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Your writing is certainly something I can appreciate. It has details that allows the reader to create a picture. I've read a lot of fanfics and yours is definitely in the good files.

I'll certainly take my time to read all these for fun


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I have a question of Ryf. I've been asked the question "Will there ever be an eliatrope class" as well and I do understand Yugo being the only Eliatrope in the world of twelve in the game. However I'm curious about Pandora who was introduced to the story via the God Dimension storyline. Although I do anticipate the storyline as they are released, I was wondering if there is any information about what she is and how she came to be in the World of Twelve that you can release to us now.


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posté September 29, 2014, 07:47:08 | #3
If I remember correctly, the color of the smoke is red (or orange) for the element of fire.
In Whisper Island there is a lengthy questline that includes running the four dungeons once.

As you run these 4 dungeons you will automatically learn an emote of your character playing a horn. The horn tune has a certain color.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but I believe the color whisper emotes are as follows:
Dungeon Level 95 - Whisper Crisper - Whisper of Water (Blue)
Dungeon Level 100 - The Crackapult - Whisper of Fire (Red/Orange)
Dungeon Level 105 - The Rock - Whisper of Air (Purple)
Dungeon Level 110 - The Hush Quarters - The Whisper of Earth (Green)

The purpose of these whispers are used in the questline.
A Side Quest is to go around the island (and Singing Fields) and use the emotes to go "underground" and read a stone. If you get to these 8 locations then you will receive a title "Hoarse Whisperer" or something like that.

The Singing Fields location requires the Firewhisp emote and it will tell you the story of how the Whisper mobs had once lived in Singing Fields and was forced to move to Whisper Island due to the Human settlement in Amakna.

I hope this helps! ^^

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The Skai is Flying Sorry weird title, bad guild leader habit y'know?

Anyways since people don't really come here I'll just state what's going on with myself.
I've come across a situation I probably should have done a long time ago. This has forced me to resign from the Guild Leader of Illuminati. I have chosen a new successor and I hope they will lead Illuminati to a golden age. I am not sure when I will be back. Maybe I will log on to do some almanax and feed my lovely pets.

It's been a great and oddly painful experience (tee hee) being the Guild Leader for over a year. I've come across numerous joyful situatuons that reminded me how much I love Illuminati. I've come across mental breaking emotions that I may not have survived if it weren't for the help of my rights and left hands: Zylora/Strafe, Faded, Bee, and Hawki. The memories I hold of you will be cherished and YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME for a chat.

Illuminati it's a great honor to be with you and I hope to see you soon again my lovelies.
I'm sorry I have forced myself in this situation.

Former Guild Leader of Illuminati, Nox Server
Holder of the Longest Guild Leader term in the guild (even though she was forced DX)
Self-forcing Motherly Figure of Illuminati

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Quote (eladaan123 @ 25 September 2014 17:18) *
So i was just killing chaos pirates in calamar island and i somehow got outlaw status. How do i remove my outlaw status?
Someone already killed me and i thought that would clear it but it didnt. I dont want to have that white blinking outlaw icon above my head and its always blinking, kinda annoying. Thanks!

If this is not solved yet then go to each nation and find out which nation you are an outlaw to.
Next: find someone of the nation you are outlawed to and ask them to kill you WITH THEIR WINGS ON (well they can only kill you with their wings on anyways lol).
You must not give up the fight, they have to kill you down to 0 HP.
You will return to your nation and should have no more outlaw status.

Good Luck

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Quote (AngryHobo @ 24 September 2014 15:48) *
Hello everyone,
I am having a blast coming back to wakfu and exploring the world all over again while watching the animated series at the same time. When i first played wakfu in beta me and some freinds made a small guild "Bow Meow Masters" just for our group of friends and any online friends who wanted in.
Now we all started back up and rekindled the guild. We are still small and low level (for now) but i just wanted to ask how i am able to get guild uniforms unlocked for everyone? Is there a certain level the guild needs to get to or do i need to go buy it from somewhere? Maybe both? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello guild leader of Illuminati here to help

First I would advise you to level the guild to the appropriate levels. There are 4 uniform to unlock and one standard uniform.

