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posté Today - 07:20:46 | #1
Cra and such is great- but can you try and keep the thread a little more on topic? Thanks {3

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posté Today - 01:59:37 | #2
Thank you, Ryf! You're the best! I'm looking forward to getting this quest done, now

Have a great weekend!

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posté Yesterday - 23:20:27 | #3
It's worth it, but only if your Guild is going to be around a year or two down the road. We got ours quite some time ago. It's nice to see the additional nub of GP being added in.

If you have a good Guild, you should very quickly have all the bonuses, and then only have to worry about the 40PP 40WIS buffs, and when to activate them, or whether to maybe save them for a Bonus Weekend. It gets pretty easy to manage, once you've reached that point.

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posté Yesterday - 23:04:06 | #4

Quote (Madd1 @ 17 April 2015 17:50) *
BoE works well if the gear is accessible and the content easily doable. That has not been Ankama's track record, but I will hold judgement until I see how difficult SB turns out to be.
Yes! If Bind On Equip were likely to be easier or nearly the same as Token gear, then it'd be a LOT less of a concern.

All I have to work with is my experience as a crafter, making gear for folks from places like the Divine Dimensions. Many of these boss-gear-including recipes are very difficult. One of the only saving graces for that effort is the knowledge that eventually we can sell the items, once they're no longer needed, or trade them to our alt accounts, or share them with friends.

I can't even begin to describe how angry we all would have been, for all this time, if these items were made to be forever stuck on us.

The reason it's been so quiet on crafting until now is because, while crafting is challenging and needs a revamp, it's still an essentially solid system, that does not punish us or make us miserable, on top of all the effort we go through to max it out.

That is all changing, with Bind on Equip, and possibly even Bind on Craft gear.

This madness needs to be stopped now. We need to speak up about it loudly and often, before another step is taken down this awful new road.

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posté Yesterday - 22:53:13 | #5
"YEAH!! I WON!!" ~ Has this been fixed yet, Ankama? Dear Ankama,

I've been playing your games since late 2005, and my boyfriend since sometime in 2007. We usually really enjoy the quests and storyline and dialog and humor you put into the game. It's a large part of why we both still play, in 2015. No other game has made me laugh so much, and so often. Your approach is just very enjoyable to experience, when it is delivered in a complete and polished way.

And therein is our problem, and our concern, and the reason for asking this of you on the forums, Ankama. You see, sometimes things get left behind. People spend what seems like weeks and months with level design, and enemy design, and animation, and composing music, and placing sound effects, and animating environmental elements.... and then we talk to an NPC, and the dialog is either not in a language we readily recognize, or the dialog is largely incorrect for the situation, or it is unceremonious and confusing and maddening to behold.

A recent example that many high level individuals are aware of took place near the end of Xelorium Present. Instead of actually expounding on the events and providing a satisfying end to the first 3 of 12 Divine Dimensions, our heroic character, after having traversed space, time and varying levels of divine indifference, aid and interference, confronts the Knowledge Of The Gods with the essentially insane exclamation:

"Yeah! I WON!!"

(essentially this. I don't recall this moment perfectly. I was too busy staring in horror at the screen)

Now, I know you folks at Ankama are aware of the problem. The end of this part of the quests is so disappointing, so unfulfilling, and so devoid of any real information, that there is little impetus to even attempt the end of the quest.

The level design and the monsters were a real joy to behold! And we're sure that is still the case. What we really want to know is, have you taken the time (of which there has been so much) to correct the end of the storyline? The level cap is now 175, and the experience points gained during this quest will be welcomed by a lot of people trying to reach this new goal. Dare we hope that, having reached it, we will now be rewarded by a proper ending sequence?

Or do you advise that we avoid the story in Xelorium for now, and find our joy elsewhere in the game? And if so, when can we expect Xelorium and the Divine Dimensions Part 1 to receive the attention and care to craftsmanship that is it's due?

