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Viper watched the ongoing conversations with interest, he could tell Darci was getting really annoyed with Neill, and even chuckled when she made her threat. He laughed a bit at the arguing between Lazarus and Maurice. Then Darci looked his way.

“So you’re saying you want to travel with Viper and me since you think we might gossip about you and your prisoner.” Darci did not look happy about this, they were going to Arms Way as well. “Well It’s your lucky day… We are going the same way. Though I have to say I’m not keen on traveling with a convict known for human experimentation…But if it’s ok with Viper, then... I’ll be fine with it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get dressed.” She walked off to her haven bag to get dressed.

Viper shrugged. "I don't see why not, seems like you could use a hand anyways." He ran a hand through his hair. "Once Darci is all dressed we can head to the road, our Dragoturkeys are tied up there, my Bow Meow is currently watching them. Once we have the Dragos we can be on our way." He smiled and looked over at Neill. "So..why are you taking the Xelor to Arms Way?" He motions over to Lazarus. "And speaking of which..." He goes over and kneels down next to Lazarus. "Maurice was it? Are you restricting Lazarus's magic?" He raised an eyebrow.

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posté September 13, 2014, 21:30:57 | #2
Viper watched as the Cra put his crossbow away, “Fair enough, kid. But in my line’o work, ya just can’t be too careful.” He turned his head and spat “Name’s Neill. Yours?”

"Nice to meet you Neill, I'm Viper, and the Osa currently making sure your prisoner doesn't get away is Darci. And trust me, I understand, I'm a bounty hunter." He smiles as he watched the group talk to Lazarus, who seems to be very angry about being called the word Felon. When suddenly, a voice that wasn't the Xelor's started coming from him. At first Viper thought it might be a multiple personality thing, he could see Lazarus grabbing at his neck, but Darci was slightly blocking the view. Luckily though, she could see everything.

"Is that really a shushu?” She got closer to Lazarus. “Is it a ‘he’ or ‘she’? Do they have a name? What does it do? Is it a weapon? What element does it have? This is so fascinating!” Darci started rapid fire asking questions as Viper stepped around, and sure enough, around the Xelor's neck was a collar with an eye on it.

"Huh....what'da know." Viper smiled, things were getting more and more interesting, he was very glad he picked up that scroll and figured out what the sides were. He's made that mistake before....

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Viper watched the conversation carefully...but there was one important thing he noticed. The Cra was very, very wary of Viper, which either meant he was just some low life mugger, or that the Xelor was lying.

“Listen ‘ere, lass. Much as I’d like to… convince ya’ll ‘bout that dere hooligan, its just Bonta business, plain and simple. Don’t want no city slickers like yerselves getin’ involved. If you DO however… want to get involved…”

The Cra kneeled down and pulled his bag off of his back, but still kept one crossbow aimed at Viper, he was starting to lean more to low life mugger. Until he saw what the Cra pulled out of his backpack, a rolled up document with a Bontaian crest

“Then take a gander at them papers I’ve been given. Friendly advice: best to just leave the felon with me and just skedaddle outta ‘ere. Ya’ll just don’t know what yer in fer…”

Viper raised an eyebrow and went to reach down for the document, only to hear the Xelor yell, "Don't pick that up! That's how he tricked me!" Lazarus told the osa urgently, darting a hand out to take her arm before she could reach for them. "It's a trap spell- sucks your wakfu when you open it... which is why I didn't just teleport away."

Viper looked at the Xelor, then at the document. "if you can't teleport....and you were 'mugged' on the road, then wouldn't you have to cross the stream? And if you did, where did you cross to not get your boots wet when you did." Viper looked at the Xelor's boots, they looked like they just got wet, he guessed that was from when the Xelor was tackled by the Cra. But other than the water that was currently on them, there weren't any damp spots on the Xelor's clothes. Viper looked up stream, then down stream and didn't really see any logs, rock paths, or just crossings in general except for just walking across the water. "Then why weren't your boots and legs wet would have had to cross the stream...and hide out on this side for at least a half an hour, maybe an hour if you were in the shade so that everything would dry. Secondly....what kinda low life mugger would take the time or money to buy a wakfu stealing spell? Then have it binded to a roll of paper, no Xelor in there right mind that could do that would do that for free!" Viper looked at the Xelor's coat, and noticed something had been torn off, along with a few twigs that gotten caught on his sleeve, though that could be from the ground. "Doesn't Bonta usually put armbands on their prisoners? He could have ran off and ripped it off...and the Cra said he was doing offical bonta buissness. So then..." Viper looked at the Cra, the Xelor, and then down at the Scroll. "So....the scroll can suck up my wakfu when I open it huh?" With that, he reached down, picked up the document, and opened it.

