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posté December 27, 2014, 15:35:00 | #1
Beta Server I was wondering how come I couldn't go on the beta server? I see people testing out the new cras and I really wanna get on that server and test them myself.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #815369  Replies : 6  Views : 448
posté November 08, 2014, 00:01:54 | #2

Quote (BloodBrother @ 07 November 2014 23:15) *

Quote (PidgeonX @ 07 November 2014 20:54) *
Wow, this contest is really going out of hand.
Two posts with 80+ votes, while the number three is lacking in it's 20s. Funny thing; every evening after helping Rayne spread awareness of this contest in guild/friendlist. When she's finally in the lead again, the other contestant miraculously pulls more votes out of his hat. I hope he works as hard for it as Rayne, winning a fair battle in "popularity" (rather than a scary screenshot contest, sadly).

What does bug me though, is that people are complaining and writing hate, that mods had to remove(!), because of what a known popular person and long-time governor of Amakna can achieve in a popularity contest, while not a word is said about the other contestant with a rediculous ammount of votes. I don't mean anything personal to you Femto, but I don't know you; maybe you even play in Nox and are as popular there as Rayne is on Remington, but I do feel bad about the fact that my true governor is criminalized for working extensively, for both the nation and some popularity contests occasionally.

Just had to get that off my chest. Sorry for complaining.

Kind regards,

Hello Blantuise

First thing that I wanna say is that this contest and this voting system are not fair at all, for reasons already known. People with most active guild and most friends will have the most votes, or if you really wanna bother yourself you can also make a numerous fake accounts and vote for yourself as many times as you like.

Second is, you are accusing me, in a very polite manner so to speak, that I am cheating by "miraculously pulling more votes out of my hat" every time your friend gets close to me. Well, that is true, I do that, but I do not cheat my friend nor do I wanna win in that fashion. I do have a very active guild that has 130 members (not including alts outside of the guild) and a lot of good friends, that's how I got my "rediculous ammount of votes". And keep in mind that half of my guild didn't even vote yet because I don't wanna bother them. And you can think what you want really, but that's how it is.

And as for your friend...Well, I don't really know what to say on that. Maybe people don't like her that much as you think they do? Don't really know her and don't really care. And good luck mate.

Kind Regards
I believe Blantuise didn't mean to accuse you of anything. I believe he meant that both your and Rayne's amount of votes is high, yet only rayne is getting hate. I'm not saying you should be getting hate too, all I'm saying is that the hate Rayne is getting is obviously personal and has nothing to do with the contest and that's not fair.

Rayne is not breaking any rules. Sure, this might became a popularity contest but that's not against any rules as far as I know. Contests like these happen all the time and they always are popularity contests, the second Rayne decided to participate in one, people started hating? I could be wrong but it sounds like these people have a personal grudge against Rayne.

Actually, no. I couldn't be wrong. This is too obvious, it's a personal grudge against Rayne.

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posté November 03, 2014, 11:25:04 | #3

Quote (Fastest--thing @ 03 November 2014 11:07) *
Not complaining I just like to take every possible chance to take a hit at someone I dislike
i think some can agree with me we know behind that gross fake "friendly" face we have something very ugly right Rayn
Oh, my bad! Dissing someone for hating them makes it all okay! Not immature at all. Gosh what was I thinking. My bad! I apologize.

Sidenote: it would be nice if you fixed your English because I can barely understand you, and not for the obvious reason which is you being completely immature and illogical.

Thread : News  Preview message : #792663  Replies : 89  Views : 4933
posté November 03, 2014, 10:52:01 | #4
If you don't like the voting system don't hate people for using it to their advantage and complain that it's cheating because first of all, I don't see any rule making it cheating, second of all it's not Rayne's fault the voting system is how it is. That said, Rayne did ask people to vote for her but she made it clear to do so only if they wanted to.

Last but not least I just want to clear something up because you people seem to be new to Ankama games. Any voting contest Ankama makes is just a popularity contest. If you don't like that fact you can do one of two things instead of complaining:

1) Work hard to become popular.
2) Not participate in the contest, complain, and waste everyone's time.

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posté October 01, 2014, 09:22:38 | #5

Quote (Galfrid @ 01 October 2014 09:16) *
I don't doubt that it is where you are.
It is Wednesday in France. The maintenance usually happens when it's Tuesday morning in France.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #783030  Replies : 14  Views : 426
posté August 04, 2014, 19:41:44 | #6
We just recently cleaned up the guild of inactive members, so we have more space to invite people! PM Rayne, Woobot, Vula, Sisma, or Meier to join! All levels are welcome!

Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #759986  Replies : 123  Views : 11711
posté August 04, 2014, 19:30:50 | #7
I just made my panda today cause I was bored of my xelor, named it "Joan Rivers", I was surprised it wasn't taken.

