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posté July 03, 2014, 22:48:42 | #1
New Premium XP & Drop Rate Questions I have read a lot of half explained, theorized garbage based on one or two lines of speculation found in the posts of those who have read the posts of people who misinterpreted the release articles of the new f2p model. I'm kind of hoping Sabi or another dev can answer a few of my questions.

1. Regarding xp Sabi said in the FAQ that the experience curves has been revamped. I would really like to see the math on that because if it was a simple 30% reduction then say 100 xp becomes 70 right? Well then a 30% increase to 70 would 91. If someone could comment with an example of what exactly is going on that would be great.

2. 10% drop increase means what exactly? Gobbswords have a 1% drop rate currently so with premium would that rise to 1.1% or 11% or is it something else entirely?

3. Will drop rates be reduced like xp?

4. Will the premium booster stat increases in any way be more forgiving to players than the current xp curve or drop rates for subscribers? In what ways will it be less forgiving (and it will be, pp cap, drop rates, less ap and mp statting, etc ankama just loves to hurt me. I feel like I no longer play wakfu, I grind wakfu.)?

5. From what I have read so far, ankamas goal with this system is not to change anything for those willing to pay. xp, kamas, drops, and the cash we spend on the game will remain essentially the same. The only real difference is that f2p players can do more. Veteran players will not be getting any edge in game for the money they have spent in the past or the money will spend in the future because that was never the point. The point was to allow f2p players more in game access. Is this more or less accurate?

Thank You,

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posté March 18, 2014, 14:18:34 | #2
lol, I love how people keep talking about the heals "nerf". OH no, now with a full sage set it puts you up 400% to the spell AND 400% heals. Nerf. right.

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posté March 17, 2014, 14:25:43 | #3
Idea for next year. Why don't you add a special "Pinch" emote and make the potricks gear a costume with a hidden buff. If you pinch someone who is't wearing it you get a +5 prospecting bonus next fight. I you pinch someone who is wearing it then they get the +5 prospecting bonus. It add's tradition, flavor, and the spirit of luck to the holiday while pleasing every single one of your subscribers.

This would please me greatly.

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posté November 27, 2013, 21:03:29 | #4
I gotta say the PP cap seems a little half baked to me, particularly if challenges will be as limited as you suggest. I guess the real question is will the sidekicks have PP and will they be able to receive items? If that's the case then you are greatly increasing PP for groups of 1 or 2 players but putting a major handicap on larger groups and there will be less incentive to play with friends because why would I go with 5 people and split the loot when I can go with one friend and 2 sidekicks and get half of it? If sidekicks don't have PP and don't receive items then we are completely dependent on challenges for a chance to get items and we get screwed out of loot 80% of the time. Either way it seems you just took a broken concept and broke it more. Hate to break it to you but band aids won't fix that shattered femur.

Other than that small issue. Everything else looks like its coming together.

Way to go Ankama!

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posté November 26, 2013, 21:32:26 | #5
Personally I think I have a fairly unique way of being a criminal and taking care of the ecosystem at the same time.

I clear an area after around 1am (insomnia, blessing and a curse) and then when people start getting online again I replant it. Since I have a smaller chance of getting CP back for planting I keep my outlaw status.

The only problem is that sometime people who are way higher lvl than me get on late at night and they see me clearing an area down to nothing, they assume I am being a jerk and just attack me without even asking if I was going to replant!

Granted I understand their position, I brought Jumpin Jungle in Sufokia down from 700 trees to less then 15 single handedly. Just as I got started replanting the whole thing I got attacked, I went back to explain and continue planting and they wouldnt listen, they attacked me again. I try to have my fun and be considerate of others, I pay just as much as anyone to play this game yet I get punished by other players who won't even give me a chance finish.

One guys seriously chased me out of bonta last night and told me he had made a note of my char name and would make me pay if he ever saw me in bonta again. WTF guys! Who is the real d-bag here?

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posté November 14, 2013, 22:54:15 | #6
Can't enter haven bag, Can't send report My my lvl 30 something Xelor, Visitor, can't enter his haven bag. Everytime I hit the button or the hot key I see the haven bag appear beneath the character model for a split second and then it disappears. The when I try to hit the report a bug button, it says an error occurred while we were creating information about the bug. Doesn't matter how many times I try either of them, nothing works. Logging on and off and switching computers doesn't help.

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