Nothing happened....Viper looked at the Xelor from under his hood. "You were saying?" He looked at the Document and instantly recognized what it was. "Prisoner transfer documents...for, the Xelor know as Lazarus Carthac...arrested for crimes of human experimentation." He looked over to the Cra and then to Darci. "Its the real thing." he holds up the document to the light. "And the Bontaian crest is genuine." He looks over to the Cra. "Sorry about that...good thing you had this on you huh?" He handed the document to Darci and pushed back his hood. "Don't worry, I'm not actually a Hoodlum."

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Viper felt Darci take the towel and let out a breath of relief. "Woo! I don't get to die!" He waited a minute to pull back his hood so he could see, and saw a Xelor on the other side of the stream, who Darci was angrily glaring at.

"Look, I'm sorry to have startled you, but I need to go. Like, now. There's a crazy asshole after me- that's why I was in the bush. He caught me on the road and I had to try and ditch him.” The Xelor was suddenly tackled to the floor by some random Cra.

Viper didn't even have a chance to react as the Xelor yelled for help and Darci stormed across the stream, then threw the Cra to the side. "Sacrier.....what just happened?" He jogged across the stream and to Darci's side. "Darci!" He looked down to see Mister approach with an Api in his mouth. "Ohhhh there you are."

Viper looked at the Xelor and then at the Cra. He tilted his head as he thought about what the Xelor said, "You're on the wrong side of this stream to have come from the road...." He looked to Darci and kept an eye on both the Cra and the Xelor, watching for what might happen next, and slightly glaring at the Xelor.

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Viper was just calmly sitting when he suddenly heard the scream followed by "Pervert!!" That definitely sounded like Darci.

He sighed. "I should just stay here.....not do anything....just stay here....Sacrier....I'll go check if she's alright. Shadow, you stay here, watch the dragos." he points to the dragos as he pulls his hood back on and over his eyes so he won't accidentally see anything. He jogged towards the river almost running into a few trees, when he reached the river clearing he listened carefully.

"Darci! Are you okay! I Can't exactly see anything so you're going to have to say something." He hears someone getting out of the water, so pulls out a towel and holds it out for her. "If you need it."

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Viper took a seat next to a tree trunk by the road. He had already hitched up the two dragos to a nearby tree and was keeping an eye on them. He pushed back the hood of his Hoodlum outfit and ran a hand through his bright orange hair.

"Welp...looks like it's just me and you Shadow." He looked to the Bow Meow sitting on his shoulder who meowed in response. "Yeah, good old Darci. Always on the defensive." He chuckled slightly when he thought about Darci's threat of dismemberment, and his response of, "I have a girlfriend" Which was very much true, Alex was an amazing girl and he missed her a lot. But someone has to keep the guild in check while he is gone, and he knew Ether and Alex could easily handle it.

He looked up at the sky and put Shadow in his lap. "Seems like a calm and peaceful day....Wait a second." He looked around quickly. "Where did Mister go?" He looked towards the dragoturkeys, but saw no sign of Darci's Gobgob who was there moments ago. "Hmmm...probably with Darci actually, nothing to worry about there." With that he relaxed and went back to watching the sky.

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posté August 24, 2014, 10:00:15 | #7
Name: Viper Andros

Race: Sacrier

Age: 22

Elements: Tri element with a focus on fire.

Personality: Viper's Personality can only be described as....weird, though he can be extremely friendly, caring, kind, and protective if you get on his good side, which isn't that hard. But betray his trust or get on his bad side, and you'll have a very angry and dangerous Sacrier on your hands. He really cares about his friends, especially his girlfriend and guild-mates. He also likes to cook in his free time, or when he is on a trip, he will usually be the first to offer to cook a meal. He has a strong sense of patriotism for his home nation of Sufokia, as it is where he has spent most of his life.

Appearance: Viper is a six foot tall Sacrier, he usually wears a tan and red Hoodlum outfit, but will sometimes wear something else so he doesn't constantly have people attacking him. Underneath that he wears protective armor and traditional black and blue sacrier garb. He also has black Sacrier tattoos that go along his arms and chest, he also has one across his right eye. His body in general is covered in multiple scars. The largest one goes directly across his heart tattoo, a similar scar can be seen on his back.

