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posté October 14, 2016, 05:52:10 | #1
"PVP will be one of the top priorities"

Not to tell you how to make your game enjoyable, but balancing around pvp is a nightmare leave the game to be balanced in PVE. Wakfu really hasn't ever had pvp that is : A) rewarding , fair , C) worth the time. With the adjustable lvl system things could be a lot easyer if you just made everyone scale to a set lvl. But I still think focusing on PVP is and has always been a shortcoming of wakfu.

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posté October 11, 2016, 16:35:05 | #2
It is now possible to turn a critical hit into a penalty to make it easier to manage bonuses/penalties when they accumulate.
What's this?

they mean how the value was held in game is now able to be added to debuffs that remove crit, so it is easyer to see your true crit number.

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posté October 05, 2016, 02:39:45 | #3
Fair enough, < I was meaning the October patch @Flattops>
Just want to see the new UB

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posté October 04, 2016, 02:26:51 | #4
I think its only fair if you are not giving what was promised for this patch and delaying that, that we at least get to know the release date for the next major patch, lets be real here. :3

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posté October 01, 2016, 16:24:03 | #5
Yes! I love that, I recently was think in the same vein of new dungeons to make wakfu more fun.
This was my idea:

< All random Copycats >
The mobs are randomly chosen at dungeon entry. They have a random mob family states/buffs assigned to them. Mob hp scaled to be a the dungeons lvl simular to the shushu dungeons. The boss can have its original attack patterns, but has the effect or states of a different boss.
So I envision fights where you get a random mob family like tofu's with effects of past xelor mobs. The combinations are endless and would make for some really cool and fun experiences. With epic boss fights where xelor past dial spawns for enu dungeon.

Random mobs with crazy combos of status's, every run is different, refreshing and fun! Rewards universal tolkens, drops fragments which can be converted to any kind. _________________________________________________________________

I have always loved elite ritkus and its preparation needed that wasn't purely beating mobs, and we could benefit from more freely designed dungeon content, similar to how shushu dungeons feel epic because you don't have to wade through the mobs to fight the boss.

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posté September 24, 2016, 01:25:19 | #6
Super sad that this wasnt posted way in advance. I had that time off and would have bought a ticket in a heartbeat just for ya. Bummer, sad hope it comes around again soon.

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posté September 09, 2016, 00:59:04 | #7

Quote (Seguchi-sama @ 08 September 2016 22:43) *

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 08 September 2016 20:48) *
Is it just me or every class should learn their own class emote from the very beggining in Incarnam.
Or receive one upon reaching 100, and then even more epic one at 200.
100x's yes plz reward peoples hard work!

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posté September 08, 2016, 20:01:03 | #8
So I read this and see, we don't have enough subscribers to test things for beta, invite all players. Hope that this doesn't lead to more servers closing. Otherwise I'm hyped for a new UB ( when it hits live).

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posté August 26, 2016, 00:43:48 | #9

Quote (Tiefoone @ 25 August 2016 22:17) *
Marteau de Foul Moon (Legendary lvl. 180 Hammer)
1 AP
1 Range
1 Control
189 Health Points
50 Lock
6% Critical Hit
120 Mastery 3
30 Elemental Resistance

Please for the love of god improve the stats on this, its damage is too poor to be particularly tempting to control classes. Meanwhile melee classes are starved for any endgame weapons that are well rounded like Millennium Sword is.
I'm still waiting for an upgrade from the shushu bow , the game needs some love for both  

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posté August 25, 2016, 01:29:18 | #10

Quote (Fastest--thing @ 23 August 2016 19:10) *

Click here

well the data is in the website!  

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posté August 23, 2016, 18:50:34 | #11
Moon Island UB Click here%20moon

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posté August 23, 2016, 18:41:07 | #12
Home page back drop change Is it me or did the background picture to the main hub for wakfu gain a new shadowy figure to the left ?

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posté July 30, 2016, 06:09:24 | #13
I have mix feelings

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posté July 20, 2016, 00:57:18 | #14

Quote (Flatops @ 18 July 2016 11:33) *
Hello Haven World landlords,

First of all, we would like to apologise for the short notice in auctioning off inactive Haven Worlds. For future auctions, we will make sure to provide more preparation time.

Second, a lot of you have been asking why we have decided to auction off Haven Worlds with only 1 or 2 active guild members. A Haven World is designed to be owned and used by a guild, and not by a couple of persons, as it's full potential could not be achieved.

Due to the limited number of Haven Worlds, there are some guilds with an active membership that do not own one. We would like to give these guilds a chance in owning a Haven World by hosting this auction. Hopefully the new landlords will unleash the Haven World's full potential.

Lastly, a Haven World is a hot commodity, now is a good time to discuss amongst guilds for an agreement in pooling resources such as a guild merger or sharing of Kamas and materials in order to maintain it, as now you know our requirements for it not to be sold in the future.

Thank you for reading this long post and hope that we have clarified our decision.

So like compensation for the things we lost?, Get your &*^%$ together! This is another let down after salt in the wounds. Might as well just wipe peoples accounts next and say "oops our bad, it will not happen again".

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posté July 17, 2016, 03:33:05 | #15
Icing on this cake, My haven world was cleared of all decos, structures and farming fields, yet the herbalist plants are still in it. Like really?? I hope the next guild that gets it cant harvest them XD

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posté July 16, 2016, 01:05:05 | #16
So why am I losing the Wa Castle Haven World on Nox, that I payed for ?? I am active and yet just because we have low numbers I lose it. This is just poor, like why not make more or make every guild have one. This entire announcement is toxic to old players that might not log every week but work hard none the less. Just another reason this game is struggling.

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posté July 02, 2016, 07:14:58 | #17
go solo the kanivour mob that eats you when you end in line>

all you need is the drehller spell. (or any summon for non enu's)

turn one do damage, and pouch and summon drheller. End turn not in line. pick up pouches with drheller. let drheller end in line with mob.

turn two do backstab damage to mob it spits out drheller, Let drhller end in line with the mob

rinse repeat till mob is dead, find another solo one and repeat ????profit????

I did this when it first came out and got a ton of items. its mindless and grindy but welcome to wakfu.

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posté June 16, 2016, 01:34:01 | #18
More kids on the way for our newly-weds. Otherwise I think I looks good.

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posté June 10, 2016, 21:07:55 | #19
Class emotes cant wait for feca ( we already have enu's LOOT XD)

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posté June 03, 2016, 06:59:56 | #20
All I see is small tweaks to hp and low end things like a change of 4-5 of a single stat point, this was an unnecessary dev blog. disappointing that this is how they spend their time.

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