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posté April 22, 2016, 20:24:20 | #1

Quote (EarthMinion @ 21 April 2016 07:14) *

Quote (androgyous @ 21 April 2016 07:12) *
Half the people that respond in this thread will probably insert a class that they play, because a lot of people like to make things about themselves.

^ the most truth I have ever seen on the forums
As someone who mains a Iop, I really have to disagree. It was was simpler pre revamp because now you have to manage power a bit more carefully if you want max damage, but you can really just run up to stuff and hit it.

One day all will recognize the simplicity and purity that is Iop and return to Iop to be reborn as Iop.

punchy punchy boom boom

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posté April 15, 2016, 18:39:23 | #2
Pics or it didn't happen.

I demand visual evidence.

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posté April 12, 2016, 22:05:16 | #3

Quote (Dormammu @ 12 April 2016 21:53) *
Never expect to play in the same day that a update takes place. Always the same. Ankama has amazing artists but i cannot say the same about the programers...
Happy hotfix day!

Don't be too hard on them, they inherited the game from previous developers and working on someone else's code can be a nightmare.

It really doesn't help that it's java. Building a game like this in java both amazes and confuses me. It's like building a house but all you have is a hammer, nails, and 4x4s. You can get pretty creative and build a lot of things with that but it will never be as stable or water proof as it could be using shingles, drywall, etc.

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posté March 11, 2016, 01:24:08 | #4
Is Wakfu dead? Since the release of heroes I have noticed a sharp decline in activity (at least on Nox anyway). I remember thousands of items available on the market where now there are merely hundreds. I remember being able to find groups for a dungeon in a few minutes or less depending on the time of week. Mostly, I remember friends and guild mates who are just gone.

Ashen Lepus was one of the most prominent guilds on Nox, easily capping out on guild points usually halfway through the week. Sometimes we would have as many as 30 people on at once and as far as I know from talking to other guilds, there were maybe 3 other guilds who had their haven world as upgraded as we did.

Now I log in and literally no one has bothered leveling above 176 and the only person I ever see is Drool.

Now I have been playing with many of these people for years, this is an established guild with solid, dedicated players. Then heroes goes live and suddenly everyone is gone.

Did something change that I missed?

Is it that heroes is the new meta and people just weren't willing to pay for it?

I genuinely love this game but I am not willing to start over in a new guild. Why would I play and pay for a game when all my friends have left?

This is more to get this off my chest than anything else. If dealing with Ankama has taught me anything, they will let this game grind itself into the dirt before they change their prices or try to reconnect with inactive players.

I have never met anyone who didn't really enjoy wakfu once they gave it a go and I can think of at 6 people off the top of my head who would be willing to pay upwards of 50 dollars for heroes if it was a one time payment but are unwilling to commit to the subscription.

I sincerely hope that Ankama gives me and my guild mates a reason to comeback.


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posté September 25, 2015, 22:09:43 | #5

Quote (Gunnerwolfang @ 25 September 2015 21:53) *

There was no definite reply from the officials but the general consensus of the forumers is that the subscription is way too cheap as it is that it is worth it even if you only play during the weekends out of the weekly subscription.
That has been the case thus far with Wakfu, but heroes changes things for many people. If you want all the content the cost of subscription has almost tripled. Given that, I think more options that cater to the casuals would be a solid investment for Ankama.

It wouldn't even take them that long to code. They already have buffs that operate on active time and since everything is purchased with ogrines, they just need to add it to the shop.

@MRGoob Of course the time will be more expensive, the reason this type of thing exists is so that people who can't commit large amounts of time to the game have a reason to pay for it. This will encourage people who would normally not pay, to buy subscription time. Lifers will not be affected, and are still technically getting the better deal.

Also, if Ankama wants to make money, having people pay for a product they rarely if ever use is a terrible business plan. F2p games make money off of a large, active playerbase. We play games for a lot of reasons, but we pay games because we play them. Building their playerbase should be Ankama's number 1 priority and payment options that accommodate casual players is a fast, easy, and profitable way to do it.

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posté September 25, 2015, 21:39:04 | #6
Booster/ Heroes Payment Suggestion Just a thought, but I figured I would see if others liked it or wanted to expand on it.

Some people can't log on everyday and play. To these people the current subscription based content and booster is unattractive because they don't feel like they are getting their money's worth. The addition of Heroes will only exacerbate the problem.

