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posté Yesterday - 16:17:15 | #1
HC Vertox isn't even a subject to be concerned about, while Robowl is. Of course many people will consider going for res instead of dmg at 175, heck, I did it myself on each toon before this change was announced, would you believe.
But still, even with this stat and runes, chars will be having 63~68% final res which is pathetic imo. Oh well, who I am to be heard and noticed.

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posté May 27, 2015, 20:20:56 | #2

- If the item you're considering runing is somewhat BiS and will last at least few months
- If you're doing top dungeons and bosses.

That's all.

I don't have any problem with runes itselves, isn't that what flax is for? Another thing that hammers became rather inaccessible, on Remi at least. :C So I'm personally using double rune per slot because hammers for 100kk are unaaaacceptableee. *in Lemongrab's voice*

Resist is good, ini is, hp is. Runing for damage maybe is the lowest priority now, since we do already have a lot. A fully runed team is obviously better than not runed. By better I mean they'd have faster and easier fights, what results if not more joy, but less irritation at least. I'd rather dump a ton of runes and kamas into my support slot and survive with 4 hp than wipe and regret ignoring runes. :р

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posté May 27, 2015, 10:10:16 | #3
That's far more satisfying. I was gonna write a huge critique post but now I'll hold up till Friday.

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posté May 26, 2015, 16:36:22 | #4
I didn't get around to test stuff thoughtfully yet, but one thing I can tell for sure - for the sole ability of pushing iops still need to perform a combo of 2 spells, which often aren't used as main ones. Which means waste of 2/11 spell slots. Can we get, like, the old 2-cell push effect on wallop?

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posté May 26, 2015, 14:54:38 | #5
Alright, thanks for clarification, Dy7.

I still think that it will be quite possible to die in one turn because your new gear makes you super weak to some elements, resist to certain element might potentially drop to 50%ish. At 170+. It either forces us to go back to all-res gear, or puts us under a big risk in every casual battle.

If you don't balance the mobs around this resist loss in our stats, I can see that happening. :c This change is causing a domino effect and kinda giving even more work to you guys.

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posté May 26, 2015, 01:10:00 | #6
Dy7, can we please hear the reasoning behind the massive resist nerf?

Currently, mobs in hc owl can potentially 1-turn a player before the healer's turn, and it's with 68~72 final resist we have now. You're taking it away from the strength stat, why? Hp compensation isn't gonna work unless you give us like 2k hp more. :'D

Also not less important that after implementation of 2-3-elemental resist on gear people started using strength stats to balance their resists, what's gonna happen to it now?

Mobs do really enjoy focusing someone weak to their element, it's gonna be a nightmare if you leave us so defenceless.

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posté May 25, 2015, 16:37:32 | #7
These new stats just seem to be conflicting with the whole deck concept. But what's more important to me is that we lose a horrific amount of resist. Endgame bosses and mobs are gonna, uh, eat us alive, softly spoken. Addition of a crappy hp bonus positively can't compensate the ~10% final resist loss.

My suggestion is either to leave this stat in peace (how it's now on live) or add resist to every new stat, e.g. CC damage + resist.

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posté May 22, 2015, 07:33:25 | #8
"Unlock more deck slots no matter what level you are! An amazing feature which will cost you only 5000 ogrines per slot!" - incoming.

We've been having this feature free for years. Do they think they can take something from us and get away with it.

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posté May 22, 2015, 06:53:31 | #9
The major complaint is about utility and ap filler spells which everyone has to use in boss fights. Allow us to use two docks at once, one with normal damage spells and one with utility spells causing 0 damage, simply let us benefit from their effects.

That'd pretty much satisfy and shut up everyone here. But as for now, we have full rights to rage, what you're gonna do to the STRATEGY game is unacceptable on the highest level possible.

Iops' combos, mostly every class' map manipulation, clock tick at Vertox, ap debuff here as well, challenge "spend even amount of ap mp", simple, uh, SUPPORT FOR YOUR TEAM YOU KNOW. RIP everything. This game is officially dead if you don't follow our demands.

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posté May 21, 2015, 16:50:21 | #10
I just hope that we can oppose it while it's not late yet, let's make Ankama change their mind.. Actually force them to gain some sanity back, because this system looks like nothing but a nightmare to me.

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posté May 21, 2015, 16:07:48 | #11
If it's really gonna be limiting our spells available in-combat, gg Ankama, you're about to lose like half of your current population. *rubs face* What about utility spells, you know, those ones we don't need for dealing damage or whatnot but, for example, push or fill the ap gap (AP debuff on Vertox)?

