, obviously very annoyed with the Shushu on his neck.

As Neill talked about the current situation in Brakmarr, Viper knew full well what was going on, Blood sent him a letter in grave detail of what was going on and to either stay well away or wear something else for once. Which Viper didn't mind, he rarely visited Brakmarr and when he did there was always trouble and fights, he also did have a outfit for the area, an old Brakmarian sailor's uniform, it had a bit of pirate look, but it was still useful. He picked it up when a Brakmarian pirate decided to move into Sufokia, which was a terrible idea, but it was pretty funny for Viper and his guild, back when it was just Ether, Pixel, and Sam. The beginning of their crazy guild, filled with crazy and loveable people.

Viper lost his train of thought when he heard Darci's menacing tone of voice, “When isn’t there shady deals in Brakmar? About time someone gave the nobles a little trouble… don’t worry though, Viper and myself have no interest in going to Brakmar.” Viper nodded in agreement, there was a reason he didn't take any bounties from Brakmar, half of them are just people looking for escaped slaves, or wanting some rival put in prison on false charges. And....Viper looked over at Darci, he could make out the scaring on her back slightly. He knew where those scars came from, and he knew that Darci had a very strong hate for Brakmar because of what happened there, and while he didn't know much, sometimes he could still feel the pain radiating off of her from what happened. Interestingly enough, he hadn't taken the time yet to check how Lazarus was feeling. Viper looked over, "So Lazarus, you say you're a scientist, were you doing anything before you went into what got you arrested?" Viper was curious, he won't deny it. Then again, curiosity is what got him through most of his life, after he died and all. "That was fun....figuring out the whole world....I'm still not used to Koko's or Treechinds popping up out of nowhere." 

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posté October 05, 2014, 00:11:31 | #13
Viper was just keeping an eye on the road and the group itself, he was curious about Neill and Lazarus, especially the fact of why Lazarus was being transfered to arms way. But most of his thoughts were about Alex, his lover a-

"Hey! Hey you, sacrier! What's with the hoodlum get up?"

Viper quickly looked over at Lazarus, but the vo- "Ohh, right the Shushu." Viper pushed back his hood so his face could be seen. "What this? It was given to me by a friend, she found it laying around in Amkana, and she knew I always wanted one so she gave it to me. It's really handy for when you want to get information, you can just stroll right into their base, just don't go up to the higher levels and you'll be fine. Better yet most criminals like to keep their distance, the only downside is that you'll get attacked every now and then by some crazy Iop, but if you start fighting defensively they usually get confused and ask why in the name of Iop are you not fighting back. After that everything gets worked out, other than that, it's just fun to scare people." He chuckles lightly. "But yeah, thats about it." He looks over to Lazarus and looks at Maurice. "Does that make sense, or do I just sound like some crazy Sacrier?" Viper grinned and chuckled.

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posté September 26, 2014, 08:32:23 | #14
Viper waited for Darci to come out and for Lazarus and Neill to come back. Once everyone was there Neill called out.

“Ready ta set off, lads… and miss? We might reach Arms Way in two days! Less if we don't stop fer breaks...” The Cra seemed rather happy, Lazarus on the other hand, looked very angry.

"No..." The Xelor muttered under his breath, it also seemed his drago didn't like him at all, Viper would have to ask Mister about that...and by ask, he meant give Mister 10 Api's and some pets to bribe him.

Darci looked at him and waved for him to follow, “Alright let’s head to where our dragos are then, come on Viper.” Viper nodded and followed immediately.

"Right, hopefully Shadow kept a good eye on the Dragos." 

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posté September 19, 2014, 23:54:25 | #15
Viper watched the ongoing conversations with interest, he could tell Darci was getting really annoyed with Neill, and even chuckled when she made her threat. He laughed a bit at the arguing between Lazarus and Maurice. Then Darci looked his way.

“So you’re saying you want to travel with Viper and me since you think we might gossip about you and your prisoner.” Darci did not look happy about this, they were going to Arms Way as well. “Well It’s your lucky day… We are going the same way. Though I have to say I’m not keen on traveling with a convict known for human experimentation…But if it’s ok with Viper, then... I’ll be fine with it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get dressed.” She walked off to her haven bag to get dressed.

Viper shrugged. "I don't see why not, seems like you could use a hand anyways." He ran a hand through his hair. "Once Darci is all dressed we can head to the road, our Dragoturkeys are tied up there, my Bow Meow is currently watching them. Once we have the Dragos we can be on our way." He smiled and looked over at Neill. "So..why are you taking the Xelor to Arms Way?" He motions over to Lazarus. "And speaking of which..." He goes over and kneels down next to Lazarus. "Maurice was it? Are you restricting Lazarus's magic?" He raised an eyebrow.

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posté September 13, 2014, 21:30:57 | #16
Viper watched as the Cra put his crossbow away, “Fair enough, kid. But in my line’o work, ya just can’t be too careful.” He turned his head and spat “Name’s Neill. Yours?”

"Nice to meet you Neill, I'm Viper, and the Osa currently making sure your prisoner doesn't get away is Darci. And trust me, I understand, I'm a bounty hunter." He smiles as he watched the group talk to Lazarus, who seems to be very angry about being called the word Felon. When suddenly, a voice that wasn't the Xelor's started coming from him. At first Viper thought it might be a multiple personality thing, he could see Lazarus grabbing at his neck, but Darci was slightly blocking the view. Luckily though, she could see everything.

"Is that really a shushu?” She got closer to Lazarus. “Is it a ‘he’ or ‘she’? Do they have a name? What does it do? Is it a weapon? What element does it have? This is so fascinating!” Darci started rapid fire asking questions as Viper stepped around, and sure enough, around the Xelor's neck was a collar with an eye on it.