With our sincere thanks for your time and creative efforts,

TommyTrouble and MouseOfShadows

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posté Yesterday - 02:53:32 | #6
If they want the easier-to-obtain stuff to be Bound On Equip, why not just make that the stuff that comes out of the Machine, and have the stuff we drop and craft off Steel Beak remain tradable?

It shouldn't be hard to put linked resources or equipment options in the Machine outside the dungeon. We already do that for stuff pretty much everywhere else. It makes things more readily and reliably available, at the cost of not being able to sell or trade it.

But for gosh sakes. Stuff we drop off a boss and craft into gear using our max-level crafting and gathering skills ought to remain un-linked, so we can get some actual use out of it!

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posté Yesterday - 02:45:21 | #7
I'd like to see it up for sale as well. If for no other reason than that I don't think Ankama should throw away opportunities to make money while creating happy customers.

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posté Yesterday - 02:11:14 | #8

Quote (skatercodyme @ 17 April 2015 01:43) *
Bind on Equip makes sense with Hero system though, honestly.

You can sell the item, just don't equip it.
Or you can equip it, just can't then sell it.

No one is forcing anyone to run this UB, it's optional. If you're finished with anything you could need from there, and don't want a chance to drop something that you can sell without equiping it, You can decide not to run it... If your friends still need the gear, that's kind of douchey though.

They stated that this is an UB feature, and not a dungeon feature.

If they're going to make it bind, It should bind the the character, not the account.
This goes for tokens, relics, fragments; everything.
No, it does not make sense. Not everyone is going to be using the Hero System. Even folks who do use the Hero system will need to buy, sell, trade and lend items. Bind On Equip will eliminate those possibilities.

We shouldn't be losing access to stuff. We should be gaining access to stuff.

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posté Yesterday - 00:53:34 | #9
Welcome back. I hope you have fun!

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posté Yesterday - 00:51:44 | #10
I certainly hope this topic isn't considered pointless by Ankama. They do listen to us, and many times even act on what we are concerned about. I think this can be one of those times- they have failed to share good reasons to bind this equipment. Therefore it should be that much easier to convince them to stop going down this unusual, miserable path.

If we start speaking up about stuff now, at the onset, we can influence things in a good way.

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posté April 16, 2015, 21:26:17 | #11
I am growing concerned about the effect of the future Hero System on the idea of Bind On Equip gear. Sticking stuff to a single account makes more sense once we have Hero system active- but forcing each piece of new gear to adhere permanently to a single person seems like an extreme over reaction.

This is my first real complaint for the Hero system: I don't like the idea of forcing everyone into restrictions that only make sense for loner solo accounts. And not just loner solo accounts- these Bind On Equip items really only appeal to folks that also don't care about sharing items, or selling stuff they have no further need for.

Hero system might need to be renamed Troll System, or Villain System, or Loner System, if they keep reducing the interactions between folks like this.

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posté April 16, 2015, 21:19:24 | #12
Its funny, I wonder if they're thinking:

"The more we link stuff to our players, the more it will drive them to run these dungeons themselves, and level up their own crafting!"

I'm sorry to say, if that is what they're going after, they're failing miserably at it. My response to stuff I can't ever share, sell or get rid of is:

"Worthless place to run or gather resources from- the equipment is stuck on me forever! Might as well go run something else, where I can trade or sell it later!"

A whole lot of people are just going to end up avoiding this content altogether, no matter how nice they make the gear. I can see running it just a bare minimum to get precisely what I need- but after that, what's the point? There isn't much reason to ever run these Bind On Equip dungeons ever again.

If you think it's hard to get a group for normal content, just wait a few months and see how many people are super-enthusiastic about running Steel Beak for another pile of untradable gear.

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posté April 16, 2015, 07:46:38 | #13
Shark folks, Koalaks, and Crocodyls.

