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posté April 11, 2016, 12:05:21 | #1
It's most likely a challenge that the governor has to activate with Kama. Talk to amakna's gov or challenger, they should be able to activate the challenge for you.

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posté March 10, 2016, 23:00:30 | #2
Player driven political quests could be used by governors to encourage players to take a territory with rewards of Kama, or items such as pvp equips, consumables, or titles ranking names under the army general like commander or squad leader that could be a costume token that awards pvp bonuses. This will encourage players to cooperate with their governor's territorial conquests.

Once a territory has been won in battle a 24 hour lock is placed on the territory where the governor and archivist can select challenges for pve players to complete. Hunting a rare monster for materials to craft equips with both pve &pvp stats. These challenges and political quests could should be unlocked by the archivist position by speaking with clan masters of areas/territories and opening new dialogue threads that tell the lore of the world of twelve since of rest chaos.

I would also also like to see the 5 cults from the books boss owl has used more in as direction or political quest options. So that there would be different territory pve challenges available based on each of the 5 cults and only to each individual cult. This would keep voters interest in elections to choose a governor based on his chosen cult and the challenges the citizens want to obtain.

Maybe be laws could be reworked to protect pve players not participating in pvp. I dunno. I don't really have any good ides there but maybe as others have said, a more structured pvp system could keep high level players engaged enough in a more structured and well thought out system of rewards for both the pvp crowd and pve crowd as well as penilities and protections for players that really don't want to put up with aggressive b.s. That still gives pvp and pve a common bond such as crafting mats or titles or equips or Kama or a combination of these rewards woven into quests and challenges in a territory.

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posté March 10, 2016, 16:26:13 | #3
problem with the island conquest as the devs have said, is they have to design a new island, boss, mobs etc and also the mats, and items/gears/weapons to acquire.

with the prims system it's a much lighter system on the development side and they can focus on the content more while we the players get to create the story/conflicts.

I'm alright with waiting another year for this system so long as it's done right. Politics was always my favorite part of the game and it's just kind of left out of the development for far too long.

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posté March 10, 2016, 16:01:00 | #4

Quote (Neneko88 @ 08 March 2016 21:20) *

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 08 March 2016 20:23) *
Definitely looking forward to NvN and structured PvP. Some structured PvP is exactly what we need. Let us make our own content, for those dead zones in between big updates!
For the few that like pvp

what about those that don't?
problem with pvp is that it's not for everyone

At the same time they add pvp they need to do politics revamp so that the governors can give people that don't like pvp something to do also like collecting 100 palm trees from moon island and you get 1 million kama (1 million kama is an example depending on what the governor wants to give).

pvp is ok if they fix the other side also
Hi Himiko, I think if you read my ideas on what I wrote two years ago about adding more lore/political quests and changing the role of challenger to a new role I thought up The Archivist would give great reasons to all camps PvP and PvE because then the governors could work on these political quests that could flesh out some lore of Wakfu including the cults that are written about in the books from boss owl at HQs.

players can dedicate themselves to one of the 5 or so cults that would lead them on a story arc in political quests that would require holding territories for purchasing special challenges/quests in the areas/territories. I imagine it working something like the old island conquest system from closed beta. specifically I was thinking about Bilbiza and the Gelano. controlling gov runs quests/challenges in area/territory for self and allied nations for rare monster mobs that drop items needed for crafting.

In this way the PvP crowd is helping the PvE crowd and vice versa.

at least that's how I see it. maybe I didn't explain it very well.

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posté March 06, 2016, 22:00:27 | #5
Let's talk about nation vs nation territorial conquest In the letter to the community number 2 it was announced that nation vs nation pvp over territories is in the works for this year. We already have the map icon for territories and from this dev blog Click here we know that it will be a system through which Prims are attacked and defended to control the area bonuses both pvp and pve to which bonuses in stacks of three area Prims will be controlled.

we don't know the rewards yet but is anyone else excited for more pvp nvn and political content?

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posté March 03, 2016, 08:39:59 | #6
Glad to see other players are interested in improvements to political system. I made a few suggestions in a thread,

political quests, nation vs nation and other ideas

in summary my idea is to create political quests that a governor and archivist (new gov position replacing challenger) would work together in a quest system to talk with cms, gather books and info to open new dialogue and cm zone challenges that drop special resources to craft items(unique armor weapons consumables etc)

Click here

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posté March 01, 2016, 12:20:50 | #7
Political Quests, Nation vs Nation and other ideas I wrote this more than two years ago and added some ideas

suggestion for Political revampI wrote this two years ago and I'm very interested in learning more about territorial conquest nation vs nation. I hope the devs and players give this a second look as they develop it and we get closer to this new pvp system's implementation in game.