What if there was a subscription option that was based on logged time instead of server time?

So instead of paying 6,500 ogrines for 30 days heroes and booster, you instead got like 40 hours but only active play on the account would count towards it..You pay for your time, play for two hours, shit hits the fan and your gone for a week, come back and you still have 38.

40 is just a number i threw out there as an example, whether you think it is too high or too low is another conversation entirely.

I'm not suggesting this replace the current system, but rather it be an option.

I feel like if Ankama did this, they would make a lot of players happy and (for the corporate scumbags who are rumored to rule over Ankama with an iron fist) make a lot of money off the people who think 15$ a month is too high a price for the amount they actually get to play.

Really, Ankama would make a killing off of this and I personally think it would be an extremely attractive feature.

What do people think?

What does Ankama think?


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posté September 24, 2015, 21:34:07 | #7
Reading through all these comments, it surprises me how much peoples ideas about pricing differed. Some thought it would be cheaper, others way more expensive. Personally I think the price is a little high but it's not unreasonable.

This whole thing was poorly handled Ankama. You should have hit us with an estimate of your pricing months ago and then focused on the features and hype. Instead, you left it a mystery while hype built and then smacked us in the face with the price 5 days before launch.

Congratulations, you have pleasantly surprised about a third of you players, disappointed another third, and enraged the rest. Seriously, who is in charge of marketing? This is basic advertising. A half-stoned psychology undergrad could have planned this better.

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posté September 23, 2015, 21:00:00 | #8

Quote (Drueric @ 23 September 2015 05:57) *

Quote (shankissimo @ 23 September 2015 05:15) *
Token machines are a very good thing - without them unlucky people could never get items they want. In example I never dropped anything worthwhile in Xelorium, but I have what I need for Tokens.

This is a false statement. If someone is getting unlucky getting a certain drop, someone else is getting lucky. Now you have a trade barter system. The false sense of unluckyness also had to do with not using the group/loot system as intended and failure to complete challenges and/or improper levels for the dungeons.

Person A says, I have W, X items, but I can never get item Y or Z
Person B say, I find item Y and Z all the time but I never find item W or X

They say, great, lets trade. Or they went to market.
Works in theory. Every piece of gear I have past Enurado was purchased via tokens. I literally have never dropped anything except mats in any dungeon for over 30 levels. What pray tell do I have to barter with?

WTT for Withered BP, I have 80 plus runs worth of common mat drops to give in return. Anyone interested? I only have about 5mK saved up since I never drop anything, but that plus mats should be great for an item currently going for 15mk on Nox.

If I had known it was this simple I would have done this a long time ago, what could I have been thinking? Now that I have seen the light I can go and enjoy the game with all the gear I could ever want now that I don't have to grind Xel past 30 more times for my second item from that dungeon.

What a comfort it is to know that because of my frustration in obtaining gear, someone else is prospering. Which statistically makes no sense at all.

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posté September 14, 2015, 22:12:40 | #9

Quote (NotAnotherFlibble @ 14 September 2015 17:14) *
Also, there's a significant chance of the game being vastly more Bugfu than usual for a few days after the update… hopefully it'll be fine, though…
I have stopped thinking of them as patch days personally. The day new content comes out I wish all my guildmates a happy hotfix day.

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posté September 04, 2015, 20:39:19 | #10

Quote (Matt5150 @ 04 September 2015 20:07) *
Dofus has a similar tool and nobody is using it too.

#Never learn from mistakes
to be fair, we were asking for an LFG tool. The mistake was not in making one, it was in it's implementation.

They created a complex tool that could find multiple types of groups and let you register long-term as someone interested in specific mobs and dungeons. Which is cool and all, but not really what we wanted.

Most of us wanted something simpler and more intuitive. 1) Click LFG. 2) Select dungeon. 3) Select your role. 4) Click accept.

Boom. Done. That's all.

Instead we got an overly complicated interface that had several design flaws in addition to the bugs. None of which Ankama ever bothered to fix.

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posté September 04, 2015, 19:43:02 | #11
I saw this and was like "what LFG tool? we have an LFG tool?"

Then I remembered. It was announced, there was hype, it was released, we played with it for 30 seconds, decided it was unusable, let out a collective sigh, then promptly forgot it existed.

Thus ends the tragic tale of the LFG tool.

