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posté October 03, 2014, 05:12:05 | #1

Quote (JuloFreeqer @ 01 September 2014 16:54) *

First thing first, i' d like to thank You for the epic guide.

I have question there is no option to state 2 MP as for today (01.09.2014). What to do?
Should i give 1 MP and 1 AP or should i skip 1 AP and go straight for Lock? I' am trying to go for "Build B".
Hi, im sorry, i have not had to play lately so i have not kept the guide up to date (Even if i wanted to keep it at it, I think it is dishonest to write a "end game" guide if i have not been keeping up to the latest content releases...).

I was still playing when the 2 MP was cut down and was testing a few different options. I was liking 1 AP 1 MP, but of course lock is still the most imporant.

Like i did state in the guide, I wrote it with maximum level (at the time) characters in mind, so I can't really say which i think is best "first".
If you decidedly want to level as a tank, trying to play as a tank in your groups, i would probably recommend MP->lock->AP just because low level items do not have much lock, so to lock enemies at all you will probably need the stated lock.

But do keep in mind leveling as a tank at all is not particularly efficient, at least until whisperers or even wabbit island (unless there were drastic changes since the srambad updates).

Quote (Paranoob @ 24 September 2014 20:56) *
Hi! What about strenght Points?


Strength points basically just convert to %earth damage and % resistance to earth (last i played, at least).

With this in mind, its contribution to your endurance is just slightly increased earth resistance, and slightly stronger earth shields.

In my gaming, i did not find the damage (and consequential shield) increase justified stacking this stat at all. I did mess around with increasing all damage stats equally (str, int, chance, etc) for a overall resistance gain, which did prove quite advantageous (specially considering that once all other stats are cheaper once you increase one of them - the same points that give you +30 str can give you +15 of all stats - to me, clearly the better choice).

Of course, stacking these resistance stats limits a possible investment to initiative, and which is best largely depends on your playstyle, the content you usually fight, and your team composition.

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posté July 29, 2014, 22:00:45 | #2
I would like to add a bit of clarification regarding tanking in a more general aspect (which was mentioned above).

Although this is admittedly my view on the subject and i am certain there are players that will disagree, I am pretty sure that any disagreement's would be result of different game-play experiences and, for at least a fraction of the game, what i am about to say is valid.

I often (here and in other threads) see people say something like "ah, make a earth feca, it is a good tank".
Firstly, i would like to clarify what i understand is meant when you state a character (feca or otherwise) is of a element: Saying that a class is "fire" or "earth" implies that they seek items that increase that element damage, and they take spells of that element. A fire Ecaflip will take fire spells to maximize his spell levels and thus base damage and fire damage percentages, and seek appropriate fire damage items. A "dual element" fire/water Enu will, similarly, take spells in those two trees and items for both those damage types.

Now, tanking requires locking creatures down and usually some for of map control to make the enemies come adjacent to you so you *can* lock them down.

Higher level items with lock frequently have no damage values, or very small damage values if compared to equivalent items of that rarity and level, in a way that it is unreliable to have a "tank" with viable damaging capability.

Because tanks will prioritize resistances and lock for his tanking functionality, I have always believed it is a contradiction to describe a tank character by any element. For higher level content a group may be concerned about having damage dealers capable of attacking with all elements within the group, to strike the enemies varied vulnerabilities. Since tanks will not be a reliable damage source for any element, it may even be misleading to say you are a "earth" feca if you are actually a tank.

And because the items give lower damage values, feca tanks often (if not always) are tri-element, to have a larger toolkit of armors for their group. High level volcano can lower a enemy resistance considerably and will likely give your group more damage then you ever could deal yourself. Many armors and glyphs can be helpful if leveled.

But because of this low damage, leveling as a tank is extremely slow unless you are grouped. Don't expect to solo dungeons and such, even if considerably higher level.

