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posté July 19, 2014, 11:17:27 | #1
Played since open beta. Currently on a month break due to vacation but will return in a week.


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posté July 04, 2014, 22:23:01 | #2
To tavish degroot: I believe Rosy won that time and she was not a very liked governor. May actually have stopped played right after her term or even before it ended. I'm not sure what will happen but it is possible that if fleur moved his cp just by one point he may get rejected as governor and kicked out thus putting brakmar under the rule of vg or no governor and no nation bonuses.


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posté June 29, 2014, 01:25:05 | #3
I am more for Alpha's post because it holds a lot of truth. I will also add to Alpha's post regarding the introduction of the nations and how they are different.

There are four elements and they're are four nations. Can you see where I am getting at?

Alpha has mentioned that one nation has the most bonus percentage of one element (30%) and the less of another (5%).
Here are the list of bonuses each nation will give regarding the elements.

Amakna: 30% earth, 15% fire, 15% water, 5% air.
Bonta: 30% air, 15% earth, 15% water, 5% fire
Brakmar: 30% fire, 15% earth, 15% air, 5% water
Sufokia: 30% water, 15% fire, 15% air, 5% earth.

These nations also give 5% crafting bonus in a certain GATHERING profession:
Amakna: Farmer
Bonta: Lumberjack
Brakmar: Miner
Sufokia: Fisherman

I wish you luck in choosing the right nation for you. Has overlord has stated you may change your nation every 30 days for 25,000 kamas.
Although I may not be able to prevent nation pride from happening in this thread I strongly encourage for a more neutral post and to help the user decide himself which nation is best for him. Although i do love Amakna to death, I do not enjoy pushing others to make decisions for them because I believe no matter which nation we are in we can all help each other no matter what our passport of nation says. Amaknians don't have to only help amaknians. ^^ of course if you are a role player then everything I say will go out the window and you can forget I exist! Hehe!
Patriot of Amakna, Just some tree hugging peace loving passerby trying to help.

PS if I got the elements wrong in each nation please feel free to fix it for me (to anyone who knows if I am right or wrong ;o 

Quote (Zabungo @ 28 June 2014 00:27) *

Is there any information you all could share about the nation governments, or types of people that govern there to help me choose?

About nation governments: anyone can run the nation via elections and people will vote for the best candidate they believe to be governor. The governor will take over the nation deciding what s/he will do regarding to the bonuses, alliance with other nations, what citizens of that particular nation is able to do via laws, etc. There are many types of governors. To note some common ones:
  • Governors who are eco friendly and want to fix the bonuses nearly 24/7
  • Governors who run for the hat.
  • Governors who want to declare war on more than one nation due to some unknown unless spoke personal hate towards that nation.
  • Governors who want the conquerable island of 13 dodge and 10 prospecting
  • Governors who are bored.
  • Governors who think they best suit the situation or role.
Etcetera etcetera.

Who runs for these nations?
I will not list out the names of current governors (due to my away from home and it is currently 1:34 in Sweden) but you will find these names in the Community Politics page. Simply choose Nox and one of the nations.

However recent governors of the nations areif I miss your name I'm sorry)
Amakna: Just My Luck, Lil-kiwii, Skai, Nali's Wrath
Bonta: Wolfie, Sacrid's Rogue
Brakmar: Hatespawn, Angry Mini, Kalliste, Madd the Lost Soul, Death (you may not see most of these names running for governor in the near future but who knows. They may come back again. NOTE: Brakmarians, please do not raise your who should be governor and who should not because this is not the thread for it. This goes for people in other nations as well.)
Sufokia: Varuru, Baron Izzy Calamari, Nur

I personally may plan to rerun for Governor of Amakna again because it's one of my passions but we'll see about that


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posté June 26, 2014, 20:30:32 | #4
I'd like to see the finished product as well. I thought my computer was being slow for loading the picture and then I realized it had loaded and the angle of the screen made it seem nearly transparent.

So cute~!