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posté September 04, 2015, 19:38:04 | #12

Quote (nsiccaa @ 04 September 2015 15:16) *
try this:
1) quests..more whatever quests available...
2) do otomai requests..
3) grind solo no SK..find enemy a few lvl higher than ur character and go full killing frenzy. seriously dont stop even if ur hp is low..try 1vs1 then 2, then maybe 3. depends on ur class.
4) use booster if u can purchase them..
5) equip yourself with wisdom gears..
6) wisdom drinks..wisdom pets...almanax prayer buff +40wisdom..
7) join a guild. they hv guild bonus of wisdom buff.
8) wait for ankama double xp weekend bonus.

hope this help.
I think this is the best advice so far.

I gotta say though, if the grind is too much at your level, know that with each level it will get a little harder. The game is supposed to have an end game feel to it through out the entire thing, so don't burn yourself out on leveling too early. It really is worth it to take it slow your first time.

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posté September 03, 2015, 00:23:29 | #13
Try an Osa. They can do silly things to their allies.

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posté September 02, 2015, 21:59:58 | #14

Quote (Sting-Shotter @ 02 September 2015 16:41) *

Quote (Sargent-Wiggest @ 02 September 2015 16:34) *
Better than every other Wakfu trailer created by ankama. At least you charactethr is not naked
thanks i quess... XD

(my char is naked under all his clothes)


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posté September 02, 2015, 20:46:46 | #15

Quote (John-LV @ 01 September 2015 14:15) *
(there is more games than Wakfu


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posté September 02, 2015, 20:41:24 | #16
I find it somewhat ridiculous that I would need to know this in order to search "shushu"

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #903923  Replies : 9  Views : 1188
posté September 02, 2015, 20:03:55 | #17
I came expecting another thread on how ankama has screwed us all.

Not sure if I'm disappointed or pleasantly surprised.

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posté August 26, 2015, 21:10:21 | #18
I love threads like this. The Devs are always made out to be the bad guys when most of you people have no idea what a job in content development of any kind is actually like.

The community begs for nerfs, buffs, improved systems, new high level content, new low level content, more story, more dungeon, better pvp, better politics, guild pvp, nation pvp, better market, more character customization, new crafting, more grinding, less grinding, harder fights, easier fights, more social play, more solo play, and on and on and on.

Meanwhile the guy who signs their paychecks pushes new ways to make money with in store items, packs, heroes, costumes, promos, etc. while vetoing most of the ideas they come up with and altering the rest beyond recognition. All the while getting after them for not meeting their deadlines.

Then you have the dev, who tries to come up with unique content while keeping the community happy. Sounds great right? NO. Because the boss man stomps all over their proposed ideas while twisting the ones he keeps into ways to keep the company afloat. The devs are accused of ignoring community and having no interest in certain aspects of the game. So they end up rushing from one project to the next trying to keep their bloodthirsty playerbase in check while desperately trying to keep their boss and marketing happy. A juggling act no one can keep up forever.

Meanwhile they try and implement content into code that has seen so many programmers who where focusing on getting the job done no matter how quick and dirty the method that trying to go back and update something would require a near complete reorganization of the code. They do the best they can but of course there will be bugs when trying to weld something new into this Frankenstein's monster they wrestle with daily.

I am honestly surprised the devs stick around as long as they do. So to all the people had at work at Ankama, thank you.


TL;DR I know dem feels devs.

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posté August 21, 2015, 21:24:26 | #19

Quote (LazyPhoror-Phaeris @ 18 August 2015 00:27) *

Quote (Lukinerx @ 17 August 2015 18:15) *
so event only for artists or someone who have artist as a friend so he/she will draw something for him/her?

Every contest so far was some form of art.
I consider programming an art as well, will there ever be a contest for us programmers?
Give us access to Wakfu source code, and who makes the best improvement wins.
This is the best idea in ever. As a player who isn't going anywhere, having access to the source code would mean I get insanely familiar with it, and I would hunt down and kill every bug that ever did bug me.

Hell, even if they just used this for backend stuff and had us go over it before something was released I think it would be a great addition. Every 3 months a new patch getting released, a few weeks before that, let the games begin.

I can see it now, Pre-Patch Bug Murderfest 2015! Person with highest kill count gets a semi-original costume that will be on sale within 3 months. FOR BLOOD AND GLORY!!!

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