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Quote (WNxSidewinder @ 22 August 2014 01:21) *
You guys just have to wait.
No, we don't need to wait. We need to subscribe.

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posté Yesterday - 22:16:23 | #2
Those pictures are pretty close to the sad faces Mouse makes, every time he gets blocked from paying. Thank you for putting a face on this issue, Gynrei.

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posté Yesterday - 21:28:38 | #3

Quote (Gynrei @ 21 August 2014 21:10) *
I'm curious what benefits players would have going through Steam to subscribe to Wakfu.

I can wait until Beta is over on Steam but i second this request.

Currently, I think just the actual ability to even subscribe would be benefit enough for Mouse and I.

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posté Yesterday - 21:12:52 | #4
How Does [Sabi] Subscribe to Wakfu? Dear Sabi, how do you keep yourself subscribed to Wakfu, when the majority of payments from developed nations and major banks are currently being blocked?

Is there any way we could forward money to you, and add in additional money on top of the amount we need, to cover your fees and to add in as a thank-you?

If you wouldn't get in trouble, it would be very helpful for the community, and I'm sure you could make a LOT of extra cash! Everyone would benefit!

Otherwise, is it possible to let players have a list of Banks and Credit Cards and other such methods that still work, or that Ankama Employees recommend for us to use?


(P.S. I'm willing to pay double to you for Ogrines for my boyfriend Mouse, and to cover any bank fees you would accrue, all in advance. He's in nursing school, and his two week break between semesters is almost over, and he's very sad about not beining able to enjoy the double XP weekend by joining the Guild at Srambad and Enurado. Paying you directly Sabi, seems like a wonderful choice, when I consider all you've done for the community, and how sad Mouse's face is, when he can't get the newest Summons to catch, or hit lv 160 before he starts up a full season of classes again.)

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posté Yesterday - 20:59:42 | #5
Is there a way to use Steam Wallet for Sub Without Beta Key? The title pretty much sums it up. I'm wondering if there is a way to sub to Wakfu (booster pack now, I suppose it's officially called) by using a Steam Wallet, without getting a Beta Key.

If I must get a Beta Key, where and how?

Is there a way to Sub without needing to actually play Wakfu through Steam?

Any other tips or tricks? The Ogrine stuff still bugs out when I try to buy, no matter the bank I use, or the credit card I use.


Snausages, on behalf of MouseOfShadows

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posté Yesterday - 20:33:28 | #6
I had a good laugh at the "changing the camera angle" comment from the OP. Aaah good times. One of the defining, best parts of Wakfu and Dofus is that it has a fixed overhead perspective! One of the biggest draws for me in 2005 when I started Dofus, and 2012 when I moved over to Wakfu, was the fact that it was not a 3D game. I love tactical and strategic games, and I grew up playing the original Final Fantasy Tactics repeatedly, and this was the first game I could find online to play that had a reasonably similar system.

I can't even imagine how slow the game would be, and how annoying to navigate, if I could freely rotate camera angles! I would have to stop playing, 99% sure. And imagine how long updates would take! And how crummy it all would look! UGH.

Thanks for the reality check opportunity! *hugs Wakfu* Also be advised, if you want to see the World of Twelve from a non-fixed perspective, you can go watch the anime of Wakfu, or watch the Kerubim episodes  

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posté Yesterday - 20:06:42 | #7
Nox has tons of nice people. It's to be expected that they ignore folks who call the whole server stuck up, though. I'm sorry, but if you want to make friends, you kind of need to be friend material yourself.

Maybe try another tactic? There are a lot of good people on each server, but you won't find them by transfers.

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posté Yesterday - 05:08:22 | #8
I'm happy for the Stasis Fogger changes. Considering changing mine to a Stasis build, now.

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posté Yesterday - 05:06:00 | #9
I'm comfortable calling it Wakfu 2.0 for the time being. Having been around during the 2.0 transition for Dofus, I feel like I'm living through a similar time of great change in the game I'm playing.

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posté Yesterday - 01:43:20 | #10
The mastery of your highest element will carry over to all your summons, just like cmc carries over now. The elements of attacks of the summons won't matter. Furthermore, it seems summons will benefit from the specific damages from equipment, such as Long Range or AOE.

There isn't much info yet, because the changes haven't been implemented yet on the Test Server. Just wait a while, keep yourself up to date, and keep checking back on the test server each week.

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posté August 20, 2014, 09:26:03 | #11
It's possible the times you're on playing just aren't good times to be seeing people. Remington may have more people overall, but they're also on a much different timezone. Maybe you should check it out.

As for me, Nox has a lot of folks now, and I'm happy. We are seeing more come in each week, it's really awesome.