On my iop, I'm using 7 elemental spells as main ones and 3 more as utility. On eni, 6 main spells and 5 utility. On panda, oh boy. Should I go on or you're starting to get it?

What I enjoy is versatility and ability to pull out combos depending on the current turn, not the entire battle. If you're gonna make Wakfu a button smasher game.. I don't know. I had more faith in you. This is gonna fucking kill the game, I swear, I'm shocked so much that I can barely find any words that won't get moderated.

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posté May 21, 2015, 14:00:00 | #12
They can go back to the lower content as well after finally doing something for high levels. Or even after reaching lvl 200, who knows. The focus on nubish stuff was too hard lately, therefore the community is raising voices.

I just can't get over people being okay with 6 dungeons to grind 140-175. It's like.. Alright, I'm a chef so lemme speak accordingly. :р It's like being okay with brick bread for breakfast, mashed potatofu for supper and mamaliga for dinner, day after day, years after year for the rest of your life. Meanwhile children can eat whatever they want, all the variety in the world is theirs, but once you grow up, you're limited to those three kinds of food and nothing else. Are you really happy?

My last point is amount of time & money invested into the game at low lvl vs high lvl. It's not lvl 70's who buy all those shop items. It's not lvl 70's who log in everyday and play 3+ hours. For unknown reason nubs have been prioritized most of the time, which I don't get at all. Every nub that you ~oh so much care of~ sooner or later will end up bored and frustrated at lackluster endgame, complaining about the same things as I do now.

This game is already appealing enough, but it's a trap. It becomes an ugly skinner box at high lvl, that's what I'd say and not recommend it to anyone if Ankama doesn't change the priorities.

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posté May 21, 2015, 07:52:34 | #13
Oh my god.

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posté May 21, 2015, 07:50:28 | #14
Apparently complain about the game being too hard, geez. x'D After september update we've been crying "2 ez" and then, look, got xelorium in da face. I'm pretty much okay with both x-past versions but hc robowl is of course something "over the top". Difficulty balance is an important part too.

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posté May 21, 2015, 06:29:59 | #15
Maybe he's a loving daddy..

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posté May 21, 2015, 06:15:48 | #16
I'm not even looking forward to Heroes because I've got enough people to party with, everyone has 2-3 accs and sometimes drops them just in sake of being able to make a room for all buddies that are willing to play atm..

As it's been mentioned, low lvl content is maybe faster to develop, but it's definitely taking some time anyways. We're not happy about this time being wasted on useless content, that's it. Ankama's development time = our money, our subs. We pay, we say.

The main concern of I'm not afraid to claim everyone here is that Ankama tends to drop half done stuff and switch to something else. We didn't ask for Heroes, neither we did for other numerous "distractions". I'm extremely mad at class revamp delays, as well as lackluster high lvl dungeons, abandoned dimensions concept.. Don't leave stuff half done, please don't do it anymore.

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posté May 21, 2015, 04:17:14 | #17
There isn't such a thing as "active low lvl". If you're more or less active you'll hit 100 pretty soon, in under a month most likely. Examples? Look at Aquallia.
When I made my chars on Nox I was duoboxing alone for I think 3 months, at a quite slow and relaxed pace, doing some dungeons and quests, which got me to 90. Three months guys. It's a really short term for Wakfu.

However, you can be an "active high lvl" for months and months. It takes a brain busting amount of time and effort to get a lvl up once you're 150+. No wonder why people at this range are frustrated - because there's little to no dungeons to run. It's easy to get fed up of wa or flaxhid, if you're high lvl you've most likely done at least 50 runs of those.. And then they're adding SB and kicking us back to that old content.

What we're asking for is equality and balance. Why does Ankama think that multiplying (already abundant) under100 content is the best decision atm? Couldn't they, like, really stop and finally care for those who play for many years? There's a goddamn load of this type players and no matter if they insist on approving new lowbie dungeons because they're cute and whatnot those guys won't last any longer than visiting the dungeon once and then never coming back.

Lemme speak in images because I couldn't find any more words. >:I


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posté May 20, 2015, 06:47:08 | #18
"That's just a low lvl ub duo.. OH WAIT" that's what I thought. Neat.

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posté May 20, 2015, 02:42:21 | #19
I've got a couple 130-ish chars which level almost on their own and I must say it's easier to kill guawds than spores.. Won't even mention zwombits and lenalds.

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posté May 19, 2015, 06:42:02 | #20
Just relog a char who triggered the mark or entire team, depends on your luck. We had this twice and simple relog helped in both cases.

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