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posté Today - 04:07:20 | #1
7pm pacific here on Sunday, went to get an infuntry and its not showing up. Why not, Sabi? Please help me get it!

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posté Today - 03:57:40 | #2

Quote (Reime @ 24 November 2014 01:39) *
Dat catchable xelor summon.
I'm not sure we can capture Xelors, nor Summon them, nor ethically crush them. Furthermore, wouldn't that just produce blood, and not Powder?

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posté Today - 00:40:11 | #3
They said recently that the elements were fixed. Now it can be anything, not just fire.

Also they just added in Final Dmg stat, which carries over to Osa summons (as well as Final Resist)

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posté Yesterday - 22:01:45 | #4
Is it possible to crush PvP Equipment? I'm considering trying PvP, but only if I can get Runes out of it. Basically, is it possible to crush the Equipment you can get from PvP for powder?

If so, is it a decent amount, closer to crushing an Epic or Relic? Or is is more like 100 or fewer powders per?


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posté Yesterday - 10:30:09 | #5
Kolol worked fine for me on Dofus. I'd like to see it here, too.

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posté November 22, 2014, 10:41:39 | #6
Any plans on adding in new items (post lv 100) to the Meridia machine? It sure would be nice.

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posté November 22, 2014, 10:39:15 | #7
I wanted to point out that the Meridia have their descriptions available ingame, once again. It's pretty nice. Thanks to the Lore team and the Translators!

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posté November 22, 2014, 08:54:27 | #8
If the nipple thorns get you down, then just remember, her rose contains both the male and the female parts of the plant.

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posté November 22, 2014, 08:47:02 | #9
Do the Xelorium weapons heal, as do the Shushu weapons?

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posté November 22, 2014, 05:41:12 | #10

Quote (TheMMOR @ 17 November 2014 09:56) *

Quote (Agosta @ 17 November 2014 09:17) *

The market is more active than I've ever seen on Nox. If this update is a subscriber benefit you can expect Ankama to get a TON of new subs. If this is just another option to multi client, you can expect a handful of players purchasing this and nothing more.

Whether this is successful or not is up to Ankama.
Oh god not this subjective "nox seems fine to me" Bull shit again. There was already an entire thread devoted to that. L0L
Except... it does seem fine.

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posté November 21, 2014, 21:35:56 | #11
Wow, they're adding a lot of equipment! Gonna take ages to get the levels to equip it, let alone drop it to begin with. But I'm excited!

Quote (picklesaregood @ 21 November 2014 21:23) *

Quote (TommyTrouble @ 21 November 2014 21:08) *
Silly goose, lock is useful in almost every battle in the game.

so useful when you take that 3 ap from a 13 ap target who then proceeds to eat your teammate's face

np i'll just get 100 more lock and start taking 4 ap now! beast mode

better off putting a damage dealer in that spot instead of a wanna be water xelor

you're actually trying to tell me lock is useful for every single fight in this game, like i dont even know what to say to you or if you're just trolling
I guess I've just found it useful to take AP and MP passively from mobs via lock, which prevents them spreading their damage around the entire team, and instead keeps it focused on a much smaller area. Once I get to know a monster family more, I can tailor MP theft to make them move just enough to pass a Locker, and then the mob is stuck out there, in the middle of nowhere, unable to hit the really juicy, wounded stuff (or people who don't stat even resists).

In fact, if you get some of the stupid high-fire-resist first PvP folks in a battle, it's really easy to put a locker between them and whatever mobs that attack in other elements, and pretty much save the day in nearly any fight. You can create a delicious little bottleneck out of a Feca, Sacrier, Trank Sidekick, or pretty much anyone who has leveled their Lock to a useful amount.

You can really curtail a huge amount of damage each turn, and take AP and MP from mobs passively, and there is the added benefit that mobs slowed down by passing a locker tend to congeal in nice AOE piles. It's even better if you do it near battlefield obstructions, if you leave just enough hope for the AI to walk around the pileup you're making that turn.

So yes. Lock is useful for almost every single fight in this game.The AP and MP loss is undodgeable by mobs, and its only real weakness is mobs that can push, pull or teleport- which is also a problem no matter what team you have.

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posté November 21, 2014, 21:09:35 | #12

Quote (TribalLeader2 @ 21 November 2014 21:03) *
I started the initial quest off with the "Strange ice fragment" I spoke to father deep boar, continued by getting the "Raiders of the lost cart quest" The blue exclamation mark has now appeared on my screen, I've followed it and have found the abandoned cart, I've right clicked on it, and the option to select it further has now been grayed out. Can anyone help me please?
I believe you need to be lv 105+ to complete it. Possibly as high as lv 110.

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posté November 21, 2014, 21:08:44 | #13

Quote (picklesaregood @ 21 November 2014 20:58) *

Quote (SeriousBelly @ 21 November 2014 20:40) *

Quote (BrainInAJar @ 21 November 2014 20:26) *
another lock epic, no lock ap relic. sosad
If Feca dimension does not have a lock relic, Ankama will have reached a whole new level of derp.


im surprise people still care about lock

doesn't even do anything anymore outside of wa/dpig and maybe flax? even then the current lock gear is more than enough already, dont even more need more lock tbh

a stat only useful for only 3 fights in the game probably isnt worth being concerned over
Silly goose, lock is useful in almost every battle in the game.

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posté November 21, 2014, 00:45:27 | #14
While Yugo created the bodies of the EliOtropes, the Souls that inhabit them and make them individuals probably come from Incarnam, just like normal.

Just like you could make a biosynthetic human, or an android ai or something, and it would still, in the end, be an individual with it's own ideas and experiences and feelings- despite the engineered similarity in initial circumstances.

It should be pretty easy to have a diverse population of EliOtropes, since only the beginnings are dictated by the brief flare of the Eliatrope Dofus' power. Everything after that point is up to the individual and their environment.

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posté November 20, 2014, 19:45:45 | #15
Like delicious, evil pancakes!

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posté November 20, 2014, 02:39:40 | #16
Thanks for breaking it again, Ankama. It's too much to ask for the programmers to pay attention to what they're doing, isn't it?

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posté November 19, 2014, 05:25:23 | #17

Quote (eolsunder @ 18 November 2014 15:01) *
Ah great make osa's summons even stronger lol. Such stuff is funny with Osa, having a Osa's stats and abilities not only benefit him, but increase his already strong summons, 3 for the price of 1. No wonder everyone loves their Osa's so much, the fun just keeps piling on.
Considering how easy it is to burst down a Summon Osa, yeah, we kinda need our summons to not be complete pushovers on the damage front. We have no mobility or shielding ability, aside from what our Summons can provide. It's pretty easy to get to an Osa and destroy them, and with the addition of the 10% final Dmg/Resist carrying over to Summons, you're going to see even more sedentary, limited builds: Osas without Range or MP Major Stats. Not only will the Summon Osa need to follow closer in the wake of their Summons, but they'll also quite often leave their sides or back open to assault when they go out to buff the Summons and cast Possession.

So yeah. A bit more damage for Summons that you can just walk around, jump past, or catch in an AOE. And an Osa target that is even easier to keep within striking distance, as a result.

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posté November 18, 2014, 19:53:59 | #18
Blue Jelly was a horrible summon anyways. It only heals allies if there is also an enemy in the aoe. Pretty chancy stuff. Go get a Standard Bearer for heals and pushback, or an Ocushu or something. You'll be fine.

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