"Huh....what'da know." Viper smiled, things were getting more and more interesting, he was very glad he picked up that scroll and figured out what the sides were. He's made that mistake before....

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posté September 08, 2014, 01:16:14 | #17
Viper watched the conversation carefully...but there was one important thing he noticed. The Cra was very, very wary of Viper, which either meant he was just some low life mugger, or that the Xelor was lying.

“Listen ‘ere, lass. Much as I’d like to… convince ya’ll ‘bout that dere hooligan, its just Bonta business, plain and simple. Don’t want no city slickers like yerselves getin’ involved. If you DO however… want to get involved…”

The Cra kneeled down and pulled his bag off of his back, but still kept one crossbow aimed at Viper, he was starting to lean more to low life mugger. Until he saw what the Cra pulled out of his backpack, a rolled up document with a Bontaian crest

“Then take a gander at them papers I’ve been given. Friendly advice: best to just leave the felon with me and just skedaddle outta ‘ere. Ya’ll just don’t know what yer in fer…”

Viper raised an eyebrow and went to reach down for the document, only to hear the Xelor yell, "Don't pick that up! That's how he tricked me!" Lazarus told the osa urgently, darting a hand out to take her arm before she could reach for them. "It's a trap spell- sucks your wakfu when you open it... which is why I didn't just teleport away."

Viper looked at the Xelor, then at the document. "if you can't teleport....and you were 'mugged' on the road, then wouldn't you have to cross the stream? And if you did, where did you cross to not get your boots wet when you did." Viper looked at the Xelor's boots, they looked like they just got wet, he guessed that was from when the Xelor was tackled by the Cra. But other than the water that was currently on them, there weren't any damp spots on the Xelor's clothes. Viper looked up stream, then down stream and didn't really see any logs, rock paths, or just crossings in general except for just walking across the water. "Then why weren't your boots and legs wet would have had to cross the stream...and hide out on this side for at least a half an hour, maybe an hour if you were in the shade so that everything would dry. Secondly....what kinda low life mugger would take the time or money to buy a wakfu stealing spell? Then have it binded to a roll of paper, no Xelor in there right mind that could do that would do that for free!" Viper looked at the Xelor's coat, and noticed something had been torn off, along with a few twigs that gotten caught on his sleeve, though that could be from the ground. "Doesn't Bonta usually put armbands on their prisoners? He could have ran off and ripped it off...and the Cra said he was doing offical bonta buissness. So then..." Viper looked at the Cra, the Xelor, and then down at the Scroll. "So....the scroll can suck up my wakfu when I open it huh?" With that, he reached down, picked up the document, and opened it.

Nothing happened....Viper looked at the Xelor from under his hood. "You were saying?" He looked at the Document and instantly recognized what it was. "Prisoner transfer documents...for, the Xelor know as Lazarus Carthac...arrested for crimes of human experimentation." He looked over to the Cra and then to Darci. "Its the real thing." he holds up the document to the light. "And the Bontaian crest is genuine." He looks over to the Cra. "Sorry about that...good thing you had this on you huh?" He handed the document to Darci and pushed back his hood. "Don't worry, I'm not actually a Hoodlum."

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Viper felt Darci take the towel and let out a breath of relief. "Woo! I don't get to die!" He waited a minute to pull back his hood so he could see, and saw a Xelor on the other side of the stream, who Darci was angrily glaring at.

"Look, I'm sorry to have startled you, but I need to go. Like, now. There's a crazy asshole after me- that's why I was in the bush. He caught me on the road and I had to try and ditch him.” The Xelor was suddenly tackled to the floor by some random Cra.

Viper didn't even have a chance to react as the Xelor yelled for help and Darci stormed across the stream, then threw the Cra to the side. "Sacrier.....what just happened?" He jogged across the stream and to Darci's side. "Darci!" He looked down to see Mister approach with an Api in his mouth. "Ohhhh there you are."

Viper looked at the Xelor and then at the Cra. He tilted his head as he thought about what the Xelor said, "You're on the wrong side of this stream to have come from the road...." He looked to Darci and kept an eye on both the Cra and the Xelor, watching for what might happen next, and slightly glaring at the Xelor.

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Viper was just calmly sitting when he suddenly heard the scream followed by "Pervert!!" That definitely sounded like Darci.

He sighed. "I should just stay here.....not do anything....just stay here....Sacrier....I'll go check if she's alright. Shadow, you stay here, watch the dragos." he points to the dragos as he pulls his hood back on and over his eyes so he won't accidentally see anything. He jogged towards the river almost running into a few trees, when he reached the river clearing he listened carefully.

"Darci! Are you okay! I Can't exactly see anything so you're going to have to say something." He hears someone getting out of the water, so pulls out a towel and holds it out for her. "If you need it."

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Viper took a seat next to a tree trunk by the road. He had already hitched up the two dragos to a nearby tree and was keeping an eye on them. He pushed back the hood of his Hoodlum outfit and ran a hand through his bright orange hair.

"Welp...looks like it's just me and you Shadow." He looked to the Bow Meow sitting on his shoulder who meowed in response. "Yeah, good old Darci. Always on the defensive." He chuckled slightly when he thought about Darci's threat of dismemberment, and his response of, "I have a girlfriend" Which was very much true, Alex was an amazing girl and he missed her a lot. But someone has to keep the guild in check while he is gone, and he knew Ether and Alex could easily handle it.

He looked up at the sky and put Shadow in his lap. "Seems like a calm and peaceful day....Wait a second." He looked around quickly. "Where did Mister go?" He looked towards the dragoturkeys, but saw no sign of Darci's Gobgob who was there moments ago. "Hmmm...probably with Darci actually, nothing to worry about there." With that he relaxed and went back to watching the sky.

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