Of course, a player can level his feca as some sort of element combination (say water/earth), with damage items, and "tank' the low level monsters he fights will leveling with his group. I just wanted to clarify that once you are passing level 100, this will not work for many enemies (not enough lock to tank). Then you will be forced to chose to respec to become a actual tank, respec to become a damage dealer (earth spells have low base damage and are usually a poor DD choice), or stay as you are (which may very well not be optimal for either group role).
It is a bit of a text wall, and not all information is entirely relevant for a very new player, but i do think it is important they realize what they are getting into.

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posté July 29, 2014, 01:10:42 | #3

Quote (Trolololo4 @ 29 July 2014 01:01) *

@Yet: They really are level 100+ guides when she can barely reach level 50.

Well, leveling without a guild or much help to 100 can be done in a week. I got to 95 or so without a guild with my first character in that time. Its just a matter of not trying to solo everything, if you go to common leveling spots and ask around for groups you will find one sooner or later.

Either way, even level 100 guides can give insight in which spells you will want to level and which specialties are important. I really don't think guides need to be step by step. Just show someone where they want to get, explain how things work, and they can figure out how to get there.

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posté July 29, 2014, 00:59:00 | #4
The two feca tank guides on the guides-section are both post-revamp (they just have not been uptadted since srambad- which didn't really change the class, just equips and max levels). They will probably give you more meaningful advice then what is being thrown out here. Most of what i read on these replies was pretty bad/misinformed advice.

By the way, i am pretty sure tanker's are a kind of ship (large cargo ships such as for carrying oil). The "resistant characters" are called "tanks" in a analogy for "armor" (tank = armored vehicle).

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posté June 09, 2014, 05:26:58 | #5

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 09 June 2014 01:40) *
Make it possible to obtain all Magic Cawwot pieces, please.

... It is possible. People have all of them.

Thread : Log Book  Preview message : #742855  Replies : 237  Views : 10968
posté June 06, 2014, 19:34:21 | #6
I just cant believe that relics are getting buffed/changed but Asse still will not have lock.

Sabi, i would really appreciate if you could forward this reasoning to the design team:

The way i see it, the most valid way to compare relic strength is by assuming a character has access to *all* relics, and seeing which he would prefer to wear. This simply because we can only use one relic, so each player will pick the most advantageous for his character to seek.

The level difference between relics could be estimated by repeating this evaluation multiple times with different level restrictions in mind. A relic that is still a common choice many levels above its restriction is a strong relic, either for anyone or for a niche (a certain class, build or role). A relic that is preferred over others only until level restrictions are raised is obsolete, and a relic which is never chosen is just bad.

Thus, a character that wants exotic AP and CMC damage may pick PDB over much higher level options, a character whom minds less for AP my be inclined to get a meridia or a nettlez, One who needs a range boost may look for Solomonk or bearberian ammy, and so forth. The ring would be obsolete (as a character will gain much larger total bonuses wearing a non-relic ring + a higher level exotic AP relic, such as sprecious+vlads epas), but is still a valid relic because it is much easier to farm, requires a far lower level and more accessible to obtain.

The point i am getting to is that, if you consider unlimited access to relics, who would pick Asse? No Damage dealer will chose resistances over damage, crits and/or AP (At least for non-PvP content). Healers rely on damage and AP for their output as well, so it is very unlikely they would chose to use it either. Sure one of these may use a shield to increase resistance for occasional fights (I used to switch my dagger for a shield for magmog when my resistances were still low on my Eni), but this doesent mean we would pick the shield for our relic option! I would put on some regular shield (magmotic, troyles gg shield, whatever) and use a AP/damage relic! I cant see how any player in his right mind would chose otherwise.

If someone would say it is a great pvp relic for damage dealers (i dont even know if it would be, this paragraph is just for the sake of the argument case it would be), i would just counter-argue that pvp is not big enough a deal to merit a relic just for its own sake. Relics are a huge undertaking to obtain, i feel it is safe to say that most players, even very active and successful ones, will not have multiple relics for each character to chose from depending on the content they will face. And if they will not have multiple relics, i believe it is safe to say that they will chose to make the non-PvP option (thus not the shield), as this is the content that actually gives a player more items, character strength and long term possibility of growth.

