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posté February 06, 2016, 23:01:02 | #1
Get rid of the Berserk Damage. If you're down to 50% health or less, you're going to be needing a Healing summon, and won't be able to really use the % damage berserk gives you. Osamodas just isn't a tanky class, and you won't live long enough past 50% HP for it to do much good, and it won't overcome the loss of Crit Damage.

However with Crit Damage, you'll be using it from the beginning, each time you crit. And it carries over to your Summon as General Damage%. Unless you have an abysmal crit rate, you'll be doing much more damage over time with Crit Damage versus Berserk.

The only reason to get Berserk Damage as an Osamodas is if you never intend to hit an enemy directly with a spell or a weapon. In that case, yeah, it makes sense to maximize the stats that you send over to your Summon. But let's be honest here- you won't win much PvP unless you're dishing out damage yourself.

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posté February 05, 2016, 20:16:46 | #2
If we still had the old GobGob that could shield us and boost Res% and heal in AOE, Rock might be a good passive to have. Sadly, none of our Summons right now can out-heal the damage you'd take in a typical PvP battle. It might be a bit cookie-cutter, but Damage is where it's at right now, and to a degree, Osas don't just do damage- they also do a lot of varied debuffs, and can run decent interference via their Summon to prevent taking at least *some* damage.

Still, there might be a good build out there that uses Rock for Osamodas for PvP, but I haven't heard of it yet. Blessings upon you if you happen to figure one out.

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posté February 05, 2016, 03:50:52 | #3

Quote (Scccx @ 05 February 2016 03:48) *
more candies!!
Where?! Omg give now, I need

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posté February 05, 2016, 03:46:20 | #4

Quote (Kikuihimonji @ 04 February 2016 21:28) *
If i recall well their excuse was that they cannot do it due to some server limitations.
They could fix it in less time than they'd need to prove it to our satisfaction, I'm sure.

Quote (Rrae @ 05 February 2016 02:38) *
Characters are stored outside of normal limitations on wakfu, this is why somethings that seem obvious as being tied together are not.
If they can pop up a green message when our friends list logs in and out, they can do the same for when we look at our guild page.

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posté February 05, 2016, 03:37:40 | #5

Quote (Sabi @ 05 February 2016 03:33) *
Hi everyone,

Due to the loss of items with this Island Moon game update, the following compensation has been injected today:

Every player who were active from the 1.44 update (starting 00:01 AM (CET) 29/09/2015) are receiving 100 Compensation Tokens to use in the compensation machine in-game.
Question: Where is the "compensation machine" and can we get a Sabi pet from it, please? A Fatflaps petsmount would be good, too.

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posté February 04, 2016, 05:03:11 | #6
You do need to be tossing out a ton of damage as an Osa to make up for the lack of power of only, now, a single Summon.

That said, if staying alive another turn or two helps you win more PVP, experiment with a deck built around that Rock passive. You'll be in Dragon anyways in most instances, (after summon/buff round, and to debuff and snipe from range away from your opponent), and while "Final Damage" boosts in that form won't overcome the loss of "Damage Dealt" debuffs from Rock, it does go some way, at least.

Remember too that in PVP you'll be facing a number of classes that can hit straight through shields, so statting 100% resist and the rest into HP% might be beneficial too, to boost both your base HP and the additional HP% you'd get from Rock.

Best wishes.

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posté February 04, 2016, 04:51:46 | #7
It's nice to see a reduction in RMT. Sadly, while for the purposes for in-game sanity require us to avoid RMT, there is always going to be a market for folks who want to pay real cash for a leg up ingame, outside of the normal structures provided.

I know that the Shop is an attempt to address this issue, as well as providing an additional revenue stream for Wakfu. And Dofus has the wonderful-in-theory Ogrine exchange. I think if you can add the Ogrine exchange to Wakfu, without driving everyone insane, it might take a lot of the energy out of the less dedicated Kama sellers.

Then again, I went on Dofus last week, and there are still, in 2016, giant trains of bots running through Astrub, farming drops and Kamas. So it's obviously not the total solution you might wish. Still, having a legitimate outlet for folks to trade Ogrines, Kamas, and such would help a lot of us here on Wakfu.