In addition to political quests you could have each player dedicate themselves to one of the cults(can't rennet how many their were but there were lore books obtainable from master owl CM. A governors devotion to a cult could guide him along a story arc as lore to create political quests for nations in which they must ally with another nation and take an x number of said nations territories or island.

On the map screen, the icons on the lower left-hand side at the bottom there is a flag icon for "territories" it's been there forever and I've been wanting to see more development of the political system and nation vs nation pvp around this territorial conquest system . It was the most enjoyable part of the closed beta but it was focused only on island conquests. which I enjoyed the fact that the nation who controlled Bibliza controlled the challenges to collect different color jellies to craft the food that when consumed you entered the Jellix Dimension to try to drop the Gelano ring.

It was a fun, competitive system with real rewards for the victors. a similar system spread over all the territories of Wakfu, with similar quests for crafts to obtain special gear would be a VERY REAL reason for players to want to control territories..

Below is what I wrote back in October 2014 for ideas I had for the political system.

Quote (sevenatbest @ 01 October 2014 20:22) The role of Government for a nation should add more lore to the game. This could be achieved by adding Political quests/achievements. These achievement quests would be unlocked by a nation's archivist (replacing the role of challenger) These Political Quests would function in a similar way as the old system of Quests to fight Ultimate Bosses, with the Archivist having to visit and speak with the Clan Member/Master of a specified zone.

The Archivist position of government.

This position would replace the current Challenger position, and still retain the ability to run quests in a nation's controlled zone/territory. After the Archivist speaks with the CM of a zone it would unlock new threads for asking questions to a specific CM to obtain more information (much like the quest for the Crocoborro Sword in Cania Swamps, i.e. speak with CM of Cania Swamps, learn new information, go talk to Master Hoot/Boss Owl, get book on the origins of CM, read the book for more information that unlocks dialogue with CM, then talk to CM again and finally boat is available to travel to small island where the Crocoborro sword can be obtained after a fight)

After the Archivist has gathered all the information (perhaps a unique item would be given or obtained from a quest in a zone, or from dialogue) he would then have to go to the meeting rooms of his nation where there will now be a room dedicated to the Archivist's role with a crafting machine that can only be used by the archivist to craft books from the information (this would contain the lore or information that he had gathered with the name of current governor woven into the story and always signed, "Archivist of nation - players name.

There would need to be a library of all completed quests in the form of a book written (crafted) by the archivist and available to be read only, not taken into personal inventory. In this way other nations could do a little espionage with the aide of a skeleton key to gain access to a nation's archivist library to discover which political quest they are working towards. That information would be useful to the Governor of enemy nations that might want to ally themselves with a nation to complete their allied nation quests first.

You could start with only 1 political quest for each nation (5) and then one more political quest that would require nations to ally ex. Bonta allied with Sufokia. so 1 nation quest to start which finishes with a book written/crafted by archivist of the lore, then after this 1st political quest a 2nd quest would be available to ally with a nation and achieve a goal. (4) for a total of 9 quests to start with.

The end goal of these political quests in my vision would be towards gaining access to the peak of Mount Zinnit and the chance to face off against Ogrest. There are already the lore books purchased from Boss Owl and the Otami Disciples hideout in Astrub. Perhaps these could be used as a starting point for an archivist to begin his important work.

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posté February 26, 2016, 12:47:34 | #8
I've made myself leader of the group but I still can't add either of my two Sidekicks to the group (Astrub Knight, Lumio) the two slots to add a sidekick have an Ogrine symbol telling me I must upgrade my account to add a character but I wasn't aware that Sidekicks is a pay to play feature.

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posté February 26, 2016, 12:27:25 | #9
bumping this because I'm having trouble with adding a Sidekick (NOT HERO) to my group. I've clicked the helmet icon to make my current character the group leader, then i've tried to select on both of my Sidekicks, (Astrub Knight, and Lumio) but nothing. No Sidekick is added not on the interface at not in the fights.

So, what's up Ankama?

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posté February 23, 2016, 18:51:09 | #10
Help my pets are dead! Are Osamodas powders craftable?

I seem to remember them being an early herbalist craft. Help my pets are dead.

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posté February 15, 2016, 13:43:55 | #11
thanks for the info. I thought it would reduce the ap in game, as in in combat, not that it already reduced the ap. spell deck is totally new to me. I just came back from a two year hiatus.

