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posté April 18, 2015, 22:59:12 | #1
-walks around with a cane-
What? Speak louder! I'm ancient!

Greetings from veteran player =3

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posté April 18, 2015, 22:57:51 | #2

Does crafting/harvesting make you calm and/or zen?

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posté April 18, 2015, 21:27:02 | #3
So far the majority of the riktus that come to amakna that I have spoken to lie about visiting and destroy our ecosystems. Not exactly ally material in my opinion.
I ask them kindly to not plant so many cracklers and collect seeds only if they want to level trapper. They say "okay" and they continue to overflow the crackler population. I don't do well with people who destroys ecosystems and lie about stopping.

Skai, Amaknian citizen

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posté April 18, 2015, 03:44:41 | #4
I use a Surface Pro 2 as well and the game works fine.
Just download the game regularly on the computer. Use a wireless mouse and keyboard and hook it up to the tablet.
If you are not using the mouse go to Game Options > Game > Interact with left click. With this option checked you have to hold your finger on the screen and eventually the interaction options of a resource, person, etc. will show up.

Although it's a lot easier with a mouse and keyboard, without a mouse and maybe a keyboard, if your tablet comes with a onscreen keyboard but that doesn't really work nicely, you can still play.


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posté April 15, 2015, 08:18:37 | #5
New Tailor Items Is there anyone willing to post the complete stats of these lovely items?

I heard about these from Faded and the Encyclopedia has yet to give stats to the hats.


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posté April 14, 2015, 05:57:51 | #6
I believe Madd means that, until you get to end game where you can actually defend yourself and fight, you won't see much difference. Content wise the nations are the same with different dungeons and monsters. but when you get to the 150s or 160 or 170s you may find yourself PvPing. This is where a portion of nations come in. You turn on your PvP flag and wings and those who are of enemy nation will attack you for merit. If you keep them off then PvPers will mostly ignore you.

Nations are only different in who they are allied with and who they are enemy with and some people don't like certain nations (or all of them but their own...-cough- stupid patriotism -cough-)

Quote (Aquallia @ 14 April 2015 01:28) *
Really? What even are the differences? I assume that I can get some spoilers for this.

Though, I'm more concerned with the resource management of the nations.
Amakna is about food and baking and farmland. That is where the nation shines. Its special monsters are: Scarecroolates, Field Plants, Puddlies, Cracklers, and Toads (Last four have their own dungeon). The nation citizens will receive 5% farming experience if they have 10+ CP.

Bonta is the land of the trees. In lore they are own for law and order. It's special monsters are: Moogrrs, Prespics, Bliblis, Whirlygigs, Moskitos and Mushd. (Moogrrs and the last 2 have their own dungeons) The nation citizens will receive 5% Lumberjack experience if they have 10+ CP.

Brakmar is mining nation and known in lore for villians. Its special monsters are Chafers, Scaraflies, Striches, and Stalagmotes (dunno if i spelled it correctly) (first three have their own dungeon) The nation citizens will receive 5% mining experience if they have 10+ CP.

Sufokia is the fishing nation. Its special monsters are Snappers, Crabs or surimis, Albatross, Kokokos, and Sharks. All but Albatross has their own dungeon. The nation citizens will receive 5% fisherman experience if they have 10+ CP.

I don't remember if the bonuses start at 10 or 100 CP.

Bonta and Amakna share Treechnids

Brakmar and Sufokia share Kraloves and Mollusks.

Threechnids and Mollusks have the same dungeon but they are not linked together. So there is Amakna's Teechnid Dungeon and Bonta's Treechnid dungeon, Brakmar's Mollusk dungeon, and Sufokia's Mollusk dungeon.

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posté April 03, 2015, 20:52:08 | #7
I think the next dimension will be Sadida Dimension. While exploring Beta I accidentally stumbled into the Sadida Dimension.I don't remember how, but it's just a guess.


Quote (-Celio- @ 03 April 2015 16:55) *
next update? probably the Ghoul island (don't know english name) since they find new archivements for that island.
Ghoul Island is Forfut ^^

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posté March 19, 2015, 06:49:28 | #8
Wow! I like this!
Thank you for your contribution to the community, Trent!
It's nice to see people adding some spice ^^


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posté March 02, 2015, 23:27:40 | #9
So that's how the amaknian symbol looks like when the flag is up!
it's beautiful ;o;

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posté February 21, 2015, 21:41:52 | #10
Which Harvesting Tools Are Left in the Drop Table? I heard that there are some +% harvesting tools that are removed from the game, like the Gold Digger's Pick.

I know that to gain harvesting tools you need to drop them from the scythe monster in the bridge or tombola stones in the bridge/low level territory after the gobball starter area.

Can anyone confirm which harvesting tools are still droppable in the game?

The list of items I'm talking about are:
Fishing Rod
Broocefore Scythe
Golddigger's Pick

I have the Scythe and Pick but I'm looking for the others in hopes they increase harvesting numbers.


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posté February 21, 2015, 06:01:17 | #11
Compensation would be nice, I'm with skatorcodyme.