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posté April 16, 2015, 00:35:31 | #14
Bind On Equip is going to be a nightmare for myself, as a max crafter and as a guild leader.

I am not looking forward to how difficult it's going to be to help people roll elements on gear, unless they add in crafts for 170, 180, 190 and lv 200 Transmutes.

Basically, the stockpile of Linked Transmutes we acquire will have less use than today- no more trading gear to roll stuff for friends. If they've equipped the gear to get even a minimal amount of use from it, at any point in the past, well, they're shit out of luck. Nobody will be able to help them get rolls for their gear if they want to trade it to an alt or sidekick.

It's like they're trying to turn us each into a lonely, neighbor-ignoring, antisocial pile of riches that we can never share. Like angry dragons, sitting on a hoard of stuff we can't even find a use for.

That's not how I want to play this game! I like sharing things!

Just to clarify: I'm perfectly fine with token-purchased items being linked. My specific complaint has do do with the idea of crafted gear being inextricably bound to the first individual who decides to make use of it. 

This post has been edited by TommyTrouble - April 16, 2015, 00:37:45.
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posté April 16, 2015, 00:08:33 | #15

Quote (Amethyic @ 16 April 2015 00:03) *
You can always crush them for rune powders
Yeah, that's true. But when I consider the effort to craft these items, and the fact that most of them will be runed-up by myself, it sure seems a waste to just crush them. I'd rather be able to lend them to my boyfriend or a friend, than see them disappear forever for 1-300 powders.

It's a real waste of effort, the way things stand.

I dunno about how Ankama wants us to play the game, but I enjoy lending out things like unused relics and epics and such, to folks who are good friends, and need the temporary bump-up in stats, so we can enjoy stuff together. Maybe friendship is anathema these days at Ankama HQ.

Quote (Rocknetwo @ 16 April 2015 00:07) *
BoE gear? In Wakfu?

Things are getting interesting, I like it.

Needs more Bind on Pickup, honestly.
It's ok, until you need to share stuff or decide you'd like to make some Kamas by selling off unneeded gear. From that point on, it's a nightmare.

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posté April 16, 2015, 00:01:32 | #16
Stop it already with the "Bind On Equip" gear! How the hell are people on a budget supposed to share their best items with one another? It's already limiting enough that Token items are bound to an account- but what are we supposed to do to make money or help out friends and loved ones, if ALL OUR GEAR is stuck to us FOREVER?

Stop it already! I don't need a gigantic pile of equipment forever attached to my account, meanwhile watching my friends, guild mates and boyfriend run around in sub-par gear, that I could TOTALLY HELP with, except OH NO! It's all STUCK to me!

Stop killing the concept of sharing. Stop making new craft items that cling to our body until we die of old age!

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posté April 15, 2015, 23:55:09 | #17
I can't even imagine how messy a game like Wakfu would be with a touch screen. Good luck with that.

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posté April 15, 2015, 23:53:46 | #18
I welcome you to the wider Wakfu community, if for no other reason that it spells the hopeful death of the experiments in pay-to-win that Ankama undertook for the Asia market.

Welcome, and may we leave that horror buried in the past. I hope you all have fun here, and that Ankama gets you hooked back up with your items and servers quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

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posté April 15, 2015, 23:47:57 | #19
I guess it's nice that there is a use for Kroz. And that we can use it to get the season 2 digital figurines. Maybe I'll start playing again!

I just think it was a serious mistake to take the boxes out of Dofus and Wakfu, and furthermore, to eliminate the figurine crafts. Removing fun content makes me sad.

Evil Ankama.

This post has been edited by TommyTrouble - April 15, 2015, 23:49:00.
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posté April 14, 2015, 07:57:50 | #20

Quote (EdnaxJett @ 14 April 2015 04:30) *
So are they doing it?
Perhaps. We certainly hope so. The only real issue would be for obtaining the unique master seal crafts. If that can be dealt with, then it should work pretty well with the upcoming Hero System.

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