I"m not really using it to boost my -mp spells. I'm using it to boost raining arrows. my damage in the restat zone on the +100% res was something like just under -3000hp with all other procs which Im not going to list. thought I could get that 3ap down to 2 ap. I hadn't realized that the 3ap is the reduced cost.

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posté February 15, 2016, 12:24:09 | #12
ok, I edited my post for clarity, I realize there is no "biting arrow" and it was biting blow that I was referencing when I mistyped "bitting arrow".

but how does it work then? after I have removed the mp from my opponent then on my next turn biting blow should only cost 2ap, instead of 3ap, correct?

I can't get this feature to work. Biting blow always costs 3ap for me.

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posté February 15, 2016, 11:31:02 | #13
Cra's passive Anticipation not reducing ap cost of biting blow Hello, a little help here, maybe this isn't a bug or maybe it is.

I have Anticipation as a passive spell in my spell deck which states…
"after removing 1mp, for the next turn: +3% final damage Biting Blow: reduces the ap cost by 1"

I start my turn using blazing arrow to steal 1mp (-1mp from opponent)

Then I use lashing arrow for either (-1 or -2mp from opponent)

I see the added +9% final dmg (when I remove -3mp) but I've never, not once seen the cost of ap reduced by -1ap for biting blow)

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Reason for edit : clarity/arrow changed to blow
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posté December 02, 2014, 08:43:06 | #14

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 02 December 2014 08:38) *
oh boy its last year all over again

they really need to get their shit together god damn
My life has become so much more tranquil since I quit playing Wakfu.

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posté October 16, 2014, 21:36:37 | #15

Quote (Cabran @ 16 October 2014 18:15) *

Quote (Delaz @ 16 October 2014 18:08) *
At least since the panda revamp isn't slated until December, we should expect new endgame content(most likely Xelorium) in November along with revamps of course.

and another thing, I hope new content for the foreseeable future isn't all going to be:

- A dimension themed after a character class.

- for increased level cap only.

- one area.

- one dungeon.

It's getting very predictable and boring already, and Enurado is fugly btw.
i suggested level 100+ nation monsters as 24 hour challenges purchased by the government as well as adding more lore to the game by way of Political Quests that would function like the old Ultimate Boss quests with branching or arcing story lines based on nation alliances and island or territory control. Also adding nation guard outposts that guilds can take a permit and build a battlefield or mini dungeon

To me that seems like it should occupy higher level players, throw in some more mid to upper level mount zinnit as your nation races to reach the precipice of Ogrest's Chaos.

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posté October 08, 2014, 17:58:07 | #16
As a cra I do find myself in the rare situation where a good dagger or axe wit its L shaped 3 cell aoe serve me well.

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posté October 07, 2014, 22:18:29 | #17
damned curved earth…

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posté October 06, 2014, 10:41:48 | #18

Phoenix: It will not be possible to return to a Haven World phoenix if the player is not part of the guild who owns the Haven-World.Add Quote Here
Booo on this decision!! This takes away the ability of the players to decide how best to utilize their Haven-Worlds. My guild for example has made arrangements with another guild who does not have their own HW to save at our HW Phoenix so they have easy access to our farmland and ores in our HW for a contribution to our construction.

This decision takes away that "sandbox" feel of utilizing our connections with another guild and directly interferes with plans we had already made.

Please do not implement this. There is literally no reason I can think of to go through with this change. It has a direct negative affect on not only my guild but any others what want to provide a quick access point to other guilds when a member of our guild is not online to open the guild gate meant to lock out those we do not wish to use our HW.

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posté October 02, 2014, 01:17:32 | #19

That thing is in need of an update. i've been playing for a while too. I remember when you HAD to go into a players bag to purchase items, then when Ankama added the windows viewable from outside the bag everyone lost all their items priced at zero that had been previously in a blocked off room!

ah, memories!

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posté October 02, 2014, 01:00:43 | #20
add level 100+ monsters to government purchased quests By adding the 100+ level mobs to each nation by way of 24 hour government purchasable quests in each zone, You give the incentive to citizens, governments, and their allied nation to support the market to have continued access to these high level mobs. You also get to keep the zones balanced and from overpopulating with too high level mobs for the lower level beginner players, but still manage to mingle low level players with high level players.

These government purchased high level mob quests should replace the Kill all Alpha mob boss quests if at least only during the 24hrs they are purchased. (because it's just annoying and silly to spend the kama only to have that one pop up 2 or 3 times in a row.)

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