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posté February 19, 2015, 06:46:13 | #12

Quote (LouCypher @ 18 February 2015 22:29) *

Quote (KHfan22 @ 18 February 2015 22:23) *
Question: Is the Devious Googoo Costume the one with a single feather? o.O
No it's the Native American headdress one.
thank you Lou for clarifying that in case someone is not aware of the name of the costume. I should have been more clear with my question and for that I apologize Your fast response is greatly appreciated.

Quote (LouCypher @ 19 February 2015 05:43) *

Quote (MiniMikeh @ 19 February 2015 05:33) *
They never edited their question that you answered though so that argument is invalid

Do yourself a favor and stop getting offended when you're wrong and admit to it
I was wrong in that KH was apparently asking about the insignia having a single feather but I'm talking about the same costume and you know it.

I'm not offended that I was wrong, I'm offended that you have some sort of vendetta against me and seem to get off on trying to belittle people. You even said you went out of your way to "prove me wrong" and you know I'm talking about the same costume Mikeh. I don't know what it is that is so bad about your life but I'm truly sorry for whatever it is you're going through.

Although Lou was wrong about what I was asking specifically, it is my fault that I was not clear enough about the question and for that I apologize.
Like I said Lou's answer is greatly appreciated in the case that someone has heard of it but does not know what it looks like.
Hack's answer is greatly appreciated in the case that someone knows the costume look and name but not the item look in inventory.

Either way your answers and responses are correct and equally appreciated

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Reason for edit : spelling
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posté February 18, 2015, 22:23:25 | #13
Question: Is the Devious Googoo Costume the one with a single feather? o.O

Nevermind I found it on Wakfu-Elements here

Just bought two boxes to get it -bounces off the walls- YEEEEEEEEE!


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posté February 15, 2015, 05:51:08 | #14
Declaring war could be for many different reasons. Possible the Governor likes war and doesn't want to ally with anyone, one governor may not like the allied governor so he declares war. It's just hate reasons or just another plain reason. it depends on the person.

By protecting resources, you make it clear that this resource should not be destroyed under any circumstances. If the citizen of the nation or citizen of the allied nation destroys that resource he will lose CP as punishment.

Tax money is that the nation itself earns when people put items on the market. If the tax is at 10% and the person puts an item on the Ankama Outpost Market Board for 100 kamas for 72 hours (100% of tax) then he will have to pay 10 kamas for tax. That tax money goes to the nation bank. That money will then be used (if used at all) on protecting resources, opening new challenges in a territory, and/or changing the weather.

To maintain the ecosystem when you go to an territory besides the trade bridges, you will see the Clan Member on the top left corner. His frame will be either Red, White, or Green. Green means the clan member is satisfied and does the ecosystem there needs no maintenance. If it's white or red then something is wrong. People will help to try and maintain the ecosystem by planting trees if there are too few or killing monsters if they have bred too much. It is important to know the trick to maintaining an ecosystem as well, if you give me an ankabox message for further details if you want to learn it.

These are the positions of Government: Governor (elected), Vice Governor, Head Guard, Army General, Treasurer, Weather Engineer, Challenger, Ecologist. All 7 positions are cabinet members of the Governor and are all assigned. If you trust the person you press N, expand the Government portion of the page and then type in the In Game Name of the player you want to assign the position. In my experience, I personally interview people who are interested in the position to make sure they do not want the hat. If they pass the interview I will allow them in my cabinet. If they don't do anything then I will kick them out of government.

Yes promises of what you will do, and don't make promises you can't or will not keep or else people will start hating you, but in government there will always be someone who doesn't like you... it depends on how you deal with the hate towards you.

To be honest the thought of someone planting ash trees in Holey forest makes my heart die inside. T.T but I have strict expectations on how the ecosystem should look like in Amakna. -hides-


A good way to be a good government member would be to actually start small. Go for a lesser position and then learn what you can about the best for the nation in your server.

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posté February 14, 2015, 22:21:54 | #15
Hello HighKing77!

First of all I applaud you for stepping up to participate in Politics!
A few things for clarification: Election does not last 10 days, that is way too long for election period.
A full term in 14 days or Two weeks. A few days around 2-3 days before the 14th day will the elections begin to select a new governor.
As to what Dictates if people will vote for you, Level 39 may be a bit low, however I think with a great heart you can get elected if you show how much you want to help the nation. What really dictates how you get votes is kind of popularity, as much as I don't like to admit it. If you are known to be a good leader in governorship then you will get elected. Sometimes you won't but the elected governor will allow you to join as their cabinet members. It depends on the elected governor.

What does the Governor do?
The governor is in control of many aspects of the Nation. Governor can Declare war, Fix the Weather, Set protections on resources, Control the Tax money, Turn on certain Challenges in a given territory. Most of the time the governor and his/her government will be trying to fix the ecosystem to maintain nation bonuses if the Government is passionate about it. Most citizens expect the government to maintain the ecosystem.