Background: Viper's history is mostly unknown, he somehow lost most of his memories at the age of 15, he was left with only the knowledge of how to talk and fight. Ever since then he's started his own guild, been a part of the Sufokian government for a term, and gone on many different adventures and quests, all while working as a bounty hunter for the Sufokian government. He's been all over the world of twelve, from Astrub to Mount Zinit, and he hopes he can see more.

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Hahahaha XD That is absolutely beautiful, Daft looks scary 0.o''' Either way, it looks amazing! ^^

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posté March 30, 2014, 23:39:03 | #9
Actually....this just happened to me today...I lost my Striped Bow Meow who was equipped to my Astrub knight, I'm submitting a ticket right now, don't worry, I just thought I would mention that now.

Character: Viper

Server: Nox

Date: 3/20/14

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Klime's Workshop bug Character name: Viper
Date and time: 3/19/2014
Map: Ruins of the Asparah Gorge in Frigost
Server: Nox

Bug description: Some or all of the intractable objects will be gone, for example, the first time I found the bug, the workshop was empty, I went back to make this report and the workstation was back, but both of the bookshelves were still missing.

Reproducibility process: Go to Asparah Gorge and enter Klime's workshop (Cords are X=1 Y=-4)

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posté March 19, 2014, 23:00:44 | #11
It would probably be for Sacrier's who don't use earth spells as their main element, like myself for example, I am primarily a fire Sacrier with 283 lock (and still gaining more) I rarely use earth spells so I rely on my natural lock from my armor, bowmeow, and stated lock, as lock is very useful in denying an enemy multiple assets, including their actual turn when they try to run away and fail. That way I can still dish out my fire damage, tank the enemy damage, and keep the enemy off of my teammates by keeping him focused on me.

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posté March 03, 2014, 02:37:06 | #12
4 and 6 look really nice

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posté February 08, 2014, 03:03:29 | #13
Yeah 0.o talk about plot twists........

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"If you want to come then come, Tal and I are going with or without you... come on Tal." Veronica went running off to the door.

Tal he blushed and smiled. "Yeah...I'll tell her afterwords...." He waved to Mortiz. "Good luck!" He drew his sword out of his bag and ran after Veronica. "Coming Veronica! I'm right behind you!"

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posté January 15, 2014, 20:22:41 | #15
Ohhhhhh Yeah I did! So did my friend! I'll update the bug report, Thank you ^^

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Weird Characteristic's page bug Character name: Viper
Date and time: 1/15/14
Map: Gobballfield Country
Server: Nox

Bug description: This was a weird bug that just randomly popped up, I went to open up the characteristics page to look at my prospecting level, but when I did, it only gave me my Strength, Intelligence, Aglilty, and Chance levels, and that was it. What was even weirder was the fact that I was not the only one to have this, one of my friends had the same thing. This happened after we visited Incarnum, and it seems to be fixed by relogging. Either way this is an extremely inconvenient bug and I hope it can be fixed soon.

Reproducibility process: Go to Incarnum, then once you come back down, simply open up the Characteristic's page.


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Tal laughed lightly and smiled. "Glad you slept well, where on earth have you been anyways? You looked really beaten up, I'm surprised someone got the better of you." He pointed at the Sram and glared a little. "Weren't you watching the ship and Aiysa?"

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posté January 09, 2014, 08:06:09 | #18
Great job on the Darci drawing Aacher! It looks great!! ^^

And Take Care Mitsu!! Hope you come back soon! ^^

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posté January 02, 2014, 22:08:24 | #19
Aacher......that....was just beautiful XD *slowclaps*

Also sorry about the lack of replies, I had bad writers block and couldn't come up with anything....until our favor Sram woke up that is XD

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Tal went to calm Veronica from her worry, but was stopped by the sound of someone jumping to their feet and yelling.

“Uuurgh! Rushu’s realm! What happened? How long have I been out?”
Tal turned around to see his least favorite person in the world. "Oh.....Lovely....he's awake...." He sighed and looked at Veronica, "Well, Why don't we go check on them ourselves, since he's up and about." He stood up and looked at Moritz. "Slept well?" He looked back to Veronica and held out a hand to help her up. "I probably shouldn't try and knock him matter how much I want to right now....We need to get down their and help." 

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