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posté June 24, 2014, 07:56:01 | #5
I'll try to catch you then! I have everything, I just need the pooplar wood. ^^
Expect a PM from Reine.


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posté June 24, 2014, 03:23:45 | #6
Just need 2 more stone guards. I'll try to PM you in game.
Do you have any other alts I can try to add in case you are not on Vampiric?

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posté June 23, 2014, 22:44:52 | #7
I actually have seen these threads one time and I have reported two to the mods. A minute later they went POOF!
^^ I'm glad that moderators are keeping spam away from our threads.


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posté June 23, 2014, 22:34:13 | #8

Quote (Ayakumi @ 23 June 2014 19:00) *
Hello, Forever's End. I am an ex-beta player seeking to restart Wakfu after about two years of absence. I am currently looking for an experienced and mature guild to join. If you are still open for recruiting, please tell me a bit more about your guild. I am interested in the following info:

1. Age demography among GMs and high-ranking officers (under 16? 16-20? or 20+ yrs of age?)

2. Current guild size. How many active members?

3. From a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being ultra lax with no restrictions whatsoever to 5 being ultra hardcore and strict that demands at least several hours from each member daily), how would you rate your guild?

4. Are there any high level (100+) srams in your guild? If so, in which element(s) do they specialize?

5. Since beta, the game has undergone significant change. If applicable, are any of the srams in #4 willing to be a 'mentor' for highly motivated recruits?

6. (Optional) In a sentence or two, how would you describe the central focus of your guild? i.e. What is your overall goal?

Forgive if I seem rude (my intention is not for ill will), but this is the Illuminati Recruitment Thread. Are you asking these questions to us or Forever's End?

  1. Most of our members are at college level and older so around 10-28 age with some minors.
  2. We currently have around 130+ members but most of them are alts. We are a small guild with around 7-10 people (not including alts) on a busy day.
  3. I would rank my guild as a 2. I will not except much from you as long as you are active and you behave by not causing drama.
  4. We do not have a lot of high level srams, however we have members who have been playing since launch and have seen class changes. If you need help then I'm sure we will be able to answer your questions.
  5. We have srams but not a lot. I'm sure we'll be able to tell you how the Sram class works if you need any help. The answer to question 5 will be yes.
  6. We're here to have fun and grow together as one big family.
Guild Mistress of Illuminati

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posté June 22, 2014, 21:41:20 | #9
Currently the only tokens available are UB tokens. You get these tokens by defeating an Ultimate Boss (Excarnus, Moowolf, Black crow, Magmog, and Dragon Pig). If you get 6 UB tokens of one kind you will be able to trade those 6 for a gear relating to the UB (Excarnus Set, Milkar Set, White Crow set, Magmog Set, and Dragon Pig set)

What I assume you were researching about are Bronze Tokens. These are general Trool Fair currency used to access to games and play them. These heavently Tokens are no longer available to pbtain in the game. You can obtain them with a code but i don't remember what it is. Some token machines still require Bronze tokens, a mistake on Ankama's part and not a priority of fixing.

There were also Dugeon tokens. These tokens are obtained via completing a dungeon (killing the boss and winning) you will use these tokens in a Gambling Joint in the first bridge you will meet. These tokens will grant you the lowest level set related to that dungeon. (ie. Gobball Tokens will give you the Gobball Set and Royal Gobball but not Imperial Gobball) Unfortunately these tokens were removed as well during the Token Revamp.

tl;dr: Game still have UB tokens, Bronze and Dungeon tokens are removed from the game.


Excarnus Tokens are used in Lord's Pastures (Wild Estate)
Moowolf Tokens are used in Sadida Kingdom
Black Crow Tokens are used in Land of Kelba
Magmog Tokens are used in Sidimote Moors (Brakmar)
Dragon Pig Tokens are used in Thicket of Yurbut (Bonta)

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posté June 22, 2014, 20:25:48 | #10
Progress update: I have:
  • 38 sapphire stones (plus one extra)
  • 54 whispering crackly hearts
  • 45 ancestral handles (in wood not converted to handles)
  • 11 stone guards

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posté June 22, 2014, 09:38:06 | #11
Pandawa ninjas can now feel like ninjas in the recent June patch! Thanks Ankama!


