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Quote (MereBytes @ 01 September 2014 23:07) *
1. Never say "good luck" in dungeons or no-one drops anything good
2. Say item you want in chat and someone might drop it
3. Rogmourne. Srsly it's a myth. Never seen it drop.
#1: well 80% of the time that happens for me
#2: That just happened in a milkar run. Someone was like "I REALLY HOPE A BT DROPS!" and I dropped it and gave it to her.
#3: Like the quote below I had seen two rogmournes drop in two different runs.

Quote (Mikutza @ 01 September 2014 23:25) *
Oh please, one of my old runs:


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Now Xelors can push 60 buttons in 60 seconds now XD

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-huggles Squash-
Nyah Nyah~~


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Quote (MiniMikeh @ 31 August 2014 09:12) *
It's for this Click here

Another game.
Thanks for clearing it up, Hack. ^^

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Pita Smisse in Boutique I found this in the Boutique~ Any idea what it is?
Pita Smisse

Probably some kind of update post will be put up later on?


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It's sad to see you go frozen ;o;
You'll always be remembered (by me) as the person who beats me in Gov Elections XD Other than that I will remember you clearly as one of the old members of Wakfu that I actually appreciate (and the person who said "Leji and I are the only ones with the same hair style!!")

Love you Frozen!

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Quote (Genrou @ 30 August 2014 00:25) *

Quote (KHfan22 @ 28 August 2014 21:18) *

Quote (Meowsa @ 11 August 2014 22:05) *
I have found myself in a financial pinch, and as Cras have no place in dragon pig runs,
Wait. What??
Cras can deal Air, Fire, and Earth Damage, Take away Range, and take away MP, and give backstab during Phase 2 of frenzy. That's 6 possibilities of frenzy right there.

Have you even tried to take your Cra to DP? or did you ask for a group and they say no that cannot take Cra because Cras are useless in DP?

She's 100% right. The group that turned you down either didn't want to take you and made a lie, thinks you're undergeared and lied to make it sound like it wasn't their decision, or they have no idea what they're doing.

Cra is 100% fine on dpig unless they were lacking a frenzy builder and you don't have bat's eye or blinding arrow leveled. That is the only reason why a cra would be turned down. The only classes that should be turned down are close combat dpts like sacs and mono air iops. Even then, it's possible to build a strategy around having a close combat dpt.
I'm pretty sure, as surprising as it may sound to some people, Ankama made sure that all classes are able to fight in all UBs. My guild takes CC players to BC even (they just have to not fall asleep by the time we get him down which is relatively short ^^; ).

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Quote (DrGerm @ 28 August 2014 21:54) *

I'm almost afraid to ask because I don't want to seem like I'm trolling, but I'm new to the game (after playing a smidge in the open beta) and I'm trying to learn more about the game.

Also, I see mention in posts that the nation populations are view-able, how does one do this?

Don't worry about seeming like you are trolling, this is a normal thing and I'm happy that you asked.

For your second question you can go to one of the outpost of any nation and look at the large board next to the market. When you interact with the board you will see information of (each nation):
  • Total tax money
  • Name of Governor
  • % of populations online (at that moment)
I believe you are referring to the third item on the bullet list.
The percentage is not of how many people are in that nation of the entire server but rather how many people of the entire nation is online when you check out the board.

I hope that answers your question!

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Quote (Pillows @ 28 August 2014 23:44) *
@KHfan - I think you fail to see what I'm even complaining about. I said that all of Cra's skills are almost entirely just pure damage, and some incredibly minor debuff that nobody cares for. Cra hardly has any utility besides moving some mobs a couple cells, MAYBE make something lose MP, and MAYBE make something lose 1 or 2 range. For being a tactical game, I don't do a whole lot of tactics with my Cra when I actually played it.

You pointed out that many vets don't use Destruct and therefore probably don't have Riddling, which means the skill needs to be removed or redone. There are times where you apply Riddling to a mob and they just get out of reach (irony?) for you to keep applying Riddling.

LDC is a small buff to even bother using, I'd rather move the F away from things closing in on me with my 2 MP. More damage for crit builds? I've seen people with 51% or more crit QQing about how they hardly crit. I personally don't bother to even get that high anymore.

Unbeacon only matters if you -actually- use beacons, which I maybe use once a day if that, lol. An extra 50+ dmg can be shrugged off if it's going to take my whole 30 seconds to get it going and shooting my arrows, and on top of that, that same mob will probably be 5-7 cells away in the next turn from your beacon. You forget that we have enough control to throw out 3 beacons, so if you need to use Unbeacon by this point... uh.. .yeah.. Point is, it's a waste of a skill and the beacon in general is a weak mechanic that they tied to the Cra. If they're insisting on keeping the beacon then make us WANT to use it.