The only class/role combination that would *consider* using Asse for their choice relic would be a tank. To me this is more then obvious!

Now, if we consider that it *is* a tank relic, why on earth would it be designed to not have a vital tanking stat? It would be like making the dream Damage dealer relic (tons of +crits, Ap, MP, whatnot) and not putting damage on it! It makes it much less attractive then it could be, possibly even less so then a non-relic item!

Now with Meridia insignia's boost a meridia + a good non-relic shield will give more health and lock and near same resistances and block as Asse + emblem. So not even tanks will prefer the shield (save if they really want it just because its the relic shield and shiny bubbles), and the shield is higher level and much harder to obtain then a meridia!

Its a contradiction! I really cannot understand the reasoning for developers not to put lock on Asse Shield. It seems like such a gross design flaw that its hard to believe its even being made. Tanks wont care about dodge or range on their shield. We want health, resistances, block and lock. And no other role is gonna farm tormentor for half a year to get this item.

I just want to finally complete the shield and be happy that my shiny bubbles actually are not a bad item choice.

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posté June 05, 2014, 20:33:14 | #7

Quote (Trolololo4 @ 05 June 2014 17:15) *
Seriously, all I see around now is fire fecas that don't even unlock water and earth spells, and don't use glyphs or armors.

Sometimes, I wonder if fecas are dumber than iops.
Celay, here is a fine example of trolling (im thinking of your previous question regarding trolling and sarcasm).

1) Posting a class specific question in general, not the subclass forum, implies he wants this to be seen by as many people as possible, not by people who would be actually interested in the subject.
2) Impolite and unrefined manners in the format of the question, even ends with a jab at two of the games classes. Clearly just wants to provoke a reaction.
3) Hard to perceive any attempt to generate a constructive discussion as he does not ask for a build, opinion or advice (probably could use some considering this account shows very little advancement in the game itself). Nor does he make a elaborate argument to show a problem. He just throws in his own superficial perceptions and comes to conclusions.

Im quite amazed moderators have not deleted this thread, or banned trololo from the forums yet for that matter.
And we really should stop feeding the troll.

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Reason for edit : english
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posté June 05, 2014, 20:24:03 | #8

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 05 June 2014 03:15) *
How good is provocation now? Or is it better to invest in something else?

I would say it now works, but it remains unreliable.

Basically, using provoke often does make monsters target you when they obviously otherwise would not, but on occasions you will use it appropriately (in moving range of a unlocked monster with only CC atacks, for example), and still see it be completely ignored.

I still think it is a design flaw for a ability to have the possibility to not grant its effect, but i do prefer this specialty for a tank feca over perfect armor (but not over tele flux).

Of course, wither it is worth investing in for you really depends on what build you are aiming for.

Thread : Feca  Preview message : #741631  Replies : 42  Views : 2768
posté June 04, 2014, 23:24:17 | #9

Quote (TrendyKid @ 04 June 2014 23:05) *
By definition it would appear that sarcasm cannot be conveyed in a written form.

yup, that was the first thing I said after posting the definitions.

Quote (Celay01 @ 04 June 2014 23:07) *
I like using a sarcastic language in real life too, and as i understood from your descriptions, i was not trolling really.

And sarcasm is something nice, mostly clever people can understand why you said exactly, and others fells to real meaning and it is funny

I hope our dear forum mod can send me what i wrote as trolling from Ankabox.

The descriptions make it somewhat clear that trolling has a lot to do with perceived intent, context and result of the remark.
Like i said on my first post, i would advise you to just stop trying to be "sarcastic" on a internet forum. It is disruptive either way.

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Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #741179  Replies : 28  Views : 1106
posté June 04, 2014, 23:00:21 | #10

Quote (Celay01 @ 04 June 2014 22:27) *
Can someone explain me what is trolling and sarcasm exactly? And can you give me one example from both?
Click here(Internet)
"In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtrl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

Click here
"Sarcasm is "a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter gibe or taunt."[1][2] Sarcasm may employ ambivalence,[3] although sarcasm is not necessarily ironic.[4] "The distinctive quality of sarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflections".[5] The sarcastic content of a statement will be dependent upon the context in which it appears."