The location to buy these uniform are in the Guild Bank rooms in the Outpost or the Guild Hall of your Haven world.

To unlock these costumes to the guild the guild members must earn Guild Points (GP)

To earn these GP you must do:
  • Win a fight while grouped with a Guildmate (2 GP)
  • Complete the achievement Kill 10 Monsters (35 levels from your current character level) (10 GP)
  • Complete the achievement Craft 10 Items (15 or 10 levels from your current profession level) (15 GP)
  • Complete the achievement Complete a Dungeon (Boss must be 50 levels from your current character level (20 GP)

To activate these quests open the Guild Window pressing the hot key G and go to the first tab.

The first standard guild uniform is completely free, however the others began to cost kamas once they are unlocked.

Good Luck!
Skai, Guild Mistress of Illuminati

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Thanks feldepard! ^^

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Quote (Chompers @ 24 September 2014 08:19) *
Now go level the crafting skills... they look so sad.
Give me ten years XD

Quote (deandip @ 24 September 2014 08:14) *
Congratz! Remember to take it off in dungeons. I keep forgetting.
Oh yeah totally lol XD

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A Harvester's Thank You Post Note: This is a simple blog of achievement and should probably be ignored to those who hate blogs like these.

I finally got my Seal of Companionship! ^^
I'd like to thank the people who have supported me through out the years of wakfu starting with my old friends: Sylvannis and Elspethe and Dresden (Even though the may never see this unless I literally show it to them) These three have started wakfu with me and gave me orders to fulfill so I could complete their professions thus beginning my passion as a harvester.

Then comes Illuminati whom I've filled many orders for free because what I gain most is experience and progress to this ring.

And to my favorite person, Strafe/Zylora, we began to compete with each other and I thoguht you were a better harvester than I was but then you focused on leveling alts and I siezes the opportunity to surpass you! Muahahaha! ^^ I'll work on your farmer

To Ova of Dathura, We made a deal that we would trade professions: My herbalist for your miner because I was the crazy one to love miner to you. I only regret I was unable to finish the job due to complications. You still finished my herbalist in a matter of days and that still means I alot to me even though you didn't have to.

To Kahlua/Boogies/Booger/the thing in your nose that you want to get rid of:
Thanks for accompanying me while I was in Kelba fishing! I bet you had a great time spamming encouragement at me even though I could only hear the first second of your cheer. Should have done it on the enu I think...

To Snausages, I believe you where the one who shouted encouragements on the forums when I announced one of my completed harvesting professions. I think you were the one who told me to hurry up and finish

And to everyone else whom I helped gather materials for. Although there are a number of us, I'm totally up for helping someone gather materials and now I can do it in a shorter time thanks to this sweet ring

Crazy Harvesting Cra of Nox

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posté September 22, 2014, 22:15:48 | #10
I would at least appreciate it if Ankama gave us the option to continue buying Ogrines with credit card for those who can still pay with our cards. Now the only options non-steamers can use is PayPal or some thing called a Bank Transfer.
Sabi, will there be any sign of the return of the credit card option?

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If you are an ecaflip or cra then don't stat it. Although this is one of the important passives so bad option.

If you are not an ecaflip or cra or you want it for the class passives then turn off sound via:
Game menu
Turn off game interface sound.

If you want to keep game interface sounds on then lower your sound volume. Game and/or computer speakers.

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Is the haven world on auction?


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posté September 22, 2014, 11:16:37 | #13
You say you are transferring your account from amara to Remington. I believe that is your problem here. If you played sram in amara and transferred to Remington then you won't be seeing your sram on Remington unless you make another sram.

If what i am getting from your latest post is wrong then I recommend that you report a ticket to the support team.