I just think something is a little off when we have 10 specialties, and most classes will level up 1 or 2 actives, and 4-5 passives. Maybe instead of seperating active and passive skills, combine them so we'd have 10 real specialties.
Iops have passives that give them a crap load of damage (Compulsion). Should that be changed as well? Xelors have passives where given time they have a crap load of damage (Dial). Should that be changed as well? Ecaflips have passives that gie them heals and damage and crits (Feline Leap, Fleas, Dice, Tarot, Precision). Should that be changed as well?

I however, being a PvE Earth cra, do use Destructive Arrow and I do see a handful of people using destruct arrow. Yes, Most people say that Destruct is hardly ever used (and I agree with that) but it is used for UBs or Bosses. Just because it's usually used for that reason that we should remove the Riddling Passive? There are passives in other classes that are not used because that doesn't match their build. If you don't like it don't level it. But don't force someone who actually uses it to not use it.

Riddled is not applied only using Earth spells. If you cannot reach (yes the irony) with the Piercing, Riddling, and Lashing arrow then go use a Homing arrow which has the greatest range in the Cra arsenal to keep the Riddled/Reach State. Then blast away with a Destructive Arrow to finish off the Monster. Homing arrow isn't used for damage purposes and is usually used for tactical reasons like pushing a monster with the Air Beacon.

Are you an Earth Cra? Because if you actually level up the Beacon to 75+ and use Piercing arrow (10 AP build) then Beacon can cause an additional 100-150+ damage. Not a lot but it is still significant. If done correctly I can probably hit something for 900+ damage with Beacon and Piercing arrow together (multiply by 2 for TWO piercing arrows) This bring me to Unbeacon. When Unbeacon is leveled you can move a beacon to another location granted you have it maxed and gained one WP. Understandable I do not use it alot because usually I do not need to move my beacons (in PvP I try to Lure people in my Seismic Beacon AoE sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't; it's about Tactics).

LDC: Why do I see soo many of my cra friends even using this? It makes a huge difference in killing off the monster. You can move and then use it. If the people you see are QQing about not criting enough then try again and hope you are lucky. Cras are practically given crits from Heightened Vision. Get some crits and LDC will be significant to you. If you don't like it then don't use it but don't force people to not be able to use this Active.

Cras can make someone lose 2 range with Bat's Eye for 2 AP and 50 lock 100% guaranteed
The Cra class is a DPT (Damage Per Turn) class. You do not see them using spells for support like an Eniripsa or a Pandawa. Since Cras are a Damage class they should be able to get more Damage from their Passives and Actives.
When I'm looking at your google doc you're making the class a lot tankier (to the Earth Branch) that it literally takes away the sole purpose of a Cra. Cras are Archer fighters who fight at a distance.

Are you saying you do not want Damage? Lol.
The next time you are complaining about something, think about the people who actually find a situation to use these passives and actives.

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I will be more direct in answering your question:
Yes the pet will die (not give bonus) if you go on vacation for 61 days assuming you have a 20 HP pet.
No you will not lose the pet forever. The pet will stay in your inventory until you revive it with said Osamodas Powder.

I hope that clears up the confusion.

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Quote (Meowsa @ 11 August 2014 22:05) *
I have found myself in a financial pinch, and as Cras have no place in dragon pig runs,
Wait. What??
Cras can deal Air, Fire, and Earth Damage, Take away Range, and take away MP, and give backstab during Phase 2 of frenzy. That's 6 possibilities of frenzy right there.

Have you even tried to take your Cra to DP? or did you ask for a group and they say no that cannot take Cra because Cras are useless in DP?

Anyways to your original question: Empelol set or level up and farm Srambad Dungeon Boss.

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Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 28 August 2014 10:57) *
I agree that beacons could be moved to 1 active speciality. I also had this idea that Cra could use Lashing Arrow to pull self toward the beacon in line, instead of the weird teleport of Beacon' Sneaking that makes it look like ninja indeed. I also think that just like Cleophee can kick their enemies, the air Cra could have 1 melee skill wich would make it stand on hands and do a spinning kick to do damage and push everybody nearby away.
Earth used to have a melee spell but Ankama changed it. Still upset over that but adapted to the change. Cras fight with their bows. Cleophee is a rather spacial CC combat cra. I don't think the spinning kick is necessary. We're not Iops.

Quote (Pillows @ 28 August 2014 10:21) *
Hello, I've been a Cra for almost the entire time the game's been live (2 years or whatever), and decided to quit playing it. I came back to play after hearing about F2P.. only to realize how boring my Cra was.

As we all know, a majority of the skills are just damage, and more damage (pretty much like every other class). Beacons are taking up a precious slot for a more relevant skill that could of been there. The obvious would be to make it into a specialty skill that does effects based on the skill used on it.

Specialties in general need an overhaul or replaced - like Bat's Eye, Long-Distance Combat, and Unbeacon. Ones I don't like in particular are:

Beacon Sneakin' - I didn't realize Cra's are part ninja and can relocate their bodies with beacons - although this is a skill used often.