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posté August 20, 2014, 03:12:42 | #12

Quote (isurvivedanniebot2 @ 20 August 2014 02:13) *
Go to log in, put in log in & pw--choose Nox-- then i get "A connection to the server could not be established" ... i have to "log in" about 20-30 times before it lets me in............... wtf is up with that
Nearly everyone has been having these same issues for over a month, now. Ankama has been trying to stabilize it, but thus far, you can't really tell. The problems were foreshadowed by the issues with accessing our Sidekicks, and it seems to have grown out from there, becoming progressively worse.

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posté August 20, 2014, 02:36:53 | #13
50/50 Fun and Sad.

100% chance of doing this again if it's 3v3 set limit, or 6v6.

I'm also willing to donate a basket of Boost Foods to the prize pool next time, if we get it to be a 3v3 or 6v6 kind of event!

Your Haven World was beautiful, I am heading back in right now, just to look around!

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posté August 20, 2014, 01:40:12 | #14

Quote (Orangie @ 20 August 2014 01:32) *
Hi guys,

I'm new to this game and first time playing.. currently i play in Nox but realized it's so hard to find ppl at lower levels to do dungeons, cuz there aren't that many active players to be honest. I yelled so many times to join a guild and heard nothing.. So i'm thinking switching to Remington, I guess there's more players there? or maybe they are the same..

I'm in EST zone, btw
It's possible people find you abrasive. I know Nox is full of enthusiastic, lower level folks, but we tend to filter out the ones who spam chat, beg, or otherwise overly irritate.

My Guild is full of both current endgame players and low level newer/returning players, and I see TONS of lower lvl people running around the game. If you're in Eastern Standard Time and not seeing folks, I don't know what to say to you. I see them everywhere! Try the Nation Outposts, Astrub, and the Alma Temple. Sadida Kingdom and Shuudoku's Kingdom work as well.

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posté August 19, 2014, 23:08:55 | #15

Quote (Mikutza @ 19 August 2014 19:48) *
Lets just hope they wont add random rolls for stats such as Lock/Dodge/Block/Ini etc
I can see it....
They have been very clear that we will only ever roll for the desired resist and damage.

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posté August 19, 2014, 22:08:41 | #16
Anybody care to share how we can sub to Wakfu by using the Steam Wallet, as some folks have suggested?

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posté August 19, 2014, 19:00:43 | #17
  1. Why are the Speed Bonuses I'm getting on the Test Server cast in an Area Of Effect?
  2. What is the idea behind the new Battle Timeline? It's really confusing!
  3. Any plans to let us rotate the large decorative elements in the HW?
  4. Any E.T.A. on adding new purchasable decorations to the HW?
  5. Any plans on adding in cellars or below ground areas for the HW?
  6. What plans, if any, are there in the works for expanding Haven World content?
  7. Any way we could get more animated decorations, like the Wabbit fountain (HW) or the "Wakfu Frost"?

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posté August 19, 2014, 18:56:58 | #18
It's not like they'd be losing anything to do this. We can't subscribe anyways, so might as well do something nice for us until we can give them money again.

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posté August 19, 2014, 18:37:35 | #19
Most or All of this is under lv 100. Be advised that if you hunt up to lv 115 stuff, your ranges for valuable stuff increases drastically, but so does the difficulty:

  • Anything used for the "Respec of Farmergency" Respec quest
  • Class Emblems from the Zeppelantern
  • Rare Boss-Drop Crafting Materials
  • Any Weapon that gives AP or MP
  • Full Sets for Nubs from Bosses and Mobs- Put it in your Merchant and the Sellrooms
  • Weapons/Equips used for the lv 100 Master Crafts
  • Cloaks, Breastplates, Belts, Amulets or Boots that give AP or MP
  • Relic Frags for Gelano
  • Any Boss Resource Drop that is used for the Otomai breastplate Quest
  • Anything that you can turn into a high-demand boost food (assuming you have a Chef)
  • Stuff with Wisdom or Prospecting on it (though this is changing soon, so visit Test Server to see)
  • Some of the drops off of Dominant Horde Mobs
  • To a degree, Dungeon Keys
  • Bags
  • Haven Gems
  • Excarnus Drops/Token Items
  • Milkar Drops/Token Items

And basically whatever you see people asking to buy a lot, that you feel you can farm reasonably well.

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posté August 19, 2014, 18:13:32 | #20
Most of the Emblems are worth quite a bit, due to their rarity. Some only drop off of 1-2 mobs in the dungeon, and those drops aren't rotated.

Furthermore, they're actually useful, and ideal for folks who don't have a Meridia Insignia that they're already using.

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