Yes! The governor does influence other nations in terms of alliances. If the Governor declares war on Brakmar then those two nations will go at war and possible end up having Brakmarians ruining the Amaknian ecosystem and vice versa. The Governor can also sort alliances to reduce the number of enemies ruining the ecosystem. Sometimes a quiet alliance is also made. Even though the nation can only ally with one nation officially, two governors whose nations are at war can set a quiet alliance and ask citizens to not invade the other.

The Governor also assigns cabinet positions of trustworthy people. It will not look good of a governor gives positions to people who only want the hat or symbol about their head.

One important thing: To run for governor you need over 1000 CP and 3000 kamas to apply for an application. If you have these requirements then talk to any clan member in Amakna (since that is your nation) and write your promises.

Advertise! Sell yourself as if you're applying for a job in real life. You have to impress people so they will vote for you.

Good Luck!
Retired Governor of Amakna, Nox

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posté February 14, 2015, 06:05:55 | #16
The thing about precision, which I believe is single-target if my memory serves me correctly, is that it won't work with the AoE which goes into a handful of earth and fire spells in Enutrof, especially fire if there is a mine around. That means the single-target damage will not apply if the spell turns out to be AoE even if you're targeting only one enemy in the AoE, is that correct, Gelgy? o.O

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #830276  Replies : 8  Views : 905
posté February 14, 2015, 04:00:59 | #17
I plan on making an Enutrof but I haven't played much of it yet.

I can say that you will be fine using earth and another element. Yes, you are correct that Earth shines when they go Zerker and then attack with their massive amount of MP. However Earth Enutrofs, (unlike Dragon Osas) are able to get out of the Zerker state by a Spell (not sure what it is) or not attack and so they can go Water or fire mode.

I don't see why not in going tribrid. I think it'll be a nice advantage because of your ability to adapt to a lot of enemies (unless they're weak to air and slightly strong against all toher elements then well good luck hehe )

If you want to go Tribrid then go for it!

Regarding to gear, yes you would want to go for Tribrid gear, however hybrid gear works still because you can make it work by having some gear fire/earth, another earth/water and the other water/fire.

Some people go something like a 3/2/1 build where they focus 3 spells from one branch, 2 spells from another and one spell from the last branch. Obviously you would want tribrid gear and hybrid gear can be mostly your 3 spell focused element and the second. with others being the last element.

I'm sorry if what I'm saying is confusing, I'll be happy to clarify for you if you are confused.

Thread : Enutrof  Preview message : #830259  Replies : 8  Views : 905
posté February 14, 2015, 03:47:53 | #18
You can be Fire/Air without leveling any Water Spells. Water is powerful if you have enough gear to raise heals. I play and Water/Fire Eni and I enjoy the Heals my eni does at her level. I do find myself using Fire more but only for Attacking and making marks.

Pretty much to answer your question, if you don't want to go water then don't level any water spells (maybe have the 1 AP spell if you need to spam a lot of water damage attacks on let's say chafer bones/magmog)

Thread : Eniripsa  Preview message : #830255  Replies : 3  Views : 889
posté February 14, 2015, 03:41:44 | #19
Yes there will be a lot of changes to beacons for the better. Lots of states applied. I think you will really enjoy being Fire/Air because it's the Beeee's Kneeeeees! XD

Umm As far as I can tell right now: All branches will gain another arrow spell. The Beacon will be sorted into one single beacon as an Active (special spell you can use in battle). The beacon will activate depending on what element of spell you use.
As a bonus, Casting a Beacon will no longer use a Wakfu Point. But the Mechanics will still apply (+1 Mech will allow you to summon only one beacon on the field) So you get to keep your wakfu point.

As for playing now I would recommend as MereBytes said, Plauging Arrow and Storming Arrow for Air because Retreat arrow will cost a Wakfu Point and it's only linear AOE. If you use it too much you'll end up with no more Wakfu Points.
After the revamp Retreat Arrow will no longer cost a Wakfu Point so it's probably worth investing slightly.


Thread : Cra  Preview message : #830251  Replies : 12  Views : 1082
posté February 14, 2015, 01:43:17 | #20
Hello Shikyu!

Welcome back to the game! I remember when the game was still capped at 100. Oh the good ol' days

Currently the guides for Fire cra or all cras will be outdated once the new revamp comes however looking at the Guides section all the cra guides are already outdated hehe.

Here is the cra revamp notes. Some notes may end up changing by the time revamp rolls in.
A piece of advice. Mono element is cool and I don't want to discourage you from following your own path, However most of the gear you will find will be either Hybrid or Tribrid. The game's new system has made it a lot easier to play as a hybrid character. You can still go Fire and another element to gain an upperhand if an enemy (monster) has high fire resist but low Air or Earth Resist.

Also here is a nice Twitch from Mango about the Cra revamp. He's mostly into tribrid characters/builds. Sometimes I think he should be some kind of game show host lol or a talk show host XD. Even though he makes Tribuilds you can still make it mono/hybrid by distributing the experience to other spells and not investing to other spells.
It's only 55 minutes hehe.

Good Luck

PS. If you need help I'm happy to help as well as other people on the Teamspeak Server. If you wish to seek help or chat around then here is the full information of the Teamspeak Server.

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