I also like the idea of a "requests" area of a market board, where folks can put in orders for items and resources, and sellers can browse to make some much easier Kamas. The more we can keep transactions in-game, the better.

I suppose, if you want to beef up your servers a ton, and are prepared to hire some amazing lawyers and accountants, you could always let folks de-convert Ogrines and Subscription time back into real-world currency, with a nice "transaction fee" to please the God Enutrof, of course. You might make a lot of additional money as a company, but I'm not sure I'd want to see the security nightmares it could lead to if it's implemented anything less than perfectly.

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posté February 02, 2016, 17:58:05 | #8
They have their hands full with expanding Wakfu, Dofus, Krosmaster, Krosmaga, various movies and animations, etc.

I think that if they ever make Starfu, it had better be tactical. But do they really need a 3rd tactical MMO? Probably not. At least for now.

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posté February 01, 2016, 22:38:47 | #9
Putting the "gone" in Bygone, eh? Xelor is kinda a tricksy one.

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posté February 01, 2016, 22:37:03 | #10
Still no Dragon deco items, like the artwork that was released for the Chinese New Year HB Decorations? Sigh.

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posté January 31, 2016, 03:56:09 | #11

Quote (Scccx @ 30 January 2016 09:02) *

Quote (TheRogueCat @ 30 January 2016 05:11) *
Ecaflipus turning into a real dungeon, cool. I expect it to have some gambling stuff there.
what? where?
that in Dofus.
I'm sure they realize they need to bring it to Wakfu as well (beyond the vanilla PvP rooms of our Ecaflipus)

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posté January 28, 2016, 23:07:32 | #12
So, it's Thursday now. Is that letter translation done, yet?

Thread : News  Preview message : #940739  Replies : 74  Views : 2248
posté January 28, 2016, 02:35:37 | #13
Where's the rest of the Letter?

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posté January 28, 2016, 02:32:43 | #14
Whah, I didn't win. Oh well.

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posté January 23, 2016, 06:50:35 | #15
It's nice to see some progress. Thank you, Ankama.

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posté January 18, 2016, 02:10:36 | #16
Just keep going. Eventually, the pain will end.

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posté January 17, 2016, 22:43:02 | #17
February 2016: An Announcement that there won't be a 2016 Roadmap, and that there will be limited communication from the Wakfu team, so as "not to get our hopes up."

March 2016: Contrary to the previous month's announcement, Devblogs are posted that "This year will be the year we do great things in Wakfu!"

April and May 2016:
Complete silence from Wakfu team.

Rumors and links circulate of random French language blog posts on third-party sites by disaffected Wakfu Devs that Tot is going to ruin yet more of the game.

June 2016: Ankama announces that it will soon announce that it will begin to work on some of it's 2013 Roadmap completion.

A series of abstruse posts by Tot suggest he may consider posting a poll on Twitter to elicit support for launching a Kickstarter to pay for an Intern to draw up a plan for convening a meeting to discuss the possibility of beginning on some of the 2014 Roadmap in the fourth quarter 2016.

July 2016: New content is announced, and then postponed, as Ankama employees begin their summer vacations.

August 2016: More people abruptly leave the Wakfu team.

October 2016:
A random Island or Boss or game mode is removed from the game, due to "dissatisfaction by the new team"

November 2016: New Pets Mount introduced.

December 2016: Another new class is teased.

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posté January 15, 2016, 18:09:28 | #18
After you lose a PvP, you have a few minutes where you can go back and sneak past without being able to be attacked. Just don't do any environmental interactions until you're well past the area, and you should quickly lose the attentions of those kinds of folks.

Thread : General Discussion  Preview message : #938605  Replies : 58  Views : 1540
posté January 15, 2016, 18:07:20 | #19
Frozen, yeah. But still not as cool as Sabi.

Thread : News  Preview message : #938603  Replies : 12  Views : 845
posté January 15, 2016, 18:06:18 | #20
Which Huppermage passive lets us test the new Crafting Revamp?

Thread : Devblogs  Preview message : #938602  Replies : 16  Views : 915