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posté June 22, 2014, 06:07:54 | #12
Assuming you are making the ShuShu Slicer, I'm more than happy to craft it for you as well
No extra charge

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posté June 22, 2014, 03:52:04 | #13
So many things happening tomorrow I hope I will be able to make it to see what's up.

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posté June 22, 2014, 03:36:29 | #14

Quote (Malevolences @ 22 June 2014 03:00) *
There is no deadline. As soon as possible I suppose.

As for the price, I'll be honest, I have no idea how much they go for. Something in the range of 20 000 to 25 000 Kamas?
I can do it as soon as possible because I'll be on a month break starting the upcoming Thursday.
I have all the wood for ancestral Handles, all I need to do is put them on my alt to craft them.
All other items should take me a day to collect considering no disturbances.

I too have no idea on the pricing but I will accept the amount that you are most comfortable with ^^


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posté June 22, 2014, 00:26:52 | #15
Do you have a deadline?
How much if I get you all these items?


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posté June 21, 2014, 20:03:19 | #16

Quote (wildlittlewolf @ 20 June 2014 16:44) *

Quote (mel-mel @ 20 June 2014 16:35) *
Oh no! I hope I didn't make mine overlap with your's... in that case I am very sorry. As for the maps and lack of dragoturkeys/zaaps, I thought disabling everything would be a good idea... but maybe not haha.
You posted on forums first, you win!

But really, yours is for Amakna-only (I assume), and mine is Bonta-only, so it shouldn't matter if they overlap coz there's no dual citizenship in Wakfu. At least not that I'm aware of.

And tbh I didn't even know disabling was a thing, I just assumed that screenshot was taken from a nubly and/or lazy character!
Kiwii says it's open to anyone who is not an outlaw of any form. Currently only Bontans and Sufokians may join in with Amaknians.

I would come and participate but I'm going shoping with my family tomorrow. I'm sorry Kiwii dear.


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posté June 19, 2014, 01:57:33 | #17
I totally know your pain Davros. I'm just as frustrated with this quest as you are. I don't even know WHY there would be a quest that absolutely favors a class more than others. The fact that you can't use WP is idiotic, the fact that you HAVE to hit him from across the room (Hey I'm a cra but i can't ht THAT far because there are CAWWOTS surrounding me and I have to spend all my AP trying to cut them out with a weapon). People say "You need an Earth Enu to complete this quest because they can drheller up, Kill the cawwot, and run across the room".

ALL quests should be equal for all members of the game.

I'm happy you got your wobot toy Davros.

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posté June 18, 2014, 20:40:15 | #18
-throws streamers at Alpha-
Go Alpha Peacock!

Skype code: (party)


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posté June 17, 2014, 08:15:51 | #19
I would sell my 2 Bum Sacks, Asthis, if I knew who borrowed them... -,-

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posté June 16, 2014, 04:58:35 | #20
Supreme Magmog Bleeder Title Character name: Hawki, Zylora, The Fifth Hokage, Night, Yozoh
Date and time: June 14, 2014
Map: Magmog, Sidimote Moors, Brakmar
Server: Nox

Bug description: Unable to receive the "Supreme Magmog Bleeder" Title after clearly fulfilling all conditions to receive the title. We have killed 3 Gobballrogs, used 5 different classes, and killed Magmog multiple times. All these conditions are supposed to give us the Supreme Magmog Bleeder title, but no achievement has been finished.
Reproducibility process: Defeat Magmog, 6 times, Defeat Magmog with 3 Gobballrogs before it and 5 different classes (2 enis acceptable). No title is achieved. Only the 3 Gobballrogs Task remains incomplete.

Other note: I cannot find the link to send a ticket. I have the file ready to send a ticket.
^Found it!! XD

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