Riddling - I don't like the fact that this skill is made just for earth, although you can argue any specs can use it, except they won't because no one in their right mind will level up Unbeacon over the other specialties.

Cra Precision - Basically a copy of Eca's Precision. I'm pretty sure Cra was among the first few classes to come out before Eca, so... why are there two classes with the same passive?

Anyway, I was bored enough to make some changes to the current skills to make them less boring and more interactive, on a google docs spreadsheet. I know I read somewhere on the forums that they plan to increase beacon damage by 10% or something? (lol... I don't even..)

Link here.
Riddling: There are classes that have element specific traits that only those who use that element will use that skill. Why should riddling be removed because it's only for earth's destructive arrow? Many veteran cras already don't use destructive arrow because they see that it has no use in most combats.

Long Distance Combat: This is actually a good spell because it gives cras more damage if they are in crit build and have high crit chances. This at max level costs only two MP. I don't understand why you have a problem with it...

Unbeacon: Hey I have a beacon that needs to be put somewhere else. Let me kill that one for a chance to gain WP so I can put another one down. OH this spell is actually useful. At this point I'm just going to ask you to not play cras at all and delete your cra if you have so many problems with this class.

Quote (Recuva @ 28 August 2014 13:09) *
All class has benefit something but cra is normal class.

Cra's pushing spell takes 1 WP. Beacon Sneakin takes 2 WP. Theres is only escape skill is dodge without wp even range class(diseng skill has, forgot). Even cra dodged, there is bad dmg on faced target bcos narrow target. Panda can more more far from barrel hoop. For example, iop is cc fighter but iop has push skill without take WP. I think iop should take WP to push out not cra.

If no WP, then cra can't do anything. But any class except cra can do something without WP.

Enu will be 150 pp after update, but cra still just 40 dodge from passive when it max. Cra is most boring class in wakfu.

I think cra should less dmg but they should have more movements skill or functions, whatever.
You want Cras to have less damage?? Thank you so much when Ankama listens to you and gives us a nerf making us even lower down on the food chain.

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Briary, I'll give you one for free

Find me in Guild Chat,

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How much for the Golden Leather?
I can make it


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Hello AnihaTaytor,

First of all I would like to welcome you to the Cra class. I will be happy to help you with any questions.
May I ask what element you are going for?

Here are some useful guides:

As for Earth Guides there are currently none yet however I am thinking of making one because I'm an Earth Cra.

Earth Cra from Nox

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Hello Disastrous,

I am the Guild Mistress of Illuminati, which unfortunately is not a RP guild.
To my knowledge, RP guilds are rather rare. Many have started some but soon became awfully quiet.

To my knowledge there was a Anti-Government guild who were pretty RP-like. I remember because as an active politician this guild has publicly challenged me on the forums (going as far as wanting to PK me) but their craze only went for around a week and then died.

I wish you luck in finding a RP guild home

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Hello, Gunner!

I'm not a Rarehunter's member but I'm very close to Kahlua. I will give her a message that you are looking for an invite back. You might be able to find Rarehunters members at the Amaknian Outpost or their haven world in Amakna villlage, the Haven World on the opposite side of the Tavern.

Welcome back RH member
Guild Mistress of Illuminati

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Quote (SeriousBelly @ 24 August 2014 18:56) *

Quote (FinroyThePuppeteer @ 24 August 2014 07:25) *
This is a very good new feature, but only thing it's very random imho. Sometimes when I gather in my HB i can get attacked by this cat just right away after i just fought him. I think Ankama should add some small cooldown maybe, cuz it is a bit ridiculous. But anyway it is a nice feature and +40 resources is always nice.
He should appear very frequently! More mats = far less grind!

Screw the mats, I want the kamas~~~


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I prefer tactical view tbh. Distracts me to see a bunch of unrelated stuff on my screen when i'm trying to focus on combat aspect, and seeing the specific 'blocked' spots and tile layout just seems to help me.
(Note: slightly off topic) This is true, however sometimes tactical view is not the best option. For example when fighting against the Boss of the Jelly Dungeon (Emperor Jellix) It's good to have tactical view off so you know where the safe spots are (unless you guys are able to completely one turn the boss).

Just throwing it out there.

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Quote (Mikutza @ 23 August 2014 22:44) *
It seriously hurts my eyes. It was fun and all at first...
Can't it be made match the colors or something? -.-
I have to headbut my screen every single time...

What I do to lessen the strain is to turn on tactical view while I'm harvesting. It greatly improves the glyph's dots and it will not strain your eyes.

For those who do not know how:
Go to Menu
Click on Options
Check "Tactical View" so that it is turned on

The same process goes for turning it off it will always be in the Options of Menu. Unfortunately there is no shortcut key for turning Tactical View on and off.


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