Thread : Pandawa  Preview message : #759980  Replies : 121  Views : 15534
posté June 10, 2014, 18:22:27 | #8
Which set should I get? Hi. I made a feca a few days ago and I'm leeching it to about 115-ish, I was wondering what set should I get as a water/fire feca? What items should I save up for after I get my 115 set? I'd also love suggestions for an earth/fire and an earth/water feca for level 115 and after that, I'm not sure yet which build am I gonna choose.
Thanks in advance!

P.S: Basically what I'm looking for is a bunch of set options for each build.

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Thread : Feca  Preview message : #743333  Replies : 1  Views : 440
posté June 06, 2014, 15:45:35 | #9
I'm having the same problem  

Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #741955  Replies : 46  Views : 1070
posté April 17, 2014, 11:40:40 | #10
SIGNATURE IS RECRUITING AGAIN!! Yes, you heard it right! We're looking for all sorts of crazy (or as I like to call them, unique), WONDERFUL, people!!
When I say crazy, I mean it though like most of our members are hella nuts (we still love you guys though) and it gets like really crazy at the guild chat sometimes and it gets really random like the other day we were talking about toilets, we were actually very involved and very enthusiastic about the topic..Crap I got off topic (pun intended, lelelel). See what the effects of being in Signature for like 2 years are? I'm so random I don't even understand myself anymore. Buuuuut these are just the minor side effects! There are awesome, epic, positive effects of being in Signature too! Like starting to care for people, even the annoying nooblets, I used to hate them and I would never help them but Signature changed that in me! The other day I actually gave this person who was asking for Kamas some money, can you believe that? Me? The cheapest person I know.. Uhhh I'm getting off topic again!!
Point is, I'm tired of writing this post. Signature is awesome and if you wanna be one of the cool kids, JOIN US! DO IT NOW!!

*warning scrolls through the screen so quick you can't read it* Warning: People with heart conditions and/or epilipsey should not attempt to join us because we're too intense.

I'm just kidding though join us anyways yolo.

But seriously we're really intense.

P.S: PM Rayne, Blantuise, Vula, Sisma, or me, Woobot, to get an invite!

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Thread : Guilds  Preview message : #717159  Replies : 123  Views : 11711
posté April 08, 2014, 14:57:36 | #11
When high levels complain about mid-level new content

When guildies complain about "that" bug that came with the new patch

When Ankama fucks up and offers a free respec and Almokens

When that guildie you hate complains about something

When a guildie offers you to join something after browsing Tumblr for too long out of boredom

When someone asks how you got all your stuff

When someone asks to lend some money

When someone leaves your group to join someone else's

When you drop something valuable and that person regrets leaving your group

When you drop something that someone who rejected giving you something before needs



When a bug gets fixed

When you realize the bug wasn't fixed

When you start a group and drag your friends with you


Thread : Off Topic  Preview message : #713139  Replies : 298  Views : 42922
posté April 01, 2014, 15:57:23 | #12

Quote (LadyRinsun @ 01 April 2014 15:54) *
I am aware of that xD

Wanna playyyy Wakfuuu *scratches floors and walls*
Same ._.

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #709891  Replies : 15  Views : 809
posté April 01, 2014, 15:56:24 | #13
Tickets #1045997 and #1043330

Issue types: A bug/technical issue report and a suggestion.

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Thread : Technical Issues  Preview message : #709887  Replies : 521  Views : 18275
posté April 01, 2014, 15:50:44 | #14

Quote (LadyRinsun @ 01 April 2014 15:45) *
Same here, I was in the group with Woobot, Smogga, Nalii and Kehveli. All of us got kicked from the game, and only Kehvelii was able to log back in again. I can relog on my alt account, but I want to get back on my main character again ._. I have noticed this has been happening to sooo many people lately. Really hope this can be fixed as soon as possible!

-Xx Rayne c:
PS: I am Woobot.

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #709881  Replies : 15  Views : 809
posté April 01, 2014, 15:42:38 | #15
I can't log in Earlier I was doing Castuc dungeon (I think that's what the dungeon is called) and in the middle of the first room's fight I got disconnected and couldn't log back in. This also happened to some of my group members. I would love it if I could know when this bug will be fixed, thanks in advance.

Thread : Bug Archives  Preview message : #709873  Replies : 15  Views : 809
posté April 01, 2014, 09:11:00 | #16
Nice try.

Thread : News  Preview message : #709631  Replies : 47  Views : 4025
posté February 17, 2014, 13:08:58 | #17
WTB Black Crow's cloak Title says it all, my IGN is Eniwoobsa or Woobot.

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #681689  Replies : 0  Views : 83
posté December 12, 2013, 04:24:26 | #18
Which sidekick would go best with an Eniripsa? I was thinking I should get Trank since it's a tank (I think?) but I'd like to hear what you guys think first.

P.S: I'm a fire/water (mostly fire) Eniripsa.

Thread : Eniripsa  Preview message : #650803  Replies : 1  Views : 1432