Good luck!

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posté September 22, 2014, 10:57:52 | #14

Quote (deandip @ 22 September 2014 10:52) *

Quote (KHfan22 @ 22 September 2014 09:49) *
This dungeon still exists. You can find them by going through the mines of each nation with the word "Grotto" (In brakmar's case it's "Groatto")

Here are the territories:
Amakna - Fertile Prairie
Bonta - Cania Plains
Brakmar - Sidimote Moors
Sufokia - Terrana Dunes
Brakmar's is in Mourning Wood

Haven Worlds can also choose to purchase this dungeon.
My apologies to the brakmar nation. I will fix it.

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This dungeon still exists. You can find them by going through the mines of each nation with the word "Grotto" (In brakmar's case it's "Groatto")

Here are the territories:
Amakna - Fertile Prairie
Bonta - Cania Plains
Brakmar - Mourning WoodSufokia - Terrana Dunes

These mines have a primary level where there is a staircase leading downwards (a portal)
Follow the cleared (? if the nation has cleared out the pathways with bombs) pathways down 4 levels. Good luck! I think you might want to use the Fire of Love if you have it or some kind of lantern and when you run hold your mouse and navigate through the maze
(HINT: on the 4th level there is a zaap if you run straight and turn right) It's nice to have )
After getting the zaap turn back to the entrance of the 4th level and head straight down until you come to a pair of stairs down to a 5th level. The 5th level is where the entrance of the dungeon is. It is also a free pass to another nation if you look around.

If you are in Nox I'll be happy to guide you through the mines. I have the portal locations committed to memory.


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posté September 19, 2014, 20:12:54 | #16
Talk to astrub knight first

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posté September 19, 2014, 20:01:49 | #17
Not being able to click on the Dungeon Dragoturkey because everyone in your group is crowding around it so it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to travel to the dungeon, forcing you to go on foot/mount instead.
"Um... Guys? Can you like move a bit? or go into the dungeon? ^^;"

As a cra being sandwiched between a Black Tiwabbit and a Black Wowabbit and dodging. Moving to the side of the Black Wo Wabbit with 12 AP left and I cannot dodge again. So I resort to 3 Rogmourne Slashes. Black Wo Wabbit blocked the last one with 45 HP left -,- fml


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Quote (Fadedscourge @ 19 September 2014 02:08) *

Quote (KHfan22 @ 19 September 2014 00:55) *
This is PvP life.

Answer to the whole thread was given by someone that doesn't even PvP.

Wakfu as an enitity enforces PvP.
Stop the bitching.

"Younolikepvp whyplaywakfu?"

Just sayin'
I'll have you know that yes I don't give a damn about PvP but when I have to do it I will do it.
No one is saying they hate PvP. The OP is complaining that he got ambushed by the Amaknian/Riktus's friend who joined his side of the fight and PKed him.

No one likes people who aggros people who are trying to level.
If you're asking me that question then I play wakfu because I want to run the dungeons. Might as well try to tell all the PvE guilds to stay away from Wakfu if you think Wakfu is all about PvP.


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Quote (Batmanoman @ 18 September 2014 11:54) *
I atacked a player, he is Amaknian or Riktus I dont really see the fifference between them but it doesnt matter .
He were lvling with his Bontarian friend who joined to my side, killed me and then he had let his friend kill him so I ve lost lot of merits -,-

Why is lock the fight button bugged and why there is no way to kick people from the fight, just like it is in dofus ?
What an insult and I'm not even playing in Remington.
Welcome to the unfair life of PKing people. Maybe you should make sure that you have automatic lock on in Options menu before attacking someone. I think in this scenario you would have lost anyways since the Amaknian/Riktus's friend would have joined on his friend's side to kill you.

Someone PKed me last night expecting to kill me and only me
Big surprise my guildmates/friends joined me in fight forcing their pvp wings on and we two turned him.
This is PvP life.


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