Firstly, sarcasm is a thing in oral language, not written language. So i will assume you are referring to being Ironic (which is often present in sarcasm and does exist in written language).

To me it has a lot to do with intention. If someone says something to start a discussion and upset people for the sake of that chaos itself, its trolling. A Sarcastic/ironic remark (pretending to say something you do not believe in as a way to argue in your favor and ridicule a possible diverging opinion) would be made obvious by the context in which it is made.

For example, if i write in *my guide for feca tanks* that "(...) so obviously, due to a Feca's poor map control we are terrible tanks (...)" i will obviously be sarcastic as noone would be writing a guide for something that they believe not to be viable.

But if, on the other hand, i write "fecas are terrible, change the game omg omg ur game sucks" in general forums, im obviously just trolling. No constructive discussion will arise from something like that. Its a matter of context that allows you to discern if the goal of the poster is just to start a discussion or use irony to prove a point.

But thats just how i differ the two.
Honestly, im not a big fan of ever using sarcasm. I dont know why people often relate sarcasm to being "witty and clever". Its usually misused and just confusing to a point its quite similar to plain trolling.
If ankama is removing your posts because of trolling and you believe you are just "being sarcastic", y advice would be to simply *stop being sarcastic*.

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posté June 01, 2014, 21:09:00 | #11

Quote (Trolololo4 @ 01 June 2014 20:50) *
-You would need 334 lock to get 100 res.
-I was talking about a RESISTANCES Feca, not a TANKING Feca. Could make no sense, but helps if you're water.
-There is an actual relation between damage and resistances until the resistances get higher than the damage. There are no possible resistances against CMC damage, so why would there be a reason to talk about it. Probably you misunderstood, I meant the basic quadrielemental damages and resistances.

"-You would need 334 lock to get 100 res."
Yes. So?
"-I was talking about a RESISTANCES Feca, not a TANKING Feca. Could make no sense, but helps if you're water."
I indeed cant say i understand what you mean by this. A character that is focused in having high resistances mainly doesn't make sense. He wont lock so he wont help protect his allies. You didint say its a DD... what is the point in having a "resistance" feca in a group at all?
Tanking is a role in the game. Healing is a role in the game. And Damaging is a role. Merely "resisting" is not a traditional role, so i really have no idea what you are talking about.
I also cant see how whatever build you had in mind relates to this discussion and the importance/strength of each pet in question.
If "resistance" is your main goal, neither of those pets are necessarily as good as one that, well, actually gives resistances. Additionally, if this build is "resistance focused", why is the damage on gobbly so imporant for it? If damage is a thing, wouldent you go for tofu or maybe a clawbot?

The point i am trying to pass is that you began a pet comparison (claiming you could "prove" one is better then another) without stating in what circumstances this comparison was made and for what purpous.
"-There is an actual relation between damage and resistances until the resistances get higher than the damage. There are no possible resistances against CMC damage, so why would there be a reason to talk about it. Probably you misunderstood, I meant the basic quadrielemental damages and resistances."

Im quite certain that in fact you misunderstood me.
The CMC part was just to exemplify that for some characters/builds certain stats form items/pets are irrelevant. What i meant to argue was that saying "Xresistances + Y damage is better then W resistances + V damage" is wrong unless you describe for which specific character build and encounter. The importance of stats of a item are not absolute but relative to the situation, opponent, other items already worn and character build.

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posté June 01, 2014, 20:09:20 | #12

Quote (Trolololo4 @ 01 June 2014 17:26) *
Both pets have a valuable reason to become a Res Feca's pet, but are you sure you are making the right choice?

Everybody knows that there is a relationship between resistances and damage. For this reason, I'll show right here which pet can be more efficient.

Bow Meow

Point: Bow Meow will give 14.4 bonus resistances

(Remember the bonus 15 damage!)
Point: The Gobbly will give 7.2 resistances and 15 damage, of a total bonus of 22.2

Again, Ankama, thanks for the Pay To Win.

This entire reasoning is flawed and pointless.

