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Almanax 27 Novamaire
Skank Hivin
The Skank Hivin festival owes its name to a Dragoturkey breeder. He was so jealous of his cousin, ...

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Chaos Realms
By : BilloThePillo - August 07, 2013, 13:54:26
Idea for a large wakfu expansion Wakfu Expansion Idea: Chaos Realms So you thought the Ogrest's Chaos had just stopped? You probably thought it was a happy coincidence and went on with your adventures without ever looking deeper. Here is the real story, if you care to hear it: For weeks now, the sky had been filled with an inexorable torrent of chaos, and the four Jonks formed a rare alliance to resolve this issue once and ...
The : 2013-08-07 13:54:26
0 / 169 August 07, 2013, 13:54:26 By : BilloThePillo
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Enutrof's Pouch
By : BilloThePillo - May 02, 2013, 14:37:23
does anyone know how it works? So there are a lot of myths floating around about how enutrof's pouch, and I want to separate fact f…...
The : 2013-05-02 14:37:23
18 / 2928 July 31, 2013, 17:25:11 By : BrainInAJar
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Wakfu PvP league (Dathura)
By : BilloThePillo - April 30, 2013, 16:46:33
Attention, citizens of wakfu, One of the things wakfu is missing at the moment is a real sense of PvP achievements. There will of course be patches related to this later this year I'm sure, but I can't wait that many months! Therefore, I've decided to set up a 3v3 PvP league on the Dathura server, here is how it will work: Each team will register as a team of 3, so each team of 3 is considered...
The : 2013-04-30 16:46:33
1 / 518 April 30, 2013, 17:35:21 By : RaVeN-Fifteen
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Bug: Metastasis challenge
By : BilloThePillo - April 16, 2013, 21:43:34
no AI There is a challenge in Harebourg County/Harebourg tower where a giant droplet enemy named Metastasi…...
The : 2013-04-16 21:43:34
0 / 332 April 16, 2013, 21:43:34 By : BilloThePillo
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Celestial tofu key drop rate?
By : BilloThePillo - March 12, 2013, 12:57:15
encyclopedia claims 5% Anyone else having trouble dropping celestial tofu keys? I have dropped one so far, and I have kille…...
The : 2013-03-12 12:57:15
5 / 1214 March 13, 2013, 12:49:04 By : BilloThePillo
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Many Suggestions
By : BilloThePillo - May 03, 2012, 16:39:55
I've been building up several suggestions, I'll try to keep it brief. I've been thinking about the problems in wakfu and ways to make it more fun or interesting. Some of …...
The : 2012-05-03 16:39:55
0 / 271 May 03, 2012, 16:39:55 By : BilloThePillo