1- If you already have enough lock to get max resistances from your feca passive, neither pet gives any resistance.

2- " Everybody knows that there is a relationship between resistances and damage", here you assume a direct correlation between the stats given by these pets and character power, which is just wrong. Of course resistances and damage, just like any other stat, have some "itemization value" which weighs on the itemization budget of a item when a item is created. But that doesn't mean they are equally valuable to every character. For example, a lardous BP certainly spends some of its "itemization value" on the control, CMC damage and + healing the item gives. But a water/fire Eni that choses to use it will be wasting the CMC and control, just as a water/fire feca using it will be wasting the +healing.
This is all just to express that resistances, and damage do not have the same value for a feca. A Tank will value resistances above damage, possibly to a degree in which the 14.4 resistances from bow meow are "better: then 7.2 resistances and 20 damage. Giving equal weight to these is a misconception of your comparative model.

3- Lastly, in your entire comparison you just ignore the lock's importance for its own sake. You only account for its possible resistance bonus. If the feca deciding which of these pets to use is a tank (and i would hope he is considering those are pets do scream tank), his main concern should be if he can actually lock his enemies. If the extra lock from bow meow is what makes him be able to lock the boss he is invited to a group to tank, its the better pet and there is no discussion to be had. Similarly, if he has more then enough lock for whatever enemy he is up against, neither pet is as good as one with no lock and all its budget spent elsewhere.

As for the first question in your post. Yes i am sure always making the right choice, but to do so i have 5 pets to always chose the best one for each situation. It doesn't come down to just gobbly vs bow meow.

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posté May 26, 2014, 02:31:53 | #13

Quote (dlexus009 @ 23 May 2014 19:24) *
As usual, this Enu should give the others more than 1 million kamas after this battle, but it seems this kind of trust is weak, and rules changed.

Enu's have to give the rest of the group millions of kamas whenever they get a drop since when?? Doesn't sound particularly fair to me, and i don't even have a Enu.

The other players just seemed like jerks to me.

I dont understand why you are even posting about something on the asian server here. Is there no asian forum?

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posté May 22, 2014, 22:28:52 | #14
The tanking options are a bit disappointing because they have that wasted dodge on them, and less lock then magic cawwot bp (50). I personally prefer option 4, however, as it has more block, lock and health(stats which actually matter to tank).
Still, Its like having a DD relic with less damage then a regular item. Lock is *the* stat for tanks, if you make a tank relic it should have significantly more lock then anything else in the game.

Furthermore, i strongly disagree with the policy of putting this decision to a player election in the first place.

All game roles should have relic options, not just the most popular ones.

Ideally, you should give us options for tank relics, healer relics, DD relics with varied stats to please different class priorities, and having more players in one role would just make that relic more common.

Putting it to vote will just mean whatever class most players play get another relic. More of the same. If this becomes a common practice i would expect us to see basically repeated relics again and again.

This is a matter game designers should decide on themselves taking in account which classes and roles have good relic options and which ones still need them.

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posté May 13, 2014, 13:25:51 | #15
Just to give a second opinion, i would replace skale and possibly even Lumi.

Currently your team has two healers(lumi+water eni), two damage dealers(panda+bug) and two support characters(crobax and skale). I think with that team your main problem will be having sufficient damage.

I do think Trank is a great sidekick, and a tank is important or at least helpful for a lot of content, but it might not be what most benefits you for quite a while.
At the level range you stated, i would imagine you guys would be running whisperer and blibiza dungeons. Except for hushed none of these really requires a tank.

And scale has a nice 2 AP buff, but he really is not bringing much else. The eni can already remove debuffs and the + range is not always a necessity.

All the communities dislike for Beezlebug often comes from their attitude twards sidekicks. I have only seen one person with sidekicks wearing dragonpig items and a hushed scepter. Most players give them leftovers rather then gearing them as they would a "real character", and have generally poorly equipped sidekicks.
A poorly equipped krobax still moves enemies and allies around, and thus still does "his thing". A poorly equipped beezlebug will do terrible damage, and thus look bad. This is also why beezlebug is regarded as worse then shadow. Shadow's damage passive is much more noticable and beneficial then Bugs when both have poor items because +damage is a much more visible damage increase then +crits at low levels and wearing bad items.

If you invest in giving your bug good fire items he can do very good damage, with the advantage of attacking from a very long range. My bug is wearing rather mediocre items(some magmog pieces at best), but he is level 130 and is already as strong as many players i group with.

If i could chose any 4 sidekicks to use with a fire panda and water Eni i would prolly go for Trank+shadow+bug+crobax. Shadow and bug for damage, crobax for positioning enemies into your shadow/panda's Aoe atacks and for fight mechanics, and trank for tanking.

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posté May 09, 2014, 19:09:25 | #16

Quote (dpadmore @ 08 May 2014 13:09) *

or if you know of the price of this glorious piece of equipment, drop a reply so I can offer sensible prices
I cant say i know the current market price for the set, as you said it has not been in the market often lately.

When i got mine (which was in dec/jan, before the price inflation due to the new treasures) ammy was a out 500-700kk, BP was 200-400kk and helm/shoulders around 50kk each.

I would expect anyone to charge considerably more atm, so you might need to have a couple MK lying around when you fins someone willing to sell.

Thread : Trade  Preview message : #729725  Replies : 3  Views : 135
posté May 09, 2014, 17:27:28 | #17

Quote (NillaSteph @ 07 May 2014 07:00) *
Oh, and naiiiiiii ari!

Naaaaaaaiii Sillie! *waves*

Oh, Sillie, i left you a message in the forum ankabox thingy!

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posté May 06, 2014, 22:47:41 | #18
Well, this thread is supposed to be about fecas and not specific boss strategy, so i wont get very deep into the subject.

Just to not leave the question completely unanswered:
1) A feca tank *will always be highest Belligerence*. Guaranteed. No questions asked. Doesn't matter how much your DDs can deal in damage, how much your Eni heals or how much AP they have. We can just self-teleport, self give AP, and use extra AP's worth applying-removing armor for extra belligerence. I always put myself at 200 in the first turn and no-one ever reaches me again. I actually almost killed my group by almost hitting 500 belli without noticing.

2) His CC jump attack lands 3 squares behind the target. If you occupy this space, he wont do it.

Basically, If the tank has the highest belligerence (which you have since you are a feca and fecas are awesome) and no other players are ever CC with DP (CC DDs are never a good pick anyhow in terms of tactical arrangement), all you have to do is put something (coney, a beacon, the shielder, the edge of the map, *anything*) 3 squares behind the tank and DP cannot teleport. Ever.

You don't need a sac or a panda to control this (im not even sure if they can). And even if you mess up, if its on a turn DP is not bound-immune your feca should keep him in place anyhow with stabi-aura.

Now, please keep the thread related to Feca builds!

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posté May 06, 2014, 19:42:46 | #19

Quote (Noxopox @ 06 May 2014 18:52) *
i rly like ur guide and wounderfull details!

so u need a sacri in the group to stop the dp porting?
Thank you!

Not sure i understand the motivation of your question though.
I am sure there are many ways of doing DP, but my current group has no Sac.
Are you thinking of the belligerance teleport?

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posté May 05, 2014, 06:03:44 | #20
Ah i was editing some parts i thought were not good and you already replied xD.

I forgot about the shields too.

Its pretty similar!

The abilities and spells that give shields list the shield base damage they give.
It is just like calculating healing: Do the same as calculating spell damage, but do not subtract resistances.

For example, a earth spell that gives 20 base shield or 30 base shield when critical, will give Bse + Base*YourEarthSpellDamage in shields. Thus if a player has 300% earth damage, this spell would give 20 + 20*3 = 80 shield if normal, or 30+30*3= 120 shield if critical.

By the way, i think JerryDB made a damage calculator to test out damages and stuff, linked in the guides forums!
I haven't used it yet, but when i feel like testing different build possibilities i would surely prefer to use a tool to do it all for me then have to calculate everything by myself :3

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